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Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken

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Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken made with corn, black beans, tomatoes and seasonings – no pre-cooking, and made with pantry staples.

Slow cooker shredded chicken with corn, tomatoes and black beans. Prep this the night before and turn your crock pot on in the morning for an easy weeknight meal.Slow Cooker Santa Fe Chicken

This recipe has been one of the most popular recipes on Skinnytaste since I started this little blog. It’s the perfect dump and go slow cooker recipe – no pre-cooking, and made with pantry staples. It’s also healthy, inexpensive and can be enjoyed so many ways. Instant Pot directions are now included!

You can top this with a little sour cream and reduced fat cheddar cheese and call it a meal, but I often serve this over cilantro lime rice or cauliflower rice. And don’t forget the toppings – chopped scallions, fresh cilantro, fat free yogurt or sour cream and cheddar are my favorites. Leftovers are great over baked nachos with reduced fat cheese and jalapeños or served over greens for a Santa Fe Taco Salad. It’s even great used as filling for enchiladas. Here’s the basic recipe, how you use it is completely up to you!

It’s also kid-friendly, freezer friendly and gluten-free. In its’ honor I decided to revive it from the archives and give it some love.

Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken Freezer and Meal Prep Tips:

  • To meal prep, place in microwave safe plastic or glass containers with rice, quinoa or cauliflower rice and toppings and refrigerate to reheat for the week.
  • To freeze, divide and freeze in 1 cup portions in freezer safe containers for homemade freezer meals, ready anytime. Reheat by thawing overnight in the refrigerator and reheat in the microwave.

How To Make Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken

And since so many are asking, although I have and love my Instant Pot, I still love my slow cooker! I have the 6 Quart Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker (affil link). I love it because you can adjust the time you want it to cook, and it automatically turns to warm when it’s done. It also has a probe for meat that automatically shuts off when done. I hated my old crock pot, it burnt everything and my food had a weird taste. This slow cooker is so great, I actually own several!

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Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken

4.66 from 181 votes
Slow cooker shredded chicken with corn, tomatoes and black beans. Prep this the night before and turn your crock pot on in the morning for an easy weeknight meal.
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: American
Slow cooker shredded chicken with corn, tomatoes and black beans. Prep this the night before and turn your crock pot on in the morning for an easy weeknight meal.
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 8 hours
Total: 8 hours 5 minutes
Yield: 8 servings
Serving Size: 3 /4 cup


  • 24 oz chicken breast, (1-1/2 lbs)
  • 14.4 oz can diced tomatoes with mild green chilies
  • 15 oz can black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 8 oz frozen corn
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
  • 14.4 oz can chicken broth
  • 3 scallions, chopped
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper, to taste
  • salt to taste


  • Combine chicken broth, beans (drained), corn, tomatoes, cilantro, scallions, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, cayenne pepper and salt in the slow cooker.
  • Season chicken breast with salt and lay on top.
  • Cook on low for 8 - 10 hours or on high for 4 to 6 hours.
  • Thirty minutes before serving, remove chicken and shred.
  • Return chicken to slow cooker and stir in. Adjust salt and seasoning to taste.
  • Serve over rice or tortillas and with your favorite toppings.

Instant Pot Method:

  • Cook high pressure 25 minutes, quick or natural release.

Last Step:

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Serving: 3 /4 cup, Calories: 183 kcal, Carbohydrates: 17 g, Protein: 24 g, Fat: 3 g, Saturated Fat: 0.5 g, Cholesterol: 62.5 mg, Sodium: 557.5 mg, Fiber: 3.5 g, Sugar: 3.5 g


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1,087 comments on “Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken”

  1. I’ve made this several times. It’s one of our go to’s. I’ll try it in the instant pot tonight.

  2. I will increase the broth to 20 oz next time and make it into a proper soup. Also note that Rotel diced tomatoes and green chile USED to be 14.5 ounces but are now 10 oz. Your grocery store’s house brand of fire-roasted salsa-style diced tomatoes are probably still 14.5 ounces. And 1 1/2 # BSCB will probably be two breast halves. Six hours is much too long; four will be sufficient. Finally, save at least half of the chopped cilantro to garnish at the end, since only the fresh will retain its brightness. All that being said, I love this soup.

