Whole Wheat Pancakes

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These are the BEST tasting, light and fluffy whole wheat pancakes made from scratch – high in fiber, so they leave you feeling full and satisfied throughout the day.

These are the BEST tasting, light and fluffy whole wheat pancakes made from scratch – high in fiber, so they leave you feeling full and satisfied throughout the day.Whole Wheat Pancakes

I perfected these whole wheat pancakes after testing batches and batches until they were just right. Everything a whole wheat pancake should be – fluffy, low-fat, and tasty! Another pancake recipe I make again and again are these chocolate chip banana pancakes, so good!

How To Make Pancakes from Scratch

Making pancakes from scratch is easy. After rounds of testing, I made the perfect, healthy whole wheat pancakes. First, I start with 100% white whole wheat flour which I prefer because my kids don’t realize it’s whole wheat. You can find this by King Arthur, Bob’s Red Mill or Trader Joe’s. If you can’t find white whole wheat flour, regular whole wheat works fine too, just don’t use pastry flour.

My original pancake recipe called for oil and egg whites, I found using the whole eggs and eliminating the oil worked out much better. I also slightly increased the baking powder which makes them fluffy and light. Make sure it’s not expired or the pancakes will be flat. Any slight changes you make to this recipe can yield a different result, so I suggest making them exactly as written.

I like mine topped with berries and a little pure maple syrup or blueberry compote. I make all the pancakes and refrigerate or freeze the rest for instant breakfast to enjoy throughout the week.

These are the BEST tasting, light and fluffy whole wheat pancakes made from scratch – high in fiber, so they leave you feeling full and satisfied throughout the day.

These are the BEST tasting, light and fluffy whole wheat pancakes made from scratch – high in fiber, so they leave you feeling full and satisfied throughout the day.

How To Make Whole Wheat Pancakes

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These are the BEST tasting, light and fluffy whole wheat pancakes made from scratch – high in fiber, so they leave you feeling full and satisfied throughout the day.
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Whole Wheat Pancakes

172 Cals 9 Protein 31.5 Carbs 2 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 25 mins
Yield: 7 Servings
COURSE: Breakfast, Brunch
CUISINE: American
These are the BEST tasting, light and fluffy whole wheat pancakes made from scratch!


  • 2 cups white whole wheat flour, I use King Arthur
  • 4 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 cups + 2 tbsp fat free milk
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • cooking spray


  • Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. Add wet ingredients to the mixing bowl and mix well with a spoon until there are no more dry spots; don't over-mix.
  • Heat a large skillet on medium heat. Lightly spray oil to coat and pour 1/4 cup of pancake batter. When the pancake starts to bubble, you may add your fruit if you wish. When the bubbles settle and the edges begin to set, flip the pancakes. Repeat with the remainder of the batter. Makes 14 pancakes.


Serving: 2pancakes, Calories: 172kcal, Carbohydrates: 31.5g, Protein: 9g, Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 5mg, Sodium: 561mg, Fiber: 5g, Sugar: 2.5g
WW Points Plus: 4
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Photo credit: Sarah Broma Bakery

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  1. These were great!!!  Even my pancake aficionado hubby declared these a winner!!!

  2. Too much baking powder. I wish I’d trusted my instincts and used less, but I followed the recipe. They taste ok covered in syrup, but not very good on there own (which is how I usually serve my little kids pancakes). Disappointed 

  3. Definite Keeper!!! 5stars *****
    But I made some changes. I only had organic whole wheat flour and whole milk. I also cut the salt by half and added 1/4tspn baking soda. I prefer to add additional healthy fats so I added 2 tbspns melted coconut oil to wet ingredients. I also added two ripe bananas, walnuts and chocolate chips. And topped the pancakes with real maple syrup. They were delicious. I have another recipe that is more complicated using buttermilk, and I will be replacing it with this one!!!
    Thank you for sharing this one!!

  4. I left a previous 5-star review of this recipe, but am back to say that I tried to make waffles using it and they came out great. The only changes I made were using 1 1/4 cup of low-fat buttermilk and 3/4 cup whole milk (what I had on hand). I used 1/4 cup of batter for smaller waffles and it worked perfectly in my waffle iron.

  5. These turned out so beautiful! At first, I thought the batter was a little too thin, but then I was reminded of how many pancake recipes I’ve used in the past where the batter was too thick and didn’t spread out and that I ended up adding liquid to. These were perfect. Like the perfect pancake you get in a diner.

  6. How could you make this into the 9 x 13 baked pancakes? Could you add purée/mashed banana at all?

  7. Delicious!  I do prefer them with butter and the blueberry compote in the link rather than just syrup.

  8. Can you freeze these pancakes? For how long? I love these!

  9. This is as close to a perfect recipe as I can imagine. First time out, with no changes save halving the recipe (including using King Arthur White Whole Wheat), they were lovely. Definitely a keeper. I’ve boopkmarked.

  10. This sound and look delicious, my only worry and a question, if you have any advice is I would be making them only for myself so one person should i divide all of the ingredients by 7 to get ingridients for one serving or can they be saved for few days in the fridge

    • They can be saved in the fridge. I make a half batch for my toddlers. I use a tbsp cookie scoop and am able to make about 2 dozen, which lasts us 3-4 days. But you can definitely make a half batch regular sized and keep leftovers in the fridge👍

  11. I just made these pancakes. I halved the recipe since I am cooking only for myself. The recipe was easy and the pancakes turned out very well. THANKS!

  12. I have made this recipe many times and we really enjoy it. I’d to make waffles using this recipe. Would I need to change anything or just follow the directions for my waffle iron.


  13. I looooove these pancakes and this is my go to recipe every time I make some! Thank you!

  14. Too much baking soda. My pancakes tasted very salty, no one ate them. I was truly disappointed, I was so happy to find a recipie that didn’t required buttermilk but now I know I can’t skip the buttermilk. Lesson learned.

  15. Love your recipes! Delicious and healthy.  I have tried your othepancake sheetpan recipe.  Can you use this recipe  with a sheetpan?

  16. Excellent texture. Let batter rest 10 minutes after mixing before cooking. 

  17. Made these for a Valentine’s Day treat. Halved the recipe for 2 people and it made 4 large pancakes. Skipped the sugar as we topped with maple syrup, banana slices, and peanut butter, and also added frozen blueberries mid-way through cooking. Delicious, will definitely be making again!

  18. These are delicious!  Have you ever tried or modified the recipe to make waffles?  

  19. Very, very good! I halved the recipe as there were only 2 of us for breakfast – yield was 6 good sized pancakes. The texture is fluffy and light – we added a few blueberries to half of the pancakes and served with a compote of peach/mango/pineapple/strawberry and a drizzle of pure maple syrup. Could not have been better! Entirely satisfying Sunday breakfast!

  20. I just had whole wheat flour but my kids didn’t complain and gobbled them up. The cinnamon added a nice flavor. I will definitely be making these again. 

  21. Hmmm…
    I’ve made these before without the sugar, purely by accident the first time. Then I’ve made them again this time without both since they are probably there to sort of balance things out. I just don’t see the need for sugar when there’s (lots of) maple syrup and/or compote spread all over them. I’ve also added milled flax seed and chia seeds before but prefer just flaxseeds only.
    Thank you for taking the time to experiment. I will keep this recipe. 🙂

  22. Could some of the whole wheat be swapped with a few Tbsp of bran to make the net carbs lower? Thanks.

  23. This was really good!
    I added chocolate chips, blueberries,and raspberries.
    Family loved them

  24. Loved this recipe and I even added a little flaxseed and chia seeds as well!

  25. Loved them! Ansolutely delicious and satisfying 🙂

  26. how to make pancak

    Greetings to you for your valuable explanation of this topic, and for your great effort. I made a simple topic about other ways of working.

  27. I decided to test this out with low-fat buttermilk rather than fat free milk, and the pancakes came out fluffy and ever-so-slightly tangy. I made versions with blueberries and bananas, and even made one with dark chocolate chips for a sweeter version. I served the banana pancakes with a small drizzle of pure maple syrup. I felt that the blueberries provided enough juices on their own that no syrup was required for those pancakes. These were great for a Saturday morning brunch.

  28. Needed to make something fairly quickly and decided to pull up a recipe using whole wheat.  These pancakes were excellent!  I even used an egg replacer and homemade almond milk and the pancakes still turned out tasting very good, hardy and filling.

  29. This recipe is the best Whole Wheat pancakes I have ever made or tasted.  I added blueberries to it too.  
    Will pass this recipe on to my family….

  30. These turned out good. Second batch got one Tablespoon of peanut oil and an extra teaspoon of vanilla, and turned out better. This recipe is fast, easy, and best of all well flavored. A low sugar blueberry sauce on top, no butter needed!

  31. These are the best pancakes I’ve ever had! I’ve made them many times by now and they’re are our house favourites. We have them with walnuts & maple syrup, but I’m sure they would go well with many things. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  32. I have to share my experience with this wonderful recipe! I had promised to make my 4 kids and DH pancakes this morning and was already into prep when I realized I only had White Wheat Flour. I had not made pancakes using it before, so hurried to find a recipe. This one looked promising so I decided to try it. The whole time I was preparing breakfast I was gearing up to handle the kids’ complaints. But to the contrary, they all LOVED them! Even my pickiest of picky! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for saving breakfast! 😉

    PS: I made the recipe exactly as printed. The batter was loose, but the pancakes cooked up nicely.

  33. Great pancakes! Made blueberry and banana nut! Almond milk and whole wheat pastry flour!!!! This will be my go-to pancake recipe no5w!!!

  34. Yummy and filling! The only changes I made was I decreased baking powder to 2 1/4 tsp and added 1/2 cup of pumpkin. They were amazing. I added blueberries and topped off with home made apple butter. Two cakes filled me up!

  35. Way too much baking powder, they taste like baking powder! It made my daughter sick to her stomach unfortunately.

  36. Made them this morning and they were on point! So easy and delicious! 

  37. Delicious! I added blueberries . I will definitely make these again and again! Fluffy and light 

  38. Can you use regular whole wheat flour? I have never seen white whole wheat flour.

  39. Truly delicious pancakes … very satisfying, too. This recipe is a keeper!

  40. Fluffy and light. Turned out great. Had to substitute vanilla soymilk for cows milk and vanilla extract. Made for my spouse on Mom’s Day.

  41. I LOVE THIS RECIPE! I am not a healthy person, but I’ve been trying to change my eating habits a little bit. I found this recipe when I was craving pancakes and I’m never going back! They’re absolutely delicious. I added a little more sugar (maybe a teaspoon more?) and a little more cinnamon. I also threw in some chocolate chips, too. I’ve never liked pancakes that use whole wheat flour until this recipe. I have it bookmarked for the next time I’m craving pancakes!

  42. What are you considering 100% white wheat flour? Is this fresh ground wheat sifted, ground ridding the bran, just unbleached white flour? Can you explain. I grind my wheat and buy flour… so I’m a little confused!!

    • The White Whole Wheat Flour is a whole grain flour that is milled from a white wheat berry, rather than the more common red wheat berry. This yields a lighter color and a more subtle wheat flavor as well.

    • Is it too much baking powder? I found my batter bubbling while mixing

  43. Can these be frozen ? And how would you serve them from frozen!

  44. These pancakes came out amazing!! I have bookmarked the recipe for many future makes. Thanks so much for this 🙂

  45. It was delicious and really tasty!!!

  46. Hi There! I made these tonight and they were SO good!! I was slightly hesitant based on some earlier comments but these turned out so perfect. I added blueberries to some and semi-sweet chocolate chips to others and had a couple plain and all were delicious. I will 100% be making these again.

    Thank you so much!!

  47. I made these today for my kids and they loved them! I didn’t have whole wheat flour so I used white all purpose. I also used whole milk. I didn’t use syrup, I spread a little berry jam on top and they really did taste fantastic! My 4 year said they were the beat thing he’s ever tasted. Once I pick up some whole wheat flour I will make again. 

