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High Protein Bread (Oat Sandwich Rolls)

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High Protein Sandwich Bread (Oat Sandwich Rolls) made with oat flour and cottage cheese are high in fiber and easy to make with just five ingredients!

High Protein Oat Rolls
High Protein Bread (Oat Sandwich Rolls)

There’s nothing more convenient than making a sandwich when you need something portable to enjoy on the go. But to make a sandwich that will really fill you up, it should be high in protein, anywhere from 15 to 30 grams, because protein is one of the key nutrients that keeps you fuller for longer. Great for breakfast or lunch! Oven or air fryer!

High Protein Oat Rolls with Everything Bagel Seasoning

This high protein bread recipe is a great place to start – the rolls contain 10.5 grams of protein before you even make a sandwich! Add eggs, turkey, tuna, lox, or whatever your go-to is, and you’ll quickly meet your protein quota. Your sandwich should contain a balance of protein, fiber, and healthy fats, which will keep you satiated for longer. This bread checks off all the boxes!

How to Make Oat Sandwich Rolls

I’ve been counting macros and looking for ways to get more protein in my diet, which is how these healthy oat rolls happened. I took my trusted bagel recipe and swapped the yogurt for higher-protein cottage cheese and used oat flour instead of all-purpose. The only other three ingredients are baking powder, salt, and egg white. I then rolled the dough into buns and baked them in the oven for 25 minutes. They turned out great!

Variations and Tips

  • Use fat free cottage cheese to make them 4 points each.
  • Refrigerate the leftovers for up to 4 days, then toast or air fry to heat up.
  • Swap the cottage cheese for fat free Greek yogurt (should be thick, like Stonyfield).
  • Make them dairy-free with Kite Hill Greek Yogurt
  • Can’t find oat flour? Make your own by placing oats in the food processor.
  • Regular wheat flour can also be used here.

High Protein Sandwich Fillings:

You can stuff these oat rolls with just about anything – from peanut butter and jelly to turkey and cheese. Here are some of my favorite sandwich combos for inspiration, but feel free to get creative!

High Protein Lox SandwichHigh Protein Oat Rolls Lox Sandwich

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High Protein Bread (Oat Sandwich Rolls)

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High Protein Sandwich Bread (Oat Sandwich Rolls) made with oat flour and cottage cheese are high in fiber and easy to make with just five ingredients!
Course: Breakfast, Lunch
Cuisine: American
High Protein Oat Rolls
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 25 minutes
Total: 30 minutes
Yield: 4 servings
Serving Size: 1 roll


  • 1 cup oat flour, plus more for dusting if needed*
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder, make sure it's not expired or it won't rise
  • 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt, use less if using table salt
  • 1 cup low-fat classic cottage cheese, I like Good Culture drained of any whey at the top
  • 1 egg white, beaten (whole egg works fine too)
  • Everything bagel seasoning, sesame, etc for topping, optional


  • Preheat oven to 375F. Place parchment paper or a silicone mat on a baking sheet. If using parchment paper, spray with oil to avoid sticking.
  • In a medium bowl combine the flour, baking powder and salt and whisk well.
  • Add the cottage cheese, mix with a fork or spatula until well combined, it will look like small crumbles.
    oat flour nd cottage cheese
  • Knead in the bowl turning until completely smooth and has the texture of playdoh, about 20 turns.
  • Divide into 4 equal balls.
  • Flatten into rounds and transfer to the baking sheet.
  • Top with egg wash and seasoning. Bake on the top rack of the oven for 22 to 25 minutes.
  • Let cool at least 15 minutes before slicing open.

Air Fryer Method:

  • Preheat the air fryer 280F degrees. Transfer in batches without overcrowding and bake 15 to 16 minutes, or until golden. No need to turn. Let cool at least 15 minutes before cutting.

Last Step:

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*Check labels for gluten-free, not all oat flours are GF.
Use fat free cottage cheese for 4 point rolls.


Serving: 1 roll, Calories: 135.5 kcal, Carbohydrates: 18 g, Protein: 10.5 g, Fat: 3 g, Saturated Fat: 1 g, Cholesterol: 5 mg, Sodium: 582.5 mg, Fiber: 2.5 g, Sugar: 1.5 g


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217 comments on “High Protein Bread (Oat Sandwich Rolls)”

  1. The flavor is delicious. Mine didn’t rise much (baking powder was good??) but I enjoyed mine for breakfast with crab salad and lettuce. I will definitely make again.

