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Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup

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Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup made with cabbage, potatoes, bell peppers and aromatics simmered on the stove with corned beef create this wonderful one pot meal – a fun twist on a Classic Irish dish!

 Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup made with cabbage, potatoes, bell peppers and aromatics simmered on the stove with corned beef create this wonderful one pot meal – a fun twist on a Classic Irish dish!Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup

A perfect festive Irish dish for the upcoming St Patrick’s Day holiday. I also have a classic recipe for Corned Beef and Cabbage (also Slow Cooker and Instant Pot versions). Another festive dinner idea you may enjoy is my lightened up Shepherd’s Pie.

This is such a delicious way to enjoy corned beef incorporating lots of vegetables in a warm bowl of soup. This has become our family “go to” recipe in celebrating St. Patricks Day! I’ve updated the recipe to include slow cooker and Instant Pot directions.

A few notes: I purchased a 2 1/2 lb piece or corned beef brisket. After I trimmed all the fat off it was 2 lbs. I boiled all the beef in the soup which shrunk to 18 oz, but only used half (9 oz cooked) of the corned beef in the soup and used the other half in another recipe.

And since so many are asking, although I have and love my Instant Pot, I still love my slow cooker! I have the 6 Quart Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker (affil link). I love it because you can adjust the time you want it to cook, and it automatically turns to warm when it’s done. It also has a probe for meat that automatically shuts off when done. I hated my old crock pot, it burnt everything and my food had a weird taste. This slow cooker is so great, I actually own several!

How To Make Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup

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Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup

4.60 from 22 votes
Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup made with cabbage, potatoes, bell peppers and aromatics simmered on the stove with corned beef create this wonderful one pot meal – a fun twist on a Classic Irish dish!
Course: Dinner, Soup
Cuisine: American
Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup made with cabbage, potatoes, bell peppers and aromatics simmered on the stove with corned beef create this wonderful one pot meal – a fun twist on a Classic Irish dish!
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 1 hour 35 minutes
Total: 1 hour 45 minutes
Yield: 5 servings
Serving Size: 1 3/4 cup


  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 2 leeks, chopped (whites and light green only)
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 3 medium carrots, chopped
  • 1 yellow pepper, chopped
  • 1 lb lean corned beef brisket, yields 9 oz cooked
  • 6 cups of water
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1/4 cup chopped parsley, plus more for garnish
  • 1 large potato, peeled and cubed
  • 1 small head cabbage, cored and chopped
  • fresh pepper to taste


Stove Method:

  • In a large pot or Dutch oven, heat oil over medium low heat.
  • Add leeks and sauté until soft, about 4-5 minutes; add garlic, carrots and yellow pepper and sauté about 2-3 minutes.
  • Add corned beef, peppercorns or seasoning packet that comes with the corned beef, bay leaves, parsley and water; cover and bring to a boil.
  • Simmer covered on low heat for 3 hours, until the meat becomes tender.
  • Remove the corned beef, set it on a cutting board and shred with a fork.
  • Return it to the pot then add the cabbage and potatoes, taste for salt and pepper and adjust as needed.
  • Cook until the potatoes and cabbage are tender, about 45 more minutes.

Slow Cooker Method:

  • In a skillet heat oil over medium low heat, add leeks and sauté until soft, about 4-5 minutes; add garlic and cook 2 minutes. Transfer to the slow cooker with the carrots, yellow pepper, corned beef, potatoes, peppercorns or seasoning packet that comes with the corned beef, bay leaves, parsley and water.
  • Cover and cook on high until corned beef is tender, 4 1/4 hours (or 8 1/2 hours on low). Remove the corned beef, set it on a cutting board and shred with a fork, return to the pot, arrange cabbage over corned beef, cover, and continue cooking on high until cabbage is tender, 45 minutes (or 1 1/2 hours on low).

Instant Pot Method:

  • Press saute and add the oil, leeks, garlic, carrot and yellow peppers, saute until soft, 4 to 5 minutes stirring.
  • Add the corned beef, peppercorns or seasoning packet that comes with the corned beef, bay leaves, parsley and water. Cover and cook high pressure 90 minutes, until the meat is tender. Quick or natural release.
  • Remove the corned beef, set it on a cutting board and shred with a fork. Return to the pot, add the potatoes and cabbage and cook high pressure 8 minutes, until tender. Quick release and serve.