    1. This is a dump and go delicious crock pot recipe meant to be served over rice, or cauliflower rice. (Like a chicken burrito bowl) This recipe is NOT a soup, however you could adjust to make it a soup. Either way, easy and delicious.

  3. I have made this recipe twice and my husband loves it! It is a very easy recipe and it tastes amazing. It’s also great for several meals so I don’t have to cook every night!

  4. So good! I didn’t have any fresh cilantro so I used 1 drop of YL essential oil cilantro and it did the trick. Such dynamic flavors and even my kids loved it.

  5. Avatar photo
    Lana Lanning

    I made this today and my husband and I loved it!! It’s fresh and super easy to make.. it’s healthy as well!!
    Thank you for sharing!!

  6. I’ve been using this recipe since it was posted. I haven’t really changed much except that I use the whole bushel of cilantro and scallions and double the cumin and cayenne and add a packet of Sazon con culantro. Today, it was a little watery when it was done and I wanted it “thicker”. So I added a can of Trader Joe’s Refried Black Beans with Jalapeños I found hiding in the cupboard. SOOOOOOOO GOOD! Plus, it added a bunch of healthy fiber and protein.

    1. Oooh, that sounds good. Mine seemed a little watery to me as well, now I’m gong to get a can of that for the next time (or maybe even tomorrow, for the leftovers!) It was very good anyway, but this seems like an excellent addition

    1. This happened to me the last time I made it. I found a can of black refried beans hiding in the cupboard and it definitely be an addition in the future when I make it.

  7. Delicious and so easy! My 15 year old daughter said I needed to make it every week and that is HIGH PRAISE!!!

  8. I followed the recipe closely, using a can of corn as a sub for the frozen corn because that’s what I had. Used a 6 qt instant pot, 25 minutes of high pressure cooking and natural release. We liked the broth as it kept the chicken moist. Used whole grain rice as we each wanted. Looking forward to leftovers too! Very tasty with enough spice
    and bite for us. Light and delicious!

  9. Have made this many times in the slow cooker, but gave it a try in the instant pot. Yes, there was a lot of liquid. I scooped out everything but the liquid from the instant pot, then cooked the rice in the instant pot using the remaining liquid. Best rice I’ve ever made.

  10. I made this for an impromptu party yesterday. I tripled the recipe which fit nicely into my crockpot. I served it in the crockpot surrounded by all the taco fixings I could find. It was a hit and I got asked for the recipe (the true indication everyone liked it).
    I made it with parsley instead of cilantro, but that’s my personal preference.
    Next time, I’ll cut the chicken broth down a little so it doesn’t have as much liquid in it. Better for tacos 🙂

  11. This is so easy and SO good. I’ve made it crock pot and instant pot and both ways turned out great. Really versatile and easy to use in a variety of ways – we love for tacos and salads. Makes a ton, so perfect for leftovers. And you cannot beat 0 points for if you’re on WW!

      1. Stew, I’m sure you could do this on the stove top or in the oven. You just need to cook it on low, and slow.

  12. Taste is good; however, it is very watery/soupy, as others have stated.

    I think part of the problem is the grocers are injecting more water into the chicken breasts (at least in our area – Ohio). When I’ve cooked chicken plain, in a pan, a good 1/2-3/4 cup liquid comes out anymore, when it used to be much less prior to Wuhan.

    Thinking of draining the tomatoes really well next attempt, but that might change the taste. And, at least 1/2 the broth.
    (Jealous of those of you that still have “normal” chicken!)

  13. My family loves this- I double the batch and serve with chopped avocado and scallions. It’s perfect for nights the kiddos have sports… 5 minutes prep in the morning and it’s ready when you come home!

  14. This recipe is healthy, flavorful, low calorie and delicious!!! I don’t have a crock pot or an instant pot so I made this on my stove top. I followed the recipe exactly except I simmered everything but the chicken for 30 minutes. Then I added shredded rotisserie chicken and simmered some more while my yellow rice was cooking. I served it with Mexican blend shredded cheese. My family loved this dinner. Thank you for sharing your recipes with us.