  2. Thank you love having a roll and not feeling guilty. Enjoy all your recipes, also like information about substituting different ingredients. Looking forward to more recipes like this.

  3. Great for my breakfasts! Excellent flavor, replaces a bagel super easily – and there’s way more protein here.

  4. I made these with almond flour instead of the oat flour and these came out delicious! They were a bit wet at first but I let them sit a few mins then dusted them with more almond flour and i was able to mold them. I rolled mine into logs and baked them as per the directions in a donut pan and topped with everything but the bagel seasoning to make mini bagels.

    1. I forgot to add I was surprised how nicely these rose. They did not come out flat for me at all. i was able to slice one in half and toast it in my toaster on the bagel setting for my morning breakfast.

  5. I couldn’t find oat flour at the store, so used rye flour instead. The rolls turned out perfectly fluffy and not flat. Tasted great as well! I made sure not to include the liquid in the cottage cheese. The dough was very sticky before I placed them on the baking paper (stuck to my hands, so I had to coat my hands with water in order to shape them). I’m so excited about these rolls – they will help increase my protein intake, yet I can still have something bready to go with the main/side dishes.

  6. Perfect!! Followed recipe to the exact and they were delicious 
    I cut in half and toasted mine in the air fryer first just a little bit. I think a good quality cottage cheese makes a difference! And so easy to make in one bowl!

  7. Very easy. A great texture   Cuts nicely as a roll should. I used the whole egg and farmer’s cheese. 

  8. I made this and they were dense in the middle and wet and the top was a hollow shell , I followed the recipe and looked at the comments before making these and it didn’t work . I put them in the oven for longer but it didn’t help

    1. These did NOT turn out..super sticky, couldn’t kneed the dough, did my best, put in oven and they didn’t rise too much, uncooked in middle at first, then just dense and chewy..not good!! 🙁 I did not see to strain the cheese!? Is that why?)

  9. Oh what a difference missing one minor step can make. Mine were delicious, but like others, the dough was sticky. It’s totally my fault for not draining the cottage cheese first! Going to try these again doing it the right way. The flavor was really good, and will definitely be making again since I now count macros and need the extra protein.

  10. These are fantastic! I’ve made them multiple times… every time they are kind of flat and I still love them! But it occurred to me to use them for mini pizza crusts!  I put some sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni! Pizza craving ✔️!!!

  11. This is a really interesting recipe, and its amazing how flour and cottage cheese can make bread! I used regular flour because I don’t follow any specific diet such as GF or WW. I doubled the recipe and baked in a glass loaf pan, because I like to push my luck and I saw others had asked if it would work I thought I would give it a go. It did rise nicely and when I took it out of the oven the middle was still gooey and I was afraid it failed because…well I didn’t follow exact directions and really what did I expect? I tuned off the oven and stuck the pan back in. I hoped the residual heat as it cooled would finish off the inside of the bread. I came home to a bread that was completely cooked through and it is so good! It reminds me of a beer bread texture, I feel the need to pour melted butter on it. Anyway, I will give this a go as it is stated in the recipe with oat flour so I can try how it was truly meant to be.

  12. These are amazing! I don’t normally eat bread (trying to eat lower carb and less gluten) but sometimes I’m craving a tuna melt or avocado toast. These are perfect! Not to mention, so much tastier and cheaper than any store-bought GF options. Plus…. protein!! Thank-you!

    My rise was perfect… for those having issues, you may want to also try a different brand of baking powder. I recently had some baking flops due to a delivery substitution for my regular brand (and it was not a cheap alternative) … needed to toss and buy my usual brand.

  13. I made my own oat flour using Bob’s Red Mill rolled oats in a food processor, drained 2% cottage cheese, and expired baking powder (it’s all I had). Did the egg wash and bagel seasoning and they taste great! They’re just very thin. It’s definitely a recipe I’m excited about so I will keep trying – I am going to take another person’s advice and double the recipe but only make 6 buns. And buy some new baking powder – I didn’t even know it could expire haha! I’ve been desperately missing bagels and cream cheese since going GF so I’m excited about these. Today I’m having one with egg salad, watercress, and tomato – yum! Thank you for the idea!

  14. I also couldn’t get a very good rise at all and I used brand new baking powder. I wonder if adding 1/2 tsp baking soda would help? Or maybe taking oats and grounding them instead of using oat flour which is maybe heavier? 