Last Step:

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Serving: 1 3/4 cup, Calories: 281 kcal, Carbohydrates: 31.5 g, Protein: 14 g, Fat: 12 g, Saturated Fat: 3.5 g, Cholesterol: 50 mg, Sodium: 782 mg, Fiber: 7 g, Sugar: 3.5 g


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186 comments on “Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup”

    1. Follow the recipe but skip the step of cooking the corned beef. Use chicken or beef stock adding a few teaspoons of pickling spices for the “corned beef flavor”, if you have any of the broth from cooking the corned beef add it in too.

  1. I cook mine on the stove like you and I rinse the corned beef several times prior to cooking it to reduce the sodium. Then after cooking it completely with veggees and all, I let it cool down and then refrigerate it to take off the congealed fat the next morning. Don’t know if it’s healthier, but my brain thinks it is! 😂

  2. So good! I make this every st Patrick’s day. I brown the corned beef for depth of flavor first. I also use beef broth, sub red pepper, add corn and peas to get a whole rainbow of colors! Thanks for another great recipe!

  3. Another Skinny Taste recipe favorite! Had some time constraints the last time I made it, so took a chance and added 9 oz. of cooked corned beef from the deli counter-still a great recipe! This is the kind of recipe that you can leave as is or customize according to preferences. I like using broth instead of water.

  4. This has become my go-to for St. Patricks Days 🙂

    I made two small tweaks: I use broth instead of water and add 2-3T of mustard seed for a little extra tang. I also use a bit more meat

    This year I did the first half of the receipe in the InstaPot for 90 min and then moved to the stovetop for the potatoes and cabbage (ran out of room in the Insta) – it sped up the cooking time and the meat was really tender.

    This is in the permanent rotation

  5. I’ve been making this soup for a few years and its hands down my favorite. The most important thing to note is the corned beef. This recipe turns out WAY better if you buy corned beef thats already marinating in the seasoning. If you use corned beef where the seasoning comes in a separate packet the flavor is just not there and you have to substitute broth for water. I keep the fat on while it cooks in the intant pot, but separate it out at the point of shredding. I dont use garlic, peppers or parsely. I also fine that half a head of cabbage is more than enough, Hope this helps! Paired with Trader Joe’s Rosemary bread. Omg so good.

  6. I still have an 1 hour before removing and shredding my corned beef, but there is not much flavor, what am I missing???

  7. I made this is the crockpot and added a pint of Guinness and then enough water to reach the top of the corned beef. Yummy and rich!

  8. I made this recipe and love the flavor of this soup. I even gave the recipe to my daughters so that they can enjoy making this soup.

  9. Thank you, thank you. I was looking for recipe to use the left over corned beef and half cabbage.
    On the range in stock pot with chicken bone broth.
    Perfect for the rainy covid 19 homebound day.

    1. I was looking to make soup or hash w leftovers. Found this and soup was it. I used vegetable stock and a can of French onion soup instead of water. Delish. I don’t know if we can wait till next St Pats to have it again!

  10. Can you update the cook times to reflect the three different cooking methods? Stove top is NOT 1.5 hours, and that is the method of cooking you list first. 

  11. If I am using my leftover corned beef, how would I adjust the cooking time in the instant pot?
    This looks delicious 🙂

  12. First time cooking this dish. I wanted to emulate what my friend made last year and this fit the bill. Took about 3 hours to make from start to finish in my pressure cooker. Tantilizing smells, like buttery beef, I could almost taste it while cooking. I liked using my electric pressure-cooker rather than my propane stovetop.

    —– With 1.5 lbs of baby red potatoes, 1/2 a medium cabbage, and ~2lb of meat, it hit the MAX line by the end of it on my 5qt Instant Pot, but it worked out fine. I would not use less meat. Other than these tweaks, I followed recipe closely, except omitted yellow pepper. Oh, and we did not trim the fat. It all melted in my mouth. The potatoes and meat were cooked perfectly to my liking.

    —– However, the cabbage was far too soft for me. I wonder how this could be easily remedied? Also, was a bit too salty. Would rinsing the meat before cooking next time help? I’ve seen that instructed in recipes but have never tried it. Thanks for posting!

    1. I discovered by reading recipes that you can de-salt your broth by gently simmering the corned beef 30 minutes, draining the water and starting again with fresh water. I’ve done this twice now and it works perfectly! You can then use your broth for soup, gravy, anything you want without it being too salty. Still nice and beefy!

