Cheese Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf

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The best tasting, moist turkey meatloaf recipe stuffed with cheddar cheese, spinach and rolled, jelly roll style topped with a ketchup based glaze.

The best tasting, moist turkey meatloaf stuffed with cheddar cheese, spinach and rolled, jelly roll style topped with a ketchup based glaze.
Cheese Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf

We love turkey meatloaf for dinner, it’s total comfort food. Using turkey in place of beef in your meatloaf lightens it up and it’s delicious! Stuffing it with cheese and spinach – total game changer!!

The best tasting, moist turkey meatloaf stuffed with cheddar cheese, spinach and rolled, jelly roll style topped with a ketchup based glaze.

The best tasting, moist turkey meatloaf stuffed with cheddar cheese, spinach and rolled, jelly roll style topped with a ketchup based glaze. The best tasting, moist turkey meatloaf stuffed with cheddar cheese, spinach and rolled, jelly roll style topped with a ketchup based glaze.

I love sneaking some extra veggies in my meatloaf, no one minds and it only enhances the meatloaf. Here I added mushrooms and spinach inside which means, picky kids can’t pick them out! I served this with veggies on the side, steamed green beans, corn or broccoli would be great.

How To Make Cheese Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf

To make this meatloaf jelly roll style, I think the photos will help as a visual guide. You’ll use a piece of parchment to help you roll it, just take your time rolling, I have faith you can do it!

Turkey Meatloaf Variations

  • You can swap the cheddar for mozzarella and swap the ketchup glaze for marinara for an Italian flair.
  • Instead of the ketchup glaze, you can use BBQ sauce to give it a smokey flavor.
  • If you think rolling will be a challenge, you can just mix everything together and form 2 loaves.
  • Gluten-free oats can be used in place of breadcrumbs to make this gluten-free.
  • I prefer the taste of 93% lean turkey over 99% which is much drier.
  • This makes enough for leftovers, you can reheat this the next day or make sandwiches. Refrigerate 3 to 4 days.

The best tasting, moist turkey meatloaf stuffed with cheddar cheese, spinach and rolled, jelly roll style topped with a ketchup based glaze. The best tasting, moist turkey meatloaf stuffed with cheddar cheese, spinach and rolled, jelly roll style topped with a ketchup based glaze.   The best tasting, moist turkey meatloaf stuffed with cheddar cheese, spinach and rolled, jelly roll style topped with a ketchup based glaze. The best tasting, moist turkey meatloaf stuffed with cheddar cheese, spinach and rolled, jelly roll style topped with a ketchup based glaze. The best tasting, moist turkey meatloaf stuffed with cheddar cheese, spinach and rolled, jelly roll style topped with a ketchup based glaze. The best tasting, moist turkey meatloaf stuffed with cheddar cheese, spinach and rolled, jelly roll style topped with a ketchup based glaze.

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The best tasting, moist turkey meatloaf stuffed with cheddar cheese, spinach and rolled, jelly roll style topped with a ketchup based glaze.
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Cheese Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

292 Cals 30 Protein 15 Carbs 13 Fats
Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 55 mins
Total Time: 1 hr 10 mins
Yield: 8 Servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: American
The best tasting, moist turkey meatloaf stuffed with cheddar cheese, spinach and rolled, jelly roll style topped with a ketchup based glaze.


  • olive oil spray
  • 1 large shallot, minced
  • 2 pounds 93% lean ground turkey
  • 2/3 cup chopped fresh cremini mushrooms
  • 3/4 cup Italian seasoned breadcrumbs
  • 1/3 cup ketchup
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon dried marjoram
  • 1 cup 4 ounces reduced fat shredded Cheddar cheese
  • 1 oz chopped fresh baby spinach

For topping:

  • 2 tablespoons ketchup
  • teaspoon brown sugar
  • 1- 1/2 teaspoons dijon mustard
  • 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Coat a 9- x 13-inch baking dish with cooking spray.
  • Spray a small nonstick skillet with cooking olive oil spray over medium heat and saute shallot until golden, about 2 to 3 minutes; remove from heat.
  • Combine the glaze ingredients in a small bowl.
  • In a large bowl combine ground turkey, mushrooms, shallot, breadcrumbs, ketchup, egg, salt and marjoram. Mix with your hands until well blended. Place on a 12- x 16-inch piece of parchment paper and pat firmly into a 10- x 12-inch rectangle.
  • Sprinkle cheese mixture evenly over ground turkey followed by the spinach. Roll up jelly roll-style, starting from the short end, by lifting wax paper and removing the paper as you roll. Seal ends well. Place seam-side down in prepared baking dish.
  • Bake 45 minutes. Remove from oven, brush the sauce over roll, and return to oven 10 to 15 minutes, or until no pink remains. Remove from oven and allow to stand 10 minutes. Slice into 16 slices and serve.



Serving: 2slices, Calories: 292kcal, Carbohydrates: 15g, Protein: 30g, Fat: 13g, Saturated Fat: 4.5g, Cholesterol: 15mg, Sodium: 747mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 2g
WW Points Plus: 8
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  1. Definitely my favorite meatloaf recipe!!  My kids love the oozy cheese and I love that they’re getting some mushrooms and spinach. 

  2. This was the best Turkey Meatloaf I have ever made.   I didn’t have spinach in the house so I put shredded zucchini on top of cheddar cheese before I rolled it..  Delicious!

  3. This was SO good! It almost tasted a little bit like a cheeseburger. 🙂 I didn’t trust myself to try the jelly roll method so I just mixed everything together. Turned out perfectly. I did omit the spinach though because I didn’t want to buy a whole package to just use a little bit of it.

  4. What cookbook please? It is most helpful to know which book the recipes can be found in for reference. 

  5. Delicious! Followed recipe to the T. It was fantastic! 

  6. Oh my goodness Gina! This was amazing.
    My family have always disliked any kind of meatloaf but you have made them converts.
    This recipe is so good. The turkey is moist and tastes scrumptious.
    It fed 5 of us. Unfortunately it did not stretch to any leftovers with husband and two teenage boys around. Added to our rotation.

  7. I just made this for the first time . I followed the recipe exactly except used mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar . It was excellent and very moist . I did have to cook it longer than the stated time . Only thing I would change is adding a little more spinach and cheese next time. Will be making this again ! 

  8. I’ve done it with beef cause we’re not much of a turkey either it is delicious I’m going to try it with pork which will also be very delicious thank you so much for the recipe

  9. I’ve been making this as park of our rotation for a while now. Always a hit. For those who are having trouble with the rolling part spray your parchment paper with olive oil spray so the mixture does not stick. 

  10. This recipe is a winner!! I substitute moose meat and it has become a family favourite! 

  11. This tastes very good even though I tinkered with it a bit. To accommodate my husband’s tastes I substituted half a green pepper, chopped, for the mushrooms and I used 3/4 cup of the sharpest regular cheddar cheese I could find. I had a little trouble rolling it up–my paper became wet and began to tear–but it worked out okay. And yes, this one is a keeper and I will be happy to make it and eat it again.

  12. Loved the flavor and the video on rolling on parchment paper was awesome. Took failures to success.

  13. This was great! My husband, who isn’t big on “health food” and I both loved it. We mixed it all together instead of rolling. We put in 2 cups of spinach and omitted mushrooms. We could have in retrospect put even more spinach in. We doubled the glaze and I think that turned out really well. It’s still fairly low cal even doubled. Delicious and healthy!

