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Yogurt Sheet Pan Pancakes with Mixed Berries

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Yogurt Sheet Pan Pancakes with Mixed Berries are an easy breakfast or brunch for the holiday season or any time of the year. Set out all the toppings and let your family serve themselves.

sheet pan pancakes on a try with berries and toppings.
Yogurt Sheet Pan Pancakes with Mixed Berries

My Lemon Blueberry Buttermilk Sheet Pan Pancakes from my new cookbook Skinnytaste Meal Prep were such a hit that I decided to make a new version with yogurt instead of buttermilk. They turned out so good and love the added protein. Not only are they great for meal prep, they are also perfect for serving a crowd. There’s no need to stand over a stove – just pop them in the oven. Then set out all the toppings and let everyone help themselves!

stacked sheet pan pancakes with syrupYogurt Sheet Pan Pancakes with Mixed Berries on a plate

I partnered with Stonyfield Organic, my favorite yogurt brand, to make these delicious pancakes. This recipe calls for 1 ½ cups of their 0% Fat Smooth & Creamy Plain Yogurt, which packs these healthy pancakes with extra protein.

Stonyfield Organic is always looking for ways to give back. In April, they added a new yogurt donation program to support all our heroes in the fight against COVID-19. In six months, Stonyfield has donated a million products to 49 organizations. If you would like to nominate someone for a yogurt donation, fill out Stonyfield’s request form.

How to Serve Sheet Pan Pancakes

I like to serve my sheet pan pancakes cut into squares and placed on a large platter or board with all the fixings, so people can help themselves. My favorite pancake topping is bananas and nut butter, but feel free to play around. Below are some topping ideas, but if you have more, comment below!

  • Fresh fruit, like strawberries, blueberries, and bananas
  • Chocolate chips
  • Vanilla yogurt
  • Maple syrup
  • Honey
  • Butter
  • Powdered sugar

Pancake Variations:

  • For gluten-free pancakes, replace the all-purpose flour with 1  1/2 cups oat flour and 1/2 cup coconut flour.
  • Use fresh or frozen berries and any berry combination you like. I used a mix of raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.
  • Don’t want mixed berries, just use the the same amount of the fruit you prefer.
  • Got picky kids? Swap out the berries for chocolate chips!

sheet pan pancakes on a try with berries and toppings.

close up of sheet pan berry pancakesclose up of berry pancakesstacked sheet pan pancakes with syrup on a plate

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Yogurt Sheet Pan Pancakes with Berries

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Yogurt Sheet Pan Pancakes with Mixed Berries are an easy breakfast or brunch for the holiday season or any time of the year. Set out all the toppings and let your family serve themselves.
Course: Breakfast, Brunch, Meal Prep
Cuisine: American
sheet pan pancakes on a try with berries and toppings.
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 20 minutes
Total: 30 minutes
Yield: 8 servings
Serving Size: 2 squares


  • Cooking spray
  • 1 ½ cups all-purpose unbleached flour
  • ½ cup white whole wheat flour
  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 1/2 cups Stonyfield Organic 0% plain yogurt
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 6 tablespoons water
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted then cooled slightly
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 cups fresh or frozen mixed berries, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry
  • Optional toppings: fresh berries, powdered sugar, maple syrup, honey or yogurt


  • Move the oven rack to the middle position and preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
  • Spray a rimmed 18” x 13” sheet pan with cooking spray, this will keep the parchment in place.
  • Cut a piece of parchment paper to cover the bottom completely, about 16 x 20 inches. Place on the sheet pan and spray more oil on the parchment, and around the sides of the sheet pan.
  • In a medium bowl, whisk together dry ingredients (from flour to salt).
  • In another medium bowl, whisk together wet ingredients (from yogurt to vanilla) until thoroughly combined.
    pancake wet ingredients
  • Transfer wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry ingredients and whisk until just combined.  Do not over mix (or worry if there are some lumps).
  • Gently fold in berries.
    pancake batter with berries
  • Pour the batter into the prepared baking sheet. Spread the batter evenly with a spatula then tap the sheet pan on the counter a couple times to settle the batter.
  • Bake for 15 to 17 minutes, rotating the pan halfway through.
  • Allow to cool for 5 minutes in the pan then, place a large cutting board over the top of the pan and flip the pancakes onto cutting board.  Cut into 16 squares and serve immediately.

