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Broiled or Grilled Pollo Sabroso

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My family’s favorite chicken recipe is this Broiled or Grilled Pollo Sabroso seasoned with Latin flavors to create the best tasting grilled chicken thighs.

Broiled or Grilled Pollo Sabroso
Pollo Sabroso

Pollo Sabroso means delicious chicken in Spanish so I thought the name would be perfectly fitting for this flavorful chicken that everyone loves in my house. I especially love it topped with a little Peruvian Green Sauce! If you don’t like bone-in meat, you can make this with chicken breast, or try my Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken Breast, or Peruvian-Inspired Grilled Chicken Skewers. Or look at all my chicken recipes here.

Broiled or Grilled Pollo Sabroso

Latin food has so much flavor because we like to use lots of seasoning and this chicken is no exception. A quick recipe for the broiler or grill; you can use thighs, legs, breast, wings, whatever you like. I usually let this marinate at least 20 minutes, but it’s even better if you marinate it overnight.

I personally enjoy this with all visible fat trimmed off the chicken and a small piece of skin on top. If you wish to make this without the skin, the points and calories will be lower. This is also great with boneless chicken thighs or breasts.

Sazon seasoning with achiote is what gives this chicken the red color, and can be purchased in most supermarkets. I personally like Badia because it does not have MSG. I also have a recipe for Homemade Sazon if you wish to make it from scratch.

How To Grill Chicken Thighs

  1. Preheat the grill for medium heat, about 350°F.
  2. Cook the chicken a few minutes on each side with the lid closed, until golden and grill marks appear.
  3. Move the chicken around and flip every few minutes with the lid closed, making sure they don’t burn about 30 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through and the internal temp is 165°F.
  4. Let the chicken rest 5 minutes before serving.

How To Grill Boneless Chicken Thighs

If you prefer boneless skinless thighs, cook the chicken medium-high heat 5 to 6 minutes on each side.

Broiled or Grilled Pollo SabrosoBroiled or Grilled Pollo Sabroso

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Broiled or Grilled Pollo Sabroso

4.97 from 56 votes
Pollo Sabroso means delicious chicken in Spanish so I thought the name would be perfectly fitting for this flavorful chicken that everyone loves in my house.
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: American
Broiled or Grilled Pollo Sabroso
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 20 minutes
Total: 25 minutes
Yield: 6 servings
Serving Size: 1 thigh


  • 6 medium chicken thighs, with bone and skin
  • 1 tbsp vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons soy sauce, coconut aminos for whole30
  • 1 packet Sazon with achiote, Badia or Goya (or 1/2 tablespoon homemade Sazon)
  • 1 teaspoon Adobo seasoning, in Spanish aisle
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano


  • Season chicken with vinegar and soy sauce.
  • Add sazon, 1 teaspoon of adobo, garlic powder, oregano and adobo and mix well. (Don't use your hands or they will turn orange)
    season chicken with sazon
  • Let chicken marinate while you heat the grill.
  • Broil or grill on low until chicken is cooked through, turning a few times, careful not to burn, about 30 minutes. Enjoy with rice and salad.
    grilled chicken thighs

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Serving: 1 thigh, Calories: 181 kcal, Carbohydrates: 0.5 g, Protein: 29.5 g, Fat: 6 g, Saturated Fat: 1.5 g, Cholesterol: 140 mg, Sodium: 383.5 mg


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363 comments on “Broiled or Grilled Pollo Sabroso”

  1. Gina – these chicken thighs are delicious! I broiled them til crisp but they were juicy and wonderful. Such a different taste with the adobo and Sazon. And easy too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this recipe going to make it for guests this weekend – what is the rice you have on the side?

  3. This is by far the BEST seasoning ever! It does not fail to disappoint. Point in fact, I was cooking the chicken on the grill and ran out of gas half way through. It finished beautifully in the oven. I think the key is in the marinade, coupled with the spice blend. I doubled the spice blend and keep it in a sealed plastic bag. I love having it on hand to cook with when needed. I have made this recipe with both bone in and boneless chicken thighs. KEY – definitely marinade the chicken in advance. Company this past Memorial Day weekend raved about the chicken – thank you Gina!