  14. It was delicious. But a little spray on the parchment paper would have helped for rolling 😍

  15. This was delicious! It is hard to get my men folk to eat turkey other than Thanksgiving, but this was a big hit!

  16. Amazing!!!! I made this the day before and put the uncooked meatloaf in the fridge, covering with plastic wrap. I had to work late the next day so my husband just put the glaze on top and popped in the oven as directed. It was fantastic! Two of us ate the entire meatloaf in 2 days and both of us are not big turkey fans.

  17. So savory and delicious!

  18. I have made tons of Skinnytaste recipes for years! I rarely to never comment but I had to come back to rate this 5 stars.  My husband, my two young kids and of course myself all LOVED this! We can’t wait to make it again!  Thanks for the meal plans Gina, I’m finding them very helpful!

  19. another awesome recipe! This is the bomb. A keeper as we call it and will do this again. We have enjoyed all your recipes. They are so tasty..

  20. This meatloaf and Gina’s turkey burgers with zucchini are the only ways I can get my toddler to eat meat.  I usually mix everything together for this recipe instead of making it jelly roll-style.  I serve it plain, with marinara sauce, or with ketchup and my almost 2-year-old loves it.  He’s going to be raised on Skinnytaste recipes—although for him I use full-fat ingredients.  Thank you so much for all your recipes, we’ve loved them for years! 

  21. I’m a single person so I want to cut the recipe in half. Any issues you think I’ll have doing that?

    • I’ve made this many times before, rolling the meatloaf and my husband raves about this all the time. Today, I only had one pound of turkey, so cut the recipe in half, and used a loaf pan. I put half the turkey mix in the bottom of the loaf pan, made a “well” for the spinach and cheese, then carefully topped the spinach and cheese with the remaining meatloaf. Make sure you see no spinach or cheese on the sides or bottom of your pan (my pan is clear glass) and you should be fine. Much less intensive than rolling that big ol’ log!! LOL! Good luck!!

    • I always halve the recipe with no problem and roll it.

  22. I didn’t have any mushrooms but I added some crumbled bacon in with the cheese and spinach. I also added more Italian herbs, garlic, and a squirt of BBQ sauce and topped it with a mixture of ketchup and BBQ sauce. I’ve never made a meatloaf with turkey before, nor have I ever made a rolled up version but hubby and I both really liked this and I will certainly make it again. It was very flavorful and not dry at all. I rolled it up using non-stick parchment paper and rolled it over onto the pan, otherwise I can see how it would be a sticky mess and tricky to transfer.

  23. Tasty, moist, flavorful. I won’t make turkey meatloaf any other way. Just added a bit of minced garlic because we put garlic in everything. Also used twice as much spinach. The mushrooms disappear in case you think someone might object to mushrooms. 

  24. Staple in my house – I usually double the spinach and use Parm cheese instead of cheddar. Have omitted mushrooms when I don’t have them as well.

  25. I loved this recipe, but none of the guys in my house liked the sauce…and one was firmly against the meatloaf as well. They all ate one serving, so I’ll have 4 servings as leftovers for my lunches this week! I’d like to try it again with mozzerella and marinara sauce!

  26. Delicious. Great flavors. Doubled spinach and added some minced garlic. Also, sprinkled brown sugar on top and then a single layer of bacon. OMG. Will definitely be making this again. 

  27. This was so delicious! I love how you have the cheese and spinach on the inside. My parents loved it! 

  28. I made this tonight and was delicious. Will definitely make again. TIP: When rolling the loaf, try to roll to the end of your paper so you can roll it onto the pan. Forget trying to pick it up. Also, put parchment on the pan you”re baking it on rather than just spraying the pan. Cheese will ooze out and you will have a tough time cleaning without soaking.

  29. My husband and sons absolutely love this recipe!!! It does take sometime to prepare but you could chop the mushrooms, spinach ahead of time and also cook the shallot. It’s also tricky to roll up the turkey and place it in the pan but with practice it becomes easy. I did omit the salt and marjoram becomes it’s flavorful enough that it doesn’t need salt and I don’t like marjoram.

  30. I’ve made this several times and it’s the best lol my whole family loves it & always asks for seconds lol . We are a family of 4 & there’s barely left overs lol 😂 it’s beyond good !! And very flavorful . I share this recipe with everyone ! Thanks so much 

  31. This is a sure winner. It’s so moist and flavorful. No one detects the mushrooms when I mince them in the mini chopper. I skip the step of sauteeing the shallot and you cannot tell a difference. I used fresh spinach that I picked from the garden. We served it with mashed cauliflower. Try this one for sure.

  32. So good!!! I halved the recipe and omitted the mushrooms but it was amazing! My husband said best meatloaf he ever had! I was running out of ideas on how to use ground turkey so I’m glad I found this? 

  33. This is the best meatloaf I have ever had. The only modification that I made is that I swap out the mushrooms for zucchini. My friends and family always beg me to make this for them. I love serving it with asparagus or roasted carrots as a side. If I want something a little heavier I serve it with mash potatoes. So easy to make!

  34. This excellent…so moist and delicious.  I didn’t have mushroom so omitted them. Instead of a glazed I used a jarred Maranara sauce (use your favorite).  I used mozzarella shredded cheese instead of cheddar.

    Served with a side of Penne and sauce from Meatloaf.


  35. This meatloaf is so delicious! I will definitely make this again. I halved the recipe (only cooking for one), mixed all ingredients together instead of jelly roll, and topped it w BBQ sauce. Winner!!

  36. Though I never expected ground turkey to taste this good, this has to be one of the very best meat loaves I’ve ever prepared or eaten. Moist, flavorful and a great combination of flavors.  I expected “jelly rolling” the meat to be a rather complicated process, but it was actually quite easy. This is a must-try recipe. 

  37. Any substitute for ketchup? Never use it!

  38. This taste like the juiciest, most scrumptious cheeseburger! This one will definitely make the regular rotation. We decided to do half beef and half turkey on this because I loved that combo when we did it with the Salisbury steak meatball recipe. Definitely a hit with the kids too, my toddler devoured a whole serving!

  39. I am not a meatloaf lover, but this was in the meal plan for the week, so I tried it….I’m so glad I did! This recipe is delicious!

  40. This was so delicious! My husband requested a meat loaf recipe similar to what his Mom makes (stuffed with cheese and salsa), and this did not disappoint. I halved the recipe because I only had one pound of meat (I used chicken and no mushrooms). I also subbed the breadcrumbs for oatmeal, oregano for marjoram and I used some strained & thawed frozen spinach because that’s all I had. My husband said we should add this dish to the regular rotation! Definitely a hit and so easy to tweak depending on what’s in your cupboards.

  41. This recipe is a hit! Myself, my husband, and my toddler all loved it. Easy to make and filling. We’ll be making another to stick in the freezer too.

  42. I love this recipe. Make it all the time. I usually make two and freeze one in slices. I change it up. Sometimes no mushrooms, different cheese, marinara sauce instead of ketchup. Sometimes  I put a little pesto on top. Always delicious!!!

  43. We are not a meatloaf family, but they all loved this turkey variation. The meatloaf was tender, juicy, and so flavorful even without the glaze on top. My husband, son and I all voted this as something to definitely make again! Always exciting for me when I can put a recipe in the “make again” folder. 🙂 Thank you Gina!

  44. This was so easy to make and it tastes delicious.  I used 1 lb of ground chicken breast 99% fat free as well as the ground turkey called for in the recipe to keep my WW points down.  I can’t wait for leftovers tomorrow 😁

  45. I made the meatloaf recipes but used 97% lean ground beef instead. My family loved it. I can’t wait to try your other varieties. Thank you. 👏🏻

  46. I’ve made this so many times, it’s the best turkey meatloaf out there. I just mix everything together because I’m lazy :).  

