How to Make Perfect Soft and Hard Boiled Eggs in the Instant Pot

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How to Make Perfect Eggs in the Instant Pot. This simple formula will give you perfect, easy-to-peel eggs either hard boiled or soft boiled.

How to Make Perfect Soft and Hard Boiled Eggs in the Instant Pot that are easy to peel!

Want to know how to make perfect eggs in the Instant Pot? This simple formula will give you perfect, easy-to-peel eggs either hard boiled or soft boiled.
Instant Pot Eggs

Want to know how to make perfect hard boiled or soft boiled eggs in the Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker/slow cooker/steamer-in-one)? This simple formula will give you perfect, easier to peel eggs every time. Of course, if you prefer to make them on the stove you can use this foolproof Hard Boiled Eggs recipe.

I've been using my Instant Pot to make eggs all weekend and finally got my soft boiled eggs and hard boiled eggs perfect. The best part is they were easy to peel, and the yolks were bright yellow. I don't think I'll be making them any other way!

A few ways I like to use hard boiled eggs:

  • I always keep a batch of hard boiled eggs on hand in my refrigerator for breakfast on the go, add to salads, etc.
  • Have you tried a breakfast salad? I first had one a few years ago and think it’s genius. I prefer to make them with soft boiled eggs, but you can use whatever you like.
  • Make deviled eggs. Or for a twist on the classic, guacamole deviled eggs.
  • Make a healthier egg salad by swapping mayo for mashed avocado.
  • Top them on your avocado toast.
  • Use them to whip up a quick egg sandwich, this is my daughter Karina’s favorite egg sandwich.
  • Add them to mason jar salads for protein, this is one of my favorites.

Instant Pot Tips

  • Lock the steam valve before pressure cooking. Pressure will never build if the valve is turned to venting.
  • Don’t fill the pot more than two-thirds full with any liquid or stew. Keep in mind some foods expand, such as rice and oatmeal.
  • If your food is undercooked, re-cover the pot, lock the steam valve, re-pressurize, and cook again for a few extra minutes.

Hard boiled eggs will keep in the refrigerator for 1 week. If you don’t have an Instant Pot and prefer to make them on the stove, here’s my foolproof method for perfect hard boiled eggs every time.

How to Make Perfect Soft and Hard Boiled Eggs in the Instant Pot

Want to know how to make perfect eggs in the Instant Pot? This simple formula will give you perfect, easy-to-peel eggs either hard boiled or soft boiled.
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How to Make Perfect Eggs in the Instant Pot

78 Cals 6 Protein 0.5 Carbs 5 Fats
Cook Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 10 mins
Yield: 4 eggs
COURSE: Breakfast, Brunch
CUISINE: American
Perfect hard boiled eggs and soft boiled eggs that are easy to peel!


  • 4 large eggs
  • 1 cup water
  • rack that comes with the Instant Pot


  • Place the rack in the bottom of the pot. Pour the water in the pot. Place the eggs on the rack.

Soft Boiled Eggs:

  • High pressure on manual 3 minutes. Quick release placing a towel over the valve so steam doesn't get everywhere, then quickly run the eggs under cold running water until cool enough to hold. Peel right away.

Hard Boiled Eggs:

  • High pressure on manual 5 minutes. Natural release 5 minutes then use quick release placing a towel over the valve so steam doesn't get everywhere, then quickly run the eggs under cold running water until cool enough to hold. Peel right away.


Serving: 1egg, Calories: 78kcal, Carbohydrates: 0.5g, Protein: 6g, Fat: 5g, Saturated Fat: 1.6g, Cholesterol: 186mg, Sodium: 62mg, Sugar: 0.5g
WW Points Plus: 2
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Want to know how to make perfect eggs in the Instant Pot? This simple formula will give you perfect, easy-to-peel eggs either hard boiled or soft boiled.

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  1. Can you do a dozen at a time?

  2. You forgot to tell us to make sure the sealing ring was in place!!!!  Just joking!!!   I was wondering why there was so much steam coming out of the condensation catcher area!!   Per someone else’s suggestion I had stored the ring in the freezer to get rid of the odor and completely forgot to put it in place in the lid. 

  3. I love having a guide – thanks! To the people it didn’t work for – eggs differ. It’s going to depend on the size and age of the egg, how well the hens were kept (happy hens create thick shells), and how far you are from sea level. I’ll try it with only one or two eggs to see what mine need – I suggest that others start with this recipe as a guide and do the same.

  4. 3 minute plus quick release made slightly underdone hard boiled, not soft boiled. 

  5. Quickest and easiest way to cook and peel hard-boiled eggs! Thank you!

  6. 4 minutes and eggs were perfect!

  7. I tried the soft boiled, wit 2 eggs, and after 3 min high pressure they were so under done I cooked them in the frying pan, over easy.😔 any advice?

  8. I do 12 at a time w/ a cup of water. using the 5-5-5 method, put in an ice bathe for 5 min. and they peel so easy. Perfect every time. 5 cooking mins. 5 nat. release and 5 mins. in ice bathe.

    • Good to know!  Trying 8 this morning (2 for deviled eggs for NY dinner and 6 for go to snacks over the next few days).  First time for this many!

