Un-stuffed Cabbage Bowls (Instant Pot or Stove Top)

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Un-stuffed Cabbage Bowls can be made on the stove or Instant Pot!

Stuffed cabbage without all the work!
Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

Quick and easy stuffed cabbage – without all the work! I love stuffed cabbage, it reminds me of my childhood (a staple in my home growing up), but they can be a bit time consuming. I came up with the idea to chop the cabbage and turn them into bowls instead and they came out so good! My husband RAVED, it’s a keeper. I made this in the Instant Pot but you can easily make this on the stove, simply double the cooking time. I added some cooked rice to them as my parents always make stuffed cabbage with rice but if you want to keep this low carb, feel free to leave it out.

How To Make Stuffed Cabbage Bowls

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Quick and easy stuffed cabbage – without all the work! I love stuffed cabbage, it reminds me of my childhood (a staple in my home growing up), but they can be a bit time consuming. I came up with the idea to chop the cabbage and turn them into bowls instead and they came out so good! My husband RAVED, these are a keeper.
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Un-stuffed Cabbage Bowls

338 Cals 30.5 Protein 36 Carbs 8 Fats
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 25 mins
Total Time: 30 mins
Yield: 4 Servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: American, Czech, Hungarian
Quick and easy stuffed cabbage – without all the work!


  • cooking spray
  • 1 lb 93% lean ground beef
  • 1 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon dried marjoram
  • black pepper, to taste
  • 8 ounce can tomato sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon Hungarian paprika
  • 1 cup less sodium beef broth
  • 2 tablespoons raisins
  • 1 cup cooked brown rice
  • 1 medium head cabbage, cored and chopped (9 cups)


Instant Pot:

  • Press the saute button on the Instant Pot. Spray with oil then add the beef and salt, cook breaking the meat up until browned, about 5 minutes. Add the onion, garlic, marjoram and black pepper and stir. Add the tomato sauce, paprika, beef broth and raisins, cover and cook high pressure 15 minutes.
  • Quick release, add the rice and cabbage and cook 3 minutes high pressure. Quick release and serve with additional rice if desired.

Stove Top Directions:

  • Heat a large pot or Dutch oven over medium-high heat, spray with oil then add the beef and salt, cook breaking the meat up until browned, about 5 minutes. Add the onion, garlic, marjoram and black pepper and stir. Add the tomato sauce, 1/4 cup water, paprika, beef broth and raisins, cover and cook medium-low 25 minutes.
  • Add the cooked rice and cabbage and cook 8 to 10 minutes, or until the cabbage is tender. Serve with additional rice if desired.



Makes about 6 cups.


Serving: 11/2 cups, Calories: 338kcal, Carbohydrates: 36g, Protein: 30.5g, Fat: 8g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Cholesterol: 71mg, Sodium: 808mg, Fiber: 8g, Sugar: 5g
WW Points Plus: 8
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  1. How do you reheat this once it is frozen ( already cooked)?

  2. This recipe is so good! I’ve always loved when my Aunt made stuffed cabbage but would never make it myself cause of the work involved. This tastes just like it! I did double the spices just cause as someone with an Egyptian background, I’m used to it that way and also omitted the raisins since I’ve never had them in stuffed cabbage before. 

  3. Do you know the point value for Weight Watchers

  4. My husband went crazy over this and said I can make it everynight!!! It was that good!! I dint have the marjoram, but I did add a sprinkle of cinnamon!!!

  5. Every time we make this, it doesn’t come to pressure once the cabbage is added and rice is burned on the bottom. Flavors are fine, but we’re striking this one out after a third attempt.

    (We’re not novice cooks, use our IP often, and have triple checks the recipe.)

    • For those with burn notice… I wonder if maybe it burns if you stir the pot before adding cabbage?
       I just throw the cabbage in and reseal and don’t get the burn notice. 

  6. I love this recipe!!

  7. Maybe I’m missing something, but it takes nearly 10 minutes for the instapot to “warm up” before the cooking time begins. This took a lot longer than 35 minutes.

  8. I made this tonight and we all liked it. I made it with ground turkey, tripled the garlic, doubled the Hungarian paprika, added another can of tomato sauce and two tablespoons of tomato paste and more salt. I didn’t have raisins so I subbed with brown sugar. But we wound up with way more than four servings. I’m going to freeze the rest for another time.

  9. I want to make this but confused on the paprika, all my searching comes up with “Sweet Hungarian Paprika”, so is that what I should use?

    • I have made this countless times and just use whatever paprika I have on hand – sweet paprika, smoked paprika, something that’s just labelled “paprika” so who knows what that is. Amazing every time. Don’t let the paprika hold you back!!

    • Use  regular papriks

  10. Does anyone have an opinion on if this can be frozen ? I’m not sure because of the cabbage… thoughts ?

  11. This was delish! I tweaked the recipe just a bit and didn’t add the marjoram, instead a bit of curry powder along with a little extra paprika, about 8 more oz of tomato sauce, and no raisins or rice. Served cauliflower rice for the others and they loved!   I made this on the stove top as well and was pretty much the same length of time it would have been in the instapot. Healthy and hearty at the same time. Will be making again! 

  12. I love this recipe but wondering why this recipe is so much different than the one in the cookbook?

  13. So delicious!  And much less work than stuffing cabbage leaves.

    I added one tablespoon of caraway seeds and it gives the dish a nice additional layer of flavor. 

  14. Help! We love this recipe, but every time I make it, I get the burn notice after adding the cabbage and rice. How can I avoid this?

  15. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! We just made it tonight and it was amazing! My husband was raving over it. I just started WW mid-February and have been eating 0-pt protein thus far. Just saved a bunch of your recipes to try each week!

  16. Wonderful and so easy and satisfying! Even my 6yo and 8yo enjoyed this. It took 45 minutes to make because of how long it took my Instant Pot to come to pressure. But now that I know that, I can plan accordingly. Definitely going into my regular rotation.

  17. We love this recipe 😋Making again today.    

  18. This is one of my family’s favorites – healthy comfort food!

  19. Just finished making this in my Instant Pot again. Total family favorite so I make it every 2-3 weeks! Tonite I used ground turkey in place of the beef and it’s so delicious! I serve it sprinkled with a little fresh parsley and some toasted pignoli (pine) nuts!

  20. Absolutely love this recipe. So easy and so tasty. I doubled the tomato sauce but only because I like it a bit more hearty. This was great.

  21. I eat this with cauliflower rice (I just add it when I heat it up at my lunchtime) How many points do you think it would be on green? I count 3, but feel like it’s not enough. I use 99% fat free turkey. Anybody have any thoughts? 

  22. Perfect winter meal! My youngest son and I love to cook together in the evenings. This came together quickly and was full of flavor. We will definitely make this again. We did add a bit more paprika and will add more raisins next time. Simple, yet really delicious!

  23. This is a fabulous and much easier way to make cabbage rolls.  I followed the Instant Pot directions, added a 1/2 cup of uncooked rice and an extra 1/2 cup of beef broth in step one to the meat mixture.  the rice was done by the end of the recipe and one less pot to clean.  Served with popovers, hub loved it!

  24. Made these tonight. They were pretty good! Added a little cayennes for some oomph. 😉

  25. Delish! Do you think you could actually cook the rice in the pressure cooker with the rest of the stuff if more liquid is added? 

  26. We made this growing up, my mom called them lazy man cabbage rolls.

  27. Love love love golubtsi (russian cabbage rolls) and this is a great recipe to get the same taste with minimum effort! I substitute a can of organic tomato paste and a can of diced organic tomatoes for the tomato sauce. Add more raisins and a bit more rice and of course, serve it with sour cream. Sorry… not counting points but oh my god delish!!!

  28. We made this yesterday and it was amazing! The only change we made was to add another 8 oz can of tomato sauce. I had some leftovers today and it’s even better the second day! We will be making this often! 

  29. Will cauliflower rice work with the insta pot?

  30. This is SO delicious and much easier than making stuffed cabbage.  This will be in the regular dinner rotation.  I made the recipe exactly as written, no changes.  

  31. I love this recipe and have made it at least 10 times, so I give it 5 stars. (I make it and divvy it up into containers for meal prep lunches.)

    But for some reason when I made it today, it refused to come to pressure after I added the rice and cabbage and after 4 attempts it was burned to the bottom of the pot. I added all of the ingredients and didn’t forget any liquids. Not sure what happened….

  32. Great recipe, I keep coming back and making it over and over!!! My family grew up using mint instead of marjoram, so that is what I do. I also omit the raisins because I am not a fan. Soooo yummy!!! I’ve made this in my instapot and on the stovetop.

  33. Just made this. Super tasty! I see some reviews saying it’s bland and I think maybe you are using regular paprika instead of Hungarian? In any case, I only had regular so I added a little cayenne too. I also tossed in a bit of sauerkraut to tang it up and since I only had one half a red cabbage head. I also cooked it with some mushrooms as well. And when done, served it with a dollop of plain whole Greek yogurt on top sprinkled with more paprika and cayenne. Delicious!

  34. So good! I double the tomato sauce. Make this a lot!

  35. Wow! Better than expected both in taste in preparation. Definitely a keeper!

  36. So amazing 5 stars! My Husband and two babies went crazy over it. No leftovers. This recipe will definitely stay in the menu. 

  37. So amazing 5 stars! My Husband and two babies went crazy over it. No leftovers. This recipe will definitely stay in the menu! 

