Chickpea Salad with Cucumbers and Tomatoes

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This healthy, summer Chickpea Salad with cucumbers and tomatoes is great for lunch or as a side dish with anything you’re grilling!

This healthy, summer Chickpea Salad with cucumbers and tomatoes is great for lunch or as a side dish with anything you're grilling!
Chickpea Salad

I’m always craving chickpeas, it’s my favorite legume and I just can’t get enough! I toss them in any salad I eat for added protein. Some chickpea salad recipes on rotation in my house, this Greek Chickpea Salad which is great for meal prep, this easy Chickpea Egg Salad and this Chickpea Tuna Salad.

With summer cucumbers and tomatoes in season, I make this salad all the time. It’s a great side dish to bring to a BBQ, picnic or backyard gathering, simply double (as pictured here) or triple the recipe.

The best part about this salad is it takes just a few minutes to make, and because it uses canned chickpeas, there’s no cooking.

Can I eat chickpeas from the can?

Canned chickpeas are already cooked and ready to serve. This makes them so convenient to keep on hand when you need to add a quick protein to salads.

Are chickpeas good for weight loss?

If you’re following a Weight Watchers diet, you probably already know chickpeas are 0 points. They are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, and are high in protein and make an excellent replacement for meat in vegetarian and vegan diets.


  • You can modify this recipe with grape or cherry tomatoes, or use a combination.
  • Adding bell peppers, Kalamata olives and feta cheese will give this salad a Greek inspired twist.
  • Add diced avocado for some healthy fats and creaminess. If making this for a party, add it just before serving.
  • Don’t like chickpeas? Swap them out for white canned beans.

Cucumbers and Tomatoes for an easy chickpea salad.Chickpeas tossed with tomatoes, cucumbers and red onion.

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Chickpea Salad

182 Cals 6 Protein 29 Carbs 5 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 0 mins
Total Time: 10 mins
Yield: 4
COURSE: Lunch, Salad, Side Dish
CUISINE: American
This healthy, summer Chickpea Salad with cucumbers and tomatoes is great for lunch or as a side dish with anything you're grilling!


  • 2 1/4 cups diced cucumbers, partially peeled
  • 1 cup diced, seeded tomato
  • 1/4 cup diced red onion
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 tablespoon minced fresh parsley
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt and pepper, to taste
  • 15 ounce can chickpeas, rinsed and drained


  • Combine all the ingredients together and toss well.



Double or triple recipe to feed a larger crowd. See variations in notes above.


Serving: 1generous cup, Calories: 182kcal, Carbohydrates: 29g, Protein: 6g, Fat: 5g, Saturated Fat: 0.5g, Cholesterol: 29mg, Sodium: 464mg, Fiber: 6g, Sugar: 2g
WW Points Plus: 5
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Photo credit: Jesse Larson

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  1. I am not a review person, but I feel compelled because this recipe is so good! It’s light, refreshing, easy, ingredients on hand, easily adaptable to personal preferences. This knocks it out of the park every.single. Time. 

    It’s not complicated and I love throwing it together for lunch, potlucks, sides, gatherings! 

    Today I plopped it over toasted naan and omg, delish. 

    You are my go to recipe search and I have so many (if not all) of your cookbooks.  Thank you for all you do! 

  2. This is wonderful. I did add some kalamata olives and a smattering of chunks of good feta. Also I used fresh cilantro instead of parsley b/c that’s what I had on hand. This salad might be my new obsession.

  3. Love the simplicity of this recipe 

  4. peas. This salad looks wonderful! But, remember, chickpeas are high in sodium. Those with cardiac, blood pressure and kidney problems should only eat approximately 1500 to 2000 mg of sodium per day.

