Instant Pot Chicken Parmesan

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This quick and easy Instant Pot Chicken Parmesan is the answer to your weeknight dreams!! And since it’s made in the Instant Pot, it’s ready in minutes!

This quick and easy Chicken Parmesan is the answer to your weeknight dreams!! And since it's made in the Instant Pot, it's ready in minutes!
Instant Pot Chicken Parmesan

Don’t get me wrong, my family LOVES my Baked Chicken Parmesan recipe, so I was skeptical. No breading, no frying – sign me up! And since we are cutting down on the carbs this month, this was a no-brainer! Of course, if your family wants their pasta, feel free to serve it on the side (I had mine with zucchini noodles).

This quick and easy Chicken Parmesan is the answer to your weeknight dreams!! And since it's made in the Instant Pot, it's ready in minutes!

This quick and easy Chicken Parmesan is the answer to your weeknight dreams!! And since it's made in the Instant Pot, it's ready in minutes!

This recipe is from Melissa Clark’s new cookbook Comfort in an Instant (affiliate link) which features 75 recipes for the Instant Pot, pressure cooker or multi-cooker.

This recipe happens to be on the cover, and although there were so many I wanted to try, this is the one I was craving. I ever so slightly adapted this using a little less oil, but otherwise made it exactly as written. Melissa recommends broiling the finished dish if you have a few minutes to spare to get the edges golden brown and crisp – totally optional! She also recommends adding chopped olives, anchovies or capers with the sauce for more flavor, if desired.

I have the 6-quart Instant Pot (affiliate link) which is perfect for a family of 4. If you have a larger family I would go for the 8 quart.

Instant Pot Tips

  • Lock the steam valve before pressure cooking. Pressure will never build if the valve is turned to venting.
  • Don’t fill the pot more than two-thirds full with any liquid or stew. Keep in mind some foods expand, such as rice and oatmeal.
  • If your food is undercooked, re-cover the pot, lock the steam valve, re-pressurize, and cook again for a few extra minutes.

How To Make Instant Pot Chicken Parmesan

This quick and easy Chicken Parmesan is the answer to your weeknight dreams!! And since it's made in the Instant Pot, it's ready in minutes!

This recipe is from Melissa Clark's new cookbook Comfort in an Instant (affiliate link) which features 75 recipes for the Instant Pot, pressure cooker or multi-cooker. This recipe happens to be on the cover, and although there were so many I wanted to try, this is the one I was craving. I ever so slightly adapted this using a little less oil, but otherwise made it exactly as written. Melissa recommends broiling the finished dish if you have a few minutes to spare to get the edges golden brown and crisp – totally optional!

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This quick and easy Chicken Parmesan is the answer to your weeknight dreams!! And since it's made in the Instant Pot, it's ready in minutes!
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Instant Pot Chicken Parmesan

248 Cals 29 Protein 7.5 Carbs 11 Fats
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 3 mins
Release Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 23 mins
Yield: 4 servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: Italian
This quick and easy Chicken Parmesan is the answer to your weeknight dreams!! And since it's made in the Instant Pot, it's ready in minutes!


  • 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
  • 1-1/2 cups prepared marinara sauce
  • 3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 4 thin chicken cutlets, 12 ounces total
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt, or more to taste
  • ½ teaspoon dried oregano
  • 4 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese, grated
  • Chopped basil, for garnish (optional)



  • Using the sauté function (on low, if possible), heat the oil in the pressure cooker pot. Stir in the garlic and cook until just turning golden, about 2 minutes. Stir in the marinara sauce, 2 tablespoons of the Parmesan, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper.
  • Increase the sauté heat to medium.
  • Season the chicken with the salt, oregano, and pepper to taste. Nestle the cutlets into the sauce, overlapping as little as possible, then spoon the sauce over to cover the chicken.
  • Lock the lid into place and cook on low pressure for 3 minutes. Manually release the pressure.
  • Sprinkle the mozzarella and the remaining 1 tablespoon Parmesan evenly over the chicken. Cover the pot with the lid (but don’t lock it on) and let it sit for 4 to 5 minutes to melt the cheese.
  • Serve as is or, for deeper flavors and a little bit of crispiness, broil the cheese until golden and bubbling: Heat the broiler with a rack 4 inches from the heat source. Scoop the chicken and sauce into a greased small rimmed baking sheet, trying to keep the cheese on top. Broil until the cheese has browned, 2 to 3 minutes. Sprinkle with basil, if desired.



Reprinted from Comfort in an Instant. Copyright © 2018 by Melissa Clark. Published by Clarkson Potter, an imprint of Penguin Random House, LLC.


