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Honey Garlic Shrimp

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For a quick and easy weeknight stir-fry, you will love this easy Asian Honey Garlic Shrimp recipe! It’s sweet, spicy, savory, and so good!!

For a quick and easy weeknight stir-fry, you will love this Asian honey garlic shrimp recipe! It's sweet, spicy, savory, and so good!! Honey Garlic Shrimp

I love a good stir fry, and trying new ways to make Chinese restaurant–worthy meals in my own kitchen. A few favorites are lightened up General Tso Chicken, and Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry. This shrimp dish, made with orange juice and orange zest, scallions and red pepper flakes for some kick is a new favorite!

This whole dish takes under 20 minutes to make. The recipe was adapted from Chrissy Teigen‘s Cookbook, Cravings Hungry For More (affiliate link). Her gorgeous cookbook is filled with lots of dishes I can’t wait to try, but I especially love her Asian recipes. Since her recipes aren’t low calorie, I just make a few tweaks to lighten them. For this recipe, I increased the shrimp and sauce to make the dish a bit more substantial and used a bit less honey and oil. It came out fantastic and was sweet enough with the fresh orange!


  • To save time, I like to buy peeled shrimp. I prefer to buy my shrimp frozen since fresh is not available, rather than thawed which may have been sitting out a few days.
  • To thaw frozen shrimp, I transfer it to the refrigerator the night before or I run it under cool water for a few minutes in the sink.
  • If you’re making this for the kids and don’t want it spicy, you can leave out the red pepper flakes and just add it to your dish before serving.
  • You can serve this over basmati or brown rice, or try it over cauliflower fried rice to keep it low-carb.

For a quick and easy weeknight stir-fry, you will love this Asian honey garlic shrimp recipe! It's sweet, spicy, savory, and so good!!

Shrimp recipes for quick weeknight dinners.For a quick and easy weeknight stir-fry, you will love this Asian honey garlic shrimp recipe! It's sweet, spicy, savory, and so good!!For a quick and easy weeknight stir-fry, you will love this Asian honey garlic shrimp recipe! It's sweet, spicy, savory, and so good!!For a quick and easy weeknight stir-fry, you will love this Asian honey garlic shrimp recipe! It's sweet, spicy, savory, and so good!!

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Honey Garlic Shrimp

4.53 from 105 votes
For a quick and easy weeknight stir-fry, you will love this easy Asian Honey Garlic Shrimp recipe! It's sweet, spicy, savory, and so good!!
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese
For a quick and easy weeknight stir-fry, you will love this Asian honey garlic shrimp recipe! It's sweet, spicy, savory, and so good!!
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes
Total: 15 minutes
Yield: 4 servings
Serving Size: 8 shrimp with sauce


  • 2 large oranges
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 2 tablespoons reduced or gluten-free sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon unseasoned rice vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 32 jumbo shrimp, peeled and deveined (18 ounces total)
  • 1/4 teaspoon Kosher salt
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon canola oil, divided
  • 6 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon finely minced fresh ginger
  • 2 scallions, whites thinly sliced, greens cut into 2-inch lengths
  • 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • Cooked rice, for serving


  • Finely grate the zest from 1 orange, about 2 teaspoons.
  • Juice both oranges into a bowl (you should have about 3/4 cup).
  • Whisk in the honey, soy sauce, and vinegar with 1 tablespoon of water.
  • In a small bowl, combine the cornstarch with 1 tablespoon of the orange-soy mixture to form a paste, then stir that back into the bowl with the rest of the orange-soy mixture.
  • Pat the shrimp dry with paper towels and season both sides with salt and pepper.
  • In the largest skillet (or wok) you have, heat 1 teaspoon of the oil over medium high heat until shimmering-hot, almost smoking.
  • Add half of the shrimp, spread it out in one layer, and cook until the underside is bright pink, 1 to 1½ minutes. Flip and cook 1 minute more, then transfer the shrimp to a plate.
  • Repeat with another 1 teaspoon oil and shrimp. Set aside.
  • Add the remaining teaspoon of oil to the skillet. Add the garlic, ginger, scallion whites, and red pepper flakes and cook until fragrant, 30 seconds to 1 minute. Add the orange-soy liquid and the orange zest and cook, stirring, until thickened, 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Return the shrimp to the skillet, add the scallion greens, and toss to coat with the sauce.
  • Divide the shrimp among 4 bowls and serve with rice.