  5. I love making this salad in the summer, quick and easy, stays cold for a while longer than most.

  6. We made this on a day we weren’t eating meat.  This was phenomenal!  I added all the suggestions, diced avocado, diced orange peppers, Campari tomatoes, and goat cheese (as I didn’t have feta).   Due to larger volume I increased the parsley, onion, olive oil, salt and pepper plus lemon juice.  I kept seasoning to taste.  It was wonderful!  My husband also appreciated the comment above that mentioned tuna fish and he will try that next time!

  7. Can I use dry dill (not fresh) instead of parsley?

  8. Great easy recipe.  I made this tonight to serve alongside Za’atar lamb chops.  Perfect!

  9. I added some Mezzetta “tame” jalapenos, diced, and toss this with chopped romaine, makes a perfect summer salad meal 🙂
    Thanks for a great recipe with no mayo!

  10. I love this salad. It has become my very favorite. I eat it as a meal Easy to make.

  11. Great recipe for taking to picnics or potluck dinners! I have a question about the nutrition information: Is that with feta added? I ask because I noticed you have some cholesterol listed, but there can’t be cholesterol in it without animal products. Since I didn’t add feta, I’m just wondering about the WW points.

  12. My advice is to always seed the tomatoes and the cucumbers before adding to the rest of the ingredients. The seeds do nothing but add liquid and water down the dressing. If you do this you’ll get a crunchier taste to the salad.

  13. Very good! Use quality chickpeas though! Made this twice. First time with Busches Chickpeas. The second time with an off brand and it was not very good.

  14. Hello. I added this in My Fitness Pal and 4 servings adds up to a different macros count. Did I do something wrong? I had to put 10 servings to equate to your breakdown. 

  15. I made this in only a few minutes and its delish! 

  16. I use cilantro instead of parsley,.adds more flavor. I also use the English cucumbers ( hothouse cucumbers) much less water and no seeds! Stays crisp! 

  17. I don’t think this is only one weight watchers point for blue . I put it in my calculator and it’s 5 points !

  18. Another WW friendly dish that I can enjoy with my vegetarian daughter (who is not on WW). So light and refreshing! And the best part are the simple ingredients. 

  19. This has become one of my favorite salads.

  20. Looking for an easy garbanzo recipe for our Meals on Wheels people, as we were blessed with many #10 cans of them.  Plus lots of cucumbers. This recipe looks like a winner for all the comments, pictures and ingredients.  Thanks!

  21. Can I use dried parsley or if not, can I skip it altogether?

  22. This looks delicious! How long will this last in the fridge?

  23. I love to add quinoa cooked in stock to his to make it super filling and my family loves it and eat it warm or cold

  24. This recipe is awesome! It is very filling with the chick peas! This is one of my favorite salads now!

  25. Fresh, filling and so simple to make ! I give this five stars!

  26. So wonderful! I made it them put on top of a bed lettuce and added Kalamata olives! So yummy and not $14.00 at a restaurant! 

  27. I made this recipe for the first time fo my daughter’s birthday, we loved it, it looked just like the picture, I will make it again👍🏻

  28. Having an abundance of produce from my garden, I am always looking for new recipes to use my bounty. This salad was absolutely delish! I followed the recipe exactly-didn’t change a thing. The flavors were delicate, light and refreshing. The longer it marinates, the more flavorful it becomes. Definitely a keeper, repeater and one to share! YUM 🙂

  29. Love this! Perfect to bring to work for lunch. Any suggestions to make this ahead to avoid it getting too watery?

    • I chop my cucumbers, put them in a container lined with paper towels, and leave them for as long as possible (I usually do this the day before.) The towels are soaked through the next day. Lots of water in cucumbers.

      • Cucumbers have great nutrition and that includes the ” water “, so try to include it. In just a single cup of cucumber slices, you’ll get 14% to 19% of the vitamin K you need for the day. You’ll also get vitamins B and C along with minerals like copper, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium.

    • Hey, it’s the salt that draws out the water in cucumber and tomatoes. Just skip the salt for the time and add it when you’re eating it. That’s what I do for any salads like this.

