Skinnytaste Fast and Slow: Get a Free 42-Page Bonus Pack including a 4-Week Dinner Plan Plus 3 New Bonus Recipes with Pre-Order

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Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Bowls with Cilantro Lime Quinoa

These Scallop Tostadas are SO good and really easy to make!

Veggie Pearl “Couscous” (a quick easy low-carb side dish)

It’s hard to believe in only a few weeks my new cookbook Skinnytaste Fast and Slow will be hitting bookstores – I’m SO excited to finally share this with all of you!!

Knockout Quick-Fix and Slow-Cooker Recipes

This week, as an added bonus (and a thank you to all of you who have already
pre-ordered the book!), if you pre-order The Skinnytaste Cookbook BEFORE October 11th, I will send you a FREE 42-page bonus pack with a 4-week dinner plan using recipes from both of my cookbooks and my blog, an updated pantry list, a weekly shopping list, an early look at a few of the recipes from my new cookbook plus 3 new exclusive recipes that you will never see anywhere else. Pictured above are:

Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Bowls with Cilantro Lime Quinoa (obsessed!) 9 smart points
Scallop Tostadas (so quick and easy!) 8 smart points 
Veggie Pearl “Couscous” (a quick easy low-carb side dish) 2 smart points

Here’s a sample of the first week’s shopping list:

Skinnytaste Fast and Slow Bonus Pack
All you have to do is pre-order the book from your retailer of choice and submit your proof of purchase here to automatically download the bonus pack.


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  1. Hi Gina.  So i was looking into buying your Fast and Slow Cookbook.  I noticed that the preorders had a bonus pack (which i would love).  Is there anyway i can pay additional to receive this?  i see it was still available in October but it’s been quite some time.  Thank you!

  2. Hi, Gina, does this book include insta pot recipes?

  3. Hi Gina, can I still get the bonus if I purchase from The Book Depository or only from the 4 retailers in the link?

  4. I believe I pre ordered but didn’t get the 42 page phamplet. Any suggestions

  5. Hi, 

    can you please send me the bonus recipes and the weekly meal planner?


    • Yes just fill this out to download the bonus pack

      Yes just fill this out to download the bonus pack
      If you have any issues email and they will re-send you the link.

  6. I pre ordered my 2nd of your cook books and its just as amazing as the first. Happy!!!
    How do I receive the extra goodies from the pre order, are those just automatically sent?

  7. Hi Gina!  Just cracked the brand new book and already love it!  I’ve a pen in hand so I can put the smartpoints on each recipe…have you posted them somewhere yet?  Let me know, thanks!


    Once you submit the info and click download, the bonus pack opens in your browser window. Wait a second and then tap your screen and click “open in iBooks” on the upper right corner. This will save it to your iBooks and you can access it straight from there from then on!

  9. I can hardly wait to receive my copy of your new cookbook! I love crockpot cooking especially in the fall and winter months. I even took care of one of my two daughters Christmas gifts by pre-ordering a copy of your new cookbook for each of them too. They also love all of your reciepes !!
    Thank you for giving us all so many delicious and great meal ideas! xx

  10. I am unable to download the bonus items. Can you please send me a new link or email them to me?
    Thank you!

  11. Just got my notice from Amazon that my copy of the new cookbook will arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait.

    Congrats on the book!

  12. Is it too late to get the bonus meal planner?

  13. Gina,
    I also just pre-ordered your cookbook and can not locate the download on my iPad. Also says I can not download again because I already used the app. Can you send to me in an email? Barnes & noble ordered.

  14. I preordered the new cookbook in July!   I have been trying to wait, but I am excited.   The first cookbook has been used so much my husband calls it our go to recipes.    Thank you for the bonus pack, my download worked just took a few minutes.   I hope your already working on next cookbook ????

  15. I am a new follower and today I ordered two of your books (your first book and the other one is the pre-order) from Amazon.  My transaction number is
    102-3493362-1179426. It told me to click for the download and nothing. I see in the comments that this seems to be a problem. Can you email mine to me? 
    Thank you so much,


  16. I preordered your cookbook and got the free download, but now when I go back to look it, it is gone. I have an Android phone, I looked under downloads and it is not there. Can anyone help me retrieve the download?