Last Step:

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Serving: 8 shrimp with sauce, Calories: 180 kcal, Carbohydrates: 22 g, Protein: 13 g, Fat: 4.5 g, Saturated Fat: 0.5 g, Cholesterol: 85 mg, Sodium: 666 mg, Fiber: 2.5 g, Sugar: 14.5 g


Photo credit: Jesse Reilly

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194 comments on “Honey Garlic Shrimp”

  1. Avatar photo
    Virginia Medeiros Medeiros

    This recipe surprised me. I thought it would be the usual spicy shrimp…but no! It was deliciously different and will definitely be in future rotations. Thank you Gina!

  2. I made this tonight and let me tell you!…Absolutely delicious and SO much flavor! This will definitely be in the rotation 😋

  3. This was SO good.  I used regular orange juice since I didn’t have oranges on hand.  I added fresh jalapeños as a garnish over brown rice and added a cup of a frozen asian vegetable blend.  I tasted the honey and garlic but the orange was a mild taste that just added to the flavor.  Delicious!

  4. DO NOT USE ANY OF THE ORANGE! It’s so overpowering, it ruins the dish. I only used 1 orange because I thought 2 was excessive. You cannot taste any of the garlic nor ginger.  

  5. Holy Yum!! This was delicious! I read through all the reviews first and did take that into consideration when cooking. I altered the recipe a bit….I juiced about 1.5 large oranges, but it was almost 3/4 of a cup, I added a bit more honey and soy sauce, omitted the zest and used a ginger paste but only used a tsp worth. Super tasty and I will absolutely make again. Served over brown rice. Next time I will double the recipe for leftovers and maybe add some veggies for fillers:).

  6. I made this recipe and it did not taste like “honey garlic” at all. I only used one orange and twice the amount of shrimp and still all I could taste was ORANGE. This recipe should be renamed “orange shrimp”. 

  7. Avatar photo
    Dolores Othman

    This was amazing and very good I will use less Orange zest next time but it was amazing and I really enjoyed it and so did my husband unfortunately I forgot to take a picture but I will be making it again it is really good thanks Gina you give great recipes.

  8. Goodness me! This was wonderful. I served it over rice, steamed broccoli and fresh cilantro. I did double the sauce and I omitted the orange zest. This will be made again and again!

  9. It was good, but not amazing. I agree with some of the other comments that the orange flavour is overpowering. Perhapsan easy fix eith omitting the zest. I think the name former my expectations- I was looking for a honey garlic flavour, but you really couldn’t taste either of those.

  10. This was DELICIOUS!  I made it just like the recipe and it came out perfect.  The husband LOVED it too!  I will definitely be making this again. 

  11. I should have read the ingredients better before.  If you love orange, this is for you.  However the title is deceiving because it’s not really a honey garlic sauce, it’s an orange sauce, and I’m generally not a fan of orange sauces.  It was too bitter (too much zest) and overpowering.  We didn’t love it.  

    Better luck next time!  I love all your recipes so I’m sure this is just bad luck 

  12. This was absolutely amazing!!  My husband was in heaven!  I’m following WW blue and it felt like I was cheating but it definitely came out to 2 points.  We enjoyed it over basmati rice.  Will make often especially when craving Chinese takeout.  I did leave out the ginger.  
    Fabulous dish!! 

  13. Made this tonight for the first time. I didn’t have scallions, so I chopped an onion instead and sautéed it with four chopped bell peppers – always gotta try to sneak veggies in on vegetable-averse husband. Other than that, and doubling the garlic (which I always do), I followed the recipe closely. I’ve gotta hand it to Gina, the instructions were accurate and very easy to follow. We didn’t think the orange was overwhelming at all. The flavors complemented each other nicely, with the sweetness of the oranges, the savory ginger, and the crushed red pepper for heat. This is definitely a keeper! The only thing I didn’t understand was removing a tablespoon of the juice mixture to mix with the cornstarch. Why not just mix the cornstarch with the tablespoon of water and then add it to the juice mixture? Not a big deal, but it seemed unnecessary. 

  14. The sauce came out much sweeter than I was anticipating, even with halving the orange juice and omitting the honey. It was similar to the sauce you’d find on chinese orange chicken. I’m not much of a sweet person, but my husband loved it.

  15. So great! We used 3/4 cup of the juice from oranges and no idea about the other comments. This was perfect. The orange flavor was not even obvious, just fresh and well balanced!

