Lasagna Soup

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Lasagna Soup has everything you love about lasagna – all in one bowl of soup! Loaded with chicken sausage, lasagna noodles, marinara and cheese. It’s easy, filling, hearty and perfect for a cold winter night.

Everything you love about lasagna – all in one bowl of soup! Loaded with chicken sausage, lasagna noodles, marinara and cheese. It's easy, filling, hearty and perfect for a cold winter night.
Lasagna Soup

We love traditional lasagna, lasagna rolls ups, and now, soup! It’s SO darn good and family friendly, my kids love it! The dollop of ricotta on top really makes it. I used chicken sausage which gave it such great flavor. I’ve included stove top, Instant Pot and Slow Cooker directions.

Some of my favorite soups are those that are adapted from classic meals. A few examples of this: Stuffed Pepper Soup, Baked Potato Soup, Chicken Pot Pie Soup, Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup, and in my cookbook I have a delicious recipe for stuffed cabbage soup.

What I love about turning classic dishes like lasagna into soup is that it’s a great way to enjoy those dishes with less calories. It’s also quicker and easier, and since it’s all made in one pot, easy cleanup up. Now that’s a recipe for dinner success!

Variations and Tips

  • To make it vegetarian you can leave the sausage out.
  • Swap the sausage for ground turkey or beef.
  • You can use any cut of pasta in place of broken lasagna noodles.
  • Refrigerate for up to 4 nights. The pasta may soak up some of the liquid, you can adjust by adding more broth.

How To Make Lasagna Soup

Everything you love about lasagna – all in one bowl of soup! Loaded with chicken sausage, lasagna noodles, marinara and cheese. It's easy, filling, hearty and perfect for a cold winter night.

Bowl of lasagna soup

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Everything you love about lasagna – all in one bowl of soup! Loaded with chicken sausage, lasagna noodles, marinara and cheese. It's easy, filling, hearty and perfect for a cold winter night.
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Lasagna Soup

292 Cals 22.5 Protein 29.5 Carbs 10 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 50 mins
Total Time: 1 hr
Yield: 6 servings
CUISINE: Italian
Everything you love about lasagna – all in one bowl of soup! Loaded with chicken sausage, lasagna noodles, marinara and cheese. It's easy, filling, hearty and perfect for a cold winter night.


  • cooking spray
  • 14 oz sweet Italian chicken sausage, casing removed
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 2 crushed cloves garlic
  • 4 tbsp chopped fresh parsley, divided
  • 3 cups low-sodium, fat-free chicken broth*
  • 2 1/2 cups water
  • 2 cups quick marinara sauce
  • 2 bay leaves
  • fresh cracked black pepper
  • 6 oz broken lasagna noodles, whole wheat or gluten free*

For topping:

  • 6 tbsp part skim shredded mozzarella cheese*
  • 1/2 cup part skim ricotta cheese
  • 3 tbsp grated parmesan cheese
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley
  • 1/4 cup fresh basil chiffonade


Stove Top Directions:

  • Heat a large soup pot or Dutch oven over medium heat, spray with oil and add the sausage; cook until browned, breaking it up as it cooks with a wooden spoon about 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Add the chopped onion and crushed garlic and cook 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Add the parsley, broth, water, marinara sauce, bay leaves and fresh black pepper and bring to a boil; cover, reduce heat and simmer about 30 minutes.
  • In a medium bowl combine the ricotta, parmesan, and 2 tbsp parsley and mix.
  • Add the broken pasta and cook uncovered according to package directions.
  • Divide between 6 bowls and top each with 2 tbsp ricotta cheese mixture, mozzarella, fresh cracked pepper and fresh basil on top.

Slow Cooker Directions:

  • Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, spray with oil and add the sausage; cook until browned, breaking it up as it cooks with a wooden spoon about 3 to 4 minutes. Add the chopped onion and crushed garlic and cook until soft, about 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Transfer to the slow cooker and add the parsley, broth, water, marinara sauce, bay leaves and fresh black pepper. Cover and set the slow cooker to low 8 hours or high 4 hours.
  • Meanwhile, in a medium bowl combine the ricotta, parmesan, and 2 tablespoons of the parsley and mix well; set aside until the soup is ready.
  • About 30 minutes before the soup is ready, remove the bay leaves and add the broken pasta, cover and cook until the pasta is cooked, about 30 minutes. Divide between 6 bowls and top each with 2 tbsp ricotta cheese mixture, mozzarella, fresh cracked pepper and fresh basil on top.

Instant Pot Directions:

  • Press saute on the Instant Pot and spray with oil. Add the sausage and cook until browned, breaking it up as it cooks with a wooden spoon about 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Add the chopped onion and crushed garlic and cook 2 to 3 minutes. Press cancel to shut off.
  • Add the parsley, broth, water, marinara sauce, bay leaves and fresh black pepper; cover and cook high pressure 15 minutes.
  • In a medium bowl combine the ricotta, parmesan, and 2 tbsp parsley and mix. Set aside.
  • Use the natural or the quick release method, then open the pot. Add the broken pasta, cover and cook high pressure 3 minutes. Use the quick release method to open the pot.
  • Divide between 6 bowls and top each with 2 tbsp ricotta cheese mixture, mozzarella, fresh cracked pepper and fresh basil on top.


*check labels for gluten free


Serving: 11/3 cup, Calories: 292kcal, Carbohydrates: 29.5g, Protein: 22.5g, Fat: 10g, Saturated Fat: 9.5g, Cholesterol: 63.5mg, Sodium: 747.5mg, Fiber: 4g, Sugar: 2.5g
WW Points Plus: 8
Keywords: crockpot lasagna soup, easy lasagna soup, lasagna, lasagna soup, weight watchers lasagna soup

How To Make lasagna soup

Best kid-friendly soup recipe.

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  1. Made this recipe with 93% ground turkey, and lots of chopped celery, carrots, onion for extra veggies plus Italian Seasoning. Used ingredients in hand, added wheat elbow noodles and turned out great. Cheese topping was made with fat free shredded mozzarella, grated Parmesan and low fat ricotta with parsley. Fabulous and lower in WW points. Taste just like delicious lasagna! Thanks for recipe. 

  2. So easy and delish! I used Trader Joe’s basil marinara.

  3. One of our favorites of all time, no matter what time of year.

  4. This is one of the best soups I’ve ever made or had… and we really love soup. Added carrots and zucchini to the onions. Also used Turkey meat and a good jar marinara.  It was amazing!  

  5. This soup is 🔥!!! The quick marinara is also delicious. I could not find chicken sausage so used Italian turkey sausage. If you like lasagna you must try this!

    • I looked up a recipe for chicken sausage. You use ground chicken with many spices and herbs including fennel, Italian spices, garlic, etc. Lots of flavours!