  17. looking forward to receiving your new cook book. order placed at Amazon  on 8.10.16  Order Number: 204-9587366-3385133

  18. order placed at Amazon  on 8.10.16  Order Number: 204-9587366-3385133

  19. Hi Gina! I’m also looking forward to your new cookbook! I’m a proud owner of your first one too! I’m having the same problem as some of the previous posters. I preordered and submitted the info for the bonus but it will not download. I sent an email to the provided address, but haven’t had any response. What else can I do? Thanks for any help.

  20. Hi Gina is this pre order offer still available ??

  21. Hi Gina! I’m so looking forward to the new cookbook I love the last one! I preordered and submitted for my bonus but the download crashed and when I tried to resubmit my info it told me I had already received it. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks and keep up the Great Work!

  22. Is this offer only available in the USA? This Canadian gal is excited to check out your book and hoping to get the bonus too! Please!! 🙂

  23. I preordered the new cookbook on Amazon, PO#105-35586668948261, but was unable to download the free 42 pg. Bonus Pack, including 4 wk. dinner plan, plus 3 new bonus recipes. I tried a second time to download and I was scolded that I already submitted my proof of preorder and already downloaded. I contacted of the problem and asked if they could send me a printed copy, or whatever they could do. I must have the wrong contact for them since it came up “undeliverable”. Now what can I do? I did send them my street address also, but will wait to hear from you.
    Thank you

    • Strange, ok send me an email and I will send it over to you.

      • So, what can I do to receive all the goodies from pre-ording your new book? I am so anxious to receive it. Everything is so delicious. Do I have the correct e mail address to random house? Let me know if you need my street address..

        Thank you, Gina.

      • Hi Gina,
        Im having the same problem. Emailed the address you listed. Nobody has gotten back to me. I also pre-ordered. And closed the link for the bonuses.

        Thank you

    • I had the same issue. Po 107-1058123-4872250! 

    • Gina, I am having the same issue with the download :(. I emailed you the order info today. Got my book today :)!

  24. Ordered mine from Target. So excited!!! 

  25. Gina, thank you so much for the bonus recipes. I can’t wait to get my book and look forward to when you post the WW points. I only use your recipes for WW they all are always so delicious! Love the first book!

  26. I love your recipes! They have always been successful for me. My question is this: I work full time outside the house and usually do a little overtime a few times a week. Is your book the right one for me as in preparing meals in a timely manner after work?

  27. I just had my brother order this on amazon (he has Prime) what do I need to submit for the extras? Order number maybe and can you give me the link to submit the information.

  28. The bonus recipes looked wonderful but I can’t find my download now. When I go to redownload it says I’ve already used the ap. How can I redo this? Sorry Windows 10 has still got me going in circles!

  29. How do I do a pre-order?  Can I just sign on to Amazon?  I have the first cookbook and love it.  Very excited to have this one too.

  30. I would love to get your cookbook as an ebook which Amazon is offereing, but they do not offer a preorder. ;( if I buy this on the 11th can o still get the bonus package?

  31. What do you recommend, insta pot or a slow cooker? which one can you get more use with your recipes?
    Do you have instructions for insta pot and slow cooker? I have never used either so i want to make sure i buy the one that will work the best!

    • I have both. The Instant Pot is also a slow cooker. I wish it was oval, which is great for larger roasts for slow cooking. I have the Hamilton Beach Set it and Forget It 6 quart. They are both always on my counter!

  32. I preordered the book but didn’t  get my free recipe downloads. I followed the directions. But O am excited for the new book!

  33. Hi! I’ve just pre-ordered your new cookbook. I have just started weight watchers and would like to know if the smart points are included in your previous cookbook?

  34. HI Gina, I pre ordered 2 books for my daughters from Amazon. I had trouble downloading the bonus package. I tried downloading again and it wouldn’t allow me. Please help

    Thank you

  35. This is also my third request for an answer regarding when smart points will be available for the book.  I keep seeing the same answers over and over for the download and since my question but my question goes unanswered.  The book is of no value to me without smart points so if you cannot answer I will just cancel the preorder.  Hopefully you can answer the question as I’d love to get the book. Thanks.