  4. I have made this recipe many, many times over the last few years. And I have used various chicken parts, both with and without bones, and with and without skin. Of course it’s better with skin, but it’s still delicious without.

  5. I recently used this recipe. As a Puerto Rican I can’t help but to fall in love with this flavors. This is now my go to recipe for chicken! Thank you for sharing Gina!

  6. Made this with boneless thighs over the weekend for a bowl over cauliflower rice with peruvian green sauce. Love these on the grill in the summer. So easy and delicious.

  7. Making this for tonight BBQ. I made this before and it will forever be a staple in my house. Fantastic flavor. 🥰👍

  8. This is a new favorite! The spices were so flavorful! Hubby had 4 thighs and told me to make it weekly. That’s not a common statement from him! I baked it at 400 til it reached 180, and broiled the skin for a second while I plated brown rice and veggies. It was soooo good!

  9. Winner, winner chicken dinner! This chicken is savory and delicious. Do yourself and your family a flavor favor and make it this weekend!

  10. I used this on boneless skinless chicken thighs for memorial day and they were a huge hit.
    I will be using this again and again.

    Btw I marinated them for 2 days
    Which sealed in the flavor

  11. One of my all time fav recipes on here. I use boneless skinless chicken breast and butterfly it so I can cook it quickly on the grill. Always delicious.

  12. I made this marinade for flank steak as I didn’t have chicken thighs. So good!!! I will be using it on chicken thighs next time. Thank you for the recipe!

  13. Made this for a MDW BBQ party yesterday. This morning I am sending the recipe to all our family and friends who were at the party, at their request. Everyone loved it! It really is delicious!

  14. This is flavorful and a very pretty color when cooked. I tend not to salt my food too much and with all the seasonings I found this recipe to be way too salty. Not sure how o overcome that. I did double it for 10 pieces of dark meat of chicken, so perhaps that was the cause. I also used amino acids in lieu of soy sauce and that too could be the cause. I will try it again, but modify the ratios.

    1. Avatar photo
      Renee Correa

      I’m making this for the first time tonight. I can relate to how you feel about salt. Adobo and sazon not to mention soy sauce, have tons of salt. I use no salt added sazon and reduced sodium soy sauce. I’m hoping by using those, it won’t be

  15. I made this using boneless chicken thighs grilled over a charcoal grill. My husband loved it so much he brought me 3 more pounds of chicken thighs a few days later. He said he wanted me to make some to keep in the fridge.
    I would like to play with using some bitter orange or lime juice. Served with beans, quick pickled green onions and rice, and a salad like the one in the photo. Thank you sooooo much for this recipe!!

  16. This is on permanent rotation in our house!!! Thank you!
    What is the rice recipe that is shown with the chicken?? Would love to incorporate that into our meal!!!

  17. Avatar photo
    michele sanderson

    I made this last night we liked the flavor it was very easy to make and thank you to the person who put baking instructions didn’t end up having any gas left in the grill lol but thought it was a salty flavor to it any way to correct that thanks

  18. So so good!!!! My husband and my picky children all absolutely love this recipe!! I usually marinate for an hour and then cook them in the air fryer. They come out crispy on the outside and so juicy and flavorful on the inside. It’s not often I can find recipes with flavor that my kids enjoy but this one is always in the rotation! 

  19. This chicken is the best chicken recipe we’ve tried.  It doesn’t even need a dipping sauce!  We’ve been having it weekly for months.  We’ve recommended it to friends who also love it.  Try it!

  20. Of course, just when I’m ready to make this, I realize out grill is out of propane. I’m using boneless breasts. How long would you bake them?

  21. This recipe is one of my Skinnytaste favorites! So great with Peruvian Green Sauce. I marinate extra chicken when making this recipe for an easy weeknight meal.

  22. Avatar photo
    Mridula McGuinness

    Simply scrumptious!  I served it with cilantro rice and Cuban black beans.  Leftovers was promptly packed up for lunches.  A big hit with the family.  Thank you 🙏🏼 

  23. OH MY GOSH this recipe is so good! My family keeps asking for it! We’ve used the seasoning blend on a pork tenderloin as well, and also delicious! It’s become a weekly favorite during grilling season at our house.

  24. This was delicious!!! So easy, too. I’m new to Saizon but now I want to put it on everything 😀

    Curious if this would be as good in the air fryer and if so, what setting you’d use?