  38. This is delicious!! Thank you so much for the recipe. I made mine with ground turkey to cut down the fat. I also added a lot more paprika than called for, and I plumped the raisins before adding by boiling them I’m water.

    Highly recommended – another Skinnytaste winner!!! Gina, you have seriously improved my quality of life!!!

  39. One of my favorite SkinnyTaste meals! So easy, nutritious and DELICIOUS.


  40. Why is there extra water (1/4 C) in the stove top directions, but not the Pressure Cooker directions?

  41. This is really good – my 8-year old scraped his bowl! I would actually add more raisins – I thought it gave it a nice, sweet kick. I will try cauliflower rice and a tablespoon of tomato paste next time.

  42. THIS IS AMAZING!! I will make again and again.. So surprised at something so simple, and so tasty. I’m putting it on a bed of raw cabbage (yep, LOTS of cabbage!) instead of on extra rice..
    QUESTION: the points don’t seem to work out for me – the only thing that has points is the beef and rice, correct? When I put this into the meal planner it comes out as 5 or 6 green points. So I’m not sure why it would be 8 pts according to the recipe?

  43. Can you double this for the instant pot? 

  44. Amazing!!!!!! Hubby keeps filling his bowl! Almost gone😉 definitely a keeper!

  45. Going to try this. Love cabbage rolls but lots of work. Thanks for the re ipe.

  46. Can this be made and reheated for lunches throughout the week?

  47. If I used ground chicken would it be 0 points on purple?

  48. I was disappointed when I saw how little tomato sauce was in the finished product. But when I tasted it, it was fabulous!  I was worried about the raisins, so I chopped them up fine.  I didn’t find a single piece, but I knew there was something special in there. My husband and I both loved this, served it with a big dollop of sour cream.

  49. Delicious! I made with basmati rice instead of brown and omitted the raisins. I don’t know how you got to 8 points (blue) for this recipe though. i put it in my recipe builder to see if turkey would drop the points, but either lean ground turkey or beef, I still only come to 5pts a serving for 4 servings. Maybe i’m missing something ?

  50. This recipe was delicious!!! I love how simple it was , yet so tasty! Will definitely be making this lots

  51. Made it twice within two weeks!
    First time exactly as written (except I substituted 2 shredded carrots for the raisins, which my family won’t eat) – delicious!
    Second time – I doubled it to feed a crowd, used half beef & half turkey, added a diced green pepper, 2 shredded carrots, and 1-2 tablespoons tomato paste. Again – delicious and super easy to feed a crowd. (I made a separate batch of rice in my rice cooker for those that might want more.)
    This is comfort food at it’s best, with a one-pot recipe that is easy to double, and easy to personalize to your own taste. It’s a keeper!

  52. Just made this tonight – my first Instant Pot recipe! I used ground turkey and bagged coleslaw mix and it turned out great. This will definitely become a go-to recipe!

  53. I got this recipe from my sister Linda. It is really good! I loved it and so did my daughter and my great niece who is only 4 years old. I added a little red pepper flakes and  a small amount of sugar. Don’t leave out the raisins, it makes a great addition to the dish! Thanks for a great recipe!!!!

  54. I love this. I gave the recipe to my sister and she loves it too. I got the recipe from my friend at work. I left out the rice and I never missed it. Try this!

  55. This was a huge winner! I’ve made cabbage rolls for years and this was all the flavor without the extra work. I love that the cabbage stays crisper in this version as well. I followed others suggestions and added a few tablespoons of tomato paste and I used ground turkey because it was what I had on hand. I also used the suggestion of another to just put in 1/3 cup brown rice and an extra 2/3 cup water to skip the step of cooking the rice before hand and it worked perfectly. Plus the portion size on this was huge! Thanks for another amazing recipe, Gina!

  56. This was amazing.  Tastes very similar to a cabbage roll without all the work.  I didn’t use the instant pot, decided to make on stove top.  
    I did however add a little bit of heat.  We like everything spicy!  Lol

  57. I made this tonight. Turned out great. I used a large head of cabbage, and I added mushrooms, so I needed more broth. I portioned out to reheat for my lunch this week and will add riced cauliflower. 

  58. Love this recipe. I don’t know why everyone is so afraid of raisins. I’m usually not a fan of them, but they add so much to the overall flavor of this dish. They become incredibly soft after cooking, too. I used Better Than Bouillon for the broth and didn’t feel it was too salty. Also,  I did end up adding about 1 T of tomato paste at the end. Flavorful AND easy—definitely a new go-to!

  59. I wanted to love this and based on the comments I thought I would. It was very bland and we ended up throwing it in the trash 🙁 I tried to dress it up with sauerkraut and a bit of greek yogurt, nope. It just tasted like beef and cabbage.

    • I have made this recipe a bunch of times, and I end up adding more veggies – usually carrots and mushrooms – and a lot more spices. What makes the biggest flavor difference is I add a cinnamon stick while its all simmering.

  60. Loved this! I doubled the batch and now we have a lot of leftovers for lunches. I used ground pork and no raisins. I did get the burn message the first time, but I mixed it up and tried again and it worked fine. 

  61. This was amazing and lots of leftovers for lunches

  62. Smelled delicious but when I added the cabbage I got the “burn” error message and a portion of the beef mixture had burned on the bottom. Maybe it needs more liquid. The top part that wasn’t burned was very tasty.

    • Great receipt! Like many people I didn’t add raisins it seemed odd and I don’t like them much to begin with. This most recent time I decided to add them and I’m glad I did it added a new unexpected flavor that I was pleasantly surprised I liked it. My tweaks subbed In cauliflower rice And turkey and increased the seasoning to taste.

  63. I didn’t have good luck with this one. I followed directions, but when I put the cabbage in it would never start steaming. I decided to add water two more times. By the time it actually steamed it was burned and mush😞

  64. I just made this today for my mom as stuffed cabbage is her favorite dish. I didnt have any marjoram, raisins or beef broth, but boy was it delicious. I couldn’t stop eating it myself. It was much easier than our old family recipe of boiling cabbage first and rolling meat into cabbage leaves. I will be making this regularly. I added minced pieces of fresh ginger to mine for an extra kick!

    • I’m suggesting that you have Better Than Bouillon in the fridge so that you always have broth at hand. Find in the canned soup section where bouillon cubes are.

    • What can I substitute for the marjoram?  Would oregano and/or thyme work?

  65. I made this for the first time a couple weeks ago, and have made it twice since!!! Super easy, no strange ingredients. The last two times I took a shortcut and used pre-made coleslaw mix instead of chopping the cabbage! I’ve also added in mushrooms, celery and sun-dried tomatoes, and used broccoli slaw for part of the cabbage. I can fit the entire recipe in a 3 qt IP, too! I just use enough cabbage to fill it to the top. I also like that although this uses tomato sauce, I’ve never gotten the dreaded burn notice. It’s great cold for lunch, too!

    • Also- I rarely eat grain, so I skip the rice. It’s well under 200 calories each for four huge servings!

      • This is one of our families favorites! I’ve made the stove top version over a dozen times with slight tweaks depending on what ingredients we have on hand. Ie/ chicken broth, diced tomatoes. While the substitutes have been good the original recipe has had the  best results  🙂 

    • I was just wondering it this would fit on a 3 qt Insta pot. Thanks for the tip!

    • I was going to ask if you could use the pre_made coleslaw. Makes this even faster to make!

  66. If I leave out the raisins and use turkey, would it be zero points?

  67. I had initially made the cauliflower soup today but it tasted so good that I couldn’t help myself and ordered groceries through instacart to have the ingredients for this recipe delivered to me so that I could cook this as well.  My husband has a sensitivity to beef so I had to sub it for ground turkey.  I didn’t have any raisins on hand so I omitted that as well.  I was in a rush to taste this and had misread the instructions.  I placed raw brown rice in the instapot and it was al dente at 15 minutes.  I just cooked it some more at 5 minutes and it was perfect.  I’m sure that with the original recipe, raw rice would require more moisture but my ground turkey was pre brined and a lot of water came out of cooking it.  The end result is still almost slightly soupy but very tasty.  Would have loved to add some sour cream on top to add some acidity to the dish but too scared of the additional calories.  Thank you for this recipe! I am now hooked on your site.  

  68. This is one of my favourite recipes from your site, Gina! I make it very often; it’s about time a left a review…
    Sometimes I add a can of fire roasted tomatoes and when I’m trying to lose some weight, I make it with ground turkey/chicken and omit the rice and raisins, Still delicious!

  69. Could you make this in the crockpot?

  70. This was ah-mazing!!! I did have to add hot sauce because we are spicy freaks. haha

  71. Easy & delicious! I’ve made this several times for my family & it’s always a hit & never any leftovers! 🙂 Enjoy!

  72. can I use quinoa instead of brown rice?

  73. This recipe is amazing. My husband and I love it. It’s so delicious and easy to make.

    Thank you!!!

  74. Hi Gina! 
    I stumbled across this recipe when I got an Instant Pot (that I didn’t think I wanted) for Christmas. I was delighted because I was in Hungary last spring. I bought some Paprika but didn’t know what to do with it. The family loved the recipe! And I loved getting to use all my new things. We are making it for the second time tonight. My 8 and 10 year old love it! 

