Sloppy Joes Baked Sweet Potatoes

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Swapping bread for baked sweet potatoes makes eating a Sloppy Joe so much healthier! This easy sweet potato recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, whole30 and Paleo.

Swapping bread for baked sweet potatoes makes eating a Sloppy Joe so much healthier! This savory-sweet dish is gluten-free, dairy-free, whole30 and Paleo.Sloppy Joes Baked Sweet Potatoes Recipe

A baked sweet potato is great as a side dish, but to make it a main meal you can load it with anything you can think of! I love this sloppy joe version, a few of my other favorites are Mexican-style Stuffed Sweet Potato (Vegetarian), Italian-Style Stuffed Sweet Potato, and Sweet Potato Skins.

Sweet potatoes are so good for you, but they often get topped with butter and sugar. Instead, I love the savory-sweet combination of this dish. I made these for lunch yesterday and shared on Instagram, and so many of you asked me for the recipe so here it is! One serving is just 259 calories, 8 Weight Watcher Smart Points, and also happens to be gluten-free, dairy-free, whole30 compliant and Paleo.

This is also a great recipe to make if you like to meal prep for the week, just pack them in portion sized containers and keep them in the fridge for quick meals for the week.

You can make baked sweet potatoes in the oven, microwave or slow cooker!  Directions provided for all three methods.

How To Make Sloppy Joe Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Swapping bread for baked sweet potatoes makes eating a Sloppy Joe so much healthier! This savory-sweet dish is gluten-free, dairy-free, whole30 and Paleo.

Swapping bread for baked sweet potatoes makes eating a Sloppy Joe so much healthier! This savory-sweet dish is gluten-free, dairy-free, whole30 and Paleo.

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Swapping bread for baked sweet potatoes makes eating a Sloppy Joe so much healthier! This savory-sweet dish is gluten-free, dairy-free, whole30 and Paleo.
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Sloppy Joes Baked Sweet Potatoes

259 Cals 15.5 Protein 40 Carbs 4 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 45 mins
Total Time: 55 mins
Yield: 4 Servings
COURSE: Dinner, Lunch
CUISINE: American
Swapping bread for baked sweet potatoes makes eating a Sloppy Joe so much healthier! This savory-sweet dish is gluten-free, dairy-free, whole30 and Paleo.


  • 4 medium, 7 oz each sweet potatoes, washed and dried
  • 1/2 lb 93% lean ground beef
  • 1 teaspoon seasoned salt, such as Montreal Steak
  • 1/3 cup chopped carrot
  • 1/3 cup chopped onion
  • 1/3 cup chopped mushrooms
  • 2 tablespoons chopped red bell pepper
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1/2 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • 1/2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 8 oz can tomato sauce
  • 2 teaspoons tomato paste
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1 chopped scallion, for garnish


  • Cook the sweet potatoes by poking holes all over with a fork, then cook in microwave 7 to 10 minutes, or slow cooker low 6 to 8 hours or oven 425F about 45 minutes, or until tender.
  • Heat a medium skillet over medium high heat. Add the meat and steak seasoning to the pan and cook, breaking it up into small pieces. Add the onion, garlic, carrots, mushrooms and red peppers to the skillet. Reduce heat to medium and add red wine vinegar and Worcestershire sauce, cook 4 to 5 minutes. Add tomato sauce, paste and water to the skillet, stir to combine. Cover and reduce heat to simmer and cook until carrots are tender, about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • To serve, cut sweet potatoes open, sprinkle with a pinch of salt and top each with 1/2 cup of meat and scallion for garnish.


Serving: 7oz potato, 1/2 cup meat, Calories: 259kcal, Carbohydrates: 40g, Protein: 15.5g, Fat: 4g, Saturated Fat: 1.5g, Cholesterol: 35.5mg, Sodium: 586mg, Fiber: 5.5g, Sugar: 4g
WW Points Plus: 6
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  1. Made last night. I recently moved and have no oven or stove! I baked the sweet potatoes in the air fryer and used an electric skillet to cook the sloppy joes. I used ground turkey and doubled the recipe (omitting mushrooms-always). The only steak seasoning I had was Paul Prudhome’s blackened steak seasoning, but it worked great. The sloppy joes were so good on the soft sweet potatoes! This is a keeper. 