  48. These were amazing! My husband makes pancakes all the time and I have no idea what recipe he uses and the other day he tried this one and it was great. He put our daughter’s whole milk in by accident so they were def higher calorie and fat but I think even with skim milk they would be delicious. The taste was very good with the cinnamon and they were super fluffy and light tasting. Will definitely make them again with skim!! Also the batch makes a ton we were able to freeze for another day!

  49. I made them as directed with buttermilk powder and water. Used my waffle maker and they turned out very well. Thank you for the recipe

  50. I really don’t want to leave 2 stars for someone who put his time into making this recipe – but it’s true,they’re very tasteless and not fluffy at all. Considering that there’s sugar added too,there’s plenty of healthier and more yummy recipes out there. 

  51. We thought they were great. We used Bob’s whole wheat pastry flour and added bananas and walnuts for some different flavors. This will be a permanent recipe in my wife’s recipe book. 

  52. Edible (barely)!
    Used 1C skim, 1C Almond milk.; didn’t have ‘white’ whole wheat flour, so used whole wheat.
    They WERE fluffy, but tasteless; I even put diced apples in while cooking.!
    What am I  doing wrong?

    • You didn’t follow the recipe.. like at all. Gina wrote in her post her suggestion to follow the recipe as written or you will get a different result. You should remove your rating as you made something else.

  53. Followed the recipe to the tee…way too runny….do NOT use as much milk as it calls for!

    • I made this recipe today, (granted, it was with 1/2 of the ingredients and soy milk instead of what’s in the recipe), and it wasn’t runny. Did you use whole wheat flour? It soaks up more liquid than normal flour.

  54. My husband said he missed pancakes (we’ve been dieting) so went on the site and found this recipe. We really enjoyed our breakfast for dinner and will be making this recipe again. I cut the recipe in half since just the two of us. Will make the remaining batter and freeze. 

  55. Absolutely delicious, the cinnamon and vanilla gives it a good flavor. This my go to pancake recipe.

  56. These are amazing! I added blueberries. Delicious and filling. Thanks!

  57. They were so good, my toddler and husband devoured them. Huge hit! Even though they were from scratch, it was very easy to put together quickly. I opted for whole milk and that may have made them extra fluffy but subbed coconut sugar for regular sugar. It really melded well. Definitely making them a weekend staple! Oh and the toddler enjoyed them for a snack later. SO easy.

  58. My husband made this recipe.   He replaced the milk with almond milk.  It was amazingly delicious.  Didn’t even need syrup.  I can see myself making all kinds of desserts replacing lady fingers and cake layers with these pancakes.  I would like to freeze ice cream between two pancakes.  The possibilities are intriguing.  I recommend this recipe.  

  59. These were amazing. I used coconut sugar instead of regular and I added some frozen blueberries. All three kids loved them, so did my husband and I. We’ll definitely be making these again. 

  60. Didn’t love this. I love whole wheat pancakes because of their different texture and slightly nutty taste, but these felt like they were pretending to be regular pancakes but weren’t quite as fluffy, and used cinnamon to mask the flavor. People seem to like using whole wheat rather than white whole wheat, and adding bananas. Will try that next along with reduction in cinnamon. Disappointed but willing to adjust.


  62. The pancakes were absolutely amazing: they were fluffy and delicious 🥞

  63. These were soooo good. Only change was adding some apple pie spice (with the cinnamon). They were fluffy but dense and substantial and cooked up very well. My boyfriend and I loved them and we will make this recipe again! Thanks!

  64. Pancakes calling for whole wheat flour can be hit or miss. This recipe is definitely a Hit! I added blueberries for an even better result. Delicious!

  65. Hi, 
    The recipe is amazing because the texture of the pancake is just perfect. However, I have the strong taste of baking soda (4tsp seem to be a lot). Do you also have that? I didn’t want to put any sugar in but I had to because the taste of the baking soda was just disgusting. HELP PLEASE 🙂

  66. Soooo fluffy!!!!  Simple and healthy!  This will be a staple in pur hime

  67. Delicious! Even my kids liked them

  68. would i be able to leave out the wet ingredients and mix and leave in a bag so not having to make it every time?

  69. I’ve been making this recipe for a while now. My toddler and husband love it! We skip the sugar and add ripe bananas instead. We also use regular whole wheat flour as opposed to white whole wheat, because it’s more readily available to us. They are so yummy!!! Thanks for the great recipe!!
    Read more at https://www.skinnytaste.com/whole-wheat-pancakes/#FbsSA6oRPx48veVz.99

    • Yep didnt see the“white  whole wheat” part and used whole wheat king arthur- they were amazing

    • I also didn’t see the “white” whole wheat. Used 100% whole grain whole wheat flour from King Arthur. Turned out perfect!

  70. I’ve been making this recipe for a while now. My toddler and husband love it! We skip the sugar and add ripe bananas instead. We also use regular whole wheat flour as opposed to white whole wheat, because it’s more readily available to us. They are so yummy!!! Thanks for the great recipe!!

  71. These are the best pancakes I’ve ever tried!!! Me and my brother have this for breakfast everyday before going to school. And the best part is that they are healthy, so I can have as many as I want! I personally have it with a little homemade caramel sauce. Thanks for this amazing recipe!❤️🥞

  72. These were the best pancakes I’ve ever tried!!! Me and my brother eat this for breakfast everyday before going to school… and the best part is that they are healthy!!! I personally had these pancakes with a little homemade caramel sauce! These are the best! Thanks for this recipe❤️

  73. These are delicious and healthy! I made a batch for a Sunday breakfast and froze the leftovers to toast for quick weekday breakfasts – my 4 year old approves! She enjoyed them with syrup and I thought they were good enough to eat on their own with a banana.

  74. Excellent!!  And I’m picky!  I used unsweetened almond milk and they turned out great.  I halved the recipe because I wasn’t sure if I would like them, next time I’m going to double recipe!!  (And add fresh blueberries). Just really good!! 

    • Thank you Susan. I was going to ask if I could substitute unsweetened almond milk as I have a half gallon, and I don’t use/drink it normally

  75. I made these this morning and they were a breeze to make. My husband loved them and he always hates the whole wheat pancakes from the store. I think the cinnamon was the perfect amount to take some of the different taste away from wheat pancakes. I topped ours with a tiny amount of butter and strawberries and bananas drizzled with honey, delicious.

  76. I started to make the this morning and realized I didn’t have eggs, vanilla or sugar. I improvised with Fat Free greek yogurt and a little brown sugar. They tasted amazing! the texture was light and fluffy. I don’t bake a lot so I make my own baking powder and it’s fresh every time: 2 parts cream of tarter to 1 part baking soda.
    (I read one review here about dense pancakes and I suspect the baking powder was expired.)

  77. I made these today finally, I didn’t have eggs or rnight sugar so I substituted fat free yogurt and a little brown sugar.  They are fantastic! Thanks for the simple recipe. 

  78. I found the batter to be quite runny compared to other pancake recipes I have used. I ended up adding more flour and they worked out but this alters the nutritional info.

  79. This is the first tme I have ever written a revipe review. These pancakes were GREAT. I cannot believe I am going to be unfaithful to my old white flour fluffy pancake recipe. Served with muesli soaked in yoghurt, and fresh fruit. Just incredible.

  80. I was looking for a whole recipe for my toddler and landed on these. I just substituted the fat free for whole milk but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. These pancakes are amazing! Light and fluffy they are a bit hit. Thank you!

  81. Most wheat pancake recipes use buttermilk. My family us lactose intolerant. I used almond milk and added a small banana and topped with maple syrup. The pancakes were light fluffy and tasty! I’ll definitely use this recipe again.

  82. They were easy to make and turned out fluffy, but ALL I taste is baking powder…next time I might cut the amount in half and whip up two egg whites to fold into the batter.

  83. Tried to avoid ww pancake recipes with lot of sugar or oil. This recipe was really good and 7 year old son approved!

  84. This recipe was perfect! The pancakes were super fluffy and tasty.

  85. Good starter recipe, needs 8 TBL Sugar and 3 tbl butter melted. Other than that love the recipe and I only added 1tsp vanilla extract and made this in a waffle maker still good.

  86. Thoughts on adding vanilla protein powder? If so any suggestions? Would like to incorporate more protein. I made your Guiltless Choc. Chip Pancakes from the cookbook and they were delicious!!!!


  87. Rather too thick but quick and tasty .

  88. This is a really good pancake recipe if you like fluffy slightly dense pancakes. They have good flavor and would reccomend adding fruit like blueberries! DO NOT OVERMIX like it says and you’re good to go!

  89. Outstanding!   Thank you.   I made these for the first time Christmas Morning to rave reviews!  Even the family members tjat don’t like pancakes loved them.

    To those of you that said they came out flat or heavy you most likely did not follow the recipe exactly or did not soft your flour.

    This recipe is simple , easy to follow, and tastes great!

  90. Has anyone tried using this for waffles? I love these pancakes but we have a waffle maker so I thought I would give this batter a shot in there, but wanted to check if anyone says it’s not a good idea!

  91. These are perfect and healthy. No oil! I used whole wheat, no white flour. My daughter loves them too. We will continue to make them and have passed the recipe to friends. Sometimes I like to sneak other healthy ingredients in like sweet potato, pumpkin, flax and more. I think these additions would work.  I rarely comment but just had too:) I’d love to have a good kids approved vegetable pancake. It’s hard sometimes to get all the servings of veggies in.

    Thank you!!! 

  92. These are very dense, and , quite disappointing. This is not a recipe I will repeat.

  93. Great pancakes. I used a nonstick griddle, so it was oil free!! And yummy!

  94. Delicious!!!

  95. I’ve tried a few whole wheat and regular pancake recipes…this was by far the best. The only change I made was swapping milk for almond/coconut milk. They are light and taste amazing! I will be making these for my family often..Thanks!

  96. We did not care for these, but that’s partially because we prefer a thinner pancake and these are quite tall and fluffy (which is certainly how some people like them). However, I did feel like the overall flavor was in need of something. We may keep playing with it to try to get a fuller taste.

  97. Great! I halved this recipe for me and my husband. He was skeptical…whole wheat? But they did turn out pretty fluffy despite looking thick while they were cooking. I will definitely make them again!

  98. These are amazing! Mine came out super fluffy but I think I over stirred the batter. My son loves them though and we made a special treat for his birthday and added cocoa morsels. 🙂 

  99. I tried these yesterday and they were a big hit. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.

  100. I RARELY comment on recipes but, given the amount of negative reviews, I feel I owe it to Gina and Skinny Taste to leave a positive review! These were seriously the easiest pancakes to WIP up (less than 10 minutes) and were delicious! They obviously aren’t my Grandma’s fat-filled buttermilk pancakes, but are a delicious healthy alternative!!! I used Almond Milk and topped mine with natural PB and pure maple syrup and they were light, fluffy, maybe even a bit spongey and overall 5 stars.

  101. Oh my gosh, these pancakes are delicious! My 8year old declared that he was ‘like a rampant herbivore’ as he devoured his with berry compote, banana and a touch of golden syrup 😉

  102. I just made these and they are the best pancakes! I used goat milk instead 
    Because that’s what I drink. I follow the recepie as is and they came out perfect! Thank you.

  103. I used whole wheat flour and halved the recipe and the pancakes were awesome!!

  104. Thank you for listing how many the recipe makes. Turned out perfect for me (28 exactly out of a double recipe) and they taste great!

  105. I’m pleasantly surprised that whole wheat pancales could be this fluffy. My tweaks – used half buttermilk, half milk. Once on the griddle, pressed sliced almonds into pancakes before flipping. Results – Toasted almond pancakes!

  106. These are delicious! I added walnuts, topped with a peanut butter almond butter mixture  and bananas. So so good!

  107. These were the best I’ve tasted. Thanks

  108. My husband who hates healthy pancakes, ate this one with no complaints. It tasted very good. Did not miss the all purpose flour. Thanks for the recipe. 

  109. I made these with half white whole wheat and half regular whole wheat flour. They were definitely more fluffy than other whole wheat pancakes I’ve made. The flavor wasn’t quite as flavorful as some other pancakes, but were pretty good. I like that there aren’t a of wet ingredients, so you can probably make a big batch of dry mix to keep on hand. I will probably make them again.

