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Mustard Herb Crusted Chicken Breasts

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These chicken breasts are lightly brushed with Dijon mustard and herbs and breaded with panko and parmesan cheese. Then they are lightly pan fried until golden and finished in the oven.

Mustard Herb Crusted Chicken Breasts - quick, light and delicious!Mustard Herb Crusted Chicken Breasts

This mustard herb crusted chicken is a quick and easy weeknight chicken dish that I serve with a simple green salad on the side. This is also great with roasted parmesan green beans or roasted broccoli with smashed garlic on the side.

Even though I used chicken breasts for this recipe, you can also use chicken thighs, drums or fish like a flounder or sole and adjust cook time.

Mustard Herb Crusted Chicken Breasts on a tray.
Raw chicken breast covered in dijon mustard with herbs, placed on a plate with breadcrumbs.

Mustard Herb Crusted Chicken Breasts cooking on a pan.

Mustard Herb Crusted Chicken Breasts – easy, light and delicious!

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Mustard & Herb Crusted Chicken Breasts

4.67 from 15 votes
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: American
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes
Total: 20 minutes
Yield: 4 servings
Serving Size: 1 piece


  • 2 16 oz total boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • black pepper, to taste
  • 3 tbsp finely chopped fresh herbs, I used thyme, oregano and basil
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 6 tbsp good quality Dijon mustard, I like Maille Dijon Originale
  • 1 cup whole wheat panko
  • 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • minced parsley for serving, optional


  • Preheat oven to 400°F.
  • Cut each breast in half lengthwise to create 2 cutlets.
  • Place chicken breasts in between a sheet of plastic wrap and lightly pound chicken to even thickness (I like to do this to ensure the breast cooks evenly but it's not absolutely necessary).
  • Season both sides of each breast with salt and pepper.
  • Mix herbs, garlic and mustard in a bowl.
  • Combine bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese on a plate.
  • Lightly brush each breast in the mustard-herb mixture, wiping off excess, then dredge each breast in the bread crumb-cheese mixture.
  • Heat a large sauté pan over med-high heat.
  • Once pan is hot, add 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Place 2 chicken breasts in the pan and brown each side, carefully flipping with a spatula, about 2 to 3 minutes per side.
  • Place breasts on a parchment lined sheet pan, repeat with remaining oil and chicken, then bake in oven for 5 to 8 minutes, or until the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees.
  • Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve.

Last Step:

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Serving: 1 piece, Calories: 220 kcal, Carbohydrates: 7 g, Protein: 27.5 g, Fat: 8.5 g, Cholesterol: 78 mg, Sodium: 408 mg, Fiber: 1 g


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99 comments on “Mustard Herb Crusted Chicken Breasts”

  1. This was outstanding! Because it’s been so hot and dry here, my fresh herbs are looking kind of sad, so I used dried herbs – a mixture of 1 tsp each thyme, basil, and oregano. I also air fried at 390 for 5 minutes each side to avoid having to turn the oven on in this weather. My breading stayed on while cooking and even while eating, as long as I cut gently. I served with air-fried sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli. It was a light but satisfying summer dinner that I definitely enjoyed eating again for lunch the next day. Next time I make this, I’m going to try a ginger-infused mustard that I bought from a local shop instead of dijon just for a little variation (and will also try and make sure my fresh herbs are looking lively enough to eat).

  2. Another stunner!!! Made this tonight minus the fresh parsley (forgot to add to the grocery list) and it was superb! The mustardy-crunchy-cheesy coating cooked up perfectly flavoring the breast just right. I am so grateful for your delicious WW approved recipes. Thank you!!!

  3. This is delicious!! The flavors are amazing! Our breadcrumbs sometimes fall off (maybe because we’re not using Panko?), but we do t even care! It’s still delicious! Definitely a staple in our home

  4. This was seriously SO yummy!!!

    After reading the reviews, rather than cooking in the skillet and oven, I sprayed the breaded chicken with olive oil spray and placed it in my air fryer till cooked through. Literally perfect and all the breading remained intact, can’t wait to make it again!!!

  5. I placed a cooling rack onto a sheet pan and baked the chicken without pan searing first. They came out great! I didn’t have to worry about flipping and possibly losing breading, not to mention not having to clean another pan or use oil!

  6. Easy and delicious! I used basil, rosemary and lemon thyme cause that’s what I have growing. We cannot say enough about it – other than its a keeper! Tangy, herby and crunchy

  7. This is a great recipe!  I loved the tangy flavor of the mustard mixes the herbs and garlic. And the crunch from the panko was perfect. I’ll be making this again. 