  47. My family loved this recipe, which is hard to believe because they are super picky eaters and not big fans of turkey or meat loaf. This recipe is definitely worth trying!!

  48. I was skeptical, but it turned out amazing. Gina once again didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to try the leftovers tomorrow.

  49. Wow, I was skeptical but it was amazing!!! As always skinny taste came through. So simple but such awesome flavor. Can’t wait to try it the next day.

  50. Another winner. The most most meatloaf. I did not roll it. I just mixed everything in. I have made it several times. On my rotation list for dinner

  51. This was absolutely delicious.  My husband didn’t even use ketchup!

  52. Absolutely delicious. The best meatloaf recipe I’ve ever made. Thanks Gina!

  53. This is our favorite (and only one we will eat) meatloaf! Question, can it be cooked in an ninja foodie/instant pot?

  54. Absolutely love this meatloaf.  

  55. This is a great meal on the grill too! Is this really “diet?” So delicious!

  56. Wow, was this yummy! I made a few substitutions based on what I had on hand– I used BBQ seasoning instead of marjoram, baby Bella mushrooms instead of cremini, and baby kale instead of spinach. As recommended, I used the 93% lean turkey and the meatloaf turned out so moist– definitely the most moist all-turkey meatloaf I have ever made. I’ve tried a lot of meatloaf recipes and this is one of the best so it’s definitely going into my regular rotation! BTW the rolling was not as tricky as I thought it would be (I dont bake so I had never made a jellyroll before). The only slightly tricky part was getting the rolled loaf into the pan. I tried picking it up but that would have made it break apart so finally I realized it was best to slide/roll  it off the parchment paper into the cooking dish and that worked.

  57. Seriously delish. Leftovers are even good cold, right from the fridge. So moist and tasty. Easy to boot. Thank you!

  58. Am wondering if you could recommend a substitution for the mushrooms? Thanks!

    • I just left the mushrooms out as nobody in our family likes them. It was delicious!

    • Mushrooms are a terrific filler. We don’t care for them either, but I cut them up small and we could not tell they were in there at all!

  59. I’m planning on making a double batch. The first batch is for dinner but the other batch I wanted to freeze for later. What are your suggestions for this recipe? (freeze raw or cooked; thaw then reheat or reheat from frozen; oven temperature) Thanks!

  60. This was a big risk at our house, I don’t usually like meatloaf and my husband swears he can always taste the mustard and mushrooms in things. HOWEVER, the gamble paid off. He got the meatloaf he always wants and I snuck in some mustard and mushrooms. Added bonus, our toddler loved it too! We are adding this to the rotation. 

  61. Yum! I halved the recipe, used real cheese and added parmesan and fresh minced garlic to the mix. I doubled the mushrooms and sauteed them with the shallots. I also used coarse ground Dijon from Trader Joe’s for the sauce. I only got one roll out of this. It was fantastic! My 6 year old had seconds and finished it. My 6 year old barely eats so that is a HUGE compliment!

  62. For 3 months now my partner and I have been making skinny taste recipies. We pick out recipies for each night of the week and go grocerie shopping on the weekend. We take leftovers for lunch. I have lost some weight but my partner has lost just over 20lbs!!!! Tonight we are having one of our favorites the cheesy stuffed turkey meatloaf along with green beans and a salad… We rarely eat out anymore like we were. Our grocery basket has changed from junk to proteins, veggies and fruit.

  63. Love, love, love this recipe.  My children who are not big meatloaf eaters love this meatloaf.   My husband says it’s the best meatloaf recipe he’s ever eaten.

  64. This was absolutely delicious! My 2 and 4 year old picky eaters ate it, which is huge, and my husband loved it. I honestly can’t stop thinking about having it for leftovers tonight! 

  65. I’ve made this recipe about 10 times now and my fiancé, who hates my healthy recipes (especially with turkey!), loves and asks for this now.  I’m curious if anybody has tried freezing it before versus after baking and which works better.  

  66. Wow! My husband and I are kinda “meh” about ground turkey, but we’re trying. 😉

    I had initially planned to make the stroganoff meatball recipe for dinner but saw this in my Facebook feed. I showed my husband a picture, offering him the choice between the two options, and he chose this.

    This meatloaf was spectacular. Absolutely exceeded my expectations. Only conscious change I made was using oregano instead of marjoram because it’s what I had on hand. I probably overcooked the loaf while I prepared other side dishes but you wouldn’t know it. Super forgiving and juicy thanks to the mushrooms!

  67. Yes, we made this tonight and was a definite miss for us. Disappointing.

  68. This meatloaf is delicious! I’ve made it both rolled and just all mixed together – both equally just as good. And I’ve tried with and without the glaze – good both ways! Very easy recipe with enough for leftovers – win win! Thanks Gina!

  69. This was delicious!  I mixed all the ingredients together instead of roll-style to make it quicker. I also used mozzarella instead of cheddar. It was super moist, husband and 5-year old kid approved. Thanks!

  70. Will leaving the mushrooms out change the consistency? I want to try this but can’t do mushrooms. 

  71. Fantastic!!!! I made the Italian version with mozzarella and marinara. I used 90% lean turkey, but will use 93% next time, because the roll lost its shape a bit. I might try making it in a pyrex dish next time, and do a top and bottom layer, with the cheese and spinach in the middle.

  72. My husband who dislikes meatloaf (I love it) and claims to hate ground turkey had seconds of this last night and is still talking about how good it was this morning! Thank you Gina! 

  73. We love this meal! I sub out the cheddar and spinach for basil and mozzarella and we top with marinara sauce. One my 8 year olds favorite dinners!!!

  74. This was absolutely fantastic. My two boys (ages 13 and 11) were hesitant because of how it looked* but came back for seconds. This is a keeper and my kids made me print it to keep in our recipe lineup. Thanks for an awesome recipe!

    *After rolling loaf into a perfect cylinder, I was unsuccessful getting said loaf to the pan. So it became a tray of meat. I just pushed it down flat, tidied edges and baked as directed. 

  75. Could you make the meatloaf mixture the night before and pop in the over next day? Or is it best to make everything same day start to finish? 

    • I’ve prepared this a day in advance and left it in the fridge for my husband to cook the next night. It held up fine. 

  76. Do you need to grease the parchment? mine fell apart because the turkey mixture stuck to the paper

    • The same thing happened to me…. the turkey was very sticky and was really difficult to get off the parchment paper. Yes, the next time I make it I’m going to spray the paper with Pam. I think that will work…

  77. We have made this probably a dozen times; it is my absolute favorite Skinnytaste recipe. I also made it for my parents when I visited and my dad said it “was the best meatloaf he has ever tasted.”

  78. Looks delicious! Do you think the meatloaf mixture could be used to make meatballs instead?

  79. This recipe is a winner! To be honest, I’ll probably skip the cheese next time, just for ease. The meatloaf itself is so incredibly moist and flavorful that you don’t really need it.

  80. Another 10/10 Gina!!
    SERIOUSLY delicious. My 2 and 4 year olds tore it up. My husband and I both said I have to make this again!

  81. I never leave reviews on recipes but I have to say — this is awesomesauce! I made it last night for hubby and two of my kids and they all devoured it! Thankfully I was able to put some away for leftovers for lunch today. And it fits in to my daily SP, so win/win!

  82. This was “surprisingly excellent” from my husband-haha! I have tried many turkey meatloaf recipes and there is only one other one that he says is as good as this recipe! Lots of flavour and very moist-I did double the Marjoram and used 2 teaspoons seasoning salt instead of kosher. I will definitely make this again-scrumptious!