  16. This was so delicious and so easy! I followed the recipe exactly and I loved the sweetness of the orange juice with the flavors of garlic & ginger and the slight spiciness with the red pepper. My son loved it too! 

  17. I LOVE all things SKinnytaste, but this one was so overwhelmingly orangey. I even only used zest of one of the oranges. My husband called it Agent Orange Shrimp. lol. Good thing there are plenty of other amazing ST recipes out there for us.

  18. This was a nice meal! It was very flavorful and pretty too! I was craving takeout and it hit the spot! I loved that I could make it faster than I could pick up takeout! Thanks for all of the delicious recipes Gina.

  19. Made this back in Nov 2020 and shared it with our Granddaughter. Loved this and will be making it for sure again. So will she.

  20. Wayyyyy too much orange. No soy flavor. Not a great recipe, first Skinnytaste recipe I’m disappointed in. 

  21. I always love recipes from Skinnytaste but this one was not my favorite. I didn’t read the reviews and thought the orange was overpowering and zest made it a little bitter. I’d skip the zest and use less orange next time.

    1. I agree. Too much orange, it should be called orange garlic shrimp. It’s still good, but i would definitely change the amount of orange next time.

  22. Avatar photo
    Ashley Smith

    Definitely not my favorite. I love orange, but the orange in this dish (and I used about half of what the recipe called for), was so overwhelming it was inedible without a ton of soy sauce for me. My husband wouldn’t eat it at all, and he will eat almost anything! The orange is so overpowering that you can’t taste the honey or the garlic.

  23. After reading other reader comments, I went with using the zest and juice of just one orange and added water to get up to 3/4 cup. Followed the rest of the recipe as written and served over cauliflower rice. This was a bit hit with the whole family. My kids are teens and love spice, so I added all the red pepper flakes. Thanks for the recipe.

  24. Avatar photo
    Kathleen Poston

    Quick and easy – and my husband and daughter loved it! The only change we made was to leave out the red pepper flakes as my husband is very sensitive to spice. However, the flavor was great – directions were clear and it was really very simple to put together. A favorite for us!

  25. Avatar photo
    Mary Lou Fritz

    SO good! Made exactly as written, and my 16 year old son and I Ioved it! We think it was perfectly balanced. We like that it isn’t so overly sweet or fake” orangy”. This was fresh tasting and even with the white rice I had on hand, low points and healthy. Thanks for another great recipe.

  26. Made this tonight for Fathers Day and It was delicious!! I’ve never cooked shrimp and was really nervous but it was so easy! I added the amount of zest as required (but I also had like 45 pieces (1.5 lbs ) and it was the perfect amount of orange flavor! Will definitely be making this again!

  27. Avatar photo

    This was excellent. I made it tonight for dinner for myself and my husband. I’m on WW and he’s diabetic so it was a good choice for both of us. A bit salty and sweet with a kick of heat. I plan to make it again.

  28. Avatar photo
    janine pickett

    I absolutely LOVED this! I did only use a small amount of orange zest.
    I used juice from a lemon and one clementine since that was all I
    had. Added red, yellow and orange peppers and asparagus!
    Thank you GINA!

  29. This is sooo, damned delicious. Absolutely delightful, oh I never made anything so delicate.The dish itself is thick and hearty.I loved it.This is something I am going 2 brag about.Simply

  30. Avatar photo
    Dana Badgerow

    I sure wish you would identify when your posted recipes are also available in one of your cookbooks…..I have them all and it saves me printing ink and cost and also saves a search through three indexes.

  31. Does the nutrition information include rice?  I put the figures in the WW recipe builder and it totaled 6 Blue Points!  

    1. No rice not included. Here’s the breakdown for blue: honey 4, cornstarch 1, canola 4, everything else is 0. Hope that helps and remember its 4 servings.

  32. Made this last night, we both really liked it. I was unsure about the orange flavor, but I was beautifully balanced with the garlic and heat from the red pepper. Another keeper! Thank you

  33. Holy cow this was delicious! Reduced orange zest to 1 tsp but otherwise made as written. Served with brown rice and sauteed veggies. We will definitely make this again.

  34. I did as everybody said and used about 1 tsp of orange zest and juiced 1 orange. It tastes great and well balanced. 

  35. Loved it! I followed other commenters’ advice to not use as much orange so I only used half the zest and juice from one orange. The flavors balanced out really nicely. I would’ve definitely made double the amount of sauce next time, though, since there wasn’t really enough to pour over rice.