  6. Wonderful! Came together fast in the pressure cooker. I used very lean grassfed beef that I seasoned because I didn’t have chicken sausage. Still low in WW points – serving size is generous!

  7. I made this soup tonight for dinner and it was delicious. I have added it to the rotation of winter soups.

  8. This needs a keto version. I think that hearts of palm pasta or spaghetti squash could be considered in place of noodles… going to try that!

  9. This was excellent! Made with turkey Italian sausage as I couldn’t find chicken. Perfect for a snowy weeknight dinner. 

  10. Is the serving size on this 1 and 1/3 cup? It looks like 11/3 cup to me which makes no sense lol

  11. Really?? I am busy too, but I am never too busy to learn something new.

  12. It was very good, definitely a keeper – though I did have to increase the seasonings by about 3x. I added additional vegetables, and used ST marinara recipe which was very good (increased seasonings in that as well). We will eat this again, yummy!

  13. This recipe is the BOMB! Only thing I did different was to use SPICY Italian Chicken Sausage. We like it hot!

  14. Amazing!

  15. This is a family and friend favorite!  I love that we can click the button now to have the WW app calculate the personal points.  What a time saver! Thank you Gina! I have bought every cookbook since I started WW in 2016.  My family never suspects they are lightened up (unless it’s a cauliflower sub for mashed potatoes, lol). 

  16. Wow this was amazing!!! I made it vegetarian with impossible sausage and my whole family loved it!!

  17. Lasagna. Soup 
    My family really liked the recipe. I added more vegetables…diced tomatoes, peppers and zucchini. 

  18. Delicious and super easy to make. Ended up using ground turkey because they didn’t have any chicken sausage at the store. I just added some Italian seasoning to it and it was yum! 


  20. Does this recipe call for cooked or raw sausage? Thanks

  21. Love this soup!  The only thing I changed was I used ground chicken and whole wheat rotini noodles!  Very flavorful, perfect for lunch!

  22. Chiffonade?  Really Gina?  I love your recipes because they are simple and don’t contain fancy chef terms I need to look up.  This word was totally unnecessary and added nothing. Please keep it simple for your busy mom followers!

    • I’m a “busy mom” too. It’s ok to expand your mind once in awhile. It prob took you more time to write this “unnecessary “ review than it took to google a word.🙄

    • It’s literally the term used to specify the type of cut needed here.  You have all the access needed to broaden your vocabulary at your fingertips and you choose to blame someone else for your own ignorance. 🙄

    • Just because you’re not familiar with the term doesn’t mean the rest of us are.  Recipes always contain words to describe cuts like chop, slice, dice, mince, grate. It’s not a fancy chef term just because YOU don’t know it. 
      Be an optimist, you expanded your limited vocabulary today. 

    • You should delete this. Your inability to learn a new word is very concerning. 

    • Hi Laura, I was so disappointed that you got some backlash. I mean you gave it 5 stars.
      I agree with simplifying the terms- but for a different reason. I had a severe brain injury and am learning how to Everything over. (having a nurse type this.). Also how to remove the casing so you don’t lose so much meat and ration of dried basil to fresh basil and fresh parsley to dried parsley.

  23. I really liked this soup. It was really good and leftovers were also good. I didn’t change anything except the meat. I used turkey sausage for a lower calorie sausage. Thanks for all your recipes.

  24. I really liked this soup. It was really good and leftovers were also good. I didn’t change anything except the meat. I used turkey sausage for a lower calorie sausage. Thanks for all your recipes.

  25. This is heaven. 😋😋😋😋

  26. In your cookbook, the recipe does not call for the water. Not sure which one to follow.

  27. What is quick marinara sauce? 

  28. Hi, Gina! I absolutely love this recipe. It’s delicious. There is one part, though, that is unclear. You list “4 TBSP parsley, divided” in the ingredients list as well as “2 TBSP parsley” in the topping ingredients. Is that 6 TBSP total, or is it 2 TBSP in the soup and 2 TBSP in the topping? Since parsley is the only ingredient listed under both sections, it seems like the topping ingredients are independent of those listed under the main ingredients, but if that were the case, then it would be unclear why the 4 TBSP of parsley would be divided, since you only add parsley to the soup itself once. There are several other recipes on the site that do the same thing—an ingredient listed as divided but then repeated in another section of the ingredients—and I’m never quite sure how to interpret that.

  29. Delicious! I cooked the lasagne noodles in a different pot with water, then added it to the bowls as I served the soup. Keeps the noodles from absorbing all the liquid 👍🏻

  30. This is a go-to for all my kids. After it’s cooked I add a ton of spinach in mine and my husband and older kids. The spinach makes it even better and healthier. Thanks Gina! 

  31. can i replace the lasagne noodles for fresh ravioli

  32. Made this delicious recipe last night. I have had a hard time finding fresh chicken or turkey Italian sausage in my area. So I used 93% ground turkey along with a teaspoon of a good Italian sausage seasoning blend. Worked perfect, so easy, and tasted great! Now I don’t have to search for sausage for my SkinnyTaste recipes any longer! I also added a tablespoon of tomato paste to the soup. For those looking for the ricotta, Trader Joe’s makes a delicious part skim ricotta which I buy frequently and use in all of the recipes. Yum!

  33. Questions on the noodle part!

    Ive never cooked noodles in a crock pot becausw i was always told not to.

    Does it matter if the noodles are cooked or not? Does it need to be special lasagna noodles that say like crock pot ready idk what they say or it does really matter. I really want to make it and dont want to mess it up or my crock pot.

  34. I made this and I realize I need to follow instructions. I added 9 lasagna noodles instead of 6 and the noodles ended up absorbing most of the liquid. So it kinda turned into lasagna in a bowl. Added some marinara and water later to try to thin it out but I’ll know better next time. It is delish and will be eaten.

    • I’ve made this soup in the past.
      Loved it as did my wife too.
      I’m on WW personal now and I really appreciate you adding the personal points link on most of ur recipes. Most.. but not to this one as yet.
      I’m a 67 yo man… I do all the cooking in my home… you are my ” go to” food creator … love ur books and website. Keep up ur excellent work

    • Can you use the oven ready/no boil lasagna noodles for this?

  35. This. Was. Beyond. Delicious!!!!! Everyone is kicking their bowl clean!!! Definitely throwing this into monthly rotation. 

  36. “Tastes just like lasagna!”, exclaimed my husband after taking his first bite. Why yes, it really does. I could only find whole milk ricotta, and I’ve got to admit, I don’t think I would have enjoyed this quite as much with part skim. Given the small amount per serving, it was soooooo worth it. One thing I will say is that after reading the comments, next time I’m trying turkey. I bought Never Any brand chicken sausage, which was wonderfully flavored; however, I couldn’t get the casing to come off easily. The meat clung to life onto the cellulose casing. I think I wasted a ton of meat trying to remove the casing chunks. I’d love to know if anyone has some hacks. I haven’t had this problem with other kinds of sausage with natural casings. Overall this was an absolute stellar recipe missing nothing by using gluten free pasta shells. I loved this!