    1. I used my 5 quart air fryer today starting at 450 and then changed to 420. They were well above 165 degrees in the middle in about 15 minutes.

  25. Avatar photo
    Connie Collins

    I made this for dinner tonight and cooked it on the grill. It was so delicious. I doubled the marinade because my chicken thighs were very large. My family and I loved it..

  26. Avatar photo
    Chelsea Masselli

    Made this for dinner on Sunday, my boyfriend was over the moon about it. Will definitely be adding to our dinner rotation, thank you! 

  27. Absolutely delicious!  Made this last week with the Peruvian green sauce and it was so good that I just put some more chicken into the fridge to marinate overnight.  This recipe will be made over and over at my house.

  28. Wonderful. I looked at other baked thigh recipes of Skinny taste and as another reviewer did, I baked them at 425 for 20 minutes and then flip them for just shy of another 20 and then two minutes under broiler to finish. I left just a tiny bit of skin on top ( Which I remove anyway) but to have some that was crispy for others. Want to try them on grill next time. Probably could bake more like 15 and flip for 15 more if using 425 degrees. Excellent and will make again. I do have the Skinny Taste Sazon I make with her recipe on hand which is nice.

  29. I got everything for this recipe without realizing it didn’t have directions for oven, we’re not allowed to grill at our current spot. Not too fear, I copied similar thigh recipes from around the site and other recipes I had.

    Super easy alternative. I marinated the chicken straight out of the fridge and let sit coming to room temperature for around 20-30 minutes. Then cooked for 35-40 minutes at 425 in the oven. At 20 minutes I brought them out to spray with pam to make crispier.

    Def check your thighs around 30-35 minute mark though for doneness. They were still so juicy and perfect.

    The partner is sick in quarantine and he texted from guest room “”That was delicious!”

  30. Hello! Is the calorie count correct? I always thought skin on chicken thighs were much higher in calories. The recipe looks delicious btw!

  31. Is there a recipe for the rice dish I see in the photos in this post? I reviewed but didn’t see it mentioned. Thanks!

  32. This looks fabulous! What kind of beans are shown with the chicken?  They look like the perfect complementary dish. 

    1. I came here looking to see what exactly was served with it and I can’t find it. I want the recipe for the beans! Lol

  33. Hi! How long can you marinade this for? Also, I have a jar of Sazon- what’s the equivalent for a packet? Thx!

  34. Just found your page and am glad I did.
    I was in Ft Worth,TX and my son took me to El Pollo Regio. Thats all it took. I love the Peruvian recipes. America is finally coming to its “senses” regarding the Peruvian menu. And the green sauce…”out of this world!

  35. OMG!! 😍 This dish is amazing! And topped with the Aji Verde sauce – hubs was licking his plate clean! I can’t wait for leftovers for lunch tomorrow 🤣.   Definitely going into our rotation – thanks Gina!!

  36. Not gonna lie, based on the ingredients list, I was not expecting too much from this recipe, but decided to give it a try since so many others had posted positive reviews. Holy Moly! What a flavorful dish. I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs cause that’s all I had at home and I ended up marinating them for almost 3 hrs. We grilled the chicken and paired it with the Peruvian Green Sauce. YUMMY!! I highly recommend this recipe, both for the ease and taste. And, I have a lot of sauce still left and plan on putting it on some grilled shrimp.

  37. I made this with chicken breasts on the grill.  Marinated for 3 hours.  OMG!  So good!  Perfect chicken.  Will be a mainstay on my menu!!!  Thank you!

  38. Can this be made in the air fryer? If so what would the recommended temp and cook time be for no less skinless chicken thighs? 

  39. I’ve made this recipe so many times since I discovered it last year. It’s SO good. The only thing I did differently is use chicken breasts because my husband is a picky eater and won’t eat chicken thighs or anything with a bone or skin. 

  40. Easy to make! Used homemade adobo, marinated overnight. Used skinless thighs and still turned out delicious.

  41. How much is in a packet of sazon? I was going to make this tonight but Safeway only sells it in spice jars so I need to know what the measurements are.

