Baked Tostones (Green Plantains)

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Baked Tostones – These savory plantains have been made lighter by baking instead of frying – you won’t believe how good they taste!

Baked Tostones – These savory plantains have been made lighter by baking instead of frying – you won't believe how good they taste!Baked Tostones

In most of the Caribbean and Latin America, twice fried green plantains called Tostones or Patacones (depending on which Latin American country you’re from) are commonly eaten as an appetizer or a side dish with any meal. They are cheap and easy to make. Seasoned with just a touch of salt, this has always been my favorite way to enjoy plantains. Even better, I love serving them with a dip like my Zesty avocado cilantro dressing – yum!

Baked Tostones – These savory plantains have been made lighter by baking instead of frying – you won't believe how good they taste!

A few years back I was experimenting with twice baking the plantains. They worked out pretty good considering they weren’t fried. Just last week I made them again and my aunt told me she always microwaves her plantains before frying them and we both wondered how microwaving them first followed by baking them after would work, so we put it to the test. The results were pretty awesome, considering not being deep fried, and even quicker and easier than my previous recipe. If you don’t have a microwave, you can stick with my first recipe.

You need to start with green plantains, the yellow ones are sweeter and won’t work for this recipe. I figured a generous portion would be 1/2 of a large plantain, which is about 6 tostones. I weighed a large peeled plantain and it was about 8.25 oz. Plantains, like bananas are high in potassium, fiber, vitamins and minerals. The only difference is you must cook them rather than eating them raw.

Later this week I will be sharing a delicious sweet plantain recipe my family makes at every backyard BBQ. Hope you enjoy these, they are naturally gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free and even Paleo friendly!

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These Baked Tostones or twice "Fried" Plantains aren't fried at all, they are baked in the oven which makes them a delicious, healthy side dish or appetizer!
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Baked Tostones (Green Plantains)

137 Cals 1 Protein 36.5 Carbs 1 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 20 mins
Total Time: 30 mins
Yield: 4
COURSE: Appetizer, Side Dish
These savory plantains have been made lighter by baking instead of frying – you won't believe how good they taste!


  • 2 large green plantains
  • cooking spray
  • kosher salt


  • Preheat the oven to 425°F. Spray a large baking sheet with oil.
  • Trim the ends off the plantains. Score each plantain along two sides deep enough to cut through the skins.
  • Microwave the plantains until they become soft in the center. For 2 plantains this will take about 6 to 6 1/2 minutes. For 1 plantain, about 3 to 3 1/2 minutes, depending on your microwave. The skins will become black.
  • Peel the plantains and cut them into 3/4 inch thick slices while hot. You should get about 12 per plantain.
  • Smash the hot plantains (this needs to be done while hot) with the bottom of a jar, can or something flat. I used a tostonera commonly found in Latin Markets or you can buy a tostonera on Amazon for about $6, but anything flat will work.
  • Place them on the prepared baking sheet and generously spray with oil, season with salt and bake until golden on the bottom, about 10 to 12 minutes. Turn and bake on the other side until golden and crisp, about 8 minutes. Season with more salt and eat right away, while hot.


Serving: 6tostones (half plantain), Calories: 137kcal, Carbohydrates: 36.5g, Protein: 1g, Fat: 1g, Saturated Fat: 0.5g, Sodium: 6mg, Fiber: 3g, Sugar: 16g
WW Points Plus: 4
Keywords: baked, baked green plantains, baked tostones, green plantains, tostones
Baked Tostones – These savory plantains have been made lighter by baking instead of frying – you won't believe how good they taste!
These savory plantains have been made lighter by baking instead of frying – you won't believe how good they taste!


These savory plantains have been made lighter by baking instead of frying – you won't believe how good they taste!
These savory plantains have been made lighter by baking instead of frying – you won't believe how good they taste!
These savory plantains have been made lighter by baking instead of frying – you won't believe how good they taste!

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  1. This is great as I don’t have to deep fry. I had one medium plantain and wanted to try it. I used the lemon juicer and made cup shaped and then baked it. It turned out perfect. I had to keep it in the oven little longer. Thanks for the healthier version of this recipe.

  2. How do you make these if you do not have a microwave?

  3. This was a nice way to do the tostones. I didn’t do a dip, but that would be nice, too. Even the tostones nay sayers liked them. 

  4. While this didn’t taste as good as the fried version, it was a good substitute. Will make this again. Thanks!

  5. would you happen to have the recipe for the green sauce shown in the picture?  thanks!

  6. What do you recommend if you don’t have a microwave? Can I boil them instead? If so, for how long? Or should I also boil until the skin is black?

  7. Hello. I love this recipe. I recently air fried a green plantain, part of my diet menu and I didn’t know how to prepare other than fry. It was my first time and I liked it a lot. Now, I’m excited to bake, since I bake everything. I never thought to JUST bake it. Thanks. It was delicious or should I say great! I must try your dip. I can hardly wait. It taste like fried without the grease. How did I miss that idea. Lol. Love it!

  8. These were fantastic. I liked them better than the greasy fried version. No mess and easier to make too! Great for being on WW and a restricted diet.