    1. I use oats and grind them and mine were flat also. Both times I’ve made them. I have some mini springform pans and I’ll put a ring around the rolls so they don’t go flat. I’ll let you know if it works.

  15. I am anxious to try these but don’t like wasting an egg by using it for egg wash. I’m thinking that by adding the egg to the flour mixture(and adding more flour to get the dough to the right consistency) you might get more rise. Will post the results when I try this.

  16. Made these this morning and they’re great! I used brown rice flour as not enough oats left and it worked well. Got a similar rise to the pics in the recipe. Used conventional fan oven not air fryer, but will try the air fryer next time.  Lots of people saying their mix is too sloppy and sticky but I think that’s maybe because they’re adding the egg to the dough instead of using it for egg wash? It is a sticky dough but I just put  some oil on my hands to make it easy to handle. Great recipe, thanks! 

  17. I would advise to watch out for sodium count in the cottage cheese! I used some from Trader Joe’s and did not see how much sodium there was… then added more salt. Now I have salty baked oat flat bread LOL. I’ll try this recipe again. [Also used steel cut oats and grinded them into flour]

  18. I’ve made these twice and they are so tasty but they are so sticky I cannot make buns. I simply lob a piece down on the parchment and hope for the best!  Do you have any suggestions?

    1. yes, you need a thick greek yogurt, Stonyfield or Fage. Other brands are too creamy and make the dough sticky.

    2. I just made these and I had the same issues so I just added more oat flour to my board until the stickiness was gone. They’re in the oven now. Oh 

  19. Made these for the first time today..  Topped with everything bagel seasoning. Like others, my dough was really sticky but adding a little more flour helped (I live in Colorado so this is not unusual at altitude).  Baked in oven on parchment paper sprayed with cooking spray; at 22 minutes the bottoms were quite brown but the inside was slightly doughy.   I saw someone else commented on using a pizza stone so will  try that.  Mine rose enough to cut in half but similar to a sandwich round. ( again may be the altitude).  I had one for lunch with chicken salad and it was quite good!  Will have to play around with this recipe but worth trying again!

  20. Sticky mess. Had really high hopes for these., super bummed. These ingredients aren’t cheap. Doubt I’ll try again. Wish the instructions were more clear and also provided more recommendations, like use oil and don’t handle too much, rather than finding those in the comments.. 

    1. That sounds like you didn’t use Stonyfield Greek, some brands are not thick enough and will yield sticky results

  21. How do you recommend storing these? Airtight container on the counter? Should they be stored in the fridge? I made them today and they are fantastic! Thank you for so many incredible recipes that have been feeding my family for I’d have to guess a decade at this point! 

  22. Better than expected! They taste great, though I did toast them once cut in half. I added an egg in the dough for stability. The dough is definitely sticky and hard to work with, but worth it. Mine rose, but we’re still a bit small. Next time I’ll double the recipe and use it to make 6 rolls. Happy! Very clever recipe.

  23. These came out perfect! I’ve been looking for a more nutritionally dense bread for my busy morning breakfast and this is exactly what I was hoping for. Tasty and filling! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

  24. Avatar photo
    JoAnn Campisi

    Used millet flour and 2% greek yogurt.  They came together easily, did not rise much, sliced ok with a bread knife.  Used it in place of bagel with cream cheese, capers, onions, tomato and smoked salmon.  Delicious😋

  25. So good! I actually put the egg inside and it was fine. They almost remind me of scones. I added a bit of parm, garlic powder and dried basil. Will try a slightly sweet version next. I put oatmeal in the food processor to make oat flour. (I blended a whole pan as I also use it for oat pancakes.)

  26. My dough was a hot freaking mess. It was a gooey paste, not anywhere near a dough. I used Darigold low-fat cottage cheese but didn’t have anything on top to strain (after reading comments, I wonder if I needed to find a way to strain it over a bowl for a while?) and didn’t have oat flour so used my Ninja blender to pulse oats to what I THINK was the right texture. I even added extra once I saw that it wasn’t going to be a dough. Baking powder wasn’t expired, used 1/2 tsp table salt. I managed to use my silicone basting brush to apply the egg wash and sort of make it look smoother, and decided to bake it anyway, since I’d come this far. They didn’t really rise, but they look pretty enough. They’ll either be used as sandwich thins or a really thick piece of toast, assuming they’re not raw inside like other people experienced. 
    If it is, in fact, that it’s critical for one to reeeeeally strain the cottage cheese, that’s a step that I recommend be highly emphasized for folks like me who sometimes need to be spoken to like they’re 4. 🙂 

  27. Love it! I love bread and with these being high in protein I am thrilled! I’d like to know if the freeze well though as I live alone and would like to make a larger batch.