  2. Not a fan. Love sweet potatoes but don’t like the Sloppy Joe recipe.

  3. This is so different and so much better than the Sloppy Joes I grew up with! Definitely a regular in our house now. The only changes I made was to eliminate mushrooms, and use regular potatoes rather than sweet potatoes. This recipe is a winner – thank you!

  4. The sloppy joe mix was really good. I added on top of regular baked potatoes instead of sweet potatoes because my family won’t eat sweet potatoes. Next time I would double the sloppy joe mix and freeze half for an easy future dinner.

  5. I like the flavor and contrast but not a fan of the carrots and peppers in it. The ratio also seems to be way off because it was very saucy even after letting it simmer down.  My husband is not a fan, but I have liked it. 

  6. Is it really only 1/2 lb beef? Or is this a recent typo?  I have made this many times and it worked out great but last time I did the ratio was way off and it was way too saucy … feel like I remember the beef being more… 

  7. Can’t taste the mushrooms – my husband won’t eat mushrooms and didn’t even know that they were there

  8. What can I use in place of red wine vinegar? ACV? Or just omit all together? Thanks.

  9. This is one of my favorite recipes. We usually cube and roast the sweet potatoes for more of a texture contrast.

  10. My kiddos and I agree delicious recipe 😋

  11. My husband and I devoured these. Using baked sweet potatoes in place of buns is fantastic, since the sweet potatoes add such a nice flavor to the stewed meat.

  12. Really great recipe! I’m not the biggest fan of sweet potatoes (controversial) but I really enjoyed this dish. Followed the recipe exactly; potatoes might have to roast a little bit longer in the oven if they’re bigger. I also didn’t have the right Worcestershire sauce (doing Whole30, one I had wasn’t compliant). Thanks for the recipe, will definitely make again!

  13. This was so delicious!

  14. I think this recipe is where I first discovered the concept of a savory sweet potato, and now that’s almost all I do for potatoes! Mashed sweet potatoes, loaded sweet potatoes with steak, yum! Thank you for introducing me, Gina 🙂

    This recipe is excellent flavorful, great for a light meal. I top mine with a bit of shredded cheese. The sauce freezes well too!

  15. This was so delicious, and such an easy weeknight meal. I did end up adding an extra tsp of kosher salt, but the flavor complimented the sweet potato so well! My mom, who has always said she doesn’t like sloppy joes, loved it too. Definitely adding this to our weeknight meal rotation!

  16. Such a yummy meal! Cooked the sweet potatoes longer. Used more
    Of all the seasonings and it was delicious! Absolutely perfect meal super easy, would have never thought to make this!

  17. These  recipes look great. 
    I am trying to plan for this week but cannot seem to 
    access the soup- Mushrooms with cheese broccoli, 
    Pumpkin roll and stuffed turkey with butternut squash.
    Other new recipes keep popping up then I cannot 
    download meals. I’d like to try this week. 
    Please help.
    Thanks a million 

  18. This is soooo good!!! Is 7 oz of sweet potato measured cooked, or uncooked?

  19. Great example of a recipe that seems simple, but tastes absolutely incredible! I usually prefer ground turkey, but had a hankering for beef. It was salty, savory, and full of vegetables. Perfect recipe as the weather just starts to get cold. I want to make it again this week already!

  20. Oh my goodness this was FANTASTIC!!! Like many others here I swapped out the beef for ground turkey and it turned out perfectly. I’m normally so so on sweet potatoes but their flavor mixed with the savory sloppy joe is phenomenal!

  21. I made these exactly as posted (ok, q splash more Worcestershire) and they came out great! Even better than expected!

  22. What would be a good substitute for the mushrooms? I have a severe dislike for them. Or should I just omit them? Thanks.

  23. Wow. First, I will never bake a sweet potato in the oven again. Secondly, this is even a better sloppy joe than I’ve ever had. I did make two changes – I used ground turkey and finding myself without red wine vinegar, I had just enough really good quality basaltic that I decided to through that in instead. I have never been this excited for Monday lunch!

  24. Subbed ground turkey for the ground beef. Turned out great!

  25. How would you reheat these?

    •  This kind of thing reheats really well in the microwave.   That said, it might reheat more evenly if you store and reheat the filling and sweet potatoes in separate containers, so you can get each part to it’s perfect temperature before assembling.  ( if you use small containers, you can put them side-by-side in the microwave, and remove one part if it is ready before the other.) 