  36. Yay!!! I pre-ordered way back in June! I know it’s going to be just as great as your first cookbook. We love Madison’s favorite taco crockpot recipe you shared a few weeks ago on your blog….my family just had them again tonight! Can’t wait to get my hands on the cookbook and try some more recipes.

  37. So excited for your book – are there a lot of instant pot or pressure cooker recipes or are they adapted for it? About to buy an instant pot and want some ideas!!!!! Thanks 🙂

  38. Help! I pre ordered the new book and completed the form for the bonus pack…now I can’t find the bonus pack in my downloads any where and nothing ever came to my email…not sure if it was supposed to!

  39. FOR THOSE HAVING ISSUES WITH THE BONUS…if you need the link resent; please email

    IF YOU HAVE YOUR PROOF OF PURCHASE (book was ordered before this offer) there is a link at the end of the post (click on where it says “here”).

  40. Gina please respond! This is my 3rd request for an answer. I placed my order for the preorder on Amazon Prime on Sept 23 and I did place my order on a phone because I thought the link would allow me to open the extra files later. But the link was lost right away and I am very disappointed I can not get the bonus as I should have received. I love the Skinnytaste recipes and recommend them to family and friends. Please help me with this problem. Thank you! 

  41. Ordered book and downloaded bonus pack but can’t locate it now. Can I dowmload again? thanks

  42. HI! I LOVE your recipes! I was going to pre-order your book, but was going to do so from Google Play Books since that’s where I have most of my ebooks. Will that count? Or is it only the retailers specified?


  43. Hi Gina! Do any Canadian retailers qualify for this?

  44. My download timed out, and I got the following message: “oops! You’ve already completed this app.” Do you know how I can get the download? I’m thrilled to enjoy more of your recipes! 

  45. Despite multiple e-mails over several days I still have not received a new link for the bonus material. Beyond disappointed. 

  46. Hi Gina, I ordered your new book back in May. I tried the free download but it didn’t work. I emailed Penguin as suggested but have not received a response. If I don’t hear within the next couple of days what should I do?

  47. I ordered my new cookbook last week & my download failed. If I go back into it, it tells me I already have it. I have tried multiple times to ask for a resend but nothing since Friday.

    • Please email and they will re-send you the link.

      • Thank you Gina!  I just did that and I’m waiting to hear back. Thank you for your help!  Is there a way to get the Smart Point values  for the first books ? I know it was on the blog but it was quite awhile ago. Love these recipes and they are enjoyed by those of following WW –and— the rest of the family too. Barbara B

  48. Very much looking forward to this! Just had a baby and it’s perfect for our life right now. I use your blog a lot, but this will be my first book. Do the recipes also include the weight watcher points? Can’t wait for the release!

  49. Hi Gina! I just left a comment and decided it might work better for my friend if I just print off the bonus pack. She is not very computer savvy and might prefer to have a hard copy anyway. 😉 So please disregard my previous question. 🙂 Sorry to have added yet another question to your very long list! Again, let me say your recipes are great, everything I’ve ever made has turned out wonderfully….and my husband is a very good cook so he has a rather discerning palate! Thanks again!

  50. Hi Gina! I have your first cookbook and it is wonderful! 🙂 My girlfriend loves to use her crockpot and asked me to order her a copy of your new book when I ordered mine. I ordered them on Amazon, but realized that I could only get 1 download of the 42 page bonus pack. I downloaded mine, and tried to send it to her in an email, but maybe it is copyrighted? In any case, do you know a way that I can get her copy to her seeing as there was only 1 order number for the 2 cookbooks? Thanks much….~Shari

  51. I found your web site last night. The pictures are beautiful, but what impressed me the most is the Weekly Shopping List. Where do I find this on a regular basis? I’ve searched the site without luck, so maybe you can find them in the cookbook? Thanks in advance!