Serving: 1cutlet, Calories: 248kcal, Carbohydrates: 7.5g, Protein: 29g, Fat: 11g, Saturated Fat: 4.5g, Cholesterol: 87.5mg, Sodium: 621mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 3.5g
WW Points Plus: 6
Keywords: chicken parmesan, instant pot chicken, instant pot chicken parmesan, keto chicken parmesan recipe, low carb chicken parmesan, skinny chicken parmesan

This recipe is from Melissa Clark's new cookbook Comfort in an Instant (affiliate link) which features 75 recipes for the Instant Pot, pressure cooker or multi-cooker. This recipe happens to be on the cover, and although there were so many I wanted to try, this is the one I was craving. I ever so slightly adapted this using a little less oil, but otherwise made it exactly as written. Melissa recommends broiling the finished dish if you have a few minutes to spare to get the edges golden brown and crisp – totally optional! This recipe is from Melissa Clark's new cookbook Comfort in an Instant (affiliate link) which features 75 recipes for the Instant Pot, pressure cooker or multi-cooker. This recipe happens to be on the cover, and although there were so many I wanted to try, this is the one I was craving. I ever so slightly adapted this using a little less oil, but otherwise made it exactly as written. Melissa recommends broiling the finished dish if you have a few minutes to spare to get the edges golden brown and crisp – totally optional!

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  1. Did not get the burn notice, but at the ends there was definitely some burns around the pot. Not sure if it was the brand of marinara I used, but mine was SUPER liquidy. The chicken is kind of tough, but the flavor is good. I wouldn’t recommend this recipe to anyone though. 

  2. This was so easy and so delicious, I will definitely be adding into my rotation! I saw some complaining about getting a burn notice, but I did use extra sauce and this did not happen to me. Thanks for the simple, tasty, and healthy recipe!

  3. I absolutely hate using my Instant Pot, so I’d like to make this in the oven/stovetop.
    Any recommendations?

  4. Yuck. Got burn notice because there was not enough liquid. Had to reset the instant pot with more water then the entire thing was overcooked.

  5. This recipe gives you all the flavor of traditional Chicken Parmesan, but with less guilt and a faster cooking time. I followed the directions, and didn’t get a burn notice on my IP. My husband and I loved it, and I will make it again!

  6. I’ve made this multiple times now and it’s always devoured. My family of teenage boys love it (and so do my husband and I). Thanks!

  7. I made this last night. I used a can of crushed tomato with garlic and basil already added. I did saute the chicken on both sides a little before I added the crushed tomato. I used a 1/4 cup of chicken broth to deglaze the pan before I added the crushed tomato. I cooked it on low pressure for 4 minutes and checked it. The chicken was done but was a weird texture, so I cooked it for two more minutes. It was perfect! My husband and I enjoyed this.

  8. I read all the comments regarding the burn notice, and didn’t want my dinner ruined too! So what I did was after dredging my chicken pieces in the marinara/garlic/parmesan mixture, I placed them on the rack. My pieces did touch the walls of the pot because I had doubled the chicken, but none touched the bottom.

    I also poured on top of the chicken a can of Italian Seasoned Diced Tomatoes that I had in my pantry for a dose of extra liquid. I didn’t want to water down the flavor, but I know the IP needs liquid it can easily move, so I thought that this would fit the bill.

    I cooked my chicken (which were boneless, skinless chicken breasts that I cut in half lengthwise) for 10minutes with 5 minute natural release, which is consistent with many IP chicken breast recipes that I’ve used.

    Finished the recipe with the mozzarella and parmesan in a serving dish that I broiled in the oven to give it a nice presentation.

    Thanks for the recipe; I was really in the mood for IP Chicken Parmesan tonight!

  9. How were the points calculated on this? When I add to my WW ap it gives me 8 points. I am on blue.

    • Hi Amber! The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  10. Can the chicken Parmesan be frozen?  If so, what instructions?  Would like to make for new mother. 

  11. This one was just okay. The baked chicken parm recipe is much better and a go to!

  12. Super easy and tasted great !

  13. I have made this twice and gotten the burn message both times. I even did the sautéing in a skillet first! I think this recipe is flawed, given my experience and that of many others. I caution first-timers before making this dish – make sure you have a back-up dinner!

  14. Made this last night using jarred marinara. No burn notice issues. It was delicious – I checked the cheese quantity twice because it was so cheesy and good! I’m on WW and this tasted decadent, but was only 5 points!

  15. Made this dish tonight. I did not get a burn notice as others have mentioned.  Very tasty and easy. I did pop them under the grill to crisp them up a bit. I thought (for me )this recipe had too much cheese. I did make ST quick marinara sauce. I’d make it again. My hubby like it. 

  16. I was wondering if there was a way to make this on the stove or oven?

  17. Delish, easy to make and 5 year old ate the entire piece. 

  18. If you double the recipe, do you double everything?

  19. This is so quick, easy and delicious.  Will definitely make again. 

  20. Adding in cheese before pressure cooking is a red flag that this recipe may burn. For anyone who finds yourself in this predicament, you can save dinner by taking everything out of the pot, putting it in a deep glass baking dish, and baking at 400 degrees for 24 min.