  28. Avatar photo
    Peggy Rouleau

    Made these with only 2 minor mods. I used 1% cottage cheese and I added the egg yolk to the batter. Eggs are not extra points for me so it just enriched the dough a bit more. 1% cottage cheese is readily available. Points don’t change and store brand brings down the cost. I made my own oat flower in the blender and it came out perfect.
    I make a yeast raised dinner roll with cottage cheese so I knew these would be good!

  29. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Weiner

    This is the best thing ever!!! SO easy to make and absolutely delicious. I topped mine with Demerara sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon and used it with the homemade pumpkin butter from this site and I am amazed at how good it tastes!

  30. Can I bake this as a bread loaf instead of rolls ? Please do respond. I eat just a slice of bread toasted so this gets too much. Sounds like a really simple recipe…. the proof lies in the pudding 😉

  31. These are now our weekday breakfast rolls.  My wife makes two batches each week.  We are on a largely meatless diet, so we keep our eyes out for high-protein options.

    Our grocer does not carry oat flour, so we opted for the whole wheat version.  We top the rolls with sunflower seeds and then serve with peanut butter and honey each morning.

    They are a delicious way to start the day and they make our morning routine simpler and brighter.

  32. I made these today and they came out great. They puffed up just enough to slice them. I used Plain Fage Total 0% Nonfat Greek strained yogurt. When I entered the ingredients into the recipe builder, it showed 3 points. Not sure if I did something wrong or if it is because the yogurt is 0pts. I sprinkled Penzy’s Sandwich Sprinkle on top of the rolls.

  33. I made these and dough is VERY sticky and hard to handle. Also, mine did not rise as much as the ones pictured and my baking powder was in date. The only thing I can think of was I flattened mine too much to a diameter of about 4″ and when I looked back at the video those seem very much smaller…3″ or less. Might help to say how big to make them. Each ball was about 75 grams in weight. I’ll have to see how they taste.

    1. Avatar photo
      Peggy Rouleau

      Spray your hands with cooking spray before handling and it’s much easier and you won’t over-handle the dough.

  34. I’m on my 3td batch. Each one I’ve tweaked. Following the exact recipe in the air fryer worked great. Number 2 I used yogurt and put everything thru the blender. Oops. What a sticky mess! I added 1/2c more oat flour and they still didnt cook well in the air fryer. Batch 3 is in the oven now. I tripled the batch and used 2 whole eggs. I made 3 with a 1/2 tsp of cinnamon sugar on top, cant wait to try them! And this batch is in the oven.

  35. Couldn’t work with the dough. It was very wet and sticking to my hands. Adding more flour didn’t help. Also, the recipe is a little confusing. It would help if it clearly indicated if the egg goes into the dough or for the egg wash.

    1. If you added the egg to the dough it would be too wet. Also, the yogurt needs to be thick, like Stonyfield.

  36. If you were successfuly, how did you get yours to rise? I made mine with brand new baking powder. 🙁

    1. They don’t rise a lot, not double or anything but they do get fluffier. The yogurt batch I made stayed flat and didn’t cook well at all.

  37. What oat flour do you recommend?  My Publix only carries Quaker oat flour, which is located in the oatmeal section.  I don’t know if this is suitable to use for this recipe.  Please advise. Would love to make them and my dietician approved – she loved the recipe!! 

    1. I haven’t made these but am thinking about making my own oat flour by putting oats in the food processor. Would probably be cheaper than buying oat flour.

  38. Avatar photo
    Erin McGary-Myers

    These are so good!!! I used the whole egg, so I had to add 1/2 cup white wheat flour to help firm up the dough…sooo good!!!  Thanks for another great recipe ❤️

    1. I did the same as you. I missed that the egg was for an egg wash and added the whole egg to the recipe. Mine came out great! 

  39. I had the same issue as others.  They did not rise, my baking powder was not expired and I did not add egg to the batter.  The dough was incredibly sticky.   I used great value brand low-fat cottage cheese and Bob’s Red Mill Oat Flour.  

  40. Avatar photo
    Bobbiejo Stepanek

    I love the idea and taste of these oat rolls, I have made them several times now. I always have a problem with them being very sticky though and I feel like Im doing something wrong. Am I missing something? 