      You could also reheat them slowly in the oven at a low temperature like 300°, covered in foil.

  26. I just made this for the first time and I can’t wait to make it again! Even my pickiest child cleaned his plate. I didn’t have a steak seasoning blend so I used paprika (sweet and smoked), seasoning salt, pepper, garlic salt, Cajun seasoning, and chili powder. Your recipes never disappoint!

  27. For those gluten intolerant or celiac, note that not all Worcestershire sauce is gluten free so be careful.

  28. I absolutely love this recipe, but I’m confused by the point count. A 7 oz sweet potato is 7 points and 4 ounces of lean ground beef is 4 points. At least that’s what I’m seeing on WW today. Can you clarify?

  29. Hi Gina! I know this is an older post, but do you think this would still work with regular baking potatoes? Our family isn’t a fan of the sweet ones. Thanks!

  30. This recipe is a big winner! You can always count on Gina’s recipes. They are perfect when made exactly as written. Leftovers taste great the next day. Double the recipe and enjoy!

  31. This is delicious!! I did sub in venison burger and then topped with avocado and scallions. I love SkinnyTaste recipes!!

  32. wasn’t to our liking, way to sweet

  33. Loved it, could eat this everyday! Best sloppy joe recipe. Great on a sweet potato. Found some Garnet sweet potato at a local market -=they are especially wonderful too.

  34. Could this be adapted to be cooked in the instant pot?

  35. I made this for dinner tonight! So delicious!!!!

  36. I almost exclusively cook Skinny Taste recipes and this is the first one I did not like. The sloppy joe part was great. I just felt the sweet potatoes fell flat in termsof flavor and texture with the sloppy joe part.

  37. Really good – not sure on the serving size – it is supposed to be one – 7oz sweet potato with 1/2 cup of meat or 1 cup ?
    From the directions, it says cut a 7 oz in half and serve each with 1/2 cup but then at then end it says serving size is only 1/2 cup.

  38. This recipe is SO good and I’ve made it multiple times. As much as I dislike Wal Mart, they have frozen organic sweet potatoes that are peeled and cut. I roasted those in the oven and put this on top. It makes quite a bit and is delicious for leftovers. You won’t be disappointed!

  39. Delicious! Husband and toddler approved. I added some cheddar cheese to my toddler portion and she loved it. 

  40. Tried this out last night – everyone wanted seconds and I’d only made enough for one round!  So I was asked to add it to our rotation of weekly dinners.  It was fun and incredibly easy to make. When will you create an app?  I’ve had the most success with meals at home using your recipes.

  41. Made it tonight. Actually the first time I made a sweet potato. It was really Good!

  42. These were very good!  Added some red pepper flakes and wow–amazing flavor!  Simple, filling and great taste! 

  43. I loved this! I actually added some chopped celery as well (had to use up what was in the fridge) and put this atop your air fried sweet potato recipe instead of the baked sweet potato! Ended up like a sweet potato sloppy joe poutine. It was super fun and very tasty! ?

  44. This was a huge success!  Picky kids ate with a fork or on a hamburger bun and hubby liked it too.  I did use more meat and upped the seasoning a bit so it ended up being 9 points for larger serving of meat and half of a sweet potato.  I will definitely make it again.

  45. Both my husband and 8 year old daughter love this. This is the second time I have made this meal and have eaten it several ways; plain, over the sweet potato and over spaghetti squash! Each combo is delicious.

  46. Made this tonight and loved it!  So easy for a weeknight meal. My husband opted for a regular potato b/c he is not a sweet potato fan.  

  47. do you think this could be freezer friendly without the garnish? asking for a friend. no, seriously, i cook for one so it looks great, but i know i will have leftovers.

  48. Very good! Super easy and not as heavy as other sloppy joe style recipes I’ve tried. While the kiddo was not a fan of the meat mixture in the sweet potato and opted for his on a whole wheat hamburger bun, the hubs (who is usually of the same mindset as his son) tried it in a sweet potato and enjoyed it. Score! 🙂

  49. This has become a family favorite. I make a quadruple batch for my family, including 2 teens. There are never any leftovers. I am not a sloppy joe fan but this joe I am a fan of. Yum! We use turkey instead of beef.