    • If you used fresh chicken sausage, you can just squeeze the chicken out of the casing.  Sounds like you used precooked sausages

  37. My icreasingly difficult to please family actually liked this soup! I made it as written, except that I had to substitute cream cheese spread for the ricotta, Added extra Italian seasoning and it seemed to work out well. This will definately go into the rotation.

  38. We just LOVE this soup! I come back to it again and again. All the flavors of lasagna without the work and the calories. And it reheats well, too. Thank you, Gina!!

  39. Hello! We love this soup – one of my faves!
    Does the nutrition facts provided include the ricotta, mozz mixture at the end? Thanks,

  40. I have this on the stove to try now. Just a heads up for anyone thinking about trying this – the 40 minute total time doesn’t seem accurate at all. You have to boil the soup for 30 minutes and THEN add the lasagne noodles and cook according to the package directions. So unfortunately this isn’t going to be ready in time for my family to eat tonight but hopefully the leftovers will be delicious! We always love all the recipes I find on SkinnyTaste

  41. Amazing taste! This is a new favorite soup. I have never used link chicken sausage. If you can find the brand Isernio at your store, hands down the most flavorful Italian chicken sausage. I have tried so many other brands and nothing compares to this brand. I would never substitute any other meat for the Italian sausage as it gives the soup so much more flavor Not a fan of ricotta , so I just whip cottage cheese even when making lasagna. My husband kept moaning and groaning while eating this saying it was so good. .

  42. Fantastic recipe Gina and fellow commenters
    This is a family favorite. I used 1 lb of Italian seasoning ground turkey instead of the sausage. On the advice of another cook, I use 6 oz of gluten free pasta ( both lentil and chickpea work and increase the protein).
    Ricotta cheese has been difficult to find in my area, so the cottage cheese trick works great.
    I will be serving this with your garlic knots. Thanks again, for such a simple easy recipe. It is great to be eating healthy lasagna.
    Have a great new year

  43. Excellent and super easy!

  44. I just made this for supper. Everyone loved it! I used hamburger instead of the sausage. I made it in the crockpot. I used egg noodles instead of lasagna noodles, and used an extra 1/2 cup of water because of everyone saying the noodles will soak up all the water. Worked out perfect for me! Thanks for the receipt!

  45. This soup is AMAZING! The only suggestion I have is if you’re not planning on eating this within one sitting, cook the noodles separate and add them while reheating. Otherwise, the noodles suck up quite a big of liquid.

    Thank you, Gina!!!!

    • Great tip! Thank you so much Kelley! I had this same problem with a Chicken Soup recipe I made a while back (that used Israeli Couscous) (different website recipe!)

  46. Absolutely Wonderful!  Used the instant pot directions!  So quick and easy! Did change to hamburger!  Thank you so much!!

  47. I made this with meatless sausage crumbles, a dash of cayenne and smoked paprika and it was SO GOOD!

    • I wanted to try making it with meatless crumbles – I am glad to hear it worked out and will do that for sure! Thanks for sharing.

  48. Can I use yellow onion? Or does it have to be white?

  49. I made this tonight. It was DELICIOUS! I did make some minor changes. Used rotini pasta instead of lasagna noodles. I used 2 cups instead of 2 1/2 cups of water. Added about 2 tablespoons of tomato paste and added fresh basil and oregano to the soup. I know…lots of minor changes but…this soup is delicious and gave me that lasagna taste I love without all the extra calories and carbs of lasagna. The addition of the cheese mixture offers the rich cheese umami that we all love about lasagna. It’s just one more genius idea. that Gina gives us to enjoy flavor without calories. I would encourage everyone to try this recipe and feel free to add some additional herbs and spices to suit your taste.

  50. This soup was a hit with my family. I subbed ground beef in place of chicken sausage and it was delicious. Adding it to our menu this week, thanks again Gina!

  51. This was really yummy!  I will definitely be making this more often.❤️

  52. This lasagna soup recipe is really an amazing recipe. Thanks for sharing this recipe with all of us. Also check out my special lasagna soup recipe as well. Check out the recipe here:

  53. This lasagna soup recipe is really an amazing recipe.

  54. can you freeze this?

  55. Saw this recipe and decided to give it a try. Well, all I can say is WOW! this is now in our soup rotation. easier to make than your classic Lasagna, but has the exact same flavors. needless to say it makes six servings, but we all had doubles of this, that is how good it is. My son who is to a soup eater loved it.

    Thanks for a fantastic recipe

  56. This was excellent. I marked it as good enough for company. 

  57. Absolutely delicious!

  58. This is the best soup. I generally don’t like lasagna but I love this soup. 

  59. Hi Gina,
    Awesome recipe. It was wonderful to have gluten free lasagna and not spend the rest of the evening in fat, carb coma. My family loved it. I paired it with your garlic knots(yummy) from your air fryer cookbook
    (My mother’s day present) . Also, nice to have a recipe that did not need a large amount of meat.
    We will enjoy the leftovers tomorrow.

  60. One of my family’s favorites! We just love this soup!

  61. Made this for dinner last night. We had to substitute the chicken sausage with Italian Turkey Sausage and the ricotta with sour cream. It was so, so good! Going on the “Dinner Keeper” list!

  62. Love this soup. Flavorful and hearty. Next time I will break the noodle up more too hard to fit on spoon.

    • Cheryl, sometimes I like to use a campanelle pasta. It’s kind of bell shaped and has those curly edges that remind me of lasagne. Works well! 
      Good luck!

    • I’ve made this and I now use the baby bow ties they give it the lasagna look and is just as delicious!

  63. Love this recipe!! Does anyone know if it freezes well?

    • Hi Morgan,
      I freeze this in individual containers to take for lunch and the other teachers have all asked for the recipe. I don’t put the topping in as I like it added on top. I usually have cottage cheese on hand so I take a dollop of that to add after I have reheated the soup.
      Now that my 6’7″ son has returned home, I am lucky if I have any leftoveers. He loves it.
      Thank you Gina for another delicious recipe.

  64. My family LOVES this recipe! I only have oven ready noodles right now… can I use those instead? Do you I have to add more broth?

  65. Is there a different cheese besides ricotta that I can use?

  66. I’ve made your Instant Pot Lasagna Soup and everyone raved about it! it’s a keeper!
    I also appreciated the fact that you added the points per serving, as I’m trying to eat healthier.