  36. Soooooo delicious! This made our favorites list, and so easy! 
    The orange flavor was strong, but we really liked it like that. It tasted like the sauce on orange chicken, but better. Bonus points that this popped up on the meal plan when oranges are in season! I love utilizing the ones from our tree

  37. This was a great dish and will definitely make again. I only used 1 1/2 oranges and used 2 tsp zest.  Still to much orange and a little bitter. Next time I will only use 1 tsp of zest

  38. My husband and I really enjoyed this recipe! I absolutely love the orange forward flavor. So yummy! We will definitely be making it again! 

  39. I made it and it was delicious! I put sesame oil in the sauce because I had some on hand and some dried shallots because I did not have any green onion. I think these two things made the flavors balanced and a lot more mellow. I had also just bought a zester at the store earlier today so it was perfect to get just the right amount of zest without pith. It was perfect. I also used minced garlic and ginger from a jar I bought at the Indian grocery store to save on time. It took about 40 minutes in total and including cooking the rice while I thawed the shrimp and made the sauce.

  40. Avatar photo
    Ashley Wilson

    I usually love your recipes but this one was a no go for me. Way too much orange in the recipe.

  41. This shrimp was delicious!  I didn’t have the amount of shrimp needed for the recipe, so I threw in sugar snap peas and water chestnuts to make the dish stretch a little farther.  I got a little “scared” by the comments of  “too much orange,” so I left out the orange zest.  Next time I will certainly add it because we wanted more orange flavor.  This will be a frequent dinner in our house.  So good!

  42. I made this just as it was written. it was so flavorful …and will definitely go into our rotation..

  43. This was just so good! I bought a bag of Trader Joe’s wild caught Argentinian red shrimp, a staple of ours (frozen). Even though less than the recipe suggested, I made the full batch of sauce. Good move. We ate it all, over brown rice and with broccoli. Downsized the amount of red pepper. We both just loved it. Thank you for these healthy, easy, flavorful recipes!

  44. This was really good! I left out the chili flakes so my 6 year old would eat it. I just served some sambal olek on the side. Everyone made it as spicy as they liked. Really good quick weeknight dinner!

  45. We tried this last night with the cauliflower fried rice. I liked it, but thought it should be renamed orange-ginger shrimp as the orange taste almost overwhelms all of the other flavors (and I actually only used 1/2 c of orange juice). If I make this again, I’ll probably kick out the orange zest, use less orange juice, and use more honey. As other reviewers mentioned, this takes way longer than 5 minutes of prep time – I had my fiance helping prep and between peeling/mincing the garlic and ginger, zesting and squeezing the oranges, and chopping/measuring out other ingredients, it probably took us closer to an hour in total to prep and make the dish — and we are experienced home cooks! It’s a good recipe, just takes a little longer than stated and might be improved with less orange (or maybe that’s just my taste!) 🙂

  46. Very delicious. I made it as written. Yum yum yum! I bought a le crueset stir fry pan recently and I’m always looking for stir fry recipes.

  47. Avatar photo
    Lesley Lynch

    I like the fact that with this recipe you give clear amounts of the ingredients.  The  Garlic Lemon Butter and Teriyaki and Asparagus Sirfry,, Baked Lemon Garlic and Shrimp and Asparagus in Foil gave no indications of how much of each ingredient was needed so I am having to play with it.  I will definitely come back to your recipes and not the others.  It is so hard to figure out the amounts of the ingredients needed for the other recipes.  Thank you so much for your details.  Loving them.
    I am from Australia and my dad used to take us out to catch shrimp (Prawns).  He would put a pot of water on the beach under a fire and when they came in to spawn their eggs they would race back out to sea 4 days after the full moon (I think) so we would be out there catching them and put them in the Pot and then cool them down and eat them on the beach.  I love them.  Have been looking for good recipes for ages.

  48. I didn’t have any oranges on hand, so I tried to substitute limes instead…. It does not work with limes. It’s too tangy; the limes don’t have that sweetness that oranges do. I won’t rate the recipe since I modified it. I hope to try it again without modifying since so many people have written rave reviews for this!