  50. Has anyone used regular potatoes? I like sweet potatoes but my boyfriend doesn’t. I was thinking about making sweet potatoes for me and regular potatoes for him.

  51. I thought this was just genius combinations. Loved the flavors together. My husband HATED this meal. He said he liked the potato, he liked the meat mix, but he did not like them combined.

  52. I love these! So much better for you than manwich! I love mine over the sweet potato but my husband prefers his on a roll. The benefit of many skinny taste recipes- family friendly and you can adapt to your needs! 

  53. Yum! We punched up the seasoning a bit since we used ground turkey breast instead of ground beef. It was delicious and perfectly filling for Sunday lunch. Husband said prep was a breeze. We will enjoy this again!

  54. Made this for the first time a couple of weeks ago and absolutely plan on making this again. It was a wonderful addition to my lunchtime mealprep rotation! Hearty and filling. Kept me full through dinner.

  55. I typically try to stick with the low carb ST meals, but I went all out with this one. how do you screw up sweet potatoes? not possible! this meal was so so so good, I dream about it! all of the flavors are killer.

  56. This was really yummy and a perfect light supper.    The sloppy joe was easy enough to make before work so that all I needed to do at dinner time was cook the sweet potatoes and heat the sloppy joe. And since I had a 1 pound package of ground beef,  I made a double batch and froze half for another meal down the road!

  57. I am going to try this recipe but I am a terrible cook. Not only terrible but I HATE cooking. Can I substitute a sloppy joe mix for some of these ingredients? Does that defeat the “healthy” aspect of this recipe?

  58. My husband and I are trying to eat healthier and this hit the spot. We both loved it! Since I only had ground turkey on hand I used that. I’m wondering how well this would freeze? (Just the meat/veggie mixture, not the potatoes).

  59. This is delicious and on our regular rotation. I use ground turkey, but other than that I follow the recipe exactly, and it never disappoints. I double the recipe and pack leftovers for our lunches, really warms up well.

  60. I’ve made this recipe twice now and the family (toddlers included!) loved it both times! The idea of using sweet potatoes is a great gluten free option! But this is also a very good general sloppy joe mix altogether! Very easy to do, especially if you cut up the veggies the night before and store them in the fridge. We didn’t have any red wine vinegar, so I used raspberry wine vinegar – it was superb!

  61. This was soooo very delicious! We loved the sweetness from the sweet potato And all the veggies  in the joe.  I never would have thought of substituting a sweet potato for the roll. Brilliant!! We did not miss the roll at all. A very nice hearty meal for the snowy day we are having! Thanks for this recipe Gina.

  62. This was fantastic. My husband was skeptical when I told him I was making sweet potato sloppy joes, what a face he made. But he ate two potatoes worth and more than half the sauce. It’s going straight into the weekly rotation. Thank you!

  63. I made this today for lunch as my husband and I are retired and we eat our main meal at lunch. We loved it!!!! I will definitely make it again. Has anyone ever doubled the recipe and frozen it? I can only buy my beef in approximately 1 lb. packages. I omitted the salt on the sweet potatoes and it really didn’t need it. My tomato sauce had salt so I suggest people test the sloppy joe part before adding salt to the sweet potato. I am so looking forward to my next skinnytaste recipe. I am trying the Cuban pork for the instant pot. So excited. I give this recipe 5 stars.

  64. This was delicious and filling! More enjoyable than eating a fatty sloppy joe sandwhich. I would make it again. It needs side dishes of veggies to round out a dinner.

  65. Can you freeze this!?

  66. My family couldn’t get enough of this dish – very hearty and satisfying!

  67. I made this with ground turkey the other night. We sprinkled a little bit of shredded colby jack on top. So good! My husband questioned why we were having sloppy joes without buns. I explained that I am trying to change our family’s eating habits and use healthier carbs. To my surprise, he said this was a good substitute. Thanks, Gina

  68. This was sooooooo good!!! Loved loved it. I am so tired of turkey sandwiches for lunch and this is just perfect!!

  69. We have loved your sloppy joe recipe for years, but now have a gluten restriction. I made this last night, and oh my goodness – so yummy! Who would have thought that sloppy joes would be so delicious on sweet potatoes? Full disclosure: : I added chopped spinach and fresh mushrooms in my sauce and also sprinkled some mozzarella on top. Can’t wait for lunch leftovers this week!