  75. I LOVE this recipe! Thanks, Gina! I am Ukrainian and stuffed cabbage rolls have been a staple in my home since childhood. This recipe is so delish and cuts time in half if not more without sacrificing the taste. I would add grated carrots to the cabbage mix as well as bay leaf when cooking meat and then eat it all adding a good amount of sour cream on top of it. YUM! Will be making it tonight.

  76. Sounds good, I too would use Turkey instead of beef. And omit the the raisins. I might use the brown rice or just do half brown rice & half Cauliflower rice since I wouldn’t be the only one eating it. Thanks!

  77. This recipe has quickly become a family favorite. I found the addition of raisins to be a bit odd, but there are as many ways to make stuffed cabbage as there are to make anything else. Knowing my family wouldn’t even touch it with raisins, I left them out, and just mixed a few in to mine. Wasn’t bad, just different for me. My German grandma always added a layer of sauerkraut to the pot of stuffed cabbage, and that is the flavor profile my family is used to, so I just add a little bit to the mix. Love this recipe.

  78. I made this tonight in the Instapot. I loved it!! The little bursts of sweetness from the raisins in the sea of savory cabbage was a delight. Next time I’ll slip the rice because I’m low carb mostly but I don’t think it would be missed at all. Great recipe. Thank you. 

  79. Made this last night for dinner! My family is Hungarian and we love traditional cabbage rolls, but I loved how easy, fast, and healthy this was. I subbed ground turkey for beef and it was still flavorful without any extra added seasonings. I did add a splash of vinegar at the end to achieve the taste I’m used to.

  80. My grandmother made this all the time & passed it down.  Now that I’m obsessed wi/my instant pot, I needed new instructions.  Never did it w/raisins, so I left those out, but this was perfect otherwise

  81. I see that when you do this on the stove top it says “cooked” cabbage, but no mention as to how to cook the cabbage first. Should I just steam it?

  82. Do you drain the beef or leave it be when adding the next ingredients? 

  83. I made this recipe to the T and this is the first time ever that my IP blinked burnt at me and turned off.   Even after adding an extra cup of broth and more tomato sauce when I added I’m the cabbage it still wouldn’t reach pressure and when after I cancelled it it was still very dry. The flavor was great but not sure if I would take the risk of burning my pot again. Anyone have any tips or suggestions??

    • So I know some of you are having issues with my IP recipes. I never get the burn message when I test a recipe, so trust me I am as frustrated as you are. After doing some research, this is what I found- The newer IP models have a hair trigger burn sensor that can’t tell the difference between a slight caramelized residue, which is good, and totally burnt. To avoid this, when using the saute button always deglaze the pot after sauteeing with a tablespoon or two of water or broth before adding your other ingredients.”

  84. Would this be okay to cook in the slow cooker? 

  85. I love this recipe!! I have been able to change a few things so it comes out to 3 SP! I used 96% ground beef.  I eliminate the raisins and I used cauliflower rice instead of rice.   Hubby loves it. Thanks for such a great recipe.  Hearty and filling. 

  86. I’ve made it twice (once with ground turkey, one with Yves ground round). Delicious both times! It gave me the burnt signal the first time, so I tried not stirring it the second time. The bottom of the pot was clean when I added the cabbage, I didn’t stir and it still burned! I’ve transferred it to a dutch oven no problem, but was bummed it burned. I’ll try more broth next time like someone suggests above 🙂 Delicious!

    • Glad it worked for you in the dutch oven Clara. So I know some of you are having issues with my IP recipes. I never get the burn message when I test a recipe, so trust me I am as frustrated as you are. After doing some research, this is what I found- “The newer IP models have a hair trigger burn sensor that can’t tell the difference between a slight caramelized residue, which is good, and totally burnt. To avoid this, when using the saute button always deglaze the pot after sauteeing with a tablespoon or two of water or broth before adding your other ingredients.”

  87. Living in Mexico cabbage is readily available year round but I  typically only use it for tacos or coleslaw . Happy to find another recipe that I  can use cabbage for.  I cooked it stovetop and added uncooked rice increased liquid before adding cabbage.  Personally I would add a little.more heat to serve to my family, but it was fine as is.  I added my favorite hot sauce and my husband added a little Parmesan.  My husband said to me multiple times after dinner “that was really good dear” so I guess that means, Yes please make again.

  88. This was a wonderful recipe! I made it on the stove top. It was perfect for a cold day, very comforting. I kept the raisins and was glad I did because they added a nice sweet surprise once in a while. Also very easy in terms of clean up! Made it on the weekend and taking every day for lunch. Will definitely make again!

  89. What can I substitute for Hungarian paprika? Regular paprika? Or Smoked paprika?

  90. Does anyone know the approximate calorie count without the rice?

  91. First, I rewrote this recipe using the WW app soI could delete the raisins and have a point calculation.
    Then, I read though this recipe couple time to make sure I had everything I needed, but never saw the word “cooked” before the word “rice.” So I added 1 cup of raw brown rice. This needed another 1/4 cup of beef broth and 11 more minutes on pressure cooke to at least get the rice “al dente.”
    Both my husband and I really enjoyed this dinner.
    Because of my raw rice mistake, I added points fpr an additional 1/3 cup of cooked rice. Will definitely make it again.

  92. I’m a huge fan of cabbage rolls but have disappointed time and time again by the recipes I’ve tried. Well, this one’s a keeper. Not only is it out of this world delicious, it saves you the work of having to wrap up the rolls. Easy and scrumptious, just the way I like it.

  93. Forgive me if this is repetitive, but did anyone use cauliflower rice on the stovetop version? If so, does it need to be pre-cooked? (Founf it mentioned lots of times, but no answer as to the logistics) Thanks!

  94. This was great! I made it on the stovetop, and left out the raisins. I used spicy tomato sauce, and Badia seasoning instead of marjoram. I also added the cabbage after 10 minutes with the sauce, and continued for another 15. Then, added another 5. minutes at low, to get the cabbage more tender. Next time, I will add red pepper flakes for a little kick.

  95. I’ve made this three times, the last time in the Instapot. It’s really good, and even my picky husband loves it. Even better the next day reheated. Don’t skip the raisins, because they make the dish extra special.

  96. Delicious and so easy to make!

  97. Loved it! Made it without raisins and added cayenne pepper!

  98. I followed it to a t and the rice was in no way cooked in used brown rice just like it said . What did I do wrong

  99. This was ridiculously tasty for how easy it was. I adjusted the seasoning with apple cider vinegar and some sweetener at the end. It was so good that my family of 5 gobbled it up! Which includes 3 kids under 6, 2 of which are sworn vegetable haters. Thanks for the delicious recipe!!

  100. Made for first time. Made just as written, w/o rice, just on hubbie’s. Was good but will add more paprika, smoky and hot when I make again, and I will!

  101. I would like to sincerely thank you for this recipe.

    My mother has had diabetes for decades but now on top of that she recently suffered a mini stroke and has elevated blood pressure so now we don’t have to just worry about carbs we have to worry about sodium so NO processed foods!

    I’m not much of a cook so I’ve been struggling to find recipes she will like and I made her this and she LOVED it.  

    I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

    Thank you once again 

  102. For those looking to make this with uncooked rice/frozen meat…

    I made this tonight with frozen turkey, Did the turkey first – 1c water in the pot, turkey on the trivet, 25 min on manual with quick release.

    I then dumped the water, added the oil to the pot, and put the turkey back in broke it up on Saute. Continued with the recipe as written but added an extra 6oz liquid (I just used water) and upped the time from 15 min to 24 min. Followed the rest of the recipe as written except a dash of Worcestershire at the end!

  103. I got an Instant Pot recently, and I’m really enjoying cooking with it. I made this last night, and thought it was quite good as written. But, to taste more like the stuffed cabbage I grew up with, it should have more tomato and be sweeter. Just heated up some leftovers, mixing in a spoon of tomato paste and a little brown sugar, and it was amazing!

  104. This recipe is amazing! Both my husband and I loved the simplicity of making it and the flavour that comes with cooking it in the instant pot. We did get the burn message come up so we just took off the lid, turned it onto saute and let it cook until the cabbage was soft to our liking. Plus its filling so it’s great for me while I’m on my weight watchers journey 🙂 Thanks Gina!

  105. Another winner, Gina! This was so comforting on a cold day- without tons of calories. This will be on replay all winter here 

  106. Yum Yum! I did this in the instant pot and I placed one cup of uncooked basmati brown rice in with the sauce and meat on the first pressurizing (adding about a 1/3 to a 1/2 cup more tomato sauce) and saved the extra step of precooking rice. I omitted the raisins. I used about a TBSP of paprika. I also added a can of sauerkraut to the regular chopped cabbage. This recipe is really good and as you can tell easily modified. Don’t forget to sprinkle Hot hungarian Paprika on just before eating!

  107. Made this tonight and really enjoyed it! The prep was easy too. I substituted oregano for marjoram and left out the raisins. Any idea if this would work with purple cabbage? 

  108. Whole family liked it. It’ll be a new addition to our dinner rotation! I did the stovetop version. It was easy and only required one pot. Instant Pot seems kind of fussy for this.

  109. I love this recipe. the calorie count for this recipe in one and done is much higher. Why? The recipes are identical.

  110. Can you freeze leftovers?

    • I was going to ask the same thing!  I loved this recipe and have a lot of cabbage to use, so I would love if it would freeze but I’m afraid to try in case it will get mushy.  