  83. This meatloaf was outstanding.  I couldn’t believe it was turkey!!!  So darn delicious!

  84. Husband in LOVE! Going to make as meatballs for a few Holiday parties also.

  85. Wow! This is one of the best meals I’ve made in a LONG time. My 1 year old and very picky 3 year old loved it! I only made half because I was unsure if we would all Iike it. Wish I made the whole thing because WOW! Delish! Super easy too 

  86. Did anyone use ground beef instead of turkey? My bf won’t eat turkey and am wondering if beef works just as well. I’ve made it with turkey before and it was amazing! Thanks!

  87. I made this last night and it was a huge hit with my entire family! This is the first comment I have EVER made on a recipe!

  88. Absolutely delicious! Thank you for the great recipe! 

  89. Does anyone know if you can make this a day in advance and bake the following day?

  90. This is one of our family favorites! Love it. My husband even claims to hate mushrooms and he has no idea they’re in there! Question- I have been seeing a lot of “instant pot” meatloaf recipes on other sites. Has anyone tried this? there are times when it would be convenient, so I’m wondering if this recipe could be made using a PIP method, layering meat in the bottom, and simply sandwiching in the cheese/spinach with more meat on top and sides? 

  91. I’ve never cooked with shallots before.  Is one shallot the whole bulb or just one clove?  I’ve tried searching the internet and there isn’t a clear consensus.  


  92. I usually find meatloaf kind of gross and reminiscent of my Midwest childhood. This recipe has completely changed my mind and is the only meatloaf I will ever love! I’ve made this recipe a few times now. I don’t change a thing, and it is so yummy, moist and flavorful! It’s great for lunch the next day as well. The rolling step seemed intimidating at first but is not difficult at all. I’m making it again this week and intend to try the suggestion of adding little discs of meat to each end to keep things from leaking out, as there was a lot of liquid in my pan last time.

  93. I could eat this every day for the rest of my life! I do make some modifications – sugar free ketchup, stevia blend brown sugar – and increase the low fat cheddar that way. I also put the glaze on before I bake it. I just feel like that bakes those extra flavors into the meatloaf. You rock. Gina! I can hardly wait to get your newest cookbook! 10/9 is coming up! I ordered it so many months ago! Keep up the great work!

  94. Made this last night for dinner, it was a family hit! I didn’t have mushrooms so I had to omit them. I had kale instead of spinach so I sautéed the kale in the same non stick pan that I had used for the onion. I also substituted a small yellow onion for the shallot. It came out perfectly! After reading comments and the fact that I made it but had to put it in the fridge for a couple hours before cooking, I decided to use a higher temp, 375 degrees instead of 350 and the cooking time was true to the recipe that way. I also “closed” up the ends by placing meat over each end so that the cheese and kale did not bleed out which worked well!

  95. This is a very tasty meatloaf. Tricky to take it form the rolled position on the paper to the bakeware seam down. It was not dry at all . We all loved it,

  96.  As I don’t eat mushrooms, would I have to replace them with something else, or could I just leave them out entirely? Thank you! 
    ~~ Denise

  97. This is a wonderful recipe! 
    At the moment I am in Europe and cannot get turkey hamburger.

    Can I use chicken hamburger instead? Has anyone tried it? Thank you in advance.

  98. If I make half recipe(1 lb ground turkey) do I adjust he baking time? 

  99. Are the Freestyle and Points+ the same? 7 pts? It is listed as Points+: so I wasn’t sure since I do that program.

  100. I am a big klutz in the kitchen so I was super nervous to roll this. Guess what! The parchment makes it so easy. If I can do it anyone can! I just rolled it right off the paper into the pan.

  101. Hi! I’d like to use GF breadcrumbs. Do you know the amount I should use in this recipe?

  102. Amazing. 

  103. Holy moly this is the best meatloaf I’ve ever had. 

  104. Can. i make this in the crockpot? How long would I cook it for?

  105. Typically HATE meatloaf but this one was so flavorful! One of Gina’s best!

  106. Made this tonight and it was fabulous!! A bit labor intensive, but so worth it! I sprayed the parchment paper with olive oil Pam to help it roll. Makes 8 servings, so got a few frozen meals put back for Dad.

  107. I have made this 3 times, twice with 2 lbs of Turkey and once with 1 lb.  Even though we are two retired people I will never make the one pound again, it is too too good not to have leftovers and it freezes well.  It is a 5 Star easy recipe.

  108. Anyone use ground chicken instead of turkey?

  109. This is pure deliciousness! I was a little worried about rolling it up but it was easy. Great recipe and I will try different variations in the future.

  110. When it says Servings 8 and serving size 2 slices , does that mean that the meatloaf is cut into 16 slices? Each 8 people get 2 slices. 

  111. Easy and so delicious!! I generally don’t like ground turkey- I find it dry and flavorless. I’m so glad I tried this! It’s easily changed to make it with Italian, Mexican  or Asian flavors too. 

  112. I made thus meatloaf for dinner tonight and it is delicious! I used fresh marjoram from my garden, and string cheese in the center. It is so tasty! Will definitely be making this again!

  113. Made this for dinner tonight! It was easy and delicious!!! I will be making this again! Thank you Gina!

  114. This was wonderful! I made mine with BBQ sauce and cooked it in my smoker with mesquite wood. Delish! Even better the next day! I didn’t do such a good job rolling it but I’m sure I’ll do better next time. I also added freah garlic. ?

  115. What name brand do you use for the breadcrumbs? Just curious! This recipe is on my meal planner for this coming weekend. Sounds delicious and what great reviews.

  116. This was SO good!! I used bbq sauce I had on hand for the topping. Made everything else as written. Even my 8 month old baby loved it! Will definitely make again and again!

  117. OMG this was INSANELY delicious! I was so afriad that I wouldn’t be able to roll it up but it was super easy. My boyfriend absolutely loved it and now I have to make it once a week!

  118. Very  good meatloaf, love this website,

  119. Made tonight. Delicious. 

  120. This was the best meatloaf ever!  

  121. What would be a good substitute for the spinach? My husband has a drug interaction with it. Thanks!

  122. So so good! Thought rolling this was going to be an issue but was pretty easy. Delicious. Best meatloaf I’ve ever had. Only had 1 point of turkey so halved the recipe. Gina, you did it again! 

  123. I’m confused. It says 4oz of cheese=1 cup. I thought 8 oz=1 cup. Regardless, I am going to try this tomorrow but I don’t want to fuss with the roll even though it looks beautiful. I’m going old school and plopping it in loaf tins!

  124. Quite honestly the best meatloaf I’ve ever made, or eaten!

  125. Have you ever trie using rolled oats instead of bread crumbs?

  126. Meatloaf was delicious and pretty easy to make even for a novice cook like myself. I’ll definitely be adding this to my rotation.

  127. I am a meatloaf lover and known as an excellent cook but this is the best meatloaf I have ever made and eaten. No skinny taste here

  128. I’m admittedly new at cooking and this recipe looked like it took a little I honestly thought this was going to be a disaster.

    But…this was so much easier to make than it looks! I substituted a lot of ingredients because I didn’t have marjoram, brown sugar, cremini mushrooms, or shallots. I instead used oregano, sugar in the raw, portabella mushrooms, and a medium yellow onion. I also didn’t have wax paper so I used parchment paper and sprayed it with olive oil spray, which worked out perfectly fine.

