Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

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These Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, filled with shredded boneless chicken breast, carrots, scallions, hot sauce and blue cheese make the perfect appetizer! Bake them in the oven or air fryer!

These Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, filled with shredded boneless chicken breast, carrots, scallions, hot sauce and blue cheese make the perfect appetizer! Bake them in the oven or air fryer!
Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

For the filling, I took inspiration from my Buffalo Chicken Dip and added some cream cheese to the mix to make them creamy, moist and flavorful! You can see more Super Bowl Recipes here.

I tested them several times until I got the filling just right, both in my oven and Skinnytaste Vremi Air Fryer that you can pre-order now, it comes out early May! The results came out best in the air fryer, they were crispier and held their shape better. Whichever way you make them, they will still taste great.

The Skinnytaste By Vremi Air Fryer

To make the filling, I used my Instant Pot but you can also use a slow cooker, I also have directions for both. If you prefer to use pre-cooked chicken, you can use the breast meat from a rotisserie chicken. If you prefer, you can swap the blue cheese for mozzarella cheese.

How To Make Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

How To Make Ahead

You can prep the chicken and make the filling 1 to 2 days before.

How To Freeze

You can freeze leftover egg rolls to keep on hand anytime you need them. For cooked egg rolls, let them come to room temperature before freezing. Wrap them with plastic or foil, or place them in a freezer safe container. To reheat in the air fryer, heat 360F 8 to 10 minutes, until heated through. In the oven, bake 375F until heated through, about 15 to 20 minutes.

These Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, filled with shredded boneless chicken breast, hot sauce and blue cheese make the perfect appetizer! Bake them in the oven or air fryer!These Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, filled with shredded boneless chicken breast, hot sauce and blue cheese make the perfect appetizer! Bake them in the oven or air fryer!These Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, filled with shredded boneless chicken breast, hot sauce and blue cheese make the perfect appetizer! Bake them in the oven or air fryer!These Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, filled with shredded boneless chicken breast, hot sauce and blue cheese make the perfect appetizer! Bake them in the oven or air fryer!These Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, filled with shredded boneless chicken breast, carrots, scallions, hot sauce and blue cheese make the perfect appetizer! Bake them in the oven or air fryer!These Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, filled with shredded boneless chicken breast, hot sauce and blue cheese make the perfect appetizer! Bake them in the oven or air fryer!

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These Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, filled with shredded boneless chicken breast, carrots, scallions, hot sauce and blue cheese make the perfect appetizer! Bake them in the oven or air fryer!
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Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

231.5 Cals 20 Protein 24.5 Carbs 6 Fats
Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 30 mins
Total Time: 45 mins
Yield: 8 servings
COURSE: Appetizer
CUISINE: American
These Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, filled with shredded boneless chicken breast, carrots, scallions, hot sauce and blue cheese make the perfect appetizer! Bake them in the oven or air fryer!


  • 2 16 ounces total boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 2 ounces  1/3 less fat cream cheese, softened
  • 1/2 cup Franks hot sauce, or whatever hot sauce you like
  • 1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese
  • 1/3 cup shredded carrots, chopped
  • 1/3 cup chopped scallions
  • 16 egg roll wrappers
  • olive oil spray
  • Blue Cheese Dressing, optional for dipping


For the Chicken:

  • Place chicken in the slow cooker and add enough water or chicken broth to cover. Cook high 4 hours. Remove and shred with two forks, discard the liquid.
  • To make in the Instant Pot, add at least 1 cup broth or water, enough to cover the chicken. Cook on high pressure 15 minutes, natural release. Discard liquid and shred with two forks.
  • Meanwhile, combine the cream cheese and hot sauce together until smooth. Add the chicken, blue cheese, carrots and scallions and mix well, makes 3 cups.
  • One at a time, place egg roll wrapper on a clean surface, points facing top and bottom like a diamond.
  • Spoon 3 tablespoons of the buffalo dip mixture onto the bottom third of the wrapper.
  • Dip your finger in a small bowl of water and run it along the edges of the wrapper.   Lift the point nearest you and wrap it around the filling.
  • Fold the left and right corners in toward the center and continue to roll into a tight cylinder.
  • Set aside and repeat with remaining wrappers and filling.
  • Spray all sides of the egg rolls with oil using your fingers to evenly coat.