  9. The first couple of times I made these they came out perfect. Perfectly cooked and easy to peel. But lately
    I have tried they do not peel easy. In fact I loose most of the egg during the peeling and end up throwing the whole egg away. What am I doing wrong?

  10. I would recommend changing the first step to: place the rack in the INNER POT within your instant pot base. Then pour water.

    I placed the rack and poured and it came out the base. (I haven’t used my instant pot very many time). Hoping my instant pot isn’t fried 🙁

  11. 3minutes resulted in eggs too runny ugh
    5 minute hard boiled were good

  12. I can think of one good reason to peel the eggs immediately. A friend of mine would take a hard boiled egg to work every day for a snack. One day, his teenaged son thought it would be funny to swap it out with a raw egg. Friend got his morning snack out, cracked it on the desk – yolk everywhere 🙂

  13. This did not work for me at all. After 3 minutes the eggs were still almost completely liquid.

  14. I cooked the eggs for 10 minutes but  they shut off but I forgot about the for 21 minutes and when I peeled them they were brown but taste fine. Is that just sign of over cooking. 

  15. I made eggs for the first time in my instant pot and they were perfect and easy to peel, did the 5/5/5 method.

  16. Cooked 2 dozen eggs and the y turned out great; quickest I’ve ever gotten eggs peeled.  Never again will I boil on the stove 🙂

  17. I forgot the eggs after the pre-heat and their 5 minutes cooking, so I didn’t do quick release. The steam released naturally. They turned out fine. Thanks!

  18. Do I have to peel immediately after? 

  19. So easy and definitely my favorite way to make hard boiled eggs. They come out perfect every time and are so easy to peel! Wilmington, DE

  20. Can I do more than 4 at a time? Will the water amount change? Or the time?

  21. My instant pot does not have a manual button or an egg botton. How do I make hard boiled eggs?

  22. How many at the most eggs to hard boil at once? I need to hard boil 4 1/2 dz.

  23. I just got an instant pot and used it for the first time following your hard boiled eggs instructions. They came out perfectly! Thanks so much!

  24. Wow! I made 12 jumbo eggs straight from the refrigerator. 1 cup of water. So easy to peel afterwards! Perfectly boiled! Scotch eggs, here I come….

  25. Needed hard boiled eggs and did the 5-5 as in recipe. Eggs were not fresh bought. Turned out more like very soft poached eggs and white tide to shreds while peeling. All four were unusable. So far the only thing that has not worked at ALL in the instant pod did me. Maybe I’ll go 6 minutes next time. Or …. maybe this is one thing I just need to boil in a pot on stove. Same number of steps. 

    • I wonder if altitude has an effect on time. We live at 4900 ft. So I am going to try 6 min., then 7 if need be.

      • I’m at 5400 ft and 5-5 method works perfectly. No change from the recipe. 5 minutes on high, 5 minutes off, release steam and then place in ice bath. 

      • It’s a sealed cooking vessel under pressure, so therefore, the water never boils. Elevation plays no role in this equation.
        I do my eggs medium soft: 4 min. high pressure, quick release, rest in closed pot 4 minutes and ice bath. HIGH PRESSURE !

      • I do 8 minutes. Six minutes were soft boiled and yes high pressure. I would justvtestvout and find a time that works. Maybe increase by a minute each time?

    • Make sure you have your IP set on High pressure. That is the only time my eggs didn’t turn out perfectly. For some reason my pressure setting was on Low.

    • I do 2 minutes high pressure and leave them in for 12 minutes. Perfect every time. 

    • I live at 7200 feet and my IP cooked perfect eggs.

      Don’t use new eggs. Make sure they are at room temperature. I cooked them for 4 minutes and got firm whites and bright orange, not-too-firm yolks. They peeled easily.

  26. 1st time hard boiled eggs…perfect!!thank you

  27. Is there a reason for 4 eggs or could you do a dozen (or more) and, if so, do you adjust the time?


    • I just did 3 dozen at once (just don’t go over your max level on the IP) and they all came out the exact same way…..perfect!

  28. I have tried the 5-5-5 method of cooking hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot without good results. The eggs are not hard-boiled. I’ve recently tried 8min cook after coming to pressure with a 4 min steam release and still undercooked. I am using a steamer insert cooking 6 eggs at a time.  What can be wrong? Thanks. Jen

    • Same here.  I do 7 high pressure and 7 natural release and they come out a lot better.  I’ve also learned that since we buy organic eggs, they are often really fresh so don’t peel as well.  For Easter I let them sit in my fridge for 3-4 weeks before cooking them and that seemed to help too.

      • I have chickens and have hard boiled and peeled eggs one day old without problems. I’ve also had problems. I boiled 6 eggs, all the same age and had problems with half while the other half were problem free. I think it just depends on the egg, not the age. 

      • Easy peel is all about the ice bath. Going directly from hot pot to ice bath (literally, half the bowl should be ice) shocks them so the membrane pulls away from the egg. Leave them in the ice bath a good 5-10 minutes before trying to peel. Then it is pure heaven (this works with stove-top boiled eggs too!).

  29. I have been using mine and they have been great, but lately they have been cracking and I just had one totally blow up! What would cause this?