  42. When I made this, i put the marinade in with the chicken thighs when I froze them, and by the time they were thawed they were perfectly marinated. We grilled the chicken, and I served it with the Mexican Style Pinto Beans (One and Done) the Peruvian Green Sauce, tortillas, pico, queso fresco, and avocado. It was easily the best chicken we’ve ever made. Thanks for your awesome recipes Gina!

  43. Hi Gina! 

    I’m Cuban so I’m always looking for Latin recipes that are easy and convenient! Which is why I love your cookbooks and recipes so much! … I have Philips XL air fryer – do you think I could make the chicken in there? If so, what time and temp do you recommend? Thank you for such great ideas! 🙂 

  44. Soy sauce is no whole30 compliant. Some of the other recipes on your website are marked whole30 compliant too and the ingredients are not.

  45. Avatar photo
    Sarah Randall

    How many tablespoons/grams is the Sazon in this recipe? I do not have packets, and want to make sure I get the measurement right. 

  46. Made this with the Peruvian Green Sauce for my family (myself, husband, two sons, 12 and 14). Loved loved loved! Amazing flavors!

  47. So delicious and fresh, my husband and 9 year old gave it rave reviews! We made the Peruvian green sauce to go with it. Definitely will be making this again.

  48. I bought the sazón in a shaker but your recipe calls for a packet.  How much is that?  A teaspoon? Tablespoon?  Not very clear.

      1. Thanks, about to broil!  Cross my fingers, I always burn when broiling 🙂  Smells amazing already though.  

      2. this chicken was fantastic!  20 min total and it was juicy, flavourful, really good.  (I didn’t have annatto or tumeric when making my sazon so used paprika in it’s place)

  49. I wish I could rate this 100 stars! crowd pleaser! My two year old had to be cut off! Thank you for this recipe! Husband loved it with the Green Sauce! Thank you! 

  50. This is the stuff summer dreams are made of. Amazing. I love to cook and have made loads of chicken dishes and this one ranks among the top. Smoky, crispy outside, moist inside, bursting with flavor. I made the Peruvian sauce with it, which was fabulous, but honestly not even necessary if you don’t have the ingredients on hand. My kids gobbled it up and my husband and I are looking forward to the next opportunity to make it! Do yourself a favor and put this on your short list of recipes to try!!! ?

  51. Curious, if I use homemade Sazon, how much do you recommend?
    I am making this tonight. Bought the packets but not the right one
    and have some Sazon that I made previously.

  52. This chicken recipe is absolutely delicious! I will definitely be making this again. My family loved it as well, and I topped it with Gina’s recipe for the Peruvian Green Sauce and it tastes AMAZING! Thank you Gina!

  53. Delicious!!!

    Silly question- when you use Adobo, do you use the one that comes with pepper or without? Thanks! Love all of your recipes and am particularly enjoying the Latin recipes lately! 

  54. Have you thought about making your own Sazon blend that doens’t include the food coloring and other odd ingredients? I’d love a cleaner alternative! Why do they have to put that dang red dye #40 in everything?!

  55. Hi! I haven’t eaten much Latin food–what would you serve on the side? I doing keto, so any low-carb suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks!

    1. or would be good low carb options. Veggies, a salad, endless options! 🙂

  56. Pingback: Peruvian Green Sauce Outsiding : Promoting the Outdoors

    1. They are seasonings…you can make homemade and I also checked and it looks like Amazon UK carries both as well.

  57. HELP! I cannot find Sazon or Adobo where I live and Amazon won’t/can’t ship to Canada. Any thoughts on what I could use as a substitute?

    1. and

  58. I love this receipe!!! I wish I could automatically upload all your receipes to the Weight Watchers app.

  59. Hi Gina

    Would you mind updating this recipe with the quantities for garlic powder and oregano?  I made this tonight with chicken breasts and it was good but didn’t look saucy like your picture. I used balsamic vinegar – is that what you use?  Also I used homemade sazon from  your recipe that I made a while ago so maybe it wasn’t fresh enough. It was still delicious like all of your recipes but I was missing the color. Getting ready,to order sazon on line now so I can make it again soon. 

    1. I make this all the time. Use distilled white vinegar. It’s actually not saucy at all, but should have crisp skin.

  60. The seasoned chicken freezes well, ready to thaw and cook as needed. When I find chicken on sale for a good price, I’ll seasons a bunch of it up and freeze it. This recipe stays in regular rotation at my house. I love all of your recipes, but this and the salsa are my all-time favorites!