  • Preheat the oven to 400F. Spray a sheet pan with oil.
  • Transfer the egg rolls to the baking sheet and cook until browned and crisp, about 16 to 18 minutes, turning halfway.
  • Serve immediately, with dipping sauce on the side, if desired.


  • In batches, cook 370F for 8 to 9 minutes, turning halfway through until golden brown.
  • Serve immediately, with dipping sauce on the side, if desired.


Serving: 2egg rolls, Calories: 231.5kcal, Carbohydrates: 24.5g, Protein: 20g, Fat: 6g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Cholesterol: 24.5mg, Sodium: 1020mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 1.5g
WW Points Plus: 6
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  1. These look so good. However, I don’t like blue cheese. What would you use as a substitution?

  2. these are great, i like to keep them in the freezer for meal prep / to use as a quick appetizer for unexpected guests. I used exact measurements and only got 11 egg rolls, not 16 – but flavor is great!

    • Do you complete all the steps before freezing including the bake/fry or do you wrap and then freeze? Meal prepping is tough 🙂

  3. Speed tip! When chicken goes on sale, I buy in bulk, cut some into bite size cubes, and freeze in portions. Put a dollop of butter in a skillet, toss in some garlic, add the thawed chicken cubes, and cook only 1/2 way. At this point, add your cream cheese & Frank’s mixture that you already blended. As it cooks, it will make a glaze around the chicken bites which is amazing and less messy. Cook until it is almost a glaze, then remove from heat and cool. Our preferance is to do a layer of glazed buffalo chicken, then the veggie mix without mixing it into the Frank’s sauce. You end up with a spicy buffalo bite with the coolness of the veggies at the same time. This recipe is AMAZING, I just wanted it to move along faster because I am feeding a crowd. 🙂

  4. This one is a winner!  I couldn’t find any egg roll wrappers, so I used yeast roll dough and made “bombs”. My family loved them and asked for more!  Favorite Super Bowl food.  Thanks for all you do!!

  5. Yummy! Super easy and quick!  Can’t wait to make them again!

  6. So, so so good!! Tasty filling and following the air fryer directions I got super crispy, wonderful egg rolls. I will definitely be making this one again

  7. Delicious! Thank you for a great recipe Gina! 

  8. Hey Gina,

    I’m going to be making these along with the turkey cheeseburger egg rolls in your meal prep cookbook (I LOVE THIS COOKBOOK- game changer for me) for next weeks lunches. With the cheeseburger eggs rolls it says to freeze them w/o cooking and I’ve done that and it turns out fine. With this one it says to cook beforehand. Is there a reason for that? Maybe something to do with the filling? I’d preferably like to freeze w/o cooking, just worried if I do that I’ll ruin them and have to throw out 8 servings of eggs rolls lol.

    Thank in advance for your response! 🙂

  9. These were soooo good and fun to make with a helper! I just popped the chicken in the crock pot and set it on high for 4 hours, followed the directions from the recipe and dinner was ready in no time! We have left overs so we’ll be eating them tonight probably as well! This is definitely a make again! Love that it’s healthy and has the smart points available! Thank you skinny taste! 

  10. Hi from Ireland Gina,

    Loving creating all of your recipes. As I am in Europe we have lots of different names for food items so sometimes it can be hard to recreate certain recipes.

    For this one, I’m just wondering how many calories per egg roll wrapper. We don’t have egg roll wrappers here, I think I need to use spring roll pastry (which could very well be the exact same thing with a different name), but I just want to make sure I am keeping this to the correct calories and so if I know how many calories are in the egg roll wrappers I can be sure that spring roll pastry is the correct thing to use to keep these light!