    • Try using room temperature eggs and not cold ones straight from the fridge. 🙂

    • Sometimes there are hairline cracks (nearly undetectable) from the store. Those eggs do better if there’s less of a temperature jump (like Andrea said – closer to room temp), but there’s still no guarantee. Best bet – inspect eggs carefully before buying, or at least before cooking. Any slightly cracked ones will go in scrambled/fried or a cake recipe! 😄

  30. Thank you, thank you!!!  I’ve never made hard boiled eggs that were this easy to peel!!

  31. so placing a towel over the steam valve can actually mess with the automatic safety features in an instant pot and can cause it to say it’s ready to open when it’s not actually ready to open. Then when you do go to open it, the steam blows up in your face and can cause very serious burns. I would not recommend putting a towel over the steam valve.

    • This! Never cover your instant pot lid! Read the manual!

    • Placing the towel over the valve is actually more like creating a back wall, redirecting steam iaway from cabinets and such. The valve is no way covered, steam still can escape quickly. 

    • I assure you, covering the valve with a towel is not a problem. This came from Instant Pot company directly. The had to put the disclaimer in the manual in case someone got burned but it won’t harm the pot it it’s safety features.

  32. Perfect! Thank you! I’ve used the recipe to make four to a dozen Hard Boiled eggs and the recipe worked it’s magic everytime. Sometimes In e peeled them right away, other times I’ve kept them in the fridge. Easy to peel either way. Thank you! Today I tried the Egg button on my IP and it automatically set to five minutes. Brilliant minds think alike!  Looking forward using the recipe for Soft Boiled egg perfection next time. 

  33. We replaced that rack with a cheap tin foil pie pan with a bunch of hole punched in it. Works perfectly 👍

  34. Any tips if your steamer insert went missing? Can the eggs sit on the bottom in the water, or will they break?

  35. Perfect!

  36. No more terrible looking peeled eggs for deviled eggs…etc. I was able to peel them perfectly…..SO EASY! Thank you!

  37. Sorry also forgot to give the stars .. lol..

  38. Best hard boiled eggs ever!! Thank you for the tips!!

  39. I thought you were not supposed to ever cover the valve. It messes with the safety features of the pot.

  40. I make several batches each weekend. I found that when I put in a second batch, 5 minutes under pressure is not enough. I tried a second batch with a 6 minute pressure and 5 min release and that solved the issue. Any idea why this is happening? Also,I don’t have a rack so I bought a silicone one. It only let’s me do 9 eggs at a time. any suggestions on how to do more (like 2 doz) at once?

  41. I don’t have a rack for mine it that ok?

  42. So are the eggs a room temperature or right out of the refrigerator?

    • I took mine right out of the refrigerator. They cracked. I’ve cooked many times before with success. I think before they must not have been so cold to start. 

  43. Over done… eggs were brown (sign of being overdone at high pressure). Sorry. 

    • You are doing something wrong.

    • Its not just you, so dont feel bad or think you’ve done something wrong. Ive made hard boiled eggs 3 times using large, room temp eggs, following these instructions, and each time almost every single egg (6-8 eggs) had that stinky over-cooked brown spot , usually where eggs have that little air pocket inside them. And I KNOW Im not doing anything wrong (too simple to mess up, let alone 3 times in a row!). They’re still edible but they definitely get a different taste and smell thats slightly unpleasant. This last batch i even stood by the 5 mins till the time was up and set a timer on my oven for the 5 min natural release and waited for that, then did the quick release and removed directly to an ice bath that i had ready and waiting, and got the same outcome. Might just try to knock of a min and do them for 4 mins instead next time.

  44. For medium eggs I  followed soft directions, but set time to 4 minutes instead of 3. Perfecto!

  45. The perfect way to cook hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot! And super easy to peel!

  46. I’ve been struggling to find a way to make hard boiled eggs that I can actually peel for a looong time. These were so easy to peel and cooked perfectly! This is my new go-to method!

  47. I have never had eggs peel so easily.

  48. Worked like a charm (after I figured out what I was supposed to do with the rack – ha ha!)

  49. You stated to peel the Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs “immediately”. I like to keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge as snacks but was taught never to peel them beforehand. What will happen if I do not peel “immediately”?

  50. I’ve followed the hard boiled eggs direction several times. Half of the time they come out perfect, the other half they crack and turn brown. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong???

  51. OMFG! I LOVE THIS INSTANT POT! These are perfect! Everything turns out perfect! Thanks for sharing this. This sounds stupid, but these are THEE best, THEE most consistent hard boiled eggs I’ve ever had. Thrilled. Thank you!

  52. WOW! Fantastic soft-boiled eggs for breakfast for the first time in YEARS!

    • Hard boiled eggs came out great! Soft boiled, not so much unless the center is supposed to be so ft and not runny. I’m after the rummy center. Any tips please? Thank you

  53. My Instant Pot has an EGG button. Could/Should I use that for making my hard boiled eggs? Thanks!

    • Mine too. I tried using the 🥚 Egg Button today and it worked beautifully for Hard Boiled eggs. It automatically set 5 minutes under high pressure just as the recipe here does. I will use the manual  time and method recommended here for  Soft Boiled eggs. 

      • I used the egg button for soft by changing the five to three with the minus button.