    1. I’d actually do the opposite. Cook the corned beef in your instant pot then finish the soup with the veggies stovetop to control the cook level you prefer

      1. How long did you cook in the insta and how much liquid did you use? And was it water or broth? Thank you

  13. Love love love this! I’m heading to a Nascar race in Fontana, California and it’s St. Patrick’s Day so what better time to make! I used chicken bone broth in place of water. It’s first time cooking with leeks. I will definitely make it again. It’s DELICIOUS!

  14. The instructions and video call for a SEASONING PACKET, but I don’t see it in the list of ingredients. What kind of seasoning packet should I look for? Thank you so much!

  15. Avatar photo
    Michelle Washer

    Ohhhh this recipe. I’m instantly back in my Nanny’s kitchen in Newfoundland having salt beef and cabbage. It’s like Jiggs Dinner in a bowl. DELICIOUS. Just made it tonight for hubby for Valentine’s Day.

    1. Would you just use salt beef then? I am in Alberta and not sure exactly what corned beef is! (hubby is newfie though lol)

      1. Avatar photo
        Catherine Lundgren

        Corned beef is (many times) not readily available and is more often found around St Paddy’s day. But if you don’t know what it is, can you ask your meat market or search online? Its not an obscure cut of meat in Canada. Its pickled and brined brisket

  16. Avatar photo
    Michael Connors

    I love Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner, so I’m really looking forward to trying this soup . If I decide to substitute the liquid with a broth. Would I you suggest a I try a beef broth or chicken broth.?

  17. I make this with the whole corned beef section as comes in the package, usually 2 – 2.5 pounds, but only shred half of it for the soup and then I use the rest in another recipe that calls for corned beef, such as a Reuben salad. When my bell-pepper-hating daughter lived at home, I would sub a yellow onion for pepper but now that she’s grown, I use the bell pepper. This is very tasty, both ways. I’ve always done it on the stovetop, but may try the slow cooker next time.

  18. Avatar photo
    amanda arnold

    If I have left over corn beef from St. Patrick’s Day can I use it to make this soup, if so what would I use in place of the “corn beef broth” chicken broth?

  19. Avatar photo
    Natalie Durst

    This was a good base to start with, the broth is bland so since I have my family recipes for the traditional meal I added Dijon mustard, dill and molasses that brought the soup up to feeling like the real deal of the original dinner in 1 pot

  20. Made this for a party of 12 for St Patty’s Day and it was a hit. I doubled the recipe and used 3 lbs. of brisket. In place of water I used organic vegetable broth. Delicious soup and not salty.

  21. Just made this and my husband has had seconds. It was gorgeous. Got silverside as it is difficult to get brisket over here . Will defo be making it again

  22. Total yum!  Plus, this solves the problem of me making Corned Beef and Cabbage for my hubby. He’s Irish and doesn’t really care for traditional CB&C; I’m Czech and love it!  He does, however, love soup and said this tasted great nothing like the typical CB&C.  
    Thank you Gina! I’m new to your site but becoming a huge fan.

  23. I put the oil, corned beef, and potato in as the only points and it came out to 6 fs for 1 3/4 cup and five sp if I made six servings.  What am I doing differently?

    1. I came out with the same amount. I’m not sure what is making the points written in the recipe higher? Gina?

      1. Are you using the recipe builder? The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

        The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  24. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Milligan

    I made this last night for dinner and it was absolutely delicious. I used the stove top version. I didn’t have time to make it in the crock pot. I substituted a yellow onion for the leeks because that was what I had in my fridge, turned out great! This was a very easy recipe and I will be buying extra corned beef so that I can have it on hand to make this recipe throughout the year. Can’t wait to try it with the leeks and use the crockpot.

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  26. Very good! My husband loved it. I made percrecipe but added a can of diced tomatoes to add a little extra flavor to the broth.

  27. Made this tonight. I added a can of diced tomatoes as I felt the broth was too bland for my husband’s taste. He loved it!

  28. Came out really well. I used what I had on hand so the recipe had to be changed a bit: green online instead of leeks. (I LOVE leeks and cant wait to make it again using them). I left out the pepper, as my husband doesn’t like it and added an extra potato instead. Really great way to help stretch out a corned beef roast.

