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Czech Crepes with Berries and Cream

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These easy blender crepes are so easy to make, and are perfect to serve for breakfast or dessert. They can be filled with fruit, jam, yogurt, ice cream, you name it!

 These blender crepes are so easy to make, and are perfect to serve for breakfast or dessert. They can be filled with fruit, jam, yogurt, ice cream, you name it!
Czech Crepes with Berries and Cream

These easy blender crepes are part of my morning routine. I’ve been making this recipe since I was a kid, it’s the first thing I learned to cook! Crepes are also a great make-ahead breakfast, I whip up a batch and refrigerate the batter to use throughout the week. The batter stays fresh 4 to 5 days, refrigerated. Fill them with anything you wish!

These blender crepes are so easy to make, and are perfect to serve for breakfast or dessert. They can be filled with fruit, jam, yogurt, ice cream, you name it!

My father is from Prague and always made these delicious crepes, also known as Palacinky for us growing up and taught me how to make them at a very young age. I was probably about 8 or 9, I used to make them every night for my parents as a dessert.

It’s funny how life is, now as an adult I find myself making them every week for my daughter Madison. It’s her favorite breakfast and she begs me to make them for her. I whip up a batch in my blender on the weekends (it only takes a few minutes!) make her a few for breakfast and keep the batter refrigerated to make her two fresh each morning. You can also make them all ahead, cover with plastic and heat them up as needed. Whenever she eats them, she tells me how much she loves me – what more can you ask for.

Since my father’s passing last week, the only thing that brings me some comfort is cooking the meals he used to make. This recipe was posted way back in 2008 when I first started blogging and desperately needed new photos, which I finally came around to doing yesterday. While making them I could recall the countless nights cooking this with my Dad, memories I will cherish for a lifetime. His last few months here, he didn’t have much of an appetite, but he never lost his appetite for crepes which my Mom would make him every morning. If you’re new to making crepes, don’t be scared, with the right skillet you’ll get the hang of it!

These blender crepes are so easy to make, and are perfect to serve for breakfast or dessert. They can be filled with fruit, jam, yogurt, ice cream, you name it!

How To Make Crepes

  • Make your batter – Mix the flour, egg, milk and oil in the blender.
  • Start with the right pan. A crepe pan can be used, but it’s not necessary, a good 8 inch non-stick skillet with a 6 inch bottom will work just fine.
  • Heat the skillet. Wait until the skillet is hot before adding the batter, you should here it sizzle quietly when you pour it on the pan.
  • Oil your pan. Spray the pan, or you can use butter after making each one to prevent crepes from sticking.
  • Practice makes perfect. They aren’t hard to make, if you can make pancakes, you can make crepes, it just takes a little practice – adding the right amount of batter, swirling it around and carefully flipping. After you make the first one, you’ll be a pro!


  • Meal Prep – The batter can be kept in a container for about 4 days. I always make a batch on weekends, then make 2 each morning fresh for Madison which takes minutes to make.
  • Make ahead – You can make the crepes ahead, place on a plate and cover with plastic wrap then reheat a few at a time in the microwave.
  • For an added nutritional benefit you can use white whole wheat flour in place of all purpose flour.

How to Make Gluten Free Crepes:

To make them gluten-free, I had great success with Bobs Redmill 1 to 1 flour mix. Increase the milk by 2 tablespoons to thin the batter.

Crepe Filling Ideas:

  • Jam – My dad typically used fruit preserves in his crepes, then rolled them and topped them with powdered sugar.
  • Chocolate – Chocolate syrup or shavings can be drizzle over the top.
  • Fruit butters such as apple butter and pumpkin butter make great fillings for crepes.
  • Stewed apples or pears are delicious in crepes with cinnamon on top.
  • Make them into a cake by layering the crepes and spreading the cream in between the layers. See my Crepe Cake Recipe here.

These blender crepes are so easy to make, and are perfect to serve for breakfast or dessert. They can be filled with fruit, jam, yogurt, ice cream, you name it! These blender crepes are so easy to make, and are perfect to serve for breakfast or dessert. They can be filled with fruit, jam, yogurt, ice cream, you name it! These blender crepes are so easy to make, and are perfect to serve for breakfast or dessert. They can be filled with fruit, jam, yogurt, ice cream, you name it! These blender crepes are so easy to make, and are perfect to serve for breakfast or dessert. They can be filled with fruit, jam, yogurt, ice cream, you name it! These blender crepes are so easy to make, and are perfect to serve for breakfast or dessert. They can be filled with fruit, jam, yogurt, ice cream, you name it!

