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Skinnytaste Dinner Plan Week 3

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Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 3)
I’ve gotten such great feedback since launching The Skinnytaste Meal Planner and sharing a sample of my weekly dinner plan for the week, this is now going to be a Sunday ritual. I do all my food shopping on Sundays, but you can do what works best for you. 
We are a family of four, so leftovers usually get packed for lunch. This is just a guideline, you can choose just a few dishes or make them all. I am always testing out new dishes for the blog which I cook during the day (you can follow along on Snapchat, username Skinnytaste) so that is usually what I eat for lunch, and leftovers never goes to waste because I either freeze them for the month, pack them for lunch, or share with family, neighbors and friends (come on over!)

Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 3)

Please leave me your comments and tell me if this is working for you, or suggestions on how I can improve it. And if you bought the Skinnytaste Meal Planner, please share and use the hashtag #skinnytastemealplanner

Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 3)

Monday: Slow Cooker Blissful Butternut Soup (Meatless Monday!)

Tuesday: Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps (I use tortillas for Madison)

Wednesday: Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Salmon
                      with Zucchini Noodles (from The Skinnytaste Cookbook)

Thursday: Cheesy Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken (OMG!)
                   with Fiesta Lime Rice

Friday: Date Night!
Sunday: Leftovers!

Happy cooking!

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49 comments on “Skinnytaste Dinner Plan Week 3”

    1. Week 1 is combined with the Meal Planner (first one listed in meal Planner link on the site) and I just made sure Week 2 is now there as well. Thanks for noticing!

  1. So thankful for this!! I sometimes dread over planning out my meals for the week and love having something clearly laid out for me to go by, plus it’s always on the healthier side!! 

  2. Do you have any recommendations for a super busy working person. I work about 10 hours a day and I drive far so I sit in traffic alot 🙁
    These plans are great but it looks time consuming when I don’t get home sometimes after a workout until 8pm. Any suggestions are appreciated. Just bought your cookbook! Amazing!

    1. Do you have a day on the weekend maybe, where you could take some time and make meals for the week? Or prep meals so all you have to do is cook them when you get home? Also making double batches and freezing leftovers into portions may be another option for your schedule.

  3. I love love love the cookbook but the #mealplanner is not as functional as I was hoping for. It's desperately missing a section to write a grocery list. Maybe something to add to the next version.

  4. I went grocery shopping 2 days ago and just made 4 out of the 5 dishes tonight. It took 4 hours total and my daughter helped with the first 2. I don't know if you do or song recommend making ahead of time but I work full time so this was the only way I could swing it. Fingers crossed it all tastes good when I reheat it! Thank you so much for the tools you provide us, from the shopping list for the entire week to the free recipes online, the beautiful cookbook we can purchase and the accompanying planner. This is the first time I'm trying this and I'm hoping I can stick with it. I love the idea of cooking delicious and healthy dinners for my family that don't cause me to lose my mind:p

  5. This is the first meal plan I have tried from your site, and I thank you. All meals were a success and I again thank you for the thought and care you put into your meals.

  6. I've been trying to use Heather K Jones – get it free skinnytaste menu plan. I'm able to get to her website and I've signed up and wait for the email which I never get. I must be doing something wrong but I though I'd let you know. I've tried several times with different email addresses