  67. I made the recipe last night using oven-ready/no boil lasagna noodles and using the Instant Pot method. (I had the Trader Joe’s brand of noodles.) I found that the no-boil noodles clumped together and were difficult to separate, leaving some of them uncooked after pressure cooking. I took out the clumps of noodles, separated them and put them back in using the Keep Warm button to let them cook a bit more in the liquid. In the future, I wouldn’t use this type of noodle with the Instant Pot method. But flavors and soup were really good.

  68. I got 11 points in blue – what did I do wrong?? 

    • Did you enter the nutrition info in the calculator or build the recipe in the recipe builder. One of the things she mentions is that the nutrition info will not be correct in the calculator since it does not account for )pt items. It can also change depending on the sausage used which is why I always build it in the recipe builder.

  69. Another winner! I did have a difficult time trying to find sweet Italian chicken sausage so decided to go with a ground pork substitute.

  70. I love this take on lasagna! So flavorful and satisfying. My hubby says that your soups ALWAYS blow him away. I added some red pepper flakes to this because my husband loves spicy marinara. It really added a nice kick, but I’m sure that it would have been just as delicious without. 
    For timing purposes, I had to leave partway through the Cooking process and wanted it ready when I came back. So after slow cooking the soup on high for 4 hours, I reduced it down to just warming and added the noodles. We then had to leave and come back over an hour later. After sitting on  warm for 75 minutes, the noodles were perfectly al dente. I only note this in case anyone else comes across a similar timing problem. I was so worried that the noodles would break down too much, but it was perfect! 
    We are not the least bit surprised to enjoy yet another winning recipe. This meal plan has revolutionized our dining experience, and completely changed my relationship with food, diet, and health. Thank you!

  71. This was FABULOUS.  I made it in the instapot and the only thing I added was a cheese rind. The cheese mixture totally made the soup. 

  72. I am working my way through skinnytaste IP and AF recipes. I really like the ones with directions for stovetop/crockpot use in addition to the IP. The flavor of the soup is very much dependent on the Marinara used. I used a marinade that I am usually quite fond of, if i dont make my own. I had to add additional tomato paste, salt and garlic powder to up the taste a bit. Otherwise, the texture was great and the instructions easy to follow.

  73. Hi GINA!! We love this soup. It’s a staple. Question.. when I put your nutritional info you provide into the weight watchers calculator it says 10pts per serving in blue. Is 7 points correct? Thank you for all you do.

    • The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”)

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting 0 points foods such as eggs, chicken, fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, that is why.

  74. Has anyone used gluten free noodles when making that that haven’t all fallen apart upon reheating? If so what brand?

    • I use the Catelli brand lasagna noodles, they hold up pretty well! Only thing is you have to stir them constantly for the first couple minutes otherwise they stick together.

    • I used Barilla rotini both time’s I’ve made it. They didn’t fall apart. I cooked the soup in the slow cooker both times also.

      Awesome soup, Gina!

  75. Can this be made in crockpot? Say overnight with noodles added in the am? Want to use for potluck during lunch

  76. Loved this! I added chopped zucchini hiding the veggies for those in my family who don’t eat their veggies! Tasted just like lasagna!

  77. How many green points per serving?

  78. Does anyone know what the specific serving size is? I know that it is 7 points, and it should be divided into 6 bowls, but not sure how much specifically that equates to. Thanks!

  79. does anyone know what a serving is? I know you scoop into 6 bowls but there is only 2 of us and it would be nice to take out just what I need….

  80. This is tagged as a weight watvhersd recipe. How many points, please. Thanks.

  81. Very hearty soup. I made it with mini bowtie pasta. Family favorite.

  82. This soup had been on my winter rotation for the past few years and I always forget how good it is! It’s an easy recipe with great flavors! Have made it with a few different types of noodles (including higher protein lentil noodles) and still delicious!

  83. Hi! Soooo I only have no boil lasagna, totally thought I had regular! will these still work for the the stovetop recipe? 

  84. If you are making the soup for meal prep- when do you add the ricotta mixture? 

  85. Delishiosness

  86. This is such a delicious fall night dinner. It is easy to make and you can’t go wrong with a ball of cheese on the top! It makes great leftovers too. Wilmington, DE

  87. Gina, I have really been wanting to make this but I can. It find the sweet Italian Chicken Sausage in my area. What brand do you use. I have tried Walmart & Kroger.  Would it be in the area of smoked sausage?

    • I use Al Fresco or Premio. It could be with the other chicken products. (you could use turkey sausage if you can’t find)

  88. I’ve made this many times.  But I leave out the noodles and use tortellini noodles instead.  So goid

  89. What is the actual serving size? I don’t see this anywhere? 

  90. How many lasagna noddles make up 6oz? 

  91. What is a serving? A cup, cup and half…

  92. This soup is really good, but it took close to 90 minutes for me from start to finish in the Instant Pot.  Just putting that out there for anyone else making it.

  93. Delish! Everyone including my kids, loved this dish. I was a little confused by the weight of the noodles. I guessed and added 12 oven ready noodles (2 per person). How many noodles make up 6 oz? I can usually convert things to metric but this one stumped me.

  94. Delish. Family approved ! 

  95. Do you cook the noodles first?

  96. Easy to make and taste awesome!

  97. I’ve made this before in slow cooker. Delicious! I add 2 cups of baby spinach when adding the broken lasagna noodles.

  98. This is now my family’s favorite way to have lasagne, we still Love Moms Pan Lasagna but this is Awesome too.
    Thank you so much Skinnytaste you Rock!!!

  99. This recipe is SO good! I used Rao’s marinara (24 ounces) and some pizza pork sausage (16 ounces). Everything else the same. I’ll definitely make this again. 

  100. This soup has all the best elements of lasagna without all the calories or that awful “over full” feeling afterwards.

    My husband and I make this several times per month and it is always terrific. The only change I made was I add 1 cup of Hunt’s fire roasted tomatoes and I always use regular lasagna noodles as I don;t like whole wheat anything.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe Gina!! It is terrific!!

  101. LOVED this soup!!!! The only adaptations I made were using Italian turkey sausage ( instead of chicken sausage), adding additional fresh garlic and additional chicken broth rather than the water the recipe called. I also added. Italian seasoning and let the soup simmer for over 60 minutes (instead of 30) to blend all the flavors.. It will be a regular in my house for sure!

  102. This was an instant hit with the family! Can’t wait to make it again!

  103. You don’t have to cook the lasagna noodles first?

  104. I made this today (snowy night in VA) and we loved it!  So tasty and quite filling too.  Thanks for offering instructions using all three methods. I did the IP version and it came out wonderful.  

    • I wanted to make this sometime this week in the crock pot when I have a busy day. I was wondering if I need to turn the crock pot to high the last 30 minutes after adding broken noodles or do the noodles get soft enough if I continued to cook on low?