    Sorry for my long winded message! Just adore your food and want to make sure I’m doing it justice 🙂

  11. So I’m gonna make this for a party at work. Am I able to put these in the fridge after cooking or freezer only?

  12. Made these with some variations. Cooked 2 large chicken breasts in broth in the Instant Pot – quick and perfect. We don’t like blue cheese so just upped the cream cheese.
    Cut the hot sauce down to 1/3 cup but still too hot even though we love hot, spicy food.
    Will just go lower next time. Used a a box grater to grate a whole carrot. Cooked in the air fryer but will use the oven method next time in order to cook them all at once. With this many to cook, the air fryer method takes too long. Overall, a good recipe that has potential – KEEPER! 🙂

  13. I’ve made egg roll recipes using the rice paper rounds.

  14. OMG, this was SO salty I could barely eat it. I’m glad I tasted it before I filled the eggroll wrappers. I had to add a big can of chicken (because I had used up all of the chicken breast that I’d made for this recipe), added 4 more ounces of cream cheese, another scallion and 1/2 of a carrot to make this palatable. 1020 mg of sodium per 2 eggrolls seems like a bit much.

  15. Can I use non fat greek yogurt instead of cream cheese? 

  16. I love love love this recipe! My friends ask for it in advance when I have dinner parties. As a nutritionist, it a real joy to serve a tasty, healthy crave-worthy treat!

  17. Could you use canned chicken?

  18. Can the cream cheese be omitted? Only because I don’t have any on hand and dying to make these. 

    • No offense, but I love reading the comments on recipes. People are always asking if they can add or leave stuff out. The short answer is… of course you can!!! The longer and more truthful answer is… your food isn’t going to turn out like the recipe so don’t expect it that it will. I often times see where people comment, “I left out the 2 eggs and I added milk instead of water. This recipe sucked!!! I’ll never make it or any other of your recipes!!! E.V.E.R.!!!” I’m like WOW!!, What did you really expect when you left out half the ingredients!?!?!? I’m sure you have made these already as this comment is a few days old but I’m sure the cream cheese adds a lot of depth and richness to this recipe. It does with most recipes that call for it. Hope you enjoyed and again I was NOT bashing you I was just speaking in general. Have a wonderful day!!!

    • Also Karen, i did notice where it said that you could substitute mozzarella cheese in place of the blue cheese. You may could do the blue cheese and sub the cream cheese with mozzarella cheese??? Just a thought.

  19. What can we use instead of egg roll wrappers to make them gluten free? 

  20. I made these with wonton wrappers for a smaller appetizer size. I love the carrots, they’re just the right addition to keep them from being too rich. This was the first recipe I cooked in the air fryer, and they were great! Definitely a keeper recipe.

  21. Hi Gina, I don’t have a insta pot or a air fryer, what would be the best way to cook the chicken? Poaching perhaps? as I don’t like rotisserie chicken.
    Also I live in Australia and we don’t seem to have egg roll wrappers here – well not that I’ve been able to locate. Could I use spring roll wrappers? Or even better do you a egg roll wrapper recipe as I don’t really like buying processed wrappers and prefer to make my own

  22. Hi Gina, can I ask whst are egg roll wrappers? I’m in Australia and and don’t have these. Would they also be called spring roll wrappers? As they look the same in you photos. Also I don’t have a Insta pot or a slow cooker, how would you suggest I cook the chicken? Poach perhaps, I don’t want to get rottiseie chicken.

  23. These are SO good!!! Used instant pot to make chicken and air fryer to cook the egg rolls. They came out soooo crispy and delicious. I had more success rolling them horizontally, tucking in the edges rather than putting in the filling in when positioned like a diamond. I subbed blue cheese for shredded mozzarella and dipped in light ranch. Will definitely make again!!!!

  24. Could you sub canned chicken breast to save on cooking time?

  25. I love this recipe, but baking them never cooks the egg roll wrappers all the way through? The ends are always chewy and raw so I end up having to pan fry them.

  26. Why are pointed higher on purple?

  27. If  I wanted to freeze these would you cook first or just roll and freeze ?

  28. Can you use another cheese instead of blue cheese! I absolutely detest blue cheese 

  29. Can I use chicken from a rotisserie chicken for the filling?

  30. These are SO good. I make these for game days and they always turn out so darn tasty! This might be my favorite SkinnyTaste recipe.

