Banana Nut Bread

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This super moist banana nut bread recipe is insanely delicious and healthier than most because it uses less butter, oil and sugar than most recipes.

Banana Nut Bread
Banana Nut Bread

Banana Nut Bread is one of my favorite quick breads, and trust me, this recipe will not disappoint! In my family, we call this the “Best Ever Banana Nut Bread.” Make sure your bananas are extra ripe for best results. If you wish, you can leave the nuts out to make it nut-free. For variations, try this Blueberry Banana Bread or this Gluten Free Banana Bread recipe.

banana nut bread slices with walnuts

I make this recipe whenever I have ripe bananas on my counter that need to be used up. This recipe makes two loaves, so I usually freeze one for later. You can swap the walnuts for pecans if you wish. If banana bread is more your thing, then omit the nuts all together.

My daughter loves banana bread, so it’s the perfect breakfast. You can make it ahead and eat it during the week. Leftover bread can also be sliced and frozen.

This healthy banana nut bread recipe uses about half the sugar and butter than most recipes. The applesauce replaces the usual oil, and egg whites have fewer calories than whole eggs. There are only 104 calories per slice.

Tips and Variations for this Banana Bread recipe:

  • Swap the walnuts for any nut you like or omit them entirely.
  • Use extra ripe bananas for best results. They should have black spots and be very soft.
  • For best results, avoid over-mixing the batter. Over-mixing can cause breads to be tough or gummy.
  • You can halve the ingredients to make one loaf.
  • You can turn this bread into banana muffins by baking the batter in muffin tins. Just decrease the bake time to 20-25 minutes and check for doneness with a toothpick.

How To Keep It Moist:

To keep banana nut bread moist, it’s important to store it correctly. You can keep the bread out overnight in an airtight container. Banana bread lasts for up to seven days in the refrigerator, or you can freeze it up to three months.

How To Freeze:

Slice the cooled bread, tightly wrap the slices individually, and then freeze. Transfer slices to a gallon-size bag and label with the name and date. To eat, remove from the freezer and let it thaw or microwave a few seconds.

How To Make Banana Nut Bread

Banana Nut Bread
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Banana Nut Bread

104 Cals 1.5 Protein 19.5 Carbs 4 Fats
Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 50 mins
Total Time: 1 hr 10 mins
Yield: 26 slices (makes 2 loaves)
COURSE: Breakfast, Brunch, Dessert
CUISINE: American
This super moist, banana nut bread recipe is insanely delicious and healthier than most because it uses less butter, oil and sugar than most recipes.


  • 7 ripe medium bananas, 22 oz (2 2/3 cup) mashed chunky with fork
  • 1/2 cup 4 oz unsweetened apple sauce
  • 2-1/2 cups 13.5 ounces unbleached all purpose flour
  • 1-1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 4 tbsp butter, 2 oz, softened
  • 1 cup (6 1/2 oz) light brown sugar
  • 4 large egg whites
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 oz 3/4 cup chopped walnuts
  • baking spray


  • Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease two 8x5 inch loaf pans with baking spray.
  • In a medium bowl, combine flour, baking soda and salt with a wire whisk. Set aside.
  • In a large bowl cream butter and sugar with an electric mixer. Add egg whites, apple sauce and vanilla, and beat at medium speed until thick. Scrape down sides of the bowl.
  • Add 1/3 of the flour mixture and blend at low speed until combined, add another 1/3 of the flour and blend at low speed, add remaining 1/3 of flour mixture and the bananas and blend at low speed until combined. Do not over mix. Fold in the walnuts.
  • Pour batter into loaf pans and bake on the center rack for 50 to 52 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
  • Let the pan cool at least 20 minutes, bread should be room temperature before slicing.



Serving: 1slice, Calories: 104kcal, Carbohydrates: 19.5g, Protein: 1.5g, Fat: 4g, Saturated Fat: 1.5g, Cholesterol: 5mg, Sodium: 100mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 10.5g
WW Points Plus: 3
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Photo credit: Jess Larson

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  1. I made half the recipe and put it in muffin tins. I followed the directions and it turned out perfectly, very moist. I will be making this again, a great treat!

  2. Do you have the macros for this recipe without the nuts?

  3. I made this with 3 bananas, and added a pouch of my kids Cinnamon Applesauce to it (to make up for the lack of a banana), along with a 1/4 tsp. of butter nut flavor, and omitted the nuts. I made it in muffin tins, and they came out moist and good. Will make again!

  4. Moist and delicious!

  5. I’ve made this recipe before, as muffins, but it was so long ago that I’d forgotten, until today when I dropped 4 bananas and HAD to use them. I thought about this recipe and this time made bread and used both pecans and walnuts (half and half). It was absolutely delicious and super moist. It was quite dense and didn’t rise as much as I’d liked but that didn’t matter. I cut the recipe in half to make one loaf.

  6. FYI, I know it’s obvious to add the bananas in the wet bowl, but you do not have that in the instructions. I was following the recipe so closely, step by step, I almost did not add the mashed bananas. May want to add that to the mixing of wet ingredients.

  7. I made this again, as written, except with all white whole wheat flour. It was slightly denser and every bit as moist and delicious.

  8. I cut the recipe in half and used muffin tins to make a dozen perfect sized muffins. This recipe was super easy, ingredients were simple, and is a great option for a lighter banana bread! I will definitely make it again. 

  9. I can’t find the recipe for just plain banana bread

  10. I have made this so many times ! Love it, this time I made 1/2 recipe… only had 3 bananas… I subbed Greek non fat yogurt for the applesauce (we were out) but here’s the best part:
    I baked it in my donut pans! Made 12 , with a little batter left over. I put the batter in a zip bag, cut comer , and piped it into the pans… easy. 
    Love your recipes so much!

  11. Dear Gina,
    Love your recipes! I only made one loaf cutting all ingredients in half. Should this loaf rise to the depth of the pan? Mine only rose to half of the pan”s depth plus a little. What am I doing wrong? Could it be I was not to Pack the brown sugar? Or maybe my wet ingredients were not thick enough? I double checked and I did use baking soda as was listed. It still tasted great!
    Thanks Linda.

  12. Could I have the ingredients just for one loaf please?

  13. The first time I made this, I had to substitute light sour cream for the applesauce, because I had no applesauce. The result was just ok. This  time I used the ingredients as written, and the result was much more flavorful . I did mix it the way I usually make banana bread, adding the wet ingredients to dry at the end, and stirring just to incorporate, so the results would be tender. Using the applesauce this time, I could not even tell it was a reduced calorie recipe. This is delicious banana bread.

  14. This is now the ONLY banana bread recipe I use. I love how moist it is and seems to keep fresh so much longer than my old recipe. I tend to use dark brown sugar, it is what I tend to have on hand regularly. I also use pecans instead of the walnuts. I give them a little toast before I add them to the batter and it just ups the flavour.

  15. Any way I use this recipe to make banana nut muffins? If so, how long should I bake them?

  16. I’m at 5000ft and these baked beautifully; no adjustments needed. I used white whole wheat flour and made 24 muffins. With the brands of ingredients I used, each muffin is 117 calories. I’m pleased. This is definitely a keeper!

  17. I  did not have applesauce, so I substituted low fat sour cream. I definitely think it tasted like a light banana bread. ( I did miss the richness of full egg and extra butter, ) Given that it is a reduced calorie recipe, I still thought it was nice and moist with good flavor. Excellent low fat recipe. 

  18. This is a great recipe,very easy to mix up. It’s the only banana bread I make

  19. I made this last night and it turned out great. This recipe is a keeper!

  20. Really enjoyed this today!  Super moist.  It didnt see rise too much, so welcome any ideas to improve.

  21. I’m confused on the servings, how much is one slice? Slices per loaf?

  22. This was the best banana bread I have ever made. It comes out super moist. I did add an extra banana as i love the banana flavor to be strong.

    • Is anyone else having issues getting the calorie information to match up? When I plug this into the recipe builder I get 130 per slice instead of 104. Not sure if it’s my error or what’s going on.

      Great recipe though! Tastes amazing!

  23. Is it 7 bananas? Just to make sure.thanks

  24. I made this recipe tonight, came of great! Thank for another great recipe Gina!

  25. Came out perfectly!

  26. I did not use butter, but I did use the entire whole egg (for this recipe for two loaves = 4 whole large eggs). I also added cinnamon, cardamon, pumpkin spice and ginger powder (just wanted to spice it up)! It came out perfect.