      • I would think you would reduce it to low. In the stove top directions it says to reduce it to a simmer before adding the noodles, so it makes sense to me that the slow cooker would be on low too

  105. I made this soup in the Instant Pot tonight and both my husband and I really enjoyed it. After putting the ingredients into the WW recipe builder, some of the products I used changed the point value to 9 sp so it’s always good to double check! (Especially for the chicken sausage, mozzarella cheese, and part-skim ricotta). 

    I love that you have been adding an Instant Pot option to most of your recipes, Gina! So helpful for when you don’t have time to slow cook. Forever grateful! 

  106. To freeze this do I just freeze at the end with the noodles in the soup? Can I freeze the ricotta mixture as well?

  107. Can I freeze with noodles already in soup and cooked? Can I make cheese mixture ahead and freeze it as well? 

  108. This was amazing! I used 1 cup of spicy marinara, and one cup of regular marinara. It added just a little extra spice. I will definitely make it again!

  109. Hi Gina! Can this be made in the instant pot? I just recently got an instant pot for Christmas. I made the Tomato Bisque and the BBQ Chicken Chili in the instant pot and they were both amazing. Can this be done in there as well?

  110. We absolutely loved this! Will definitely make again. I added a couple of big handfuls of spinach at the end. I could definitely see it working with ground turkey for lower points…will try it that way next time!

  111. Hi Gina – love love love so many of your recipes, and Santa is bringing me your “one and done” cookbook for Christmas!  I made this tonight for the first time and it was delicious (I knew it would be!). As a weight watcher follower I found something on another site that I thought you might be interested in – 0 pt chicken “sausage”. She basically uses a lb of ground turkey breast and cooks it with sausage seasonings and it tastes the same imo.  I did that with this recipe and brought the points way down – I know I’ve made other recipes of yours that also uses chicken sausage, just a thought you could create something similar. Thanks for all you do!

    • What is the sausage seasoning? I’m going to use ground chicken breast because I can’t find chicken sausage in my area.

      • Add fennel seed and fresh parsley …. also oregano if you like it…. creates that Italian sausage flavor! 

  112. This is yummy , served to my book club.  Everyone wanted the recipe. I used low fat small curd cottage cheese instead of ricotta.

  113. I made this soup, and while the flavors were all really good, I felt it was a little too salty. Between the sausage and marinara sauce (I used canned), it was a lot of salt.
    Next time I might consider using just a combo of tomato sauce + fire roasted diced tomatoes to cut back on the sodium. Also I bet using more veggies (spinach, zucchini) instead of the sausage would be a great way to make this a veggie dish!

  114. Do you have a marinara recipe?

  115. Excellent, super easy, the whole family liked it. Very filling.

  116. My family loves  this soup.  We use turkey sausage.  Instead of the lasagna noodles we use  grated  carrots and zucchini seasoned with garlic  powder, onion  powder and Italian seasoning. Occasionally, we  add  a little bit of pasta, too.  We  also add fresh spinach.  

  117. This soup is seriously amazing! My husband polishes it off in two days. It is perfection topped with the ricotta/cheese mix! We make it all the time.

  118. Is it still watery even with the cheeses stirred in? Until the final steps with the noodles and cheese, it did seem watery . But final result was great!

  119. Oh. My. WORD! I made this for supper tonight and I wanted to do a face-plant in the whole pot! It’s so delicious!!!!! I love your recipes!

  120. I made this soup delicious my husband loved it to can you freeze this soup with the noodles ty

  121. Made this from the cookbook today for dinner. It was a hit with everyone!! I made it in the crock pot and added the spinach. I’m happy to say it will be a regular in my house. I love how it makes for such an easy lunch for me for the rest of the week!

  122. Mine looks kind of watery. What should the consistency be? More thick like a marinara?

  123. Love this and have made it many times! Last night we subbed out the sausage and replaced with sautéed mushrooms- still delicious 

  124. Do you have an instant pot version of this Gina?

  125. This soup is so delicious!! I could not believe how much flavor this soup packs! Quite possibly the best soup I’ve ever made. This will definitely go on regular rotation for the fall/winter months! I ended up throwing the basil in the soup while it simmered. I absolutely love basil so the more flavor it gives, the better for me!

  126. This is excellent- I crave it for days after, it’s delicious! And I don’t even like soup much.

  127. I can’t believe this recipe doesn’t have more comments! This is one of my favorite soup recipes and in my regular meal rotation.  Super delicious and filling. I’m gluten free and have a hard time finding gluten free lasagna noodles where I live so I just sub in some gf penne instead. 

  128. Can I make this in the Instant Pot?

  129. Excellent recipe! My family loves it – tastes better than the lasagna I make for Sunday dinners and much healthier! Where did you get the bowls? I have a large mixing bowl that looks exactly like them but it was from my grandmother. Would love to know which store they are from! 

  130. I late to the lasagna soup party and just found this recipe yesterday and made it today. It’s easy to make and tastes decadent without a ton of calories.

  131. This has been a favorite go-to recipe for me for awhile but set it aside when my husband and I went vegetarian. Tonight, I made it with the following adaptions and it was wonderful!!

    – In place of chicken broth, use vegetable broth.
    – In place of the chicken sausage, dice two zucchini and add them with the liquids and spices in Step 3.

    I will also do an occasional shortcut and use cheese tortellini in place of the lasagna noodles and cheese topping- it is a different flavor than the original recipe but a good taste none the less.

    • I was going to omit the broken lasagna pieces. I’m going to add the cheese tortellini instead. Sounds like it would be great!

  132. Hi Gina, 
    I love all your recipes. Just a typo, direction number 4 says to add spinach but the ingredients don’t mention spinach. Thought maybe you would want to correct that. Thanks for all you do.

    R Hewell

  133. Easy make, I pan clean up, all of my kids loved it. 

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  135. The slow cooker version references adding spinach but this ingredient does not appear in the ingredient list. Have others added spinach? Or not?

  136. I just made this and it is simmering right now! It smells amazing & can’t wait to eat it this week for my lunches for work! I do have a question about the spinach! I didn’t see it on the ingredients list but it is mentioned at the end of the recipe so I didn’t buy it at the store! Is this an extra ingredient or mess anything up if I don’t add it? Thank you! I always love your recipes! 

  137. Loved this! Quick and easy.

  138. Making this soup now and following your meal plan for the first time and loving everything so far. Only thing to mention is the spinach wasn’t in the ingredients list here or on the shopping list so we won’t have spinach in ours unfortunately. Thanks for the awesome plan and list though, saving me so much mental load!

  139. We were at my daughters this weekend and she made this. I just came here to print the recipe off. It tasted wonderful and even my husband liked it a lot. LOL

  140. We love this soup! I use a pasta shape that’s similar to broken lasagna to make it easier. This soup is so filling and we make it with a side of garlic bread, yum!