  31. Just made these for meal prep, they’re wonderful! Good spice level, I used feta cheese instead of blue cheese since I liked it better and used the oven since I don’t have an air fryer. Would for sure make these again. 

  32. These are delicious! I used some ranch powder sprinkled over the chicken when I cooked it in my instant pot.  It was still mostly frozen so I set the timer for 25 minutes, natural release.   I used a little of the cooking liquid mixed back in the chicken for moisture.  I don’t like blue cheese, so I used a little low fat ranch dressing in the mix.  Yum yum! Thank you for this recipe.  I will be making these again for sure! 

  33. Used my air fryer and family loved them. Can you freeze them uncooked? Anyone tried ? And how long would they take to cook from frozen state? 

  34. Does anyone know why, when you add ingredients into WW app, it comes up as 6 points not 4? Thank you!!

  35. I tried to enter the nutritional value into my WW calculator and it keeps coming up as 6 points not 4 for the Blue plan. Do you know why? Thank you!!

  36. Does anyone happen to know the calorie count on the filling? The only wrappers I could find have 170 calories per wrapper which is already more calories in just two wrappers than the whole serving. Just want to calculate my cals correctly! Thanks!

  37. How much chicken is needed? Looks a little confusing the way it’s written on recipe 

  38. Family favorite!

  39. Super easy and really good outcome.

  40. Followed recipe,exactly. This only made 12 rolls, 

  41. The second time I made these I accidentally used spring roll wrappers, instead of egg roll wrappers and I think they came out even crispier. We were so pleasantly surprised. So if that is all you can find, maybe try them! I also used Trader Joe’s broccoli slaw instead of shredded carrots. Super easy and delicious! Thanks Gina for an awesome recipe!!

    • I’m so glad to see this because I picked up Spring roll wrappers today not realizing I had the wrong thing! Glad I can still use them 😁

  42. Not just for appetizers! My husband said to add this for our meals anytime! 

  43. Anyone use spring roll wrappers instead?

  44. Help!!!! I’m GF and live your egg roll recipes but spring roll wrappers don’t do so well in the air fryer.  Do you have a solution?

  45. Do you have a filling that does not include dairy? 

  46. Delicious!  For sure my go to high value food. Easy to make and tastes just as good the next day(s).   Yeehaaw!  4 SP. 💓

  47. Has anyone made these with fat free cream cheese to lower the points? Opinions? Making these tomorrow!

  48. Excellent. Great party appetizer or a meal for my son who ate 8! Good quality bleucheese is key. I made a few without hot sauce and added a little chicken broth for moistness. Delicious.

  49. Does anyone have recommendations for egg roll wrapper?  Mine are way higher in calories than the ones that seem to be used in this recipe!  Thanksb

  50. Sounds great is there any other cheese that would work well in this other than blue as i cant  eat it.  Eg fetta? Thanks 

  51. We love these and have made them several times! Most recently we brought them pre-rolled to a friends house and brought the air fryer so they would be served crisp and hot with blue cheese dressing. Another time I made them, my kids had fun making their own versions, including one with macaroni and cheese inside and another with the shredded chicken,  cream cheese with mozzarella and pasta. I can’t wait to try the avocado egg roll recipe soon! Thanks!

  52. I love these but they are a little hot for me..any suggestions to bring down the heat?

    • Ummmm maybe reducing the amount of heat you add to your ingredients!,,  wouldn’t you think that would do it for you?  It’s okay to tweak Ginas recipes to suit your personal taste.   If there’s a hot sauce you prefer and know it isn’t extreme you could always try that.

  53. I was a little leary trying these when I saw I had to wrap my own egg roll. I have never worked with these or wanton wraps before. After doing a couple off them they started to look better. I served them with the skinnytaste blue cheese dressing and roasted garlic. My husband and I loved them. Totally a great meal if you are craving buffalo wings at Happy Hour but trying hard to avoid that temptation. They are SPICY which I love! However too hot for my kids to eat. They ended up with PBJ sandwiches. If we plan this dish again, I will just have to make sure to have some Mac and cheese on hand. Now that I have mastered egg rolls, I may try to make a version of Chili’s SouthWestern egg rolls using your chicken and black bean mixture and just adding corn and diced bell pepper with you Avocado cilantro dressing. I know my kids will eat that.