  15. My whole family loves this, and it’s really flexible with what you put in it. We had chicken thighs and cannelini beans because that’s what I had. Such a nice thing to have ready when I’m working and my son has evening activities.

  16. Avatar photo

    The chicken was juicy and delicious. It paired well with cilantro lime rice and shredded cheddar.

  17. Always so delicious!  Have Mae it 3 or 4 times but last night tried it with cilantro cauliflower rice. It was amazing!! 

  18. I have 1 chicken breast that is .91lbs would you recommend keeping the rest of the ingredients the same on this?

      1. The ingredients list doesn’t mention sca.lions but the directions say to add them. How many?

  19. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Stanard

    Made this for the first time for dinner tonight. Made it in the Instant Pot. Very easy and tasty. Added a can of chopped green chilies. Served it over rice with avocado, sour cream and hot salsa. 

  20. One of my favorites. I do find though that it does not need 8-10 hours on low to cook. Usually after 5 hours on low the chicken is done.

  21. Made this this evening with cilantro lime rice.  My family loved it!  So easy and tasty!  Thank you

  22. Avatar photo
    Bobie Bostwick

    I make this recipe a lot!  Always is amazing and easy.  Put it over rice or cauliflower rice.  

  23. Absolutely loved it! But I put just a tad bit of taco seasoning mix. I would love next time to try other veggies. Thank you for such Ana amazing recipe. ❤️

  24. This is the best tasting chicken recipe I have eaten in a long time. It is easy and fast to make. It taste awesome! It
    freezes great to eat later, too.

  25. Avatar photo
    Sherry Maguire

    4-6 hours is a big gap of time. I’m worried about overcooking it. What’s the actual recommended time?

    1. So I used a smaller crock pot, and only used two breasts. I did 4 hours on high, and the chicken was perfect. After I broke up all the chicken, I put in on warm for another 30-45(I was preparing rice) and made the chicken nice. It also got the yummy juice in the chicken. If your making a large about I would start with 5 hours. 

  26. How would one adjust the recipe if using dried beans (out of canned beans).  I am thinking 1/2 amount of beans. Could I put the beans in uncooked or do I need to cook them in advance? 

  27. This was fantastic. The only thing I did differently was add a half of a chopped red onion in with everything at the beginning. I served it over cilantro lime rice. Topped it with sharp cheddar, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream. Yum! Truth is it didn’t need any of that on top it was so good on its own.

  28. Avatar photo
    Jessi Castille

    My family loves this recipe and it is so easy to cook. Not only is it easy, and taste delicious alone or with the cilantro like rice, my picky eater ask me to make this all the time. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us. 

  29. Smelled and tasted amazing! So easy, the chicken was so tender. Served with brown rice. A definite repeat recipe.

  30. Hi!! I currently have this in my crock pot, I have it cooking on high for 6 hours, how will I know it should be less so it doesn’t over cook? Thanks!! 

    1. I had mine cooking for 6 hours also. The chicken was so tender, shredded so easily. It was delicious! Enjoy!

  31. I loved this and based on comments did a few revisions, also made in Instant Pot. Since the tomatoes were undrained I cut way back on broth, 1/2 cup. Added fresh one chopped onion and 4 cloves of garlic. Sprinkled the top with 2 tsp. taco seasoning. Pressure cooked on high for 18 minutes with full natural release.

    1. The chicken will give off a good amount of juices, then there are the tomatoes, and chick broth. You could add more chick broth and call it soup!

      1. I would like to make this into soup.  Any suggestions on how to best do this without compromising the wonderful taste?

  32. Avatar photo

    I chopped onions and fresh garlic. I added garlic powder. This was really easy in the instant pot. Thank you for your recipes.

  33. My family is obsessed with this recipe!! It is constantly asked for dinner! Out of curiosity, would this recipe also work with ground beef? I feel like it would, but I was curious if anyone had tried it?

  34. I used to make this when we hosted athletes from different counties and cultures, when my kids were in school. Always a favorite. Just came across it again a d still a crowd favorite and so easy. 

  35. I want to make this in the Instant Pot and use frozen chicken.  How long do I cook it for?  So I do a quick release?  Do any of the ingredients need to be tweaked for this way of cooking?