  52. I pre-ordered the book in early August and having a bonus to keep me excited unti Oct. 11th is thrilling.

    Already planning on the slow cooker turkey meatloaf for my husband’s birthday on Wednesday.

    I have never been disappointed with any of your recipes, I have followed you for years and directed all my WW member friends to your blog and recipes.

    Thank you for doing all the hard work and making my life so much easier.

  53. That is if we use the calculator and do not have access to recipe builder..  Love all of your recipes but trying really hard to stay in points range and on program..  Thanks..

  54. Can you answer my previously asked question of when the smart points will be available for the recipes in new book please.  If we calculate the nutritionals points will be off right?  Would appreciate an answer.  Thanks.

  55. I preordered on Amazon Prime yesterday , 9/23/2016 and  was disconnected before I could get the link downloaded. I sent a message but have not heard back about how to get the link again. Please help me receive the link again. Thank you. 

  56. Hi there. I have been following your site for quite awhile. My boyfriend loves everything we have tried so far. I have pre ordered your new book and we are so excited for it. Thank you so much for everything you do 

  57. I tried to download but it stopped I got out and went back in and it wouldn’t let me. I emailed and I still haven’t reciived anything can you please help me

  58. I was wondering, do the “fast” recipes utilize the instant pot because I don’t own one. I loved your first book and can’t wait for this one to arrive. Thanks for including a bonus with the pre-order!

  59. Hello. I sent an email because my download stopped and I couldn’t restart it. Can you guys help me out. Please

    • Ok sorry it’s Saturday and I don’t usually check emails. Please email and they will re-send you the link Monday when they are back to work.

  60. Gina, just pre-ordered my copy and really excited to receive it. Love my original Skinnytaste cookbook and use it all the time. Thanks for the bonus recipes and to the kitchen I go–Happy Cooking!

  61. Does the new book include a few instant pot recipes? I’m looking forward to pre-ordering your new book.

  62. Hi, I think your cooking site is by far the best. Beautiful photos, healthy recipes, uncomplicated recipes with alternate choices. Easy to print recipes also.Thank you. Today the only problem I seem to be having is finding the recipe for the delicious looking Scallops Tostados. Want to make this dish tonight!

  63. Gina, is there a particular crockpot that you recommend?

  64. Gina: I just preordered two copies of your new cookbook. One for me and one for my daughter. Do we each receive the bonus pack? I would assume I’d get one for each purchase. Please advise how to do this. Thank you. Terri

  65. Once you put in your number and it shows you the file. How do I save it to my iPad? I thought I would be able to save it to iBooks or kindle. I got out and do not know how to get it now

  66. I’m still waiting for the link as does it seem, many others who have experienced the same problems.. This seems to be a widespread problem that is not being fixed. Going to cancel my pre-order. No point in pre-ordering if the materials offered are not going to be delivered. Customer service is part of the business and this is a business.

  67. Hello, I am not a computer person at all. I purchased the book on Amazon and put my order # in where it was supposed to go. I did get something but I don’t know what happened to it. Does this make any sense to u and can u help me. Where is the download?

  68. I have your first cookbook and just ordered Fast and Slow.  In an earlier post you mentioned the SPs for the recipes in your first cook; where can they be located?

    Thanks for sharing your recipes!

  69. I pre-ordered this book back in May when you mentioned it, because I so enjoy your first book. Is there any way to get the bonus? It seems like the loyal fans who ordered right off the bat should get a reward! 🙂

  70. Hello, 

    Is this bonus pack what one would see as the extra bonus material in the Target Edition? Can you give us an idea of what the Bonus Material is in the Target book? I’m a loyal Amazon customer but don’t want to miss out if there’s a lot of extra recipes in the Target edition. Thanks so much! (Currently waiting for your Turkey Pastelon to be finished from the oven!)

  71. Tried to do this while my husband is driving on highway and just as download was showing up we hit a bump and I moved away from that screen. How can I get my download again ? I just ordered the book on Amazon prime. Pls help! 

  72. I just preordered the book. I’m very excited to try the new recipes. I had an issue with the free download & it somehow did not save to my device. If I provide proof of purchase again would I be able to have it emailed? Thanks again!