  21. This was great! How do I add the green smart points to my weight watchers app.for this recipe? Thanks!

    • In the WW App (or on the website), you can create the recipe – I usually just add the foods with points as a shortcut, and it will calculate the points per serving for you automatically, depending on which plan you are on 🙂

  22. Hi! can this be made in a slow cooker?

  23. This was excellent! I made it with very thin pork cutlets and can hardly wait to eat it again! 

  24. Can you double this.?  Does it change cooking time or anything else?

  25. This dish was fantastic!! The chicken was cooked perfectly and so tender!!! This is a first for me. It’s always been tough in the IP, but this time, at low pressure and only three minutes was a breakthrough!!! I let it NR for five minutes then followed exactly as written for a little broiler action.  So quick and so delicious!  As a side note, after some of the burn notice comments, I threw 1/2 cup water into the sauce and didn’t stir and didn’t get the dreaded burn notice. WhooHoo!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  26. Does the calorie and carb counts include the sauce?

  27. So easy!! This is definitely a new, frequent recipe in our house! I used thin chicken breasts and cooked it a minute longer. 

  28. Can you freeze this?

  29. Can this be made in the oven or on the stove as well? If so, what would be the steps. Thank you.

  30. this was wonderful and easy! another delicious, family friendly recipe. You’re the best!

  31. excellent, husband said better then a restaurant! Hugely more healthy too. I doubled recipe, had my own homemade marinara from tomatoes this summer using Skinny Taste recipe. Didn’t use any oil,, and used less cheese, and I even think the sauce was so good that I could skip cheese myself. But cheese of course is good. I did extra step and broiled it for 2-3 minutes. Will do often. Great recipe for guests too.

    • Did you make any adjustments when doubling the recipe? I was thinking about doing this but worried about how it would fit in the Instapot without overlapping too much

      • Hi, Just looking back thinking of doing this one again and saw your question. It has been awhile since I did it -but I think the doubling made no problem in the pressure cooker. had almost pound and 1/2 chicken, and I think I doubled sauce but can’t remember for sure. We tend to like a lot of sauce so I think I probably did that. Will be making again soon.

  32. Loved this recipe! Easy, tasty, and healthy! 

  33. Made tonight and was enjoyed by all! Very tasty! I did not saute or use garlic so no burn issues (I have a newer 8 qt Instant Pot). I cooked the chicken and sauce on low pressure for 4 minutes, did a quick release instead of natural and put the cheese on and left it in the pot for another few minutes. I finished it off in the broiler. My only complaint is that I’d cook it either on high pressure or for longer as the chicken only temped at 160 when done. Put it in the broiler for a few more minutes to get the temp up. I’m not sure if I should have done the natural release instead or just cooked it longer.

  34. This recipe looks sooooo good, but I don’t have an Instant Pot. Are there general rules for going from Instant Pot recipe back to other forms of cooking?

  35. Just made this tonight! This was absolutely delicious and soooooooooo easy to put together! Will definitely make it again and again! Thank you for the recipe!

  36. After reading the reviews about the burn issues I thought I’d outsmart everyone by adding more sauce to avoid this but I still got the burn warning – had to unstick the chicken from the bottom clean them pot and start again- I think a good tip is not to nestle the chicken it will still cool slightly coated but not touching the bottom and have the sauce as a topping coke ready to eat! Smells amazing though ! 

  37. I made this tonight also and got the burn error.  However I think I know what I did.  I am a newbie and have a 6 quart instant pot.  To keep from burning I sautéed my garlic and oil separate, and then browned the chicken in a skillet.  The error was I placed my chicken to far down in the sauce.  When I pulled out the chicken there were 2 dark spots where the chicken touched the bottom.  Totally my fault.  I removed the chicken and sauce and brooked to get brown. The  recipe still turned out fine and hubby went back for seconds. 
    Thanks for the great weeknight recipe. 

  38. Hi,
    Can this be made with the addition of uncooked pasta mixed in with the sauce and then topped with the raw chicken? Love your recipes

  39. I tried to make this recipe, got the burn message. Had to turn it off. Stuck to the bottom of my pot chicken was still raw. Next time I will cook it inside of a pan with the rack. I have made this recipe in the oven and it comes out great! I guess the marinara was a little too thick to be on the bottom of the pan.

  40. Step 4 mentions cooking the chicken for three minutes in ” low pressure.” . Shouldn’t it read ” high pressure”?

  41. Super fast and delicious recipe. I used fresh parmesan and you could taste it. A little worried about 3 min so I did 5 min with 5 min NPR. I will do 3 min next time so even quicker. The chicken was moist and did I say delicious. Thank you for the great recipe.

  42. Made this tonight, I knew it would be good (Gina’s recipes are always impressive) but I was blown away. I broiled the cheese, added some chilli pepper flakes to the sauce and used a jar vodka sauce since that’s what I had on hand. So quick and easy and my dinner guest had no idea it was a “light” recipe. Thanks for another great post! 

  43. How long would you cook it if your chicken breast are frozen?

  44. Can you use this same recipe but in a crock pot?

  45. Can this be done with frozen chicken?

  46. I can’t say enough about this simply delicious recipe! I make the marinara the day before, use it in this recipe and have enough left over for flat bread pizzas another night. I take it from the Instapot and put in a casserole dish and add the cheese on top and broil as suggested. Yummy! It’s a weekly dinner at our house! Thanks!

  47. Can you do any of your instapot or pressure cooker recipes in just a pot? I don’t have either and your recipes look delish but i don’t have space.