  110. Love these pancake !!! I made them today for my family and they loved them. Great recipe!!

  111. My dough came out very thick. Any ideas why? I followed the recipe except for the almond milk. The bag of flour has been open for some time. Could that change the consistency?

  112. I used Almond milk instead of cow’s milk.  Followed the recipe other than that change.  Pancakes tasted very bitter. They were fluffy and light but the bitterness dominated the taste experience.

  113. New to weight watchers, but not new to your recipes…this was another great one!  Thank you for making eating healthier not such a chore.  Finding healthy recipes that don’t use unusual ingredients and still taste like real food has been my biggest challenge.  This is definitely a keeper!

  114. Hi, Can you add whole blueberries or does it has to be grinded? Thanks 


  115. I don’t know what “Hannah” did wrong, but I just made this recipe and had successful results!   I did omit the extra 2 T. of milk since I thought the batter was thin enough without it.  For the chocolate lover in our house, I sprinkled a few mini chocolate chips on the pancakes before flipping.  I used regular whole wheat flour (not the white w/w), brown sugar instead of white and I omitted one egg yolk.   The results were nice fluffy pancakes that I can feel good about eating!  Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  116. This is my go-to recipe for pancakes! Made them tonight for dinner and they turned out perfect! My family (including toddlers!) love them! Thank you!

  117. Turned out great. Even my extremely picky 15 yr old loved them!

  118. These are fantastic, we have them with fresh or stewed berries and a little honey, even my 14 year old son eats them! ? Thanks!

  119. I will never buy a mix for pancakes again. I made these from my 1 year old and 3 years with blueberries in the batter. They devoured them. I saved the batter in the refrigerator and they were just as great the next day. SOOOOO GOOOOD!!

  120. Love these pancakes. Made them for my teen yesterday and saved half of batter for this am breakfast. It was great. They rose nicely and loved the hint of cinnamon. I enjoyed fresh strawberries, blueberries and a banana on the side with sugar free syrup on top.

  121. LOVE this Recipe!! Due to being diabetic, i also used Splenda. I added 1/4 csugar free chocolate chips. For the 2nd run i added 1 medium shredded carrot. 2 majool dates, diced, tons of cinnamon(im a junkie on cinnamon) and 1 tsp freshly grated nutmeg. I make up batches of your recipe and freeze with parchment paper or waxed paper between each one
    Great to grab one. Love to dip it rolled up into greek yogurt.

  122. I just made these and they were excellent! I put fresh blueberries in them and my family loved them! I’m a diabetic so the low sugar content is great and two pancakes (serving size) were very filling! Thank you for always giving us healthy recipes! You’re my hero! 

  123. My son cannot have any folic acid in his diet so he ends up with mostly gluten-free store bought breads and pancake mixes. I wanted to make  pancakes that would taste better and be more satisfying than a gluten free mix. Thiis was my first attempt at from scratch pancakes ( so sad!) and they were a major hit with my family.  I tossed some fresh blueberries into the pancakes before flipping and they were delicious.! Easy recipe and totally delish. Thanks!!

  124. Is it 5 SP per pancake?

  125. I have tried many whole wheat pancake recipes, and this one by far is the best!

  126. These are really good. Made with 1.5 c AP, .25 c WW and .25 c corn meal. I also cut cinnamon in half and used Splenda in place of sugar. Will make again. Kids loved them too. 

  127. Hi, I want to do this for my baby, can I add mashed bananas or blueberries without any change to the recipe? Will it turn out well? How many bananas can I add? Will they be soft enough for my baby to chew? What can I do to the recipe to make it easier for him? 

  128. Made these this morning. Very yummy!  Only thing I would change is to add a bit more milk. They were very dense but very tasty!  Will be my go to when I’m in the mood for pancakes!

    • Forgot to mention I used 1% milk and Splenda instead of sugar 

    • I didn’t fin that to be the case when I made them. Did you measure the dry ingredients by fluffing it, and spooning into the measuring cup? That’s how I did it. When you dip your measuring cup into the flour without fluffing up the flour first, you wind up using too much flour. 

  129. Delicious! I added bananas and blueberries. Kiddos loved them. 

  130. Hello, it’s me again. I forgot to tell you that I use organic coconut sugar to replace the white sugar in my recipes that require sugar. I’ve found this sugar is “very healthy” and “good for you” because it “does not” raise your blood sugar. It just makes whatever you’re preparing a “little darker in color” than usual.. Now that I’m “maturer” and still like “some sweets”, this is the “best substitute” for white sugar. I don’t like artificial sweeteners of any kind. With that said, enjoy the pancakes (I just finished eating some) and they were “sooo gooood!!!” with pure maple syrup!

  131. In my attempt to find a “healthy” yet satisfying pancake recipe, I came across this one. I had purchased a lot of white whole wheat flour to replace the use of white flour. I found King Arthur’s White Whole Wheat Flour to be a “great substitute.” Ever since I discovered this recipe for “Whole Wheat Pancakes”, I haven’t made any other pancakes. This recipe makes the “BEST” fluffy, light, delicious pancakes I have ever eaten! This is my “go to” pancake recipe. By the way, you can leave out the cinnamon if you don’t want that flavor in your pancakes.

  132. The recipe calls for 2 cups + 2 tbsp fat free milk…. 2 cups of what? Will 2 cups of whole milk work?

  133. These pancakes were so good!!!!   The grown ups could taste the wholesomeness but the kids gobbled them up without even knowing they were healthy!  

  134. Turned out great. Used regular King Arthur whole wheat flour and thinned down heavy cream. Tossed in some raisins for fun. Will definitely make in future.

  135. Turned out great. Used regular King Arthur whole wheat flour and thinned down heavy cream. Tossed in some raisins for fun. Will definitely make in future.

  136. I made buttermilk pancakes last week since I wanted to use up some leftover buttermilk. But my son says he prefers this recipe that I made this morning.

  137. Very easy recipe… first time making pancakes without oil. I prefer to use Whole milk as the 2% and fat free milks have added sugars. A Hint: Whole Wheat Pastry flour works much better. Good luck and Thanks for sharing

  138. Just halved this recipe and they were amazing!! Added some sliced strawberries! So yummy! Thanks for all the great recipes!

  139. Excellent pancakes! Light, tasty, easy to prepare, and WW points simplifies “tracking”!

    Thank You!

  140. I recently started weight watchers and have loved every single recipe I have made from you site! These pancakes were no exception, they even made the house smell amazing while they were cooking! Love them!

  141. My husband made these this weekend for the kids while I was working. Today, both kids requested them again. “Can you make daddy’s pancakes? They were SO good!!!”

    I agree! So tasty! Thanks for the recipe!

  142. Made these this morning and they were awesome.

  143. This was a great recipe!! I definitely will make this again!!

  144. Made these again this morning as we were out of white flour and they were AWESOME! My kids gobbled them up sans syrup. These are definitely back in the rotation for us. We do add frozen blueberries to the tops before flipping. They make the pancakes extra delicious!

  145. does anyone know how may points would be in Weight Watchers for like 2 or 4 ,Thank you

  146. Delicious and very fluffy! Followed the recipe given. I’ll be making these again for sure.

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  148. Sorry but these were not that great at all
    People are entitled to their opinion – brutal or otherwise. It can’t all be rave reviews in your fairy tale worlds.

  149. Woke up craving pancakes but am doing weight watchers so wanted them as points free as possible. I didn’t have wheat flour so used regular flour and substituted a 1/16 hep stevia for the sugar. I also halved the recipe. It yielded 6 pancakes at 2 points each per the recipe builder. These were delicious and this recipe is a keeper!

  150. I made em and I am Dude and they even came out ok…Sorry Hannah Montana

  151. I have been craving pancakes and found this recipe last night. I don’t keep milk at home, only almond milk. Turned out fabulous!  So yummy!  Using WW recipe builder, turned out to be 4 points for me!

  152. They were salty and super thin . I used gluten free flour maybe this was the reason.  Besides that I followed the instruction exactly.   

  153. Just found this recipe and tried to today. I cut the recipe in half as there are 2 of us. It was yummy! I’m not a big pancake fan but these were delicious. Thank you!

  154. Delicious , healthy pancakes my whole family loved

  155. I’ve been making these for a few years, we love them!

  156. I made these as a healthier option for my daughter who loves her pancakes- used 1/2 white flour and 1/2 whole wheat – 1 percent milk – still a great taste. Thanks!

  157. These pancakes were so delicious.  My husband and I loved them.  He thought these were the best I ever made

  158. Has anyone tried replacing milk with water? How did it turn out?
    My father in law thinks all milks will hurt his stomach.

  159. I just added the ingredients to WW recipe builder and it came out 6pts for two pancakes

  160. These were pretty good but could use a little more flavor. Next time I make them I might try adding some nutmeg to the mix. Do you know if fat-free buttermilk would change the flavor or the Smartpoints or Points Plus values?

    Thank you for all the great recipes you post.

  161. These were absolutely delicious! And I was left feeling full after two of them… definitely gonna make them again:)

  162. 4 1/2 teaspoons of salt?????? I made them and they tasted like pure salt. Ugh

  163. I’ve made these many times before, however when I used a wire whisk today, taking care to not overmix,  they came out really light and fluffy!  Perfect!

  164. Found your recipe through google as I’m always trying to find “the perfect one” and I’m glad to report I finally found it!. I’ve made pancakes in many different ways, buttermilk, soaked, coconut flour, almond flour; and these are by far the best. My kids loved them and even commented how they were as good as the ones from our favorite restaurant (of course they didn’t notice these were whole wheat).
    Thank you!

  165. Do you think using powder egg subsitute will yield the same result? My son is allergic to eggs and dairy products!

  166. I am only cooking for two. To cut the recipe in half, do I simply halve the ingredients? Thank you!

  167. I made these but I substitute it with almond milk. It is so fluffy and delicious. Will keep this recipe handy. Love them.

  168. 4 1/2 tsp baking powder

    What does this mekan actually ? 4 piece of 1/2 tsp is equal to 2 tsp right ? So why would you go 4 1/2 tsp ?
    Or do you mean 4 tsp + 1/2 tsp more ?

  169. Gina, thank you SO much for this recipe! I’ve had a full package of whole wheat flour languishing in my pantry for months, and it’s going to go fast from here on out! My husband and I LOVED our fresh blueberry/blackberry pancakes this morning – he ate 3 and said they were so much better than any packaged mix.  #win

  170. I have tried several recipes in this site and they have all been outstanding! Just made these pancakes and my 4 yrs old daughter said to me ” wait is this a knew kind of pancakes?” I said yes and she said yeah???? Super delicous. I have a whole grain pancake recipe I have been using and it’s good but I decided to try this today and it’s a keeper. Thank you so much. You are awesome.

  171. These pancakes were yummy. I completely ommited the milk and just added water to the consistency I wanted them. I added tile bananas and walnuts to make a banana nutbread version.

  172. I made these today as waffles and they were amazing! The only difference is that I added an extra 1/2 tsp of baking powder to make them super light and fluffy!

  173. Has anyone tried using this recipe to make waffles? Thanks!

  174. Hi I have been looking for a recipe for healthier pancakes and came across this one. I made these today, using soymilk because I can’t have dairy, and they turned out so good. Thank you!

  175. I’m curious. Why don’t you advise using whole wheat pastry flour?

    • I’m curious too. I’ve been using a different recipe with whole wheat pastry flour and they’re delicious. 

  176. I made these this morning.  I used whole milk, no sugar or other sweetener, but added blueberries.  I also whipped the egg whites and folded them in at the last minute.  These were very good and fluffy.  I used a little butter and real maple syrup (just a little) on them and they were delicious.

  177. any recommendations for subbing the sugar? I would normally use honey or applesauce  but I don’t want to mess with the texture. 

  178. Hi! 
    I would like to make Belgian waffles to freeze using this recipe since I love the pancakes. Do I need to change anything?

