Tropical Papaya Batido Fruit Shake

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A sunlit, vitamin-packed tropical fruit shake made with pink-hued papayas, fresh squeezed oranges and bananas.

A sunlit, vitamin-packed tropical fruit shake made with pink-hued papayas, fresh squeezed oranges and bananas.Tropical Papaya Batido Fruit Shake


Happy Monday! Monday morning are especially difficult the day after daylight savings, don’t you think? This pick-me-up fruit drink is the perfect fix! Vitamin packed, dairy-free, and loaded with vitamins and fiber.

A sunlit, vitamin-packed tropical fruit shake made with pink-hued papayas, fresh squeezed oranges and bananas.

My aunt brought over this beautiful papaya, excited to make this fruit drink for me. If you’ve never tried papaya, it has a soft, buttery, pinkish-orange flesh with a taste similar to cantaloupe, with black seeds in the center which you discard; it’s known for it’s antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects.

A sunlit, vitamin-packed tropical fruit shake made with pink-hued papayas, fresh squeezed oranges and bananas.

Any restaurant or home you visit in Colombia, where my Mom is from, fresh fruit shakes made with exotic fruits are always on the menu for breakfast or lunch.

Papaya is an excellent fruit because it’s high in Vitamins A and C, folate and potassium. In addition, it is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin E, and vitamin K.  It reminds me of a cantaloupe, only sweeter and softer. Fresh squeezed oranges were added for added vitamins and sweetness along with bananas to make this the perfect start to any morning.

Since this is made with nothing but just fresh fruit, I’m assuming the Weight Watcher Points are 0, correct me if I’m wrong. Enjoy your day!

A sunlit, vitamin-packed tropical fruit shake made with pink-hued papayas, fresh squeezed oranges and bananas.

A sunlit, vitamin-packed tropical fruit shake made with pink-hued papayas, fresh squeezed oranges and bananas.

A sunlit, vitamin-packed tropical fruit shake made with pink-hued papayas, fresh squeezed oranges and bananas.
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Tropical Papaya Batido Fruit Shake

205 Cals 3 Protein 49 Carbs 1 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 10 mins
Yield: 2 servings
COURSE: Breakfast, Brunch, Drinks
CUISINE: American
A sunlit, vitamin-packed tropical fruit shake made with pink-hued papayas, fresh squeezed oranges and bananas.


  • 1 1/2 cups fresh papaya, chilled
  • 1 medium banana
  • 2 cups fresh squeezed orange juice, from 1 1/2 navel oranges
  • squirt of lime, optional
  • crushed ice, optional


  • Squeeze the orange juice and set aside.
  • Place the cut up papaya, banana and fresh orange juice into the blender and blend until smooth.
  • If you wish you can squeeze some fresh lime juice.
  • Serve over ice or keep chilled in the refrigerator.


Makes about 2 1/4 cups.


Calories: 205kcal, Carbohydrates: 49g, Protein: 3g, Fat: 1g, Sodium: 6mg, Fiber: 4g, Sugar: 35.5g
WW Points Plus: 0
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  2. one way of including the fiber from all the fruit would be to add the orange segments instead of just the juice. water could be added if it was too thick.

  3. What does "PP" stand for?

  4. We don't like bananas either. We may try it without them or is there something else to add? Maybe using the whole orange rather than the fruit would add some thickness?

  5. I just made this! Soooooooo delicious, thank you so much!

  6. Hi~
    I'm not a huge fan of bananas and was wondering if anyone could recommend some other fruit to put in???

  7. Made this for lunch today! Although I got nowhere near 2 cups of juice from my 2 naval oranges, it was still delicious!

    I hope you won't mind; I did a post on my smoothie blog and credited you and your most wonderful web site!

  8. Your pictures are really beautifully taken! Love it! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. I do love your recipes!

  10. I ran my all fruit and veggie breakfast smoothie through the recipe builder on WW today. Even though all my ingredients were 0 points, WW said it 5 points. I think you're supposed to eat 3 strawberries in one snack rather than the strawberries with oranges, carrots and kale. Sort of discouraging to me.

  11. Made this for breakfast. It was quick and easy and we all loved it! Thank you for the great recipes, Gina!

  12. Mmmmm lechoza! This was delicious, batidos are the best 😛 Great simple recipe!

  13. Made it. Didn't add the yogurt this time but definitely will in the future. I also just peeled the orange and put the whole fruit in to the blender. It was delish!!! Thanks, Gina!!

    KCMama, I didn't score mine, I'm Colombian too, I've never seen anyone in my family score it, just peel and eat. It was great.