Last Step:

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  • To store: Cool completely and store in an air-tight container or zip lock bag in the
    refrigerator 4 days.
  • To freeze: Cool completely and transfer to an air-tight container or zip lock bag.
  • To reheat from the fridge: Place pancakes on a microwave safe plate and microwave for 40 seconds, flipping halfway through.
  • To reheat from frozen: Heat on a microwave safe plate  45 seconds, flip and cook for an additional 45 seconds or until heated through.


Serving: 2 squares, Calories: 211 kcal, Carbohydrates: 32 g, Protein: 8 g, Fat: 4.5 g, Saturated Fat: 2.5 g, Cholesterol: 57 mg, Sodium: 484 mg, Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 10 g


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Stonyfield. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Skinnytaste possible. All thoughts are my own. Photo credit: Erin Alvarez

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109 comments on “Yogurt Sheet Pan Pancakes with Mixed Berries”

  1. Amazing! I used stevia, and almond milk, and apple sauce instead of sugar, regular milk, and butter. To make it lower calorie. Really yummy and easy. Thanks for the great recipe 🙂

  2. They taste great, but mine stuck to the parchment paper so didn’t come out as nice looking as yours. Wont use the parchment next time .

  3. We return to this recipe over and over. My kids love it and it’s nice to pop the pancakes in the oven and get ready for the day instead of standing over a stove

    1. Avatar photo
      Ashley Vasquenz

      These were great! My husband has been very leary about trying WW foods, and we both loved these! The points were higher for us because we had to modify the baking process the 1st time due to not having any cooking spray, parchment, or sheet pans. I used 2 glass baking dishes greased with unsalted butter and flour coated, and they slipped off the pan super easy. Next time I might try to flour coat the cooking spray and see if that works, because I don’t like the idea of using so much cooking spray and parchment paper. This is definitely a keeper, and I’ll be making this regularly. Thank you!

  4. Amazing recipe. I made it with regular flour and 1/2 cup of almond flour because that’s what I had on hand and it turned out wonderfully. This is a really forgiving recipe. Will definitely make again! I love that it makes a lot and I can freeze for later.

  5. I made this dairy-free (oatmilk, coconut milk yogurt, vegan butter), and with frozen berries, and it was STILL a huge hit! My husband was almost giddy packing up the leftovers, planning to take some to work tomorrow.

    I was impressed with how well it came out of the pan and with how perfectly it cooked. I have never gotten to eat pancakes with the rest of my family. Usually I am standing at the stove flipping and by the time I sit down to eat, the rest of the family has left the table. Thanks for a recipe that made me feel fancy, and allowed me to eat with the rest of the family!

  6. My whole family loves these! I’ve made them about twenty times! My kid loves dark chocolate chips inside!!! Thank you

  7. We have a lactose and egg allergy in my house so I have a special pancake recipe that I have to use. Would this work with any pancake recipe?

  8. Avatar photo
    Dianna Huffman

    I don’t cook any longer because I now live at a senior assisted living community where the meals are provided. When I cooked for our family, I made something similar. I browned 1 lb. breakfast sausage. Then I mixed up a batch of pancake batter & then mixed in the drained sausage. After spreading it in the prepared pan, l’d top it with slices of apples (placed close together) then sprinkle with cinn. nutmeg, gr. cloves (or any spice you would use for apple pie). Bake & serve with syrup.
    As you can see, even though I haven’t cooked in years, I still miss it & look up recipes.
    Dianna Huffman, Medina, Ohio

  9. This was delicious. It tasted like a birthday cake and I might want it for my next birthday. I will make this again!
    My son who is picky enjoyed it!