  179. I’ve been looking for the perfect pancake recipe… we have a winner!

  180. What would happen if I replaced the egg with egg whites?

  181. I replaced the flour with buckwheat flour, and I had to add more milk because it was very thickened. They grew a little but I think I have to try them with white whole wheat flour because the gluten might help rise more ?

  182. If this makes 7 servings what do you do with the extra batter? Can you refrigerate it and use it throughout the week??
    Thanks 🙂

  183. Can you make the batter the evening before?

  184. Good recipe. Pancakes came out light and fluffy. I cut back the cinnamon to 1 tsp, but left everything else the same. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  185. I made these this morning! I found the batter a bit thin and it didn’t fluff up like regular pancakes! However it could’ve been that  my baking powder was a bit old. 🙁 The pancakes were still tasty and very filling.  I was stuffed after 2. I will for sure be making these again.  Thank you for sharing the recipe! ?

  186. SO DELISH!!!!!

  187. Delicious!  Added a few chocolate chips and topped with microwaved  frozen fruit (we call this “juiced fruit). Told kids the darker color was from the cinnamon, ha!

  188. I will have to try these. They look absolutely delicious 🙂 

  189. My daughter likes this recipe. She is a very picky 10 year old too.

  190. I don’t have fat free milk. If I substitute for low fat or almond milk will it make a big difference?

  191. Can these be converted to gluten free?

  192. Is there a way to make dairy free. I have a good allergy. 

  193. Whole wheat is my favorite pancake. LOVE IT!! I grind my own wheat and add oatmeal, cinnamon, ground flax or whatever I want. No way they can be gross if you do it right.

  194. Hi, I did make these delicious pancakes last weekend.  I did not have enough milk and substituted with almond milk (1/2 cup) and they came out very yummy!  

  195. Aside from that I do remember*

  196. Did the points on this change? I swear just recently they were less than 5… 

  197. Can I also make waffles with this recipe?

  198. I somehow got 6 SP for this recipe – I keep double checking and I’m like, what did I mess up? But I accurately put everything in and got 6. Still going to try out this recipe!

    • Using recipe builder?

      • I had a similar issue – i made mine and then ate them and went to put the recipe in my fitness pal and it came out as DOUBLE the calories 🙁 the flour was calorific. So gutted

      • Yes, using the recipe builder – when I made them I ended up using Stevia in place of regular sugar and they came out to be 5sp.

  199. Made these for dinner tonight. Turned out great. Best pancakes ever.

  200. How in the world are these delicious? I followed the recipe and THEN I added 3 more cups of water to try to thin it out. They were SO gross, and SO thick. Has anyone actually made these!?!??!

  201. I love these and make them all the time. This morning I added 2 tsp of ginger and 1/4 cup of molasses to make them gingerbread pancakes. It was really great 🙂 Thank you for all your wonderful recipes!!

  202. Can i substitute the milk with almond or soy or anything else?

  203. My husband commented that its restaurant style. Delicious and fluffy.

  204. Your best pancake recipe I’ve tried! Delicious, rich and fluffy. I substitute almond milk for the lactose-intolerant tummies in my family. For a special treat, I use chocolate-almond milk, and add 1/4 tsp of raw cacao nibs per pancake while cooking. Chocolate for breakfast? Yes, please!

  205. Holy smokes! I love these pancakes– I used sweetened almond milk and added blueberries. I can’t believe they came out of my kitchen. This is the only way I make pancakes now!

  206. I love this recipe! But to make it even better I beat up the egg whites until it gets firms and add them to the dough. It gets sooooo fluffy.

  207. I made these this morning and made the recipe x1.5. I used one cup of unbleached flour and added blueberries. They came out very good! Not too dense or gummy like some whole wheat pancakes I’ve made. I’m sure it would have been fine with 100% whole wheat but I was worried after other recipes I’ve tried coming out funny.

  208. How do I convert this pancake recipe to make waffles instead.  Hosting Mothers Day Brunch tomorrow.

  209. I made these this morning and was so happy. They are amazingi am so excited to have this recipe. 

  210. OMGoodness! So good!! I can taste the cinnamon and vanilla extract!!

  211. I made these last weekend, and they came out soooo good! I have tried and failed with healthier pancake recipes before, but this time, I prevailed! Adding blueberries was a great touch. Thank you, Gina.

  212. I divided the recipe to make only 6 pancakes and I switched out unsweetened almond milk for dairy milk and added an extra little vanilla (when I tasted the batter, I was worried how it'd come out). Although I had my doubts, they were very good! I put chocolate chips in them! They were a little thin (probably a result of the almond milk) but good nonetheless!

  213. Lisa, these sound awesome. Can we use almond milk in this recipe?

  214. Tried these this morning and topped them with fruit and honey. They were amazing!!!!!!! And i don't even like pancakes ?

  215. Hi! I just found this recipe after searching high & low in the land of Google. And this one was exactly what I wanted- something basic and easy, and light in fat and cals!

    To suit my dietary needs, I made a few adjustments. Instead of whole wheat flour, I used (Bob's Red Mill) gluten free flour. Instead of whole eggs, I used egg whiles. And instead of milk, I added cashew milk. The cashew milk adds back some thickness for a fraction of the calories that regular milk brings to the recipe.

    The batter was rather thin, BUT cooked up realllllly well! Since I was only making 1/4th of the recipe for myself, I ended up with 3 medium pancakes and was stuffed!

    Btw, I use Bob's Red Mill products for basically EVERYTHING, esp the gluten free flour because it is the pefect replacement for real flour! Trust me, Im a baker & have tried dozens of alternatives, lol.

    This being said, I think im going to post this recipe (with my changes) to my "site" (*cough* blog *cough*), but cite you with the origional recipe.

    Im definitely a reader to this website for life now!


  216. Made these this morning. Came out very good. I didn't have vanilla so made without it. Thanks Gina!

  217. Made these this morning. Came out very good. I didn't have vanilla so made without it. Thanks Gina!

  218. da BOMB! thanks for healthy pancakes 🙂

  219. Just found this recipe on your site. I've tried many of your recipes and have never been disappointed. This recipe was no exception. These were wonderful! My picky Husband had two helpings. Thanks for all the time and work you must put in in order to give us these wonderful WW Friendly recipes. They have definitely helped me stay on Program and loose quite a bit of weight.

  220. Not a fan they had no taste. Boxed mix ones turned out better.

  221. I made these into waffle this morning, and they were delicious! My husband loved them too.

  222. Forgot to ask….silly I know but does the nutrition value info pertain to 2 pancakes or only one? 171 calories for one pancake sounds like a lot…..thanks

  223. These were fabulous! Thanks for sharing…they were easy to make and very tasty!!

    Question~can you substitute non fat milk for any type of milk? I did not have non fat milk on hand so I used buttermilk. With that being said my batch came out very thick but still very good tasting pancakes. I had only one pancake with bananas on top and a few walnuts. So it was a nice treat for me after only eating egg whites and protein shakes for breakfast the last couple of weeks. I will probably be full the rest of the day lol!!

    Your site is beautiful keep up the good work!

  224. I wonder if you could add PB2 to this for peanut butter pancakes.

  225. I tried these, and they were a huge success! Not only did they taste good but they were healthy also!

  226. GREAT RECIPE. Used 100% Whole Wheat Flour. Great fluffy, delicious healthy, if there is such a thing, pancakes. This is a KEEPER.

  227. I have tried this whole wheat pancakes. It tasted so good. My family loved it. Thanks very much

  228. I was told that I needed to add more fiber to my kids diet and doc suggested whole wheat pancakes. I tried at least 4 recipes before I found this one and it is by far the best!! Thanks for sharing, it was a hit with all my kids and we'll definitely be making them again! 🙂

  229. The nutritional info says one serving has 561.4 grams of sodium! This would require the equivalent of 98.8 teaspoons of salt per serving. The baking powder adds 314 mg per serving, the salt adds 406 mg per serving, The eggs add 17.7 mg per serving, the milk adds 37 mg per serving, the flour adds .86 mg per serving, the cinnamon adds .1 mg per serving, and the vanilla adds another .1 mg for a total of 776 mg per serving….what gives?

  230. I have made this recipe SEVERAL times and my family LOVES it! You can add any fruit or topping….it adds a few more calories but my family loves it with cherry chips (instead of chocolate chips)….yummy!

  231. I made these this morning and my husband and I LOVED them! This will be my new favorite pancake recipe. The only milk I had available was some almond and some coconut, and they worked just fine. Added pecans to batter and blueberries before flipping. Thank you!

  232. I just made these yesterday and my family loved it. They are so soft and fluffy. Thank you!

  233. These were pretty great! Just got finished eating them with my husband and we will def be using this recipe again

  234. I tried this pancakes today and it was a big hit!! My picky nephew loved them and so did I. I love this website and can't wait to try out more recipes!!

  235. Last night was breakfast for dinner. I immediately searched your site for pancakes and we tried these. No changes to the recipe and I was surprised that my husband loved them. (The cinnamon won him over). My picky 6 year old devoured them! I had enough for her for breakfast this morning and froze the rest for later in the week. I also made up a ziplock bag of the mix so all I have to add are the wet ingredients for a quick breakfast this weekend.
    I'm not a fan of sugar free syrup, but I mixed some PB2 with 1/4 cup of the SF syrup and it was actually really good on the pancakes.

  236. Made these tonight for dinner. Added blueberries and they were great!

  237. I just made the batter and it's very liquidy. I'm going to put in the fridge overnight and make them in the morning. Hopefully they'll thicken up a bit. I've made lots of different whole wheat pancakes before but they are never this liquidy. Is it supposed to be? Should I add more flour. Perhaps it's the brand of whole wheat flour I'm using? It's not white whole wheat but regular whole wheat and I sifted it. Maybe I shouldn't have sifted?

  238. I am so excited to try these tomorrow morning for our Sunday brunch! We always make extra pancakes, freeze then pop them in the toaster when needed. They turn out awesome!

  239. How about if I wanted to make this into a waffle?
    How much of the batter you think I will need to use?

  240. Oh, also! I substituted agave for the sugar tsp for tsp.

  241. Just made these – but made them GF with bobs brown rice flour (substituted same amount as whole wheat flour) +1 tsp xantham gum, added 2 tbsp flax seed, and they came out YUMMY! And now I can eat them, not just my kids!

  242. Made these today. I have never been a fan of pancakes, but these are AMAZING! I actually made a second batch to freeze for weekday breakfasts! Nice job!!

  243. I made these and while they are not bad pancakes, they smell like eggs to me. I grew up with the Betty Crocker recipe for pancakes (not the boxed kind) and I prefer their whole wheat pancake recipe which comes out to about 200 calories for two pancakes and it tastes so much better in my opinion

  244. These tasted great! Will definitely make again. Not sure if I over-stirred or what but mine did turn out very thin and still had a bunch of lumps in the batter. Thin or not, the flavor was great so thanks!!

  245. I've tried it twice now. I halved the recipe because I make it only for myself. I use soya milk instead of cow's milk, so I had to add more to make the batter liquidy enough. It was too thick otherwise. It is a fabulous recipe and I just loved it both times. It will become my staple.

  246. These were so delicious! Thank you!!

  247. Totally husband approved! He is difficult to please when I want to make healthier items, but these he loved. So simple to make, which is important to me and I can count my WW points!

  248. I made these this morning with choc chips. My daughter said that there was too much cinnamon. She asked for no cinnamon next time, so we will try again. Love that these are so healthy!

  249. Any changes to the recipe if you're making waffles?

  250. Made these this morning with bananas, they were delicious

  251. Oh my yum! These were delicious

  252. Made this using almond milk and banana extract. I did not separate the dry ingredient from the wet, probably why my pancakes were a little thicker than the ones in the pictures. But they were still fluffy, soft and flavorful!:) No need to add syrup, sweet enough for me.

  253. Hi Gina! Wondering what the change in the recipe would be if I wanted to make waffles? I thought you used to have a waffle recipe on here but maybe I was just making the pancakes and altering something.

    Thanks for all the recipes. We love, love, love to cook off your blog!

  254. Hi Gina! I think I have made these before as waffles, and that there was some sort of alteration to the recipe. Now that it has changed, can you give any suggestions for making these pancakes as waffles?