  41. These oat buns are terrific! They are very easy to put together, yet so filling and nutritious! Thank you so much for this recipe!

  42. Avatar photo
    Tina Mitchell

    Gina, this is another great Skinny Taste recipe! I use your Greek yogurt pizza dough recipe weekly and wondered if cottage cheese could be substituted for the yogurt in that recipe, too? Thanks!

  43. The first batch didn’t rise but then for the second one I added more flour and they came out fantastic! Also, I used less heat and let them bake slowly. Will definitely be using this recipe often. So happy! Thank you Gina 🙏🏽

  44. 2 nd time making these and the came out fabulously!!! I wanted a healthy scone/ soda bread for St. Paddy’s day so I added raisins!!! Woohoo! It’s a win! Wish I could figure how to post a pic! Ha! 🤪

  45. Last week I used Publix low fat cottage cheese and ended up with sticky flour. 

    This week I put a 16 oz package in a wire mesh strainer and let it drain for 24 hours. I also used my stand mixer with the dough hook. I was able to knead the dough in the bowl and form the rolls. 

    I baked them on a pizza stone and they came out perfect

    I want to try them with cinnamon and raisins. . 

  46. First attempt was a bit flat and VERY sticky, but tasty! I made them today and swapped out cottage cheese for nonfat siggis and added 2 tbsp cinnamon baking chips, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Sprinkled with some sugar and cinnamon before baking and were better formed.

  47. First time trying these & I’ll be using the recipe often. Mine were a bit flat but I think it was because I made my own oat flour and didn’t process enough. The texture of my flour was a bit too grainy, almost like a fine cornmeal. They resembled a sandwich thin but I was able to slice. I used Breakstone cottage cheese so they were a little too salty. That’s on me since I didn’t check the sodium level first! I also added too much everything bagel seasoning, again my mistake. Even with my mistakes, these were a hit with my family. Thanks for posting yet another great recipe!

  48. Fresh out of the oven!!! Made my own oat flour using steel cut oats. They are perfectly awesome!!!!

  49. Amazing texture,i didn’t use bagel seasoning,I brushed with egg,it was way too salty I’ll use a third of the salt next time 

  50. I have made these two times and both times they did not rise. I even bought new baking powder and used the exact cottage cheese brand you used. Do you know what I could be doing wrong? The flavor is great!

    1. Gina based this on her yogurt-based bagel recipe, but swapped in cottage cheese, which is less acidic.  Baking powder is activated by acidity, so that could explain the weaker rise.  Adding something acidic (lemon, vinegar, buttermilk, sourdough discard, etc.) might help.

  51. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Kyriakou

    Hi, I have made these twice – love the flavour but they do not rise. I bought new baking powder (just in case) and no different. Everything else I did the same. What could I be doing wrong? Love them though.

  52. I made these for a Charcuterie board including maple smoked turkey, Asiago cheese, kale slaw salad. They were delicious and filling. It’s a little hard to tell when they are baked. One just didn’t want to finish off. – don’t know why. The baking  time was longer. Definitely would  make again ! 

    1. Yes 🙂 Throw some oats into a high-speed blender [or just go HARD on your food processor!] and it’ll grind into a flour. Make sure you pulse it, though – otherwise you’ll end up blending it into a sort of paste, because it runs for too long [I did this, and it wasted a good 2 cups of oats 🙁 ]

      Good luck!

  53. Avatar photo
    Lori Anne Wachter

    I finally made these. I will definitely make them again. Mine did not rise much, my baking soda is new. They were a bit salty, I think there cottage cheese has some salt, I added the kosher salt, and my everything seasoning has salt in it. I think I will decrease the amount of salt I use next time. I used Lactaid cottage cheese because none of us can “do” lactose, so maybe that had something to do with the lack of rising. I may try them with Greek yogurt next time. Thanks for the recipe Gina!!!

  54. Didn’t make these yet will definitely try though did make the bagels loved them I experimented last week and used yeast instead of baking powder , I was in no hurry that day I let the dough rise for an hour , then divided into bagels and let rise for about 45 minutes egg wash and added everything bagel seasoning and baked at 350 for 30 minutes came out perfect and lighter in texture

  55. Wanted to make these today but I was out of cottage cheese! So I took the liberty of applying basically all the substitutions mentioned…whole wheat flour, Greek yogurt, and a whole egg. Cooked in the air fryer and I was very please with how well they rose! First time baking in my air fryer. These will be made regularly. Easier than trying to shape the bagel and just as delicious.