  141. I have looked over the recipe a dozen times and I don’t see anywhere in the ingredients the word spinach. But in the Crock-Pot directions you say to add spinach. I’m really confused LOL

  142. Can you make this a vegetarian lasagna?

  143. Made this tonight and all my kids loved it! 

  144. Really, really good! It is hard to find chicken italian sausage in Canada so I use this recipe to make my own.

  145. This soup is to die for!! It’s so awesome in every way: Easy to make, WW friendly, appeals to the eye and tastes sinfully good! Thank you Gina!!

  146. Did anyone else die a little inside when mixing the delicious quick marinara with water??? Delicious soup though!

  147. Made it March 14, 2018, It was delicious ? 

  148. Under the slow cooker directions for Lasagna Soup it says to add the spinach. What spinach? Spinach is not in the list of ingredients. And. . .BTW I had to look up what Basil Chiffonade was. I’m making this soup tonight and assume it will be yummy! I’ve made lots of your recipes and love them!!! Thanks you.

  149. Where did you find the chicken sausage? What kind did you use?

  150. you say in the description to add spinach 30 minutes before the soup is ready but you don’t have spinach as an ingredient. How much spinach do I put in.

  151. I’m going to make this recipe tomorrow night. I am confused on the slow cooker instructions. It says to add lasagna noodles and spinach. What spinach? It’s not listed in the ingredients. How much? Fresh or frozen?
    Thank you for you help.

  152. How could you make this in the instant pot? 

  153. I have the same comment as Erin. The spinach is not listed in the ingredient list nor included in the stovetop version. How much spinach?

  154. I’m making this for dinner tonight, with garlic knots. BUT, am I blind? In the directions part, for slow cooker, you say to add the spinach, but in the ingredient list, I can’t see how much spinach to add? 

  155. I have to add to the rave reviews on this one: it was VERY good. The second night it was more like a stew since the noodles absorbed a lot of the liquid but they are thick enough that they didn’t turn to mush (something I was concerned about). In fact, we thought iit was better the second night since the flavors had a chance to meld together more. DEFINITELY adding this one to the regular rotation for sure. My wife declared this one of her new favorite comfort foods.

    The only change I made was I used homemade vegetable stock because that’s what I had and I used 4 cups of that and cut back on the amount of water (I stored/froze the stock in a 4 cup container so it was just easier than using only a portion of what I had to thaw anyway).

  156. By far the easiest lasagna soup we have ever made and super delicious. Just what we were looking for. I did leave out the ricotta just because we honestly forgot and it was still great. My sister in-law stopped by with her three very picky eaters and they slurped it up! Thanks for sharing.

  157. I’ve been itching to make this soup & finally got the chance today. It was sooo good! I used Jennie O sweet Italian sausage & since I didn’t have the lasagna noodles, I used Carba Nada fettuccine. It was delicious! Oh, I also made your marinara sauce & was able to freeze the leftover. Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes. I have 2 of your cookbooks & look forward to making more of your recipes. Doing WW, it helps so much that you include the points!

  158. Every Thursday during the winter, my boss’s wife makes lunch for our office and this was on the menu today. It was delicious, filling and guilt-free! I just printed the recipe so I can make it for my family!

  159. Love this soup!  So much flavor. 

  160. So good!!! Served with the garlic knots, plenty filling for a meal! Fiancé loved it too. I had to do the Italian turkey because my grocery store didn’t have the Italian chicken, but it was still delicious! 

  161. What would be a good way to freeze this? Leave out the noodles?

  162. Can you use ground beef instead of sausage in this recipe? Not a fan of sausage 🙂

  163. So delicious and filling! 

  164. Crazy good!

  165. Absolutely delicious! Thank you

  166. I’ve made this in the past using the stove top recipe and the slow cooker version in the cookbook – both delicious. Today, I made it completely in the Instant Pot. Browned the sausage (then onions and garlic) in the Pot using the Saute setting. After adding the liquids and seasonings, I pressured cooked it using the preset for the Soup button (30 minutes). I quick released and then added the pasta. Then, I cooked the pasta for about 20 min using the slow cooker mode and glass lid. One pot and perfect! I will take this soup to work for low-point lunches. So yummy – thank you Gina. You are such a blessing to my WW journey!

  167. I made this for dinner tonight.  It’s delicious! Just as good as any lasagna. I’m in love with this soup! Thank you!

  168. This was so good , i made it with italian flavored ground turkey. Made 1/2 batch. So delicious, it tasted just like lasagna when you stir the topping in. It’s a keeper!

  169. Another great recipe Gina! Thank you! The whole family loves it, even the 2 year old! I cooked mine in the Instant Pot, 10 minutes, quick release and then simmered the lasagna pieces, delish! Thank you!

  170. This recipe is delish! Love it so much we made 2 batches in one week

  171. Where do I find the WW Freestyle Points for this??

  172. So, add the noodles uncooked?

  173. Made this to enjoy in the middle of the huge snowstorm hitting Boston right now. Perfect! Followed recipe exactly and it was delicious. Only thing I’d change is to break my noddles into smaller bite-sized pieces. 

  174. This is now 10 points a serving!  

  175. Thanks, this is a delicious recipe!  I made this soup for dinner last night and my husband went back for seconds.  I used whole wheat lasagna noodles and regular Italian sausage, because that’s what I had on hand.  I am enjoying a small bowl again for lunch today.  I stored the noodles separately because I was worried about them absorbing my broth, not sure if I needed to.

  176. This was delicious!
    I have been working my way through your website (and books). This may be my favorite recipe yet!

  177. Hi Gina,

    I made this soup last week and it was great! I’m wondering how long it will stay good in the fridge? I made it last Wednesday, and haven’t put it in the freezer. I’m wondering if it will still be good for dinner tonight/lunch tomorrow.

    Thank you!

  178. Hi Gina! I made this for tonight’s dinner, and it was amazing! I’m not sure what variety of parsley you used. I used flat-leaf parsley, and it worked beautifully. Also, I used flaky sea salt. When I made the marinara sauce, I covered 3 cloves garlic in my mortar and pestle with salt. This brings out the juice and makes the garlic more flavorful. I also toasted whole peppercorns then ground them up in the mortar and pestle. Next, I put 1-2 tsp EVOO in a saucepan and browned the garlic with the peppercorns. When that was fragrant, I added a large can of peeled whole Roma tomatoes. Then I cooked them on low for about 30-45 min (until the tomatoes become soft and fall apart). This was my marinara sauce.

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  180. Can you use diced tomatoes in place of marinara sauce

  181. Gina,
    This soup was amazing. I have never been able to make a lasagna that I like to eat, and this finally ended my curse, plus it was so much easier to make. The flavors just melded together so nicely. Love your recipes, haven’t made anything yet, that I don’t like. Keep up the great work and keep cooking and inspiring.