  61. I’ve made this recipe a million times and my whole family loves it. I was going to make a big batch for a group gathering, but I have a few people that aren’t brave enough to do chicken thighs. Gina, have you tired this with any other meat? Pork? Salmon? Thanks ahead of time!

  62. IS this something I could let marinate over night?
    I LOVE Your recipes!! Every one I have tried has been amazing. I have lost 30 pounds using them since March. 😀
    Thank you so much!

  63. How much is a “generous amount” of adobo? A tablespoon? A quarter cup? I don’t want to over or underdo it. Thanks!

  64. We made this last night with the Mexican adobo sauce (we're in the middle of California, it's hard to find anything outside of Mexican ingredients) and it was amazing. Everyone loved it! So, now you know the Mexican version works great too 🙂

  65. Might want to check the Smartpoints conversion on this. Unless all of the fat is saturated, it is 4 points, not 9

  66. Making this tonight with baked rice & peas which is currently in oven. I've lost 13 pounds since January cooking from your website. Thank you!!!!

  67. Avatar photo
    Natalia Smith

    Wow!!! Great chicken recipe!!! My husband loved it!!! This chicken is certainly muy sabroso. Once again, thank you for another fantastic recipe.

  68. This chicken is fantastic! I added a little hot sauce before I broiled it. I made it with the roasted broccoli with garlic. I just took out another package of chicken to make it again tomorrow.

  69. I am confused how this is only 4 points plus per a serving as one 3oz chicken thigh with skin and bone is 6 points plus on the WW website??

    1. I know I’m late to this discussion, but since it’s on this week’s menu it’s worth mentioning again…  I don’t know points plus, but the same is true for Freestyle Points. One thigh with skin is EIGHT POINTS without anything added. A thigh without skin or bone is still four points, without adding anything at all. 

      1. I just commented about this as well. I didn’t know if I was entering it wrong :/ Let’s hope there’s something we’re missing that can make it a 3 point meal!

  70. Avatar photo
    bethany hooser

    I made this tonight. I grilled it and used boneless and skinless thighs – was great and really juicy. I made it with the fiesta lime rice – really good together. I will say that I have never used adobo before and was surprised at how sticky and oily it is at the same time! I was unclear about how much to use – I used a couple (2 or 3) tablespoons. seems like it was enough. I did use a little extra vinegar and soy sauce as after putting the adobo the chicken seemed so sticky. it came out really good and I will definitely make it again!

  71. Avatar photo

    This is one of my favorite recipes! So simple and so easy! Definitely making this tonight! I am going to try and use chicken breasts and see how it comes out! Love your stuff!

  72. Avatar photo
    Adriana Adams

    I bought the sazon and adobo for the arroz con pollo last week so I am glad that it looks I will be able to find a lot of recipes here that I can use them for 🙂

  73. This was delicious! My broiler doesn't work and I don't have a grill, so I used my George Foreman grill to cook this up. I had to finish cooking it in the oven to keep it from burning on the grill.

  74. Avatar photo

    I made this tonight and eating right now , best chicken I ever made 🙂 thank you so muchhh for all your fantastic recipes 🙂

  75. I'm obsessed with all of your recipes and this is my favorite GO TO recipe. I just LOVE everything you make. It's good and healthy and has SOOOO MUCH FLAVOR!! All of your recipes are so easy to follow and so tasty. I haven't made one thing (out of a ton of recipes) that I didn't like. Thanks for sharing your talent. My husband appreciates it as well 🙂

  76. These have just made it to my bi-weekly (if not weekly!) list. My husband was looking for more lol. Soo good.

  77. Looks great, but the verb you want to use for letting the chicken sit in the mixture is "marinate." "Marinade" is a noun. 🙂

    1. Dude.! Its a recipe for people to enjoy some good food…..this isnt grammar school. Eat and enjoy! instead of correcting a noun. That isn’t ever going to fill your stomach grammar police! But, some yummy food doesnt care how you write a sentence.

  78. WOW I wasn't sure about this but I am sooooooo happy I gave it a try. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe. The flavor is out of this world. I would totally make this again. Served with Jasmine rice seasoned with Creole seasoning.