  56. I can’t get these to work 🙁 I don’t know what I’m doing wrong – the first time I made them and they didn’t rise and were dense, I chalked it up to my baking powder. But bought new baking powder and had same result. They are flat and dense.

  57. Made them so good 👍. the only thing there came out only 3 not 4. Very Satisfied the taste better than eating a bagel which of I never do. I used the regular cottage cheese not sure if was okay. Oh well to late now next time I will 😁. Thank you

  58. I’ve made these three times – love the simplicity of 5 ingredients that I normally have on hand! I blend quick oats for the oat flour, have used two different kinds of cottage cheese (one low-fat, one fat free) and all three times delicious!

    Even though mine aren’t thick enough to slice for an actual bun/sandwich,  I love popping one into the toaster and spreading with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge – such a filling snack  to get me through a hungry spell!  

    I’ve read through directions carefully and think only thing I’m not doing is “turning the dough about twenty times” – just curious, could that be why they aren’t rising?  

    Thank you for so many keeper recipes, Gina!!!!

  59. Just made this for lunch today. I knew my baking powder was expired, so wasn’t surprised that they didn’t raise much. I was still able to slice in half once cooled, which is all I wanted (it’s just a vehicle for the sandwich fillings!). I made my own oat flower by using whole oats and used fat free cottage cheese, which the recipe builder showed as zero points (WW purple). I topped with back bacon and a bit of shredded cheese and mustard and it made a fantastic sandwich! Thanks for another great recipe!

  60. I am not sure what happened to my rolls but they were completely flat. They looked like big cookies, so impossible to slice them open. I also found them to be pretty salty. I used good culture and diamond cosher salt and I did not add the egg into the dough. I’ve made the bagels and garlic knots multiple times with great success, so I’m not sure what went wrong here. Thank you anyway for all your great recipes.

  61. They were super easy to make and looked better than the picture!  I was so excited by the prospect of being able to have fresh bread for lunch.. However, we found the bread extremely bitter tasting.  First skinny taste recipe  that I have made and not liked at all.  Still love this woman but this recipe was a no go for us.

  62. Great recipe but I’m curious how you calculated the macros? 1/4 cup of oat flour alone is 120cals so I don’t follow how the recipe lists it at 135 total. Maybe I am using the wrong oat flour? Thank you!

  63. I absolutely love this versatile recipe. I love the cottage cheese base dough with savory and yogurt base dough for more of a breakfast version with pepitas and poppy seeds to eat with nut butters and homemade jam. Thank you! So good!!! 😋

  64. Delicious! I used greek yogurt instead of the cottage cheese and they still came out great! Perfect for a sandwich. Thanks Gina!

  65. I made these last night, and they turned out great. I used sesame seeds as the topping, instead of everything seasoning. The texture is similar to a bagel, nice and chewy! I used Good Culture low-fat cottage cheese, and halved the salt since I was using table salt. Hope that helps with people who are having issues! The texture and moisture level of different cottage cheeses can vary a lot. Try this with Good Culture brand!

  66. This was soooo good!! Thank you for this amazing recipe. I’m so glad to have another bread option to send my son to school with. He’s 4 and loved this when we had it this weekend.

  67. Really good but mine turned out flat. Good flavor. I’m not sure what I did wrong. Maybe press the cottage cheese next time. I’ll try again soon.

  68. I just made these and they were FANTASTIC!!!  I used Daisy 2% cottage cheese, 3/4 cup unbleached flour and 1/4 cup round flax seed.  Very easy to slice and I can’t wait to pack a sandwich tomorrow for lunch!!  YUMMY!!!!  Definitely a keeper. Thank you!!

  69. Hi Gina – these buns are really good but there is no way that I can slice them to make a sandwich.  I followed the recipe to the letter but they had no rise at all.  How thick should they be after baking?   My BP was new.  Any thoughts?

  70. Super dumbed and discouraged! My dough was SO wet the first time that I had to toss the dough. I started again and strained the cottage cheese longer the second time. The dough was still wet but not like the first time. It never came together like the video or instructions. Then to top it off, they didn’t rise lol totally fail for me. I would love any help or suggestions on how to get these to turn out next time! 

  71. These are delicious! However, mine turned out more like an English muffin than a bun. I used Fage greek yogurt instead of cottage cheese but that was the only change I made. I also make the bagel recipe into rounds the same way and use them as English muffins. Works great!

