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30 Incredible Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Absolutely Love

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30 Incredible Mother’s Day Gifts

Choosing something special for your mom for Mother’s Day can be a bit challenging. She is the woman who gave you life, after all! That’s why I’ve rounded up the best Mother’s Day gifts that I would even love to receive myself this year.

I’ve pulled together some of my favorite tools and products that all make great gifts for any mom, from cooking to fashion to lifestyle products! These would all make incredible gifts for your mom, grandma, sister, wife, or any other mother figure you want to celebrate this Mother’s Day. I hope this list of the best Mother’s Day gifts helps save you some gift finding trouble and get her something she deserves. 

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The 30 Best Mother’s Day Gifts

1. For the Mom Who Wants to Mix Up Dinner: Skinnytaste One and Done

I’ve written many cookbooks, but my bestselling Skinnytaste One and Done is one of the most popular and is full of recipes for her air fryer, Dutch oven, Instant Pot, or oven. It was created with busy people (like moms!) in mind and it’s full of favorites that you can get on the table on the most chaotic weekdays. Since we published this book, my lovely readers have shared how the recipes have become staples at dinnertime, making it a great option for moms looking for new dinner ideas. New moms especially will love this book!

2. For the Mom Who Likes Cheese Boards: The Big Board and a That Cheese Plate Wants to Party

There’s nothing like a good cheeseboard (it totally counts as dinner, IMO) and having a beautiful board takes things to the next level. My favorite board is The Big Board—it’s round and has a slight raised lip to make sure nothing falls off. It’s made in the U.S. from American Maple, and at 26 inches, it’s ready for a party. 

If you need ideas for making your cheeseboard Instagram worthy That Cheese Plate Wants to Party has you covered. It’s the latest cookbook from cheese plate expert Marissa Mullen and it’s full of ideas for all kinds of gatherings. Marissa’s Cheese By Numbers method helps you actually make boards that look like the pictures and the book has fun playlists that go with each board, making it the perfect complimentary gift!

Get The Big Board:

Get That Cheese Plate Wants to Party:

3. For the Mom In a Hurry: GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

Air fryers make food so crispy, juicy, and delicious without all that oil and if Mom doesn’t have one in your kitchen, you’re in for a treat. This is the air fryer I personally use and love! I used it to develop many air fryer recipes and have written two cookbooks on them (either would make a great complimentary gift!). This revolutionary gadget makes dinner (and reheating leftovers) so much easier. What I love specifically about this one is that the digital screen reminds you to shake your food for even heating, the basket has a divider so you can prepare two things at once, and cleaning it is a snap. It’s a total game changer!

4. For the Mom Who Loves Meal Prep: Ello Duraglass Glass Food Storage Meal Prep Containers

If her cabinet is full of mismatched containers and so many lids (where do they come from anyway?), it’s time for an upgrade. My favorite glass storage containers from Ello are stylish and plastic free. And on top of that, they’re dishwasher safe. I always have these on hand for meal prepping and they stack so easily in the fridge (the silicone covers help them stay put). The leak proof lids mean no mess and they’re microwave and oven safe for reheating. You honestly can’t have too many of these.

5. For the Stylish Mom: Tory Burch Mini Miller Crossbody Bag

As a mom, I need my hands free and this Tory Burch Crossbody lets me carry my essentials in style. It comes in a few colors to coordinate with her wardrobe, but I think black one goes with everything, and it fits a lot despite its small size. I use mine while running errands or for a more formal event. Even better, this bag is lined and has internal compartments and a double zipper for extra storage.

6. For the Mom Who Makes the Best Birthday Cakes: KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Mixers are in a class on their own and if Mom likes to bake, she absolutely needs one for whipping up birthday cakes or cupcakes for the whole class. I use one to make my Skinny Hummingbird Cupcakes or my Fudgy Flourless Crinkle Brownie Cookies, and it’s the ultimate kitchen gift. The mixer has a stunning matte finish and is attractive enough to leave out on the counter. Plus, it can do so much—mix batters, shred chicken, whip cream, and even more if you get her some attachments. I couldn’t imagine my kitchen without one! 

7. For the Mom Who Needs A Spa Day: New Skincare

An at-home spa day is for anyone deserving of a little self care—but with kids and work, it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. With some of my favorite products, mom can make the bathroom at home feel a little more spa-like during her morning and night time routines.

I love Elemis’ Superfood Facial Oil, which brings the benefits of superfoods to your skin. It hydrates and soothes my skin for a daily glow. It’s so moisturizing, and I love everything the brand makes. For a fun at home treatment, Golde’s Clean Greens face mask is the way to go. Add water to the powder and apply to your face to purify your skin. It’s gentle but effective and she’ll definitely feel refreshed after.

Get the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil:

Get the Golde Clean Greens Superfood Face Mask: 

8. For the Fitness Mom: At Home Workout Equipment

I love an at home workout and these two tools make those workouts super effective and easy to get in a quick exercise in 20 minutes. Because who has time to head to the gym? Resistance bands can make even simple squats a real burner and they’re also great for stretching and mobility exercises. The sliding discs are budget friendly and will set your core on fire, making a quick workout very impactful, giving her back more of her day. 