  9. I love regular fried tostones so I wasn’t sure how these would be. I was craving some of them since I have been on WW. Um, hello!! Will be adding these to my weekly rotation fo sho! Thank you for this wonderful recipe. I paired it with a garlic mojo sauce. Yummy!

  10. Great recipe! 2 questions: Do you have to microwave the plantains until the skin is black? what happens if some of the black gets on the plantain, is that normal?

  11. I didn’t have high hopes for these but they were awesome!!!

  12. These are SO GOOD! I’m on a very restricted diet right now and these tostones made my week. I made them exactly as suggested and they turned out perfectly. Thank you!

  13. These were fabulous! We ate some with guacamole, and we sprinkled mozzarella cheese on others and added a sauteed shrimp.

  14. Craving tostines. I wonder how these would come out in the air fryer. 

  15. These were amazing! I used the bottom of a flat plate to smash them and it worked great (and I to sprayed the plate with oil to prevent sticking). I made one batch seasoned with just salt and then a second batch with tahine – delicious! This recipe is definitely a keeper! 

  16. Thank you! This was my first time trying plantains, and I’ve always been put off because most other recipes call for deep frying, which I do not like because it’s messy and wastes lots of oil. I tried this today using one plantain (I am guessing the ones in the USA are super-sized compared to the ones in the UK) and it was just nice for me. I will definitely be making these again. 

  17. I love these so much! My husband wanted to try plantains and I knew where to go for the recipe! We devoured these with your garlic mojo dipping sauce. I could probably eat the entire pan myself! Thanks for this recipe!

  18. Just made these for lunch. When I lived in Costa Rica I ate fried patacones all the time- this takes the fatty greasy frying process (which I love, don’t get me wrong) and makes it so simple and clean and a bit healthier too! I loved it!

    Seasoned mine with salt, pepper and garlic, and served with guac. Absolutely perfect. Takes me back to my days on the beach!

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  20. Are these still salty or do they turn a bit sweet?

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  22. Hi! Thanks for sharing this lovely and healthy recipe! I’ve got one question, if I don’t have a microwave how Can I replace the first step? Thanks!!!xx 

  23. I don’t know if I did something wrong, but mine got all dry and cracked. Microwaving them seemed to harden them a lot. I took them out right after the peels turned black. I put a good portion of them in the oven, but ended up frying the majority. The ones that were in the oven were gross and hard and I had to throw them out. I might not have put enough oil. Any insight? 

  24. Can you put them in the convection oven to soften instead of a microwave 

  25. My family eats Paleo and I am always seeing recipes of different preparations for plantains. They are a great resistant starch  and while I would love to incorporate them into our diets, we just don’t seem to like them. We usually have some on my counter and they are never the right color for the recipe du jour. My husband has told me to STOP BUYING THEM!  Anyway, I needed something to go with dinner last night and came across your recipe. I must say… these where great! especially with a dipping sauce. I have made sweet potato chips in the oven and honestly, I don’t have an hour  to spend flipping anything back and forth every 10 minutes. And they never come out that good. These where so easy. 1 flip and done. Thanks for a great idea and an easy healthy recipe. I am going to make some more right now, for breakfast! #yum

  26. This recipe worked great.  The Potato setting on our microwave works great for plátanos.

    Make sure to salt your tostones aggressively after the 2nd bake.

  27. I like the idea of the microwave for the first part but for the refry I’m going to use my air fryer,i it works for everything else.

  28. Just made these according to your directions for use in tacacho and my very picky family loved it!! Way healthier. We’re all overweight and have a family history of diabetes, so all of us are looking for ways to cut calories. While I still wouldn’t consider tacacho as a health food, this version saved us a lot of calories, fats and cholesterol. Thanks!!

  29. What can I use in place of the cilantro?

  30. Can you cook them & then freeze them at some point for future use, also can you use them to make Mofongo?

    • I do make Mofongo with this recipe. After cooking them as above, I put some salt and smash some garlic in the pilon. Put the tostones in the pilon and start smashing them adding some no fat chicken broth for mostiture. A great alternative since I’m on Weight Watchers. About 9 smartpoints for one plantain.

      By the way, I use my Nuwave oven to bake the tostones..

  31. The traditional Puertorrican dip is a mix of equal amount of ketchup and mayo with minced garlic.

  32. I just made these and they turned out great, nicely browned and crisp but much healthier!

  33. I love tostones. I just made these and they were absolutely fabulous. Not exactly the same thing as fried, but crispy and delicious in their own right. Healthier and a lot easier to clean up the kitchen. I will prepare these often. Thank you for posting this recipe.

  34. I like this idea. It's sort of like that "crash hot potato" recipe but with plantains. Can't wait to try it!

  35. I brought in a green plaintain with me to work today for lunch. After I am half way into my commute, I realize that I did not bring any spray oil nor a tostonera. I know I can use a plate but do you think I can make this w/o the cooking spray?