    Even with all those substitutes, it came out AMAZING. And usually think my cooking is disgusting lol

    I’m sure the exact recipe is even better!
    10/10 going to make again.

  129. Could I prep this and then freeze it for later in the week?

  130. Oh what a disaster tonight!  I’ve made this before with no problem.  My family really liked it.  Tonight it completely fell apart.  I have no idea what I did differently.  We’ll be having inside out unstuffed meatloaf tonight.  Hopefully it will still taste good.

    • Update – my messy little meatloaf was delicious!

    • One of the times I made it, I didn’t have time to cool the cooked onion down, so it was too hot going into the cold ground turkey. That made the roll sloppy, loose and hard to roll. Still tasted good, though!

  131. Another success!!! This was delicious! Didn’t change a thing and it was perfect!! Every recipe of your’s is perfect. I don’t know how you do it, but keep it up because you feed my family some amazing meals!  Thank you!

  132. Made this recipe the other night for my husband and I. It was so delicious we couldn’t stop eating it. Dinner the first night, grilled meatloaf sandwiches the next day, dinner on a second night, and the last of the meatloaf went into another sandwich for my husband today! I really didn’t think you could make a good meatloaf with Turkey….boy was I wrong.

  133. This was delicious!  Ate half and froze the other half for a no cook night. Hubby loved it too. Next time I’ll add garlic. 

  134. Has anymore substituted ground chicken breast for the turkey?

  135. Hello there, and congrats on your books ans website!!! This recipe looks delicious and would love to try it. My little boy is allergic to eggs, if I left them out would it affect the recipe??

    Thank you so much!!

    • I actually made it without the egg and it turned out great (I leave out eggs from all ground meat recipes I find without any consequence ). I also forgot to add the ketchup in th eloaf mixture and it still was great!

  136. Really good recipe!   Loved it- only change was that I used Bobby Flay’s meatloaf glaze…..2/3 ketchup, 1/3 balsamic vinegar, red pepper flakes… idea what the WW impact would be…

  137. Making this tonight! Can’t wait!!

  138. Made this last night. Easy to do and rolling wasn’t difficult if you use parchment paper.  It was the best meatloaf bar none I have made and I am an experienced cook. Served it with steamed baby spinach and mashed potatoes with turkey gravy (envelope).  

  139. We are trying this recipe tonight. very easy to prepare.   I did find the rolling up hard to do so I put in loaf pan and came out excellent.    

    • I am so glad to see this comment! I’ve just rolled mine and it looks a mess haha, so I was thinking of just popping it into a loaf pan and hoping that someone else had tried doing that 🙂

  140. Delicious!

  141. This was delish! I added sautéed red peppers (instead of mushrooms) with the shallots and added a few canned peas with the cheese and spinach. This dish is a keeper!!! Thanks!

  142. Did anyone think it was salty?  

  143. This may in fact be the first time I’ve made sure to come back to comment on a recipe right after tasting it. This is delicious! Definitely will be making this again. I did use an onion instead of a shallot as well as oregano instead of the marjoram. Also sautéed the mushrooms with the onion first. Thank you for sharing this recipe!!!

  144. I have never commented before but just had to! This was absolutely delicious. This was my first time ever making meatloaf and I think this will be the only one that I will make again! So flavorful! 

  145. I made this recipe as written and it was delicious! I’m not a fan of meatloaf, but this one is very different. My husband loved it, and we ate it two nights in a row. I have never commented on the recipes on Skinnytaste before, but felt compelled to praise this one! In fact, all of the recipes I make from Skinnytaste are delicious! The recipes are well written and easy to understand. Skinnytaste is my go to place for recipes. Thanks Gina!

  146. By cheese mixture, do you mean just the cheese? Im making this tonight and im confused as to what that meant. Thanks!

  147. Can you use 1 lb 99% and 1lb 93% turkey? Also if I wanted to ply eat half should I freeze the other half before or after cooking? 

  148. Made this tonight and it was delicious. Even my 6 year old picky eater liked it! Can’t wait to make it again.

  149. We made this tonight.  Used receipe as directed.  We LOVED it. Hubs said it is his favorite meatloaf ever.   I served this with a lovely green salad which was a perfect pairing.  

  150. This is hands down the best meatloaf I have ever had. My 12 year old son asked me where I got the recipe. I said ‘Skinnytaste and he said ‘of course!’

  151. Would you have a substitute for the breadcrumbs?

  152. This was amazing!! My family absolutely loved it. As always, thank you for your incredible recipes.

  153. What will the points be with 99% lean ground turkey? That’s what I have. Thanks!

  154. Easy to make and flavorful! I loved the mushrooms

  155. I’ve been looking forward to make this recipe. I plan to make it tonight. I don’t hqve an Dijon mustard and didn’t want to buy any since my family. Is there anything i can substitue ir for. Or can i just leave the glaze off ?

    • Since my hubs doesn’t like mustard, I just left it out of the glaze recipe.  It was missing the ‘tang’ in my opinion without it, but I still loved it anyway.  He would have skipped dinner if mustand had appeared anywhere  lol. 

    • Your family may not have noticed the mustard at all once it was in the glaze. You may also do the glaze sans mustard. I used it but just a thought.

  156. Delicious Flavorful Easy

  157. I am very excited to make this. Two questions: 1. How do you think it would be with 1lb 99% fat free and 1lb 93% fat free? 2. I want to prepare the entire meatloaf but only eat half. Should I cook the whole thing and freeze the cooked other half? Or only cook half and freeze the uncooked other half? Thanks!

  158. I never comment on recipes but I had to on this one…it was SO good!! I didn’t use mushrooms or shallots (but added a bit of onion powder) since I live alone I halved the recipe, mixed it all together and baked it in a pan….loved it!!!

  159. D. Lish. I used 93% lean. Left out the mushrooms- still awesome. Thank you!!

  160. This was absolutely delicious! My husband loves it and will ask for this weekly.

  161. Thank you for this recipe!!! Hands down the best meatloaf I’ve ever made!!!

    The cooking time was perfect also, which I don’t always find in other recipes. 45 min at 35, then 10 min longer after topping with the sauce. Excellent!

  162. I forgot to sauté the shallots???? I hope I didn’t ruin this????

  163. We really enjoyed this! My store only had 90% ground turkey, but when I plugged it into the recipe builder, it still came to 7 points. I also didn’t have marjoram, surprisingly! I thought I had every spice made. I don’t even know what it tastes like, so I didn’t miss it. 🙂 My 7 year old declared it the second best dinner he’s ever had, and my husband claimed the leftovers! And supposedly no one likes mushrooms. Shhhh!

  164. This is the best turkey (or any kind) meatloaf EVER! My husband requested it again (made it two weeks ago). Thanks, Gina!

  165. I don’t usually go for meat loaf, but you had this in the weekly plan so I tried it out.  I love this meat loaf!  I think the spinach helps it stay moist.  Another keeper!

  166. Made this last night for my family & even the one who doesn’t like mushrooms loved it! The spinach and cheese filling kept the meatloaf super moist. Thank you for this and all your recipes — they are a tasty way to get the whole family eating healthy!

  167. This looks delicious!! I’m looking for recipes that we can cook on the weekend and eat through the week, could I cook this, slice in individual  portions and freeze them?? Thanks!! 

  168. It was easy and delicious. Will definitly make again!

  169. Made this tonight for the first time, and it was outstanding!  So flavorful and moist!   Definitely a favorite.

  170. This was unique but delicious! I would like to point out that Step 4 still says parchment paper, while Step 5 says wax paper. I read in order and used parchment paper, but I’m wondering if it would have been easier to roll if I’d read ahead and seen the wax paper.