  111. I’ve made this a few times on the stove but this is amazing with the Instant Pot. If anyone is on the fence about purchasing an Instant Pot….you need to pull the trigger. It has been a life changer for me. Anyway – I used 16oz of tomato sauce instead of the 8 and added some chopped mushrooms. So good!

    I know the raisins seem weird to add for alot of people, me included at first, but they do add a flavor that is worth it. If you are cooking for two – note that this does make a decent amount. You will have at least 3 days worth of leftovers. Great recipe Gina!

  112. This is very different from the traditional stuffed cabbage rolls. The original is raw ground beef, uncooked white rice, salt, and pepper rolled into a large cabbage leaf. Place in a pot top with canned tomatoes and cook until hot all the way through. Serve with salt pepper and butter to top the rolls. I can see adding the onion and garlic but raisins, marjoram, and paprika with tomato sauce is not anywhere near traditional cabbage rolls.

    • Hi Julie- I agree on your points of raw ground beef, raw white rice, S & P, stuffed in the cabbage leaves, along with the canned (stewed or crushed) tomatoes, but tradition is related to the region your ancestors came from. Tomatoes originated in the Americas, rice from the middle east to the far east. However, the blend of raisins, marjoram and paprika is highly traditional, being native , variously, to the regions of Eurasia from Portugal to Russia, and from the Baltic to the Mediterranean and it’s environs. Stuffed cabbage “Birds” are frequently accredited to Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Lithuania, etc …. I say let’s make it 100% “traditional”—get rid of the rice and add cracked buckwheat? To those of you who couldn’t stand the thought of raisins, remove the pits from an apricot or a date, soak it overnight & mash it before adding for a good long stew-time. Who needs sugar? Nature’s sugars remove the any tartness from the tomatoes, and the stink from the cabbage. Please don’t substitute oregano (too strong.) Marjoram is the gentle cousin, wonderful in soups and chicken dishes, when you want gentle fragrance, not “BAM!!!!!”

  113. Any suggestions if I have frozen ground beef?  I made this last week with fresh ground beef and thought it was amazing, but forgot to defrost the meat this morning. 

  114. Another dinner winner! All 4 kids (and husband) approved. Warm and filling and did not feel or taste like a healthy/diet dinner. Perfect for a crisp fall evening or cold winter night. I left out the raisins. Another recipe for the rotation! Thanks, Gina!

  115. Do you think I could freeze leftovers? Thanks 

  116. Love this recipe. Do you think I could freeze the leftovers? Thanks 

  117. Does the cabbage cook very soft in the instant pot? I prefer it very soft. 

  118. I make this recipe all the time. It’s easy and delicious and the leftovers are great for lunch. I leave out the rice and use more cabbage. That way I can eat a bigger serving! The raisins add character; just a hint of sweetness. My husband loves this too! 

  119. This is one of mine and my husbands favorite recipes from this site. I’ve made it for others who’ve loved it as well. I truly believe if you make it as written it is delicious and full of flavor. Not bland at all as some have said. Just use the beef, it really makes the dish.

    • The one sub that I do make and recommend is to use quinoa instead of rice. Its great both ways, but I think using quinoa allows the flavors to shine through even more.

  120. A perfect weeknight recipe!

  121. This was a good recipe, but I found it a little bland. It’s just a lot of cabbage and rice to have seasoned with that quantity of spices IMHO. I usually use better than bouillon for broth, so I could have adjusted it to be more ‘intense’ and I could have added more seasonings if I’d been thinking. That said, it was yummy. We just experimented with different varied sauces/additions afterwards lol. I used quick cook brown rice because I was in a hurry and realized afterwards I should have just added it all into the pot but I don’t yet know the cook times/liquid amount for that, so I just made it in the microwave separately and added it along with the cabbage. Worked great, if anyone else is wondering 😛

  122. As a true Polish/German cabbage rolls were a staple and a favorite and something to look forward to in the fall for sure. I always make a huge batch to share with my kids. And then I sometimes break them apart and warm them up in a frying pan. So to find a way to get the taste without the work, well of course I was willing. However I also did not add the raisins. Perhaps somewhere in Polish German households raisins were part of the recipe and while I love raisins,,, just could not do it in this recipe. I also do not have a hot pot and it worked just fine stove top. It is a doable quick alternative to the real thing and a quick dinner on the table meal. I will still make one batch the traditional way just because it is part of my jeans. And by the way my grandma always added a little bit of crumbled bacon to her filling.

  123. For those wondering – I used raw white rice, raw cabbage and onions, canned fire roasted diced tomatoes, and hardly browned ground beef (just enough to break it up) – threw in an extra cup of water. Cooked per white rice settings for Instant Pot. Turned out fantastic!

  124. Made this as I had some cabbage that I wanted to use in something. I love stuffed cabbage rolls and have been wanting to do this easier version. We loved it. I didn’t think my husband would like it as he is not crazy about cabbage and he said : “is that hard to do?,” as he would like to have it again! I was pleased. I served his with rice, the easy make in microwave packages that take 90 seconds (seeds of change brand) And I had mine with some Miracle Rice. Love the low low calories on those. I know they are not for everyone but I like them. So nice to have as much use of my pressure cooker as I can get. Thank you!

  125. I have made this before and it was great. Just wondering, has anybody tried to save a step and put in raw brown rice and cooked it with??

    • I read the instructions in a hurry and I just placed raw brown rice in the instantpot and timed it at 15 minutes, prior to adding cabbage.  It could have used five more minutes as it was al dente and not soft as I liked it, but just added 5 more minutes prior to adding the cabbage.  It would probably need more liquid for raw rice but mine turned out fine because I had purchased a pre brined ground turkey and it added a lot of extra moisture. 

  126. We went to Hungary and brought home hot and sweet paprika.  Which would you recommend?

  127. I’ve made this a bunch of times with turkey meat and it’s amazing!  I’m so happy I found this recipe because I love stuffed cabbage but hate the hassle and this is so much easier! 

  128. Terrific blueprint recipe–easy to experiment with flavorings and ingredients. I added 1 1/2 cups peeled cubed eggplant to the beef-onion mixture and replaced 2 cups of the cabbage with broccoli slaw (shredded broc stems, carrots, red cabbage). Loved the method other cooks used to make the dish sweet-sour. The result was a very filling, stew of veggies with some ground beef my family enjoyed. And what a great winter warmer it will be! Thanks Gina for dreaming up cabbage rolls in a bowl.

  129. Excellent!! Made in my 3 at Instant Pot today

  130. Made this yesterday evening for the first time and it is delicious!

  131. This is some tasty comfort food! It’s hearty, filling and leaves you feeling quite satisfied. I doubled the seasoning but that’s just what I do with most recipes. My IP also registered ‘burn’ and would not come up to pressure but our cabbage was done enough for us. I’ve made it twice in two weeks already.  It’s delicious! Thanks for the great recipe!  

  132. I have made this many times using brown rice and love it. Today decided to try quinoa instead. I just threw in a box of uncooked quinoa at the same time as I put in the cabbage-it turned out great. Will certainly do it again

  133. This is Delicious. We make it in the IP and it’s one of our favourites. Easy to make and soooo good. I can’t wait for the next cookbook. I love that the recipes are made of ingredients I usually have already. If I decide to make a new recipe at the last minute I don’t usually have to run out and buy an ingredient. Thank you Gina.

  134. Really just OK for me. If I did make it again I’d double the garlic, onion and all spices. It was dull.

  135. Meh. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. Maybe we aren’t used to cabbage rolls, so didn’t know what to expect. Maybe my idea of a “medium” sized cabbage was too big. This one had way too much cabbage to meat. It won’t make the regular rotation at our house. You win some, you lose some.

  136. I made this tonight and it’s wonderful. Amazing flavor and so comforting. I didn’t have any raisins but it had a great savory/sweetness to it without them.. I wonder what it would be like with smoked paprika?

  137. Do you think a cup of quinoa would work as a sub? 

  138. Made this last night in the Instant Pot just as written and it was wonderful! Took it to a potluck and it was very well received! Thank you!

  139. I made this using lean ground turkey and omitted the rice! 0 points! I couldn’t believe it! It’s so yummy and great when you’re tired of salads.

  140. Have made this before, about 3 times. It was so good. Tonight, it came out dry and for the last three minutes, it did not build up the steam. Does anyone know where I went wrong? Followed the recipe, but think I put more cabbage. Maybe needed more sauce or broth?

  141. Making this tonight for dinner!  Can’t wait.  Is this recipe still 8 Freestyle points if you omit the brown rice?  TIA

  142. This is sooooo good!!! I love it.

  143. How much is a serving? 1 cup?

  144. a family favorite among adults and our 3 year old and 1 year olds will also gobble it up. tastes even better the next day.

  145. I have a question – if I only use about 1/2 cup of rice (or even 1/4 cup) and omit the raisins – what does the Weight Watchers point value become?

  146. We had this last night. It was OUTSTANDING!! The raisins totally complemented the savory dish. I added a tiny bit of mozzarella cheese to please my kids. I just wish my cabbage had softened a bit more. I even cooked it longer. Any suggestions? Maybe I should cut out the rib part of the cabbage before adding?

    Thank you for your awesome recipes !!!!!

  147. Good recipe! I really enjoyed the flavors & the ease of preparation (and lack of dishes!) The only blip was during the second pressure cook it registered “burnt” after 1 minute- I wondered if there was enough liquid & apparently there was not. It ended up OK though- there wasn’t a real burn and the cabbage had softened enough. Will definitely make this recipe again! Thanks!