  70. This was YUMMY. My husband loved it as well 🙂 May have put a bit extra Worcestershire sauce because I love that stuff 🙂 Great recipe

  71. Made this for the first time last week. Sooo good!!! Very filling. Thanks for a great recipe.

  72. Made this for my husband (a recently converted vegetarian who now eats fish and chicken/turkey). He loved it! It was perfect for the rainy chilly night we’re having and I feel like he got a hearty meal before going to work a night shift. Delicious!

  73. We tried this recipe last night and found it to be a very tasty balance with the sweet potatoes. Halved the recipe, roasted the potatoes in the crock pot (on high for 3 hours) and added a few more garlic cloves and red pepper flakes to the simmer at the end. I served them like baked potatoes with the “sloppy joe” as a topping to the sweet potatoes. We enjoyed this recipe.

  74. Hi Gina.
    This recipe looks so good and I really want to try it. Is there anything I can use to substitute the red wine vinegar with, something without the alcohol? Or can I just leave it out? Thank you!

  75. Husband approved!! Thanks for a thoughtful and tasty recipe!

  76. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, it was amazing. I made it exactly as stated and I enjoyed every bite.. I thought I was going to miss the bread but I most certainly did NOT. The sweet potato goes really well with the sloppy joe sauce.

  77. OH MY GAH. This is so good!!!! I’m a terrible cook who recently graduated from college. I have the Skinnytaste cookbook and love everything on it (except the ones I failed 🙁 …) but this recipe is my favorite so far! I love sweet potatoes with savory main dishes. Thanks Gina!!! You’re the best. You make eating healthier much more enjoyable!!

  78. Made this last night for dinner, it was absolutely delicious! Thank you, Gina, for all the terrific meal ideas!! 🙂

  79. How much saturated fats are there? Mine seems to be blank when I pull it up.

  80. Made these tonight after work and they were not only very easy but so delicious and filling! I left out the carrots and mushroom and they still had good flavor. Love having an easy week night recipe on hand!

  81. I made this recipe tonight, it was fabulous!! This will definitely be on the regular dinner rotation!!

  82. Is a half pound of ground beef really enough for this? And I wanted to top with broccoli slaw. Any suggestions to do that?

  83. This recipe was AMAZING! I used ground turkey as opposed to beef and it was perfect. Put this on your menu if you haven’t already!

  84. Can you use canned mushrooms?

  85. Do you think it would be ok with turkey??

  86. Gina – I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and making such wonderful, family friendly, healthier recipes. My friends and I swap your recipes back and forth and constantly plan for which tasty recipe we can make next! We love sharing your recipes – you help us to feed ourselves and our families guilt-free! Thank you so much for teaching how to make healthy swaps for food items – I’ve learned so much from your recipes, I’ve started lightening up some of our family favorites! Thank you so much again!

  87. We loved it. My husband isn’t a sweet potato fan so I served his over a regular baking potato. I’ll definitely make it again.

  88. Another winner! We only had half the amount of tomato sauce in the cupboard, but everything still came out delicious!!!!  I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet potato too! So tasty!

  89. I made these last night and the meal was out of this world delicious!  The meat mixture was so tasty … I loved the tanginess of it combined with the sweetness of the potato.  I actually served the meal with the potato already pulled out of the skin, mashed it up a bit and ladled the meat right on top.  My husband raved about it and my 16 month old kept saying “mmm mmm” while eating. 🙂  Thanks for a great recipe that really does come together quickly,

  90. Is the serving size just one half of the sweet potato with the sloppy joe topping? Or the whole sweet potato?

  91. This was seriously so so good! Thank you!

  92. Made this tonight & it was amazing! Will definitely be making again. Added a little hot sauce to the meat mixture to give it a little extra kick – awesome!

  93. I made this for dinner last night and OMG so delicious! I actually like it much better than regular ol sloppy joes. I’ll definitely be making this again. Thanks Gina!

  94. I put the sweet potatoes in my slow cooker last night so I can make this recipe later today, they came out pure mush….  guess I can mash instead.  I’ll need to reduce the cooking time or try the oven instead?