    Thank you!!

  36. Avatar photo
    Jane M Southworth

    This is just simple & absolutely fantastic! I added sliced fresh mushrooms & a full Tetra pack of Chicken broth to make an amazing soup. Total keeper!!!

  37. Avatar photo
    Anne Weisbeck

    For many years, Skinnytaste was my go to the website and this was one of my favorite recipes-I cooked it in the instant pot and my only addition was a green pepper.  But two years ago I decided to change my diet to a whole food plant-based diet and sadly, this was no longer in the rotation.  But after coming across the recipe again, I decided to try to adapt it.  I switched out veggie broth for the chicken broth, and used soy curls for the “chicken.” (Seitan chicken would likely work too).  I am very happy to report that is just as good plant-based and it will be going back into the rotation in my home

  38. I’m new to Insta pots. Can y ok double most of these recipes and say cook 3 pound of chicken breasts in a 6 quart insta pot ? Or does that not work?

  39. This was the first recipe I discovered on your site, and it is one of our very favorites! – @alime917

  40. I absolutely love this recipe. Question: when I tracked in WW purple as building a meal, it came up as 3 points but everything in it is 0 points. How should I track it?

  41. A friend of mine shared this recipe with me as I am newer to cooking and needed to find an easy slow cooker recipe. Let me tell you, I have made this several times now. I am in love with this recipe! I have a large slow cooker, so I usually end up getting a little bit more of chicken and adding a little bit more seasoning (mostly the cumin and cayenne pepper). Also, I do add the green onion on the top paired with cheese and add rice to go underneath. Either way, this recipe is delicious, easy to follow, and produced a good amount. For me and my husband, this can give us each about an extra two day’s worth of leftovers. 

  42. This Crockpot Santa Fe Chicken is absolutely delicious. I was amazed and wanted to eat a ton of it but listened to my tummy. I had it on a tortilla with a little bit of low fat sour cream. I’m so excited that there are leftovers and I can have it again tomorrow.

  43. First – I love your recipes! When I plug this recipe into My Fitness Pal – they say it is 657 calories per serving? I put 4 servings. Any thoughts on what is making it such a big difference?

  44. What a delicious meal!! Love slow cooker meals during the week especially!! Made my week a little easier. Thank you! And I lost weight this week planning my meals and preparing ahead of time. I have really enjoyed the weekly meal plan. 

      1. Avatar photo
        Holly Mcguckin

        Do you think chicken thighs would me an OK swap out for the chicken breast? If so how would that effect my cook time?

  45. Avatar photo
    Food for Fuel

    Look NO further for a recipe to knock your socks off. I used my InstantPot with 1/2 the amount of chicken broth, just added the veg bullion cube and doubled the spices for a bullseye! This recipe is packed with flavor and a match made in heaven when paired with the cilantro lime rice.

  46. Real simple and delicious. I added red bell peppers and black olives. They added just a bit more flavor. I will definitely make this again.

  47. This was a hit with my family! I made it on the stove top. Used 2 breasts and 2 thighs. I doubled the spices and used a little water instead of broth (didn’t have any). It took about 1 hour stewing. The meat was perfect to shredded between 2 forks. Served as a rice bowl with brown rice, shredded lettuce, and salsa (shredded cheese and sour cream was optional) Yum!

  48. I made this yesterday (and enjoyed leftovers today). I used only 3/4 can of broth, otherwise followed instructions exactly. Cooked 4 hours on high, served over brown rice and topped with shredded cheese. Sooooo good!!!

  49. Avatar photo
    Theresa Prior

    This was excellent.  I doubled everything but the chicken and the broth.  Next time, I will add a chopped red pepper.  I added the cilantro and some avocado as toppings.  Yummy! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  50. This is a go-to meal for us.  Perfect for a weeknight.  I usually cook this in my crockpot, but forgot about it this last time, so I tried it out in my InstantPot and it turned out great.  Hubby, kids, and I all love this simple, flavorful dish.  I recently threw in some of the left-over toppings I had from pizza night: bell peppers, black olives and diced white onion.  It all worked out great.  Thank you, Skinny Taste, for sharing this tried and true recipe.  Per @Terri Yunker, I will have to try this with pork next time.