  148. I also had the issue of it burning to the bottom during the cabbage add in phase. I use my IP regularly and this is the first thing I have ever had burn. It was definitely deglazed after browning the meat so not sure what happened. I finished it on the stove. It was okay. A little bland for our tastes but I may try again and double the spices and use a different beef stock.

  149. I love cabbage rolls and what an easy alternative. Replaced beef with ground turkey. Cooked it in a fry pan to make sure it got cooked through. Added in the onions until soft. Cooked the cabbage in the one pot because it does take a long time to cook. After it cooked just threw everything into the one pot along with a cup of pre-cooked brown rice and YUMMY!

  150. Cooked this tonight in my Carey pressure cooker. Tasted great. Used turkey instead of beef and can of fire roasted diced tomatoes (didn’t have a can of tomato sauce).
    Question: Can you freeze the leftovers? It’s just the two of us and it made a lot.
    Ordered your cookbook and it should be here tomorrow!!!!

  151. For those that needed a marjoram substitute, I did 1/2 t oregano and 1/2 t thyme and a dash of basil. It was savory and perfect!

  152. Very good

  153. Just made this for dinner with 1 lb 99% fat free turkey and 1/2 lb 93% ground beef.  Used 2 cans of tomatoe sauce, 2 cups of cauliflower rice instead of brown rice so there were 0 carbs.   Upped the garlic to 3 cloves, because I’m not a single clove kinda girl.  And did 2 cups of onions because that’s what my onion yielded.   I think next time I’d even add more cabbage.  Just delicious!!

  154. I made this tonight in my Instant Pot with leftover cabbage from St Patricks Day. I forgot to buy raisins and I’m sure they would have put this recipe over the top!

  155. I’m confused on how it’s so many calories? I made it at home and it came out to a little over 1000 calories for the whole pot, including the cup of rice. 

  156. This was absolutely delish! I made it in the IP exactly as written but did omit raisins…  I grew up in a very polish home and this tasted like grandma made! 

  157. Made this tonight. Tasty! I have a lot of leftovers that I can hopefully freeze for later.

  158. How many points for those of us not switching to Freestyle? 

  159. Anybody use 99% lean ground turkey and calculate Freestyle point? I calculated 4 Oz of beef as 5 pts so if you use 0 point turkey would a serving be 3 freestyle pts?? 

  160. This turned out great and was super yummy. For the cooked rice, I used Seeds of Change’s quinoa and brown rice with garlic (bought it from Costco). I also doubled up on paprika, because both my husband and myself love paprika. Other than that, I followed the recipe, and it was Instant Pot Instalove. I’ll definitely make this again!

  161. Any suggestions on what I can add to replace the sweetness the raisins give this dish? Or maybe if I chopped them up really finely my boys won’t notice them? I cook a lot and can see how they would add a great touch of the right sweetness, but am afraid my 9&10 year old will scoff at it…lol! 

  162. One of my favorite recipes. It tastes so good and low in calories! Definitely making it again especially during my 80 day Obsession program. Thanks again for posting healthy and easy to follow recipes. Love you site!

  163. Made this tonight with ground turkey instead of beef and it was delicious! I *almost* didn’t add the raisins but I’m so glad I did! They add just a touch of sweetness when you get a bite with a raisin in it – so good! Hubby and I are both trying to lose some weight so this was a great find! We’ll definitely be making this again!

  164. Loves this recipe! I used farro instead of rice and it turned out well 🙂

  165. Does the one cup of rice need to be cooked before putting it in the instant pot?

  166. Just wondering if you can suggest a substitute for the marjoram?

  167. This is a very simple recipe and it’s tasty! First time I made it, it burnt the bottom of the IP. Also, first time I mixed in the cabbage and the rice into the pot after the first release. I think that is why it got burnt on the bottom of the pan and had a difficult time coming to pressure. Second time, I poured in a little more broth as well as tomato sauce. And I put the rice on top along with the cabbage and did not stir at all. Much better! Did not stick to the bottom at all and had no trouble coming to pressure. I add a little fish sauce, sugar and worshestshire sauce to taste when it’s all done.

    • Did you cook the rice first ? A lot of the things Im cooking are burning in the IP. Did you put the rice on top of the cabbage? Thanks

    • I had this same trouble with it burning and not coming to full pressure. I will try this recipe again tonight with your suggestions. Thanks for posting this remedy.

    • Thank you for the tip! I had the exact same problem and was wondering about the same solution. I wasn’t sure because the video does show mixing the cabbage in after the first cooking cycle. I’m definitely going to try it your way next to see if I can avoid the burn!

  168. This was super yummy, quick and easy. Instead of rice, I used a mixture of rice and other whole grains that is higher in protein. 
    Next time I am going to add a can of diced tomatoes and chunks of eggplant to it. oopsie, forgot to rate it…

  169. This was super yummy, quick and easy. Instead of rice, I used a mixture of rice and other whole grains that is higher in protein. 
    Next time I am going to add a can of diced tomatoes and chunks of eggplant to it.

  170. I’m making this tonight using my Instantpot. The recipe calls for cooked rice. Is that true for the Instantpot way of making it? Do I need to cook the rice before putting it in? 

  171. Just made this last night and I am OBSESSED it is so good. I made it in my Instant Pot and followed the recipe to the letter. I truly don’t understand some of the reviews saying it is bland, or that it kept burning in the IP… it worked perfectly for me and both bf and I were blown away at how tasty and filling it is. Thanks for another winner, Gina!

  172. It is absolutely delicious!  Thank you for posting!  Going to go order your cookbook now. I have the first one. I have been following you quite a few years. Love all of your recipes!

  173. This was so delicious!!!  This was my first time using marjoram, and I really enjoyed the flavor.  I seriously kept saying “mmmm” after every bite!  I was skeptical about the raisins, and almost didn’t add them, but I’m so glad I did. Very satisfying dish. Thank you!

  174. never heard of raisins in stuffed cabbage

  175. Just made this and it was good! Quick and easy, too. I left the rice out of the instant pot and so I could serve some with rice and some without. I wouldn’t mind a little extra heat because my husband and I love spicy food, but it was great as-is. Also picky-husband approved (although he did add a bit of Siracha for heat). 

  176. Tried this recipe tonight and it’s great! I’ve seen it all over my Instagram feed. I omitted the rice and raisins to save on calories. I believe it was a little too watery most likely to me leaving the rice out, but still very good! I’m interested in trying it out with lean ground turkey.

    • I’m doing the ground turkey tonight, so I’ll let ya know! I omitted the raisins and switched rice to cauliflower rice, and guess what…ZERO POINTS now! Of course, I haven’t tasted it yet…

    • could you please let me know how it tastes with turkey mince?

      • I made it with extra lean ground turkey and it came out great! I did modify a bit because turkey can be dry and flavorless. To combat this, I added a can of fire roasted tomatoes, doubled the recommended spices, and added an extra Tbls of raisins. My head of cabbage was also large, so I wanted to make sure it was flavorful. With these changes, the recipe came in around 2 Smart Points (because of the extra cabbage and tomatoes, it made more servings). Hope this helps ?

  177. This was amazing! My Ukrainian Grandpa always made cabbage rolls with bacon and I never really liked the beef version. I tried this recipe (minus the raisins) to use up some left over cabbage and loooove it. I think the paprika gives it a bit of the familiar pork flavor I associate with my Grandpa’s recipe, but much hardier with the beef and way less rice. This has definitely been added to my list of weekly go to’s. Thanks for the great recipe Gina!

  178. These were very good! I prefer the beef cabbage soup to the bowls, though. 

  179. This was a hit! (As most of your meals are). I used some left over sauce from the beef and mushroom ragu dorm last week instead of tomat sauce. SO GOOD!!!

  180. Wow rice did not cook in my instapot not sure if I missed something but thought you were adding uncooked rice with cabbage and 3 min on high pressure again, that didn’t work out:-( 

  181. Love this! its so much easier to make and eat than traditional stuffed cabbage. 

  182. My husband and I love these bowls so much! I always use ground turkey and chicken stock, and the flavor is perfect. (Also, no raisins. I must’ve left them out since the very first time I made this last year because, until I was just reading the other reviews, I didn’t even realize the recipe called for them!) Super delicious, and I don’t consider myself a cabbage lover.

  183. Seriously yum. Hearty and sticks to your ribs. Husband and kids loved. Much easier preparation than traditional cabbage rolls and now my family actually eats the cabbage (the traditional prep was always too stringyfor them so they peeled the cabbage off and only ate the filling). 

  184. First tried this recipe tonight using my Dutch oven instead of my Instant Pot.  I substituted ground venison for the beef and added close to an extra cup of beef broth.  Dear husband loved it!  I was skeptical about adding raisins but loved the pop of sweetness they added. This is definitely a keeper recipe that I’ll use again, next time in my Instant Pot.  I’ll use 3 tablespoons of raisins instead of 2 and may add stewed tomatoes.  

  185. Made this on the stove top. Very bland and no amount of seasonings helped. DH was not happy about the wasted ingredients.

  186. Is there a way that this dish can be made vegetarian? I would love to try it!

    • I made it vegeterian by using vegetable broth instead of beef broth and I added finely chopped mushrooms in place of the ground beef.