  27. Best banana nut bread I’ve ever had! Perfectly moist and flavorful and fits into my Ww plan! 

  28. Can you use frozen bananas?

    • I’m pretty sure you can just thaw them, I feel that they are just as sweet, although they might have a little more liquid.

  29. This is the best banana bread ever! Just tasted a piece right out of the oven and it’s perfectly moist with a nice brown top, and just sweet enough! Thank you you for this delish recipe!

  30. Wow! This is my new favorite banana nut bread recipe. It is perfect! Crunchy top, tender and moist inside. Gina, this is a total winner!

  31. Great recipe, we loved it! By chance, do you have one with walnuts added, including the nutritional information?

  32. I halved the recipe but wish I would have made two loaves. This came out so good! Didn’t change a thing, delicious just the way it was. 

  33. How many servings should this yield?

  34. Hi! I made half of this recipe in an 8″ cake tin and loved it!

    My batter was so thick and sticky, I was really worried. I added two spoons of oil because it even tasted like flour. I didn’t over mix when i added dry to wet either. However the final cake was amazing. The top got nice and crusty and we loved it.

    Could you tell me why the crust appeared and why the dough was sticky? Just for science.

    I subbed a few ingredients because it’s banana bread!

    I omitted the egg, subbed yogurt for applesauce and added oil instead of butter.

  35. The flavor is good but I think the texture would have been better if I made the bread as per the video versus making the bread as per the recipe.  The recipe has you add the mashed banana after you add the flour.  I was hesitant to do this but then I thought I should make the bread as written.  So I added the banana after the flour which of course resulted in extra mixing so though I tried to just barely mix it in the bread is a bit rubbery- the recipe cautions you against overmixing which of course is standard advice when making muffins or any quick bread.   The video, however, I believe shows the proper way and order of mixing which is to mix the banana with the wet ingredients then the flour is added to the wet ingredients. 

    • The recipe also tells you to add flour in 1/3 increments whereas in the video all the flour is dumped in at once.  Also, I note that usual convention for measuring brown sugar requires you to pack it into a cup and press down flat to fill the cup but in the video it was loose and not packed.  

  36. Love it! Used monk fruit in place of sugar to make it even lower glycemic and it turned out amazing!

  37. Love it

  38. So delicious!! I made as muffins. They are so delicious and don’t taste light at all. In the past I’ve used chocolate chip in banana breads but this really lets the banana shine it almost tastes like I added banana extract to it! Used super ripe bananas. Will definitely make again. Thanks Gina for another AMAZING recipe. 

  39. Do you need to use butter? Can I omit or substitute something else?

  40. great recipe.   I used pecans and added about 1/2 cup of no sugar added choc chips.  so delish!

  41. One of the best Banana Breads I have made this far, I used ground hazelnut instead of the walnuts and added some chocolate cheap, it even tastes a little bit like Nutella. I’ll definitely make this recipe again, maybe I’ll try to replace some of the flour with hazelnut.

    Thank you and love from German!!!

  42. I am starting this now and wanted to know if I can replace flour to Oat Flour?

  43. If you’re missing apple sauce – I substituted plain kefir and it worked perfectly!
    Thank you Gina for all that you do!
    Actually writing this comment while making *another* favorite Skinnytaste recipe: the Seattle Salmon Bowl!

  44. If I omit the walnut does it change the Blue point value?

  45. The perfect amount of sugar for that morning craving! Very moist and the ingredients don’t take away from the banana. Exactly what I wanted with my coffee!

  46. Very moist!

  47. Hello,

    Could you tell me how to cut this recipe down for a single person? I would use two bananas and most likely make muffins. Thanks!

  48. This Banana bread is so good! Moist and full of flavor! My husband and daughter loved it and I’m making it for the 2nd time today! 

  49. I thought this recipe said 2 bananas but after I was done mixing everything I realized it said 7. I had four bananas and it turned out fine, I added another 1/2 cup of applesauce hoping it might replace the missing bananas. 

  50. Banana bread is my husband’s favorite snack so I wanted a skinny version. He LOVED it. And he is incredibly hard to please. I used splenda brown sugar blend and mini chips instead of nuts. So delicious…making another loaf today.

    • I’ve never made banana bread before on my own, just made this recipe, it came out delicious but pretty dense, it was still soft and moist, but it wasn’t fluffy like the store ones. I wonder what’s the difference ? 

  51. If I don’t have applesauce, can i use 1 cup canola/vegetable oil in its place in the recipe?

    This sounds delicious. Thank you for your help.

  52. Can you use white wheat flour instead?

  53. I made this banana bread and it was the best. I am not a baker but it was great. I made it Friday  4/3/2020 and I froze one,  We are only 3 adults and I had to take the one in the freezer out yesterday because the first one was gone. 

    Thank you .

  54. My daughter made this yesterday and it was a hit with my husband, her sister and grandmother! Normally my husband does not like lighter or skinny versions of anything! I halved the recipe and made one loaf since I didnt have enough bananas to make 2 loaves. I used a bit less than a full cup of brown sugar and tossed in some mini chocolate chips because according to my bunch it just isnt proper to not have chocolate in banana bread! Will definitely make again!

  55. So so delicious!!

  56. I baked all of it in a Bundt cake pan. Came out perfect!

  57. Made it again today. 2 loaves this time! One for my son to take with him to his house. Thanks again for the recipe. 

  58. Made this last night. I only made 1 loaf. This turned out delicious! My whole family loved it. Thank you for sharing. I might have to make another loaf today.

  59. Such a delicious alternative to high calorie banana bread. It’s light and full of flavor. I was surprised at how pretty it looked when baked.

  60. So good! Used cinnamon applesauce because I had it and put some chocolate 🍫 chips on the top. 

  61. I made bread but did not rise much and is very heavy. Why would this happen?

    • From one banana bread lover to many others – this is my favorite banana bread recipe thus far and I’ve tried many. Doing dairy free and egg free due to an intolerant nursing infant. I use whole wheat flour, vegan butter and two “flax eggs.” Yummm!

  62. I don’t have eggs or egg whites…can I use Egg Beaters instead?

    • Yep! And the Egg Beaters carton should tell you how much egg beaters equals one egg. If not, you can always google it. 

  63. Delicious! I didn’t have apple sauce so I used peanut butter instead and then subbed 1/2 c of the flour for almond meal to give it a protein boost. So good! My kids asked for seconds. 

  64. In the midst of the COVID-19`my grocery store had ripe bananas marked down. So thought let’s bake this wonderful bread. Sharing with neighbors. A delicious treat. An act of kindness during these difficult times goes a long way. Thanks again for a delicious recipe that amazes people when I tell them so good and healthy.

  65. Very worthy of the five star rating. This was the first time I made a banana bread loaf that was perfect; moist, not dense, not undercooked and flavourful.

  66. I sub coconut sugar for the brown sugar and added Some cinnamon. Turned out great! I also used frozen bananas and added a little more applesauce. Overall great recipe will make again!

  67. Just made this (halved the recipe). It came out DELICIOUS! I added in some chocolate chips. Wow! What a treat!

  68. I made this this morning  & my whole house smells fantastic!  I added cinnamon & a dash of nutmeg to the recipe & I halved the recipe to make only one loaf. I snuck a taste (couldn’t wait til it cooled completely 😏) & it’s moist, delicious & not too sweet. It’s Mama approved & she doesn’t even like bananas 😂 Definitely a keeper! Thanks, Gina!

  69. I made this bread today and what a Treat! I halved the ingredients and added just a tablespoon more of applesauce. It came out perfect a d absolutely delicious.

  70. Are any adjustments needed for higher elevations? I live at abt 7200

  71. Just delicious. A tasty breakfast I can eat at desk at work. A slice with a cup of fresh berries completes the meal. Makes two loaves easily so plenty to freeze.

  72. Can you use whole wheat flour? 

  73. Hi GINA, my name is Nina and wondering if one can use whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour. Thanks Nina 

    • I have had success using whole wheat pastry flour. Pastry flour is more finely milled, like white flour. I use the Bob’s Red Mill , and according to their website, you can use it on a 1:1 ratio with white flour, which I do with success. Just a side note, this recipe makes great muffins too, just bake 15-20 min. Sometimes I stir in chopped walnuts, coconut, or mini chocolate chips, too. This recipe is a winner!!

  74. My daughter’s favorite banana bread. Thanks for all you do Gina.

  75. Hi,

    This sounds delicious & was looking for a low calorie BB recipe.  

    Could you or someone tell me approximately how many slices do you get from 1 loaf?  It says 104 calories per slice…. don’t know how big that slice would be for 104 calories.  I see in the comments someone mentioned 13 slices?