  8. Second time making this tonight. Used a maple champagne mustard which gave it a very slight sweetness. Really good. I feel like you can really experiment with the mustard used. Served it alongside twice baked potatoes

  9. Avatar photo
    Robin Bentley

    Easy, fast and really good and made from stuff I always have been n hand. This recipe is a total winner! 

  10. Avatar photo
    Darlene Hanley

    So easy to make and tastes delicious. You can use any fresh herbs you happen to have on hand.

  11. Made a half recipe tonight….very glad!  There is no way my chicken came close to looking like the photos.  Coating was mushy on the bottom and fell off the top when we cut into the chicken.  I know how to cook….it’s not that I don’t but something is wrong here. 

    I do love your website and have made many other dishes.  Not making this again.

    1. I was checking the comments to see if anyone else had this issue with moisture on the bottom! Any idea how to fix this? I love the recipe so much and have made it three times, but not willing to give up!

      1. Use a baking sheet with an oven safe cooling rack in it, or one of the mesh crisper pans used for the air fryer. It will let the heat get under the chicken instead of steaming and becoming mushy.

  12. This recipe was a hit! I made it gf with 1/2 cup gf panko (that was all I had), 1/4 almond flour., and 1/4 cup grated Parmesan. My husband drizzled honey on his serving and absolutely loved it. I got 12 serving out of this recipe, used the Connect recipe builder and got each serving down to 1 sp.

  13. I love that you use a high quality dijon in this recipe! I love dijon, but it has to be a good dijon! Thank you so much for sharing, can’t wait to make this recipe at home the next time I’m making chicken!

  14. Made this tonight with the green beans… super easy and oh so tasty!!! Left the mustard rub off of my kiddo’s and they loved it, too!

      1. Almost a year later but finally decided to try this in the air fryer! Came out delicious! I did 390 for 4 minutes on each side with a little olive oil spray on each side.  

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  17. Avatar photo
    Rachel Buchan

    I made this last night and it was wonderful, very flavorful! I left the chicken on the stove and didn’t do the oven step, it was fine that way. I also didn’t have the fresh herbs, so I used italian seasoning and again…still great! I’ll definitely make again.

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  20. OK I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. But the breading never stays on the chicken for me!!! Any suggestions?

  21. I totally failed on this. Used a stainless pan instead of non-stick and all the breading stuck to the pan. Non-stick next time for sure. 🙁

  22. I made this tonight and it has an amazing flavor. The only issue I had was when I flipped the chicken alot of my breading came off. Any tips I would love to make it again and avoid this.

  23. I tried it 3 weeks ago in Mumbai, India. It was damn yummy. 😛 and health part is the amino acids which are present in mustard oil are really good for hair growth.

  24. This was super yummy. I absolutely loved the basil and fresh herbs; flavor was spot on. Kids loved it! Thank you Gina!

  25. I made this last night and it was delicious!!  We both loved it.  I forgot to pound the cutlets but plan to next time for more even browning and cooking.  So excited for left overs today.  This one goes in the regular lineup.  Thanks for the recipe!!

  26. Gina – could you cook this one completely in the oven like you do with the Baked Chicken Parmesan?

  27. I would love to try this recipe, it looks tasty, but unfortunately I never liked mustard as it it irritates my stomach, so I would love to know is there anything else that could be reocmmended to be used other than the mustard.

  28. My husband made this for dinner tonight. Amazing! We both loved it. He works for a restaurant that makes a dish very similar to this so I was excited to be able to make it at home. Made it with your buffalo brussels sprouts with blue cheese…O.M.G! One of the best meals we’ve had recently.

  29. My breadcrumbs stuck to the pan and not the chicken.  Next time I’ll skip the pan and bake it beginning to end (and have one less pan to clean).

    1. Agree with this!  I was scraping the mustard breading off the sauté pan. I’ll bake from start to finish next time as well. 

    2. I ended up adding a lot more oil the second go round and it was much better in terms of the pan frying!  But I’m also not too concerned about calorie counting, etc. 

  30. I made this tonight and it came out a complete disaster. I followed the recipe to a T. The breading fell off during the oven cooking process, juice from the chicken made the breading soggy and inedible and I was left with naked chicken cutlets. I consider myself an amateur chef who cooks at home 5-6 nights per week with no complaints but this recipe was a no-go. Won’t make again.

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  32. This was delicious.