  48. What does manual release mean? Is this referring to natural release or quick release?

  49. Hi. I have a pressure cooker, not an instant pot. Do you have the recipe for the pressure cooker?

  50. Just to clarify..after you mention increasing the satue to medium, and then adding the chicken, you have to turn it from saute to pressure cooks. This recipe is a HIT! I do add pork rind crumbs to the top to add a little more flavor, and it does get crispy!

  51. How can I make this in the oven? I don’t have an insta-pot. Thanks!

  52. This was delicious. I will be making this regularly. I think I like this version better than the fried!

  53. I made this last night and also had a problem with the burn message. I opened it up and added a can of crushed tomatoes and got it to cook but I probably won’t make it again.

  54. This came out amazing!!!

  55. Can you use frozen chicken breast?

  56. This recipe is a keeper!  We never missed the breading on the chicken parmigiana and we placed it under the broiler to increase the flavor and to melt the cheese.  I used a whole jar of prepared wine-flavored marinara so we’d have extra sauce for the rotini pasta we served on the side and I subbed Pecorino Romano for the parmigiana cheese due to my allergy to cow’s milk dairy.  

  57. This was delicious! 

  58. This burnt horribly for me too. I ended up taking it out of the instapot and putting it in the oven at 400. I think the issue with burning is from the cheese. I will stir the Parmesan in at the end of cooking and I think that will solve the problem. 

  59. Was just ok. Sauce burned. Required more water which made it runny. Had to restart pressure cooking time which took longer since  I had to release pressure to put water in and stir away “food  burn”.   Taste was good but am looking for an easier chicken pasta recipe. 

  60. Why do you turn the IP to medium saute in the middle of the recipe? There are no further instructions for sauteing anything, Thank you.

  61. How long if my chicken is frozen?

  62. Can I use chicken strips instead of breast

  63. It was a hit with the whole family….which is a miracle! The rest of the family got their chicken served over spaghetti but mine was atop roasted spaghetti squash. Very filling meal. The only thing that I changed was the amount of sauce. I used the whole jar since my kids do like their pasta coated. Thank you for all your recipes. It has actually been a joy to cook at home.

  64. Plugged this into WW and got 3 freestyle points instead of 4. I think it’s because I’m using shredded part-skim mozzarella instead of fresh. But hey, I’m not mad!

  65. Is no water needed to bring up to pressure?

    • I did the whole jar and it worked fine. Most IP only require 1 cup of liquids. I think as long as the chicken is mostly covered you should be fine.

  66. It would have been great to update the website to show what BURN meant on my instapot. I’ve used this many times for a year, and never saw that. If folks keep commenting about it (which I later saw), please explain in the instructions to let the pot cool after sauteing, and prior to pressure cooking. The recipe did taste good, just some minor burnt tomato sauce to scrub later.

    • Thank you for posting this! I have tried this three times and always get the burn message. I googled it and read to add more liquid and must have just got lucky the first time because it fixed it,  not the case for try 2 and 3. It tasted so good the first time so was worth trying again but was about to give up after having to throw out try 2 and 3.  I had no idea I was supposed to let it cool, but will try that for attempt number 4!

    • Umm.. it would be good to post that fact anywhere! Especially in the instant pot’s FAQs! I too have been adding water — sometimes to the point of mushiness. I finally just started cooking things in an insert pan.

  67. My husband is from New York and loves Chicken Parmesan. He doesn’t normally love my cooking but always eats what I make. Tonight he couldn’t eat it fast enough and if I had made more he would have eaten it all. He couldn’t believe it was made so quickly and it wasn’t fried. He said please make this again soon!!!

  68. I made this as written except I didn’t melt cheese in the instant pot…. I took it all out and put it in a dish and broiled for three minutes. I have a new instant pot but had zero issues with the ‘burn’ signal. The taste was really good but the chicken was over-cooked…. I wonder if the short time under the broiler did this? I may try two mins next time in the instant pot. One other thing…. there’s LOTS of cheese. Don’t get me wrong… it was delicious, but if you’re watching calories, you can easily half it.

  69. I do not have an instant pot. If I wanted to just bake these at what temperature and how long would I do it?

  70. I am new to low carb so please forgive me if this is a crazy question. I looked up the marinara recipe which was highlighted in your recipe and carbs are 9.5 for 1/2 cup yet your recipe with chicken and the sauce is 7.5 I think. How can carbs be that low when sauce more than doubled the carbs? I understand that most likely a half of cup of sauce would not be scooped up when you are serving but I would think possibly a quarter of a cup would be. Any guidance would be appreciated. 

  71. This recipe is amazing. Chicken is so tender, cut it with a .fork.

  72. How thick should the cutlets be?  I’m nervous about overcooking them. 

  73. Can you double the recipe or is it better to make 2 batches if you need more?

  74. loved, loved, loved…… super easy, really fast, but best of all it was DELISH!! Will make again, soon!

  75. Fabulous recipe!!!  Thanks.

  76. I made this a few weeks ago and my family enjoyed it. Didn’t know how much they enjoyed it until my husband requested for his “special” Valentine’s meal. Definitely put under the broiler! Added some mushrooms to the sauce also. Delicious!