  30. This salad is absolutely delicious and filling

  31. This is such a great lunch or side!  Never a disappointed guest or family member. 

  32. I looove this salad. Healthy, fresh and low in calories. I didn’t change a thing but the next day I did put it on lettuce with tuna and some cucumber ranch dressing and it was sooo good!

  33. First time I’ve made this salad and first time my husband eats chickpeas! It is now one of our favorite salads, so fresh and satisfying

  34. One of my favorite salads of all time. So fresh and healthy! I add feta and/or avocado when I have them on hand! Also a splash of olive oil to up the healthy fats. 5 stars!!

  35. Very tasty! I use cilantro and it gives it a little added flavor!

  36. Outstanding ..such a simple recipe  Delicious. 
    Thank you!

  37. I love this salad….I also put just a pinch of dried mint leaves in it. This salad is a favorite. Even my husband likes it. Lol

  38. I love this salad….I also put just a pinch of dried mint leaves in it. This salad is a favorite. Even my husband likes it. Lol

  39. I made a big batch and added Tuna. I’m happily very full too – DELISH!!

  40. I made this recently, and it was terrific. Easy to put together, and tastes delicious! Will add in to our regular rotation.

  41. I make this quite often. I add a good amount of Cumin, shredded carrots, jalapeno diced and sometimes sliced black olives. It’s so good by itself or with a chicken breast.

  42. Anyone know how many tomatoes and cucumbers I need to buy to get the amounts states in the recipe?

  43. This is the most wonderful, and simple recipe.  I make it so often! Although I’ve made it as specified (and recommended), I usually use cilantro instead of parsley (because that what’s in my refrigerator most often) and I also like to sprinkle some feta cheese over it as a garnish.  Try this…you’ll feel healthy.  

  44. This is a tasty, light salad for lunch – also good in a pita bread with some humus!

  45. Needed a meatless meal for lunch. I made this and put it over a bed of spinach. It was delicious ! 

  46. My husband really liked this with baked salmon. I wasn’t a huge fan, it seemed to be missing something…I think the olives and feta that others have mentioned would be a great addition!

  47. Quick, easy, full of flavor and cool on these hot nights on Hawaii Island!

  48. Wow! This is so delicious! Fresh and light. Perfect summer salad. I added reduced fat feta and grilled chicken and meal prepped it for lunches this week. So good!’ 

  49. Super easy, fast, delicious and filling!! Will make this a meal prep standby. I added feta and Kalamata olives. Skipped parsley and lemon because I didn’t have any on hand…still delicious!!

  50. Just perfect for these hot days ! Easy and flavorful!!!

  51. This was delicious!

  52. Delicious and quick to make. I added feta, Kalamata and a shake of Greek seasoning.

  53. Made twice already- every one loved it!

  54. This is a delicious summer salad for either lunch or as a side for dinner.  Next time, I will add some a Feta cheese.  And it’s only 1 WW pt!! 

  55. Pretty much my go to lunch for work all week, I love his recipe!!!

  56. My husband LOVES garbanzo beans. Definatley a hit in our house! And so easy! We always have cilantro so that’s what I use.

  57. 5 star recipe! Perfect for summer. Fast and easy and tasty. Made tonight for pre-prepped lunch. I didn’t have parsley so used cilantro instead. Give this one a try!

  58. I made this exactly as written and loved it!  So good 🙂
    Will definitely make again. 

  59. I wasn’t expecting this to be as tasty as it was. I put it on top of mixed greens for lunch. Perfect!

  60. I switched this out a bit and used Cilantro instead of Parsley (I LOVE Cilantro). Gave it a bit of extra flavor.
    Love the ease and quickness of this recipe. The taste is light and refreshing.

  61. I made this salad when Gina first posted it and I I’ve made it almost every night since. My family is WILD about it!  You hit a home run with this one. 