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Czech Crepes with Berries and Cream

4.89 from 53 votes
These blender crepes are so easy to make, and are perfect to serve for breakfast or dessert. They can be filled with fruit, jam, yogurt, ice cream, you name it!
Course: Breakfast, Brunch, Dessert
Cuisine: American, Czech
These blender crepes are so easy to make, and are perfect to serve for breakfast or dessert. They can be filled with fruit, jam, yogurt, ice cream, you name it!
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 25 minutes
Total: 30 minutes
Yield: 6 Servings
Serving Size: 2 crepes


For the Crepes (makes about 12):

  • 1 cup all purpose or white whole wheat flour
  • 1 1/2 cups 1% milk, or milk of your choice
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon oil, olive or grapeseed
  • nonstick spray

For the Berries:

  • 6 oz package blackberries
  • 6 oz package raspberries
  • 12 oz package strawberries, cut in quarters
  • 12 tablespoons light whipped cream of your choice, or yogurt/cottage cheese
  • 1 teaspoon powdered sugar, for topping


  • In a blender, blend flour, milk, eggs and oil until smooth.
  • Heat a nonstick crepe pan on medium-low flame. When hot, spray with cooking spray to coat bottom of skillet. Pour 1/4 cup crepe mixture into pan, swirling pan slightly to make crepe thin and smooth.
  •  Cook for 1 minute or until bottom of crepe is light golden brown. Flip; cook 30 seconds to 1 minute or until light golden brown. Set aside on a plate and repeat with remaining crepe mixture.
  • To serve, spoon 1 tablespoon cream or your desired filling into center of each crepe. Top with some berries and roll crepes.
  • Sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar and more berries on top. Best if served warm.

Last Step:

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Serving: 2 crepes, Calories: 180 kcal, Carbohydrates: 30 g, Protein: 7 g, Fat: 4 g, Saturated Fat: 1 g, Cholesterol: 63 mg, Sodium: 50 mg, Fiber: 5 g, Sugar: 10 g


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293 comments on “Czech Crepes with Berries and Cream”

  1. I cannot believe how easy it is to make yummy healthy gluten free crepes. To take it up a level, I suggest Skinnytaste Fast and Slow Cookbook. The Whole Wheat crepes with Strawberry Berry Sauce is incredible. It works with gluten free flour and has 15 gms of protein. So far every recipe I have made is very popular with my family. Thanks Gina for all your hard work. Please consider creating a savory crepe.

  2. I cannot believe that I made yummy healthy gluten free crepes. Thank you. Please consider creating a savory crepe recipe. To take make even better crepes, I suggest the Skinnytaste Fast and Slow Cookbook. The Whole Wheat Strawberry Crepes are incredible. Easy to make gluten free and 15 gms of protein. I recently purchased the book and have enjoyed the wonderful recipes

  3. Absolutely phenomenal!!! These will be a new staple in our house. My daughter loved them and we had so much fun in the kitchen together. It took a few tries to get the right consistency for the crepes but we will definitely be frequenting this recipe going forward!!!

  4. These were easier than I thought! So delicious! My son said that they were a 10 out of 10! I did cut the recipe in half and it came out great!

  5. Such a good recipe! My go to for crepe batter and then add what ever fillings we have! Kids like it with bananas and nutella filling verses the berries

  6. My Oma would make them and pile them up, then cut the whole stack like a cake, we each got a slice of German pancake (aka:crepe) My kids all make these for their kids too

  7. I grew up eating palicinkey (sp?) made by my Slovak grandmother. We always filled ours with homemade boysenberry jam and plum jam. Now I make it for my son with homemade jam of course! It’s so wonderful to hear your story of this, as I haven’t met anyone else in the States who knows what this is. Thank you! 

  8. Avatar photo
    Shawn Brooks

    These are absolutely amazing! Filled with coconut yogart and blackberries! I will be making these often! Thank you!!!

  9. Avatar photo
    Linda O'Rourke

    My family is Slovak and I’ve never known of anyone else who’s heard of Polichinky! My mom used to make them for me on Saturday mornings sometimes. I used to put jelly or chocolate sauce down the middle (not the healthiest, I know!)

  10. Can you make with half milk and half water? At they sweet? Or can you add a bit of sugar? I quite like crepes with no filling myself, kids like with marshmallows.

  11. Wonderfully easy!
    Had mixed berry crepes tonight.

    Sorry for your loss.
    Thanks and best wishes in the new year.

  12. We makes this crepe recipe almost every weekend! I prefer it over other recipes because of its simplicity and lower calorie count. Plus they go well with any type of filling! 

  13. Amaaaazing!! My husband and I loved this. So delicious and very easy to make. I will definitely be making these when guests are over. Yummy! 

  14. These were a huge success. I filled them with vanilla Greek yogurt and fruit…will do it again. I was surprised at how easy they were to make. Your trick of tilting the skillet to spread the batter around was awesome!!!  

  15. My mom was from Plzen and made these. She mixed cinnamon & sugar and added to cottage cheese we used as a filling, rolled the crepe then drizzled melted butter on top with either more cinnamon & sugar mix or she heated jam to put on top.  LOVED them!  I craved them when I’d be pregnant and she would make them for me. Can’t wait to try your version. I just discovered your site and anxious to try many more recipes. Thank you.