  79. I made this tonight. Doubled the marinade and seasonings and marinated overnight as I find most of the recipes posted on this site are under-seasoned. I dont have a grill so I baked at 375 for 20 minutes on each side (sprayed each side with PAM) and then broiled a few minutes.

    Came out AMAZING with perfect flavor. Served with steamed veggies and your Puerto Rican style beans over rice. Delish.

  80. Avatar photo
    barbeque chicken pizza recipe

    Sound looks too Yummiest Broiled or Grilled Pollo Sabroso. Mouthwatering I can't stop myself having this stuff.

  81. Avatar photo
    Health and nutrition

    Great stuff this it looks so yummy. Would try this weekend thanks for your contribution.

  82. Just wanted to say that this is absolutely delicious. I marinated mine for about 8 hrs and used an extra tbsp of soy sauce. I couldnt find the adobo so I did an alt with oregano, garlic salt, black pepper plus the Sazon, wonderful. Btw mine was orange.

  83. I forgot to add that mine did not have the orange color. Used Goya adobo and Badia Sazon Complete. Delicious, but no orange.

  84. Yum! We loved it. I trimmed most of the skin except on top. I marinated about 8 hours, turning about 3-4 times. When I flipped, I pulled the skin back to make sure the flavor got into the meat. Since I'm not usually home to do that, I think I'll double the marinade next time. And there will definitely be a next time! Husband and kids loved it! We seared it on the grill over direct medium heat to crisp it for about 5 minutes per side, then indirect heat for about 10 minutes per side. A nice welcome change from the boneless breast marinaded in fat free Italian dressing! And almost as easy!

  85. Hey Gina!

    Just found this recipe and wondered if this could be done in a Crock Pot with a pork loin instead of chicken. Pork was buy one get one free and my mother sent like 4 over to my home and I am trying to find creative ways to cook it.


  86. Avatar photo
    Shawnda Bentley

    This was my first Skinny recipe to try (3 weeks ago)and what a great recipe to start with! I paired it with the smashed garlic and roasted broccoli recipe (YUM). I am a new life long fan! Made the carnitas this past week and just bought the meat to try the Barbacoa beef.Thanks so much for getting me out of my cooking rut.

  87. This has become my family's favorite way to eat chicken. It is amazing that there is so much flavor from such a simple recipe. Plus the color of the chicken is so beautiful it would make a good and inexpensive company dish. Thanks for making it easier to make Weight Watchers interesting!

  88. I've had Adobo and Sazon in my fridge. I keep forgetting about it. What a great way to use them. I usualy marinate fish with it. It was my first time using chicken. I grilled it. Instant success. Thank you for posting this recipe. Absolutly love your website.

  89. Avatar photo
    Julissa Reyes

    I made this recipe yesterday but with chicken breast and it was delicious. Will def be making it again. Yum Yum.

  90. I made this recipe with boneless, skinless chicken breast because it was what I had on hand. I tenderized the meat, cut it up, and put it on the grill. Turned out fantastic! Love this recipe, Gina! My roommate and I are both addicted to your blog.

  91. "Delicious Chicken" is right! This chicken was so tender and absolutely jam-packed with flavor! I used thighs, and trimmed all visible fat and left a little piece of skin on half of them. The other half I removed the skin entirely (hubby doesn't like skin on his chicken). We don't have any charcoal, so I baked the chicken at 375 (20 minutes each side), then stuck them under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp the skin up. We both loved it. I really want to try it on the grill next.

  92. I made these using boneless skinless chicken breasts for supper tonight. They were probably the best chicken breasts I've ever had!!! They were so juicy and had such a delicious flavor 🙂 My chicken breasts were rather large, so I sliced them in half lengthwise. I marinated them overnight, and my husband grilled them about 4 minutes on each side this evening. I will definitely be making them again!!! Thanks again, Gina!

  93. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Van Allen

    @leslie – look at all the other ingredients and create your own from scratch. Initially, may cost a few dollars, but will last you forever.

    I found ours at Hannaford markets.

    This was DELISH!! I used boneless skinless thighs. Did you use bone in? THANKS!!