  77. This recipe was very yummy and my husband does not comment unless the dish is really good. I will use a different marinara brand next time since mine  was a little thin. I would definitely recommend it. I used breasts but pounded to tenderize them and then cut them in half. Perfect!!!!!

  78. My instant pot doesnt have the option low pressure. I left on the sautee. I didnt eat yet but it looks fine. Which option should i use? How do i broil?

  79. I love chicken parm but always get it fried/breaded so I thought I wouldn’t like this. I was wrong! IT IS DELICIOUS!!!! I made it with a side of cut green beans in tomato sauce instead of any pasta and it was amazing! Leftovers heat up well too!
    Gina, do you have a (Greek) green beans recipe? (Fasolakia). It’s like you are eating a side of penne!

  80. Can this be made in a slow cooker, rather than Instant Pot?

  81. This recipe was superb.   So quick and presents beautifully.   

  82. Really quick and easy (especially when you already have your marinara prepared. I cooked the chicken the night before, then transferred to a baking dish for a quick prep meal the next day. Reheated in the oven and added the cheese at the end and broiled it. My 8 year old raved. Probably one of his favorites (among 300 other of his favorite skinnytaste recipes! Haha!). 

    • Valerie, how long did you put it back in the oven the next the warm it back up? With young toddlers this would be much easier to make during nap and then do the oven step at dinner- would love to hear the times you did in regards to reheating!

  83. So I have made this 3 times for my family (3 boys 11-15). Everyone loves it – you can make it ahead and reheat for weekday meals. No one complains that it is not “Chicken Parm” because the flavors are soooo good. Cannot recommend enough. So easy and great taste.

  84. Regarding the fresh mozzarelka cheese, fresh is usually in balls and very soft, so how does one grate it per the recipe? 

    • If you can not find larger ones or have trouble grating the small ones, you can just chop into smaller pieces.

    • If I have to grate fresh mozzarella, I typically throw it in the freezer for a bit to “harden” it, so that it doesn’t squish in my hand, or get all weird when I’m trying to grate it. 
        PS…I haven’t tried this recipe yet, as I just saw it for the first time right now. Will review it after I test on the guinea pigs, Uhh, family. 😉

  85. Hi Gina, I follow Melissa’s recipe too. Thanks for adapting this recipe and I really appreciate it. I’ll try it out but wanted to ask if the total time you wrote (18 min) is actually accurate?

    Because sometimes when I follow your recipes it takes me almost double of the total time. I apologize if the question sounds dumb!

    • Its a guesstimate.

      • So simple and yet so much flavor! This was delicious and I will definitely be making this again. I used a jarred marinara because I made this on a work day: Organico Bello organic marinara. I chose it because it’s low in salt and sugar and only has 45 calories per 1/2 cup. I also recommend using the fresh basil because it adds so much flavor. 

  86. When you cover the chicken to cook for 3 minutes do you keep it on saute? I’m new to Insta-potting!

  87. Made it the way it was written. I broiled it in the oven. It was fabulous! A keeper! I served it with butternut squash noodles, when together very nice. You do a wonderful job of making these recipes healthy, easy and fun! Thank you!

  88. If I wanted to add pasta to this would I do the pot in pot method with pasta on top of the chicken?

  89. This was DIVINE and oh sooo easy! A huge hit at my house. 

  90. This is a wonderful dish to make for my family. It is a wonderful thing to consume. There are many many many many different flavors. Which is why I absolutely hated the dish, my other family liked it, i thought it was rather unpleasant. I would prefer my usual salad and chicken Parmesan.

  91. I made this tonight.  It is quick and easy. The recipe creates a good flavor on the chicken. I used two cups of Marinara instead of 1.5.  I also needed to pressure cook for two minutes longer.  I’m using a Ninja Foodie so be sure you check your internal temp on your chicken to make sure it’s done. The great thing about the Ninja Foodie is that I can put down the crisper lid to broil the cheese.  Super easy and delicious! 

  92. Made this twice last week, it was so stinkin’ easy and delicious! I used a pasta sauce that we had on hand. Noticed it was oily afterwards, so maybe higher points count due to that. I think next time I’ll add mushrooms and some thick-sliced onions because, why not?!

  93. Ive been cooking your recipes all day lol ,Crustless zucchini pie is one of my favs, I cannot believe how delious this is , so moist and tasty ! I’m new to the instant pot so thank you for teaching me how to use it .
    I have all your cookbooks & your tracker , I basically make only your recipes, thank you 

  94. i made this tonight it was a success

  95. made this tonight was a success

  96. It was amazing. I have made it twice and everyone loves it

  97. This was very tasty, but it was not without trial and error. My IP kept displaying the burn message after almost sealing. I tried 3 times to deglaze and get it to stop saying burn, but it never worked. By the time I tried to seal it for the 3rd time, the chicken was cooked so I transferred it to a shallow pan to melt the cheese in my oven broiler. I would probably just make this again in the oven as it took me a lot of clean up time after transferring around all the chicken.