  16.  I make crepes (nalysnyky) quite often. We use dry cottage cheese mixed with an egg and some sour cream for binding.  They get baked in the oven for about 30-45 minutes, until bubbly (each layer topped with butter/margarine so they don’t stick together) and serve with sour cream. How many points would this be?

  17. Oh sweetheart, I’m so sorry about your Dad’s passing. As you allowed others to minister to you, may you feel God’s love. May he’s memories give you comfort in the days ahead.

  18. This sounds so good. I’d like to make this for my granddaughter. I’m loving everyone’s additions to the recipe. I’m thinking of using coconut milk. Do you think this would add a nice flavor to the crepes?  Me and flour don’t usually get along but I’m looking forward to making these. If you used coconut milk, please reply. 

  19. Just found this recipe and decided to try it out for brunch. Wow!!! So easy to make and so good!! Used a regular frying pan and it worked well. My kids devoured them with Nutella and banana inside! Thanks so much!

  20. I have a daughter who is type 1 diabetic. Can you please tell me if the nutrition facts are including berries and whipped cream/yogurt or are they strictly for the crepes? Thank you. 

  21. Wondering if you could add a little protein powder to the mixture.  I need more protein on my diet.    My mom used to make crepes when I was growing up.  Brought back some great memories.

  22.  Certain foods remind me of my dad too. Consider it a gift from above. Thanks for sharing. Almond milk was the milk of my choice. 

  23. Great recipe! Easy to make, although I did have some difficulty flipping the crepes. But I know that’s just a technique I need to learn.

  24. So sorry about your loss. I remember my Dad so fondly too, when making certain foods I associate with him.  Thank you for sharing.

  25. Avatar photo
    Jackeline Covelli

    I made them and simply loved them. I don’t think there is anything I have made from Skinnytaste that I haven’t liked. You Rock!!!

  26. Condolences to you and your family on the loss of your father. May his memory be for a blessing — his recipes, too!

  27. Avatar photo
    Michelle Alexander

    I am sorry for the loss of your father. Prayifor you and your family! I am thankful for you sharing all these recipes and the videos. I have never felt like I could cook. That has changed!

  28. Avatar photo
    Mary Ann Gessner

    I’m so sorry to read of your father’s death….I’m glad you have the memories and recipes to give you comfort.  Cooking my mother’s recipes has done that for me, too.  I will make these and think of you and him with thanks. 

  29. Avatar photo
    Elaine Bertville

    Your recipe worked out great for me! Thanks for sharing it. I had been using a good recipe in the past, but it was one that required the batter to rest 30 mins. It’s nice to have a recipe version that doesn’t require the wait.

    By coincidence, my husband is a Czech citizen originally from Prague.

  30. Hi. My parents were from Vienna, and I loved the “palatschinken” my mother made. I have impressed many a cook with this crepe with a variety of fillings. I also like to surprise with liptauer spread, and recently made a paprika beef goulash. Tastes from ones childhood are the best comfort foods.- Suz

  31. Being from Czechoslovakian parents, I ate these as a kid & loved them.  Now, my Romanian husband makes them for our kids as a special weekend breakfast. My favorite filling is what my mother-in-law taught me:  Riccotti cheese, a little bit of sugar, and Dill mixed together as a filling.  Yum!!    Recently, a little restaurant opened in town that serves just crepes!!   I think they roll them up & serve them like an ice cream cone shape. 

  32. I made these this morning and they were delicious! The first one turned out a little weird but I got the hang of it once I started the second one, just like Gina said would happen! I filled mine with whipped vanilla yogurt and topped with powdered sugar, strawberries, and light whipped cream. I think the next time around I’m going to fill mine with a hershey’s chocolate paste like sauce and bananas! Can’t wait to experiment!

    For anyone who has an Instagram you can check out my page @wwgirl1022 and I have a picture of how they turned out on there!

  33. This recipe is awesome. I made it this way and I made a savory crepe with pesto, mozerella cheese, deli turkey and Roma tomatoes. It was SO good. Just added all those things after I flipped it once and I let the pan heat the last side while warming up the filling. And, I’ve been laboring under the pretense that crepes were hard to make….so not true! Thank you for this gem of a recipe! 

  34. Made this recipe tonight and my 4 year old said it was the best food I’ve ever cooked! I will say, though, if using Gluten Free flour, I’d recommend at least 1/2 cup more milk. As written, they came out a bit thick with GF All Purpose Flour. I added a little more milk after each of the first two batches.

  35. Holy smokes. These crepes are the most amazing thing I have put into my mouth for a long time. They are perfection. I am going to try them savory next time to mix it up!

  36. These were so easy to make and delicious! My 3 yr old son helped me make them, and gobbled them up when they were done. We added cinnamon and nutmeg in the batter, then stuffed them with blueberries and cream we had on hand. Perfect! Thanks so much for a great recipe!