      1. Avatar photo
        Lauren Kennedy

        Nothing wrong. Same soupy result in the instant pot here. I will reduce the chicken broth next time to 3/4 cup. To save the flavors from the broth, I boiled the liquid down on saute while I shredded the chicken and made a corn starch thickener with 1 Tbsp corn starch and some of the cooking liquid. It worked well!

  51. I was wondering whether the slow cooker time would change if I didn’t add beans.  My son doesn’t like black beans:(.  But I think he would love the dish without them. Love your recipes!

  52. Absolutely the best ever! I can substitute pulled pork or shrimp (both added in after sauce has simmered). A big hit with elderly and young. I doubled the corn and also add cheese.

  53. I put it over rice with some melted cheese and added sour cream!! It was perfect. Oh, I also added a half packet of hot chilli seasoning in as well.

  54. I’ll be making this tomorrow and wondering if anyone has used a packet of taco seasoning instead?  Thank you!

  55. This was really easy and good but more like a soup than taco/enchilada filling. When I make it again I’ll decrease some of the liquid. My chicken was frozen when I started the crock pot- maybe that’s why I had soup. MDH won’t eat chunks of tomato or green things so I did puree the diced tomato & chili can-again might have made too much liquid.

    1. Avatar photo
      Mary Finckenor

      Hey there – just saw you comment and want to warn you and others to NEVER cook frozen foods in a crock pot (even though it would be so much more convenient!)- it spends too long a time in the danger zone as far as temperatures.

      1. I always use frozen chicken and I am 52 and so far still Kicking! It has never gotten my family sick 

    1. I make this so often it’s so good! I serve over rice and add cheese, green onion, sour cream and avocado topping. 10/10 would recommend. Good for meal prepping. Thanks for sharing!

  56. This recipe was delicious. I left out the cumin and cilantro and instead added more cayenne. Spicy, warm, juicy. Definitely recommend! 

  57. My S.O. and I both lived this dish!  As others suggested, I omitted the chicken broth and added two chicken bullion cubes. I also doubled all
    of the spices except for the Cayenne pepper.  I browned the chicken a bit before adding to the crockpot.  I felt like 8 hours was a long time, even if the chicken breasts had been raw. The Rotel cooked way down…almost too much.  I could’ve stopped cooking at 4 hrs.  I did add a little chicken broth at the end. My S.O. Has it over tortilla chips with cheese and salsa and I had mine over ST Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice.  I will definitely make this again and maybe add another 1/2 to full can of Rotel…just because we love tomatoes & green chilis. 

  58. I made this for the fourth time a few days ago.  I basically doubled the recipe, but used only a single can of chicken broth.  The perfect amount of liquid!  Topped with diced Avocado and a dollop of sour cream,  with Tostidos as dippers.  Love it!

  59. This is probably one of my favorite Skinnytaste dishes ever! I’ve been making this for years because it is soo easy. Sometimes I add it to a bowl of quinoa, sometimes I strain the liquid out and make tacos. So many options and I always have plenty of left overs which is the 2nd best part.

  60. This is tasty,but you won’t need the chicken broth, the canned tomatoes give enough sauce, excellent over rice.   I sliced the chicken breast into three pieces, and browned before adding.     

  61. Love this recipe. It is so convenient and easy yet it is a dish with complex flavors and it is even suitable for a dinner party. You can alter the spiciness if you wish – we like spicy food so will often add a little heat in the form of red chili powder or some extra jalapenos. I usually give the chicken breasts a blast on the skillet just to brown them a little, The browning of the chicken is a matter of preference and not necessary to the success of the recipes as I have cooked it both ways.

  62. Idk what happened. We followed all the instructions and this looks more like a soup than it does in the picture. There’d be no way to put this over nachos. Anyone else have this issue?

  63. I omitted the rice.
    Then added plain 10 Crushed Doritos
         Great Vale Queso queso quesadilla cheese grated cheese!
    This is wonderful

  64. I love your meals but I always have the worst time calculating points! When I put the nutrition facts in the calculator it says 4 pts but it’s listed here as zero. What am I doing wrong?!