    • I just made it with Beyond ground “meat” and farro – so good! I grew up on cabbage rolls so nice to have an easier version to make now.

  187. Just made this for dinner with some minor changes and it was delicious! Thank you! I omitted the raisins and the rice to make it low carb and left it simmering in my dutch oven on low for about 45 minutes. Without the rice to soak up the liquid it came out something like a cabbage stew but was fantastic and I’m excited for leftovers tomorrow 🙂

  188. OMG- I just made this and it is fabulous!   Thanks for making it easy to get back into the swing of things after a totally decadent holiday season.

  189. I just got an Instant Pot for Christmas. Made your chickpea sweet potato stew yesterday, but used cannellini beans and butternut squash. Came out good, but didn’t like the cumin taste all that much. Can another spice be substituted?
    Also, my pot is different and I want to make this unstuffed cabbage recipe. I don’t have the same modes as yours, like the bean/chili. How do I manually get the setting to high? Mine says less, normal, more. Is more the same as high?

  190. I made this for my husband and myself and we both thought it was delicious. We can’t wait to have the leftovers for dinner tomorrow!

  191. was not very flavorful. will not make again.

  192. I made this tonight minus the rice and used 96% lean
    ground beef.  I put it in the recipe builder on Weight Watchers and for a serving it’s 3 points. (Approx. 1.5 cups) I put it on top of cauliflower rice and it was absolutely delicious. Used my IP and it came out amazing! Love your recipes! 

  193. this is the first Skinnytaste recipe i have made – and it will NOT be the last! it is so good! delicious, healthy and satisfying and pretty easy to do. i made it on the stove top and i did need to add a little more broth and sauce than called for. other than that, perfect! can’t wait to try more recipes from this site.

  194. This is the best thing I’ve discovered all week ?

  195. Just made this tonight. Really good and comforting, loved it. Only left out raisins since hubby its not a big fan, added some mushrooms. Glad we have left overs! Thank you for your great recipes!

  196. Can you cook this in a crock pot ?

  197. Very good. I simmered it in my crock pot, and added the uncooked rice (1/2 C) to the slow cooker with extra broth. We felt it could use more tomato, so we added a squirt of ketchup to our bowls (to taste). My head of cabbage was a little small, so I added some chopped kale. Yummy, filling, satisfying comfort food. When I calculated the Smart Points (Freestyle), it only came up as 7 points per serving (but then I didn’t use any cooking spray not that that should have made a huge difference).

  198. Soo delicious & way too easy for how satisfying it is! I’ve enjoyed going back to this recipe time and time again on the stove top. I’m not a huge fan of raisins, so I leave them out, everything else is spot on! Healthy Cooking has become fun and enjoyable thanks to you, Gina! 🙂

  199. Fast, easy, and absolutely delicious! Thanks so much, Gina!

  200. What would be the carb count on this without the rice? Thanks

  201. I tried this today with my instapot Duo. I followed the directions as they were written but there didn’t seem to be enough liquid to pressure cook the cabbage and the rice at the end. It kept coming up burn. Gonna try again cause I love cabbage

  202. This is delicious. I used smoked paprika (it was what I had), but otherwise stuck to the recipe. I think I added more cabbage than needed, but it’s still yummy! I love that My Fitness Pal has all these recipes. It’s so helpful with tracking. I’m proud to say that I’ve lost close to 40 lbs using MANY Skinnytaste recipes and others.

  203. Delicious!  Subbed ground turkey and next time I think I don’t need the raisins….so easy in instapot and yummy!  

  204. Thank you for this recipe! It was simple and very flavorful. Hit with the family.

  205. We LOVED this! I so needed a change-up from our daily dinner menus, and this was a great change-up! I followed the recipe exactly.

  206. This looks so good. Is there a way to make it more keto friendly?

  207. I adore your recipes! This was AMAZING!

  208. Would this be the same points now that its freestyle?

  209. Absolutely LOVE these bowls. Seriously easy to throw together and portion out, and two nights of suppers are ready to go (for two people).

  210. I am not a huge cabbage fan but this is so good! Comes together quickly, is great for leftovers and my whole family loves it (including my 10 year old daughter!). 

  211. I really dislike hamburger. What can I use instead of hsmburger?

  212. I just made this and followed the recipe exactly and I have more than four 1 1/2 cup servings. Should I just divide it by 4 equally or count any extra as extra servings?

  213. WOW!!!! I made this in my iron skillet last night, and my husband raved about it! I used chicken broth, because I was out of beef, and it was fine. I also added 1/2 t of crushed red pepper, and 1 t of Badia brand seasoning, instead of marjoram. I chopped the cabbage coarsely, and added the cooked brown rice just long enough to warm it through. I used Uncle Ben’s microwave brown rice. Takes 90 seconds to cook.
     Here are my changes for stovetop:

    Brown 1 lb ground beef with minced garlic until cooked and crumbly (I will use turkey sausage next time)
    Add in chopped onion, spices, and stir
    Add tomato sauce and broth, and cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally
    Add cabbage and cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally
    Cook another 10 minutes, if needed. The cabbage is very good if a bit undercooked.
    Add cooked brown rice, and stir until warmed through

  214. Ive made this several times and everyone raves. Love this dish!

  215. What size instapot is best?

  216. These are delicious. I used sour kraut as I think it’s tastier, no raisins or rice, but did add some fresh chopped tomatoes. I portion and freeze these guys so I can pull out a warm lunch option on the fly. Thank you!

  217. My husband bought a whole cabbage at the store instead of coleslaw. So, what to do? It wasn’t big enough to make folded cabbage rolls.  I looked up recipes on the web and decided to try this one in my Instant Pot. I was not disappointed. I used half ground beef and half mild spice ground sausage. The only other thing I did differently was use quick brown rice. I added it to the Instant Pot after the meat mixture was cooked, along with the required amount of water. Cooked everything on the timing in the recipe. My husband likes things on the sweet side, so I provided him some cranberry sauce as a side. I like savory, so drizzled some mission fig balsamic on my plate. We both loved it! So much simpler than cabbage rolls. Now I’m going to take some leftovers to my Polish mother. That will be the true test. 

  218. This was AMAZING. So simple and so delicious. I added a bit of hot paprika along with the Hungarian to give it a bit of a kick, but other than that, didn’t change a thing. Hubby loved it and I will absolutely be making this time and again.

  219. Seriously Delish.  This will for sure become a regular.  The flavors were amazing and the texture of the cabbage was perfect.  I used Basmasti Rice which made it the perfect Plant Paradox Dish

  220. What is the tomato sauce? Is it passata, pasta sauce, tomato paste or ketchup? Here in NZ, we call ketchup tomato sauce…

    • It’s a can of tomato sauce – not ketchup or tomato paste. It’s sold in the cans next to the crushed tomatoes – kind of like pasta sauce, but much more plain.

    • https://www.sanza.co.uk/Watties_Tomato_Sauce.asp. You can also make your own. https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/74087309/Making-the-perfect-homemade-tomato-sauce

      Hope that helps 

      • Sorry, after further reading I was wrong.   Watties is ketchup.  Which you could use, just check for sugar content.   This is an American site that makes what we call tomato sauce. Sorry about the confusion.   http://allrecipes.com/recipe/21126/homemade-tomato-sauce-i/

  221. I’ve never cooked cabbage before. I had my doubts about this recipe, but my wife  loved  it so much she wanted  to know if I can make more and freeze it! It’s perfect for winter nights.  

    I cut up the cabbage and did all the sautéing on the weekend. That way I could just dump everything into the Instant Pot tonight after work, and have dinner in half an hour. My wife finished it with a couple of capfuls of rice vinegar for a little extra sour zing. Thank you for this recipe, it’s going on our dinner rotation. 

  222. DELISH!!! I love stuffed cabbage but will NEVER make it on a random day. I grew up with sour cabbage so left out the raisins. Next time I’m going to add sour salt and lemon to make it really sour but I love this!! 

  223. Made this tonight and it was a hit here. We did it on the stovetop and the cabbage didn’t get fully soft, but no one seemed to mind. Added some gochujang paste to our assembled bowls..So good!!

  224. Did anyone else notice that the directions call for beef broth and raisins but they are not listed in the ingredient list? Could someone tell me how much I should use of each? Thanks.

  225. I’ve been making this for about a year and always made it in the instant pot. Well tonight I made the stovetop version and found it sooo much more flavorful!!! Sorry instant pot you’re retired for this recipe.

  226. I used ground turkey on the stovetop and it was delicious!  Very satisfying.  Thanks for another great recipe.

  227. I made this. It was okay, but a bit flat. The marjoram fell flat. But I like the casserole directions and will make it again with my own spices.

  228. Help! I followed this recipe on que. when I got down to where it says qr then add cabbage and rice, I put on again for 3 minutes, did pressure but then said burn ???? what happened?

    • Not sure! Did it burn?

      • Hi Gina,

        Thanks for your response.
        No thankfully it did not, the bottom of pot did have that burning sensation though, I just mixed it into the food and it was fine. Someone suggested I only have it on for 0-1 minute on #2 when I QR. Also, I noticed in the video you had the bean/chili button on, I did pressure cook on the IP. SO, I pressure cooked twice according to the recipe. Can you help?

    • Had the same thing happen to me! Twice. Never had an issue with my instant pot before so not sure why it said burn….