    Thank you very much.  I greatly appreciate you posting this recipe!

  76. I made muffins with this recipe and they are delicious!

  77. If I substitute chocolate chips for the walnuts what will the points be 

  78. My granddaughter texted me one day and ask me to make banana bread for her. She had banana bread at someone house and didn’t like it. She said grandma could make it better. I have now made this bread 6 times and she always raves about it. The night before thanksgiving my grandson texted me and ask for banana bread ( I didn’t even realized that he liked banana bread) thank you for this recipe. I can now make it without looking it up.  Thank you again 

  79. It says purple is 5 SP but blue is 4, but the only difference between blue and purple is purple has MORE 0 pt foods so how is that possible?

    • Our family loves this banana bread! We gobble it up so fast, I actually double the recipe. So moist and delicious!

  80. My new favorite banana bread recipe! I used two full eggs instead of the eggs whites, added some pumpkin pie spice and subbed mini chocolate chips (about 1/2 cup) for the walnuts. This won’t last the weekend in my house. Thanks Gina!

  81. This was a big hit with my family . Tasted better cold from the refrigerator. Cutting 13 slices is tough. I will try muffins next time.

  82. Hi, i made it recently. I had only 2 ripe bananas so i gad to re-measure all ingredients accordingly. Not sure i did it right as the final result was not as impressive as it was promised to be. Is it possible for you to add as an optionsl recipe for 2 max 3 bananas to go? As rarely i have more than 2-3 to consume. I’d love to give it another try but can’t guess in the measurements if i gave less than 7 bananas. Thank you!!

  83. I just finished making these. I made them as muffins. Also, I used swerve brown sugar instead of regular. They stuck to the cupcake papers and were a little mushy but the taste is deliciious. Do you think maybe I should have just sprayed the pan and not used the cupcake papers? Maybe I messed something else up, Idon’t know. They are still excellent though!

    • I’ve never been pleased with cupcake papers. However, you can spray cupcake papers with nonstick spray to make them peel away easier. For more info on that, you can Google it.

      But I just spray the muffin pan cups.

    • I used the foil muffin liners (discarding the paper that separates them) with a quick spray of cooking spray on the bottom and they slipped out beautifully. The recipe made 26 muffins for me and they were amazing. 

      I used Wegmans White Whole Wheat Flour since I’m low on white flour, and they were so good I don’t think I’ll ever use regular white flour in this recipe. 

  84. I made this on my day off for the office and it was a big hit! This was by far the best banana bread recipe I have ever made, and the healthiest too. Everyone wanted the recipe which of course I passed on, so they can make their own.  This recipe is also great because it makes two loaves so you can make when hosting out of town guests, sharing with the office or just freezing some for later. Great recipe!! 

  85. Skinnytaste has by far the best recipes. They taste amazing and I’m also loosing weight with them. Im also so very grateful that I found a unique technique that allowed me to to loose weight 100 times faster. Im happy I can pass this information on to whoever needs it.

  86. Can’t rate as I’ve yet to try, but eager to do so. I’m a veteran baker and I applaud you for adding weight to your recipes, however, I agree with others that the way it’s written is confusing. The parentheses help a bit, but they aren’t used consistently on each line, which adds to the confusion. No criticism intended, just constructive feedback. Love your blog.

  87. This is one of my go-to recipes.  I have given it as house-warming gift, and people love it!  Wonderful taste from the first bite to the last.

  88. I have a recipe for banana bread that is made in the Instant Pot (I use a 7″ Big Daddio Spring Form Pan). If I halve this recipe, can I cook it in the Instant Pot using the same directions?

  89. Is it cups and ounces or cups equaling ounces ?

  90. I really like that you are now including oz in addition to cup measurements,  thank you! For macro tracking weight is  much more accurate than volume.

    • Excellent, I had an opened bottle of unsweetened applesauce in the fridge then this recipe popped up in my email today. It must gphave been fate.  

  91. If I use the entire egg, rather than just the whites, will the recipe still taste great?

  92. 14 and 1/2 ounces of brown sugar seems like a lot.

  93. Love that you are putting weights of things as well as cup size!!!

  94. Delicious!

  95. Gina’s recipes help me keep my portion intake under Control! Banana bread with Walnuts is always a crowd pleaser in my home. Thanks to her recipes and this weight Loss Program,
    , My family and I have been able to stay slim down and eating healthier portions!

  96. This is a very good recipe. I didn’t do anything different to try and cut points but I do think that if I used a sugar sub it would still be good and maybe not as Manny points. I will fix this again.

  97. This was delicious.  Agree with everyone else- really moist!  How much coco powder could I add to make this a chocolate version?

  98. Made it.  So moist and delicious!!  I didn’t have walnuts so sprinkled some sliced almonds on top.  So good.

  99. This banana bread was very moist and very tasty.  I made the recipe as posted and it turned out well.  If I didn’t know it was low fat, I would never be able to tell.  I’m definitely saving this one!

  100. I’ve never baked anything before so this was my literally first recipe to try. So so so happy with it! The bread came out so good, moist and tasty! Thank you Skinnytaste for this wonderful recipe! 

    P.S. I used “I can’t believe it’s not butter” spread instead and saved an additional 260 calories (35 per tbsp instead of 100). I also used 6 bananas instead of 7 (because 6 banana looked like more than enough). 

  101. Curious on the freestyle points if the nuts are omitted?

  102. I made these toda and they are the best. I am on WW and these are 6 points for a large muffin and 3 points for small. I just figure two small equal to one large. or even 6 small very mini equal to one Large. LOL that is how good these are now is time to workout.

  103. Do I need to add anything for baking at elevation?

    • Another delicious recipe! I cut each loaf into 7 slices, so a bigger serving but still for only 208 calories. Will definitely be making again!

  104. SOOOO good!

  105. Made this last night and I can’t begin to exclaim how great it tastes, I missed banana bread cause the previous recipe I used was too many ww points per serving for me. Thank you for such a great recipe, having it all week for breakfast 😀

  106. Does anyone know what exactly one serving is with this recipe???? I need more specifics than just one slice.

    • The recipe says it makes 26 servings,  so, cut each loaf  into 13 slices.  1 serving = 1/13 of the loaf.  

    • I’m making this right now. I halved the recipe. I’m not sure if the cooking time is only for two loaves? Should I cook a shorter amount of time? 

  107. Made this last night and its delicious but I do have a question! I weigh and measure all of my food and would love if you could be more specific with this recipe (and others) what exactly a portion is? “One slice” is very vague for someone like me who is really watching their portion sizes. Thank you kindly 🙂 p.s. I also have one of your crock pot turkey chili recipes bubbling away so i have lunches for the week:)

  108. What can I use instead of eggs? I’ve tried flax eggs in other recipes but it’s always been an epic fail. It must be something I’m not doing right. Any other suggestions for this recipe?

  109. There are some really good comments. I do wish some of the questions asked had been answered. Such as, can you exchange the flour for coconut or almond flour. What would be the time cooked if using a muffin tin? Two people mentioned the banana tasted like sour milk a day or two later, why is this, and would refrigeration have helped? Has anyone used egg substitution with any issues, how much did you use? A link to the GF recipe would be nice too….Thank you

    • Theres a link at the top to the gluten-free recipe. And I don’t know if coconut flour would work but almond should be fine. And yes, I would refrigerate the bread you dont eat the same day.

  110. Baking soda and not baking powder?

  111. As a “cook” and not a “baker”, I would really like to know aht “do not over mix means”?

    • This means to watch your batter and the moment when all the ingredients seem to be incorporated into the batter, stop mixing. Over mixing can cause cookies to “fall” and breads to be tough or gummy. This is why the recipe has you incorporate the flour in parts and not all in one dump. Hope this helps!

  112. Can you swap baking powder for baking soda? I’m sensitive to the taste of b. soda in my breads, always tastes metallic to me. 

    • I was taught that you can but the amount used is different and the result may not be the same. They are not interchangeable but you can give it a try! Usually for 1 teaspoon of soda you will substitute with 4 teaspoons of powder. I would start with 3 or 4 teaspoons powder and see how the bread comes out. Be sure your baking powder is fresh though.

  113. Can you use whole wheat instead of white flour

  114. Could this be made using almond or coconut flour or would that just totally ruin this recipe?

  115. Is there a reason that points plus values are no longer posted? Is there anywhere to find that?

  116. Very good, though I used I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and Truvia Brown Sugar baking blend for half the points of each ingredient and still came up with 4 points per serving.  Not sure how that is possible.  Will make again, maybe use the real stuff since the points are the same.