    1. Avatar photo
      Gina @ Skinnytaste

      I buy Badia, it does not contain it. I will also post a recipe on how to make it yourself soon!

  94. Hi Gina,

    I have made this quite a few times and my family loves it. I am thinking about grilling a whole chicken tonight and was wondering if I could double or triple this recipe and let the chicken sit in it? What do you think?

  95. Avatar photo
    Lilly Rodriguez

    Hi would you happen to be able to tell me the if the points value is the same if I use chicken breasts?

  96. We just grilled this tonight and it was incredible. I just mixed the seasonings myself and they were great. I am not usually a big fan of chicken thighs, but these were to die for…we will definitely have them again. My husband and son loved them. We had the roasted cauliflower to go with them and it was a great side. Thanks for your amazing recipes.

  97. Avatar photo
    Mr. Matt Jones

    Just found this site and I am excited to try some of these recipes on my man-weightwatchers journey =)

    I need a small bit of help though, my oven does not have high/low broil but rather temp settings. What is a good broil temp for the crispy chicken in the picture!!! It looks so good!

  98. Outstanding recipe! My family loved it! . Was sooo tasty! We will definitely keep this one & use it throughout summer! Thanks for a great recipe!

  99. I just found this site a few weeks ago and I am loving it. I made this last night for Father's Day and it was a total hit. My cuban mother in law loved it!

  100. I've been paying big $$ for chicken like this at a local mexican grilled chicken restaurant. I'm hooked – going by about 3 times a week! (Hey, it's healthy!)

    When I saw this recipe, I had a hunch it was similar to what they make, and it is! The orange coloring of the seasoning gave it away. Since I'm in Texas, I had no trouble finding the spices, and I actually had a box of Goya Sazon in my cabinet but had never used it.

    My local grocery offered about 5 different types of Goya Adobo – with Bitter Orange, with Pepper, with Lemon, without Pepper. I bought the one without pepper because I thought it was the most basic, and it turned out great!

    Thank you so much! I can make 2 lbs of chicken for the same price I had been paying for only 2 small chicken breasts.

  101. This is my go to chicken recipe! My family LOVES it… and I love that I always have the ingredients on hand. Delicious and simple- what more can you ask for! Thank you!

  102. i made this on the grilled using boneless chicken breast and ate it with your recipe for cuban blackbeaNS AND RICE. DELICIOUS!!!

  103. Hi Gina- I'm not sure if this was mentioned or not but I found my adobo and Sazon at the carniceria down the street. They didn't speak much English but she knew adobo and Sazon just fine lol. Thanks

  104. I have to admit I have never taken the time to comment on a recipe… BUT… we tried this tonight on the grill & it was incredible! I had never heard of (let alone used) the 2 latin seasonings … found them with no trouble at Wal-Mart. We both LOVE the flavors!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share with everyone.

  105. This was so delicious and so easy. I threw all the ingredients in a ziplock bag let it marinate. This will definately be a keeper. I put it on under the broiler for approx. 20 minutes.

  106. Hi Gina, I am planning my meals for next week, and this is on my list. Do I bake it uncovered, and what temperature?

  107. AMAZING!!!! Removed the skin from 8 chicken thighs and cooked exactly as directed. The only exception was I was out of soy sauce, so I added a dash of Worcestershire sauce instead and it was yummy! For the sides I made the Cilantro Lime Rice with the Cuban Black Beans, and oh my goodness, it was fine!! My husband took one bite of the chicken and said "oh man, this is good!" I wasn't sure of what type of flavor it would have since I've never used Sazon before, but it was really mild, just a great flavor overall and will definitely make it again!

  108. If I wanted to sub boneless skinless breasts how many breasts would be equal to the amount of thighs the recipe calls for… trying to figure out if I need to increase the marinade amount.

  109. Wow. Just delish. I only let it marinate for 20minutes but will do overnight next time, I used chicken thighs and I broiled it. Everybody wanted seconds and there wasn't any left. This dish was very flavorful. I might have to start making this once a week. By the way I am Puerto Rican so any recipe that calls adobo and sazon is usually a plus:)

  110. Made this last night! I don't have the option of grilling it but did broil it (and only marinated it about a half hour – I'm sure it would've been even more amazing if I left it overnight), but I have to say it was soooo good! My man was ranting and raving about it and I can't believe how easy it was to make. Thanks for another fab recipe!