  14. We just finished up a papaya! My husband is Colombian. Do you and your mom score the outside of the papaya a day or two before you plan to use it? My husband and his family do. Always wondered if you could just eat it without doing that…..


  15. Making this tomorrow morning, putting the whole (peeled) orange in the blender, and the banana and papaya. I saw two comments about eating the seeds, one on salads and one in the blender with the smoothie…sounds interesting. Does this smoothie keep you full long? I usually add FF greek yogurt for protein and to keep me fuller longer. I guess I could add it to this one, but it would change the points. Suggestions?

  16. Drink the juice, then eat the orange pulp! (It's still yummy!) Problem solved 🙂

  17. I just tried this and it is definitely a new favorite smoothie. I'm wondering though… how on earth do you get 2 cups of orange juice out of 1 1/2 oranges? I juiced two and barely got a cup.

  18. I usually add seeds into my papaya smoothies it provides more fiber

  19. Looks fabulous Gina! I used to be a WW leader and technically, you should count the points on juice, even freshly squeezed juice because the fiber that makes you full and satisfies hunger is not included in the juice. The papaya and banana however would be 0 PPV because the whole fruit is used. It's very confusing! WW needs to do a better job of communicating this very confusing issue with their staff and their members!

    Anyway my hubby and I are heading to Hawaii on Sunday and this just gets me even more fired up to go, looks so good! Thanks for all of your great recipies. We are having your Asian Glazed Chicken thighs tonight and some stir fried veggies! Yum!

  20. Oh how this reminds me of Hawaii!

  21. This takes me back to Mexico- I used to drink this every morning! That squirt (or two) of lime takes it to the next level. Thanks for sharing!

  22. So many of you think you need to eat the fruit…is there any reason why the oranges can't just be put into the blender then? I am a fan of pulp in my orange juice 🙂

  23. Adding this to my breakfast menu now. Thanks for sharing and the photos are gorgeous!

  24. You do count the points for any juice because your body is not breaking down the food. But, that is Ok!!! Just work the points in!! It is a great source of vitamins and is extrememly beneficial to your health!! Just don't sabatoge yourself and work it into the plan!!!Looks great, Gina!! NOTE: I use the seeds in salads, they have a peppery flavor!!

  25. if only i had some fresh papaya…

  26. Papaya is really one of the fruit that is full of nutrition and the summer is about to come so it will a great recipe for summer.

  27. It's tropical fiesta over here!! So ready for summer sipping 🙂

  28. Summer is coming and I want one of these! Great photos!

  29. MMMM…. perfect for hot summer days!!! 🙂

  30. this looks vibrant and delicious!

  31. I say ZERO points! Let's not get too technical, lol!

  32. It's not 0 points. You need to do the act of eating to have a fruit be 0 points.

  33. I agree with EvaNadine… if you are juicing a fresh orange, and NOT including the fiber in the fruit, I think you have to count it. Points for juice are not about fresh vs. packaged, it's about satiety. Losing the fiber means it's not as filling as the whole fruit, so according to WW rules, points count.

    Either way, looks delicious and super healthy, so worth the points!

  34. I am pretty sure this would be 0 PP because you are using juice from the organge not store bought orange juice. If you were to eat the orange it would be 0 so the juice from it would also be 0.

  35. technically on WWP+ a cup of OJ (one serving) would be 3 points. while the fruit as a whole is 0 points, if you dont eat the flesh and only consume the juice, you're supposed to count the points.
    either way, this recipe looks tasty — I'm ALWAYS game for a smoothie!

  36. This looks great!

    It's my understanding that whole fruits have 0 PPs, but fruit juice (including the orange juice in this recipe) are NOT 0.

    Still looks great!

    • As long as the fruit juice is freshly squeezed – the points remain at zero. I verified this with a weight watchers leader because I was unsure as well. If you were to add processed orange juice – even ones that claim they are 100% juice – there are points associated.

  37. Your pictures are aways so beautiful!

  38. Whenever I'm intimidated by a new fruit i look it up in YouTube!

  39. I love the taste of papaya but they have always intimidated me! I have no clue how to pick a ripe one or even how to get the edible part out! But this drink looks so fresh and tropical!

    • Just cut it open, scoop out the seeds and score it with a knife, scoop it out with a spoon. It's delicious with a squeeze of lemon over it!

  40. Sounds great but too much sugar for me per serving. Will try with water instead of orange juice. Thank you for the recipe.

  41. Wow, this sounds DELICIOUS!! Could use a tall glass of it right now, in fact. 🙂


  42. Delicious! This reminds me of all the yummy fruit shakes in Miami.