  95. OMG. The second I saw this recipe I knew I had to make it. Made it tonight and it was beyond amazing!!!! Sooo good. I can’t believe I am just discovering your blog- you are a goddess of delicious!!! 🙂

  96. Made this for dinner tonight. My six year old had his on a sandwich bun. He peeked under the bread and wanted to know why I made him a Carrot Sandwich! Better dice them up smaller next time! 🙂 Tasty, though!

    • Ha! Yes! I put all of the veggies in the food processor to help with the chopping but didn’t chop the carrots enough. My 4 yo turned up his nose at it b/c he doesn’t like cooked carrots.

  97. This was really delicious! The only change I made was to sub low salt reduced fat broth for the water. This will definitely go into the lunch/dinner rotation. Also it freezes great – since I am cooking for one I am always on the lookout for things I can freeze – I do individual portions in labeled freezer bags, could not be more easy. My office lunch buddies were jealous

  98. I adore sweet potatoes and always looking for something new to do with them. This is a wonderful recipe, very delicious.

  99. Gina, 
    I have been a Skinnytaste convert for about a year! My friends and family now ask every time I make something…”is this from Skinnytaste?” It usually is! I make your recipes about 2x per week. Question… if I add more vegetables to more carrots, peppers etc…does it add points? I “think” not. Thanks! 

    • Gina, 
      I have been a Skinnytaste convert for about a year! My friends and family now ask every time I make something…”is this from Skinnytaste?” It usually is! I make your recipes about 2x per week. Question… if I add more vegetables to more carrots, peppers etc…does it add points? I “think” not. Thanks! 

  100. Being from Australia, I’d never heard of Sloppy Joe’s before but I made the recipe for dinner last night and we LOVED it! Felt like an indulgence but wasn’t. Good one!

  101. Hi Gina! Would the sloppy Joe mixture work in the Instant Pot? I know to brown the meat first on Sauté, but any idea about timing for the rest? Thanks!!

  102. Fabulous recipe – your recipes are so much better than WW. I even goofed on this one and forgot the tomato paste and it was still great.

    Thank you so much for making it so much easier to do WW by calculating points for us.

  103. Another winner!! The sweetness of the potatoes really compliments the sloppy joes AND no bread!

  104. Tasty indeed. Thank you so much for this extremely tasty dish. Simple to make and I love the sweet potato as the replacement for the bun.

  105. My husband made this for lunch. It smelled good while cooking and was very good. I might like it a bit better on white potato, but that’s just me.

  106. Made this tonight. Loved it! Kids loved it. Great recipe. Thank you!!

  107. Any idea about the ratio of tomato sauce and water if using 1 lb of beef? I tried doubling tonight and it seems a bit too liquidy. Great flavor!

    • I just doubled the recipe for my family, It turned out great – I used 16 ounces of tomato sauce, 4 teaspoons tomato paste, and 1/3 C of water. I didn’t mean to forget to double the water – my brain was just somewhere else! It turned out to be a perfect consistency! Hope this helps!

  108. Made this last night and it was amazing!!

  109. What is the nutritional info for just the sloppy joe mix?

  110. Try as I do, I just don’t like sweet potatoes ( I can tolerate if they are fried. ; ) ) . Would the points stay the same if I subbed baking potatoes as long as they are the same weight?

    Thank you!!

  111. I made this last night, and my family loved it. I am not a big fan of sweet potatoes or yams, but I liked this because the slightly tart sauce counter balanced the sweetness of the yams I used. We will definitely make it again. Thank you!

  112. This looks amazing and going on my meal plan this weekend! Any thoughts on swapping the beef for ground turkey?

    • Not that you asked me, but I made it with ground turkey and it was amazing. My wife, and all my boys (5, 3, and 2) all loved it. Like loved it loved it. Making it again for sure. 

  113. Gina, I made this last night and both my husband and I thought it was delicious and easy to prepare.With many thanks to you I am starting my 5th year of success @ Weight Watchers. I share at meetings your wonderful, healthy, delicious recipes and have maintained my goal weight for 4 years. THANKS GINA!

  114. The meat was delicious  and I cubed the sweet potato after roasting and put the meat over  as my first son didn’t like scooping it out of the skin to eat.  Good healthy alternative using the sweet potato but I would serve the meat in a bun next time.  