  54. I meant to give you five stars, not one. First time comment, sorry.

  55. Thank you for this great and easy recipe. However, it is a safety precaution to put a towel over a pressure cooker valve. The best thing tobdo is let it naturally depressurize at least 5 to 10 min. Afterwhich there is not much pressure left to make a splatter. Thank you.

  56. I am an Instant pot newbie but I love it after only 2 weeks. I made soft boiled eggs with your method using an egg rack made to fit in the IP and they are perfect! I have never been able to master the exact texture I want by boiling them on the stove, and now I won’t ever need to do that again. No guessing involved! Next I will try more adventurous egg recipes, now that I know I can succeed with no guesswork.

  57. These came out perfect! I followed the directions for the hard boiled eggs (not soft boiled) and they were very easy. My instant pot took 6.5 minutes to come to pressure, and then accounting for the 5 minute cook time and then additional 5 minute natural release time, I had hard boiled eggs in less than 20 minutes! Very simple, and your directions were so easy to follow and understand too. Thank you for sharing!

  58. Thank you they came out perfect and so easy to peel.

  59. I followed the instructions for hard boiled eggs, but got soft boiled eggs instead. What am I missing? 

  60. I was shocked at how easy these were to peel. Might be my new favorite use of my instant pot!! Thank you so much!!

  61. Followed the hard boiled directions and they came out soft boiled. ☹️

  62. 1st thing I made in instapot. Turned out great! 

  63. Worked great, thanks. I did a full dozen eggs

  64. My 6-quart instant pot says to use no less than 3 cups of water at all times. Will it really be ok with one?

  65. My 6-quart instant pot says not to operate it with less than 3 cups of water. Is the one cup of water really ok? 

  66. This looks so much easier than boiling them on the stove!

    Would it turn out okay if I cooked 12 eggs at a time?

    • Yes! We just did 14 eggs. (What was left from an 18 pack) Turned out PERFECTLY! Easy to peel, and pretty, too.

  67. So easy and comes out perfect every time..whether I’m making 4 eggs , or 2 doz at a time they come out perfect..thanks for the great “how to”.

  68. Best hard boiled eggs I’ve ever made! Thanks!

  69. This works great! Thank you!

  70. I just used the time frame 5 minutes on high pressure for hard boiled and they were definitely soft boiled. I wonder if it’s the altitude? I’m not that high up in WNC so that shouldn’t matter too much. A little disappointed I wasted three eggs but I’m trying again and adding a few more minutes to it. 

  71. I could quite literally hug your neck! I have always despised making deviled eggs for the sole reason of dealing with the eggs. I followed the recipe exactle and made two dozen eggs in no time at all. Only two eggs were barely blemished. Absolutely nothing was over or under cooked and the shell came off the easiest I have ever experienced.

  72. I never have figured out the trick to getting perfect hard boiled eggs on the stove. These come out really nice and peel easier than stove top eggs ever have. I may never learn how to do them on the stove now!

  73. This recipe produced perfect boiled eggs that, most importantly, were extremely easy to peel! It took exactly 15 minutes – 5 for instant pot to heat up, 5 to pressure cook, and 5 for natural release, a quick cold-water rinse, and voila! Perfect hard boiled eggs! I wish I could submit a photo – not sure why these would come out overcooked unless they sat in the cooker too long after the cycle? Thanks for posting this.

  74. I love every single recipe and basic instructions of yours.❤️

  75. Absolutely hands down the best hard boiled egg I have ever had, and they were so easy to peak!!!! 

  76. I used the instant pot to do a dozen eggs. I followed directions exactly and they came out perfect! So easy to peel! I hope this works everytime because I will never go back to boiling them. Thank you Gina! The dreaded task of making deviled eggs this holiday season will be so much easier.

  77. These instructions over-cooked eggs in my 3 QT Instant Pot over several attempts. Apparently the size of the pot is important and would be useful information in a recipe. My yolks were ringed in a thick band of green. I adapted to 3 minutes high pressure, then quick release. I opened the top of the IP and let the eggs sit for another 2 minutes before dowsing them in cold water.

    I agree with one of the commenters above that the IP produces rubbery whites under high pressure. I’m going to try a low-pressure method next to see if that results in better texture.

  78. Thank you for the recipe! I did want to point out that putting a towel over the steam valve is not good advice and is against the usage procedures for most, if not all, pressure cookers. It would be wise to delete that from the steps in the recipe for the safety of your followers.

  79. I use a tack to put a small hole in the large end of the eggs before I boil/steam. Seems to prevent this, most of the time.

  80. One of my eggs cracked and another one exploded…egg whites coming out of shell. Any ideas why? I did the 5min high pressure and then 5 mins slow release. 

    I took a photo, but can’t figure out how to share

  81. Do these egg recipes assume eggs are cold from fridge, or room temp before you start? Question was asked by someone last year, but not answered. Thanks!

  82. I will never have to buy hard boiled eggs again! Fresh eggs are a thing of beauty. Peeled super easy.

  83. Do you have to peel them right away? What happens if you store in fridge in the shell?

  84. When I make this on the stove, I heavily salt the water and it’s supposed to make it peel easily. Can you salt the water in the instant pot as well?

  85. These were the most perfect hard boiled eggs I’ve ever made! And it was my *first* time using the instant pot! No ugly green ring, perfect yellow center… they were perfect. They were also super easy to peel, especially using a spoon to wedge between the shell and egg to coax the shell off. Thank you for sharing this!