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  184. This stove top version is 9 SmartPoints but the slow cooker version in your cookbook is 7 SmartPoints. As far as I can see the ingredients are the same, but just different process. Is that correct? Why the difference?

  185. How could I make this vegetarian? Change stock and meat?

    • Vegetarian “beef” crumbles or finely chopped mushrooms to replace the meat – amount according to taste and use vegetable or garlic stock. I like using half of each to give a deeper flavor. You could add a very small amount of fennel if you wanted that flavor or some more italian seasonsing.

  186. Have you considered converting this to an instant pot recipe?

  187. I want to make this for my daughter.  She loves lasagna, but she is not a fan of sausage.  Would ground beef work?  Would you add any additional spices with this swap?

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  189. Hi Gina. I took a chance and made this in my Insta-pot last night and it came out wonderfully. I sautéed the meat, onions and garlic and then added the wet ingredients. I set it for 30 minutes and let it go. I then manually released the pressure, added the noodles and set it for another 5 minutes. Absolutely delish!

    Keep the healthy recipes coming!

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  191. We’ve made this a few times and it’s a hit with us and the kids. The second time, we added more veggies (zucchini and peppers from the garden). We blended the soup with an immersion blender before putting the noodles in to disguise the veggies. I think next time I would remove the sausage before cooking the rest of the ingredients, so that we could puree it and then add the sausage back in for a little more texture. But overall, really good, and we haven’t had any issues with leftovers getting mushy.

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  193. I made this last night and both my husband and I LOVED it. The ricotta/cheese mixture is what puts it over the top. I can’t wait to make it again! Has anyone tried freezing it? I was thinking of making a pot of it (without the noodles) and just adding the noodles when I reheat it?

  194. Thanks so much for this recipe! I’ve made it twice now, and I’ll be making it many more times. I make mine in the Instant Pot and it tastes great!

  195. This looks great! I was wondering what kind of Marinara you use? Buy or make? Thanks!

  196. Made this for the second time tonight and it has quickly become a family favorite! We even had a 7 year old guest who asked for the recipe link for her mom!!  Quick tip: the Lasagne noodles really swell up nicely so don’t be afraid to break them into smaller pieces. Thanks for this wholesome, easy and totally satisfying recipe! 

  197. Does this freeze well?

  198. I couldn’t find chicken sausage at the store! If I make this with regular pork sausage, should I still use the chicken stock or use beef stock? 

    • Either one would be fine. I like the chicken stock.

    • I couldn’t find the chicken sausage either….so……..I had a pound of ground chicken, I browned it with crushed fennel seeds, garlic, paprika, thyme, dried parsley, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and some Italian seasoning, salt & pepper. Delish! More flavorful and half the price!

  199. I made this today using your slow cooker instructions from the book.  It was TO DIE FOR.   So filling and honestly way better tasting than heavy lasagna.  I made no changes to your instructions. Thank you!!!

  200. This soup is so delish! I added some pepper flakes to give it a little heat, perfect!

  201. This is SO GOOD!!! 

  202. can i just use store bought marinara sauce? or will it change the taste of this soup
    thank you –

  203. Made this last night, amazing!

  204. Just made this. Excellent, as is everything I’ve made from your site!
    Thanks, Gina!

  205. I’ve made this several times and it’s delicious! Trader Joe’s has a delicious chicken sausage with dried tomatoes that goes really well with this dish. I use 4 cups of broth vs 3 which reduces the amount of water needed. I also just use wheat penne or spiral pasta (for ease). It’s what’s for dinner tonight, along with hot multi-grain bread.

    Gina – love your recipes so much! Thank you!!

  206. Can you freeze this dish? If so, any advice?

  207. Great recipe. I made it and used mafaldina noodles. It looked prettier. 

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  209. Cooked this tonight and it was bomb!  Used whole wheat lasagna noodles so it had to cook longer and it wasn’t really soupy. Still was very tasty!  Did you use whole wheat lasagna noodles?

  210. Will the broth reduce/thicken once the noodles are added? Mine seems very watery to me, and it’s been simmering for over an hour. It tastes good, but the texture is watery.

  211. Is there a slow cooker version of this recipe?

    • Put together the soup in the slow cooker, sans noodles. Before you want to serve, cook noodles according to directions then add to the crock pot. I’ve made the mistake of putting pasta in the crock pot all day and it’s terrible.

  212. This is a favorite in our house!  After making this once, (I have growing boys who LOVE protein) I ditched the chicken sausage, added fennel seeds to replace the flavor and used lots of chicken thigh meat!  They loved it.  Also, had enough to share with my neighbors daughters who are GF and they loved it!  Thanks Gina, for all the wonderful recipes.

  213. Is there a recipe for the quick marinara?

  214. What brand of chicken sausage do you use? I’m wondering if most brands have about the same nutritional content. Thank you 

  215. Can you use whole wheat “no bake” lasagna noodles?

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  218. So delicious! I love the idea of the noodles in a separate container. I’m planning on taking this for my work lunches but I’m pairing it with spaghetti squash to lower the points! Not only did my guys love this, I made it in my slow cooker by adding some extra chicken broth & water… it cooked down to a savory & amazing smelling soup!????

  219. Hi Gina: I made this last night and it was amazing! My husband, who doesn’t really like food prepared in the slow cooker had seconds and raved that it “doesn’t have that ‘slow cooker’ taste. 

    Thank you for this and all your recipes. You’re wonderful!!????

  220. Can I make this in a crock pot?

  221. I made this for the first time and it was GREAT!

  222. I made this today, my husband loved it.

  223. Any advice on freezing this? Could the topping be frozen like ice cubes and added? Would love to make this for  my soup swap but freezing the soup is one of the requirements.

  224. Looks amazing!  I would love to try this!

  225. I made this yesterday and it was a huge hit!  Loved the cheese topping and the cracked lasagna noodles!   Will surely  make this again and again…

    Thank you

  226. This soup is THE BEST! Thank you Gina 🙂

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  228. Can I make this in my instantpot?

  229. Great recipe! We added a little spinach and still tasted excellent.

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  232. Can you post the slow cooker version?

    • Per the Fast and Slow Cookbook, you brown the sausage, onion and garlic in a large nonstick skillet, then transfer to slow cooker and add the remaining soup ingredients. Cook LOW 8 hours or HIGH 4 hours. 
      30 minutes before soup is done, remove bay leaves and add spinach and pasta. Cover and cook on HIGH about 30 minutes until pasta is cooked.

  233. Made this last week and my boyfriend won’t stop talking about it! When I told him I was meal planning for this week and asked what he wanted, he said “lasagna soup Monday Wednesday Friday?” LOL

  234. Will the noodles get mushy if they stay in the soup longer? I want to make this and know I will have tons of leftovers? Any suggestions? Thanks 🙂

  235. Made this yesterday – Delish! First recipe I made from your new cookbook, which I love!!!

  236. I put the nutrition values for weight watchers and I got 7 SP. your recipe calculates 9. Am I miscalculating it?

    By the way, love love the recipe!! 