  62. Easy and delicious! I did add feta and olives. So yummy; worthy of multiple repeats!

  63. This is s quick, easy recipe that is full of flavor! and color! Very nutritious, also! 

  64. I’ve just discovered your site, and these recipes look amazing. I’ve just started WW – I’ve noticed the recipes show either Freestyle Points OR Points +. Which point system should I use on the WW app to keep up with my daily points? Thanks!

  65. Loved this salad! Great for meal prep. I sprinkled a little feta on top too.

  66. Delicious and so simple!  I will definitely make this again. 

  67. This is such a refreshing change to the normal cucumber salad. This is very light and filling and so very tasty. Quick and easy to make.  Love this!

  68. Very tasty.  I added the feta and olives which makes it more Greek like.  

  69. Que delicia… todo se ve ricooo

  70. Absolutely my favorite salad for summer.

  71. I made this as written and added an orange pepper for additional color (and because I had to use it). I was also skeptical that one cup would be enough for lunch, but it was very filling and delicious. Can’t wait until tomorrow, when I am sure it will be even better.

  72. Thank you for a great base recipe! I followed this recipe with a few modifications for my own preferences and needs. Cilantro instead of parsley. Green onion instead of purple onion. 1 tsp of oil instead of 1 Tbs to make it 0 smartpoints per serving. And I added one finely diced serrano. Delicious!! 😋

  73. Fast with great results. Simply delicious with little effort. Thanks so much..

  74. This is so fresh tasting! Next time, I’ll add more tomatoes and black olives! Thank you!

  75. I loved this recipe. Left out the feta on accident and just mixes up. Used the leftovers the next day, added the feta and put on top of some spring greens with grilled chicken. Boyfriend raves about how much he liked it

  76. I cant find the pinterest save on your recipes anymore

  77. How long will this keep in the fridge?

  78. Delicious!!

  79. I don’t know in what universe this recipe would feed 4 for a satisfying lunch. I like your recipes and have several of your books,, but the serving sizes are unrealistic!

  80. As with the post from Karen I haven’t been able to pi n recipies either. It’s how I organize my recipies. Any tips….thanks!
    Really enjoy your recipes!

    • Mary,
      Hover your cursor over the picture of the recipe and the red Pinterest icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner that will allow you to pin Gina’s recipes.

  81. Love it!!!

  82. I make this salad a lot!  Also, make it with the suggested variations!

  83. Just wondering, lately I haven’t been able to pin your recipes. There used to be a spot at the top of the page to pin it and I don’t see it. Am I missing something? I love all your great recipes. 

    • hmm, it could possibly be your browser/Pinterest settings? It seems to still be there for me. Good luck!

    • Karen,

      Just hover your cursor over the picture and the red Pinterest icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner. That is how you pin Gina’s recipes now.

  84. I make this salad for often!  I use a lovely Mediterranean spice blend that includes dried kalamata olives and add chopped artichoke hearts.  Serve with a pita.  Yum!

  85. I made this loved it ! I love recipes with out pasta rice I am a bariatric  patient . Most recipes you have I can eat and I love it has the nutritional information 

  86. YUM! Lunch today! I love these easy, tasty recipes. I appreciate your work to bring us these delectable recipes all the time.

  87. I’m confused. The Freestyle points for this salad is 1 per serving, but on the menu plan for this week it’s listed as 6? What else was added to increase the points?

  88. How long will this salad keep in the fridge?

  89. I made this salad and loved it! I changed it up a bit by adding an avocado and using some homemade Italian dressing, and fresh basil instead of parsley. Has wonder flavor and tang w a hint of the Italian dressing and basil. Also nice texture of the variety of fresh vegetables w a delightful eye appeal of colors!

  90. How long can this beautiful salad last in fridge?

  91. Can this be made the day before serving? It looks delicious.

    • I like it better after it sits in the fridge! So, I would say yes! I put a creek dressing on the salad and add feta just before serving as a bit of a change.