  98. I tried the IP Chicken Parm for the first time last night. The flavors were great, but the chicken was VERY chewy. I’ve seen that others are raving about it, so I’m thinking I may have done something wrong. When making it I noticed it called for “manual” release, which I assumed was the same as “quick” release.  I’ve read on the IP site that meat should always be “natural” release, so I’m not sure if that was the issue. Or maybe I should have pounded the chicken (used thin cutlets)? Or maybe I should have seared the chicken to seal the juices?  I’d love to make this again and would appreciate any help!  

  99. Flavor and ease of recipe get a 10!  However, the chicken was totally tough- almost inedible.  I used thin sliced breast like the recipe called for.  I broiled it briefly.  Wondering if I should try regular sized breasts next time.  Did anyone else have this issue?

  100. Do you think it would work to bake the chicken in the marinara sauce? I checked your baked chicken parmesan recipe and baking it without breading (so that it’s keto) or sauce sounds boring.

  101. Very good! I cut chicken breasts in half thickness-wise but should have still pounded them a bit to get them more tender…chicken was a bit tough (maybe the broiling is to blame?) I did sneak some frozen spinach in during the saute and it was a nice add.

  102. We tried this tonight. Wow, Wow, WOW! So easy and good! Until I found Skinny Taste, I didn’t realize how many great Weight Watchers recipes are out there. Thanks so much!

  103. This dish was so amazing! My husband is a diabetic so finding recipes that he can enjoy as well means so much! Keep them coming Gina!

  104. Do you think it’s possible to do this with frozen chicken?

  105. First skinny taste recipe I have ever tried and this was SO GOOD!! I can’t wait to try more but will definitely be adding this one to our rotation. 

  106. Made this tonight for my family of 5 and 3 preteen boys. They loved it so easy and I can see this being a make ahead dish for weekday meals. Highly recommend. 

  107. We made this last night. Talk about a QUICK AND EASY weeknight dinner to add to the roster!! We thought it was delicious! It literally took less than 5 minutes to get the chicken into the pot. YUM!

  108. I tried to triple this recipe in the 8 qt (~3 lbs chicken and 2.5 c sauce). I got the burn message. I took about 2/3 of the cutlets out (leaving six in), stirred, and gave it another shot at 5 minutes on low pressure. I immediately pulled the cutlets and a few spoonfuls of sauce under the broiler with cheese. It was super yummy! I put some of the remaining sauce with the other breasts that I had pulled out earlier and cooked at 400 for 20 minutes. Those look good too. Served over whole wheat spaghetti and zoodles to good reviews from toddler and husband! This is definitely going in our regular rotation!

  109. My 6 qt. Instant Pot Duo went to “burn” as well. I noticed right away and the lid was not yet locked for the pressure cycle so I was able to pull everything out and finish it in the oven. It was delicious, just not sure why it didn’t work in the Instant Pot. 
    Thank you for all of the great recipes!

  110. Holy cow this was AWESOME!!!  It took no more than 10 minutes to make and everyone cleaned their plates. Will make this again for sure!!!

  111. I made this last night for my husband and I….and it was sooooo goooood! I do have an Instantpot Duo 6 qt (the newer one) and I did get the ‘burn’ message. I used Mezzetta’s pasta sauce which isn’t too thick but apparently the cooker thought so. I de-pressurized it, added about a 1/2 cup of chicken broth, and restarted the Instantpot. That was the missing link to getting the ‘burn’ message to not reappear. Maybe suggest this to others in your content…it’ll save others the frustration. I served it with sautéed spinach and some arugula salad that I had on hand.

    DELICIOUS! Thank you, Gina! 

  112. I made this and got the burn message multiple times. My suggestion would be to either skip sautéing the garlic or just add it to the sauce. I ended up canceling and then restarting it after scraping the pot as suggested when I googled how to save my instant pot recipe! It took another 20 minutes to attempt to re-seal but got the burn message again. By then the chicken was cooked so I just broiled it with the cheese for a few minutes. I would make this again but skip the sautéing step.

  113. I made this last night & it was so good! Even my picky 9 year old liked it! Love this site!

  114. My kids loved this even more than your original baked chicken Parmesan recipe!  I found it was easier to scoop out the chicken/sauce and then add the cheese and put it under the broiler. Well worth the extra step to get it looking like your photo. 

    This recipe will get added to our regular rotation because it’s perfect for busy sports nights. By the time I had made a salad, chicken was done.  

  115. Made this tonight and it was delicious!  The whole family loved it!  Thank you for all you do Gina!

  116. First recipe I’ve ever gotten a burn notice on and I’ve had an IP for over a year. I’m quite mad because out of all the chicken Parmesan recipes, I made this one – and my dinner was ruined because it burned to the pot and left a burn flavor.

    I added extra liquid, too. Still burned. Wish I would’ve known that burning was a possibility.

    • I am noticing this happens to newer models, 8 quart only. Curious which one you have?