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  238. Just made the Slow Cooker version out of your new cookbook. Absolutely delicious! 

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  240. This is a family favorite! I love it when all my kids request one of your recipes.

    Thank you!

  241. I made this tonight for a dinner party and everyone loved it!  I added red pepper flakes and used turkey sausage rather than chicken sausage. Great recipie! Thanks for sharing, Gina! 

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  243. This dish is a new favorite at my house. This is simple and very favorable! I have made this multiple times and is loved by my picky 4 year old and my 86-year old grandmother. Worth all the weight watchers points, it doesn’t disappoint. 

  244. So delicious. This is my favorite recipe right now. 

  245. Made it in the Instant Pot. Yummy!

  246. Would this be possible in a slow cooker? If yes, could you help with how i could do that please?  Thank you

  247. This was delicious! Used trader joes marinara and a cheese medley with the ricotta. Farfelle noddles worked perfectly. Yum! Thanks Gina– you rock!

  248. Wow–I made this last night thinking I would have leftovers for lunch today. NOT! Everyone scarfed this stuff! Thanks for a great new recipe!

  249. This is one of the yummiest things I've ever made!! I would double the recipe next time, this went so fast with just my husband and me!

  250. Its NOT 6 servings!! Especially with two men in the house. I made this last night. We had friends over for dinner and I thought this would be great to make. Well, the four of us ate it but were really unsatisfied. If you paired it with a big salad and bread, then six servings maybe but by itself, four at most. Just an FYI. It tasted great though!! I added one clove of garlic to the cheese mix. YUM! Just not enough.

  251. yah…this was ridiculous.

  252. This freezer friendly? If I make a batch and freeze the rest for later weeks?

  253. Added a ton of baby spinach and subbed sage leaves for basil. So GOOD!

  254. My husband declared this the "best thing I've ever made in my life" LOL. The kids devoured it too! Thanks!

  255. Made this tonight and really liked it – I think I will use hot sausage next time just to kick it up a notch. Definitely worth trying if you haven't yet. Thanks Gina – love your recipes.

  256. Just made this soup this week. O M G!!!! It is so delicious. I gave my husband a taste and he ended up eating the whole serving right away. Thanks for all the great recipes. Look forward to trying more.

  257. Just made this soup this week. O M G!!!! It is so delicious. I gave my husband a taste and he ended up eating the whole serving right away. Thanks for all the great recipes. Look forward to trying more.

  258. Delicious! Made for my 9 & 11 year old and hubs as well. 11 year old is Gluten Free so I used GF elbow macaroni. We also topped it with a bit of shredded mozz since we aren't counting points right now. 🙂 Everyone loved it & gobbled it up. Just like lasagna in soup form.

  259. Made this tonight. My family loved it! Definitely a keeper. Thanks Gina.

  260. This is insanely good! If you can spare the calories, dip some garlic bread in it to really send it over the top! Thanks, Gina!

  261. What if you can't get to CHICKEN sausage?? Is turkey fine?? It has a different taste, but good..

  262. I have a partial box of no cook lasagna noodles, do you think they would work?

  263. I made this soup for the second time last night, and it is nothing short of AMAZING. My boyfriend was hesitant and couldn't wrap his head around the concept of lasagna as a soup. Once he tried it, he could not stop telling me how great it was and how you couldn't even tell that all of the cheeses and everything were "low fat." So easy and delicious!

  264. If I wanted to use lean ground beef (probably 97/3) instead of the chicken sausage, how would the calories change?

  265. Just made this for dinner and my daughter and I loved it! We both said yummy left overs for lunch tomorrow.

  266. This was SO good! My grocery store only had spicy chicken sausage . It may have been a little too spicy for my son and husband, but I thought it was fantastic. Loved the cheese mixture on top. I'm so glad to have leftovers:). Thanks, Gina!

  267. I just discovered this recipe and I am so glad I did. It was amazing! I did everything exactly as you said. My husband had two bowls and wanted to go for a third! It was perfect with the cooler weather we are getting in NC. I love all your recipes. They are tried and true!

  268. Can you make a large batch and freeze it

  269. This was amazing!!! The whole family loved it. This is a keeper for sure. Thank you Gina for all of your wonderful recipes.

  270. I'm confused about how to cook the noodles. It says according to the package directions, but do you boil the soup and cook the noodles that way? Any help is appreciated. Thank you

  271. Everyone loves this soup. I live in a small town in Florida and sometimes I can't find ingredients at my local grocery store. Substituted cottage cheese for RIcotta. Tastes great and less expensive. Also used turkey sausage.

  272. Any idea if this would work in a crock pot? My cooking tools are limited currently, but I'm worried the noodles would get soggy. I was planning on browning the meat before adding it, but wanted to check. Thanks!

    • I threw mine in the crockpot tonight (after cooking the sausage). Sort of a last minute decision. Everything was great but the noodles were way overdone (I cooked it on low for 4 hours). I knew that could be the issue but we would be getting home late and wouldn't have the time to add noodles in later and wait for it to cook. I added carrots and they were perfect. That said, I would probably do it again when I'm a time crunch to have dinner on the table as soon as we got home.

    • And actually, after feedback from my 9 year old, I think I would only crock pot it if I could add the noodles in to cook only at the end. 🙂

  273. I made this soup this weekend and it was delicious! My picky husband even liked it. He doesn't like the ricotta and all the cheese in regular lasagne, so this worked out perfect since the cheese is added to each bowl (or not!). Thanks for another terrific recipe.

  274. This was AMAZING and I am VERY picky about soup. My husband is still raving about it.

    Only changes: I used freshly made sage pork sausage (it was what I had), I mixed the shredded mozzarella into the cheese topping (my mistake but would do it again), I used jarred marinara.

    This will become a staple of our recipe rotation! Thanks.

  275. Hi Gina, do you have time and heat breakdown for crockpot? Thank you

  276. I made this tonight and it was wonderful! The family all loved it. Thanks!

  277. Finally got around to making this last night. Delicious!

  278. I'm not sure if my comment posted but I was wondering if this could be modified for a slow cooker aka crock pot and if anyone knew how?

    • I would assume that it would be fine in the crockpot. Just add the noodles before serving and let them simmer in the broth until they are cooked.

  279. I made this over the weekend for myself and my kids (ages 11, 4) and we all loved it. Thank you again for all of your delicious treats!

  280. This was seriously one of the greatest soups ever. So satisfying and so delicious. The leftovers were just as amazing. I will definitely be making this again!!

  281. Made this saturday and it was amazing! Only could find no-boil noodles so I just broke them up and threw them in during that 30 minutes of simmering- turned out perfect. One serving was very filling.

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