  49. I made this last night for my family. I looked at the comments and reduced the orange zest, but then the 1 tbsp of ginger overpowered the flavor.  Good recipe but definitely needs some tweaking.  Maybe reduce orange zest AND ginger.  

  50. My boyfriend and I loved  this recipe! I made it exactly as listed in the instructions. I thought this tasted like the orange peel shrimp from PF Chang’s. I do wish the recipe was a little more clear on the prep and cook time. I prepared it alone and it took me an hour and five mins to prepare this dish from start to finish. (I did briefly cook some rice in that same time ..but that was very hands off and could not account for much time). This is about my fifth recipe trying on this site and they have all been winners. This one is our favorite so far!

  51. Really great and easy recipe! It definitely delivers on the taste-to-calorie ratio. I made it with cauliflower rice to keep it extra calorie friendly and it was delicious. I did add a touch of sesame oil after cooking for an extra touch of nutiness. This will definitely be in my regular rotation!

  52. I made this for the first time tonight.  The only difference was my red pepper was crushed not flaked and I didn’t have any green onions.  Also, I used sesame oil instead of canola oil.  This was INCREDIBLE !!!!  It will be in my regular rotation.  Nice heat, great flavor…really delicious.  Thank you !!

  53. This recipe has become one of my favorites, I’ve done it with chicken and scallops. Last night, I put the sauce in a small pan, heated it up just enough to thicken it and poured it over salmon before I baked it. Simply delicious!

  54. Avatar photo
    Carla Sim aka Pete nickname

    Gina found your site by way of Emily bites .Made this tonight and my husband said it was the best shrimp dish that I have ever made .He asked me if I could comment and tell you that it was good enough to be on a restaurant menu .I thought that you explained everything perfectly. I personally think if people are getting a bitter taste from the orange zest ,is because they must’ve gotten the pith it will make it bitter . Thank you so much for your delicious recipes. Sorry to be so. long winded.

  55. This was an amazing dish!  Used the peeled & deveined Argentinian Red Shrimp from Trader Joe’s.  Already had clementines so used those instead of oranges. Very good!!

  56. Turned out well, but for me the orange is overpowering. I think it would be better without the zest, it just has a bit of an…unpleasant flavor to it. 

  57. I love this recipe. The first time I made it according to the recipe. I went to make it a second time and I improvised with limes and Sriracha and made it a lettuce wrap. Awesome!  

  58. This was good, but a bit too heavy on the orange flavor for my tastes. I do love the format of your site and am looking forward to trying more recipes. I follow a gluten free diet and just started weight watchers, so I appreciate how easy you make it to find exactly what works for me! Thank you!

  59. Made this yesterday and WOW!! So full of flavor. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Looking forward to leftovers tonight! Definitely a keeper.

  60. This was not a quick meal by any means. I made it for my family and I had everyone pitch in to make it, the zesting and squeezing oranges alone, took so much time. We sat down, tried eating this and we just couldn’t. No good for us. On a better note, I have made several of your recipes and loved all of them. This was a shocker.,

    1. We enjoyed this a lot.  I used less zest as orange for some reason is not like lemon or lime zest and can be bitter and I know how to zest. Flavors were perfect except we will add a little more honey next time- just a personal preference.  Also the picture has some carrot in it and I think that would be an awesome addition and broccoli too if you want more veggies. Nice kick, decent amount of sauce and quick and easy.  Thanks for recipe 

  61. This was quite good recipe. I am currently trying to use black garlics in recipes and hope you have any ideas for the same.Please suggest.

  62. I’ve made this twice in two weeks. We love it! I serve it over cauliflower rice for me and brown rice for my husband. I made it for our grand daughter tonight and she wants me to send her the recipe! Just the right amount of spicy!

  63. Yet another great recipe from this site. I have made at least 20 recipes and they were all good. This was easy quick and delicious. I’m doing weight watchers my husband doesn’t need to diet but we both love these recipes. Loved the orange flavor with the spice. THANK YOU GINA

  64. OMGosh, this is the best recipe I have tried from SkinnyTaste. We have it at least once a week. A keeper for sure. Thanks Gina!

  65. My son and I made this for dinner and it was delicious! What a joy to cook with my teenager and then have a wonderful healthy meal. Thank you!

  66. This recipe is great for an easy dinner. Since I like to meal prep (and hate reheating shrimp) I prepped the sauce, chopped garlic and ginger, and rice ahead of time and quickly cooked it each night. Took maybe 15 minutes max.

