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I love mojitos, but when I’m looking for a non-alcoholic beverage, this is great! With tons of mint in my garden, I love making these, especially on a hot day. A great alternative to fresh lemonade. I drank a lot of these when I was pregnant!

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58.5 Cals 0.5 Protein 15.2 Carbs 0.1 Fats
Yield: 1 serving
COURSE: Drinks
CUISINE: American


  • 10-12 fresh small spearmint leaves
  • 1/2 lime, juiced
  • 7 oz sprite zero or club soda
  • 1 tbsp sugar or Splenda
  • crushed ice


  • In a cool tall glass, muddle the mint, sugar or splenda and lime juice.
  • Add crushed ice and soda and stir well.
  • Garnish with a lime wedge and a few sprigs of mint.
  • Serve with a straw.


Serving: 1tall glass, Calories: 58.5kcal, Carbohydrates: 15.2g, Protein: 0.5g, Fat: 0.1g, Fiber: 0.9g
Keywords: Gluten Free, low carb, Vegetarian Meals

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  1. Love these… I’ve made them like this (with mojito mix instead of muddling the mint and lime juice) and call it a fauxito!

  2. Gina, this is exactly what I need! I have followed your blog for years and just stumbled across this recipe today.  I am 5 months pregnant and can’t wait to try this to help beat the summer heat! 🙂

  3. gina,
    polar seltzer makes a great mint mojito seltzer!! you know, in a pinch!

  4. I made a couple of these tonight for my boyfriend and I. They were so tasty!!! I wish I would have seen the last two comments here about adding strawberries to the mix. I will definitely try that next time!

  5. This is a great recipe! I've been making these every day since I first read about them. Today I added a big, red strawberry, muddled along with the mint. Great addition to original recipe. Try it!

  6. I LOVE your site!!! I've already made a few of your recipes and many more are on my list to make. My fav version of a mojito is to add 2 jumbo strawberries into the mix. Found recipe in Cosmo mag few years ago I think. Was called See you in September!

  7. I will be stocking up on limes this summer since I already have plenty of mint from the garden. This drink is light, refreshing and guilt-free.

  8. Ooh, I'm going to try that!

  9. I LOVE Mojitos and can't wait to try this! I also tried something called a Cucumber Fizz while on vacation in Seattle… found a recipe for it… very fresh and great for a hot summer day! Just muddle 2 large basil leaves, 4 mint leaves, 3 small slices of cucumber, 1 tbsp of fresh lime juice and mix with sprite zero… mmmmm….

  10. Yum! Simple and refreshing. I may have to try the rum extract.

  11. Great idea! I love the taste of rum myself!

  12. I love mojitos, and, I have to admit, I like the rum taste, which I was really missing when I was pregnant. So, my girlfriend made me one with rum extract and I was hooked! It felt completely indulgent without really being so!

  13. I have been making these for my 3 pregnant friends (while I steal sips) and they all love this. It's such a wonderful, refreshing treat for their sensitive tummies. I've been using agave syrup for them, but would like to try stevia for myself.

  14. That also looks South Beach Friendly! Thanks for the idea…


  15. Thanks for sharing this! We have tons of mint in our garden and didn't know what to do with it all! We had Peruvian Chicken with Aji Verde, Scallion Cilantro Rice with Habaneros and Lime, and these Nojitos to drink. Thanks for such wonderful recipes!!! :O)

  16. Made these today and they were so yummy! Really refreshing and delicious!

  17. I always make these too! I use Stevia instead of Splenda. They remind me of one of my favorite drinks when I was a kid the Lime Rickey.

  18. This is just what I needed! Lots of mint growing in the garden right now!! Going to make some tonight! WooooHOoooo!

  19. Wow, this looks incredibly refreshing. Looks like I'll be raiding my Dad's spearmint patch.

  20. Yum, makes me want one now!

  21. Perfect for Summer!

  22. Great idea! As I lose weight, I find that I really miss a cocktail or wine around 5 o'clock, but having something in it's place is almost as good!

  23. ooo mojitos are my favorite summer drink! these are a fantastic alternative. less calories and less money spent!

  24. This looks fabulous. I new to your blog so I took some time to play catch-up with your earlier posts. I really am so glad I did. I love your recipes and the tone of your blog.I'll be back often. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  25. That looks so yummy and refreshing! 😀

  26. Sounds interesting although I will add stevia instead of splenda

    • Same here, I do not use any of the chemical sugars. Stevia works fine in everything.

      • I was surprised that a tbsp of sugar is 1 point. Because on my tracker 1 tbsp is 3 pts. Am i mistaken somehow on how it is a 1 point drink?

  27. I'm so glad you posted this! I really like mojitos but not the alcohol in them. This is the perfect summer drink 🙂

  28. wow, i love mojitos too and this version sounds really refreshing. i'm gonna have to try it this weekend. thanks for posting.

  29. I LOVE Mojito's, but I certainly don't want to chug down 4 or 5 of them when I'm really really thirsty. This looks like a great alternative. All of the taste, and none of the hangover (or calories). I know someone who is pregnant who will love this as well.