      • Happens with the SIX qt Duo Nova as well…it is frustrating, time consuming to deal with, and annoying….Takes the fun out of instant potting for me.  I make my version of this recipe but on the stove, no breading, just sauté the chicken (I use chicken tenders, pounded something thin) and garlic.  Add the sauce, let simmer for a couple of minutes, then place strips of mozzarella on top of chicken, place lid on pan, allow to simmer a couple of minutes.  Violá, Iris’ skinny version of chicken parm.  Oh, yeah, I sprinkle with Romano since I don’t like parmesan cheese.  So my recipe (which I’ve made for a couple of years now) is similar to yours and is gluten-free (which I must follow).  And it avoids the “burn” notice on the IP….

  117. Made this dish tonight. A winner! Followed directions. Broiled. I DID add some extra parm but honestly, this was so delicious. I have a small mason jar of marinara left! I love chicken parm and this lighter version is not missing a thing! Thanks, Gina! 🙂

  118. I am making the recipe and wanted to confirm that you cook it for 3 minutes with the chicken?

  119. Can I use thicker chicken? I have 4 4oz pieces of Chicken breast on hand and would like to use that.

  120. Fantastic – hubby loved it too! Made this the same night it came via e-mail. Hubby and I are both on low-carb diets. Only the 4th time to use my new Crock Pot multi-cooker and it worked like a charm. Skipped the broil stage. Simple to make and tasty!.

  121. I tried making this and every time I got the burn message. So a quick 10 minute dinner ended up taking 2 hours to get through the burn messages. I kept having to add chicken stock, and then it turned into chicken parm soup. 🙁 HOW do I avoid the constant burn messages? Once I finally got it done, the bottom of my Instapot was black. In the end it tasted great, but not worth the hassle.

    • I am noticing this happens to newer models, 8 quart only. Curious which one you have?

    • I have a brand new one I got for Christmas. I was having the same issue. It has to do with the sautée function. You need to make sure there is nothing on the bottom.

  122. Good morning, Gina. Can you tell me if this can be doubled? You mention not to overlap the chicken. Is there a reason for this? I have the 6-quart and want to make for 6-8 people. Will it ruin the end results if I prepare with 8 cutlets?

  123. The best chicken Parm ever! We pulled it out of InstantPot and threw on some breadcrumbs and cheese and put under broiler for a few minutes. Delish!

  124. Love that you are providing low carb recipes.  I have a couple of your cookbooks, as well as your email recipes.  Really enjoy reading and trying different ones. I do not have an instant pot.  My husband is considering getting the Ninja Foodie when it’s a good price.  He likes the crisping feature.  Is the pressure cooker part of the Foodie the same as an instant pot and would I follow your instant pot recipes the same way if using the Foodie?

  125. This was pretty good! We have an 8 qt so used 2 cups of the marinara sauce – it worked perfectly. We did not do the broil step but next time I would try to add a little extra flavor/crisp.

  126. Can I make this in a crockpot?

  127. We love your baked Chicken Parm recipe and have made it dozens of times over the years. I was skeptical.. 3 minutes in an instant pot? No breadcrumbs? The original recipe writer, Melissa Clark, is amazing so we gave it a go… and it was incredibly delicious.  The sauce was really great, the chicken incredibly moist and we did brown at the end although a previous commenter wondered about doing the cheese in the broiling process – I agree, would be way less messy.  But we made it exactly as written and it was simply sensational.  It will replace the Baked recipe in our house going forward. We will sneak some mushrooms in at the beginning next time too. Thanks as always!

    • We’ve now made it three times in 8 days. This recipe is bulletproof. Please add some olives or capers to sauce and also def. broil it. It’s done so fast.  All of the Gina Chicken Parmesan options are great but this one may now be the king of our fav. dish. Thanks Gina and Melissa!

  128. Made it last night. So good and fast. Chicken was perfectly cooked in 3 minutes! (i just made half the recipe.)

  129. Gina, this is a great recipe! I used my Ninja Foodi, so I added 2 more cutlets because the pot is wider. I also added another 1/2 sauce just to be safe. I still cooked it for 3 minutes on low pressure, then used the Foodi’s broil function at 400 for 4 minutes. It was quick, delicious, and so easy!

    Thank you!

  130. My daughter and I made this tonight and it was so good! I couldn’t stop eating it 🙂 We will definitely be making this again. I highly recommend it!

  131. This was Delicious. Oh my gosh. The whole family loved it. Thank you.

  132. Could I make this with frozen chicken breasts? How would I need to alter the timing? Thanks! Looks delicious!

    • Lauren, I’m looking at this recipe now myself and was wondering that too.  I just got my insta pot at christmas so am very green but part of why I wanted it is because I’m terrible at meal planning so when I can cook from frozen to done in a short time I was sold!

    • I’ve read up on this some and experimented. I don’t alter the time when the chicken is frozen and everything is fully cooked. Someone said (although I haven’t timed it) that it takes the pot longer to come to pressure when the chicken is frozen, so that makes up for the extra time people think it requires. Always works for me.

  133. Hi Gina this sounds delicious- can I ask about the 4 freestyle points – does this relate to weight watchers (WW)? Thank you!

  134. I’d like to double this recipe. Is there a reason the chicken should not overlap? Thank you for all your wonderful recipes. I have all 3 of your cookbooks and cook with you multiple times a week.