  37. Avatar photo
    Deanna Iverson

    I also have strong Czech heritage and pride. My Grandma Drahos used to make these all the time for breakfast. We called them “egg pancakes”. My Grandpa Drahos always kept bees an would drizzle them with butter and warm honey before rolling them up. My absolute favorite breakfast and I too make them for my children. My father also made fantastic Czech Kolaches, which were best the day they were made — warm and soft. My father passed away this past year and I know how hard it is. My best wishes for you and your family.

  38. I made these for some of my elderly neighbors to celebrate them for Mother’s Day weekend. I’ve never made crepes before but they were easier than pancakes! I did add about a teaspoon of vanilla to my batter, but otherwise followed your exact recipe-they were delicious! Filed with vanilla yogurt and my homemade strawberry jam, topped with powdered sugar and blueberries!  Next time I’m going to try filling with Nutella and strawberries or bananas, or maybe peanut butter and jam! Thanks for a great recipe! 

  39. Avatar photo
    Olga Szegheoová

    Ahoj Gina! Zdravím že Slovenska a děkujem za recept, palacinky jsou zrovna tak oblíbené u nás!
    My husband loves your recipes, couple of them became our staples!
    Olga and Jozef 

  40. I’m so sorry for the loss of your father. What w wonderful way to keep his memory alive though by passing on his recipe. Thank you for sharing this as my grandparents were Czech and taught my dad to make these and like you he always mad e is polacinky on weekends too. Like your daughter, we would beg for them too! ❤️

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  42. Avatar photo
    Selma Searfoss

    so sorry for your loss, every time I make it will send a prayer to your day. God bless you
    delicious looking…so versatile and easy

  43. Love your menu plans.   Crepes turned out perfect.  I added a dash of vanilla extract.  Didn’t have whipping cream so substituted yogurt.  Was only able to make 10 crepes(vs 12) even though I measured.   Will pay more attention next time I make them.  Delicious recipe 

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  45. These were so delicious and so easy. I hadn’t eaten them in many years and it reminded me of my childhood when my grandpa used to make them. Just what I needed. 

  46. Hello everyone! Just calculated this for Weight Watchers…..6 points for 2 NOT 4 points Freestyle.
    But very tasty 🙂

  47. I was born in Slovakia (live in the united states now) and my mom made these all the time growing up! I really need to make these for my kids — thanks for posting the recipe!

  48. Loved this recipe, thank you!

    We had ours with mascarpone, raspberry jam and fresh strawberries, yum 🙂

  49. I made this recipe this morning. I was worried that the batter was too watery but it totally worked! Pretty easy! I’ll definitely be making these again.

  50. Do the points include the whipped cream? I see that an older comment says it includes zero point Cool Whip. Wondering if how it’s written now is still accurate, as both regular and light whipped cream would be 1 point. 

    1. …and I forgot to say, I’m so sorry for your loss! Thank you for sharing your amazing culinary upbringing with all of us. 

  51. Avatar photo
    Kathy Fliegauf

    So sorry for your loss., and you are right, food gives comfort in a good way.  For the last day or two I’ve been thinking of blini’s (similar to your crepes) which my Father used to make over 50 years ago.  This morning I wake up to your recipe! Unbelievable.  Reading the various posts I saw mentioned chicken paprikash. I would love to relive this recipe as well.  My Mother used to make a green bean soup which she would make and I still remember to this day.  I think it had sour cream and maybe some vinegar.  It might be a Slovakian/Hungarian recipe.  If you could bring this back to life, I would be forever grateful.

  52. I am so very sorry for your loss.  What wonderful memories you have of your Dad and his cooking. May you find comfort, knowing that his memory lives on, as we all continue to cook his favorites! This looks delicious and thank you for sharing!

  53. Gina – You are honoring your father’s memory with
    your beautiful  post.. Enjoyed everyone’s comments.
    Interesting  seeing  all the various Eastern European 
    variations.  My soul food, too.  Thanks to you, I can 
    make skinny blintzes!

  54. Simply wonderful, easy, comfort food, loves the berries, cream and powdered sugar taste all together!

  55. Loved these! I used skim (that is what I had on hand) and added a little vanilla extract to the batter. So, so delicious! Topped it with the bananas sautéed in brown sugar and cinnamon!  Thank you Gina!

  56. These were amazing!! I’ve never made Crêpes before and this recipe was so easy. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful recipes.  

  57. I really would like to try these, but I need to make it dairy free. Would almond milk work?  Also,  I will say that I feel closest to my mom, who I lost 3 years ago, when I make her recipes. Especially when my kids enjoy them.

  58. Avatar photo
    Jody Heavenrich Hensley

    I am so sorry about your loss. I have connections to both my parents through recipes as well. Always a way to bring a piece of them back when I need it. Sending you and yours peace and prayers.