  117. Another excellent recipe. Thank you Gina!

  118. I made this recipe yesterday. I cut the recipe in half for one loaf. It is delicious ! Good banana flavor. Very moist and dense. You would never guess it is lowfat. Love your recipes !

  119. How long would you bake this for as muffins? I love your recipes and like to send homemade muffins to school with my kids.

  120. Can I use cinnamon flavored applesauce?

  121. Just made one pan by halving the recipe.  It is so good!  Thanks for the recipe!

  122. What can I do if I don’t have a loaf pan? Will a bundt pan work?

  123. Another hit! That was absolutely delicious! It was moist and not too dense. The outside was the perfect amount of done and my family tore though the loaf. Thank you! 

  124. Curious about makIng it gluten free…any changes other than the flour?

  125. Made this today and it’s fabulous!  I made one loaf to give to my mother in law and 12 muffins for a quick grab and go breakfast at my house. Your recipes are always wonderful.

  126. What is the sugar content per serving? It is blank on the recipe but I know it’s not zero

  127. Can I use Wheat flour for this recipe? Thanking you in advance.

  128. LOVE this recipe! Turned out a little dense but still so yummy. Tip: if you’re making this into muffins do NOT use paper muffin tin liners. It will stick like crazy which I learned the hard way 🙁 since it’s low fat there’s nothing to help peel them out! Use silicon!!

  129. this banana bread is SO good!

  130. Amazing!!! Banana bread recipes are always disappointing but this one is absolutely fabulous!! The kids loved it too. 

  131. Can this be made into muffins? If so what temp and time to you cook them? Thanks!

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  133. Even my banana hating boy ate this up!!!!! Ofcourse I added nuts and choc chips…lol….. your stuff never fails!!!!!

  134. I cut the brown sugar in half to bring each slice to 3SP and still found it sweet and satisfying! I also made 1 loaf and 12 muffins (cooked for 25 min), so I could freeze the muffins for later! Delicious!

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  136. I just made this banana bread, its tastes delicious but barely rose in the oven. Is it supposed to be a low rise? It’s not even 1.5inches in height. I used a standard loaf tin. 

    • With lower fat bake goods that use applesauce , it is better to cook the bread in brownie bite tins, mini muffin tin, cupcake tins or mini loaf .( I almost opened a bakery and studied baking in NYC.)

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  138. My family loves this banana bread! I use coconut sugar in place of brown sugar because my daughter has blood sugar issues. Thank you!!!

  139. I made this two days ago and it was delicious!!!! However this morning when I had it for breakfast, it tasted like sour milk. I don’t understand cause it was perfect yesterday. Does anyone know what may have happened? Should I be refrigerating it? I am so sad, I had to throw out two whole loaves.

    • I had the same experience.  I was wondering about refrigerating too.  Anyone able to comment????

      • Absolutely, you can refrigerate. Just made two loaves and popped one in the freezer for later and the other in the fridge.

  140. Perfection.  It is not only the best Low Fat banana bread – it is just the best banana bread!  

  141. I use 5 bananas instead of 7 and sub out the walnuts for chocolate chips. This banana bread has become a staple for all holidays and comes out perfect every time! 

  142. Hi!

    Was wondering if you know how many smart points this is? Will you be adding smart points to your recipes?

  143. Do you know how many smart points this would be??

    • I ran this through the WW recipe builder, and it came to 4 smart points per slice.

      • Thanks!!! Was about to ask.

      • I can’t wait to try this but I wish the serving size was more specific so I can accurately track the WW SP  value. I do better with a weighted serving size than no. of slices per loaf.. Has anyone made this and weighed a slice? Thank you. 

  144. So my family and absolutely love all your recipes and with my husband being a diabetic and having three young kids, you giving the carbs content has made my life spoon much easier! Thanks so much. I really want to make this bread today and have everything but am short 2 eggs but do have egg substitute on hand. I'm stuck in the house with a sick kiddos….do you think there's a way to use the eggs and egg substitute so that I can make it today?

  145. Do you think I could forgo the sugar and add dates Instead for sweetness?

  146. Gina- I love your website! I tell everybody about it! I do have a question about this recipe though. I made this last night and I couldn't taste a difference between this and regular banana nut bread, the only thing that I did notice was that it didn't turn out as fluffy as the full fat version. It was pretty dense in consistency. I followed your recipe exactly and the toothpick came out clean, so it wasn't undercooked at all. So my question is….could this be because of the applesauce? I've never baked with it before so I wasn't for sure. If not, I'm not sure what I did wrong. Either way it still tastes wonderful and my daughter has already almost finished the entire loaf!

  147. Yum! Just made this for the first time (I think), and I really like it. The texture is lovely, and so is the flavor. Now, how do I limit myself to one piece at a time?

  148. Looks like I am late to the party! This bread looks fabulous. It is in the oven as I am typing and although it has been 60 minutes, my toothpick is not coming out clean. This happened the last time I made an attempt at banana bread. Gina, I think I used to much banana. How many cups should 7 medium bananas smashed make?


  150. Can the slices be put in the freezer and if so what is the best method to use to do so?

  151. This is my absolute favorite banana bread recipe! I didn't have walnuts but I did have pecans so I added them and it was perfect!

  152. Is there anyway to use more applesauce instead of using butter?

  153. Wow! Yum! Eating as I type. Very good. Would make even if I weren't on ww. Only changes I made were because I didn't have everything on hand. I substituted sucanat for the brown sugar and I made "pear sauce" from canned pears (I drained well and will trust the pear juice it was in didn't add much to affect the points). My bananas had gone bad and I've been avoiding a whole lot if baking due to watching what I eat but this was just the recipe I needed. Also, I omitted the nuts and for my oven 50 minutes was SPOT on which has never happened with any quick bread recipe for me. Thank you!

  154. Why butter and not marg?

  155. I made this recipe as written, and it was very good, but I thought it needed a few tweaks for my personal taste – I prefer a little less sweet and a little more dense. Those tweaks also made it a little healthier.

    1. I subbed a large microwaved and mashed sweet potato for 2 of the bananas.
    2. I swapped 1 c of whole wheat flour for 1 c of the all purpose
    3. I cut the brown sugar to 2/3 cup
    4. I used 2 T butter and 2T lowfat plain yogurt (not nonfat, that did not work) rather than the full 4T butter..

    It really worked great.

    Love the site! Thanks for all the great recipes.

  156. I've just recently found your blog! I love it!!! I am so excited to have so many recipes with WW points already calculated and be able to start cooking "outside the box". I made this banana bread tonight and it is so yummy, you wouldn't guess it was lower fat. I love it!

  157. Just tried this recipe! OMG it's so delicious! Not too sweet either, just the way I like it.

  158. Made this over the weekend, and it was SO GOOD! As I am probably one of the biggest carb addicts ever I need healthy recipes to tip the balance from time to time.

  159. Sorry, my comment was directed to anyone thinking of substituting for coconut oil. I love this healthier version!

  160. I have to make this! Sounds yummy. Do you know what the sugar count per slice would be? I have to watch my sugar intake. Also coconut oil is not healthy, too much saturated fat in it!

  161. Just curious why this is listed under gluten-free recipes!

  162. I have always put overripe bananas in the freezer and used them for banana bread. Prevents having to throw them out, and makes it easy to cook with. Just pull them out of the freezer before you start the recipe preparation, and they should thaw in about 15 minutes.

  163. I've been cooking mine for an hour and a half now and it's still not thoroughly cooked. Did I overmix it? I can't quite figure out what I did wrong. I cut a piece (because it had been baking a long time, waited the 20 minutes) and the taste was good but it was more like batter. I'm not sure if cooking it longer will help….

  164. How would this recipe change, besides adding calories, if you used whole eggs instead of just whites? It bothers me to throw away the yolks.

  165. Can you make this with stevia baking bland? If so would I need to alter the recipe at all?

  166. I divided this recipe in half and put all the ingredients in the recipe builder on and came out to 234 calories. Is this correct?

  167. I absolutely love your blog! I have yet to make something I didn't like! You have helped me lose all my baby weight and plus 20 pounds! I saw that you said to beat the first mixture until thick… How long does this usually take? I'm waiting for mine to cool but thought I would ask! Thank you in advance!

  168. I only had 5 bananas and didn't have any applesauce so skipped it, used coconut oil instead of butter, and sprinkled a few chocolate chips (maybe 1/4 cup). Put half the batter in a loaf pan and half in a muffin tin. Muffins took only 20 minutes! AWESOME! Love this site!