  135. Can you use a pressure cooker in place of instapot?

  136. Is there enough liquid in there to make it reach pressure and not get the burn message? 

  137. Since you said the cutlets shouldn’t overlap, I wonder if you could double this recipe? I’d love to make it for a family dinner.

    • I have not tried but I don’t see why not.

    • I just did that and it turned out fine. I had seven cutlets stacked up in there. I have the 6-quart duo. I think that matters.

      Then when it was finished I put it in a casserole dish put the cheese on it and put it in the oven for a few minutes on 350 to melt the cheese that I turn it on broil to Brown it up a bit. Hope that helps! It was delicious!

      By the way I use Paul Newman’s organic marinara.

  138. If you’re going to broil it at the end to finish… why not just add the cheese on top of the chicken after removing it from the IP and putting it in the broiling pan? That way you wouldn’t be dealing with trying to keep the melted cheese on when removing the chicken from the IP.

    • yeah this is exactly what i did, worked a lot better than i’d imagine trying to balance the chicken and transfer it would. did 250 in the oven pre-broil to melt it then a quick broil on hi for the browning

  139. This looks great but is there an oven version of this recipe?

  140. I like everyone your baked chicken parm recipe, so I’ll definitely be trying this,
    Do you have a recipe for “plain” chicken in the instant pot? Looking for a good way to make-ahead-chicken for the week, that I can add to “anything” for some extra protein (it’s zero points after all). I tried just broth and bullion and it was eh, too bland. And I didn’t use enough broth so it was dry, but I was sparing because I didn’t want soup. Would love your advice. Thanks!

    • I have this one

    • I’ve had alot of success with rubbing some seasoning into the chicken and browning on saute before adding liquid and cooking. I do a variation of Gina’s salsa chicken that uses a half cup of salsa and a half cup of broth. You need at least a cup of liquid when doing chicken in the IP.

    • I steam chicken breasts in the instant pot to put in salad, etc… I put a cup of stock or water in the bottom of the pot, put 4 chicken breasts (sprinkled with salt, pepper, and basil) on the steamer basket, cook on high pressure for 10-12 mins (depending on the size of the breasts), and do a quick release.

  141. I made this dish last night and it was really good!

  142. You don’t get the “burn” message?

    • I did not. Followed her recipe with no issues. Feel free to add more sauce if you think yours will.

      • I tried making this and every time I got the burn message. I kept having to add chicken stock, and then it turned into chicken parm soup. 🙁 Once I finally got it done, the bottom of my Instapot was black. In the end it tasted great, but not worth the hassle. 🙁

      • I am not sure why it worked fine for me and many others here, but not everyone. Sounds like a flaw with the Instant Pot. Seems 8 qt has this issue.

    • nI ever got the burn message in my Instant Pot Duo. I.n the Ultra, I get the burn message, especially with Gina’s goulash. I Googled it, and apparently it’s a problem with the newer Instant Pots. My solution is to let the pot cool down after the sauté step, then add the rest of the ingredients, stir and scrape the bottom thoroughly, then put it on pressure cook setting. The other solution was to use a pot on the wire rack–called pot-in-pot–but that means you can’t sauté without cleaning out the pot before proceeding.

      • Thanks for mentioning this!

      • I got the burn message but it looked like it was from the chicken sticking to the bottom. I am not sure how that happened :(. Just took it out and put it in the oven to finish cooking. 

  143. What size Instant Pot do you have? I’m not sure I’d be able to fit all four cutlets on the bottom of my 6 qt pot without overlapping, but I’m going to try! This looks great!

  144. If you were to use chicken thighs, how long would you cook them for?

    • We used boneless, skinless thighs, slightly pounded, with the same 3 minute cooking time. Turned out great and the dark meat added wonderful flavor.

  145. Do you have a stove top or oven recipe?  This sounds delicious an I do not use an Instapot.  Kristen

  146. These sound delicious.  I love that they arelow carb.  I do not have an Instapot.  Can I adapt this recipe to a baking dish?  

  147. This sounds delicious.   I do not have an instapot. Could I bake this in a casserole dish?  Instructions on how? I love your recipes and love your breaded chicken parm. This is nice to be low carb. I am making your one pot spaghetti and meat sauce in my Le Crueset Dutch oven this week.  This is next on the list.  French onion soup burgers were on the menu last night  and tonight from One and Done.  They are addictive!  You hit it out of teh park as always!  Chicken enchilada roll ups before that!  Your recipes are amazing!  Thank you so much for all of your hard work!  

  148. Hi Gina, I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts on recipes recently. I see a lot of delicious meals in my future, thanks again for all your hard work!

  149. Sounds delicious!!! What’s the purpose of step #2 though? You already have sauce in there and just are adding chicken before pressure cooking. Why change the sautee setting?

    • I made the recipe last night and as I was reading the recipe I was wondering the same thing. I think it is to warm up the sauce so its nice and hot when you put the chicken in.

    • Sautee on low so you don’t burn the garlic and then increase the heat to medium when you add the chicken

  150. I am really excited to try this! You and Melissa are my favorites! 🙂

  151. My instant pot doesn’t have a low pressure setting, how would I cook this?