    And, BTW, thanks for all your hard work. I LOVE the food we make from your recipes!

  255. I was thinking to save time, mixing up enough dry ingredients for 3-4 batches, would that be possible with this recipe?

  256. Sounds like I found a recipe for breakfast all week!

    Can you post the metric (or oz) measurements for this recipe?

  257. I made these vegan by replacing eggs with flax seed and water slurry and used almond milk. The taste was great, but the proportion was a bit off with the almond milk (The milk is thicker perhaps than regular milk). I was able to add more milk later without a problem (not always the case with white flour — something to do with the extra gluten?).

  258. I am finishing up making my last couple of pancakes, but of course I had to taste test and these are delicious! I changed it up a little bit though…I had some quinoa flour on hand that I have been dying to try out, so I substituted half of the whole wheat flour for that and I love it! I added in some dark chocolate chips and put a dab of honey on my daughter's. Sooooo good!

  259. Hi, thanks for the recipe. how long does this take to prepare?

  260. I can't even. Like oh my Jesus. These are better than regular pancakes AND they're healthier. Like, what!? Thanks so much Gina.

  261. I just made these for breakfast as we were out of our normal pancake mix and they were AMAZING! Froze half and added blueberries to others. So good, especially with the cinnamon flavor!

  262. So funny that I signed on to check out some whole wheat recipes for my next Books to Belly post! We are making sweet potato "shmancakes" from the story The Hungry Thing!

    Yours look great (of course)! I will let you know how adding (or hiding) some sweet potato turns out!


  263. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing recipes! This is the third one from your site that I am making in the last 5 days. These pancakes are so delicious! I am totally in love with this food! Thanks, thanks!

  264. These are fantastic!! We substitute almond milk in for everything and have never noticed a problem. Thanks for the awesome recipe! My kids are currently silently stuffing their faces. Haha.

  265. Too much baking soda; I would suggest reducing it to half the quantity and pancakes will come out great. When I tried using the same amount, pancakes came out bitter.

  266. Can you tell me the single serving of this recipe? Thank you!

  267. Love this so much!! But did you mean mg for the amount of sodium? I hope so!! Lol

  268. I forgot to add that since I have been doing dairy free for over a year now, I make this recipe with almond milk and they are absolutely fabulous.

  269. I have made these pancakes for breakfast over two years now!! They taste great and they fill you more than the boxed type. Whenever I ate pancakes I would be hungry an hour later, until I found this recipe. My husband absolutely loves them! No more pancakes from a box at this house! Thanks so much Gina for this recipe!

  270. I made these this morning with low fat buttermilk. Came out great. Super fluffy! We loved them. This is our new recipe. With low fat buttermilk, calories are a little higher at 190. I do not do WW so I do not have point difference but prob not much.

  271. Made these yesterday- Wonderful! Froze the extras and expect to love them again another day. Thank you!

  272. I literally just made these and they were delicious!! I made 2 substitutions as I used unsweetened almond milk instead of non fat milk and increased to 2 1/4 cups and used flax eggs instead of whole eggs. I also used a sweetener like stevia instead of sugar. For syrup I use Joseph's sugar free syrup which tastes just like regular syrup!

  273. I used this as a muffin recipe and added 1 1/2 smashed ripe bananas. My toddler LOVED it! I used it as his birthday "cake" too. I knew he loved pancakes, and I felt good knowing that he wasnt eating a cake full of sugar.

  274. Too sweet for my taste. I'd leave out the sugar and vanilla.

  275. I used almond milk and they are delicious!

  276. These certainly hit the spot tonight, as usual. Thanks Gina!

  277. they were so yummy. i however substituted truvia for the sugar and we loved em! thanks for this recipe.

  278. I had to thin my mixture down from this morning with more semi skimmed milk and I made mini thinner ones i really hope it hasnt added too many calories! I had to throw a lot of the mixture away because it was thick so had to thin down half. Yours look a lot thicker than mine but my thick ones this morning tasted a bit doughy… Still good of course! What do you think could have been the problem? Will be having them again tomorrow with drizzled honey bananas and walnuts. Fingers crossed the calories won't be crazy

  279. I tried this recipe this past weekend. OMG!!! They were delicious. I also tried it with blueberries, OMG AGAIN!!! They were absolutely delicious. I made extra to take to work with me during the week. I will definitely continue to make these delicious pancakes. I'm going to try them with strawberries. I used to do weight watchers, but I'm in the gym more now and I still use some of the WW recipes along with your recipes to eat healthier.

    Thanks again for your delicious recipes.

  280. Would it work with almond or soy milk ?

  281. I made these tonight for dinner. All five of my kids (and me) gobbled them right up! The cinnamon was delightful and adding a few chocolate chips to some of them basically negated needing any syrup for me. My kids tried nutella, grape jelly and syrup on them–all combinations were successful. I said they reminded me of muffins, so my oldest kidlet called them pan-fins. :o) Thanks for the WW friendly pancake fix! I'll be using this recipe again!

  282. Could you possibly use an almond/soy/rice milk to substitute the fat free milk?

  283. I have never reviewed a recipe before but I just had to compliment you, Gina, on such a great recipe!! I tried these on a whim this morning as I was looking for a healthier option for my boys' breakfast. They LOVED these! We all did! These pancakes have a sweet, cinnamon-y flavor and cook up nice and fluffy. Not at all what I was expecting from healthy pancakes. Thank you for your efforts in developing this recipe! I will definitely be looking to your site for more great recipes!

  284. I have made these pancakes for the last two Saturday mornings. They.Are.Fabulous. I have been cutting up a banana & serving them with the bananas around the pancakes, sprinkled with cinnamon. I add (for 3 more P+) 1/4 cup real maple syrup mixed with some cinnamon & vanilla. This morning I added a TB of PB2 to the batter and another TB to the syrup…..holy. These are seriously restaurant quality. My BF loves them, and he's usually not into things made w/whole wheat flour. Also, they're ridiculously filling. One serving of two pancakes is incredibly generous for 4 P+. Thank you for perfecting this!!

  285. Delicious! I added half a mashed banana and a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips to the recipe and it was delicious! Thanks for the recipe using whole wheat 🙂

  286. I just made these and they turned out so well. Very happy with it. The pancakes had a texture that reminded me a little of french toast and were sweet and good. Thank you for sharing your recipe! I can't wait to try others!

  287. i just made these and they were so good. my baking soda was past date (didn't realize prior to making) but they still turned out delicious. We just ate ours with a little butter and maple syrup. This is a new favorite. Thank you for sharing! I've never been to your cite before, but after trying this I will definitely be visiting again!

  288. Healthy Recipe!!! Pan cake is a good source of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber that provides high energy, reduce cholesterol thereby aiding in weight loss and maintenance.

  289. Awesome with peanut butter and banana!

  290. These were great.. thanks!

  291. I added a cup of Oatmeal as a substitue for a cup of flour and it makes the cakes a real hearty breakfast.

  292. In my home, pancakes were an occasional and sinful treat – mainly because of the white flour…until I came upon your fantastic recipe and blog! Now they are a staple Sunday breakfast – and my family loves them. I just did something a bit different – I beat the eggs really well before adding them in…and they really made the pancakes fluffier and lighter. I write a small blog too (www.ofcabbagesandofkings.wordpress.com) and wanted your permission to post a link to this recipe at some point of time. Thank you so much for brightening our Sundays!

  293. I made this for my husband Chris this morning. Usually I follow a VERY fattening and buttery Martha Stewart recipe. He absolutely LOVED these and said they were BETTER than the Martha Stewart ones. Thanks Gina! 🙂

  294. These are great I love them, but the only way my sister will try them is if I use white flour, will this make a difference in the points, if so what is the points?

  295. is the batter supposed to be thick or a litte runny? what should the consistency look like?

    • If the batter is thick, your pancakes are thick. If the batter is runny, your pancakes will be thin. So really, it depends on what you like best. If you like thick pancakes, add a little less milk. If you like thin pancakes, add a little water to the batter. 🙂

  296. Can I use egg beaters instead of real eggs and how much would I use if I can?

  297. Try this variation of the recipe. Use 40 calorie Almond milk instead of slim milk. Separate eggs, whisk egg whites until stiff peaks form. Whisk almond milk and egg yolks together. Mix milk/yolk mixture and vanilla to dry ingredients. Fold in egg whites. Not only do you cut calories with the almond milk, you also make them even fluffier by whipping the egg whites and folding in at the end.

  298. Thanks so much for sharing! I googled a healthy pancake recipe this past weekend (an oxymoron, I know) and came across your post. Delicious! I love blueberry pancakes, but we did not have any on hand, so we went with mini chocolate chips and diced bananas. Yum!

    I loved the consistency of the batter, which made them very easy to pour. And I really could not believe they did not have any oil or butter! Nice work! Will definitely be our go-to recipe in the future.

  299. I have always enjoyed your original pancake recipe, but finally just made the new and improved and LOVE them!!! Thank you so much for all of your amazingly delicious WW friendly recipes!!! 🙂

  300. Made these this morning with my husband! So Delish! The only thing we changed to the recipe was that we used egg whites rather than the whole egg. Definitely keeping this recipe 🙂

  301. I love these pancakes! I make them all the time. I did replace the sugar with stevia and I use unsweetened almond milk. My family loves them. I have also made them with half oat flour and half whole wheat flour. They tasted the same but were not as fluffy! I make these on Sundays alot for the entire week's breakfast for my family and freeze them. We keep so many days worth in the fridge and heat them in the microwave for 1 min 30 secs. We put peanut butter on them or cream cheese and ham. You can pretty much use whatever you like!

  302. Was wondering if I needed to change mix for waffles, but it worked great! Thanks, Gina. Your site is wonderful, easy and tasty, not to mention skinny. 🙂


  303. Hi! So excited to try! If I want to make as waffles should I change the recipe?

    Love your site. 🙂


  304. Hi Gina,

    I just made these for my diabetic husband. He has had a pretty serious stroke, but he wanted me to tell you that these pancakes are not too heavy, and have good flavor – they make you go "mmmmm." 😉 I split the flours (w/ AP) and added a little flax, but the body of the recipe I followed exactly.

    Thanks so very much for sharing such a great (and easy) recipe!

  305. These were WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much! I LOVE pancakes and have been trying all different "healthier" recipes and none of them were even edible. These were soooo yummy! Even my super picky hubby who won't touch anything healthy loved them. 🙂 Only substitutions I made were using buttermilk instead of the fat-free milk and using honey in place of the sugar.

  306. Thanks for this recipe. I was looking for a very simple, pantry staple, WW-friendly pancake. This was it! My kids really enjoyed it, too. I used 1% milk instead of fat-free as its what we use in the house. They were fluffy and filling, yum.

  307. Looks great..We can try to prepare pan cake with different types of flour from simple white flour to whole wheat flour. When prepared with whole wheat grains it will be much healthier as it is rich in fiber..

  308. Yum! These were AWESOME! Thanks for the great recipe 🙂

  309. Hi! These look awesome. I just got a waffle maker and would love to try them in there. I searched the comments to see if you already answered this, so sorry if the question is repeated, but do you have a suggestion to make waffles from this recipe?

    Thanks so much for this site. I find myself checking it whenever I need to go shopping now. It's amazing!


  310. Making these again for the second time. I love them. I top them with sugar free syrup and pecans. yummm

  311. VERY good! I made these this morning with bananas and crunchy peanut butter and my husband went crazy for them. He says he doesn't like cinnamon or whole wheat, and he didn't even know these had both of those ingredients!

  312. Very yummy. My picky 8 y/o even liked. They were pretty fluffy considering how thin the batter is. I halved it bc 14 was too many pancakes, skipped the cinnamon and used whole milk but was pleasantly surprised. I have tried many whole wheat recipes for pancakes and this is the first that I will use again. Thanks Gina!

  313. Made these this morning and all I have to say is WOW!!!!!!! Great.

  314. I made some today, they turned out great. I halfed the recipe, did not want to make so many. I will be using this recipe from now on! I topped it with a few pecans and sugar free syrup.