Get the Berter Resistance Bands:

All in Motion Sliding Core Discs:

9. For the Weeknight Worker: Instant Pot Duo

My love of Instant Pots and pressure cooking is well documented in my cookbooks and in my recipes. It can do everything from sauteing to steaming to, of course, pressure cooking to you so much time in the kitchen. You can use it for rice, steamed veggies, hearty soups and stews, and a yogurt maker. It makes cooking dried beans so much quicker and I even use it for oatmeal. For me, owning one was the opposite of a fad—I use it so often and I know the mom in your life will too.

10. For the Vegetable Lover: Brieftons 5-Blade Vegetable Spiralizer

A spiralizer can do more than just make zoodles (and I love zoodles). This under $25 gadget makes eating vegetables so much more fun for the entire family. Mom can use it to make sweet potato noodles, carrot spirals, or sliced cucumbers (like with my Spiralized Summer Roll Bowls). The Japanese blade is sharp and powerful, and it has a few different settings so you can get your veggies exactly the thickness you want!

11. For the Mom Who Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve: Initial Pendant Necklaces

There’s nothing like keeping your kids close to your heart while they’re at school, soccer practice, or daycare. I love using initial necklaces of my kids’ to keep them close to my heart. How special is that? These two options from Kate Spade and Kendra Scott feature classic designs that will coordinate with whatever jewelry she already wears. They’re high quality and won’t fade when she works out or showers, and they’ll be in her wardrobe rotation for years to come. 

Get the Kate Spade Initial Pendant:

Get the Kendra Scott A-Z Pendant Necklace:

12. For the Campfire Enthusiast: Solo Stove Ranger Stove

This is a unique gift for someone who loves the crackle of a fire and the char of s’mores. This stove is portable (it comes with a carrying case), is smokeless, and easy to use with a tray that makes ash cleanup easy. She can use it in the backyard, at a tailgate, or while camping, and it’s a perfect gift if you and your family love spending time outdoors. If she want to grill on the Solo Stove, the brand also sells accessories for all kinds of campfire meals.

13. For the Hydrated Mom: Stanley Quencher Tumbler

This is the IT water bottle of the moment, and it will remind Mom to drink water while running around doing errands or when in the zone at work. The Stanley Quencher comes in lots of colors, including a tie dye pattern, and fits in a car cup holder, making it one of the best Mother’s Day gifts right now. Unlike most water bottles, it fits a whopping 40 ounces of water so if mom’s goal is staying hydrated, this will help. Plus, the insulated container keeps drinks cold for nine hours. I bring mine with me everywhere.

14. For the Mom Who Loves Smoothies: Ninja Smoothie Bowl Maker

Smoothie bowls are regular smoothie’s luxurious older sister can be loaded with healthy, yummy toppings for an extra boost in the morning. Help mom turn the kitchen into an acai bowl shop with this smoothie bowl maker from Ninja. It’s powerful enough to blend frozen fruit without a ton of liquid for that perfect, creamy texture. And she can use it to make ice creams and even homemade nut butter.

15. For the Mom Who’s Always Cold: Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket

The Barefoot Dreams blankets are beloved from celebs and influencers alike for a reason. This top-rated blanket is popular for a reason. It’s so soft that you feel like you’re wrapped in a cloud, and it’s machine washable for easy cleaning. The really special thing about these blankets is that they keep you snuggly without being too warm—and no one wants to be sweating under a blanket. Warning: Your kids might just steal them (so maybe gift mom two of them so she has a secret stash!).

16. For the Yogi Mom: HeyNuts Essential Full Length Yoga Leggings

I love Lululemon, but admittedly I don’t always love the prices. Thankfully these Amazon leggings are a great and affordable alternative. They’re buttery soft and so comfortable while also being compressive without being too constricting. Plus, they’re just super flattering! I wear them for workouts or just hanging out and running errands. They come in 16 colors and some reviewers say they were so impressed they ordered a second pair the day they arrived. I would do the same! 

17. For the Mom Who Loves Potlucks: Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven

If Mom doesn’t already own one (or even if she does!), upgrade her kitchen situation with an impeccable Dutch oven from Staub. This Skinnytaste favorite is made of cast iron, which means it will last forever, so she might pass it down to the kids one day. It’s easy to clean and comes in beautiful colors to coordinate with her kitchen. This pot is also large enough for cooking for a group, and it’s so stunning she’ll want to use it as a serving dish at potlucks and holiday meals. 

18. For the Mom With A Cooking Aesthetic: Our Place Always Pan

The Always Pan is all over social media and a star of my kitchen for a reason. It’s the pan I use most for everyday cooking and is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts. The newest upgraded version includes a wooden spatula, a steamer basket, and, best of all, it’s oven-safe up to 450 degrees so you can go from stovetop to stove. The multifunctional design is so helpful for making the most of your kitchen space and the nonstick surface is perfect for cooking eggs, searing vegetables or proteins, and now even roasting. With eight colors to choose from, picking her favorite might be the hardest part.