  67. Me and my family loved this dish! Served over rice and a side of broccoli. I do WW and this is a delicious, low point meal that satisfies even non dieters! This is my first try at one of your recipes, now I can’t wait to try more. Thanks!!

  68. It was ok, but too heavy on the orange. Made for a very tangy taste, vs a subtle hint. Broccoli would have been a good addition! 

  69. I knew I was going to be pushed for time on the night I wanted to eat this, so I prepped everything ahead of time ( I cooked the shrimp with sauce as per the recipe and refrigerated it ) then reheated the following day stir fry style. I added cooked brown rice, sauteed mushrooms, zucchini and asparagus. It was SOOOO good. Loved by my 12 yr old DD. Thanks, Gina.. another winner.

  70. Made this last night, and family & I agreed that it was way to much orange flavor, but still was super good. I will make it again without the orange juice and just use the zest. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  71. Hi, I’m going to try this recipe this week – I was wondering if there was something I could substitute for the Canola Oil? We just don’t use it much and I know if I buy Canola Oil it will end up never getting used up!  Could I use Sesame Seed Oil or Olive Oil instead? Thanks

  72. Just made this tonight- my husband (who is a very picky and generally boring eater) couldnt stop saying how good it was, and as we finished our bowls he actually said he’d race me to the stove for the rest of the shrimp!. I may do less zest next time, I was hoping for a bit more honey and soy flavor and less orange. 

  73. Absolutely delicious! Made one small change, a teaspoon of sesame oil. I used a couple strips of peel and slivered it instead of using zest. This is going in our menu rotation. Thinking we might try it with chicken breast one of these times.

  74. This is the best ever! Thank you Gina! I didn’t see one piece of orange zest so I zested little pieces and it was still great and not overpoweuat all. This recipe and your pho recipe in your one and done cookbook are so far mtvtwo favorites! Thank you again! 

  75. I didn’t have fresh ginger, so I used powdered. This lacked a little for me and my family. I did add Chinese 5-spice powder, which helped enhance the flavor.

  76. GINA!!! I don’t have enough words to describe how much I LOVED THIS!! Seriously, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to use enough words in the English dictionary to describe how exquisite this dish was! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  77. Avatar photo
    Samantha pierce

    This is DELICIOUS!!!! I love shrimp and Asian foods so i knew this would be a recipe i would want to try. 

    It’s now one of my favorites from skinnytaste. I menu plan on Sunday’s and i make every single dinner from your website, Gina. (So safe to say, we’ve tried almost ALL of them 😉) and this one is in the top 10!
    Thank you!!

  78. This was so good and easy to make! We served it over cauliflower rice and had veggies on the side.  Next time I’ll make extra sauce (the sauce was amazing) and will add the veggies to it.  

  79. Fabulous!!!!! The explosion of flavor was so good. Can’t wait to make it again! Quite a bit of prep but definately worth it

  80. Thank you for remaking this! Can you remake more of Chrissy Teigen’s recipes  or write an article offering tips on how to lighten them up? They look good, but very heavy and unhealthy! Thank you!!

  81. Hi Gina! Gonna give this one a try tonight. In your photos it looks like there are matchstick carrots in there but it’s not listed in ingredients. Are those the orange zest strips you’ve mention in the comments?

  82. 2 for 2 with SkinnyTaste recipes this week!!! Made this for dinner tonight and it was absolutely delicious! Will add broccoli next time! The sauce is so complex and has so many different notes to it. Best part is the ingredients are things I usually have on hand! Soooo good. 

  83. Your shrimp dish is OUTSTANDING! So packed with flavor! We substituted cauliflower rice for regular rice, which kept the point value low. We quadrupled the recipe and used 4 lbs of shrimp to have leftovers for a couple of days. I ate it today for lunch and it seems that the longer this dish sits, the more flavorful it gets. I will be making this again! Thank you, Gina!

  84. Another Phenomenal Recipe – I added water chest nuts to it.  Definitely make extra sauce to pour over rice and sautéed veggies.   

  85. Hi Gina!  This sounds great and going to try it tomorrow. One question though – when I enter the nutritional values into WW it comes up as 6 Freestyle points but it says on in the recipe that it’s only 2 points.  Should it be 6 or 2?