  169. What a great recipe! I didn't have apple sauce so i used pumpkin. Delish! My kids helped make it, so they are claiming it's theirs 😉

  170. just made this..literally took me 5 seconds to get the batter made..didn't have everything on hand so instead of apple sauce I had a peach/apple sauce (a cup that my son's takes as snack to school), I didn't add the butter, but i added a few fresh blueberries that were on the last legs because I only had four bananas and used almond extract instead of vanilla. I'll let you know how it turns out..It's smelling delicious though in the oven right now!

  171. Gina if I made this recipe into 24 muffins does it change the Calorie total? Im on a 1200 calorie diet and I took the calories x 26 to see what the total calories was and then dvided it bye 24 and I came out with a total of 114.9 per muffin. I don't know if this is correct or not. Can you please tell me if I am correct or incorrect. Thank You

  172. Gina, I have made this recipe twice now and it is our favorite!
    I have been making banana bread for over forty years and this is the best. Love the moist, nutty texture. I did use toasted pecans this time because I had them on hand. SO delicious! Thanks again! I love, love your site!

  173. I made this today, and it turned out great! I substituted the apple sauce with plain greek yogurt and it worked just fine. Loved this!

    • Thank you for that, had to read thru all these comments to find the one I needed. I like using Greek yogurt instead, glad it worked!

  174. if the bananas used were not ripe enough, do you think this could have caused the bread to come out kind of mushy despite an extra 10 minute cooking time? THANKS!

  175. Scrumptious!!!! And the smell!! The smell alone is worth it 🙂
    I halved the recipe but kept the whole applesauce amount… Soooo moist!
    Thanks for this!

  176. Coconut oil is not recommended! It's very high in saturated fat (actually the highest in saturated fat of any oil). Those that say it's healthy should do some research first.

  177. I made this last night and it was delicious!

  178. My mom made the most delicious and moist banana bread, and in the absence of her and her recipe, I have been searching (in vain) for a substitute. I am also doing WW so I gave your recipe a whirl and can I say….it is FAB-O! So moist and brings back those childhood banana bread memories! THANKS!!

  179. So yummy! I just had a slice this morning. The whole wheat flour makes it filling so you don't keep eating and eating. An added bonus…my 2 year old loves it; it doesn't taste "healthy" at all. I used Horizon Egg White substitute & it turned out great. Another delicious recipe from this site.

  180. We love this recipe – so moist and delish! Definitely a keeper. I'm going to make a loaf for Christmas morning for sure.

  181. What can I use instead of applesauce?
    Will Greek yogurt work instead?

  182. This tasted delicious and you don't miss any of the fat! If you like banana bread, try this tonight! I'm staring down the loaf pan now….come on will power! Trying not to eat it all….

  183. I made this banana bread tonight, but won't get to try it until the morning! This is torture! It looked & smelled so yummy!
    After reading some of people's comments, I have a question. Why not use ALL whole wheat flour? What's the negative? I'm newly trying to cook more, so I thought maybethere's just something I don't know. P.S. I'm in love with this website so far!! Thanks Gina!

  184. Made this last week. I've always aspired to make banana bread from scratch but was intimidated. Your recipes are always so easy so I gave this one a try. Guess what? it WAS easy! Kept a loaf for my family and gave my mom and dad the second loaf. The BEST banana bread we've ever had. No way anyone wants me to use those boxed mixes again. My husband has already bought more bananas – just waiting for them to ripen so I can make this again this weekend.

  185. Just made this and it is great!!! used no nuts and all WW flour from trader joes. My husband really likes also!

  186. I just made this last night and my coworkers said I should put it on the black market because it's dangerously good.

  187. Just shoved a piece of this into my mouth straight from the oven. Amazing, as all recipes of yours are.
    So grateful to have the points posted too.

  188. I made this today, halving the recipe because I didn't have enough bananas. It didn't rise at all, and while the outside seemed done and it passed the toothpick test, it was very underbaked. Any ideas as to what I did wrong?

  189. THE BEST! I made this last night (with whole wheat flour, BTW) and brought a loaf in to the office today. It's been about 15 minutes and the load is almost gone, folks are going back for seconds! This was easy, tastes great (even with the whole wheat flour) and no one would have a clue that it's low fat. Fabulous!!!

  190. This is the best banana bread I've ever had/made… Incredible

  191. I didn't have applesauce, so I just threw in an extra banana. I hope this works….

  192. I just made this and as with every time I've cooked one of your recipes, it was delicious! I would never suspect that this was a low fat recipe, thank you!!

  193. This is absolutely delicious. The problem, though, is how do you stop after one slice?

  194. Hi Gina! This banana nut bread looks awesome, but I was just wondering if I could use wholemeal flour instead? Thanks!

  195. Pretty bummed! I was excited to make this receipe because my family loves banana bread however the bread turned out to be mushy. Not sure what I did wrong. ):

  196. I just made this for the family and they loved it! The banana bread was super moist and tasted like heaven. Thank you for this recipe!

  197. Hi Gina, I made this last night and it is so incredibly delicious! I couldn't decide between this recipe and the petite chocolate chip loaves, so I combined the two. I used a half cup of whole wheat flour and the rest all-purpose, and added 1.5oz of semi-sweet chocolate chips. It is honestly the nicest thing I have ever baked! Thank you so much for all your amazing recipes, I have made at least 10 – 15 different things so far and I plan on making so many more! I never used to cook anything really before I found your site, so I have you to thank for making me feel like someone who can cook! Can't wait for the cookbook which I'm sure will be in the near future!

  198. I just made these. HOLY YUMMALICIOUS!!! They aren't very sweet but I like it like that! I made mine into cupcakes, too. There are so many fun add ins to do with this. For some reason I really want to throw some granny smith apple for a crisp taste. I am a nursing student and am always looking to bring stuff to class. I'm bringing these tomorrow! THANKS!

  199. I too cut the recipe in half and used plain yogurt instead of applesauce (I don't keep applesauce in the house) and I am eating it now….mmm mmm good! Sigh…happily!

  200. I made this and substituted hazelnuts for walnuts. It's AMAZING. I want to eat the whole loaf myself, but I will be good and share it. Thank you!

  201. This recipe was soooooo moreish! Will definitly be making this again and again and again and again and again….well you get the picture! I love it.

  202. Just wondering what is the cholesterol count per serving?

  203. I made this tonight and it was delicious! The only difference was I only used 6 bananas and I used Smart Balance Lite (all I had at home). Can't tell a difference! Amazing!

  204. Gina,
    I'm going to make this today and wondered if you knew how many cups of mashed banana it is? I don't have seven medium bananas, I have four of the biggest bananas I think I've ever seen! I just found your site and can't wait to try this and many more of your recipes!

  205. Gina,
    This recipe looks awsome.I like the taste of walnuts but not the points. Would I be able to use walnut extract to get a similiar result?

  206. I'm about to make this right now. Don't think my bananas are ripe enough but me and my son are impatient! I'm planning on adding the cinnamon and cutting out 1/2 cup flour and replacing it with ground flax. Hope it turns out!

  207. Hi Gina. First of all, I want you to know that your site is my cooking/baking bible. I just need to know what the applesauce is substituting in this recipe. I don't have any applesauce in the house, and I really need to make this recipe because I have some ripe bananas in the house.

    Keep up the good work.

    Lenore DeLitizia

  208. Delicious! Turned out great, thanks for the recipe! Only thing I added was 1/4 cup flax seed meal for the fiber & omega 3's. My Hubby couldn't tell the difference from regular and it was so easy 🙂

  209. Hi Gina. DO you think I could halve the recipe, then make muffins?

  210. Hi,
    I wondering how would I cut the recipe to where it just makes one loaf? Would I just halfin each of the ingredients?

  211. Yum! Made this today (halved the recipe) and it turned out perfectly.

  212. I only have five bananas will that work? Do I need to add more applesauce to compensate for lost moisture?

    Also when beating the wet ingredients, do I need to use a whisk attachment or will my paddle suffice?

    Last one, how thick should the mixture be after beating? Pancake batter?

  213. Hi Gina,

    I love your website, I am such a picky eater and absolutely LOVE your recipes! I just made this banana bread and while the inside is delicious, the sides and bottom came out pretty hard. I only had a 10×5 loaf pan so that is the only reason I can think of? Thoughts?