  229. Made this tonight and my husband is standing in the kitchen pretending he’s not having a fourth serving.  It’s delicious and was very easy.  I made the stovetop version but will try IP next time.

  230. I made this exactly as the recipe appears. When I put it through the WW recipe builder, it only came up as 6 SP! I added a lot of cabbage, so 4 servings gives me a lot to eat. I thought it was delicious, and will definitely make it again.

  231. This recipe was anything but pretty, but it more than made up for it in taste. I cannot wait to make it again. I left out the raisins, but otherwise stuck to the recipe as written.

  232. Made this recipe last night and it was absolutely delicious.  It brought me way back to my Grandmother’s Polish cooking of Gołąbki.  My husband love it, also.  Thanks so much for the recipe, this one will be in the fall/winter rotation.

  233. Tried it, and loved it. Followed the recipe and used frozen cooked organic brown rice. Can’t wait to make this again.

  234. Tried it, and loved it. Followed the recipe and used frozen cooked organic brown rice. Can’t wait to make this again.

  235. Tried it, and loved it. Followed the recipe and used frozen cooked organic brown rice. Can’t wait to make this again.

  236. Oh my gosh I made this tonight and it was so so good. Thank you so much for the recipe. I have always seen the recipes for cabbage rolls but I have never tried them, the act of rolling something it just seemed a little too labor intensive for me. This was so easy with the instant pot and me and my husband loved it. I actually read the recipe wrong at the last minute and cooked it instead for 3 minutes for 15 more minutes! I blame my crying baby for distracting me! But it still turned out great and was not mushy or anything! I used a cup of short grain rice I had in the fridge and it all turned out wonderful. Thank you!

  237. We love stuffed cabbage. Our family recipe features cloves. Any way to include them? Cheesecloth? Thanks for ideas.

  238. Made this in the Instant Pot following the recipe exactly. Delicious! Thank you!

  239. Keep these instant pot recipes coming please. Loved this one. Would love a healthy pad Thai recipe. 

  240. What are the cooking times without an instapot? I want to make it tonight but am not sure how long to cook it for. 

    • Under the instructions for the Instant Pot….STOVE TOP DIRECTIONS:

      Heat a large pot or Dutch oven over medium-high heat, spray with oil then add the beef and salt, cook breaking the meat up until browned, about 5 minutes. Add the onion, garlic, marjoram and black pepper and stir. Add the tomato sauce, 1/4 cup water, paprika, beef broth and raisins, cover and cook medium-low 25 minutes.
      Add the cooked rice and cabbage and cook 8 to 10 minutes, or until the cabbage is tender. Serve with additional rice if desired.

  241. My family’s recipe also used raisins for the sweet.. but also used lemon juice for the sour.. so I added some.. perfect!

  242. I have been doing this for 30+ years.  Suzanne Somers was the first person to put it out to the public.

  243. I am planning on making this tomorrow but wanted to cook the rice in with it. I have white rice. Will the 15 minutes be long enough? I am using diced tomatoes instead of tomato sauce and was going to add a full 15 oz can of the beef broth for liquid. We like our rice a little over done. I’m pretty new to pressure cooking, so any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

  244. Any idea what the carbs would be without the rice?

  245. Making this stove top as we speak, my cabbage doesn’t seem to be softening. I have it simmering and added a diced tomato to it (reg can). Hoping this is ok for tonight, it has such good reviews

  246. I don’t have Marjoram and suggestions on a substitute, Thanks!

  247. A new favorite of mine, good job Gina! I add a pinch of cayenne and a few tablespoons of tomato paste, though.

  248. I’m not sure what went wrong with this recipe. This is the first Skinnytaste recipe that I’ve made and not loved. I followed the recipe exactly. It was so bland that it was barely edible. Won’t be making this again. 🙁

    • Ditto! So weird! I’ve loved every recipe I’ve made. This just didn’t have any flavor. I have tons of leftovers so I’m trying to figure out how to add flavor. Maybe it’s because I used quinoa instead.

  249. Can I use regular paprika if I can’t find Hungarian Paprika?

  250. Very, very good. I think I would add some more tomato paste or sauce to magnify the tomato flavor (as my mom always served her stuffed cabbage with a tomato sauce) but otherwise the flavors were on point. I made this with riced cauliflower instead of rice plus no raisins as I don’t like them.

  251. This was sooooo good!!! Both my kids (under the age of 5) gobbled it up faster than we could serve it!! Yum!

  252. I am making this for my family tonight and want to double the recipe so we will have leftovers for lunches this week. I am using the IP. I am wondering if it is possible to double it due to the amount of cabbage used. Even though the cabbage will cook down, initially it’s a large volume. What are your thoughts? I am using packaged coleslaw, because I have some that I need to use up! I am excited because this is another time saver.

    • How did you double it? Did it work? I want to double and make 8 servings as well

    • I scrolled the comments specifically hoping to find this question…but there was no reply yet.  We just finished dinner and here’s my thought:  No, you probably can’t double the recipe because it won’t fit.  We are using the 6qt IP.  We made 1-1/2 times the recipe, except that we couldn’t fit in 1-1/2 cabbages.  In fact, we couldn’t fit in a whole cabbage (the one we bought was almost exactly 2 pounds).  We used 1-1/2 pounds of ground beef.  I used 3 cups of liquid (2 cups of tomato sauce + 1 cup of broth), which was 1.5x the 2 cups the original recipe calls for.  This ended up having too much liquid, so it was more like a stew, but we still liked it just fine.  Since it was my first time making it, I stuck to the recipe, only changing up the size of it and using cauliflower rice instead of rice.  Next time, I will add in 1 to 1-1/2 cups of INSTANT brown rice when I add the cabbage and cauliflower rice.  (We don’t usually use instant rice, but I have some leftover from camping to use up, and I think it will soak up some of the liquid).  Otherwise, I would add less liquid.  I think it works like a rice cooker or crockpot – you don’t always increase the liquid proportionately as you make the recipe bigger.  We had enough for dinner tonight for 5 (including 3 teens) plus one serving to take for lunch the next day at work.

  253. This recipe was like a rollercoaster for me. Unfortunately, the ride wasn’t worth it.

    It’s not exactly bland, it’s just that the sum of its parts is worse than any of those parts alone. I like cabbage, I like ground beef, and I even added bacon. After the last 3-minute pressure cook, everything burned to the bottom of the pot. The cabbage wasn’t fully cooked but the meat and rice were overdone to the point of being mush. For the finale, it spattered on my favorite shorts.

    I ate it. I smothered it with Sriracha, but I ate it. Now I dread re-entering the battle zone that is my kitchen.

    You taught me to cook a few years ago in grad school. I miss the days when I visited your webpage and had difficulty picking between several new recipes on the front page. Now they usually involve expensive ingredients and seem to be more about looking Instagram-worthy than about being good, nutritious food. I had kind of hoped that this recipe–my only bookmark from your website this entire year–would redeem it, but it was a swing and a miss. I feel like this recipe was not a good choice for the InstantPot because the ground beef doesn’t need that kind of cooking, and the cabbage doesn’t get the heat it needs.

    • Sorry you didn’t like it, we LOVED this dish. As far as this being Instgram-worthy, I wish it was! This is far from pretty, we just find it tasty.

      • Mine doesn’t seem to work after I put the cabbage and rice in it won’t re-pressurize despite resetting to manual and it keeps saying “burn”. I don’t get 🙁

        Normally all these recipes work perfect!

    • I’m trying to figure out how this recipe didn’t work for you as I have probably made it 20 times and it has never failed. I don’t use the rice and I typically add a whole large can of tomato sauce because I don’t feel like using half a can. And the cabbage easily cooks in 3 minutes in the IP at the end. It is one of the easiest recipes on this website and in my opinion one of the most family friendly (and budget friendly).

  254. This is one of my favorite instant pot recipes. I have made it with both beef and turkey and it is great either way! Every recipe that I have tried from your site has been wonderful. I recommend it to everyone that will listen to me!

  255. What would make this freezer friendly? 

    • I would cook it first and then portion it. When my mom makes her yummy cabbage rolls, we always freeze the leftovers.

    • I cooked (multiple batches of) this all the way to the point right BEFORE adding the rice and the cabbage and froze them in portioned out snapware little flat tupperware things. It worked great. On the night I want to eat it, I make the rice in my instant pot. While that is cooking, I thaw and heat the block of beef/etc in the microwave. When the rice is done, I throw in the cabbage and the meat mixture and do the 3 more minutes in the instant pot like the recipe says. What is great about this is the bulk of the food in the recipe is the rice and the cabbage, so you’re saving that out of the freezer. Less space taken up in the freezer, but the cabbage is always added fresh the night you eat it! One of our favorites!

  256. LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe!

    I did however drop it in the weight watchers calculator (minus the raisins) and it is only 3SP! A lot less than the 8 up top 🙂 just wanted to share with my fellow WW people that not only is this recipe the best it is low in points!

    • I just wanted to add that the recipe makes 4 servings (1-1/2 cups each). Without the raisins, it comes to 5 SP per serving. If you have it set to 6 servings (1 cup each), then this is 3 SP. 🙂

    • Big fan of your recipes, Gina and own both books. Thanks Gina for the recipe, and you too, Lindsey for the point adjustment for minus the raisins. I hate raisins and never heard of them in a cabbage roll or unstuffed version. Looking forward to making these soon!