    • I used wax paper. The first time it was super sticky but the second time I made it I sprayed the wax paper with cooking spray and it was super easy to work with!

  171. This was SO delicious! I used mozzarella instead of cheddar and I also sautéed the onions and mushrooms together. The cauliflower purée is tasty and makes me not even miss potatoes! The recipe does take longer than an hour, just the cooking/resting time  takes an hour and ten minutes. Will definitely make this again though 🙂 

  172. Hi Gina, my son has egg allergies so what can i use instead of eggs? Thanks

    • 2 tablespoons flax meal or ground chia seeds with 6 tablespoons hot water. Let stand 5 minutes to thicken. Add to recipe to replace 2 eggs.

  173. My husband does not like mushrooms. What could I use instead? 

  174. Just made this recipe without th mushrooms and onions instead of shallots and it was fantastic! 

  175. My 4 year old daughter and I made this tonight! We accidentally mixed the spinach into the meat and used reduced fat mozzarella. It turned out delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

  176. Hi,
    What number do I put for servings (I put that it serves 8 so I would have 2 slices) but it came up as only 1 pt? What did I do wrong or should the number be different lol?! I added all the ingriedients into the app and made it my “meatloaf recipe”. Thank you! It’s very good though! 

  177. Hi,
    What number do I put for servings (I put that it serves 8 so I would have 2 slices) but it came up as only 1 pt? What did I do wrong or should the number be different lol?! Thank you! It’s very good though! 

  178. This is a delicious recipe and fun to make.  Hubby approved and said it was even better the second day.  He’s already asking when I am going to make it again.  One thing, though, is a lot of my cheese leaked out.  I think I need to use a thicker cut of cheese and roll my meat a little bit tighter.

    • I saw Rachael Ray make one similar to this on her show last week. She saved out  some of the meat and made 2 “discs” to put on the ends to seal up the “jelly roll.” I haven’t tried it yet, but it looked like a good way to keep the stuffing inside.

  179. I made this a few weeks ago. My husband loved it. So, yesterday for Sunday Family Potluck Valentines Day Dinner, I made this. Everyone loved it. With salad and garlic knots made by family members it was approved by all. Thank You Gina.

  180. Hi!! I was wondering what would be a good substitute for dried marjoram? Thanks!

  181. This is so amazing . I’ve made it 3x in a month. How it is possible that I love every recipe I’ve tried and that’s well over 100 recipes

  182. Loved this recipe. I used feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes instead of cheddar cheese. Everything else was the same. Excellent!

  183. Yuumm!! Forgot to bring the recipe with me to the store so I ‘winged’ it. Bought feta by mistake and forgot the shallots. I knew I was going for a more Italian loaf so I bought marinara sauce. I halved the measurements since I cook for 2.
    I had red onions at home so I sauted them along with the mushrooms. I added a pinch of red pepper flakes and garlic salt into the turkey. As mentioned, I used marinara sauce in place of ketchup. Mixed it all up and spread it out on wax paper. I then topped the turkey with a generous amount of feta cheese followed by chopped fresh spinach.
    Now the fun part! Rolling the turkey into a ‘jelly roll’ proved to be a challenge. Luckily I realized I needed something to anchor down the end of the wax paper for more leverage. Easy peasy after that.
    Delicious and a keeper!
    This recipe needs well over the published 1 hour. It’s 1 hr of cooking time alone. Prep time was another 30 mins at the least. Having said that, it’s well worth the effort.

  184. Have been wanting to do this one since it was posted and did tonight and we love it. Not sure I will ever make meatloaf any other way it was that good,–perfect balance of flavors. Did’t even have enough cheese on hand -used Mexican blend and a bit of Parmesan/ Romano and over all not as much as called for and it was perfect to us. Thank You!

  185. I make your turkey meatloaf recipe about once a month and was so excited to try this one. I made it last night and it was so fun and easy as well as delicious! I’ll definitely be adding this recipe to the rotation. Thanks for all of the time and effort you spend on making this site, it’s wonderful!

  186. this was so good! My husband liked it even better the next day when it was cold.
    I hat to substitute the fresh mushrooms because they turned moldy overnight… So I used soaked dried porcini, which was good! This recipe is a winner.

  187. Made this for dinner tonight and it was amazing! My boyfriend loved it too! Definitely adding this into our rotation!

  188. This is, without a doubt, not just the best meatloaf I’ve ever made, but the best I have ever had. My toddler devoured it as did my husband and I. I substituted the ketchup for homemade BBQ sauce and it was SO good!

  189. Gina,
    We cook at work and do not have an oven. Could we make this in the instant pot or slow cooker?

  190. Gina, this was the most delicious meatloaf I have ever had. However I had a terrible time rolling it. When I finished mixing the meat it seemed very wet to me and I thought maybe I should add more breadcrumbs to the outside but I didn’t want to alter it the first time. When I rolled it parchment, it stuck so much that it tore the meatloaf apart. I did my best to pack it back together, but a lot of cheese leaked out. Any suggestions on this? I thought maybe I should try 1 egg instead of two?

  191. Can I cut the ingredients and make a smaller one that will taste just as good? It is only my husband and I.

    • I’m sure you could do that, but just wanted to mention that I also only cook for 2 and we love having the leftovers. This one would be 4 days worth, or you could even freeze half of it if you didn’t want to eat it for 4 days in a row. It was REALLY good! I cut mine into 8ths and just ate 1 large piece instead of 2 smaller ones.

  192. This was the best meatloaf I’ve ever had! I love your recipes! Balanced, healthy, and delicious. Just normal good food. Thank you!

  193. This is an excellent recipe, to which I made few adjustments. I used a 1/2 cup low-fat cheddar and 1/2 cup low-fat mozzarella (I wanted to use up my mozz, plus it melts nicely); added a bit more spinach; and used coarse ground Dijon in the glaze (it was all I had—very good). The only snafu was I didn’t pat the meatloaf into an evenly thick rectangle. As I rolled it, there was some separation and the filling peeked through in spots. I patched those areas and the meatloaf turned out perfectly. A great dinner, and great leftovers!

  194. I made this last night and it was excellent! Everyone loved it!

  195. Anything you can substitute the ketchup inside meatloaf with ? 

  196. Anything you can substitute the ketchup inside meatloaf with ? 

  197. I made this last night and loved it! Very moist and lots of flavor!

  198. I was told by my wife and granddaughter this was the best meatloaf I have ever had…. very easy to make and roll up using the parchment paper…

  199. I used 1 lb 99% Lean turkey and 1lb ground chicken because it was what I had on hand. Turned out awesome, husband loved it. He’s often skeptical. Perfect with a glass of wine.
    Thanks again! 

  200. I got 8 freestyle points for this? My turkey ( 93% like yours was 30 points) is that right? 

  201. Another delicious keeper! I subbed frozen spinach (sauteed to get rid of moisture) and increased the amount. This looks very pretty when sliced with the spiral of spinach. Thanks, Skinnytaste, for helping me maintain a 50 lb weight loss.

  202. Made half for hubby and I was very tasty.  I loved having a meatloaf sandwich on my gluten free bun for lunch the next day.  Messed up as to when to put the bbq sauce, but it was still very good.

  203. Made half for hubby and I was very tasty.  I loved having a meatloaf sandwich on my gluten free bun for lunch the next day.