    1. I actually altered it unintentionally and I think it helped me…I cooked my corned beef ahead so I could make it easily on a work night and put the liquid in the refrigerator so I was easily able to take the fat off of it. I also shredded the corned beef by hand so I took all of the fat off of it. 

    2. I was afraid that might happen……

      I cooked the brisket the night before in a crockpot then hand shredded it and removing all visible fat. Also, before adding to soup stock I reheated the brisket in the microwave and squeezed the last of the fat out using paper towels…….soup turned out PERFECT……not greasy at all!!

  29. This was so easy and delicious and everyone in my family loved it. I used a 3 lb. beef and trimmed the fat, like you suggested, but almost forgot to do that step. I made it earlier in the day and waited until an hour before dinner to add potatoes and cabbage. Thanks for all the amazing recipes. I haven’t made a bad one yet and I’ve been making your recipes like crazy in the past few months.

  30. So good! Had to cook my beef a bit longer due to its cut. Also this was my first time buying leeks- they look quite intimidating at the store but they tasted so good- defitnely worth it!

    1. Avatar photo
      Lynne Brutman

      Glad I wasn’t the only one to yse a leek for the first time!! I can not wait to try this soup in 8 hours?

  31. This was very good. The only thing I would recommend for next time is put the seasonings in a cheese cloth. Biting into a peppercorn is gross!

  32. This recipe is amazing! I have made it every year on st. patricks day after finding it. I have an instapot so I’m going to try out that version this year! Thanks 😀

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  34. I made this in my instant pot yesterday and it came out perfect. The meat was perfectly cooked and I trimmed the fat of the meat prior to cooking. I’ve tried cooking corned beef in the past and it would never come out right. This recipe was spot on. PS I used the flat cut. I enjoy your recipes very much.

  35. How much sodium can I save by leaving out the sodium packet, or maybe using a portion of it only.

  36. Thanks for a corned beef and cabbage recipe my family might actually eat! I’m the only Irish person in the house, my kids didn’t inherit my love for all things Irish. Thanks for the IP instructions too. Love my IP!

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  39. Gina, this has become our family “go to” recipe in celebrating St. Patricks Day. I know you are now doing pressure cooker recipes, can you tell me how we would adapt this to go from cooking on a dutch oven on a stove top to an Instant Pot?

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  41. Being lovers of corned beef & cabbage, we knew we had to try this recipe. Came home from work today to a pot of this soup simmering on the stove today. It’s great having a hubby who loves to cook as much as I do. Absolutely delicious. A nice hearty and filling portion. ????????

  42. How do we cook with leftover corned beef? I'm following meal plan but there was no substitutions made… Thanks!

  43. Hi! I need lots of help cooking, can anyone tell me how to adapt this recipe using already cooked corned beef?

  44. This is on my stove right now! I used one leek- probably should have used two- but made the recipe exactly as is. Smells great!!! Took a little taste test- yum!!

    1. Avatar photo
      Sandy Nippert

      I used two leeks, and it looked like a ton. I do however think my head of cabbage was not small. I only used half of it and it looks like too much.

  45. Avatar photo
    Janelle Diaz

    Would love to try this soup tomorrow but don't eat meat. Let me know if chicken is fine. Thanks

  46. Gina, could you make this with red cabbage? I have two heads from my farm box. I LOVE corned beef and cabbage (I AM Irish after all!!) but have never tried with red. I did try red in a soup once, and it was a LOT tougher than green, I found. So if I do use red, would you suggest any cooking alterations??

  47. thank you so much for sharing this recipe!! I made it for my husband and myself. It was excellent!!! I froze the leftovers in single servings so whenever I want some soup I can defrost what I want without any waste.

  48. Just finished making this. I used leftovers from st paddys say (let me tell you, corning a beef from scratch really makes you a hero to your Irish husband!) since my meat and veggies were pre-cooked, I didn't cook them so long. You do need a little salt if using meat already cooked. I added a tiny squirt of yellow mustard since that's such a classic taste with corned beef. It was just a hint to make you go hmm what is that!

  49. Avatar photo
    Colleen Norfolk

    Made this for St Patrick's Day and brought some in to work in a crock pot. Was a big success. Didn't have any leaks so I used green onions. The leeks would probably add more flavor. My broth needed a little more flavor so I added 1 beef bullion cube which probably blew all the healthy part of this recipe but really made a difference to me. As always, your recipes are the go to place to go for my meals at home.