  214. Hi Gina, Can you confirm that this recipe calls for 7 (seven) bananas?
    Thanks, love your site:)

  215. I've made quite a few of your recipes in the last few weeks, and all were fantastic, but this was the clincher for me. Banana bread is one of my all time favorite treats. Imagine my frustration that in the 10 years or so that I have really taken an interest in cooking and baking, I have never once been able to make a satisfactory (let alone delicious) loaf of banana bread, even with full fat traditional recipes. Then, I come across this "diet" recipe, and frankly my hopes weren't high (nothing to do with you Gina, given my past history with banana bread). Not only did this come out perfect, but this was by far the best banana bread I have ever tasted, light or otherwise!

    I cut the recipe in half using 4 bananas instead of 3.5 because that's all I had. I also made them into muffins for portion control. They were done in 23 minutes.

    Gina, you have broken my banana bread curse. Thanks a million!

  216. Loved it, I used egg replacers instead of egg whites…. Yummy!

  217. Yummy! Made these this morning in mini muffins. Made half a batch but still used all 4 egg whites… oops. But, they were moist and delicious. My family loved them!

  218. I cut this recipe in half using three bananas and baked them cupcake size for 20 minutes. They turned out awesome! My mom said it's probably one of the best banana bread recipes she ever had, and she has tried a LOT of banana bread. So good!

  219. I followed the ingredients and mixing directions to the letter and even let it cook slightly longer than called for but it still fell when it sat on the counter and had that same "raw texture" on the very bottom of the loaf in the middle. I was hugely disappointed after all the rave reviews.

  220. I too would like to know the measurement of the banana's in cups. Last time I made BB, it was was too much banana and had a raw texture and tast. Now I am wary…

  221. I too would like to know the measurement of the banana's in cups. Last time I made BB, it was was too much banana and had a raw texture and tast. Now I am wary…

  222. Another great recipe from Skinny Taste! Gina, I have loved everything I've tried from this site (up to 7 or 8 recipes so far). I like that I can cook and bake things my friends and family love, while still keeping a handle on the nutritional content.

    For all of those asking about substitutions, yes – if you swap out something in the recipe, you may get VERY different results (especially with splenda vs sugar). That's why the recipe was written a certain way! Also, plenty of websites offer a *free* recipe builder function, so you can plug in the exact ingredients you used, to see how the nutritional info is affected. Great for substitutions/additions/subtractions!

    Thanks again, Gina!

  223. I made this, this past Sunday and it's good. However, I don't really taste the banana'? LOL…It does taste great but not banana-e taste…Make sense?

    Wonder if I can use apples in this too…

  224. Just made this tonight, and it was amazing! Used half the batter to make muffins, and froze the rest. This is definitely my go to banana bread recipe from now on. 🙂

  225. I made a half recipe this weekend and was a little worried at first – the bread didn't rise but looking at your picture I think that is right. My first slice was pretty dry but I figured out that was because it was then end piece. So I know to discard both ends and everything in the middle is moist and dense. I'd prefer a little less dense but hey, if its healthy its worth it.

  226. Gina, I am excited to try this tomorrow. I know it asks for 7 bananas but can you provide a measure (1.5 cups or whatever) as bananas are all diff sizes and one person thinks is medium maybe be diff from what i think. Thanks 🙂

  227. I made this tonight and although it tasted good, something was off in my batter. In the first steps when mixing the liquids, my batter never got "thick" it was very soupy. should I have used the wire wisk attachment instead of the standard? I'm sure it was user error somehow bc I've been following you for months now and everything has been spectacular! This is my go to blog every morning when planning my meals.

  228. Omg, I made this tonight and it was absolutely delicious!!

  229. Dark sugar should work, no need to blend it with white.

  230. I'm excited to make this tonight! However, I have dark brown sugar in my pantry and don't want to buy light just for this. Should I blend in a little white sugar to compensate or should it be okay? Thanks! LOVE your blog!

  231. Brown sugar Splenda blend that is!

  232. I made this today only I omitted the nuts and used brown sugar blend instead of the regular brown sugar and it was so good! I had to up the time quite a but as my oven seems to be a lower temp than others. Next time I'm going to use muffin tins so it will cook faster and I want to try adding a bit of banana extract to see how that tastes. Thanks for all your recipes, I use them all the time!

  233. Yes, Just bake it for less time in muffin tins.

  234. Hi! Can I make this into muffins instead of a bread? How would I alter it do so?

  235. Third time in 3 weeks making this! Amazing!!!! Kids devour it (thank goodness or I'd eat more!)

  236. You can use 2 whole eggs in place of the egg whites. The n.i. will change.

  237. Can i us whole eggs insted of egg whites? Would that be 4 eggs-then would i have to adjust any other ingredients to make? Please advise. Thanks.

  238. So good!!!! Was planning on giving a loaf to my mother in law but kids have almost first loaf eaten so I'll need to make more. Can't believe it's lowfat. Didn't even need butter in top.

  239. Even though I've enjoyed all of the recipes I have tried of yours, I was skeptical of what this would taste like compared to my version with a whole stick of butter. It is delicious! Even my picky husband liked it. It's dense, moist and oh so satisfying! Thanks Gina.

  240. I made this today (as muffins) and it's AMAZING!!!! I added chocolate chips to some of the muffins. Thanks Gina!

  241. This is the best banana bread ever!

  242. I made half of this, and added cardamom and black tea…. AWESOME!! Thank you very much!

  243. How many cups does 7 mashed bananas equal? Bananas are not always the same size.

  244. I made this today for the first time. I'm not a baker at all, but it turned out FABULOUS! Thanks for the great recipe!!

  245. I made this tonight and um, yeah- winner winner! I added mini chocolate chips instead of walnuts, and my husband and I have already scarfed down two pieces each! Based on another commenter, I also added 1 tsp of cinnamon but otherwise, followed everything else exactly. Thanks for the great recipe!

  246. This banana bread was awesome! It is hard to find a Weight Watcher friendly banana bread recipe that others who are not dieting/being healthy enjoy. I used glucose instead of brown sugar and replaced 1/2c of the AP flour with whole wheat flour. The second time I made it I replaced the nuts with 1/2c unsweetened shreaded coconut and 1/2c mini dark chocolate chips. It's the best! Thanks so much! 🙂

  247. I made this recipe today, and it took much longer than 60 minutes to bake. But yet it still came out mushy and undercooked. Then after cooling, the top fell in. I used all the ingredients and followed the recipe the best I can. What did I do wrong? I know that when you mix in the eggs, vanilla, bananas, etc. it's supposed to thicken? Mine didn't. I wasn't sure how thick it was supposed to get. Any ideas on why it didn't cook well? is the flour packed or unpacked? Thanks!

  248. I'm a banana bread connoisseur. This has great banana taste and texture. Thank you Gina!

  249. OH MY GOD!! I halved the recipe and made muffins (subbed chocolate chips for the walnuts) and they are SOOOOOOO good! This is the second recipe with bananas I have made from your site. Thanks for the yumminess! Keep the recipes coming!

  250. Just came out of the oven. Very faboulous. Cut the recipe in half. Cannot trust myself with 2 loaves in the house.

  251. fruit is free if eaten alone as a snack.

    If I made half I would use 3 1/2 bananas.

  252. Gina, what do you mean by this, "Fruit is not free when used in a recipe. So confusing right? Bananas are actually 3 points now, so this probably went up. I'll update."

    Are bananas now 3 points only when used in cooking or are they always 3 points (one the points plus)….

    also if you half the recipe would you use 3 or 4 bananas?

  253. I made this recipe today as muffins – my husband and son have practically devoured the whole batch. It is funny, I love bananas, but don't like banana bread… my husband likes banana bread but not bananas.

    So what ever I don't eat in time, will now be used in this fabulous recipe.

  254. I just made this & it was DELICIOUS! It had my whole house smelling great, so much that my boys couldnt wait until it cooled to eat it! lol I did have to sub the walnuts with cinnamon roasted macadamia nuts which added a good subtle hint of cinnamon. I also used half of what the sugar called for since the macadamias were sweet. It turned out great. I am a huge fan of all your recipes!

  255. Unpacked Kat.

  256. Gina, the brown sugar. Is that 1 cup PACKED or NOT PACKED? I'm looking to make this, but wasn't sure about that.

  257. This is delicious! Thanks to my weird oven, it was undercooked after 60 minutes but I had to leave the house and couldn't bake it longer. So now I have this delicious banana custard-like stuff with banana bread crust around it. OMG! I will bake it longer next time but for now am loving the mushy stuff. 🙂 Also substituted half of the brown sugar with plain Splenda. Worked fine.