  204. This recipe was great! I made it for my grown children and their spouses and everybody loved it! Even my mushroom haters didn’t know they were in there! I made a mistake reading the recipe and put the glaze on before I baked it, but it still turned out fine. I did add more glaze after the 45 minutes and it was all perfect. I was in a hurry and cheated and used a sauce for the glaze that our whole family loves, Trader Joes organic Sriracha and Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce. Try it sometime for a sauce, it’s great! I also made the garlic knot rolls that you had on your site and they were excellent. Thank you Gina, I don’t know what I would do without your recipes for dinner!

  205. The recipe says to remove meatloaf from Parchment paper and I found this very difficult. Do you have any tips on how to remove it and keep it intact?

  206. This was delicious! Even the picky eaters in my family loved it.

  207. This is the best meatloaf I have ever had! I have already made it twice. It makes 8 servings, and there’s just 3 of us in the house so it makes for a perfect meal prep as well. And best of all, MY SON LIKES IT. The pickiest eater in the entire universe likes something with spinach in it! It is a miracle to say the least.

  208. Just made this last night and it is amazing! So so tasty. Served it with sweet potato mash. Definitely making again 🙂

  209. This was so yum! 

  210. This was delicious & easy!  The only change I made was that I added 1 tsp Italian seasoning because I only had plain breadcrumbs and I added ~1/2 tsp salt over spinach before rolling it up.  Thanks so much for the great recipe!  My kids (who hate veggies) had no idea the pile of mushrooms included in the loaf! 

  211. This was delicious! I am a huge fan of Gina’s recipes. They have transformed our family dinners. Thank you, Gina!

  212. Best meatloaf I’ve ever had!!!! Seriously, amazing.  

  213. Best meatloaf I’ve ever had!!!! Seriously, amazing.  

  214. Absolutely delicious. I was nervous using ground turkey because it can be so blah, but that was not the case here. Adding this one to the frequent meal rotation. So happy that it makes enough for a couple of meals worth of leftovers.

  215. Gina, I plan on making this meatloaf this next week and am curious about the salt. It’s listed twice in a row. 1 1/4 t. salt and 1 t. kosher salt. Can you please let me (and everyone else) know what is the correct amount? I hate bothering you about something so minor. If I don’t hear back, I will just do a taste test after the 1 1/4 t. Thanks Gina, I love all of your recipes!

  216. Thank you, Gina, for a wonderful recipe.  I followed it exactly as written and it tuned out delicious.  Served with Trader Joe’s mashed cauliflower and frozen peas.  Yummy!

  217. Made this for dinner tonight, it was absolutely delicious!! Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing all of your delicious low fat/calorie meals. My daughter is a college student and she started gaining a little weight due to eating fast food meals and eating late, last summer I had her prep and cook some of your recipes for our family dinner to give her practice in learning how to make her own dinners when she is away at school. She did awesome, lost some weight due to making your easy, yummy skinny taste recipes. Your cookbooks are beautiful and well done. Thank you again Rachel and Bianca

  218. This is very good. I cut the recipe in half for a smaller loaf. Great recipe. Thank you.

  219. Made this meatloaf last night. Was a little intimidated with the rolling part, but it was very easy to roll following your directions. It was a big hit with my hubby and kids. I definitely will put this on my meal rotations. Thanks Gina for another great recipe as always 🙂

  220. Salt is listed twice in the recipes? Is that a typo? How much salt is used? Love ALL your recpes by the way! I’

  221. Awesome recipe; even though I didn’t have spinach & don’t care for mushrooms, so I added green pepper…it was very flavorful & I believe everyone that partook enjoyed it was well!! I’ll make it again & it was very satisfying!  Thank you

  222. I made this for dinner tonight. My kids and husband loved it. Also, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make. For the working parents …i would make this the night before or morning of, refrigerate and then pop in the oven when you get home from work. 

  223. This was AMAZING. Moist and perfect. I was worried when the loaf was kind of wet that it wouldn’t keep it’s shape, but it totally did. I will make this again and again. 

  224. I made this for the first time tonight. It was very good, but It called for kosher and regular salt, and I found it quite salty. I should add that I don’t usually use salt, but I understand it is a flavor enhancer. I think I will cut back on the regular salt next time and see if that works. I never thought I would like turkey meatloaf, but I am learning new things every day. Keep up the good work. 

  225. I loved it!  I’ve never made a turkey meatloaf that is this moist and has the right spices to make it taste real!

  226. This was awesome! My husband calls turkey the “fake meat” and he had 3 helpings! Great flavor.

  227. I just put this meatloaf in the oven, it was hard to roll as it stuck to the wax paper. Had to make it more of a loaf than a roll. Any tips Gina? 

  228. So yummy and easy to make. I doubled the spinach and even my 2 young sons were asking for seconds and thirds!

  229. I made this last night and it was delicious. I didn’t have shallots, so used yellow onion and didn’t even saute. A new twist on meatloaf. You won’t be disappointed in this – so flavorful and rich tasting.

  230. My husband informed me this is the best meal I have ever made him. And he loves food, and I cook all the time. This recipe has changed my mind on turkey meatloaf entirely!!

  231. OH MY!! I just made this and as soon as I finished eating it I rushed over to write a review. Another fantastic recipe Gina! I added about 1 3/4tsp kosher salt total because I was unsure about the way the recipe was written and it was perfect. I snuck a little sample off the end before serving and wanted to go back for more. Absolutely will add this into my regular rotation – so delicious and a great way to get my protein and spinach in!

  232. Making this tonight! I thought I had baby spinach on hand but turns out it is arugula. Can I use the arugula in stead of baby spinach?
    Thank you!

  233. Just made this last night and it was amazing! Would definitely make again.

  234. I had to modify it a little (I made appropriate substitutions) because we try to eat Paleo (so no dairy cheese or bread crumbs) but this was the best meatloaf I have ever eaten. And the husband concurs!

  235. This is probably the first meatloaf I have made in 20 years…it’s just not a fan favorite for me.  But this recipe caught my attention, so I tried it.  I added minced garlic and (sorry!) skipped the saute step because I just didn’t have time!  I also added some red pepper flakes, and more S&P ….I did not want a bland loaf!  I used some siracha in my glaze for a little extra kick.  I must say…it was quite good!  I made a half recipe for the two of us, and found that that a loaf pan was the perfect size for my 1 lb. creation.  My husband was thrilled to see meatloaf and mashed potatoes on his plate, and the leftovers were even better the next day.   I think it could also be good with more of a southwest variation…black beans, corn and cilantro….I may try that next time.  

  236. Fantastic Flavor…Easy to make. I put it all together in the morning, covering and keeping it refrigerated until I was ready to cook it. I used a BBQ sauce as the glaze, added some shredded zucchini and cooked it for longer than the recipe called for. We like turkey well cooked. It was a huge hit!
    Thank you once again for another wonderful recipe!

  237. I just made and tasted this meatloaf.  It is wonderful!  I have a couple of questions.  Did you bake it on parchment paper?  The recipe calls for kosher and regular salt – is that correct?   Thank you for this fabulous recipe.

  238. This meatloaf was SO good and had a huge flavor. My husband and kids all loved it! 

  239. This is my new Skinnytaste favorite recipe. I made this with 2 pounds of 93/7 ground beef and omitted the mushrooms due to taste preference. The bake time was the same. Also, I didn’t “roll'” the meatloaf but instead chopped the spinach very small and included the spinach and cheese in the meatloaf as suggested in Gina’s directions. Everyone in the family loved this, age 5-40. After putting on the glaze, I turned up the heat to 425 and the glaze got a nice crisp. Served with Gina’s roasted parmesan green beans which can be put in the last 10 minutes as well. A new favorite!