  54. Gina I just made this today, they are amazing. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  55. Can these be made in the deep frier?

  56. Over 1000mgs of sodium for 2?! Definitely not heart healthy but look good.

  57. How are these GF with regular egg roll wrappers?

  58. I absolutely love these! Could you come up with a Southwest egg roll recipe?

    • I was thinking the same thing. I have done Gina’s recipe for Easy Crock Pot Chicken and Black Bean Taco Salad before. I was thing of using that filling but just adding corn and diced red bell pepper to it. Then rolling them up and cooking them the same way. Plus Gina has an Avocado Cilantro dressing that would be great for dipping them in. It would be like eating a healthy version of one of our favorite Chili’s appetizers. Plus it is kid friendly.

      • I think the Santa Fe Turkey Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch Sauce from the Fast and Slow cookbook sound like what you are looking for. They are delicious! Give them a try!

  59. I have made this receipe twice and love it. However I can never get my cream cheese and buffalo sauce mix as smooth as you do. The cream cheese kind of clumps up. What’s your secret?

  60. I halved the recipe and sampled with two egg roll wrappers. The filling makes a great chicken salad on its own. I used the leftover portion to top my garden salad as well. 

  61. I LOVE this recipe! I’ve made it multiple times. I substituted cheddar for the blue cheese. I bake them in the oven, cool, freeze. Then when we want some I throw them in the air fryer for a few minutes. So good!!

  62. I tried the air fryer method with mine – the wrapper was barely golden at all at the end. Do you think it’s because of the wrapper brand? 

  63. Gina, I made these in the oven and loved them but wanted to make them smaller and more bite sized. Do you think they would work inside a wonton wrapper just folded like a triangle? Same baking method? 

  64. I made this and the corn chowder last Sunday! So Amazing!!

  65. OMG!!! So easy and so delicious 😋 I will be making them again 🙂 thank you 😊 

  66. These were SOOOOO good! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  67. Holy cow! These are amazing. 

    • So good! Used Instant Pot for chicken, followed recipe exactly, baked them in oven, but finished them in my air fryer for 4 minutes for the crunch. Thanks for the great Super Bowl treat!🏈 The Greek yogurt Bleu Cheese dressing was the bomb!

  68. These are so good! I’ve been eggroll obsessed since I got my air fryer. Thanks for a terrific recipe.

  69. WOW! I just made these and they are incredible! Truly the most enjoyable thing I’ve eaten in a long time I guess I’ve been in a bit of a food rut and I just love the unexpectedness of this food fusion – buffalo ingredients within an egg roll! I would NEVER have thought of that! Thank you Gina for all your amazing recipes. I’m curious if there are any more “fusion” recipes you’d recommend?! This was such a joy to make and eat. 

    Recipe tweaks:  I used full fat cream cheese and also doubled the amount of cream cheese used (I like higher fat foods after doing Keto for so long) though I wish I had not doubled the amount of cream cheese in the end it was very creamy and the buffalo mixture more mild tasting which some of you might prefer! Mine still tasted amazing though. Skinnytaste recipes are usually the only ones I don’t change the recipe at all and this one was a reminder to follow the instructions. Gina is amazing at what she does and her food is always so flavorful! 😊🤗

  70. What can I replace blue cheese with? 

  71. I bought the big rotisserie chicken from Walmart and used some of the meat to make these and the Chicken and Avocado Soup. These were so easy to make. Find the egg rolls wrappers in the refrigerated area of the produce section. The egg rolls were so rich and tasty I didn’t even need a dip for them. Also, I used the oven and they crisped up great. 