  73. Just pre-ordered the new cookbook. Can’t wait to check it out. I love your last cookbook. I just loaned it to a friend to try out, as she has just joined Weight Watcher. Love the recipes you create. Keep up the great work.

  74. I preordered the book about a month ago.  Is it possible to get the Bonus Pack and Diet Plan?

  75. Hi, I am joining the ranks of those who pre-ordered, had a technical issue with the download and sent a request to the link you provided and have heard nothing. Anything you can do to help those of us out who are waiting to get the link would be much appreciated. We’re all waiting to get your extras while we wait to get the actual book. Can’t wait! Thanks

  76. I pre-ordered my cookbook and received the bonus pack of recipes which look absolutely A-MAZING! I cannot wait to make ALL of them!!! Thank you Gina!

  77. are your recipes gluten free? thanks

  78. I used to love your site, but now cannot navigate without an ad blocking my entire view.  ? I guess I will just use the cookbook I bought.

  79. I just pre-ordered — so excited to get your new cookbook!!!!

  80. Help! I did this from my phone and it crashed and I don’t have the bonus! Can I get it in an email?

  81. I pre-ordered the book weeks ago. Is it still possible to get these bonuses?


  82. My family LOVES your recipes. I swear that every time I cook something from your book, the reaction is, “this one is a keeper!”

  83. I just ordered my cookbook and I want to order two more for friends and it won’t let me. I’m doing it one at a time so I’ll have different order numbers so they can download the extras. Is there a solution to this problem? Love your recipes and thought the book would make a nice gift for friends.

  84. Pre- ordered two copies of the book several weeks ago on Amazon.

  85. Gina,
    do the recipes in your new cookbook show the WW smart points?

  86. I pre-ordered your cookbook months ago. I put in all the information for the bonus recipes and was unable to download them. It won’t let me try again. Disappointed.

  87. I’ve pre-ordered thru Is there a way to receive this offer seen on Facebook?
    Love your recipes – just made Blackened Chicken Fiesta Salad last week – Great! Thank you.

  88. Just ordered! Can’t wait and thanks for the free bonus!

  89. pre-ordered the book on amazon. How do I get the items offered above?

  90. Gina are the smart points values going to be available? And when?  Will it be a separate download that we can print?  Because if we calculate the recipe values if might be off due to values go fruits and veggies being used correct?

  91. Hi Gina,
    I’m really excited to get your new book and the supplemental bonus. Something went wrong with the download and I lost the material. I sent an email last night as you told previous posters to do but I still haven’t received a new link.   Will it still be coming?  Is there something else I need to do?  Thanks for your help!

  92. So excited to receive your new book! I pre-ordered on Amazon this morning and filled out form. Tried to download but it didn’t work. It just kept “spinning.” What should I do? Thanks!

  93. Can’t wait to get my copy!!! Does this offer apply to residents/purchases in Canada?

  94. Hi Again! Gina, it finally downloaded.! Have no idea what happened. Thank you for your goodies! Love your first cookbook, know I will love this one too!

  95. HI Gina,
    Love your recipes. Made the Noodle-less Butternut Squash Lasagna last nite! It was terrific. I did pre-order your book in August, and am anxiously awaiting it. I put the info into the form and when I click to download nothing happens. Is there something I am doing incorrectly?

    • Thank you for ordering! Not sure what went wrong, you can email and they will re-send you the link.

  96. Thanks so much! It’s awesome!

  97. I preordered on Amazon but the download didn’t work &  it won’t re download

  98. Looking forward to the new book! Do pre-orders through Apple iBooks count as well? They don’t actually charge you until the book is released, thus no P.O. number…

  99. Can we get this offer in Australia?

  100. I have ordered the new cookbook through Amazon.  Looking forward to it!

  101. Hi … I entered my pre-order number from Amazon but my download did not materialize. When I tried it again, I was unable to accomplish the download, getting a message I had already done so. Need some help, please.