  10. Everything looked delicious, I was skeptical of the oil on pan first then adding a layer of parchment paper and re-oiling but it really helped when I needed to flip the pancake over! My first try was a little too dry. I only had 10 oz of plain yogurt and used almond milk so may need to use milk and add more yogurt. I did use all regular flour instead of wheat flour, Also may have over-mixed. I could not find a sheet pan the recommended size so mine was bigger by several inches. This pancake is beautiful and delicious will try again when my husband requests making the changes I mentioned!
    I love that it makes 16 servings!
    For extra pizazz and points
    Add a bit of lemon curd, or raspberry jam, syrup and whipped cream on top and enjoy for 6 points!

  11. These pancakes were amazing! I was worried they would be a little tangy because of the yogurt, but you can’t taste the yogurt at all (I used fat free plain Greek yogurt from Costco). Here are the changes I made: I used half oat and half all purpose flour, cashew milk instead of cow’s milk and monk fruit sweetener instead of sugar. I will be making these again soon when we have company. Yum!!

    1. This is a great dish for meal prep. My family loves the taste and ease of service. We serve with more berries, maple syrup and a boiled egg or chicken sausage for more protein. Enjoy!

  12. This was the worst recipe I ever tried, and for once I wanted to make something special for my gluten free family. I used the suggested oat flour and coconut flour measurements and as soon as I mixed the dry and wet ingredients together it was SO hard and tough, like a bread dough. Not liquid at all – I needed to add almost a cup more milk, and even then it was still a super thick batter. Did not cook at all in the oven and was an overall complete desaster which went to the trash 😔 The ingredients were somehow completely off. What happened?

    1. Coconut flour absorbs liquids much more than any other flour, at times leaving a dry mess. If you plan to use coconut flour, up the amount of liquid (add a little at time until you get the consistency you want) and add an extra egg or two. I personally sub oat flour for regular flour in my baked goods without any problems. Coconut and almond flours are the most difficult to use when subbing for all-purpose or wheat flours. Hope this helps!

  13. Hi, in the picture with the beautiful display of the finished product you have a small dish of something in the bottom right hand corner, I was wondering what that is please. Thank you for your wonderful recipes.

  14. Followed the recipe using razz berries, black berries and a few strawberries . This was so yummy as we chose this for our breakfast for dinner tonight. Far easier than making pancakes. A definite make again meal. (Soon) froze the leftovers….

  15. Avatar photo
    Denise Mockler

    our most favorite breakfast, i add mashed bananas and blueberries.
    Delicious, today my milk was sour used water instead and still delicious!

    1. I would try it. The recipe is pretty forgiving — I made a few substitutions and it still worked out great. If it works with using all purpose flour please report back because I’m curious to know in case I run out of an alternative flour. Thanks! 

    2. It does, I did jt first time with only all purpose flour and it turned out exactly like those on the pictures! They were delicious

  16. Fantastic and very forgiving recipe. I used one flax egg bc I only had one real egg on hand and coconut flour for the wheat flour and Greek yogurt rather than traditional. I was sure I messed it up because it was somewhat difficult to evenly spread around in the pan. But it came out so fluffy and tasty. My kids loved it too. I didn’t do any berries just  plain pancakes. Will definitely make these again. This is my second recipe of yours this week and I’ve been very happy!! 

    1. I used Open Nature dairy-free coconut yogurt alternative (plain) and it turned out just like the photos.

  17. Recipes are healthy and looks yummy. Easy to prepare. But the ingredients pricey here in the Philippines. If I have a budget soon. I will try 😊

  18. This recipe came together so quick and easy! It is absolutely delicious. One of the best low cal pancakes recipes I’ve made. And I made it lower calorie by using almond milk and stevia. Thanks so much for this recipe, I really love it! Will be on the rotation for sure 

  19. Absolutely delicious and so easy to make! I prepped and mixed the dry ingredients together the night before, just so there would be one less step in the morning. I used 0% plain Greek yogurt and it turned out perfectly! I sprinkled blueberries over a portion of the batter since my husband doesn’t care for them. I also made a mixture of unsweetened applesauce, brown sugar and cinnamon and swirled it into part of the pancake batter— divine! My new go-to pancake recipe!