  258. I followed this recipe exactly and it was mushy in the middle. i can't figure out what went wrong?

  259. If I wanted to use this recipe to make muffins instead of bread, what would the cooking time be for muffins? I am a baking beginner, so any help would be appreciated! Thank you. 🙂

  260. Just made it this afternoon! It's absolutely wonderful! My 19 year-old daughter LOVES banana bread and was very happy when they came out of the oven! I snacked on this using a Laughing Cow wedge to get some protein in for a mid-day snack and it was yummy!! MLL

  261. This bread smells and tastes SO GOOD!!!

  262. My all time favorite 🙂

  263. This is the easiest bread ever! I just whipped up a batch (with a few changes) for mini banana muffins for the office- what a hit!

  264. I have a chocolate zucchini bread recipe, that should help with measurements.

  265. I have a bunch of bananas to use up and I plan to make this but I also want to make zucchinni bread can I replace the banana with zuchinni? If so how much?

  266. I made this two days ago and just as delicious today as when fresh from the oven. A few modifications…I halved the recipe and made 12 muffins. I substituted 1/2 whole wheat pastry flour, substituted a few dark chocolate chips for nuts. My hand mixer broke so had to mix by hand. There were some big chunks of banana, but I actually love how they turned out…very moist and delicious. I only had to bake the muffins for about 25 min.

  267. Yes I think it may slightly change but you'll have to put it in recipe builder to see the difference.

  268. I made mine with Splenda brown sugar blend, light butter with canola oil and cake flour, will there be any points difference with that?

  269. This is the best banana bread I have ever had. This weekend I was eager to make some for my Family for Easter Brunch but was short on bananas, I heavied up on the apple sauce and made a few tweaks and it was just as delicious and even a little denser and more filling. Amazing.

  270. Perhaps you answered your own question, the Splenda may have effected this? Hard to say for sure, but if you changed the recipe it's possible that is why.

  271. Okay, what did I do wrong? I used 7 very ripe bananas (but how much is that because there are different sized bananas?) I used 1/2 cup Splenda brown sugar instead of 1 cup light brown sugar. It came out tasting delicious but didn't rise so it is super dense! We are eating every last crumb of it but it doesn't look nice enough to serve to guests. Any thoughts? Thank you, we all love your recipes.

  272. Delicious! I'm usually tempted to put some butter on my banana bread, but this turns out so moist and delicious that it's perfect by itself! I started WW about a month ago and was so happy to discover your recipes! Thank you for all the inspiration for healthy cooking!

  273. I make this every week. It's my boyfriends favorite snack now. I have changed a few things to make it even more outstanding! I use half whole wheat flour and also add molasses! That replaces some of the brown sugar; I also add some warm spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. It gives it a great flavor and it seems to be addicting… The applesauce keeps it so moist and yummy! Thanks for reminding me how awesome banana bread is! 🙂

  274. Wow! This was the best banana bread!!! I halved the recipe and it worked beautifully! I used whole wheat flour, omitted the nuts, and added 1/3 c chocolate chips. I cut it into 12 slices and figured it as 4 points+ still.

    Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes and beautiful pictures!!


  275. I have a batch of these in the oven right now. I was on the WW website looking for a recipe for banana bread because I had some over ripe bananas. I really didn't want to make any because I have been struggling with staying in my points range the last 2 weeks. Someone mentioned your site and I said Duh! Why didn't I go there first. Every recipe I have tried, we have loved. I made half a batch and made them into muffins. Can't wait to try one! Thanks Gina!

  276. I made this banana bread recipe tonight, and it was soooooo yummie! Thank you for sharing this recipe with us. This is something that i will be making at least 3x a week for my DH and my parents! Thanks again =]

  277. Honestly, I experiment with both an go with what works for that particular recipe. The applesauce works well in this, but I haven't tried it with yogurt.

  278. Hi Gina! Fabulous website! I was hoping to get your thoughts on this- some recipes use low-fat/fat-free plain yogurt where you use applesauce… is there any benefit in using one instead of the other? Would love to hear your opinion! Thanks!

  279. I made these into 2 dozen muffins and they were AMAZING! The whole family loves them! Thank you for another great recipe!

  280. I know, I lovvvve this recipe 🙂

  281. Oh my God…my house smelled so good when these were baking! My one year old was licking the oven door waiting for them to come out! I made them into muffins, added cinnamon and nutmeg, and topped with a sprinkle of coconut…they were fabulous!

  282. Holy crap, another amazing recipe!!! I halved the recipe and came up with 3 points! 🙂

  283. Hi Gina…

    All I can say is that you're amazing and very talented. I've made several of your recipes and loving them all. LOL. You should definitely put your recipes in a book, I would buy it for myself as well as a gift for my friends.

  284. SOOOOOO Good! Thank you so much for creating these recipes. You really have made doing WW A LOT easier!!!!

  285. I made this again today and my family has devoured them! I used white whole wheat flour and added a tablespoon of cinnamon. Made exactly 26 muffins when you use just under 1/4 cup batter per muffin. Delish!!!

  286. One slice!

  287. Hi Gina,

    I am just wondering what the serving size is? I am assuming it is 1 slice….

  288. I made this today as muffins, and they are SOOO good! I halved the recipe, and used 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 all purpose flour. I also added about a 1/4 cup (maybe a little less) chocolate chips. This made 24 muffin tops (I used my 2 Tbsp. scoop), and 1 mini loaf. My daughters love them! I'm sure my husband will too, if there are any left when he gets home 🙂

  289. Fruit is not free when used in a recipe. So confusing right? Bananas are actually 3 points now, so this probably went up. I'll update.

  290. How do you think the new Points + would affect this recipe now that bananas are free? I also always try to use some white whole wheat flour in with my white…I'd love to know the new points value for this now 🙂

  291. My family loves this recipes. I am going to try doing muffins today. Thanks for taking the time to post these fabulous recipes!!

  292. Go Tanya!! What's next?

  293. Made this today! My house smelled SO good, I had everything on hand and it was super, super moist! Gina, you're 2 for 2 with me, chicken chili last night, banana bread tonight…YUM!!

  294. Instead of two loaf pans, I made the recipe as is (plus the cinnamon as mentioned above) and used a bundt pan – my baking staple. It came out great! Cannot wait to share with my banana bread loving family!

  295. Yum! I added a tablespoon of cinnamon (love it in banana bread) and it was awesome! So moist I wasn't even tempted to smear butter on it!

  296. Yes, you can make half with the same results!

  297. If I only want to make one loaf, can I just half the ingredients and run with it? Logic would say yes, but it seems like the kind of thing that would just randomly backfire on me…

  298. No, the bake time would remain the same.

  299. hey gina i only have 1 loaf pan so im baking it in two batches, so is the baking time cut in half to 30 mins instead of 60?

  300. This was a great recipe, but I was little disappointed that the bread and muffins I made fell after taking them out of the oven. Don't get that. I usually make my banana nut bread light by substituting half the oil for yogurt, but not with applesauce. I was pleasantly surprised with this though. I also used half whole wheat flour, but it was stone ground, so the texture came out a little different. I also added in cinnamon and nutmeg.

  301. yummy! i made half the recipe in cupcake form and ommitted the nuts. i also followed what Shannon said in a comment above, about putting the bananas in the freezer for a few days. my cupcakes are super dark and very moist, so that was a good tip!

  302. These are amazing! I used whole wheat flour and mini chocolate chips instead of nuts and they tasted great. I'm not sure how much it changes the points but I also made them into mini muffins. I got 48 mini muffins! I ate 3 today. My kids ate several as well.

  303. What a fabulous recipe…I made muffins instead of loafs, 12 regular size and 16 mini's…They are so delicious. I used a blend of whole wheat and white flour and a blend of white and brown splenda. I actually find them a little on the sweet side and next time I will try a little less sugar….but for sure, there will be a next time. Tks for a great site.

  304. I am a huge lover of Banana Bread,, generally make Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.. but since starting WW, thats a big NO NO …lol
    I am gonna try this one out soon…your site is awesome, thanks for all the work you do putting all this stuff together

  305. Love this too!! Thanks for your comment. You just gave me the idea to make this for Mother's Day Brunch!

  306. You are just the best!! Yet again another fabulous recipe…both my b/f and I loved the bread!! OH…he couldn't even tell it was a WW recipe…he just knew it was "super banana-y and tasty"! I halved the recipe with no problem and substituted more applesauce for the butter. Thank you so much for your site!!