  102. I also closed my phone before downloading and clicked on the above mentioned link to get it resent this afternoon.  How long should it take to get the bonus a second time?  It isn’t in my e mail yet.

  103. I followed the link and got the bonus pack but it disappeared and get an error message when I try it again.  Does it get emailed?

  104. Just pre-ordered mine! I can’t wait until Oct. 11th!

  105. Thanks so much Gina.  The recipes look amazing and I can’t wait until the entire cookbook comes out.

  106. Can any of the slow cooker recipes in the new book also be cooked in an instant pot?

  107. I pre-ordered this on Amazon just now and there was no extra form to fill in so I could receive the additional recipes and meal planner…..what am I missing? I’d like to get them if possible. Thanks

  108. This Skinnytaste Die Hard Fan ordered weeks ago!!!! LOVE ALLL YOUR RECIPES! THANKS FOR THE BONUS! XOXOXOXOXO

  109. Hi Gina, just pre-ordered your book here at Netherlands!!. I am so happy with the bonus pages and I can’t wait to have the book at home and start cooking. I love your first book!!! Greatings from Holland ?

  110. Hi, I’m excited to receive your new cookbook! I entered the information into the app for the supplemental bonus and was able to quickly view it but I closed out of Facebook and can no longer retrieve it. Is tree anyway I can reaccess it? Thank you!

  111. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for more than 4 years and have never commented. Just wanted to say that I finally ordered your cookbook a few months ago (what took me so long?!) and I LOVE it. We’ve been making nearly all our meals over the past few months from it (our favorite recipe is the spicy black bean burgers!), and we’ve pre-ordered your next one. Just wanted to say thank you!!

  112. Hi! Is this US only? If I pre-order from, do I still get the bonus pack? Thank you!

  113. I goofed something up- opened the bouns book on my phone snd couldn’t save it- now when I go back to the app it just say “already completed” and I can’t reopen the bonus book:( 
    can you help?

  114. Hi I ordered and submitted but the link pops up as nothing

  115. Gina – I’ve been a HUGE fan of your website and recipes for years (especially during zucchini season, I might ad!) The photos from the new cookbook look phenomenal and I look forward to ordering a copy. Congrats on the new book!

  116. Excited to try all of your delicious looking recipes!!!

  117. Hi Gina! Thank you for this bonus. I love love love your first cookbook and I cook from it at least 5x per week. My son its addicted to your Shrimp andGrits! So delicious! 
    I follow Weight Watchers and appreciate how your recipes are WW friendly. Do you know the Smart Points totals for the download, and, if so, would you post them?
    Thanks so much!

    • Ignore my post!!! I just saw the SP at the top of page! Thanks!

    • Thanks Joanne! I posted SP for the 3 bonus recipes, and have the SP listed for the first cookbook above in the index. I am working on calculating all the SP for the next cookbook. If you tell me which ones you want first, I can do those asap.

      • Wow! Gina, that is so kind of you. If you haven’t posted them by the time I receive my cookbook, I will let you know! Thank you so much! 

  118. Hi! If you already pre-ordered on Amazon will you still get these extras? I love your first cookbook and can’t wait for this one. Thanks!

  119. Does the bonus apply if we pre-ordered last week (if not, I might cancel and re-order :-)). 
    And does it apply to pre-orders through
    Thank you! 

  120. I just pre-ordered your cookbook and I can’t wait to receive it. Looking forward to making the yummy dishes.

  121. Not sure how to access the bonus once I have completed the purchase, opened the app and by mistake closed it.

  122. Just pre-ordered on Amazon . . . love your recipes . . . easy and delicious! And freebies on top of everything else? – Brilliant!!! Thanks again!

  123. You are amazing! My husband and I LOVE every recipe that we have ever tried of yours. (-; We gift your book all the time and are always bragging about how lovely you are. Thank you so much for the awesome freebies!

  124. I already pre-ordered the book. How can I get this offer??? Thanks:)

  125. I just pre-ordered, I can’t wait to get the new book! This bonus pack looks amazing, too, I can’t wait to make all these delicious recipes!! Thanks for doing this, what a treat!

  126. Awesome! Thank you!