  20. Just made these & they are amazing! I only had Greek yogurt which turned out fine & I used strawberries, blueberries & blackberries. I’m just waiting for them to cool so I can freeze some. These would be great for snacks too!  This goes into permanent rotation. 

  21. Already commented here once. but want to comment again – these are so good that I ate them for breakfast nearly every day of the local strawberry season last year and once again this year – yummmmm!

    With one change though: I find they taste best when you bake the batter enitrely without berries and instead add fresh berries to the finished pancake.
    That way, you will 1) get to enjoy their full taste – it seems to me that when the berries are hot from baking in the oven, you hardly taste them and 2) you can add as many berries as you like; I actually love to heap on a very generous layer of cut-up strawberries.

    Thank you for one of my favourite recipes on here!

    1. Avatar photo
      Paula Griffin

      Thanks for sharing this. I was getting ready to ask if anyone had done it this way. My husband is not a berry fan and I think I would prefer them fresh on top.

  22. Even as I was making this I was thinking these are not going to be good. Much to my surprise they were AMAZING. I will make them again and again.

  23. most delicious pancakes, i added some mashed bananas. make this at least once a week, even my picky son loves them!

  24. I used the GF suggestion of oat flour & coconut flour, just wanted to know what the consistency should look like?  I’ve made it before as written and it was amazing!!! Perfect for meal prep! Thank you! 

  25. Wow!  I absolutely loved everything about this recipe!  It was so easy and turned out amazing.  I ended up cutting my pancake into 15 pieces (3 rows, 5 columns) and storing half in the freezer in bags of 2 slices in each.  I used blackberries and raspberries and not only was it delicious, the colors of the berries were beautiful!  I’ll be making this again for sure, a great meal prep breakfast recipe!

  26. I just tried this recipe and my pancakes turned out beautiful and delicious! They were so fluffy and had a nice crisp on the outside. I did add some chocolate chips to my batter to help reduce the tartness from the berries.

    I ended up making another batch! I froze all my leftovers. Perfect for quick breakfasts.

  27. I would like to try this recipe, how do you get the beautiful confetti look with the berries? Do they just burst in the oven or are you doing something special with them? Thank you!

  28. For GF can you sub the oat flour for any other kind of
    Flour? We can’t have oats either 🙁 TIA

  29. I’ve made this recipe tons of times now! I have used whole milk, coconut milk, almond milk all have turned out great. Yesterday decided to make into muffins. I halved the recipe except kept the 2 TBSPs of sugar and did 1.5 tsps of baking powder.

    I baked for 12 minutes at 425, turned out amazing!!! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  30. I made this gluten free and you’d never know it. I used frozen mixed berries. Served it with maple,chicken sausage,eggs and sugar free maple syrup. Winner!

  31. Made these with 10% MF Vanilla yogurt (In Canada – Krema) because it’s what I had. Kept the vanilla extract amount basically the same. Baked for 17mins and came out delicious! I like them even better than the buttermilk version. Love how quick and easy they are from start to finish, and great to have on hand for a baby and a toddler 😀

    1. The baking powder and soda will not last so the pancake won’t be as light. You could mix all the dry and all the wet but keep them separate and then mix together the morning of.

  32. Absolutely amazing!!! My 17 year old granddaughter ate half the pan. **Note: My frozen berries contained strawberries. Which worked fine. Then sprinkled a few fresh blueberries I had in the fridge to fill in the gaps once batter was poured into sheet pan.

  33. Made these a couple days ago and froze them after cutting into 16 pieces. I’m not a huge pancake lover, but I really liked this with the mixed berries in it. I didn’t even put any toppings on the first one I had and it was great! Thanks for another good recipe!

  34. Another great recipe! These are a weekly favorite in my house with kids and grownups alike! I make with 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 all purpose, Greek yogurt and use coconut oil instead of butter. I actually pour batter out into pan first then drop in mix ins because everyone likes something else (berries, chocolate chips, apples) Such a great way to make healthier pancakes and I don’t have to stand over the stove!