    • Phew! Thanks. I hate raisins in cabbage (or anything) as I grew up with sour cabbage rolls. 🙂 

      • Me too!  My mother made them with sauerkraut (whole sour head leaves).  A Christmas tradition and my brother flies a sour head out to me ever year for Christmas as you can’t buy them in my part of the country.  

  257. So. so delicious.

  258. Cooked it tonight! Really liked it. It was super easy to make, made a lot of food, and was just a great overall Sunday prep diner. Thanks!

  259. I have been scrolling through pinterest and checked your pinterest page for cabbage recipes. Looked for atuffed cabbage im pleased to find this recipe on your page! Although, I got rid of my IP (didn’t know how to use it). Is there a way I can make this in my slow cooker?
    Thank you for your help!

  260. Has anyone tried this with quinoa?

  261. Any suggestions for a good side dish with this?

  262. Can I make this in the crock pot and cook on low all day if I brown the meat first?

  263. I love this recipe…Thanks Gina! I’ve done it three times with turkey and minus the raisins and added a bit to cayenne. What would the calorie count be for using the turkey?

  264. Second time I have made this but this time I did it with chicken mince and added carrots and also some Siracha and turned out delicious and forgot to take a pic of it to post, it is so easy to make and so so tasty .
    Thanks Gina 


  265. Thanks for the recipe, mine needed a bit more salt and pepper, but otherwise loved how simple it was. I cooked the brown rice using the pot-in-pot method at the same time the meat was cooking and it ame out perfect!

  266. Absolutely delicious. Used stove top method. Thanks for yet one more great recipe!

  267. I just made this for “Linner!” Cabbage rolls are a staple here in Pittsburgh, PA and my grandma’s are to-die-for! I tweaked this recipe to make it a little more saucy by adding a bit of condensed tomato soup. Also, I know it’s not as “Skinny” but if you cook up 3-4 slices of bacon (turkey, works!), chop it and add it in when it’s almost done, it is phenomenal. It’s grandma’s not-so-secret ingredient!

  268. I made this last night, and it was so delicious and easy! Tasted just like the stuffed cabbage I’m used to on holidays! Next time I would drain the fat from the beef before mixing in the other ingredients.

  269. Gina I have to say that I made this recipe 3 times in the past month I love it! I have been making a lot of your recipes all delicious and easy to make plus the fact that they are loaded in my fitness pal is a bonus. I

  270. Anyone add in with uncooked rice? How do I adjust recipe? Add more liquid and cook a little longer ? Going to give it a shot. Ha.

    • How did it go? I was thinking of doing the same thing. 

    • Yes, I’ve done it.  I followed the recipe above but added half a cup more of beef broth, and used a cup of jasmine rice instead brown rice (as brown rice takes waaaay too long to cook in the IP to add it to a recipe) and it came out perfectly 

      • Melissa, did you PIP or just toss the rice in with the beef mixture?  Or did you add uncooked rice to mixture when you added cabbage?

  271. Good Morning,

    Plan on making this on Monday, just a quick question. In your instructions you said cook on high pressure. Does that mean I can push the manual button and adjust for 15 mins. In your video you have pressure cooker set to Bean/Chili. I just got my pressure cooker on Tuesday so I’m a newbie to this. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Kay, What did you end up doing? I did not put the IP on bean/chili cook, instead High Pressure. It told me at the second QR that it was burning, so I shut it down. Food was still good but yes I’m still learning about this. Thank you. Anna

      • I just made this too, and mine said burn…not sure how long it was saying it that, but the high pressure never even kicked in after adding the rice and cabbage. Not happy to say the least!! Was your cabbage cooked?? Mine doesn’t seem to be.
        Very disappointed!!

  272. Can you sub cauliflower rice for the brown rice or would it end up getting lost in the dish?

  273. I grew up loving my mom’s stuffed cabbage, but it’s so time consuming. This recipe is perfect. All the flavors and textures without all the fuss. I make this when I need a delicious and comforting meal.

  274. Can you calculate this calories wise with ground turkey?

  275. Tried this tonight.  I used  Italian sausage instead of ground beef.  Figured sausage meat would have more taste.  Because my husband was there while I was shopping he insisted on hot sausages.  So the dish turned out delicious but rather different than the original.  The problem is my husband loved it!  So now he doesn’t want me to make it as the original version.  

    Thanks for,the recipe.

  276. Delicious!  Another great recipe:). 

  277. My mom always made unstuffed cabbage, but she’d form the beef into meat balls and do a sweet and sour sauce with tomatoes, apples, raisins, and whatever else she thought to throw in. She’d serve it over egg noodles.

  278. So I’ve never had stuffed cabbage and I don’t have marjoram but I had a cabbage and some ground turkey I needed to use so I made a rendition of this and it turned out great. I added curry powder instead of marjaram which I’m sure completely changes the dish but it turned out fantastic! I left the recipe and instructions pretty much the same so thanks for the inspiration!

  279. Can you make this ahead of time and freeze? does it freeze well?

  280. Made this for Sunday meal prep and ate it all week long – delicious and easy!

  281. So so good and so much less time consuming ???? Skipped the raisins and added diced (really small) carrots and celery when added the onion to make it similar to my grandma’s polish cabbage rolls ????

  282. Sounds like a nice recipe, Ill be glad to try it, but it’s not rouladen without the vinegar!

  283. I put the cabbage in, but it looked like it hardly cooked. And the pressure released very quickly so I put it in for 7 min on high pressure. Any reason this didn’t work the first time around after 3 minutes?

  284. While cooking this, I accidentally put the cabbage in before the first pressure cook cycle, but decided to follow the recipe anyway.

    Anyway, that released enough liquid that I was able to cook two cups of white rice during the second pressure cooking cycle (which I extended a few minutes). It turned out perfectly.

  285. I just made this as my first instant pot experiment and it was delicious!  I wonder if there is a way to adjust the time and liquid and use uncooked rice. 

  286. Hello! Going to try this tonight. I am using a pressure cooker and I am not sure.  Do I cook the cabbage prior to putting it in the pot or just place the uncooked cabbage in the pot ? TIA

  287. Made this last night and it was SO AMAZING!!!! Every single thing I have ever made of yours has been a real treat

  288. Made this a few weeks ago, and it was sooooo good!! It smelled so amazing while cooking!! I think I may add a few more minutes to the last step, since we’d like the cabbage a bit softer, but definitely a keeper! I didn’t add raisins, since I don’t care for them, and I had elk (hubby is a hunter) instead of beef, which worked great! I had tomato paste instead of sauce, so I just added just under a can of water for each of the 2 small cans of paste that I had, and it worked great!! I was curious if anyone had tried the cauliflower rice method yet? I saw a few people mention it. I have the pre-riced cauliflower, I just wonder if I could stick it in at the same time as the cabbage, and if it would hold up as well as regular brown rice. Would be nice to not have to pull the rice cooker out as well, but just not sure if it would work as well. In other things where I’ve used cauliflower, it’s gotten a lot soggier/softer than regular rice would, and don’t want it to ruin the taste.

  289. This was a huge hit for dinner last night. Even my skeptical husband raved about it. I added a little prima donna gouda on top of the bowl (1sp) and it took this dish to the next level! Thanks for a great recipe!

  290. Hi Gina! IN regard to the tomato sauce, does it matter if I use the Goya version (Spanish style)? Wil it alter the flavor much?

  291. For stovetop when I add the cabbage, do I need to cover or leave the lid off??? Thanks!

  292. This was amazing—I think it’s my favorite Instant Pot recipe to date! I’m glad I portioned it out for the week or else I’d keep going back for more.  I used a bag of coleslaw mix (green/red cabbage and carrots) bc I’m lazy, and golden raisins bc it seemed fancier. 🙂 Will definitely be including this in my regular rotation. 

  293. Is beef broth the same as using stock cube

    • With the cube, you’d need to add the appropriate amount of liquid. The stock is already in liquid form, so no extra liquid needed. If you were using a cube, you’d need to add water.

  294. Toddler tested and approved, thank you so much!  

    Weird question, did you mix the cabbage in when you add it, or just set it on top and cook? I just set it on top and wondered if I should stir it up. Thanks again 🙂 

    • I think I just kind of set it on top, maybe pushed it down a bit, but didn’t mix it all the way in until after it cooked, if I remember correctly.

  295. Can you substitute purple cabbage for green cabbage?

  296. Do you have any ideas for substituting the Tomato sauce?  It’s so hard to find good recipes with a tomato alergy.  Never realized how much I used tomatoea before.   Thanks Gina!  Love all your recipes. 

  297. Delicious….and so much easier then rolling the meat mixture in the cabbage leaves Gina.  Brilliant idea.

  298. Hi! Is the rice necessary? Will the flavour suffer if I skip it? xx

  299. Finally got around to trying this last night. I am not normally a cabbage lover, but I remember loving my grandmother’s stuff cabbage as a child. I have never made it though because it is so time consuming. This is awesome! I wasn’t sure my husband would like it, but he said it had great flavor and had seconds. Unlike some of the others, I have two (actually three, but one of them is the spicy variety) giant cans of Hungarian paprika, and this gives me a great, easy, tasty way to use them up. Next time I am going to try adding half sweet paprika and half hot, as our family likes a little spice. Great job, Gina…keep it coming.

  300. This is sooo good! Tastes just as good or even better than the stuffed cabbage rolls!

  301. Any suggestions for tomato sauce alternatives or replacements?