  50. Thought this was very good. I doubled the recipe for two nights. I decided that next time I'm adding a couple large cans of cream of chicken soup, as we like a creamier base. Thanks for a tasty treat!

  51. Made this tonight for an early St. Patrick's day treat! Husband and I both loved and it is very very filling too:)

  52. I was wondering about the salt, would rinsing the meat help and then when making it, doesn't cooking a potato remove the salt? Could you cook a whole potato and then remove it and toss it to help remove the salt? Leaving it whole would let you know which tatie to toss. Maybe ven a couple of potatoes during the cooking time of the meat? Just curious.

  53. Hey gina, I make so many of your great recipes. For this one however, are there any substitutions you would recommend for the cabbage? I used to love it until I became lactose intolerant and had to stop eating cruciferous vegetables. 🙁

  54. I made this and we just loved it. To save time, I used a bag of pre-shredded cabbage and carrots, and I bought lean corned beef that was already cooked at the deli. I also wanted more broth, so I added some chicken stock. Very easy to make, and it's a very tasty soup!

  55. Avatar photo

    G'day! As a friendly follow up, I made an adapted version of your soup yesterday, true!
    Hubby gave it two thumbs up and even sneaked in another veggie or two…should you like to pop over to Twitter, you can have a photo view! Thank you! As it REALLY is terrific!
    Cheers! Joanne

  56. Great recipe!!! I changed it a little bit – adding some butternut squash and a turnip to mimic the colors of the veggies already going on in the stew. Was amazing flavor. So nice and rich and the broth was so flavorful with no chicken stock or anything just water and cooking the veggies – super impressed! I wrote about it and gave you the credit for the original recipe 🙂 I did a much bigger amount of meat also so I could use the leftovers for other yummy meals.

  57. Yum!! So wish I had this recipe after our St. Patrick's Day party. Though we plowed through our corned beef and cabbage anyway so there were no leftovers. Definitely bookmarking this for next year.

  58. This is in the last 30-minutes of cooking and the house smells so good! We're all hungry waiting for it to finish cooking. I did end up mincing the garlic rather than just putting the cloves in whole. Hope it's not too garlicky. 🙂

  59. Avatar photo
    rachel morris

    Made this today and I love it. Everything recipe I have made has been so amazing. I was in a rut from eating the same things everyday but this site has brought me out of it and made it so much easier to stay on track.

  60. Oh my goodness- this is amazing! I made this last night, the only change being that I omitted the carrots because I don't like them, so I added an extra bell pepper to make up for it. Enormous portions too, and for less than 300 calories. This is going into regular rotation in my life!

  61. Has anyone tried this in the crockpot? I want to take it over to a St. Patty's party and thought the crockpot might be an easy way to do it…

  62. Avatar photo

    This looks delicious – especially right now on a dreary rainy day! I'll be making it this weekend but I plan to amp up the veggie quotient by adding Tuscan kale. I will hopefully write about my success, and link the original recipe back your great site.

  63. Hi Gina, Another great recipe. I am going to take a short cut and do it in the pressure cooker. I can hardly wait. Gonna do it next week because I already made Chicken with Wild Rice soup for this week. 3 points and worth every bite.

  64. Do your European dwellers have any clues on where to purchase Corned Beef Brisket?..I have only found an extremely fat-laden canned facsimile in the anglophone market…and it's rather pricey in addition to being quite tasteless…Thoughts gentle readers?

    I would simply LOVE to make this for my daughter on St. Patrick's Day!

  65. I am planning to make this for St. Patty's Day. However, my farmers market has many varieties of cabbage. What type of cabbage should I bu for this soup?

  66. Avatar photo
    Accidental Texan

    Thank you for reposting this! I was looking for something to do with the corned beef we had, and this is a hit! My husband, who normally doesn't like soup, loved it!

  67. Ironic you should re-post this! I just made it Saturday for the first time. It turned out well and my family enjoyed the twist on this st. patrick's day staple. I'm still making the classic dish this coming weekend and have to serve it with your horseradish sauce. It made the meal last year. Thanks for the all the good eats Gina!

  68. This is delicious–the great flavor of corned beef but a much lighter (and yet still completely satisfying) presentation. Yum! My husband really liked it, and it fits nicely into our efforts to lighten up our dinners.