  86. Wow! Just got an Instant Pot and have been trying some standard recipes out. No need to look further, the hard boiled eggs were the absolute best I’ve ever tasted! Doing a second batch now. My kids LOVED them and I can’t wait to try out the soft-boiled version. Thanks!

  87. I  tried my instapot egg setting but it wasn’t as great as yours for hard boiled eggs. I’ve made them now 5 times and they always are perfect.  I live at 6350 feet so am always having to adjust recipes. Thanks for this one as well as other great recipes!

  88. I am a novice concerning the Instant Pot. I made eggs exactly per your instructions for hard cooked, and the yolks were a tad soft for me. Should I (1) increase cooking time; or (2) increase standing time before releasing pressure?

  89. Will soft boiled eggs keep in the fridge overnight?

  90. This recipe results in a yolk that is orange and a little creamy. I prefer my yokes yellow and fully cooked. I have found that a 7 minute pressure cook with the described 5 minute natural release yields the perfect hard boiled egg.

    • Thanks, Roger. I had the same problem, and wasn’t sure if I should increase the cooking time or the standing time.

  91. Oh my gosh, this is the BEST way to make hard-boiled eggs! Very little clean up, super quick, easy to peel, and PERFECTLY COOKED EGGS! I bought two stackable racks and plan to cook a dozen at a time every Sunday. Great for meal prepping!

  92. I’ve been anxious to try making hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot.

    I just made a half dozen hard boiled eggs using this method in my IP Duo Plus 60, 6 qt, and they turned out perfectly.  I used the rack that came with the IP and learned to not put any of the eggs in the very center of the rack which would place them immediately over the automatic temperature control where that big button is located in the bottom of the base.  The center egg cooked way too hot and expanded and broke the shell leaving a small burn mark inside the bottom of the shell, while the eggs around the edge of the rack were “just right”, but on the verge of starting to crack. Peeling them was a breeze, I was surprised.  

    This method was TOO easy and so fast, unlike stove top preparation which was always my disaster.
    I used a small ice bath and the shells practically drop off, effortless to peel.
    I didn’t want to overlook the eggs, so I used a timer to measure the steam release times.
    If you’re bothered by the shells cracking, try adjusting the cook time to 4 minutes.  Cooking 5 minutes the yolks were nice, not too well done and not too soft, you may not notice a difference (just a thought).

    I love this method, it is now my only go to, thank you! 

  93. I’ve been cooking for 6 min and then QR, but always have 2-4 eggs that crack under pressure. Do yours ever crack? I dont peel mine right away, so its annoying when a few crack. Help! Tips or tricks?

  94. I prefer the 14 min at low pressure, quick release, cold/ice water bath 10 min technique. I think the whites have a better/softer texture this way. 

  95. The EASIEST way to make hard boiled eggs. Just follow recipe. I did 18 eggs (white and brown but all were a week old) in one pot with 1 cup of water for 5 minutes high pressure and 5 minutes sit before releasing steam with sealing vent.
    Then I added a lot of ice (kept original water) and added enough water to cover ice and “float” eggs. I did something else before coming back to shell.
    Easiest way to shell is to tap wide end bottom of egg and peel. I then put back in the water bath until I’d shelled all. Then drained water and patted eggs dry before cutting to make deviled eggs.
    Must say it’s the easiest shelling I’ve EVER done! Thanks Instant Pot!

  96. I needed a super fast late night meal, and I made soft boiled eggs per this recipe. Absolutely perfect. Creamy yolks and firm whites. Dinner and done in less than 10 mins. Thank you!

  97. 5 min pressure cook and 5 min release and my 10 eggs were over cooked! Green ring is a sure sign. Continuing to search for a recipe with the right time. 

  98. Perfect!

  99. I cooked mine in the IP for 6 minutes, then did a quick pressure release.  They came out perfect, without that nasty little green ring around the yoke. Also, sometimes egg shells will have a minute crack in the shell that you can’t see. Then once the water begins to boil that crack will open a bit wider and the white will start to leak out a little bit. So I always add a few drops of vinegar to the water and that will seal the crack so the white doesn’t escape the shell. It doesn’t add any taste at all to the eggs. It’s a great little tip I learned from Mom many years ago.

  100. Worked perfectly!  Thanks!

  101. I keep seeing this question, but it never gets answered:

    Do you start the eggs at room temp, or refrigerated?

    Somebody please help!

  102. Perfect! Perfectly cooked and peeled like a dream!

  103. Just got my instant pot and trying this as my first recipe. They came out great. Just curious how this time and method differ from using the egg button on the instant pot. Does anyone know? 

  104. I did a12 eggs for pickled eggs and I was in shock how eze they peeled (*!*)

  105. I’m new to the instant pot as I just bought mine off amazon. Can someone tell me what setting I need to use since mine doesn’t have a “manual” button? Thanks!

  106. If I don’t have a rack will the eggs still turn out the same?

  107. My family loves egg salad and I always hate making hard boiled eggs because they never peel easily.  Well, not anymore….I just made them and they peeled perfectly.  I used regular eggs from the grocery store… manual 5 min and natural release 5 min…cold water bath for a couple of minutes.  Perfect… i will never make them any other way.   Thank you!