    Thanks for all your WONDERFUL recipes, too.

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  60. My heartfelt sympathies for the loss of your father. Thank you very much for the recipe for palacinky (Slovenian spelling). I really appreciate some unique eastern European food. My mother used to make them for me when I was a child. Delicious. She would make them for breakfast, with jam in the middle, or plain, sliced into chicken noodle soup. Unfortunately, she is not a “measurer” when she cooks, so I can never get a recipe from her. Thank you again! I will be making these very soon!!!

  61. Avatar photo
    Monica Adame

    Sorry that hear about your loss! My mon was from Prague as well and my gradnma would make these for me often, but having one will make me feel like a kid again. Thanks for the recipe and sharing your feelings with us. 

  62. This was my first time making crepes and they were so incredibly easy and delicious. I’m trying to lose weight and my husband is trying to lower his cholesterol without meds, and your recipes are so reliable and great for both of us – you’ve never steered me wrong. I love to cook and have a habit of not following or using recipes, but yours are the only ones that I will actually follow line-by-line. Thanks Gina.

  63. So sorry to hear of your dads passing. By sharing your wonderful memories you brought back a wonderful memory of my mother, who passed 27 years ago. She was born here, but her parents were from Austria in the Karpathian Mountains. My mom would make these for us as kids and when I had children she made them for my boys. I totally forgot about these. Thank you for bringing that wonderful memory back to me. She would fill hers with applesauce and on special occasions, Mott’s made a Raspberry Applesauce. OMG it was wonderful! I’m smiling as I am writing this. I’m going to see my boys (men) in a few weeks. I think I’ll surprise them with some “Roll Mops” for breakfast. That is what my mom called them. Hugs and Kisses to you and your family.

  64. So sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you for sharing one of your dad’s favourite recipes and one of your childhood memories with us. I’ve always been intimidated to try crepes but this will be the one that I try. 

  65. Isn’t it just wonderful to carry on family memories through recipes and food that can be shared and experienced by each generation?! My mother was of Czech ancestry also and our “pancakes” were always these crepes that she buttered, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar; rolled and then drizzled with syrup (and believe it or not we always used Karo syrup!). We used to beg for these Sunday or holiday treats and each of my brothers and sister can remember our extreme disappointment the first time we ordered pancakes in a restaurant and were faced not with our beloved crepes but heavy pancakes with maple syrup. Thank you for reviving such loved memories of family and food love!!

    1. SO funny, as a kid I loved them with Karo syrup! And yes, my daughter is spoiled I guess because eating breakfast out is never a good experience.

  66. Avatar photo
    Wendi Spicher

    Just made a batch for breakfast this week. We did a test run with my son as the official taste tester, two enthusiastic thumbs up! Gina, I’m so sorry for your loss, will be praying for you. How blessed you are to have had two awesome parents to guide you through life, food being a small portion of your legacy. Thanks for sharing your gifts, may their memories be honored by many every time we break bread.

  67. I’m so sorry about your dad Gina. He sounded like a beautiful person. It’s wonderful you are able to remember him through these recipes!
    I am going to Prague for a few days next month and I am very excited to eat at many Czech dishes as possible!

  68. Thank you for this recipe. I’ve been on WW for 5 weeks now, and have been craving pancakes but didn’t want to spend the points. These crepes filled with strawberries, bananas and chocolate chips totally filled that craving without being too point heavy! They were so easy to make. Hope the happy memories with your dad help you get through this difficult time.

  69. Avatar photo
    Debbie Spivey

    My husband made crepes with Sara Moulton, on her cookbook tour and hasn’t made them for me yet… These look delicious!

  70. Avatar photo
    Christianne Madona

    My deepest condolences Gina. I lost my mom 4 months ago and it is so painful. She was native born french and her dad was a chef. Traditionally my family would make crepes simply sprinkled with sugar for the Mardi Gras season which is quickly approaching us here in New Orleans. Thanks for jogging my memory- I made them for her last Mardi Gras and now that I am on WW I haven’t thought about making treats for myself. I am looking forward to preparing and eating these! Big Hugs!

  71. These were delicious!! I used nonfat Greek yogurt as my filling. I used almond milk & gluten free flour for the crepes. These were so tasty and not heavy!!! 

  72. I’m sorry to hear of your father passing. My dad’s family is from Bohemia, and my mom’s is from Czechoslovakia.  I grew up in a community called the Bohemian Hills eating several Czech recipes.  We grew up calling this recipe “Egg Pancakes” and ate them with butter and syrup.  I love your SkinnyTaste version. Thank you! 

  73. My Czech grandma also,made these delicious palacinkys and would refrigerate them in stacks. Loved them and thank you for the recipe. God bless you during this difficult time.