  315. I'm impressed. Made the pancakes this morning and they were fluffy and tasty. Only mistake I made was not sifting the baking soda in so that it was more evenly distributed. Definitely will use this recipe again. Thanks!!!

  316. I just made these – they were fabulous! I added a tablespoon of ground flax and ate them with sliced bananas and honey. Thank you for all your tireless experimenting, this recipe could not be better!

  317. This is an awesome recipe!!!!! I just got back from making these pancakes for 25 elementary age kids and they loved it. I used regular whole wheat flour, and even my pickiest eaters did not notice. Fabulous job!

  318. thanks for sharing this recipe. I made only slight changes to the recipe- used coconut milk and chocolate chips. best pancakes ever. http://www.foodpleasureandhealth.com/2012/11/whole-wheat-chocolate-chip-pancakes_13.html

  319. these are awesome, thank you

  320. Just made these, but used agave sugar and a 1/4tsp of nutmeg and they turned out great! We're both stuffed!! Thank you!!

  321. AMAZING!!! I actually used a splenda like sugar substitute!! I made these for me and my bf whichwould have been WAY to many pancakes! Ended up greasing a muffin tin and cooking the rest of the batter at about 325 and until the tops stopped bubbling. they turned out GREAT!!!! A great healthy breakfast muffin w the texture of pancakes!!!

  322. @anon
    You are supposed to use baking powder not soda. If you use baking soda you will need to add cream of tartar.

  323. I never made pancakes from scratch before. I followed your instructions and they came out great. The texture or taste is not "tough" -what I expected from wheat flour and what I got from pancake mix from TJ's. They came out fluffy and on a bland side – perfect for any kind of toppings.

  324. Good base recipe for whole wheat pancakes, but personally, I think there's too much baking soda in them! It leaves a bit of an aftertaste. I'd sacrifice a little of the fluff and reduce it to 2 1/2 tsp.

  325. I made these with 2 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of cow's milk. They came out fantastic! It only made 9 pancakes (1/4 cup of batter each) for 123 calories each. I will be making more to freeze.

  326. To make these as waffles I won't need to change ingredient amounts, correct? Just place on waffle griddle instead? Thanks!

  327. I made these for my family this morning and they loved them. 🙂 I accidentally used bread flour because I wasn't really paying attention, but they turned out really well. I also made them in cookie cutters (who doesn't like fun shaped pancakes?), which also makes them nice and thick. I will definitely make them again 🙂

  328. I substituted the sugar with Honeyville's Granulated Honey. It was soooo good! I'm definitely adding this one to my recipe book!!! You can order the freeze dried hone on their website… you might enjoy all of their mixes too! http://honeyvillegrain.com/

  329. I used fresh milled whole wheat flour for these and they were excellent. The best WW pancakes I have ever had! My search for a whole wheat pancake recipe has ended. Thank you!

  330. Hi from New Delhi, India. I am guy and I just wanted to say how awesome my pancakes turned out using your recipe. I added a mashed banana to the batter. Thank you!

  331. Oh silly me- I forgot that i use 1/2 cup of brown sugar too! whoops!

  332. This is Brilliant! I'll be tring yours out this weekend for sure.

    I have a whole wheat version of my fave pancakes- but mine's with 1 egg, 1 1/2 cups of flour, 1/2- 3/4 cups of milk 1 tsp vanilla essence & 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp cinnamon.

    Cook with virgin coconut oil.

    Best. stuff. ever.

  333. I made these today substituting egg substitute and sugar substitute – makes them fine for Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet. (topped with sugar free syrup) Thanks – they're delicious.

  334. Hi Gina, I love these pancakes! I feed them to my ten month old and she loves them as well! Question: do you think batter will be okay in the fridge?? How do you heat them up if you freeze them? Thanks!

  335. Yummy! Just made these with Trader Joe's Vanilla Coconut Milk and non-dairy chocolate chips (Enjoy Life Mini-Chips) and they came out amazing!!! Thanks for the awesome recipe!!

  336. These pancakes turned out great. I used vanilla flavored soy milk, Egg Beaters instead of whole eggs,
    Earth Balance vegan spread and a couple of teaspoons of agave in place of the sugar. I topped them off with sliced almonds and strawberries.

  337. I can't wait to try this! I started Insanity last month and my meals are getting boring. I'm browsing through your recipes now 🙂 Thanks so much! I will comment again once I try this out!!

  338. Could you use stevia??

  339. Made these pancakes today. I used Bob's Red Mill whole wheat flour. These pancakes are light and taste great. Thanks for the recipe.Meriem

  340. I made these this morning Yummy! My son who can be pretty picky devoured them. He liked the taste of cinammon. I followed the recipe except used lowfat buttermilk instead of fat free milk. Found your recipe on Pinterest. Look forward to following your blog and checking out your other recipes. 🙂

  341. Do I have to add the sugar and salt? Also, why is there so much baking powder? The other pancake recipes I looked at don't have as much, why do these require more? When I was making these pancakes I had halved your recipe and it still made too many pancakes for 2 people. These were very filling and delicious, but they did not turn out round and pretty like in the picture. Thank you for the recipe.

  342. mikey….looking forward to trying with my blueberries. For those wishing to freeze the extras. Several years back I started to add my syrup before I freeze them and I believe it helps eliminate their tendency to become rubbery. I add it between the pancakes and pour off the extra into the next container to fill. If I have ham on hand I slice it and add it as well…that way I can grab a container and head out to work if I am not sitting down at home. Fresh home made whole wheat blueberry pancakes…does not get much better.

  343. Yes, healthy pancakes!! Thank you, these were amazing!

  344. just made these tonight. DELICIOUS!!! i added extra cinnamon.

  345. No, either would not hurt. I'd use the reduced fat buttermilk though, Nikki- baking powder will react to the acidity of the buttermilk.

  346. I can't wait to try these this weekend! Does using reduced fat buttermilk or almond milk have any effect? That is all I have on hand…

  347. I'm looking forward to trying these. Has anyone used soy milk?

  348. I just made these. I made a total of 20 smaller pancakes with dark chocolate chips and used sugar free syrup. I'm not doing weight watchers, just counting calories. For 3 pancakes and the syrup it came to 265 calories! Not bad at all! And they were very moist! Will def make these from now on. Thanks a bunch!

  349. Love this recipe. They are honestly some of the fluffiest pancakes I've ever made, and my husband can get behind something whole wheat!

  350. Oh my goodness! My husband and I just started WW, so we are looking for good, tasty and WW friendly recipes. We love to have pancakes for our weekend breakfasts, so I came upon this recipe and tried it this morning. WOW! They were amazing! I added fresh blueberries to half of the the batter, which turned out to be my favorite of the two. Gina, thanks for creating such a great, low-fat pancake recipe! We will definitely make these again and again! GREAT JOB! We look forward to trying more of your recipes.

  351. This was a hit with everyone!! We now call them out cinnamon toast crunch pancakes lol. Much healthier then that ceral!! This recipe was so filling and they didn't even know they were eating healthy!! Thanks Gina.
    P.S. if u wouldn't add cinnamon and sugar to your fruit people don't mix it into the batter. Sorry some of the comments crack me up!!!

  352. I substitute lowfat milk for unsweetened almond milk and the white sugar for trivia, it came out so good! 🙂

  353. Thank you Gina for this recipe, they tasted awesome and very filling, with the right consistency. Half the recipe, makes two waffles in my Black and Decker round waffle maker. Substituted eggs with egg beaters and milk with light soymilk. It came to aprox. 270 calories per waffle which for me was more than enough.

  354. We made these for breakfast yesterday, and they were GREAT, as usual….I have yet to find a bomb from your web site. I made chocolate chip for my son, blueberry for my daughter and stuck with plain for myself.

  355. These are fantastic, and so easy! We just made them, exactly like you said, and they were WONDERFUL (but next time I might put a little more cinnamon in just to shake things up a bit). I want you to know your recipe is now printed and inserted into my family's recipe binder! You are with us forever, and I don't even know who you are! We turned over a new leaf starting January of this year and getting my kids to trade in Aunt Jemima and Bisquick for Real Maple syrup and whole wheat pancakes is like winning the lottery for me! THank you for posting this recipe.

  356. Made these for breakfast this morning with chopped banana and blueberries – were absolutely fabulous!

  357. I made these this morning after I realized I was out of English muffins for my usual breakfast sandwich (192 calories) and I new all I had to do was go to your site to find a delicious low calorie alternative.

    I halved the recipe, stuck with 100% whole wheat flour, substituted a sugar/stevia blend for sugar and I used light vanilla soymilk instead of nonfat milk (it has fewer calories and a delightful flavor). I also added a few chocolate chips and topped with sugar free syrup. I cant wait to try the blueberry compote.

    I am going to make the baked ziti for dinner. Thanks for the great recipes and calorie calculations. Your site is my go to.

  358. Made these for breakfast this morning. My 7 year old said, "These are the best pancakes I've ever had!" They were definitely yummy!!!

  359. I made these today and added bananas. They were fluffy, and maybe because I have never had whole wheat pancakes, I thought the texture was a little different. I will be making these again with different mix in's and tweaking. Thanks for making me feel like I don't have to sacrifice to be healthy!

  360. Yuck, I made these and they did NOT turn out the way I had hoped. I followed the recipe exactly and added fruit to the batter but the cinnamon flavor mixed with the pineapple and strawberry was absolutely disgusting. I would advise not adding the vanilla or cinnamon if you are planning to add fruit. I will not be using this recipe again sadly

  361. If you make the full recipe, but don't need all of them at once, try freezing them in a single layer on a cookie sheet. They will toast up beautifully in your toaster (about 3 minutes)!

  362. Thank you for this simple, delicious recipe! My husband, daughter, and I had them for dinner tonight and thoroughly enjoyed them. We are on a whole foods diet so I changed the milk to whole milk and substituted honey for the sugar and they came out wonderfully! Thanks again!

  363. We made these on Saturday, but made them w buckwheat flour and stevia for the sugar…they were delicious!

  364. I made these this morning after church! Thank God for you! Amen! YUMMY-licious! I added blueberries. I am eating slow so I can savor every bite!!!!! Thanks!

  365. Love these! Had them this morning for breakfast. I substituted Splenda for the sugar and added blueberries which were delicious and healthy! Definitely will make this again. Thanks!!

  366. Anna, my nephews (one and 2 1/2)and I are spending the evening together. Dinner slipped up on us. I googled "whole wheat pancakes" and came straight to your recipe. It was so easy and impeccable! They even smelled yummy cooking. If you could've seen the boys' little agave smeared faces afterward! Thanks for the wonderful recipe!


  367. These turned out moist an delicious for me, and my toddler gobbled them up.

  368. I just made these last night and they are fabulous! I did half the batch with blueberries and the other with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips!!! They were DELISH <3
    Thank you GINA!

  369. These pancakes are delicious! I added a tablespoon extra of milk added on to what was in the recipe, an extra tablespoon of sugar and an extra 1/8 tsp of vanilla. It made it taste even better. I don't eat them with syrup so I needed to add extra flavor.

  370. Hi Gina. I never tried the earlier version of these pancakes, but I made this recipe a few weeks ago for Sunday breakfast. They were a hit; fluffy, delicious and nutritious! I'm making them again tonight for dinner. Thank you for all of your recipes!

  371. Found this recipe on pinterst recently and made them yesterday! They are delicious and totally gave me the pancake fix I have been dying for but wasn't allowing myself to have(dieting!). We kept the batter in the refridgerator and made them again this morning! Still good! They were a little dense, wondering if one less egg will lighten them up even more? Thoughts?

  372. Just made a batch of these, they turned out great! I'm a single girl, so I'm hoping my bounty of pancakes will keep well in the freezer. Thanks Gina!

  373. I have whole wheat pastry flour on hand, but noticed you said not to use it. Just wondering why?

  374. I would love to make these pancakes for my little ones but when I make pancakes all I usually make is 2, that is all they will eat. Is there a way of making just enough batter for two or saving the batter to use at a later date?