  36. Point of interest, deep frying in HOT oil is actual healthier than shallow frying. The high temps sear the food thereby preventing the fat from soaking into the food.
    Always use corn, peanut or grapeseed

  37. my husband was from puerto rico and he smashed them between a folded brown paper bag using his hand or rolling pin . the bag absorbs the fat and they do not stick . he also made me a wooden like paddle two pieces with a hinge between so it could be used to smash them but i like the paper bag better as it is just then thrown away no need to wash it ..

  38. You can most definitely eat ripe plantains raw – just like a banana. And yes, you can use firm – not ripe bananas in this way too. I love the various ways that you can use both fruits green and ripe.

  39. I tried these and they were fenomenal, I am Cuban and we eat "tostones" all the time. Its great to be able to make them a liter version!

  40. I have had a recipe on my to-do list for awhile that involves plantains, making plantain chips out of them but have yet to find any plantains. Oddly enough I did find plantain chips the other day! But now I must find real plantains for this.

  41. I tried this for the first time yesterday. This may be a very silly question – but I had difficulty smashing them. I tried a glass jar and a glass and the plantains kept sticking to the glass and crumbling. Did I perhaps microwave too long or not enough? I'd like to try this again.

    • hi , i only fry them until soft in olive oil or bacon grease, not much .take them out and put them inbetween brown paper bag and smash with your hand or rolling pin. they will be hot , then re fry them again until light brown and crispy . good with ketchup , spanish rice and beans, and yuca with olive oil . yuca is like a potato boil until soft, split remove the string from middle and enjoy with olive oil pepper and salt .

    • If they are crumbling, it means they are undercooked. They should be soft enough to smash without a lot of resistance, but firm enough to form a small disc.

  42. i like to double fry them in a little bacon grease and then a little salt , i smash them in a folded brown paper bag with my hand . works all the time , they are good with dipping them in catsup also ..

  43. Being Latina & used to eat this fry, just the thought of putting the plantains in the microwave doesn't sounds right! Is it healthy? For sure it is more work! I don't know if I'll try this way, or maybe just for curiosity of knowing if it taste the same or even close!

  44. Can we prepare the same with ordinary banana?

  45. Shouldn't you include the oil in the ingredient and nutrition info? What kind of oil do you use?

    • Canola cooking spray, and yes I did include it, although it will greatly depend on how much you use. I counted 5 seconds worth.

  46. Where do you buy your plantains? At the grocery store? Thanks !!

  47. Hey Gina– Why are these 4 points+ if they're just fruit+salt? Shouldn't they be 0?

    • I was about to ask the same thing since bananas are 0 pts now.

    • Ask your leader, if I use the WW recipe builder it's not 0. I think they only count it as 0 if it's a snack, eaten alone.

    • I just looked up plantains on the WW website. Even plain, they have points. They're starchy enough to count for points, just like potatoes and parsnips and peas. Hmm…P for points! (It doesn't work for pineapple, but still…)

  48. These look amazing Gina! I love how you press them down to make bigger "crisps" with the slices. Such a lovely, exotic treat! I don't have a microwave, so you have to opt for the first recipe, but it looks fantastic, so I know it'd be worth it 😀 I used to be addicted to banana chips as a kid, and these would be a perfect option to them 🙂 x

  49. These look and sound delicious – yum!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  50. It is amazing that banana could be used to make so many delicious food.

  51. Hey Gina! These look great! I had a question about your new cookbook. Does it include pictures like all of your great recipes online? Thank you for the info.

  52. could you use these to make Mofongo

  53. What color nail polish are you wearing? 🙂

  54. These look so good. I don't have a microwave, how do you recommend I cook the plantains before baking them?

  55. MMM! I need to try this microwave trick. I bake them often, and I like them, but I want to try this new trick. Thanks for sharing!!!

  56. If you don't have a smashed would the back of a large knife work? I have had tostones and LOVE them!!! Hooray for a healthy option!

    • Anything flat to smash them would work!

    • I have a tostonera, but when I didn't I smushed them between two saucers. My family is from Haiti and we eat plantains every which way. But this way is my favorite. I was so happy to find this recipe!

  57. I've never thought if baking them, I'll have to try. I usually put them in the microwave like you do then smash and fry them. But I'll have to do it this way to see how I like them 🙂

  58. I've never tried to stones because I never want to deep fry anything but these look amazing! I don't have a microwave, so do you think I can bake them till the skins are black?

  59. Would it be a good idea to use parchment on the pans?

  60. Those look delicious! I love plantains, sounds like a great way to prepare them! 🙂

  61. I was thinking of bringing these to work for a snack. But you said to eat them right away….so, would this be a bad idea?

  62. These look great!!!

  63. What is the dipping sauce you are using for these baked plantains? It looks delicious!

    • Zesty avocado cilantro dressing, the link is above.

    • There is a link in the text:
      Never had these, but definitely going to try!

    • Thanks, the dip is perfect! You can also use guacamole as a dip.

    • Just made the Zest Avocado Cilantro Dressing for the crockpot taco chicken salad recipe and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD good! I have shared it with everyone and no one can get enough!

  64. Cannot wait to try these!!