  72. These are seriously amazing! I made them for the Superbowl and everyone was raving about them. It took a few tries to perfect the method for rolling them but once I figured it out they were perfect. My husband doesn’t like scallions so I replaced them with some diced celery and carrots I had left over from a mirapoix. They took a little bit longer to cook but I found giving them a healthy spray of olive oil helped. I can’t wait to make them again!!

  73. I made these last night for dinner and WOW!! They’re so delicious! I made them along with your blue cheese dressing, which i also so yummy! The only question I have is regarding the chicken. When you say 2 (16 oz) chicken breasts, do you mean each chicken breast is 16 oz or the two together is 16 oz? I feel like it’s a dumb question, but the reason I ask is because I only had enough mixture for 11 egg roll wrappers. Thank you for all of your amazing recipes!

  74. I made a vegetarian version of these for Superbowl Sunday and they were delicious! I substituted 6oz of soy curls for the chicken. I rehydrated the soy curls then pulsed in the food processor to get them to the right consistency. I will definitely be making these again!

  75. Can I use frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts for this recipe? I’d do it in the instant pot. If so, what are the cooking recommendations?

  76. Made these for superbowl Sunday. Come out fantastic! Subbed reduced fat mozzarella for the blue cheese. Definitely the best thing I’ve made in the airfryer so far.

  77. We loved these for the Super Bowl, and they came out just like the picture…except I only got 8 rolls vs 16. If I tried for 16 rolls, these would have been more like taquitos.

    I used 16oz of chicken and measured everything else, so I’m perplexed! I even added 1/2 cup of diced celery, so you’d think if anything, my filling would stretch farther vs less. I used the same brand of egg roll wrappers as post states, too.

    Regardless, REALLY GOOD, but just something to look out for if you’re making these for a crowd.

  78. These where amazing and a big hit at my family super bowl party!! Everyone loved them, and they where super easy to make! I will definitely be making these again! 

  79. Gina,

    Have made many of your dishes and this might have been my favorite, they didn’t have egg roll wraps so used wonton wrappers and one tablespoon of filling and baked them for 14 minutes at 400 turning after 10 minutes and it came out perfect.  Thanks as always!!

  80. Made this recipe for the Super Bowl tonight and it was phenomenal! Our friends were fighting over them. Followed the directions exactly, except for adding some chopped celery to the mix. We have our first Super Bowl food tradition…thanks!!

  81. These were easy to make and soooo good! My husband literally kept saying that. “These are so good!”

  82. Totally lost interest in the super bowl….these Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls were the hit of the party!  I will make these again, maybe next weekend. ????

  83. Amazing. Thank you! We made them for the Super Bowl. I baked them in the oven and they turned out great. This recipe totally made the Super Bowl for me!

  84. These are awesome! Used a 4 tablespoons of wishbone light ranch instead of blue cheese crumbles and 1/4 cup of fat free shredded cheese. Came iut perfect in the air fryer. Thank you for the recipe.

  85. Delicious !! I am making mine into buffalo chicken sliders

  86. Can you assemble the egg roll and air fry later the same day? If so how would you store the assembled egg roll? Would they have to be covered with a damp cloth so the dough wouldn’t dry out?

  87. Can you recommend an air fryer?

  88. Has anyone ever tried to use spring roll wrappers to make these gluten free?  Curious how they hold up baking or in air fryer.  

  89. Perfect recipe. Perfect directions. Only change I made was I used ground chicken because that’s what I had on hand. I loved these. Thanks for recipe with great pictures ! 

  90. Could you use celery instead of carrots?

  91. Oh my goodness, they are delicious!  Made them in the oven and they were nice and crispy. Thanks for another great recipe. 

  92. This is literally one of the most delicious things I have made! thank you for the sharing a great recipe!!

  93. I made this today. It is delicious. Great with your blue cheese dressing and veggies!

  94. Does anyone know how far in advance you can assemble the egg rolls before you should bake them? I’m planning on making them for the super bowl this weekend and was trying to plan ahead! Thanks!!

  95. So good and low in ww points. Great with veggie sticks

  96. Hi! You mention mixing in sour cream in step 3 but it is not in the ingredient list. How much sour cream should I add?