  74. Wonderful recipe, and one that I think I can tweak to make gluten free and reasonably safe for low FODMAP AND maybe use egg substitute for my egg allergy. I’m so sorry that you have had to endure your father’s passing, and grateful for the sweetness of the memory that you chose to share. My heart and condolences go out to you and your family.

    1. Laura – I’m so glad you posted your comment. Did you try this as a gluten free recipe and what did you use to make it low FODMAP?

  75. Yum! Reminds me of the German pancakes my mom made. We filled them with jam or cinnamon sugar. Today would have been her 80th birthday. So sorry about your father—it is never easy to lose a loved one. I have Czech on my paternal side, so would love more recipes of this sort. Thank you!

      1. My dad would make these occasional and he called them German pancakes. Today I make them for my little grandchildren and they love ❤️ them with maple syrup and whipped cream. I put creamed cottage cheese in mine for protein and top them with sweetned fruit sauce or fresh fruit.  These pancakes are my ultimate favourite. 

  76. Condolences on the loss of your father. My dear departed mother taught me to make these type of crepes and my kids have grown up loving them too. We’ve always called them “English pancakes” as that is what my mother called them. We top them with all sorts of things, but my mother loved syrup and lemon juice the best. I whip up a small batch in the bullet blender when I have a craving.

  77. We have a favorite restaurant down here in the Houston area and my favorite dessert is their Banana Foster. It’s a ice cream filled crepe with sauce and bananas on top. I am going to try this recipe at home using this crepe recipe. My Mom is a Brit who would make crepes for us as kids. They were delicious. Years ago in my very first home ec class (yes, this will tell you how long ago that was, lol!) our first recipe to make was Crepes Suzette. I fell in love with cooking and baking that instant. Thank you for the memories your crepe recipe brings to me.

  78. So sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing. Sending prayers. May his recipes bring many smiles and hugs to your heart!

  79. Avatar photo
    Catherine Matts

    Gina: I’m so sorry to hear about your father’s passing. I lost my dad four years ago, and some of my favorite memories too, are baking for my dad. He appreciated everything I made.. from .jello to homemade pie! My mom passed 4 months before him and along with my siblings, we took care of him for his last couple months. I am so grateful for all the time with him, but also for those last months. We all took turns cooking for him and spending time. I made him his favorite pies; lemon mirangue, cherry, etc… Hold on to all those cherished memories and remind your kids of your father. I know that has helped me. Best to you.

  80. So sorry for the loss of your dad.  Always remember the wonderful memories he created with you- like these crepes.  Can’t wait to try them.  Thanks for your recipes each week and for helping all of us in our healthy eating journey.  You are in my prayers.  

  81. My grandmother always made these. She used her big cast iron skillet to cook them in, and filled them with homemade plum butter. So delicious. She always just used a whisk to mix them up though – would you find that an acceptable substitution to the blender? Can I hand mix them?

  82. I ‘m so sorry for your loss Gina.
    My family love your recipes and have been using them for at least 3 years. Would love to try them but was wondering if you ever try making crepes using Almon flour?

  83. Avatar photo
    Jody Schuermann

    So sorry to hear about your father. Your family is so blessed to continue celebrating his life with these delicious crepes. I just started Weight Watchers and can’t wait to try these with sautéed fresh apple. Your recipes have been life savers for me. 
    Thank you for sharing this family treat.

  84. Another Czech (Bohemian) chiming in here. These look delicious & the first time I’ve heard of them, even though I’m 100% Czech on both sides of my family going back forever, & everyone cooked. Do you make any other Czech specialties Gina? I have to admit that while it’s not “skinny”, I adore chicken & Czech bread dumplings in dill sour cream gravy (Vomacka, I believe) – it’s probably my favorite Czech dish. And of course the bread dumplings were considered a “staff of life” for Sunday & holiday dinners. No serious meal was complete without “Sinkers & Grass” (bread dumplings & sauerkraut) – lol!

    1. Yes I remember my dad making it with pork or duck. We also grew up with veal stew, saurbraten, Czech burgers, among many other dishes but Dumplings were a Sunday must!

      1. Hello i cant believe i came across your post! Seeing your last name i knew someone on your side was Czech and being Slovak myselft it just made me super happy to read these wonderful food comments…. I make palacinky for our girls often and we ate them at home with cheese product called Tvaroh, which I cant buy here…. But I found a great replacement 10% organic vanilla yogurt (Krema) its amazing! You girls are right so many wonderful tasty recipes that could be shared…. Dumplings are one of them, but I find CzechoSlovak food heavy ???? So its more of a treat! I will be following you for sure….  Sorry to hear about your dad ????

      2. Sorry about those exclamations, i guess emotiocons cant be used otherwise they turn into something unwanted…

  85. so sorry for your loss, Gina. My Dad was from Hungary and these were his favorite too, except we filled them with a creamed cottage cheese mixture. Keep the memories close. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes!