    • For egg salad I saw a very easy recipe using slow cooker! Just crack eggs into bowl and cook. No peeling!!

  108. A “Perfect” hard-cooked egg is one that has the slightest bit of creamyness in the center of the yolk (Jacques Pepin). I have tried (Instant Pot) three minutes with quick release, but that falls a bit short of perfection for me. I will next try 2 minutes, then a quick release, hoping that will give me the desired outcome. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  109. Great instructions!!! Eggs were perfect! I did the hard boiled because I was making deviled eggs, but next I am trying the soft boiled. 

  110. THANK YOU!! I have had my 3 Qt IP for a few months but never once thought to use it for eggs!

    I don’t eat eggs, but I cook them for my dog. My egg steamer broke, so I’ve been using my microwave. (I know I don’t *have to* cook them for him, but it’s much less messy if I do). This is SO much faster and easier!! They turn out totally perfect!


  112. I have used this method more than once and they come out perfect each time.  What a time saver for when I am making several dozen deviled eggs for family Christmas Reunion.  

  113. Thank you! Even my farm fresh eggs peeled easily!
    I did natural pressure release for 10 minutes (I got sidetracked) and they were still perfect. I’m loving my Instant Pot more every day!

  114. I used your recipe for soft boiled eggs this morning. I found that the inner part of the white was not cooked. Was this because I took the eggs directly from the refrigerator rather than at room temperature? If so, would it be better to cook them for an extra minute with QR or cook for the 3 minutes with a minute or two of NPR?

  115. I just received a 6 qt Ultra IP yesterday and was extremely intimidated by it.  Never used one and was very surprised that there wasn’t any thorough directions on how to use it.  
    I even bought 2 cookbooks featuring Weight Watchers recipes and THOSE didn’t have clear directions on how to use the IP.  
    AS USUAL I always come back to your website for everything!  Thank you ☺️ 

    I will never make hard boiled eggs on the stove top again.  What a game changer ?

    Your next project should be an app.  I’d buy it for sure! You’re a lifesaver ?

  116. Please do NOT place a towel over the pressure release valve. It can cause the valve to clog and cause too much pressure to build. It is dangerous and can cause injury or destroy your Instant Pot.

    Please change this and I will change my rating if I can.

  117. Eggs came out perfect, and my family said the best deviled eggs I’ve ever made using them. Thank you Gina for making my first Instant Pot experience a good one!

  118. You can also make steamed eggs in a stove top pressure cooker with a rack at bottom. You will need to tweek the cooking times according to your pressure cooker, stove, and egg size. Once you find the perfect time, write it down and there you go!

    Something about steaming the eggs versus boiling them makes them super easy to peel.

    Thanks for a super useful blog.

  119. Hey! I just joined the Instant Pot club, and have been thrilled to get started. I did have one question regarding this recipe, but It’s probably a silly rookie question. I know that Instant Pot says never to use less than 2 cups of liquid while pressure cooking in the 60, and 3 cups in the 80. But I’m assuming that’s really not that big an issue, since everyone who writes about hard boiling eggs in them uses 1 cup of water?


  120. I did a dozen last night straight out of the refrigerator and into the instant pot on High Pressure for 5 minutes with 1 cup of water then cold shocked them in ice water. I would say that it would be best to use this method on room temp eggs because the ones straight out of the refrigerator were not fully cooked all the way to the center, you might have to add a minute or two if your are doing it with cold eggs.

  121. I love boiled eggs from the instant pot.

  122. The only way I make my eggs now!!

  123. Yay! Thank you for solving one of life’s biggest little struggles! So easy , so perfect. Never peeled an egg easier in my life. Thank you!!!

  124. Must of did something wrong because the message burn came across my pot..

    • One adjustment to the above directions – if using a 6qt ultra, a minimum of 2 cups of water need to be used, or you may boil dry, overheating the device, or even triggering the thermal fuse failure. 

  125. Holy omg the eggs were the best I have EVER cooked. The yolks were creamy in texture and so perfect looking. I will be keeping a carton of eggs in the house always now for when I get the urge to make some. Such an easy way. on the plus side, my house doesn’t smell like sulfur like it does when I bake the eggs.

  126. I have the power pressure cooker XL. Not an instant pot. Finding out the differences between the instant pot and this model. I dont have a Manual button and the time doesnt go below 15 min. Trying out this recipe in the chicken/meat setting on low for 15 min. We will see how it goes!

  127. Hard boiled eggs always turn out perfect in my instant pot! 

  128. Perfect hard boiled eggs!

  129. Yummy! I have the insta pot duo plus (6qt 9-in-one).

    I pushed the “egg” button. Based on your instructions, i used the quick release for soft boiled, and the natural release for hard boiled. Perfect and peeled easy!

  130. This was every bit as easy and delicious as described. My soft-boiled eggs were perfect. It does take more time to get the Instant Pot up to pressure then it does to cook them, but they were still ready in under 10 minutes. Plenty of time to get the rest of the breakfast ready. Thank you.

  131. Just made soft boiled and they were perfectly cooked and peels so easy!

  132. I also have a 6qt and the instructions say to never cook with less than 2 cups of liquid. It’s okay to ignore the “rules”?