    1. Adding the berries later sounds like a good idea – with this recipe as with the buttermilk sheet pancakes one I noticed how if you fold them in first, then pour them into the sheet pan, they’ll be unevenly distributed and you have to shift them around afterwards.

  35. Came out flawless and fluffy!

    – I made with 1 c. unbleached flour and 1 c. almond flour
    – I used frozen berries straight from the freezer, cutting larger fruit pieces into smaller size.
    – My baking sheet was slightly smaller than recommended; it was only 17″x11″. Because I assumed the batter was a bit thicker, I baked for 20 minutes total.

    Came out perfect and still to pancake-like proportions. I think they are tasty without additional toppings and will freeze in ~1-1/2″ in wide slices. They will be perfect as either pancakes with toppings or, without the toppings, as an on-the-go snack for my toddler grandchildren.

    1. YUMMMMMM – Gina does it again! Trying to start my WW journey and stay with it so I can be successful at my weigh-in. Needed a breakfast to make and came across this recipe. I made this gluten-free and used 1 1/2 cups GF flour (King Arthur) and 1/2 cup almond flour. I made this on a huge sheet pan and actually yielded 24 pieces! I have never, ever been disappointed by any recipes by Gina and this is another winner!!!

  36. I didn’t have Greek yogurt and subbed an equal amount of cottage cheese instead. They turned out great! I served them with homemade raspberry syrup and fresh raspberries on top. 

  37. I made these but they turn out raw in the middle . My pan was a little smaller. Tried to salvage them by cooking longer, didn’t help. Outside overcooked… yet the middle seem under cooked. I usually love skinny taste recipes.

  38. Is anyone having a problem with the sheet pan warping while baking the pancakes? I have not tired these yet, but am concerned that will happen with the pan I own and having had it warp before for a cake (meaning that the batter ended up thin and overcooked in one corner and thick in the opposite corner).

  39. These are delish, as are all your recipes …. I put mine in a 13 x 9 Corning ware casserole dish … all I had….pancakes were not done in middle…..I’m going to eat these for several meals so when I microwave then that will cook the middle …. since you’re the expert, do you think thats a good plan

  40. Shockingly good!!  I wasn’t sure if these would be too cakey or under cooked towards the middle.  They turned out perfectly and everyone loved them. Even though I’m not a pancake fan, I did too!  I love the healthy add-in of yogurt.  I also love not needing to stand over the stove monitoring and flipping.  

  41. Instead of using both  1 1/2 cups of AP  unbleached flour and  1/2 cup of white whole wheat flour, can you use  just 2 cups of AP  unbleached flour? Thanks, planning on making this day after Christmas morning.

    1. I did use Greek and loved them.  I like things less sweet with the option to use an extra drop of maple syrup or whipped cream.  I think I will only use Greek yogurt going forward.

  42. This looks delicious! Our kids do best with more fat in the morning, so I’d want to try it with full-fat plain greek yogurt instead of 0% fat — do you think that would change the texture or anything else (other than calorie count!) in a negative way?

  43. I never seem to have buttermilk in the house, so I’ve been using greek yogurt as a replacement all along and they’ve come out great. I made them with cranberries and cinnamon on Thanksgiving morning and they were delicious.

    1. Was thinking the same thing – two kids with egg allergy and one with dairy allergy so I’ll be swapping.  I’ll probably try with the powdered egg replacer I use (which I think is mostly cornstarch but works in all my other baking and for regular pancakes). But this sheet pancake is a genius idea. 

    2. Just made these and substituted apple sauce for eggs. (Our daughter has an egg allergy). They turned out great! 

  44. What beautiful presentation in your cover photo! The sheet pan pancake recipes intrigue me, but I only cook for myself.  It makes a lot.

  45. Hi! I’m making this for a picky toddler and I’d like to substitute as much ground whole grain oats in for the all-purpose flour as I can. How much oats would you recommend if I kept the rest of the recipe as is? Thanks! 

    1. Try one of the gluten-free 1/1 flour blends. You will have better luck. Use buttermilk instead of whole milk. I think adding whole oats would make a dreadful pancake sister, perhaps you can find non-gmo whole wheat from local Amish or buy some “Bob’s”.