  111. Gina, so many questions. First of all I had to go all over town to find the Sazon I did find it in a Mexican Market. I also had doubt about if I got the right Adobo, I got the sauce and when I opened it it was very very thick I had to stir it to combine it with the little liquid in the jar. The vinegar did help reduce the thickness but I don't think I came out with what you call a marinade. I had to rub it on the chicken. Did I buy the wrong Adobo?

  112. In order to broil in my oven, I need to set it at a temperature. What temperature do you recommend for this?

  113. Made this recipe for dinner tonight…used boneless skinless chicken thighs and marinated for several hours. Grill wasn't working, so broiled on low for about 20 minutes. My chicken did not look like Gina's picture, but the flavor was still very good. No problem finding sazon tropical and adobo here in northern VA. Will definitely make this again.

  114. hey Gina,

    I make the chicken this way all the time. I just fry it or we use the bbq grill. I do not like useing my brioler so how do you suggest the chicken cooks thru stove top no oil.

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  117. Gina, thank you for so many wonderful recipes. I found your site a couple of weeks ago and I have made the green monster and pumpkin shake (amazing!!) But this is the first dinner recipe that I tried and everyone loved it! Even my 2 year old that hates eating anything meat, lol! My husband is PR and he kept telling me all night after dinner, wow babe that was really really good. So again thank you for sharing and for doing what you do. My recipe box is FULL

  118. I can tell that this would be delicious!!! I followed the recipe exactly but think it needed much more marinade. I actually used a few less chicken thighs but the same amount of marinade, and it was enough to coat them but not enough for the chicken to sit in. I let it rest with the marinade on it for about an hour. The skin had delicious flavor from the marinade, but once you bit in, there was not much flavor inside. I think it would have helped to marinade it overnight like you recommended, but since you said 20 minutes would work, I did that. I think it would have been amazing if there was enough marinade for the thighs to soak in. I will be trying it again and this time perhaps tripling the marinade. Thank you for such a creative dish idea!

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    Thank you!!

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  123. Avatar photo

    So good, I just posted my attempt on my blog (with credit of course).

  124. Just found out about your website through WW. I was so grateful to see this recipe. I am puerto rican and I was really worried that i wouldn't be able to enjoy my ethnic food that I love so much. It would be great if you can put up some more puerto rican reciped that are weight watcher friendly.

  125. My boyfriend LOVES this recipe! Its so easy and tastes delicious. I Broil the thighs for about 30 minutes, flip and do another 10. They come out juicy and delicious!

  126. Made this for dinner last night and it was fantastic! Thank you for sharing you're recipes with us. Haven't made one that I haven't liked yet. =)

  127. Avatar photo
    Gina @ Skinnytaste

    So glad you all like it. Sorry Ken, my broiler doesn't have a temp, it's high or low. You can grill them too!

    Gloria, you are welcome!

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  134. Avatar photo

    This looks extremely simple and delicious all at ONCE! Again, another I'm going to have to try!

  135. Just made this last night and it was very tasty! Well seasoned and my brother and cousin really liked it. Served it with a grilled sweet potato. Have some leftovers for lunch today! Can't wait!

    I didn't know how big the sazon packets were so I bought the extra large box and whoa I have at least 25 packets! Looks like I'll be making these more often! I can't wait to try your Arrzz con Poollo recipe also!

    Thanks Gina! It was a great weay to season chicken!

  136. Made this last night with boneless skinless thighs. Can't find adobo or sazon, so I found spice lists and DIY'd my own. Was so good! Made with your red potato salad, switching in a red bell instead. Today cut up cold chicken and mixed in some potato salad. Even good as leftovers!


  137. I made this dish last night with boneless chicken thighs. I also made the Cuban style black beans and Chipotle's skinny cilantro rice. My family loved all the dishes!

    I typically don't comment on any websites; however, since I cook so many of your recipes, I always like to comment and say thank you for the great recipes. I have recommended your site to so many friends that I am encouraging to join WW or just cook healthier!!!

  138. Since I can get both sazon and adobe….do i need to use both??? What taste do they have…is it spicy or hot??? Still wondering which one to buy and use???