  133. I got myself an Instant Pot on Black Friday this year and I haven’t regretted it once…this is no exception!  That was the easiest way I’ve EVER had hard cooked eggs!  I am the girl who boils eggs and then has a freak out because I can’t peel them and they wind up all mangled. The eggs practically popped out of the shells!  We always keep cooked eggs on hand and now I won’t dread making them! 

  134. I made hard boiled eggs and it worked like a charm!  Finally I didn’t overcook the eggs!  Thanks for the recipe – I am loving my Instant Pot more and more. 

  135. Can you soft boil just two eggs in the Instant Pot? 

  136. I made both the hard and soft boiled and both were great!  The only problem I had was peeling the soft boiled. Any tricks?

    • We don’t peel soft boiled eggs. Each person slices the top of his/her egg off . Slice it (through the shell, with a knife) about 1/2 inch down from the top. It needs to make the hole big enough for a small spoon to the reach the egg. I was able to pick up a couple of egg holders at an antique store. Think Winnie the Pooh.

  137. OMG, I know I’m late to the game, but I’m here now. I’ve never made such perfect hard boiled egg! Thank you.

  138. Hi Gina do you put peeled hard boiled eggs in water or leave without tks

  139. Juuust right! Thanks!

  140. I just made 4 hard boiled eggs in my new instant pot for my salad, and they’re were perfect!! Best investment I’ve ever made thanks to you! 

  141. Will this work with the Instant Pot Duo Mini? I noticed that the Duo is a “9-in-1” and lists “egg cooker” as one of its features. The Duo Mini is a 7-in-1, and doesn’t like “egg cooker.” But I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. What exactly is the “egg cooker” feature of the regular Duo?

  142. I love my instant pot for a lot of things, but nothing special for eggs at all. Has enough other uses I don’t have to convince myself it was a good purchase by pretending it is amazing for eggs! Just use a pot folks…lol-Gord

    • Except, it is an energy saver, time saver, and a water saver when cooking eggs. Never mind the fact you practically don’t have to attend it at all. Can’t see a reason to bother boiling eggs on the stove when I can use my IP.

  143. For anyone with an 8qt pot these times will be a bit off. I did 4 mins at high pressure then 5 mins on natural release before a quick transfer to an ice bath. My yokes have the beginning of a gray linen on the outside. I’m guessing it’s because it takes longer for the minimum 2 cups of water for the 8qt to come to pressure. I’ll play with times. 

    • I also have an 8qt, and thankfully I saw your comment before my first go ‘round! What I found to be perfect is 2 min on high pressure, and 2-1/2 min natural release, followed by quick release to let out the remaining pressure, then an ice bath to immediately follow. My yolks were creamy, the perfect state between hard and soft. My first attempt was 2 min HP then 5 min NR and I found that a bit too long, no gray, but they were on the brink. 

  144. Hard boiling eggs in Insta Pot is great. Then I use my new Egg Stripper I purchased on HSN that peels up to 5 hard boiled eggs in under 10 seconds. I peeled 20 eggs in a couple minutes before Thanksgiving..
    I think they sold out on HSN in 8 minutes but their web site I think is Maybe make others life easier like mine is now.. Just a friendly tip!

  145. Hi, which version of the Insta Pot do you own (Duo or the Ultra)? I know the Ultra is $50 more and it says “egg cooker” but wasn’t sure if it was worth the extra $.

  146. Hey Gina, can’t WAIT to get started w my 9 in 1, 6qt IP!! Wms Sonoma gives 20% off when opening a charge acct! 2 ques, which cookbook should I get, and can crock pot liners go in the IP? Many thx! Barbara

  147. I used 5 minutes to cook and then another 5 minutes before opening the vent. I think I used the higher pressure on my IP … but my husband said these were a bit overdone. We have farm fresh eggs and peeling those hard boiled is TOUGH! Next time I’ll try the lower pressure with the same times and adjust from there.

    • Regardless of the method you use, you must run them under cold water immediately and crack them so the water gets under the shell and skin. Honestly? I have an IP and find the old pot/boiling water bit much easier. No fooling around with time/steam stuff.

  148. Hard boiling eggs in the instant pot is the best way to go. I used farm fresh eggs, laid yesterday, and there are always a nightmare to peel if not done immediately after cooking. Before the instant pot, when I made deviled eggs I used supermarket eggs and they don’t have as much flavor. With the instant pot, they peel easily and look perfect. I leave them in their shells until ready to eat. The instant pot was a great investment, I absolutely love it. Thanks, Gina!

  149. I made these today (hard boiled) using XL eggs and they were perfect! I peeled right away and they peeled beautifully.  Thanks Gina for another great one!!

  150. Forget about dragging out the pressure cooker/instant pot. Pick up an egg cooker on Amazon and get perfect eggs each time. I bought rhe Chef`s Choice and never have a bad batch. You can boil up to 7 eggs each run. I start the water and eggs cold and let them warm and cook together. Rarely have a cracked egg.
    No fuss! No muss!

    • The last thing I need is another single use small kitchen appliance! Glad the Instant Pot helped me get rid of so many of them because it is so versatile.

  151. What instant pot do you recommend?

  152. BAM!! It worked.. So excited. Not only for easy morning breakfast but also EASTER!! woohoo!! What a time saver!!

  153. I just did half a dozen and they turned out perfect. Shells nearly came off in one whole piece! Such easy ratios to remember too. Thanks for sharing this recipe and turning me on to the Instant Pot. It’s a game changer!