    I used homemade breadcrumbs instead of the recommended panko. It was really tasty, but not as beautifully even as I think it will be with the panko. Will go shopping and make it again 🙂

  33. Hi Gina,
    Looking forward to trying this recipe tonight but when I input the nutritional info in to my WW app it comes up as 4sp instead of 7sp…Just curious as to why that would happen. Do you add your ingredients into the recipe builder to get your smart points total? If you could help me out I would appreciate it! Thanks again, Alicia

  34. Avatar photo
    Abhishek Sharma

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  35. Avatar photo
    Bianca Ragusa

    I just made the recipe! Taste-wise it was delicious but it was not crispy at all, very soggy. I didn't have parchment paper so I made it on a baking sheet. Is that the issue? I was oven-baked, crispy chicken!!

  36. ready to try this recipe, but when i enter the information in my recipe builder it comes out to 7pointsplus. Any reason why??

  37. I have made at least a 100 of your recipes and this was by far one of the BEST! It was moist, flavorful, and had a crisp outside. I could have eaten the whole pan!! Thank you so much for healthy, family friendly recipes.

  38. Avatar photo
    Spark photography

    This was a good recipe! It didn't turn out perfectly but I will make it again and avoid the mistakes I made:

    – I was too lazy to flatten the cutlets. This gives uneven contact with the skillet and makes some portions crispy and some… Ehh.. Not.

    -I used whole unground coarse mustard. It was a good flavor but a "smoother" mustard will better coat the chicken and make a better coat of breadcrumbs.

    -I cut all cheese out and used home-made breadcrumbs which was nice. Of course, adjust herbs to your taste… I simply added salt, garlic powder, sage and rosemary to the breadcrumbs.

    Thanks for the yummy recipe! I served with couscous and sauteed peppers and squash 🙂

  39. Avatar photo
    Amber Rose Gallagher

    I used gluten free toast, crumbled with the shredded parm I had in my fridge, coconut oil instead of olive oil.. SOOO good! And 21 Day Fix approved! 🙂

  40. I also had trouble with the mustard not sticking to the chicken but I made it work… It tasted great!

  41. Made this tonight, it tasted delicious and i will definintely make again. My crumbs and mustard did not stick all that well to the chicken though, does anyone have any advice?? I was pretty generous with the mustard ….

  42. Avatar photo
    Doris Castellanos

    Can I prep the chicken in the morning so when I get home I only have to get it our of the refrigerator and bake it?

    1. I’m wondering the same thing. I’d like to make this for a group of friends we’re having over this weekend but hate to be in the kitchen for too long when everyone is socializing. Ideally I’m hoping to pan fry the chicken shortly before everyone comes over (and clean up the mess that I’ve created up until that point) and then just bake the chicken before we eat.

      1. So, we made this on Sunday for guests and it was awesome!! We prepped and pan fried everything in the morning, let it cool for a bit on the counter, and then stuck it in the fridge. I pulled it out about 30 minutes before we wanted to cook and then into the oven it went to finish baking. It probably took about 20 minutes to bake (since it was colder from being in the fridge) but it tasted great. Wasn’t soggy at all and everyone really enjoyed it. Thanks!

      2. Avatar photo
        Renee Matarese

        I did this and it was fine. I completely prepped the chicken and put them on a cooling rack over a sheet tray to catch any stray coating pieces. Just bring back to room temp before you cook. This was a BIG hit in my house.

  43. This was super yummy!! I added a little lemon to the mustard mix :). One little note – when I ran it through the WW recipe builder I came up with 7 points plus, not 5. I SO appreciate you including the points info, it's really helpful – I just wanted to mention it in case it could help someone else!

  44. I made this the other night and it instantly became a new favorite in our house. My husband rarely (if ever) raves about chicken breast recipes, but he did with this one. It was "cooked perfectly" he said, and was enjoyed equally as much the following day atop a salad. A definite keeper! Thanks, Gina, for another winner. 🙂

  45. Avatar photo
    Vickie Harvey

    I made this last night and it was delicious! I didn't pound the breasts thinner. I believe that is probably why I only used about half the mustard mixture and they took about 15 minutes in the oven.

  46. Avatar photo
    Becky @vintagebeckym

    This sounds just heavenly. I can not wait to make it. I know it is going to be Fabulous. Have a Great Day!!

  47. YUM! I wonder if this will make my hubby eat chicken… he rather eat red meat or seafood… I am going to have to try!

  48. Avatar photo
    Taylor @ Food Faith Fitness

    This is the kind of recipe that I could totally make on a weeknight, OR make it for fancy friends and pretend that I SLAVED in the kitchen, whippin' them up a top notch dinner.
    LOVE IT. Pinned!

  49. This was very good but not "quick." That may have been because I'm a relatively slow cook to begin with. All of the recipes I have made from your site have been hits so THANK YOU! My husband actually looks forward to our meals now and that is saying a lot! My kids are hit or miss but who's kids aren't? They don't like anything twice in a row! Ugh. 🙂