  69. Avatar photo
    rachel mmorris

    This looks awesome. I'm going to be making this on St. Patrick's day along with the Chocolate stout cupcakes with Baily's cream cheese icing. Going to be a yummy day!

  70. Avatar photo
    Kate | Food Babbles

    I love corned beef and cabbage! Can't say I've ever had it in soup form but now I'm going to try it. This looks amazing!

    1. If you have any leftover… totally try this recipe: Grilled Cheese Corned Beef Ciabatta Sandwiches at

  71. Thought my family would like this so I gave it a try. Just one variation though. Went to buy a brisket but it wasn't in the budget this week but I had some sliced corned beef from the deli in the freezer. I followed all the directions besides those for cooking the brisket and just added the deli slices and a few caraway seeds at the end. My son who hardly eats anything had it for dinner and then again for lunch the next day (he hates leftovers.) This is definitely going into our monthy rotation.

  72. I am making this right now with few adjustments. We are a family of eight so we have to add more ingredients. Even though we have this big family I still did not have a big enough pot. So,I followed the directions but put everything in a roaster oven on 400degrees. Do you think it will be okay? We love your website.

  73. I made this last night. This is so delicious. I made this exactly as your recipe says. So good. Thanks! My husband and I loved it! I have pictures here:

  74. We had this for super tonight with fried cornbread. It was delicious! It was mine and my husbands first time ever eating corned beef. It will be a regular on the winter menu. 🙂

  75. This soup needs no holiday, seriously the jam! Added a little balsamic and Worcestershire (my soup staples) and was delish. Can't wait for the leftovers!

  76. I'm excited to be making this today! Where I live all the veggies are in season right now. This is the perfect early fall soup!

  77. Avatar photo
    Geronica Smith

    Okay I made this dish tonight. I used red cabbage instead of green and green onion since I could not find leeks (darn). I started out in a pot until I had to suddenly leave; therefore, I transferred everything
    into the crock pot and let it cook for 6 hours (very tender). This has my whole house smelling delicious…cannot wait to taste it…I will post the results soon from my favorite critics (fiance and kiddo)…

  78. Avatar photo
    Nancy vs Polly

    Made this for St. Pattys day…wonderful…my husband and I loved it! Thanks for the recipe…your amazing!

  79. This was awesome. My deli was all sold out of uncooked corned beef, so I ended up with a thick slice of corned beef sandwich meat. I cubed it and added it to the pot at the same time as the potatoes. I will definitely make this as a traditional meal for our St. Patrick's Day celebration.

  80. Reporting back with results of converting this to pressure cooker. I followed Gina's instructions through putting the corned beef into the pressure cooker (sauteed the veggies in there) and added enough water to cover. Brought to pressure and cooked for 50 minutes. Natural release then topped with cabbage and potato and brought back to pressure then turned heat off and let it natural release. I took the corned beef out and measured out 9 oz, shredded it and then put it back in. I added more water to make it soup. It is delicious! The only thing I would have done differently is to pull the corned beef out and measure and shred BEFORE adding the cabbage but that's because it was just messy.

    Thanks, Gina!

  81. Made this last night and it was great! Full of flavor and hearty. Will make this many more times but will try it in the crock pot next time. Thanks so much for the recipe!!

  82. Gina, my soup is simmering right now. I can't wait for dinner! We've made at least 20 of your recipes and there hasn't been a single one that was "just ok". Everything has been fantastic, so full of flavor. Everytime I try a new recipe and my husband loves it he asks if it was from SkinnyTaste….and it usually is! Thanks!

  83. If i am using leftover corned beef from another recipe, how does that alter the cooking time for this recipe? THanks 🙂

    1. Avatar photo
      Gina @ Skinnytaste

      I would skip the step of boiling the meat, only simmer 30 minutes. You will probably need to add a chicken bullion or salt.

  84. The seasoning packet is full of hard little spices; peppercorns, mustard seeds, etc. Will those get soft or do I need to worry about breaking a tooth on a peppercorn? Do I put the spices in a cheesecloth pouch and remove it after cooking?

    1. Avatar photo
      Gina @ Skinnytaste

      They usually fall to the bottom of the pot but a cheesecloth pouch would avoid issues! Great idea.

  85. This looks so fantastic, I just had to post! I have made several of your dishes and they always turn out great. I'm sure this will be no exception…I can't wait to make it Saturday!
    Thanks Gina!