  375. Once I flip the pancakes how long do I let them sit there before taking them out?

  376. So great! We loved them. My husband and I ate them as listed, and my kiddo had them with chocolate chips.

  377. These whole wheat pancakes are AWESOME! They are great reheated for a quick breakfast. A substitute for syrup is almond butter spread on top, yum! Thanks for the great recipe! 🙂

  378. These ROCK! They are so hearty and so delicious, my 9 yr old son TORE them up! We used Mrs. Butterworth's Sugar Free syrup and I subbed 1/2 the sugar for Splenda. They were amazing, and very filling. Two pancakes are plenty…thanks so much.

  379. I woke up craving pancakes (the last one I had was like 4 months ago) and found your awesome recipe. They're really less carbageddon than classic one but without sacrificing the taste!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  380. Is the salt content really 560+ grams? I'm hoping that should be milligrams.

  381. I made these yesterday morning and my family fought over the leftovers today! So delicious! My five-year-old said, "They taste like French toast!" Thanks for a great recipe.

  382. I made these this morning and they were great! My two year old daughter even enjoyed them! I had enough left over to freeze some for another morning. Hopefully the frozen ones will be good reheated!

  383. Hi, I am obsessed with pancakes and these have been a Godsend for me!!! i love them 🙂 thanks

  384. My husband and I cooked these this morning and they came out Great!!! My 16 year old son liked them too! Used whole wheat flour. They are so thick and filling. My husband was really hungry and took 4 but could only eat half, he got full.

    We made extra to freeze. How long will they stay good in the freezer?

  385. I came across your recipe this morning and I loved that it was so simple yet healthy. I've had a harder time finding a whole wheat pancake recipe that doesn't have half regular flour. So I was delighted to give it a try! I knew it was exactly what I was looking for even when it was in the batter form because it smelled delicious. I loved the taste and even my four year old who can't usually be bothered to eat, ate a couple!

  386. I absolutely LOVE THESE! I have made them twice and they are sooo great!!!! Thanks sooo much!

  387. I found your recipe while looking for a whole wheat pancake recipe. It sounds amazing. I'm going to try it tomorrow for breakfast but I'm going to try it with with apple sauce and half the oil and I'm going to add cranberries.

  388. Came across your website while looking for a whole wheat pancake recipe. I am going to make these tonight and freeze them for breakfast the next couple of days! I am so excited! I am just starting out on eating healthy, a personal choice and while I am not on WW a lot of your recipes sound really great and I have already printed out several! I can't wait to try them!

  389. Oh my gosh. Just made these for the family. Our family of 5 couldn't even finish the batch. I used egg beaters and Splenda instead of eggs and sugar. The batter was REALLY thick, so I did end up putting in about 1/4 cup of water just so it would pour. These were so wonderful, and I am so full from two! Great job Gina! My family is so appreciative of all of your hard work.

  390. these are just so, so yummy!! Light anf fluffy and I love the addition of cinnamon – it's so good for you. Mine stuck to the pan but that's my faulty pan, they were still amazing and I made them with your blueberry compote 🙂 Thanks again.

  391. These are beyond delicious! 4 points for 2 pancakes! Add turkey bacon on the side for 1 pt. and you have a filling breakfast 🙂 YUM!

  392. I would love to make these but was hoping for a suggestion to not have any type of sugar be a sugar substitute or agave or honey. Unsweetened apple sauce or unsweetened pumpkin is fine. If anyone has done this please let me know! 🙂

  393. hi Gina- love your site, thank you! Making the pancakes right now but was wondering if any changes needed to be made if I was going to make waffles instead? My family has been on a waffle kick lately…the frozen variety so I'm hoping these will change their mind!

  394. REVIEW: Love these pancakes. Just made them this morning and used whole wheat (not white whole wheat). And mini chocolate chips. And powdered milk. I tried the powdered milk because the recipe called for fat free milk but I have 2% milk so figured powdered milk would be a better choice. Just in case. Also, cook the pancakes on whatever is right for your stove. Mine apparently runs hot because a level 2 is PERFECT for pancakes but medium (level 4) is way too hot.

  395. Hi, I just made these this morning and they are really good. Now am I reading this right, 2 pancakes are only 4 points? Or is it 4 points per pancake? I was thinking it would be to good to be true if it were only 2 points per! I love your blog!

  396. I made these tonight for dinner (breakfast for dinner) and my kids loved them! My son actually ate 8 pancakes!

    Thanks for all of the great recipes that please my kids and follow WW guidelines!


  397. Just a correction on my post – the dried cranberries need to REhydrate in the batter for a bit. A few minutes does the trick.

  398. I'm always looking for ways to eat healthy and keep costs low, so making pancakes and waffles from scratch has become an alternative to mixes and frozen varieties. I found this recipe on line in my search for whole wheat pancake recipes and tried it today. I added dried cranberries and chopped pecans to the batter (dried cranberries need to dehydrate in the batter for a bit) and the pancakes were so delicious I didn't even need syrup! So much better than the usually bland mixes out there, and more economical as well. The price of low fat, whole wheat frozen waffles has skyrocketed, so I'm going to try them as waffles tomorrow. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!

  399. I was thinking of pouring the batter into mini muffin tins and adding a small bit of cooked turkey sausage.

    I was wondering if anyone else has tried baking this batter? If so, how did it turn out as a muffin?

  400. These pancakes are delicious!!! They smelled fantastic cooking too. It's amazing that something so healthy can be so delicious! I wanted whole wheat pancakes but I also wanted them to be fluffy and light. They were! I added 1/3 to 1/2 cup of chopped pecans. I also separated the eggs and whipped the egg whites until stiff before adding them to the batter. Each pancake was about 3/4 inch thick. Thanks for the recipe!

  401. Yummy! I put in just 1 tsp. of cinnamon. These pancakes are delicious! My 5 and 2 year old gobbled them up. Made some with choco chips and some with blueberries!

  402. I loved these so much, I have made them twice. Then I blogged about them, referring them to your site, and not posting the recipe on my page, of course. Thanks for the delicious recipe!

  403. These are so good! I made a big batch and froze them; I'm taking them to work for lunch with some applesauce on top, yum!! I probably doubled the amount of cinnamon though, it's my favorite spice 🙂 Thanks for the great recipes!!

  404. So good, I added a splash of lemon juice and some orange zest and some ground flax and whole fresh blackberries in the batter.

  405. Made These this morning….yummy! I stuck the extra ones in a ziploc in the fridge…I'm sure they will be gone by the end of the week! Next time, I'm going to try maybe adding some blueberries or some mini chocolate chips.

  406. should this recipe have oil in it? My batter came out looking very weird..they still tasted OK but I ended up throwing the rest of the batter out. I noticed that the other pancake recipes had oil so I wasn't sure if this one should have it as well?

  407. yum, I used the batter to make waffles and they came out great! So yum & fluffy! The recipe made 9 waffles (in my waffle iron), so I recalculated the nutrition info: Per 1 waffle-calories 133.5, fat 1.6 g, carb 24.5, fiber 3.8, protein 6.9g.

  408. hi, These were good but I loved the old recipe. They were delicate and delicious. I hate that heavy full feeling you get from thick pancakes. I would love the old recipie if you still have it.

  409. I made these this morning! The are great!The cinnamon gave them great flavor. Almost reminded me of french toast! Awesome recipe.

  410. I love this can't wait to try it! One trick my mom always taught me with pancakes to make them nice and fluffy is to use butermilk (usually lower in fat and very tasty) or simply cheat and add a splash of lemon juice to each cup of milk. It reacts with the Baking Powder and makes the pancakes nice and fluffy, plus extra filling if portion control is a problem.

    Thanks for the recipe! I plan on trying it out this weekend!


  411. Hi Gina,

    I made these pancakes this morning and they were absolutely delicious!!! I will definitely be making these again! All your recipes are fantastic. Just last night I made 3 recipes for our New Year's Eve dinner party. Thank you for sharing your wonderful,low fat full of taste recipes. Can't wait to see what you have in store for 2012!!

  412. I made these Christmas morning and they were so good! I will definitely be making these again!

  413. I made these this morning and they were so good! My 3 year old and almost 2 year old lived them! I halved the recipe just in case we didn't like them, but I will be making this in double batches from now on.

  414. Can you substitute splenda or another sweetener for the sugar? Or is sugar absolutely necessary?

  415. OHMYGOODNESS LOL I just made these and I already know that buying "box mix" is a thing of the PAST! I am sticking with this <3 Beautiful recipe, hubby is super intrigued by these and says they're the best he's had and my 2 little boys (3 and 7) didn't even say a word about them being darker LOL and just GOBBLED THEM UP <3 Thank you Gina!!!

  416. I just made these and I left out the animal products and the oil. I substituted the sugar with brown sugar and increased the amount to 3 tsp. I used spring water for moisture. I think they came out waaayyyy delish and they didn't stick even though I used no oil. By my estimation I reduced the fat content from 11% to 4.5% and they still came out light and fluffy 🙂

  417. I made them again today and froze my left overs. One of the biggest things I have deprived myself of is pancakes because boxed recipes were one puny pancake for the same calories and not filling at all!
    Here i sit at 2PM and I am still pretty full feeling from this recipe! Perfect side is turkey bacon!

  418. I made them Monday and they were awesome, I ran the recipe through the weight watchers calculator and the calculator said 3 points, I dont know why I put the recipe in the same way

  419. I made these this past weekend and they were FLUFFY and heavy. They were so filling and so much better than pancakes in the box!

  420. this pancake is a really healthy and delicious choice, for me and my family! this pancake brings happiness and joy to our dinning table! maybe I-HOP should switch to WHOLE WHEAT PANCAKES THAN THOSE CRAPPY, FATTY PANCAKES WITH A TON OF SYRUP!!!!!

  421. I made these this morning and they were great! As someone else posted, I think the point are actually 5. Thanks for the recipe. I have the chicken potacchio in the crockpot now and it smells wonderful!

  422. So thankful I found your website!! What would be the best way to add in your homemade apple sauce to these pancakes?

  423. Gina- Nice and tasty! I do like the cinnamon in them. My almost 2-year-old took a giant bite and said "Yum Yum!"… that's all I need to hear to know this recipe is a keeper!

  424. I made these this morning. I changed out the milk for Almond Milk, since that's what I had in the fridge. I had to put in a bit extra to make the consistency more liquid. I switched out the sugar for Agave (I put about 1.5 teaspoons). I put in 3 cups whole wheat flour and 1 cup whit flour. I also added some nutmeg. They were simply delicious! Thank you for this fabulous recipe!

  425. I made these using powdered buttermilk instead of milk. It's the same points, and you get great buttermilk taste if that's what you like!

  426. Great! I even made a double batch and they turned out great.

  427. A friend made these for me and they were great, so I tried them myself today! Yum! They're awesome, light and fluffy- just like my dad used to make when I was a kid (but healthier)! I've refrigerated and frozen the batch so I can eat them for breakfast every day this week!

  428. What I love about these pancakes:

    1) They taste FANTASTIC! I paired them up with your Blueberry Compote. Perfect match made in tastebud heaven.

    2) They are fluffy! I love how well they absorb the Blueberry Compote.

    3) They freeze well! Even after freezing and microwaving for a quick breakfast, they still cut and melt in my mouth like they were just dished from the pan to my plate.

    4) They don't weigh me down! Typically I have to schedule nap time after pancakes, but not these. I can go on with my day. Perfect for busy mornings.

    5) Loving the calorie count! The first time I ate these I gobbled down 4 pancakes instead of 2 and didn't even break my calorie bank.

    6) Versatile! I plan on adding bananas or chocolate chips (or both!) in my next batch.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe!

    P.S. Following this recipe, I made about 16 pancakes. Woohoo!

  429. I made these this morning and they were FRICKING awesome! I added bananas to this morning's breakfast but left other 12 "plain." No need to tweek this recipe…it was perfect!

  430. These are so delish. Made them with fresh picked blackberries and a little bit of homemade peach jam! Thanks for the recipe!

  431. I made these this morning with my whole wheat flour (that I grind) and they were great.

  432. Sorry, yes vanilla extract.

  433. by vanilla do you mean vanilla extract?