  307. Unbleached is basically white flour that isn't bleached but you can use regular all purpose flour. I've also made this with half whole wheat flour, worked great.

  308. What's the difference between bleached and unbleached flour?

  309. Gina, I love your site and visit it frequently. I was in the mood to bake today – rainy outside – and I am going to make the banana bread. I have used so many of your recipes because of the availability of the points – thank you for doing all the work! Keep up the recipe hunt.

  310. YUM! I made these this weekend & they were so delicious! I have since sent your link to several friends too.

    I made mine into muffins & baked 20 min at 350. I read through the comments & did 1/2 unbleached white flour & 1/2 wheat flour. They were super yummy & everyone I gave to taste test really enjoyed them too. I will make them again very soon.

  311. If you replaced 3 oz of walnuts with 4 oz of chocolate chips, it would be about the same. Hope that helps.

  312. Hi Gina – I have made so many of your recipes and they are great! Thank you!! I want to make this banana bread but one of my kids doesn't like nuts – if I replaced the nuts with 3/4 of a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips, do you think the points would be the same? I would love to make 1 loaf of each!

  313. Thanks Deanna- I love this banana bread too!!!! I've also made it with half whole wheat flour with great results.

  314. Oh my..I made this this morning and it was fabulous! Best "healthy" banana bread recipe I've found, my kids couldn't even tell it was WW friendly. I used half whole wheat flour and half white flour to bump up the fiber. I also used 1/2 cup egg substitute instead of 4 egg whites. Thanks Gina for the recipe!

  315. Thanks Chanah! I don't but I have gotten many requests so it's something I'll have to look into. Thanks for leaving a comment and glad you liked it!

  316. Hi Gina, Your site if fabulous! I first made the White Turkey Bean Chili and took it for lunch this week, it is wonderful. It is snowing here in the NE, I made this banana bread recipe. It is so yummy! It will be a favorite of mine now. Your recipes have made it so easy while I am on WW. Do you have a book out? I would like purchase it.

  317. You're welcome, I was so happy when this turned out good! Baking doesn't always cooperate when you cut out fat or sugar but this is so good and moist!

  318. I was so excited to find this recipe. My 3 year old knows when the bananas turn "dirty" that it's time to make banana bread! I have always used the recipe my Grandma used but when he asked this morning to make some, I was worried whether or not I would get to eat any. Thanks to you, I am cooking more variety and better food than I did before I started "counting points." Thank you so much.

  319. @Loveritas – I have the same pans but haven't used them yet, so no, not sure. Keep an eye on them after 30 minutes and do the toothpick test. Let me know how long they take if you get a chance. Thanks!

  320. Hey Gina,
    I have a petite loaf pan (8 loaves per pan) and I wanted to make single serving loaves. Any idea about revising the baking time?

  321. That's great, so I guess it makes 24 muffins if you made the whole batch into muffins. I am going to do that next time I make this!

  322. I just made this fabulous banana bread. I halved the recipe and it made 12 muffins. My daughter (age 4) loves muffins so this was a great heathier option. She loved them. I loved them too! Thanks for the great recipe.

  323. Thanks Elizabeth! I love this myself! Great idea to make muffins, I never thought of that!

  324. I just finished this and it is GREAT! I had some left over so imade a few muffins to freeze. I have made SO many of your recipes and they are fantastic. Looking forward to another great recipe. Thanks!

  325. This bread is DIVINE. It feels like its a major indulgance- and its only 3 points!

  326. Yes, if you eliminate the nuts you save 1/2 point per slice.

  327. gina if you make the bread with ou nuts does it save you points? if so how many do you think?

  328. This does not taste like diet! That's funny! I don't like "weird" healthy tasting food either, so I'm not surprised she liked it.

  329. Wanted to add:
    I'm known as the friend who makes "weird" stuff (weird meaning healthier). When I offered one of my friends some banana bread, she gave me a hard look and said "does this have anything weird in it?" Long story short, she took a loaf home for herself. So this passes the non-diet friend test! Thanks!

  330. All ovens are different, so I'm sure it wasn't a mistake on your part. Baking is trial and error I find.

  331. I made these today…SO good! It tasted sweet to me, great recipe! I undercooked it a little bit (yes, I'm a beginner), but I know for next time. Thanks!

  332. If you want this sweeter without adding points, you can add Splenda.

  333. Gina this recipe is great but it wasn't sweet enough for me. Any idea how to sweeten it a bit more without adding points? – Ru

  334. Yes, you can! Because this makes two loaves. I have halved it many times with great results.

  335. Can I half the recipe? I know that when I try to half a baking recipe it doesn't always turn out the way is should.

  336. I too cannot wait to try this. my husbands favourite is Banana bread and as he is now on a very strict diet i can still give him a treat every now and then.
    thanks so much for this fantastic site, have only just discovered you but have already found so many recipes that i cannot wait to try.

  337. I can not wait to try this. I love banana bread and I'm excited to have some only 3 points. Thank you for the recipes.

  338. If you wait until your bananas are quite ripe (almost unedible) and then put them in the freezer for a couple days, they blacken up and become the uber-ripe black banana that you are looking for. Just take out of the freezer before you want to use them and let them thaw. Cut the tops off and the banana slides out…with some liquid which makes for moister recipe. Just a tip. Makes the loaf a nice rich color too.

    • Haven't tried this yet, but my mom used to put them in a brown paper bag as they ripen quicker in dark places.

    • I did that accidentally and didn't realize they were usable! They were so frightening I tossed them out. Next time I'll try it…maybe! hahaha

  339. @Melissa. That sounds great with pineapple, I'm sure it was very moist! I'll have to try that one day. I love this banana bread as is, but it can't hurt to try it!

  340. A coworker of mine made banana bread with crushed pineapple in it rather than applesauce. It was delicious and pina colada-ish. I'm a terrible baker. Would you be interested in trying to alter your recipe and invent one like hers?

  341. Points wise it's the same. But I read the white flour is bleached with chemicals so I use unbleached to avoid added any extra chemicals in my system. The last time I made this bread, I used half unbleached, half whole wheat flour and it was really good. More fiber so probably less points.

    • Hi Gina! Do you think it would be possible to use all whole wheat flour, or should I stick to half and half like you did? Thanks!

  342. Hi, I wanted to know if their's a reasy why you user unbleached flour ? Or if it's just a preference. I cheked the nutrition fact for both bleached and unbleached flour and they are exactly the same…

  343. Yes, I feel your pain.

  344. Gina,
    This bread is much better than the 5 point traditional recipe! Only trouble is, I want to eat the whole loaf!

  345. I am not sure if it will effect the way it turns out, I guess you would have to experiment.n I’m not sure how it would effect the points. Figure as is, 1 cup of regular brown sugar is 17 points so that’s less than 1 point per slice so it won’t be too much lower.

  346. Gina – can you use the Splenda brown sugar instead and if so, how does that affect the ww points?

  347. Gina, you have made my day. I love anyone who has a point-worthy banana nut bread recipe. All your breakfast recipes look fantastic. I am going to make a frittata for some dinners, and have the leftovers for breakfast. This is a wonderful website. Thank you for doing this!

  348. No, I used regular apple sauce. I’m sure sugar free would work too. I have a bunch of bananas waiting for them to get riper to make this again!

  349. Do I use sugar-free applesauce?

  350. I made a similar reciepe that is good too, just use honey instead of sugar and add 1/2 cup oatmeal. I also used whole wheat flour.


    • I was curious about this. So I could use honey in place of the brown sugar with out it messing up the consistency of the bread?

  351. Gina, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  352. It’s amazing what applesauce can do! I make an incredible applesauce cake, but I’ve yet to figure out what to substitute for the 1/4 cup of oil. There’s got to be something!

    Just letting you know I’ve added you to my blog roll, Gina. I’m a fan!

    • Try coconut oil

    • Try canned pumpkin, I put it in my cakes and cookies and it tastes great!

    • I use pureed white beans for a substitute for oil in most baking recipes. It's also a great way to add a little protein. Just put the beans (if using canned rinse really well first) in a blender with a tiny bit of water. Then I freeze it in little containers so I always have some on hand. You can't taste the difference. The texture (especially on cookies) is a little more cake-like because the beans don't melt like butter does. This works great in all recipes except things like rolls. They bake fine but you just miss the butter taste! Hope this helps!

    • ever considered coconut oil? its amazing, and healthy.

    • Whenever you have oil you can substitute with the same amount applesauce or mayo. The beans were a new one for me. Yes coconut oil is great to use.

    • Do u want the consistencyrunny like oil or is it thicker like a paste?