19. For the Mom Who’s Always Sipping: Tiled Margot Monogram Mug

Coffee just tastes better out of a mug with your initial on it, and I’m obsessed with these ones. They have a tiled design inspired by French bistros. She’ll be transported to Paris with each sip of coffee or tea, and it’s the one I reach for every morning. At under $15 each, you can splurge on a few of them. 

20. For the Mom On the Move: Hoff Sneakers

Us moms are always on the move and cute and comfortable shoes are a must. I love these sneakers for long walks and travel days and I’m obsessed with the color palette that are each inspired by a different city. For example, these cool hues are Napoli in Naples. It’s a little reminder of travel and adventure every time I lace them up. They fit true to size and you’ll want them in every color. 

21. For the Mom Who Needs Space: John Boos Block

There’s nothing more annoying than when ingredients start to spill off the cutting board. Solve that problem for Mom with this large Boos Block that can live on the counter at all times. The stylish wood makes it attractive enough to use as a serving board and it’s a super functional cutting board for all kinds of knife work. With regular care and oiling, this board will last her many years to come. 

22. For the Mom Who Appreciates Nice Scents: Capri Blue Volcano Matte Jar Candle

This candle has a cult following for a reason—it’s Anthropologie’s signature scent and their stores always smell so good. It’s rich with tropical fruits, citrus, sugared oranges, and mountain greens. The matte jar candle holder is stunning doubles as a piece of decor and it comes in three neutral colors for the more minimalist mom. 

23. For the Mom Who Loves to Entertain: Crate & Barrel Bodega Glasses

Traditional wine glasses break so easily. Swap them out for these chic bodega glasses that I use all the time for wine, water, cocktails, or morning green juice. They’re made in Spain and the tempered glass makes them more durable than your typical glasses, which is perfect because us moms who are too busy dealing with the next emergency. In addition to looking good, these glasses are dishwasher and microwave safe. 

24. For the Caffeine Addict: Smeg Retro Coffee Machine

But first, coffee. For moms who start their day with a great cup of coffee, this machine is a must. The retro design looks so cute on a counter and it comes in seven stylish colors. Plus, this machine is great at brewin a pot and keeps it warm for up to an hour after brewing. As a bonus, it comes with an auto start feature so you can program mom’s coffee to be ready when she is. Cheers to that! 

25. For the Mom Who Deserves An Upgrade: Le Creuset Nonstick Cookware Set

If Mom’s kitchen set is looking a little worse for the wear, give her a well deserved upgrade. This six piece LeCrueset cookware set is non-stick for easy clean up, and you can use less oil when cooking. I can confirm these pans are durable—you can put them in the dishwasher, in the oven up to 450 degrees, and even use metal utensils on them. The surface gets excellent caramelization and they work on any type of stove top.

26. For the Mom Who Glows: Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops

Something about a tan really boosts my mood and with these Drunk Elephant Bronzing drops I can get a glow without worrying about sun damage. This product gives so much more than just a glow. It’s a serum that defends against pollution and targets dark spots, dullness, and fine lines. I like mixing it with my moisturizer in the morning—just don’t forget to add a layer of SPF.

27. For the Mom Who Loves Breakfast: Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Eggs are the perfect addition to salads, grain bowls, and easy toasts. I’m all about some extra protein, and this cult-favorite gadget takes the guesswork out of making poached, soft boiled, and hard boiled eggs. They’re perfectly cooked every time and it can fit up to six eggs, and save up some space on the stovetop. It’s so handy she’ll find some daily use out of it, and it won’t take up too much kitchen space either. 

28. For the Grill Master Mom: ThermoPro TP19H Digital Meat Thermometer

For the mom who loves to grill, a high quality digital meat thermometer is a great gift. There will be no more guesswork for the perfect seared steak and she won’t fuss with overcooked meats. This thermometer gives a reading in just 3 to 4 seconds, and it can be used for grilling, making caramel, or even frying. It has almost 30,000 positive reviews for a reason and is the perfect gift for the mom counting down to summer barbecues.

29. For the Home Chef: Global Takashi 7-Piece Knife Block Set

Sharp, high quality knives make cooking safer and easier. I love my Global knife set and it’s the perfect kitchen gift for mom. The seven-piece set comes in a stylish wooden block that she can set on the counter for easy access. It includes all the knives you’ll ever need: paring knives, a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a vegetable peeler, and even a sharpening tool. The ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold during big meal prep sessions and the Japanese stainless steel cuts through ingredients cleanly and easily.

30. For the Mom with Sweet Dreams: Eberjey Women’s Pajamas

I believe that putting on Eberjey pajamas is the first step to a good night’s sleep. The two piece set is super cozy and stylish and the shorts are perfect for the warmer months. It comes in lots of colors to choose and holds up well in the wash without any piling. Pajamas are a classic Mother’s Day gift and these will be a welcomed part of her bedtime routine for years to come. 

Prices were accurate at time of publication.