  86. My Austrian mother also made palachinka as a family favorite. Would love to see your take on other “local” favorites like goulash, sauerbraten, roladen, etc. Slow cooker when possible.

    1. Me too!!!  Looks like there are a lot of us Eastern European subscribers! My mom was from Slovakia and Dad from Germany! Would love to see many more recipes from this part of the world! How about Chicken Paprikash? Goulash? Food keeps me connected to my family who has passed as well. Memory Eternal! 

      1. Me three. I am Croatian and my mom also made palačinke growing up. She usually made them with marmalade but now Nutella is very popular. I would also love some Eastern European recipes. Thank you for all your great recipes and I am sorry for the loss of your dad. 

  87. I’m so sorry for your loss. I so appreciate your blog and never comment, but wanted to know I will be thinking of you and your family.

  88. So sorry for your lost. And thank you for all those tasty recipes. Looking forward to make the crepes.

  89. My deepest condolences on the loss of your precious Dad Gina. I’m so sorry. I lost mine in March last year and my mom. 12 years ago March. 
    My mom and my aunt always made “blintzes,” being Jewish, but I had a dear friend from Sweden who gave me almost the exact same recipe as yours. Once I started making them my kids wouldn’t eat my aunts any more! 
    I made a huge platter of them Once for my daughters International festival at school as her dad was of Swedish decent, and the kids not only ate them all but asked for more and wouldn’t eat the other Foods brought. I was embarrassed but secretly pleased that they loved my crepes. My recipe calls for melted butter which makes them very tender, but not much in amount. 
    Thanks for posting this. I don’t make them often for myself, but I just might this morning. I don’t have any milk, so do you think canned coconut milk would sub? 

    Many hugs to you over your loss. ??????

    1. WHat did you put in the blintzes? I might have to try that. Sure any milk should work. Thank you again!

  90. Avatar photo
    Kathleen Keillor

    I’ll so sorry about the passing of your father.
    I pray for comfort for you and your family during this difficult time. What a wonderful memorial to you Father! I look forward to trying them! ?

  91. Thank you so much for sharing this. I can’t wait to share them with my family. May you find peace and comfort as you are mourning the loss of your dad.

  92. I am very sorry for the loss of your father. My father’s parents were also from the Prague area of Czechoslovakia.

    My mother used to make palachinky on top of the coal stove. There is no way to replicate that flavor and I haven’t had them in decades so thanks for this recipe. She would fill them with Farmer’s cheese (you can still find it around, I think they call it dry cottage cheese) and top them with her homemade huckleberry jam. I too find comfort in these recipes from the old world.

  93. I also am Czech and my dad would make these palacinky. Not only can they be made as sweets, but he also would make them as a meal with ground beef mixture and tomato sauce. He would omit the sugar in the batter when making the latter. I loved the sweet ones, my kids loved them both when staying with my mom and dad during the summers. Thank you for bringing back great memories!

  94. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Tyler

    My Mom is Slovenian and made these for me as well.  Loved them, but couldn’t get a recipe from her as she’s not into measurement and would only say, “a little bit of this”, “a touch of that”.  Thank you so much for providing measurements!!!  Love these!!!

  95. I’m so sorry for the loss of your father. What a perfect way to honor his memory by sharing a special recipe that will find its way in to many homes and many hearts. Thinking of you! 

  96. Thanks for showing my childhood favorite food Palachinky! My Croatian grandmother made the best! It was a Friday dinner back in the bad old days of meatless Fridays. Ours were rolled up with cottage cheese. So filling and good. These days my (Irish) husband and our daughters are the next generation experts. I’m going to try your yogurt and berries next
    . Barb Roney

  97. Avatar photo
    Katherine Shorr

    Directions say to combine berries with sugar but the only sugar I see is 1 tsp powdered sugar, which you say to sprinkle on finished crepe.  So how much sugar?  Also I put ingredients in my WW app and come up with 4 sp using only Fage zero fat yogurt, not lite cream and using fat free milk instead of 1%.  

  98. Gina, I am so sorry to hear that you lost your father. It is hard – I know. When my mother died, all I wanted was her chicken soup, so your words resonated and validated how often familiar food is what we need.
    On another note, my mother in law was from Czechoslavakia, and made the best blintzes. I appreciate your posting this recipe. Be well, keep posting and cooking and allow yourself the time to grieve.

  99. I’m so sorry about the loss of your dad. I hope cooking his recipes continues to bring you comfort. These look delicious. 

  100. Dear Gina,
    I was sorry to read of your Dad’s passing. It really struck a chord with me because my Dad (who passed 19 yrs ago-hard to believe) LOVED crepes. It was also our special connection. They always remind my daughters and I of him. I’m so excited to make thes and stir up some memories. Thank you for being you and sharing your gifts and memories. 

  101. Avatar photo
    Lorie Paulson

    Gina, I am so sorry for your loss and send many condolences. You were very lucky to have had him in your life.

