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Spaghetti with Mushrooms, Garlic and Oil

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I’ve been getting a lot of requests for pasta recipes lately so I though this would be a nice addition to my recipes. I love pasta, but I try not to eat it too often because it’s high in points. When I do make pasta, I use a lot of vegetables and less pasta so it becomes filling without all the extra points. Any mushrooms would be great for this recipe, or even a combination of a variety of mushrooms. Simple and ready in under 15 minutes.

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Spaghetti with Mushrooms, Garlic and Oil

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Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Italian
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 15 minutes
Total: 20 minutes
Yield: 4 servings
Serving Size: 1 /4 of recipe


  • 12 oz baby bella mushrooms
  • 3 cloves garlic, smashed and chopped
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • crushed red pepper flakes
  • 1/4 cup white wine
  • 1/2 lb uncooked spaghetti, 8 oz
  • 2 tbsp parsley, finely chopped
  • salt and fresh pepper


  • Cook pasta in a large pot of salted boiling water according to package directions.
  • Meanwhile, heat oil in a medium saute pan over medium heat.
  • Add the garlic and red pepper flakes and cook until soft, about 1 minute.
  • Add the sliced mushrooms, salt and pepper and sauté about 2 minutes.
  • Add white wine and cook another 3 minutes.
  • Before draining the pasta reserve 1/4 cup of the pasta water.
  • Drain pasta and toss with mushrooms, parsley and pepper.
  • If pasta is too dry, add a little of the reserved pasta water.
  • Serve with grated cheese if you wish.

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Serving: 1 /4 of recipe, Calories: 292.6 kcal, Carbohydrates: 45.7 g, Protein: 9.9 g, Fat: 8.1 g, Fiber: 3.1 g, Sugar: 2.6 g


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50 comments on “Spaghetti with Mushrooms, Garlic and Oil”

  1. Had some fresh fish to grill and decided to have this and ST green beans with caramelized onions as the sides. It was a perfect meal. Both were so good. Always use Gina as my search for finding the best recipes. Once again, thank you!

  2. Can I make this the day before?  Headed to a potluck Saturday  and need an easy pasta recipe that will serve 8.  

  3. I made this last night and absolutely loved it! You have been a lifesaver for me Gina. Over the years I have yo-yo dieted off and on. WW, Nutrisystem, low carb and I never stick with anything. I recently started Weight Watchers again and I am determined to make it work. I am down 8 lbs. and going strong. One of the biggest reasons is because of your recipes. I have three of your books and pore over them and your website each day to choose what I want to make for dinner.  My family and I eat very well and are all happy with your recipes. Thank you so much for what you do!!!!!

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  5. Avatar photo
    Susan from Houston

    Bravo Gina!  I just keep finding new amazing recipes that I have not tried!  Thank you!

  6. We make your chicken parmesan and use this pasta recipe in place of regular spaghetti underneath the chicken parm. The combined dish is in our recipe rotation at least once a week, if not twice. We love it, it's delicious!

  7. Somehow came across this recipe in a search for vegan pasta mushroom dish. Tried it last night just how you say to make it and it was YUMMY! Delicately seasoned but also very zesty due to the generous garlic and use of red pepper flakes. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for the simple delish recipe 🙂

  8. I served this tonight with zucchini sticks and the chicken parmisan. It was a huge, huge hit. My boyfriend even made a point to say "the noodles are so good, you could make them by theirselves." He is so spoiled he didn't even know that they are meant to be served that way. lol

    Thank you for making my possible dinner selections so easy.

  9. Hi Gina,

    I made this tonight and it was really yummy 🙂 I'm a college student so I didn't use expensive wine (Franzia haha). And, I added extra red pepper for a kick. But, it was great! Thanks for your awesome blog.

  10. I made this recipe tonight and it was AMAZING!! I used Sutter Home Moscato and I didn't have baby bellas so I cut up larger caps. It turned out really well. I have loved every recipe off this sight so far!! Can't wait to try the next one!!

  11. Hi Gina. I'd love to add something "green" to this recipe for nutrition, texture and color. Any thoughts on making the adjustment? Asparagus…broccoli??

  12. This dish is wonderful, we make it at least once a week in our house! I like to add cut up grape tomatoes at the very end.

    Thanks so much Gina!!

  13. I've become obsessed with your blog. I've made about five recipes so far (Buffalo Chicken Dip, Coconut Chicken, Baked Fries -regular and sweet potato-, and the Orecchiette with Chicken Sausage) and now this one!!! I love them all! As a culinary arts high school teacher I've gotten fat from all the food. This site is an inspiration that healthy food can taste good! Thank you.

    BTW I worked this out to be 8 pp!

  14. This looks delicious! Just curious, are the points calculated for the new pointsplus or the old version of ww?

  15. This was amazing, I had a friend and her husband over for dinner and I have to say it was a huge hit!!!!

  16. I'm not either Missy, but I love Ronzoni Smart Taste or Dreamfields low carb pasta. Both are 1 pt less than regular pasta and taste the same.

  17. Thanks Gina, I have to admit I am finding out I am not a fan of the Whole Wheat Pasta, so I dont mind keeping the one point. Keep the great recipes coming!

  18. This is great I used the fiber gourmet pasta which has a lot of fiber and fewer calories. Really good thanks!

  19. Great recipe!! The combination is truly fascinating. spaghetti with mushrooms, garlic and oil all are nutritious and good for health. So a threesome combination is likely to be tasty and healthy alike. thank you for shearing your post.

  20. Avatar photo
    This Makes My Day

    Hi Gina,

    What a delicious recipe again! I like pasta a lot although the contain a lot of carbohydrates and calories. I use a special integral type of pasta with various granes. You are right less pasta more vegetables! great!

  21. Avatar photo
    Marisa (Trim The Fat)

    Hi Gina!

    Just wanted to answer your question about Trader Joe’s Organic Spelt Bread. I think it tastes great! It has a really good smooth texture – no grains or seeds to it- and is more on the dense side. Very hearty! I love it!

  22. Hola Gina,
    Nice Blog!
    I am happy to meet more people from Colombia.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.


  23. Just 5.5 points for a pasta dish?! That’s a great job you did here Gina! I like the basic condiment for this pasta, makes it simple and spring-y!
    Thanks for sharing it!

  24. I don’t know how points are calculated (there has to be a way to calculate them based on stats) but another pasta to try is FiberGourmet. I am absolutely in love with this pasta. VERY high in fiber and low in calories (about 1/2 of regular pasta). I cook it just a little longer than the package directions so its not as al dente.

    You can find FiberGourmet at some Health Food Stores or can order online through or from the company directly.

  25. @ Arlene, 4 servings

    @ Cyndi, yes, Dreamfields or Fiberwise or even whole wheat pasta might bring it down a point. I just love semolina pasta sometimes and this was homemade!

  26. Gina, I bet if you used Dreamfields pasta, you could drop a point. Amazing how such simple recipes can taste so good!