  115. I have made a lot of your recipes over the years, but I’ve been too shy to post before. But, I made this last night and -wow!- my husband and I LOVED it. Admittedly, we had some trouble sticking to one serving each. :/ I was nervous about the red wine vinegar, but it gave the mixture just the right contrast to the sweetness of the potatoes. We will definitely be putting this into high rotation this winter. Thank you for all of your awesome recipes!

  116. I don’t like sweet  potatos but  your recipe gave me the idea of serving it over polenta, probably  with Parmesan in it. I will use lean ground turkey instead of beef and maybe a diced poblano like I do with my sloppy joe recipe. I will make enough to use on my cheddar cheese biscuits for lunch. I also use salt free tomato sauce and paste. I let you know if it is killer!

  117. Is it really 1/2 a pound of meat? When the butcher gave it to me it looked like not enough. Thanks.

  118. I will be trying this tonight! just bought a couple sweet potatoes yesterday and was not sure what I was going to do with them! Started on my annual New Year’s plan to lose weight and have made the turkey meatball vegetable soup, one of my favorites, and last night the chicken enchiladas which is also soo good. no one even can guess your recipes are “diet” and always are so fresh and’s hard to stop sometimes at the serving size! Keep up the great work..I love it!

  119. Hi Gina!
    We love your recipes!!  I cook from them almost everyday!
    I can request a skinny version of a high fat holiday family cherish recipe ? 

  120. Is the serving size a whole baked potato or 1/2? It says to cook 4 & cut in 1/2 & top each with 1/2 cup of meat but the serving size them says 1 7oz potato & 1/2 cup
    of mixture?  Thanks!

  121. Can I use ground chicken instead of meat? 

  122. Hi Gina,

    I’m not a meat eater but I really love mixing the sloppy joe topping with a sweet potato. I’m going to try this with Seitan, or beans to sub out the meat. Love the site and thank you for sharing.

  123. Hi Gina!

    I’m a bit confused about how this could be 8 smart points because when I search sweet potato on the WW app it says they are 7 points alone. Does that mean the meat mixture is just 1 point or is a sweet potato actually less than 7 points?


  124. This looks amazing! I always like to find new ways to make ground meat more exciting. Can’t wait to try this!

  125. Would the points change if you used ground turkey instead. We have some 93% fat free.

  126. Do you think you could do the sloppy joe mixture in the crockpot rather than skillet?

  127. This looks fantastic. I had recently just tried some leftover pulled pork bar-b-que from one of my favorite places here in Memphis over a baked sweet potato. Guess I’ll have to try it with beef as well. Thank you for the recipe!

    Cheers, Jason

  128. Been doing this for years…just did the same with my chili yesterday instead of noodles…YUM!

  129. I haven’t seen any worcestershire sauce that’s Whole 30 compliant. Has anyone else? Any suggestions on what to replace it with in order to keep the flavor? I was thinking maybe some coconut aminos.

    • You can omit it or you can Google for Whole 30 compliant. 🙂

    • I looked tonight and was unable to find one too! My thought was the coconut amino was well! Looking forward to making these on the whole30!!! 

    • I plan to make this and just use coconut aminos 🙂

    • I would sub Coconut Aminos!

    • I finally made this and it’s amazing! Full disclosure, I hate sloppy joes. They’re always too sweet for my taste and that’s not my style. I probably seasoned this a little more on the savory side since the carrots did give a good sweetness. And it was great on the sweet potato. My husband wants me to make it every week. My kids didn’t eat it but they won’t eat anything.

    • I’ve done whole 30 and the Worcestershire sauce thing was annoying. The substitutions I found online were using a combo of 1 part whole 30 complaint fish sauce and 1 part coconut aminos. I couldn’t find a fish sauce I liked so the other suggestion was to use 1 part lemon juice and 1 part coconut aminos. Personally I am trying to find a sloppy joe recipe that is mostly paleo but still tastes amazing so I don’t mind cheating a bit. Also, if I remember correctly I don’t think the montreal seasoning is Paleo for those of you that are being strict. It is yummy so I am excited to give this version a try!

      • I found a homemade version of worcestershire sauce and it is actually pretty good!

    • Red boat fish sauce is a pretty good substitute.

    • I wasn’t able to find a Worcestershire that is Whole30 Complaint so I replaced it with Noble Made Mustard BBQ. It was amazing!!!  I found the Mustard BBQ at Whole Foods. (And I have made this receipe before starting Whole30 with Worcestershire.)