    1. Hi Emory! The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  65. This recipe is gold! I made it as recipe stated except I drizzled 2 T olive oil on the chicken breasts( frozen) and added all other ingredients on top of that in my instant pot, processed 12 minutes with natural release and it was perfect. Super tender chicken with flavor all the way through.

  66. The timing seemed very off…I can cook raw pork at low in 4 hours. Sure enough, the chicken is fully cooked after two hours on high. No where near dinner time. I guess I will shred the chicken and keep it on warm for now. I have the same crock pot.

    1. Turned out great. Boyfriend loved it and we are getting three meals out of it over cilantro lime rice. Next time I’ll use less chicken broth and cook it on low for four hours or so. 

  67. Super delicious! I used chicken breast with bone meat & a little onion. I also made your cilantro lime rice. Everything turned out great & my family loved it! Thank you for sharing!

  68. Avatar photo
    Gail Kostelnick

    This was absolutely delicious, and zero points! I use Greek yogurt for sour cream, also 0 points. Fill a healthy tortilla, top with salad greens, tomatoes and onions, Greek yogurt and a bit of taco sauce. This will fill you up for houra!

  69. I just made this (with a few modifications- I doubled the spice; instead of broth I used 1 tbsp chicken bouillon; I also used A tiny can of tomato sauce {in addition to the tomatoes}) SO F’N GOOD. 
    Can I double this recipe @ low 8- 10 hrs? Or do I need to add time.  

  70. So good and flavorful! We arent really spicy people in my house so we halved the cayenne and it was perfect! We made tacos the first night and added sour cream when serving and the next night ate it over rice.

  71. I’ve made this several times… We like things really spicy, so I use a jar of our favorite hot salsa in place of diced tomatoes. Yum! Easy peasy

  72. OMG! This came out so good last night! I added so mushrooms to it and it came out fantastic! Thank you for giving me this fine recipe!

  73. Made this recipe, it was good but I have to agree with previous comments….cut the liquid in half and double the spices. Made mine in the crockpot.

  74. Avatar photo
    Lynn McCarty

    Just made this for the first time and my husband and I both really liked it!!! I cooked in my Instant Pot for 29 minutes and then after I removed the chicken and shredded it I cooked it down a little more on stove. Served over brown rice and topped it with lite sour cream. My husband said I need to be sure to put this in my favorite recipes book…yummy!!

  75. I made this as directed, but forgot to add toppings when serving. I served it on top of Jasmine rice. We found it surprisingly bland. Next time, I will follow the tips of the previous reviewers to use less liquid (and/or remove the lid, after shredding) and add more spices. One reviewer used Chile powder, instead of cayenne, and I think that might be a good idea. I WILL try this, at least one more time, because it’s easy, and we liked the texture of it. That’s also why it gets a two star rating, instead of only one.

    1. My sister shared this recipe with me, and now I’ve made it for years. I love more spice in it, too. My preference is 1 1/2 tablespoons cumin, about 1 TB garlic powder, and oregano, some chili powder or cayenne – to taste. If I have cilantro, that’s good, too. Today I made it with double the tomatoes and no broth, but added about a cup of water.

      1. If I prepare it the day before, Should I just refrigerate it? And then put it back into the crock pot the next day. 

  76. Avatar photo
    Tricia Burgess

    This recipe was delicious and so easy. At zero points, I will definitely be making it again! Thank you for posting.

  77. Love this recipe! I read the reviews and doubled the spices. I used 5 scallions and half a cup of cilantro because I love the taste of both. I did use a whole can of broth and took the lid off the crock pot after I shredded the chicken. Next time I am going to use a full bag of frozen corn. I served it over zatarains cilantro rice. Thanks for sharing!

  78. I’ve made this recipe at least 30 times, it’s one of my all-time favorites and is always a hit! The first time I made it, it was overly soupy as mentioned by numerous other reviewers. To avoid excess liquid, I use either 1 tablespoon chicken broth powder, or 1 chicken stock cube instead of the canned chicken broth. This adds the same chickeny flavor to the sauce without all the extra liquid.