  86. I also need to watch my salt. I rad somewhere that you should soak the meat to remove alot of the salt. Did you do this or have you ever heard of it? Also, which cut of corned beef did you use?

    1. Avatar photo
      Gina @ Skinnytaste

      I used brisket, you could always boil the meat, drain the water and start the soup from there? Also, I found nitrate free lower sodium corned beef at the health food store and Trader Joe's.

  87. Avatar photo
    Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie

    It looks beautiful. I have seen other corned beef and cabbage soups that didn't look very appetizing, but I actually want this one!

  88. Yes, this sounds like a great use for leftovers. Thank you!

    Just one comment — Back when we bought corned beef from grocery stores, we got the same shrinkage as you saw. But, now that we get it at Costco, it's much more flavorful, with more meat and less fat.

  89. I was also wondering if this could be thrown into the crockpot once you add the corned beef & simmer for 3 hours?

    1. To make corned beef even more tender, we put ours in the crock pot for longer. Usually 8-9 hours on low.

  90. Well yum, thanks for posting this recipe, I'm pinning it to my pinboard, hoping to try this with my leftovers this St. Pattys Day.

  91. I love how you somehow manage to make even the most seemingly fattening meals healthy! You are such an inspiration to us healthy cooks. 🙂

  92. Hi Gina,
    another great recipe, totally trying it this weekend. I just wanted to say too that at this point I've probably made at least a dozen different recipes that you've posted (some have become regular go-to favourites like the chicken enchiladas!). I love your blog and I sincerely appreciate all the time and effort you put into this (and love that you post all the WW points values)! Following you on pinterest now too…
    🙂 cara

  93. This is going to be perfect to make with the leftovers from St. Patrick's day. Thanks for the idea and I just love your site!!

    1. This is exactly what I do the day after our large St. Pats Day Dinner. Everything cut into bite sized pieces and chicken broth added. Simmer for an hour. This soup freezes well…tastes exactly the same as the original corned beef dinner.

  94. Avatar photo
    Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers

    Fantastic recipe. I think making this with leftover corned beef would be great too!

  95. Hi Gina,here in Cork in Ireland we have a dish known as bodice and cabbage.Bodice is bought in sheets[i think they're like ribs] and boiled like bacon[ham not rashers of bacon].We usually throw turnip carrot and cabbage into the pot with the bodice for the last 20 mins or so.It's absolutely delish and the meat can just be sucked off the bone its soooo tender.Of course we serve with good old potatoes [poppies to us in Cork].Don't know how good it is for the waistline though!Love the site.

  96. Hmmm… I would love to do this meal but I'm concerned about the amount of sodium because I have high blood pressure. What kind of subsititions do your recommend to cut down on the sodium amount? I love your site & love using your recipes since I am trying to lose weight & be healthy. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Avatar photo
      Gina @ Skinnytaste

      The sodium is high because of the corned beef. I find some brands are saltier than others. What you could do is cook the corned beef first, then toss the water and make the soup with a low sodium broth. Otherwise, you could just use brisket and add your own peppercorns and bay leaves to season it yourself.

    2. you could also use 1/2 lb of deli corned beef and boil the vegies in low sodium chicken broth…not quite the same flavor, but definitely lower salt content.

  97. Hi, Gina! As a vegetarian, I won't be making this meal, but I am adapting your shepherd's pie recipe. I was wondering if I could prepare it in advance. Thanks! Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  98. I have cooked corned beef and cabbage in a pressure cooker before and it came out great. How could this recipe be tweaked for that? Maybe do the corned beef first, shred it and then add the other ingredients and simmer x-amount of time?

    Thanks for great recipes!

  99. I found you through Pinterest and I'm SO glad I did! Lots of your recipes are paleo-friendly, or easy enough to make paleo…everything looks soo delicious and I just pinned a bunch of things I can't wait to make!!

    1. Avatar photo
      Lola Lapinette

      I too am looking for paleo-friendly recipes and this soup is an snap to modify. Looks delicious. Thanks!

  100. Avatar photo
    Sloane@My Life in Florida

    I wanted to make Corn Beef and Cabbage this week but wasn't sure what to do with all the leftovers since it is just me and my fiance. Now I know!!

    1. Left over corned beef is the perfect excuse to make delicious (albeit fattening) Reuben sandwiches.