    1. What did I do wrong. Used TJ’s 1.5% cottage cheese, fresh baking powered and Whole Foods oat flour. Kneeling was SO sticky that by twenty kneeds, my hand was completely covered with dough. Added more oat flour to get it off. Made balls about the size of tennis balls. Looked and smelled decent coming out of oven but were super dense and undercooked and doughy inside. Baked them for 25min. 
      Did anyone else have problems like mine? 

      1. I had the same problem! My hands were covered in dough! I’m thinking it might need less cottage cheese?

  72. How large are these in diameter? I’d like to make them for my teenage son to try (instead of buying Udi’s Hamburger Buns) but he eats a large burger-sized sandwich each day. The pics look a little on the slider-bun-size side, which wouldn’t be worth it for his lunch. (Unless he eats all four buns by himself, lol!)

  73. I wonder if vegans could use sub tofu for the cottage cheese. I’m not a vegan, personally, just trying to cut back a little on my dairy consumption for the planet . . . I love melting cheese, so not cutting back there, though!

  74. These came out delicious.  Crusty on the outside and really filling.  The dough was very sticky and a little harder to work with than the bagel dough but worth it. Thank you for another fabulous recipe!!! We had them with your recipe for egg salad and smoked salmon sandwich. It was fancy, delicious and satisfying. 

  75. Avatar photo
    Sonja Henneking

    They look heavenly!
    I was gifted a ton of chickpea flour (besan flour) a while ago. Do you think that’ll work too? Do you have any experience with chickpea flour?
    Thank you so much for all of your recipes!

  76. This looks so delicious and I making today. Any way to lower the sodium? My nutritionist told me the following – “Sodium is high – 1/3-1/4 of your day’s sodium in one roll, otherwise it would be fine. Not sure if the recipe would come out the same without all the salt or that no sodium added cottage cheese would make enough of a difference.

      1. Hi Gina
        Try using Friendship Dairies No Salt Added. It has only 60mg of sodium per half cup. Think it’s available at most markets- I buy it at Wegmans & Publix when I’m visiting Florida. 

        Made these this morning.. fantastic as is every recipe  I have made since 2015. 🙂

  77. Delicious!!! But mine were flat and there was no way I could slice them to make a bun. My baking powder is new. Thoughts?

    1. Something is off! You sure it was baking powder? You followed everything right? I see lots of success on instagram with people making them!

      1. Same here. And the dough was very wet despite draining the cottage cheese. I’ve had consistent success with the Greek yogurt bagels and garlic knots but this was a bit of a disaster.

      2. curious, what brand of cottage cheese? sounds like they are not all the same as far as thickness goes?

      1. curious, what brand of cottage cheese and what brand of salt? Did you add the egg to the batter?

    2. I had the same issue. I used Daisy low fat and drained it. Brand new baking powder just opened it for this recipe. The taste was good, but too flat to slice.

      1. Unfortunately, Good Culture doesn’t seem to be available at my local stores. It may take some searching.

  78. OOPS!! I didn’t read the instructions thoroughly enough and added the egg to the batter. The dough was VERY sticky so I whipped up more oat flour, added more baking powder, formed into eight small rolls and baked. They are DELICIOUS. Chewy on the outside, moist on the inside. 

  79. These are delicious! I accidentally added the egg white in with the rest of the ingredients. Still turned out tasty with great texture.

  80. Avatar photo
    Michelle Nickerson

    I used Kosher salt and these were so salty!  Will it mess up the recipe if I delete  half the salt?

    1. I have ground up rolled oats in my nutri bullet and used when making dog treats that contain oat flour as the base….they come out great and my pup loves them! 🙂 So i  wouldn’t see why not? 

  81. Do these hold together while you are eating them? I made sandwich rolls from a KA recipe and they fell apart as I was eating my sandwich, which was not “wet.” Was pretty bummed. I only have old fashioned oats, I never buy quick, those would still work for flour, wouldn’t they? I wonder how they’d be with half chickpea flour?

    I will try these on my next day off! Or just make your bagels finally……..
    Thanks Gina for another wonderful recipe!!!

  82. Can you tell me if I can bake this as a loaf and what would the cokking time be. My mouth is watering as I read this recipes. Thank you.

      1. Hi Gina, I used daisy low fat cottage cheese. And the buns where gummy in the middle. What went wrong? Any suggestions?

        Thanks in advance!