    Thank you.

  97. Oh yum.. these look so great!

  98. Do you think they would be good to freeze then thaw and cook at a later date?

  99. Can you make these and freeze them in egg roll for before cooking?

    • Freezing instructions are in the narrative. 🙂

      • Hey!  I saw where the instructions were to freeze precooked ones, but can you freeze them when they haven’t been cooked yet?   Just curious.  The message before that said sure.  Just wanting to make sure I was reading this right.  I’ve made them twice and LOVE them.  Was gonna make and freeze for my brother-in-law if possible, so they could cook them and enjoy them. 

      • I haven’t tried?

  100. Made these last night and they are amazing, just as every recipe I have tried from you is! I was wondering though, you have made different types of egg rolls in the past (posted both on your blog and printed in your cookbooks), would you recommend the same air fryer cooking time for the Santa Fe Turkey Egg Rolls (one of my absolute favorites from you!) as you do for these?

  101. OK these were DELICIOUS! My rolls didn’t crisp up as much as I’d have liked. I did convection oven for 19 minutes but I”m wondering if I should have a) broiled for a bit at the end or b) brushed the outsides with egg or c) cranked the heat a little. We’ll definitely try it again. My 15 year old who swears he doesn’t like blue cheese ate 4 of them. You don’t taste the blue-y ness in the finished product, but I made sure not to use Danish blue, which I find a little vile. We opted for rotisserie chicken just to speed things up again and it was really good. Served with Litehouse chunky blue cheese dressing (1 Tbsp for 2 sp, but I only used 1/2 tbsp). Yum!

  102. Is it 2 chicken breasts (8oz each) for total of 16 ounces?

  103.  How many cups of shredded chicken do you think it is? For instance if you wanted to use the rotisserie chicken, or, in my case, I had boneless chicken strips that I used. 

  104. What if you don’t have a slow cooker or an instan pot? How would you cook the chicken then?

  105. Is there anyway I can make substitutions to bring down that carb count? Or does it all come from the wrapper? Thanks! 

  106. Do yo think this can done with cauliflower instead of chicken??

  107. Form someone outside the US, what is the best substitute for egg roll wrappers? (I’ve never seen them here or know what they are made of). Thanks

    • Egg roll, wonton, dumpling or gyoza wrappers are basically all the same thing.  A dough made from flour, water, salt and egg that is rolled out until it’s paper thin.  It’s easy to make your own if you can’t find them.

  108. Can you use ranch instead of blue cheese or mozzarella ? 

  109. Can I substitute a different cheese? I’m not the biggest fan of blue cheese.

  110. This looks delicious. Any substitute for those of us that don’t like blue cheese?

  111. How are the calories counted? Are the calories per egg roll? Thanks!

    • For 2, serving size is below the directions.

      • I made these tonight and they were delicious! I didn’t have any blue cheese so I subbed feta and they turned out great. I also used wonton wrappers so they were smaller in size – I was able to make 16 for dinner and freeze 12 more for a later time. My husband loved them and couldn’t believe it was a “skinny” recipe when I told him! 5 stars! 

      • Awesome!

  112. What brand of egg roll wrappers do you use? Where did you find them?

  113. Hey Gina! How much sour cream do you add? I didn’t see in the ingredients. So excited to make this for Super Bowl Sunday!

  114. Hi, the directions say sour cream too, is that to be added? How much?

  115. Looks amazing but I think you forgot to add the sour cream in your ingredients. It mentions sour cream in the instructions but I don’t see it in the ingredients. Please let me know as I’m dying to try these 🙂

  116. How much sour cream? The ingredients don’t list it but the directions do. 

  117. I assume you mix the shredded chicken into the cream cheese/buffalo mixture but since i know the human race I wanted to point out that step is missing 🙂

    I’ll def be making these for the Superbowl!

  118. Can you omit or substitute something for the blue cheese? I know this is an essential “Buffalo” flavor but just wondering….

  119. You mention sour cream in the instructions but it’s not in the ingredient list. Can you add that? Thanks.