  154. Does the number of eggs change the timing, like using a microwave?  I did this with four eggs and worked perfectly. Then two more times, I tried with 9 eggs and the hard-boiled method, and the eggs came out only partially cooked each time. 

  155. Did you buy an extra rack for the instant pot? Mine came with one, but doesn’t look like that one. Mine has bigger gaps that the eggs would fall through. 
    I LOVE my Instant POT!!

  156. I’ve never thought of doing eggs in my pressure cooker. I do them mostly in my electric steamer but that’s definitely worth trying so thanks ????

  157. Does it matter if eggs are room temperature or right from the frig? I did the 6 minute, quick release and the eggs peeled and cut right away were perfect, the eggs peeled and then put in the frig for the week when cut had the green ring. I did use the ice bath but I think they kept cooking, what do you think?

  158. I’m so glad to read this recipe! I had read another one to make soft boiled eggs and it was definitely not enough cook time (2 min on low pressure). My eggs came out with uncooked slimy white in the middle but the yolks were gelatinous and cooked!!! I’m going to try your timing and I’m sure it will be much better!

  159. I like my eggs creamy in center….I usually boil for 6 1/2 min. (Japanese style).  How long to cook eggs in instant pot to achieve this?  4 min?

    • So a little more than my soft boiled? I would probably follow my soft boiled eggs, and leave them on natural release 5 minutes, then quick release.

      • I also like my eggs with a softer, brighter yolk and followed this advice. They came out perfectly! 2 minutes manual and 5 minutes natural release then into the ice bath. There are a million instant pot egg recipes and techniques out there, but I know I can always trust Skinnytaste! 

      • I did my eggs for 3 minutes, then quick release…and to me, they were a bit over cooked, Next, I will try 2 minutes on high, then quick release…keeping fingers crossed (I understand there are variables like refrigerated or not etc.) but going forward to it just the same.

  160. Do you have a recommendation on the version & brand of Instant Pot? I have really enjoyed incorporating your recipes into my menu planning! Thank you!!

  161. I don’t have an instant pot (yet!) but I have an electric steamer that I use constantly for vegetables. Gina, do you think I could soft or hard cook eggs in it as well? If so, for how long would you think? Many thanks

    • I am sure you can! But I would be guessing about the time. Hard boiled eggs on my stove take 20 minutes.

      • On my stove they take 10, from boiling water, and run them under cold water stat. This goes for any number of eggs, although the more there are, the longer it will take for the water to come back to the boil.

        For soft-boiled, it takes 6. Then follow the same procedure as for hard boiled.

    • I do my eggs in my electric steamer too. 20 minutes for hard boiled and about 16-17 for soft (with my steamer anyway)

    • I use my veggie steamer. I do 30 minutes for room temp eggs and 35 for cold, refrigerated eggs. My eggs are fresh. I have 15 chickens.

  162. I missed something. What IS the Instant Pot? Just a pressure cooker?

  163. How long will they keep.once peeled? Thanks!!

    • I don’t remember now, but I simply Googled the question–the Egg Board has answers to many questions. The reason I don’t remember is that the time was very short to use them after peeling, so I chose to keep them unpeeled. Just check Google!!!

    • I peel and keep them in a baggie or jar with either pepperoncini liquid, pickle Liquid or my jalapeno bread & butter pickle juice. Just a 1/2 day usually gets enough flavor but last even 2 weeks and then wow flavor!! Egg salad, tuna salad, devil eggs with a KICK! Yes, salad too or just pop one as is or as a to-go snack or treat.

  164. Does the time increase if I make more than 4 eggs? I saw that you mentioned the amount of water remains the same.

  165. Ooooo. Creamy eggs! Looks absolutely delicious. I’ll have to make these for my next family breakfast. 

  166. I’d love to hear more about your breakfast salad!

  167. Is there a benefit to peeling right away? Do you use the same amount of water if you hard boil a dozen eggs?

    • I find it peels easier if you do it right away. Same amount of water, you want to use a rack so the water doesn’t touch the eggs.

    • When you peel them, you also have to eat them inmediately, because peeled the bacteria can do their work. Always keep them unpeeled and fridged till you eat them.

      • Not True. Proper handling is key. Peel and refrigerate and they wil be fine for a week or so. Think about it. You buy boiled eggs in the store. Any food is safe as long as it is handled safely

      • The hard boiled eggs you buy in the store are in a small amount of liquid that helps preserve them. This just one the reasons they say to rinse the eggs before eating.

      • I, too, have found the peeled eggs degrade in the fridge after a few days. I always cool the newly cooked eggs in an ice bath (FL tap water is lukewarm ?). The refrigerated eggs peel perfectly days later. 

      • Cooking should kill the bacteria 

    • I don’t peel mine right away. I keep them in the fridge and they always peel easily.

  168. I hard boil a dozen eggs at a time using this method and keep them in the fridge in the shell. So handy for quick breakfasts or to add to a salad.

  169. One of the top reasons (besides the insanely good price) that I bought an Instant Pot this winter was so I could make boiled eggs! I had heard that they were super easy to peel and an overall time saver. Definitely was the case!