    1. Hi Michele, are you using the recipe builder? The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  86. Made this for lunch today ….I made the full amount of sauce for two servings, but then added snow peas and bell bell peppers.  I also cut the garlic in half, because 6 cloves seemed like too much.  I used a hot honey instead of the honey and red pepper flake, which worked out nicely.  Very tasty and simple, and could be made with many different veggies.  The combination of the orange/sweet/heat was great.

  87. Oh my gosh! Just made this for lunch and served it over brown rice! Gina, you’ve done it again. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Delicious!

  88. Another delicious and easy recipe!! Made just as written-loved it! Think it would be just as fantastic with chicken, too! 

  89. I made this last night using chicken breasts. It was really quick and easy to put together and the kids loved it.

  90. Avatar photo
    Devon Leguillette

    Gina, I have filled out the Skinny Taste on line request to receive your recipes by email and haven’t been successful . Despite many tries. A friend of mine forwards her emails to me. Would you help me out please.
    I am looking forward to trying this recipe. Love that your recipes include the WW points.|
    Thank you!

  91. I made this last night and it was really good. Hubby loved it and didn’t need to add extra hot sauce.

  92. Avatar photo
    Barbara Joyce

    Made this tonight, and it was wonderful! A question, though. I scrupulously grated the orange peel, but don’t see where in the recipe it is to be added. I’ve decided it was implied to add it to the juice mixture right at the beginning, It doesn’t specifically say to, so I didn’t. Saw it sitting on the counter as I was finishing up the cooking so I threw it in at that time, It was fine, but Gina, please, where is it intended to be added?

  93. Avatar photo
    Melanie Harris

    Sounds GREAT !!! Regarding SOY… we only use Liquid Aminos instead of Soy Sauce… perfect swap!

  94. Avatar photo
    Regina Laubscher

    THIS recipe is without a doubt the BEST calorie conscious meal I have probably ever had.  It was delicious and I can’t wait to make it again.  I followed the recipe exactly as written and I do this the 1st time I make a recipe, then I change to my taste.  I will NOT be changing anything and I urge everyone to try this…. you will be as excited as I am……..

  95. Sorry still a bit confused re the zest – is it 2 teaspoons of grated zest plus a strip? And if yes do they both get added at step 9? Thanks

  96. This was amazing!!! I doubled the red pepper flakes because we like it spicy. Definitely a keeper!

    1. Use Coconut aminos instead of soy – delish and nutritious substitute. That’s what we use. 🙂

    2. Use Coconut Aminos! Great taste, great for you and NO SOY. That’s how we roll ’round here. 😉

  97. #9 in the directions mentions a strip of orange zest that isn’t previously mentioned.  Is that a typo?

  98. Thanks for posting! I actually made this recently from the Cravings book but didn’t buy the book so I didn’t have a copy of it! Excited to make again with your modifications to make it a bit healthier!

  99. Finely grate the zest? Or just get one strip? (One strip sounds a lot easier!)

    “Finely grate the zest from 1 orange, about 2 teaspoons.” (later) “Add the orange-soy liquid and the strip of orange zest and cook, stirring, until thickened, 1 to 2 minutes.”

      1. I’m making this tonight and was wondering the same thing. I think I will do the zest. It also looks like there  sprinkled around.

    1. 2 tsp of orange zest was WAY too much in my opinion. Had to use a lot of soy sauce to mask the orange. It overpowered all the other flavors. Next time I will use maybe 1/2 tsp or a strip of zest

      1. Completely agree on this- I would leave out the zest or use a strip in the future (wish I’d read ahead before making)- I thought the zest made it a little bitter.

      2. Agree!! This was my first “miss” with skinnytaste. Next time I will definitely leave out the zest.

      3. Oh man, me too. I found the orange flavor to be way too overpowering. In addition to leaving out the zest, I wonder if there’s any substitution for the orange juice for those of us who just don’t love the flavor of orange.

      4. Definitely!! Far too much orange zest. Unfortunately I couldn’t taste anything else but the bitter orange rind which was disappointing as this looked so good.

        I looked up Chrissy Teigen’s original recipe and while she does use the orange rind strip in the sauce as she’s thickening it, she only zests half an orange and then uses a few pinches of it as a garnish at the end, it’s not actually included in the sauce at all. I think that’s where this recipe went wrong. I’m going to retry and leave the orange zest out entirely and only use the strip of rind.

      5. Remade this with only two pinches of orange zest and it was ideal, perfect balance of sweet and spicy!

  100. Avatar photo