  434. Tried these today with blueberries and homemade blueberry agave syrup. Delicious!!!!!

  435. One of the best pancake recipes I've ever tried. Healthy, too. A new staple.

  436. These are just FANTASTIC!!! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!!!

  437. Sorry about the flood! I'm glad the pancakes were a hit!!

  438. My husband and I had a "rain day" today due to flooding so I decided to make these with a side of turkey bacon. He absolutely loved them…better than regular pancakes! Now we also have a bunch in the freezer to heat up before work next week. This will be my go-to recipe for pancakes from now on!! Yummy!

  439. Sure, wrap them with saran wrap. You can even freeze them and reheat in the microwave.

  440. This sounds divine! Is it possible to make as a batch on Sunday or Monday and reheat/retoast them for the week? Do they last in the fridge if you wrap them with foil or something? -Ays

  441. I made these the other morning, they were delicious! Thanks for the recipe, I couldn't even eat two, they were so filling.

  442. The batter can be made the night before.

    I'm glad these worked out in a waffle maker, I have to try that!

  443. Gina you are a god send! I just love your recipes. I made your whole wheat pancake recipe today however I made waffles instead of pancakes. The taste was incredible. I used King Arthur organic Whole Wheat Flour and the waffles came out just right. I will be making these from now on. Thanks for sharing.

  444. Thinking about making these but I have limited time in the morning. I do plan on freezing what I make, but do you also think I could make the batter the night before and leave in the fridge?

  445. These were wonderful. My whole family loved them. I am glad that you reworked the recipe. I am loving all your recipes and my sister in law just started WW and uses your website too.

  446. I loved your old recipe, and this one is just as great! I added chocolate chips for my 18 month old and a few blueberries for mine. They were all fabulous! I froze a bunch for easy reheating for my daughter. Thank you so much!! I could never thank you enough. I'm 8 pounds to goal!!

  447. Three words. Ah-maz-ing!!! These were delicious, and I don't even like pancakes (hubby and DS do)! We used to just regular whole wheat flour, because I couldn't find any white whole wheat by Hudson Cream (the only flour I buy). Thanks for creating the only recipe I'll be using for pancakes. 🙂

  448. Yummy! these were great. When I put it into the recipe builder it tells me 5 points plus for 2 pancakes. Yet when I put in your nutrition information it gives me the 4 points plus you say it is. Either way they are yummy! Thanks!

  449. Great, so happy you liked them. This makes 14 pancakes… 2 pancakes per serving is 7 servings.

  450. just ran 8 miles and ate these as a post-run breakfast. SO yummy and they don't taste like some of the other whole wheat recipes i've had. new favorite! ps. my recipe made way more than 7 pancakes 🙂 woo hoo!

  451. So glad you all liked them! White whole wheat flour has a milder taste than regular whole wheat, but creating a blend is the best way to slowly transition your family from white.

  452. Oh my goodness, Gina!!! These were fantastic! I made them exactly as directed and served with your skinny blueberry compote, as you suggested. My husband said he wants them again for breakfast tomorrow, which is fine by me (we have plenty leftover)! The two definitely filled me up while being a super low point breakfast. Even my EXTREMELY picky toddler ate a whole one with the blueberry compote– he never even noticed they were whole wheat- that's enough to make these a regular for sure 😉

  453. @mamalisa,
    I used whole wheat flour as well and also noticed a slight bitter taste. Next time I will use half whole wheat and half all purpose flour and see if that helps.

  454. Hi Gina! Just made these this morning and they were glorious! 😀 We added chocolate chips to them and then bananas and a little bit of syrup on top. With the cinnamon it was so nommy! 😀 thanks for all your wonderful recipes! I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've made pancakes from scratch. There's definitely no going back now.

  455. You can easily cut this in half, not a problem!

  456. Hi Gina! This seems like a silly question, but cutting the recipe in half wouldn't affect anything, would it? It's just me and my husband, so having 14 pancakes sitting around would definitely not help us stay on plan. 😉

  457. Hi Gina,
    I absolutely love your blog and have made many of your recipes, loving them all. I have a hard time getting my family to eat whole wheat. Like Mr. Sweet butter, they seem to have radar where it is concerned. I made these pancakes this morning. They were fluffy and filling, but I did detect a bitterness that I think is due to the whole wheat. Which is what I think my family is objecting to. Any thoughts? Am I not cooking them long enough maybe? Does anyone else notice that with ww flour? Thanks for all of your delicious recipes!

  458. The pumpkin pancakes work fine as is because the pancake helps thicken the batter but I'm curious to try them with this recipe.

  459. I recently discovered King Arthur's White Whole Wheat Flour. It changed my life!

  460. I've been reading for quite some time and I am so excited to start using your receipes more often when I move in to my own place!

    Could you use this receipe to recreate the pumpkin pancakes you featured before?!

  461. Has anyone used better than eggs instead of whole eggs ? Any can you use splenda instead of sugar ? What would the points be ????

  462. Tara- Sneak wheat by making a 50/50 blend of white whole wheat and all purpose.

  463. I wish I could make these but I swear Mr. Sweet Butter can smell whole wheat from a mile away. I've tried to cook in in muffins, cakes, even in small doses and he always knows it's there.

    He's not a fan of wheat. (sigh) — will have to keep working on him. 🙂

  464. I'm glad you all liked the new recipe.

    I tried them with whole wheat pastry flour and they came out flat. Not sure why so I don't suggest it.

  465. Why can't you use whole wheat pastry flour? This is my go-to flour.

  466. Hi!
    I just wanted to let you know. I tried the original recipe-with egg whites. On that one i had posted that it was liquidy, but i doubled the batch and cut down a bit on the milk and it was PERFECT. My parents came over for a brunch and i served them. My mom took home the recipe! So for me i will continue to use the other since i prefer to use egg whites over whole eggs. Thanks so much!

  467. My mom and I absolutely love pancakes and were so excited to try this recipe out! They were delicious, and we added blue berries and strawberries to them as well, which made them even better. Thank you for the low fat healthy pancakes I'm really happy that I can make one of my favorite foods without feeling so guilty anymore.

  468. Wow! Thanks so much for trying these again. You're so dedicated to us readers. I appreciate it so much! xoxo

  469. SO glad you posted this! My favorite healthy pancake mix is no longer being made by the manufacturer. After clearing the remaining boxes from the store shelf, I wondered what I would do when we finally finished them (since I had yet to find a healthy recipe that was also tasty). Now I don't have to worry! Woo hoo!

  470. Yum!! I need to get some white whole wheat flour, think family would like it more than regular whole wheat 😉 They are never too happy about whole wheat LOL

  471. i made this tonight. they were incredible. thanks so much for always having awesome, easy recipes that are ww friendly!

  472. No I havent tried them with flax but I bet they would be good 🙂

  473. Have you considered adding flax to this recipe? I've been playing around with some different recipes and adding flax. The bag of flax meal I have says you can substitute 1T flax & 3T water for 1 egg. I might give that a try.

    • I love a flax egg, and these would be a perfect place for it I think. I will try that out myself next time.
      We tried them as written but with coconut milk and they were SO fluffy.

  474. I freeze them in ziplock bags and pop them in the microwave to reheat. Just like the frozen ones they sell but it' so much cheaper to make them yourself.

  475. Gina- maybe a silly question but how do you freeze the remaining pancakes? As a single gal there's no way I can go through 14 pancakes in a week but never knew you could freeze them. Anything in particular I wrap them in? Just a freezer ziplock bag? As for defrosting..just take them out the night before and leave in the fridge to defrost? Heat up in the microwave? Thanks for your help!!

  476. What is your reheat method? I noticed that you said you freeze the extras, so I wondered if there was a trick to reheating them nicely. Thanks!

  477. I think almond milk or soy milk would be fine here.

  478. Do you think I could substitute Almond Milk for the milk?

  479. I made these today for the first time. AMAZING!! I'll never use a bag of pancake batter again! Wow, they are so great. I'm thrilled I've got leftovers. I calculated old points (still using old program), and I got 3 points for 2 pancakes. Great for me!!

  480. Nice tecnique Alison!

  481. These turned out great. I beat the egg whites first (soft peak) and then folded them into the batter. Because it fluffed them up, I made 16 pancakes using 1/4 cup of batter for each one. 5 points for 4 pancakes!

  482. These pancakes were great! Light and fluffy, but still incredibly filling. I added strawberries and bananas to the batter on the stove and then sprinkled some on top with 2 tbsp. light whipped topping and syrup. It tasted like such a decadent treat and it is point friendly. I can't wait to try it with different fruit!

  483. @Joslyn-LOL! Yay for no complaints about eating healthy!

  484. I was so excited to finally make these this morning. They were amazing! My husband said they had a great taste without me even having to ask how they were. And he didn't complain about everything always having to be whole wheat, haha! This will definitely be my go-to pancake recipe. Love this site! Thanks Gina!

  485. @Amanda, Awesome!!

    @Lindsey – Made these with low fat buttermilk Sunday and they were even better!!

  486. As many others have said, I can tell I will be using your blog as a daily staple. I'm already copying down some of the yummier recipes on index cards for easy access 🙂 I just went shopping and can't wait to try your chicken parm tomorrow! Thanks so much!

  487. Thanks Lindsey, I love buttermilk pancakes! Great idea!!

  488. These are really, really great! I started WW a few weeks ago and was looking for something special for my kids for breakfast. I replaced the 1% milk with buttermilk because I love that tang. They came out to 3 points using the buttermilk. Really, really excellent! Awesome site as well. I will be returning often!

  489. You're welcome!! My daughter likes chocolate chips in her pancakes too!

  490. My husband has been wanting chocolate chip pancakes for three days. I struggle to make wise choices in restaurants and so I was trying to gear up for this potential caloric nightmare. But then I searched through your recipes and found these very fluffy and wonderful pancakes. I added chocolate chips to his and he, at this very moment is heartily enjoying them! Thanks Gina!!!

  491. gina, thanks so much for this pancake recipe! my children and husband loved them, and so did i! it was SO nice to actually sit down and eat pancakes with them, instead of just making them and eating my breakfast seperate!!!:)

  492. Glad you liked them! They are great with bananas too!

  493. I loved these pancakes, and I've tried a few different whole wheat pancake recipes, these were the best, very fluffy, perfect and delicious, thank you I love this web site~

  494. Glad you liked them!

    • What can I do if I have no baking powder *facepalm*. Also, do the measurements say 4 1/² teaspoons? So like 4 lots so wouldn't that be 2 teaspoons altogether..sorry a bit confused. Can't wait to try them out for brekky tomorrow

  495. I made these this morning topped with blueberry sauce made with splenda and vanilla and a dollop of ff cool whip. Tasted absolutely sinful yet still healthy! Kids loved em too. Thanks for the recipe.

  496. just made these this morning with some sliced bananas, amazzzing!

  497. @Eli, sounds like a wonderful combination!

  498. Gina, I tried these this weekend with chocolate chips and bananas and they were amazing. Thanks so much

  499. Dear Gina,

    You brought me an idea for lunch tomorrow, great recipe. I love pancakes but it never occured to me to prepare them with whole wheat flour. That's more healthier than simple white flour. Have a great weekend!

  500. yum! they look delicious with the blueberries! I love having pancakes, but I never want to take the time to cook breakfast.

    • Then make more and freeze them!

    • Hello. How do I reuse pancakes after I freeze them?

    • Just had them for brekky. Yummy but I think I made them a bit thick so slight doughyness. Perfect for a guiltless but satisfying breakfast! I've put the rest of the batter in the fridge…should be OK right? I had three smaller pancakes with honey and half banana and half a walnut. More calories but so filling and yum. Ill jusy make sure theyre thinner next time…tanks for this!

    • I made these and completely forgot oil and they were amazing!!! No need for any oil, just used 1% milk instead of FF

    • thaw them out and toast them in the toaster ( some toasters have settings for toast, bagel, thaw etc ….

    • Try adding 1-2 very ripe mashed banana to the batter, absolutely delicious!

    • Pop them into your toaster!