  240. LOVED this recipe. I made substitutions based on what I had in my pantry such as using a part of an onion instead of a shallot, added half a chopped carrot to the onion mix, replaced white button mushrooms for cremini, regular bread crumbs that I added seasonings to instead of pre-seasoned, reduced the cheese to 3/4 cup using regular cheese and I added 4 sundried tomatoes chopped up into the turkey mix. This recipe is very adaptable to personal tastes. Bottom line is that this recipe will be with me for years to come. I also suggest that to reheat heat a saute pan and add either cooking spray or a little butter, place the pieces in the pan cook 1-2 min, turn over and cook for a minute more. The cheese melts and the meatloaf gets a great crust on it. Alone it’s fantastic but on a toasted roll it’s amazing.

  241. This looks phenomenal!!! Is there any way to make it lower carb?!

  242. This was FANTASTIC!! I’m not normally a huge fan of meatloaf, but this recipe changed my mind! My son and husband both loved it! The “glaze” was a nice touch. I will admit I was a bit scared at first to do this in jelly roll form, but glad I did! I will definitely make this again! Thanks Gina!

  243. It was delicious and so moist. If you have a picky eater that doesn’t like mushrooms – chop them samll and they will never know they are there!
    I will definitely make this again. I am looking forward to the leftovers tonight!

  244. This looks delicious, and I will make it soon. With only me and my husband, I only want half of it at a time. Will it be better to freeze half of it before or after cooking? Thanks 

  245. I’ve only made meatloaf once, and i hated it because of all of the oil in the pan. Will this happen w the turkey? Also, I plan on prepping the night before, and just bake it after work. Do you recommend that?

  246. So good!!!! You can hardly taste any of the veggies. This would be a great recipe for picky eaters. 

  247. I made this tonight and it was absolutely DELICIOUS!! This will defiantly will go in our rotation!
    Thank you for all your yummy recipes and for making them weight watcher friendly!

  248. Easy and nutritious but to be.a keeper, it has to be tasty. It’s a keeper! Tasty indeed.

  249. This meatloaf is out of control delicious.  It’s my new favorite Skinnytaste recipe and this is going to be a regular installment in my mealprep rotation.  I am not doing Jellyroll style next time because it was difficult  to transfer to the baking dish but I can’t wait to make this again in a few weeks!

  250. Is it a mistake that there is both a teaspoon of kosher salt and 1 1/4 tsp regular salt in the mix? I thought it was a lot of salt going in and it does taste a bit salty when I tried it after baking. Should it be one or the other?

    • I am also curious about the salt. Does it need two different types of salt? I used regular and it tasted amazing but is there a reason to add the kosher as well?
      This is now a favourite recipe in our house! Thanks!!

  251. How many points is it if you switch the glaze and do marinara sauce instead of the glaze? Would that decrease the overall point value?

  252. Made this as a special meal upon my husband’s return from out of town trip. All three young children loved it AND it was in my WW points quota! My husband said he prefers the more firm texture of beef to the partly mushy texture of turkey in this recipe, but the kids all want it in lunches for school tomorrow so I call it a success!
    Thanks a lot…….Our 4 yr old loved helping me “mix” the ingredients!

  253. Would this recipe work with ground chicken. My husband bought in error!

  254. We made this tonight and it was fantastic! I always make a recipe by the book the first time I try it and I wouldn’t change a thing. My hubby helped make it and it took us no time at all. We had some green beans on the side. Great recipe!

  255. 1 ounce is a tiny amount of spinach. Is that right?

  256. This was really good, my husband absolutely loved it! Did not add the the 1 1/4 teaspoon salt,-didn’t want the extra sodium and the dried marjoram because I didn’t have any.  I also used whole grain Italian bread crumbs instead of regular.  Will definitely make this again! Thank you for the recipe!

  257. Made this tonight and it was outstanding. Had trouble getting it cut so it has 12 instead of 16 pieces. I adjusted the points and was happy with that. I will definitely be making this again. 

    What I liked best about it was a minimum of ketchup and no tomatoes. I’m on a nightshade-free diet and my homemade ketchup was wonderful in and on this. 

    Thanks for another great recipe. 

  258. I made it with Italian seasoned ground turkey and left out the mushrooms to please my daughter. It was delicious. Thanks for keeping me on track with my points! Love your recipes and meal planning! I use them every week.

  259. Everyone in the family loved this, even the kids. 

  260. Added extra baby spinach. We had this for dinner tonight.   My husband ate 4 slices,  I made up a plate for my 90 year old neighbor.  I gave her 2 slices, and I ate 2 slices.  We have half a loaf left and will certainly love it for lunch tomorrow!  Thank you so much Gina for your delicious recipes.  <3

  261. *green beans

  262. Made this tonight and probably the best turkey meatloaf I ever made! I used reduced fat mozzarella instead of cheddar and I halved the recipe because I only had 1lb of turkey. Perfect for my family of 3. for my family of 3. Easy to make and the family enjoyed it. Served with cream beans and rice. This is definitely in the rotation now! Thanks!

  263. Hi Gina!

    I don’t care for mushrooms, could I sub zucchini in place of them? 

  264. Family loved this!! The rolling was not difficukt. Just think through transfer at the finish of rolling????. Yum!!

  265. This was fantastic.! I did have to add quite a bit of time to get mine to 165 degrees though.

  266. Forgot to buy mushrooms in produce but I have can of them thoughts? Can I just leave out?

  267. Absolutely delicious!  So glad that there are plenty of leftovers.

    Will definitely make it again.

  268. I am going to make this dish tonight!! I agree with the other one who Thanks You for all your great recipes!!
    You are my “go to” site for dinner ideas! Keep them coming.

  269. I noticed you said it would freeze well. Would it be ok to freeze uncooked and then cook later or better to cook first before freezing?

    • That I have not tried, so I am not sure?

    • If you freeze it unfrozen, when it thaws some of the water content will separate out, making it harder for it to stick together.  You may need to add another binding ingredient and reblend it.  But if you freeze it uncooked, you can add other flavours the next time and make it a completely different meal.  I froze half the meat mixture with no filling just so I can change it up.

  270. In your recipes you have listed the Total Fat but do not show the Saturated Fat. It says Saturated Fat but all it has after that is the letter g. Can you tell me the saturated fat for this recipe. I am not doing freestyle, I am staying with Smartpoints so I have to count the turkey. Thank you.

    • The calculator never worked with smart points because it added points to recipes that used fruit and vegetables that were 0. This recipe is the same on SP.

  271. We do a version of this with lean game meat (venison or moose) and use jalapenos instead of spinach and then cook it in a loaf pan after it is rolled to prevent the cheese from oozing out…it is delicious! Once we added the jalapenos, we never looked back to the plain!

  272. I absolutely can’t eat mushrooms. I there something I can substitue?

    • Maybe try light bread torn up soaked in skim milk to replace both the bread crumbs and mushrooms.  Then hopefully you would not lose the mosture that is provided by the mushrooms.

  273. Our favorite way with meatloaf. I usually use cottage cheese/feta mixed and cooked well squeezed spinach as I can stuff a lot more of the spinach in that way. I add mushrooms to meat dishes frequently to lighten them – lasagna and your spaghetti bolognese are favorites for this. Finely chopped they disappear into the meat and nobody knows they are there, but I admit I never thought to do that with meatloaf! Thanks for the idea to improve my game.

  274. This is great. I can think of lots of options: Buffalo Turkey with blue cheese, ham, and Frank’s hot sauce glaze. A Traditional Thanksgiving stuffing with cranberries and sausage. A cordon blue. It just goes on…..