  83. Oven directions are incorporated in the numbered instructions. Preheat 375°, bake top rack, 22 – 25 minutes. I’m going to try both methods 🙂

    1. Oven directions are incorporated in the numbered instructions. Preheat 375°, bake top rack, 22 – 25 minutes. I’m going to try both methods 🙂

  84. Can’t wait to make these! I bake with oat flour often so  I love this recipe! Would other non dairy yogurts like cashew yogurt work? Thanks! 

  85. I’m baking these right now but I was wondering if anyone else’s dough ended up being very sticky. As I was kneading it the dough kept sticking to my fingers . I used Bob’s Red Mill oat flour. I’m wondering if I should have added more oat flour.  Hopefully they will turn out ok. Also they seem very small. Are they supposed to be mini sandwich size?

    1. Hm, they should not be that sticky. Did you do anything different than the recipe calls for? Try adding a little more flour.

      1. I was so hoping you would post a really healthy yet yummy bread recipe!!!!

        Thank you!!!

    2. Mine was also so sticky I could barely get it off my fingers to work the dough, I had to add at least another half cup of flour just to get it usable. I used whole oats turned to flour in the blender and Breakstone’s 2% cottage cheese.  I wonder if it’s the cottage cheese brand? Either way, they came out fairly small but delicious. I’ll keep trying! Thanks for all the excellent recipes, Gina. 

      1. Good Culture is “dry” cottage cheese. I’ve never had the brand you mentioned but if it’s anything like Daisy which is a “wet” cottage cheese and I can see why it would make a difference.

      2. I had the same issue. And I never knew there were “wet” and “dry” cottage cheeses… sounds like that is an important distinction for this to work properly. Once I got them shaped (with A LOT of oil on my hands), I baked them for 25 minutes and they were still gooey on the inside. I want these to work!!

      3. Avatar photo
        Kathleen Wilverding

        Mine were also sticky, couldn’t get off my fingers. I used Daisy low fat cottage cheese. I don’t know if that made a difference. But they smell good.

      4. Gillian, I want these to work too. The dough was really sticky using Trader Joe’s 1.5% cottage cheese. I will look for a drier one next time. Gina, would you please add to the notes in the recipe that it is important to find one like that? I had to add quite a bit of flour to the dough to get it off my hands. After baking they looked perfect but on the inside they were still gummy. My teen and I agreed that they have a lot of potential and the flavor was good. 

  86. WOWWWWW. I am incredibly impressed. This is a great recipe. With the everything bagel seasoning (a key ingredient), this tastes very reminiscent of a warm bagel – especially when you eat it with cream cheese. Honestly, I didn’t expect to like this but I made it anyway because I had the ingredients. I’m always skeptical of “sudo” bread recipes but this one is truly an exception and really good. I made oat flour in my Vitamix with “quick oats” and it turned out lovely. Kate – I’ve been following you for a long time andI love everything you do – your emails, recipes, your blog, etc. You really are amazing.

  87. For egg wash is it just beaten egg? If supposed to add water to egg to make wash can you add to recipe? I haven’t done egg wash before and wasn’t sure about that. 

    Thanks for your great recipes!!!

  88. Avatar photo
    Ryckie Watkins

    I really like this idea of this recipe for oat sandwich rolls. I can do most of the recipe but I really have tummy issues with dairy. I can put eggs in a recipe that I cook and do ok, but haven’t tried any other dairy. Cheese is my worst for tummy problems. Could I use Kite Hill yogurt dairy free and drain off the liquid first?

  89. Can I exchange the oat flour in the Easy Bagel Recipe although I love it with the all purpose. Would that change the nutrician numbers.

      1. I plugged this into the recipe builder using 1 1/3 cups rolled oats (which I’d put through my food processor) and fat free cottage cheese and it comes out (on Purple) to be 0 points! :O wowsers! I may have to give it a try!

    1. I just made these and used a total of about 9oz of oat flour (made myself by pulsing whole oats in CuisinArt). Solid recipe – these are delicious!!! Happy baking 🙂

  90. Amazing recipe, thank you!
    Can you freeze them? If yes, is it better to freeze before baking or after? And if baking from frozen, how much longer is the time in the oven?
    Thank you!

  91. Avatar photo
    Julie Michailidis

    Gina, these look great! Can you use oats and put them in a food processor to make them into oat flour?

  92. Looks amazing. I’m going to give it a go this week. Could you swap out oat flour for almond flour? Thank you!