  102. I have been following your recipes for years. You’ve taught me how to cook. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss, Gina. Sending love to you and your family 

  103. First I’m so sorry for your loss. I just list my Mom last month. We’re Russian and my Mok would make these once in a while and I believe my Grandmother would sweeten the farmers cheese and roll crepe around thus and top with berries. A lot of time spent in a kitchen making delicious food and learning how to cook are now just memories. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  104. Gina, so sorry for your loss. Your post today warmed my heart in how you spoke of cooking with your dad. I am Hungarian and my grandmother used to make these crepes often. I never learned from her before she passed. Thank you for giving something back to me from my childhood.

  105. The recipe calls for powdered sugar for the topping, but it also lists sugar being mixed with the berries. How much sugar gets mixed with the berries?

  106. Similar memories, and now I make them for my daughter regularly. I will fill with yogurt/cottage blend and berry compote on top, but occassionally we do Nutella and bananas too. Brings back the good memoreies. Thanks for sharing.
    If you have a good red cabbage, or Boulka (sp?) recipe, I would love to try it.

  107. My grandparents were from Czechoslovakia as well. I remember huge dumplings that seemed as large as tennis balls. Do you have a potato dumpling recipe? Any suggestions where to find more Czech recipes?

    1. My Dad always made those dumplings on Sundays. We still have his recipe, perhaps I will make them and share them soon. I have many of his dishes in my last cookbook, lightened up of course. xoxo

  108. My grandparents were from Czechoslovakia as well. I remember huge dumplings that seemed as large as tennis balls. Do you have a potato dumpling recipe? Any suggestions where to find more Czech recipes?

  109. My husband and I went to Prague for our honeymoon last August, and I loved everything about it ❤️ I’m so sorry for the loss of your father. Thank you for sharing your memories and recipes ❤️

  110. Avatar photo
    Kathy Stockman

    So sorry about the loss of your father, thank you though for sharing this story and this recipe for crepes….and love.


  111. Thank you! I love crepes and look forward to making these! I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. May he rest in peace. <3

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  115. Avatar photo
    tobi fitzgerald

    I am new to your site and so excited to see a Czech dessert! I am of Czech heritage and after my grandmother passed, many of the old recipes were lost. I will definitely be making this and I am super happy that it is Point friendly!!! Thanks again!


  116. I was born in Prague, and these look just like my mom makes them 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your recipe with everyone!


  117. I made these for dessert for Valentine's day for my husband…and oh my goodness, they are delicious. I made these with strawberries and real whipped cream. Thank you so much for this recipe.

  118. Hello! I have been following your amazing web for more than a year and I love it, although it is not easy sometimes to find all the igredients here in Portugal. Anyway Im CZECH and I just discovered you are also a fan of my childhood meal! What a great coincidence. Kisses and Im looking forward for more and more lovely recipies.

    ps: my favourite version is with curd which is mixed with blueberries.

  119. I often make french crepes (which is basically the same thing) Only I add a little bit of vanilla and cinnamon to the mix and top with yogourt, berries and maple syrup… Once you've had crepes, pancakes just don't cut it anymore. 🙂

  120. Avatar photo
    Valentina Zenkl

    WOW!!!!!!! This brought some BEAUTIFUL memories to my mind!!!!! My dad is from Prague also and he always, every Sunday without fail, made Palacinky for breakfast for the whole family!!!! It's a family tradition that I love and hope to keep up with my little ones one day when I have my own kids! I am very much into skinny recipes and healthy cooking now so I loved this recipe that makes some nice and lean palacinky!!! <3 Thank you so so much for this!!!!! =,) You touched a little heartstring right there!!!!

  121. Delicious!!! I microwaved frozen blueberries and strawberries for the filling- didn't add any sugar. Worked out well for the filling. The whole family loved it!

  122. Was feeling like fresh berries for breakfast – only had frozen googled ww berry crepes and this is the first recipe that came up! Thawed some raspberries and blackberries and used non fat plain yogurt instead of the cool whip for a most wonderful breakfast! Thanks for another great recipe! I also used Silk Almond milk in the batter, added a nice flavor.

  123. Made these last night for Valentine's Day with my hubby. They are amazing! Definitely worth the time. 😀

  124. Just tried this 😀 Yummmm!!! It was so good! I have had crepes before but like yours better cause it doesn't have an eggie taste 😀 I also used plain almond milk instead of the 1% milk 😀

  125. Gina I love these crepes but wanted to make them even lighter so I used three egg whites instead of the whole egg and 1/2 tsp of oil instead if a whole teaspoon and didn't put berries or cream inside I just ate them plain. In your opinion would that make each crepe only 1 point or still 2?

  126. Avatar photo
    Melissa Lendechy

    I was reading through all the comments trying to see if anyone mentioned using frozen berries. Can they be used and just thawed in advance? Thanks in advance.