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Naked Salmon Burgers with Sriracha Mayo

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Some burgers are just meant to be eaten without a bun. These delicious, omega-packed, naked salmon burgers with sriracha mayo are the perfect example!

Some burgers are just meant to be eaten without a bun. These delicious, omega-packed, naked salmon burgers with sriracha mayo are the perfect example!Salmon Burgers with Sriracha Mayo

So much flavor in these burgers made with wild salmon, served on a bed of arugula and topped with sliced avocado and a spicy sriracha mayo – a bun would only disguise it. You might also like  naked Salmon Quinoa Kale Burgers, Swordfish Burgers with a Lemon Vinaigrette, and super juicy Turkey Burgers with Zucchini.

Some burgers are just meant to be eaten without a bun. These delicious, omega-packed, naked salmon burgers with sriracha mayo are the perfect example!

These burgers can be formed earlier in the day, or even the night before. Refrigerating them before cooking helps them hold together firm during cooking. Another tip is to put some of the salmon in the food processor or chopper. It creates “glue” that keeps everything together.

Some burgers are just meant to be eaten without a bun. These delicious, omega-packed, naked salmon burgers with sriracha mayo are the perfect example!

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Naked Salmon Burgers with Sriracha Mayo

5 from 21 votes
Some burgers are just meant to be eaten without a bun. These delicious, omega-packed, naked salmon burgers with sriracha mayo are the perfect example!
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: American
Some burgers are just meant to be eaten without a bun. These delicious, omega-packed, naked salmon burgers with sriracha mayo are the perfect example!
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes
Total: 20 minutes
Yield: 4 burgers
Serving Size: 1 burger


For the Spicy Sriracha Mayo:

For the salmon patties:

  • 1/4 cup red bell pepper, diced
  • 1/4 cup yellow bell pepper, diced
  • 6 tbsp panko, or gluten-free panko
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 pound wild salmon fillet
  • 1 large egg, lightly beaten
  • 1/2 tablespoon reduced sodium soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • cooking spray
  • 4 cups baby arugula
  • 4 oz avocado, sliced


  • Combine mayonnaise and sriracha, set aside.
  • Remove the skin from the salmon, and cut about a 4 oz piece off.
  • Place in a food processor or chopper to finely chop. This will help hold the burgers together.  With a knife finely chop the remaining salmon.
  • In a medium bowl combine the salmon with the bell peppers, panko and garlic.
  • In a small bowl, combine egg, soy sauce, lemon juice, and salt; add to salmon mixture, tossing gently to combine.
  • Form mixture into 4 patties and refrigerate at least one hour, this will help the burgers become firm and hold together during cooking.
  • Lightly coat a grill pan or skillet with cooking spray. Place over medium-high heat until hot. Cook the patties 4 to 5 minutes per side, or until cooked through.
  • Place arugula on each plate, top each with salmon burger, 1 tbsp of mayo and avocado slices – enjoy!

Last Step:

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Recipe adapted from Paula Deen for Food Network


Serving: 1 burger, Calories: 290 kcal, Carbohydrates: 11 g, Protein: 26 g, Fat: 15 g, Saturated Fat: 1.5 g, Cholesterol: 113 mg, Sodium: 397 mg, Fiber: 3 g, Sugar: 2 g


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167 comments on “Naked Salmon Burgers with Sriracha Mayo”

  1. Quick, easy & delicious! I substitute 2 cans of Costco Wild Caught Alaska Pink Salmon (drained) in place of the fresh salmon. I keep everything else the same. Sometimes I use coconut aminos in place of soy sauce and it tastes the same. 

  2. I make these at least once a month! Super easy and delicious. I often buy a large piece of salmon and cut into filets. I use the very thin pieces to make these burgers. I hate to hand chop so I use my mini food processor to chop it. I serve with a big salad for a perfect and quick weeknight dinner.

  3. Soooooo good….I used an indoor grill press and cut the cooking time.  Perfect.  
    Red onion as a garnish was nice with the Mayo.  

  4. Very good but I only used 1/2 tablespoon of Sriracha. The Sriracha mayo gives the burger great flavor.

  5. WOW! These were so moist and delicious. My MIL even asked for the recipe. 😉
    Followed recipe exactly but added minced red onion. Loved them.

  6. I LOVE this recipe! I have made it 4-5 times for just myself.
    I use spinach instead of arugula but I think both are good options.
    It is just a really healthy low carb meal with lots of veggies. And the avocado with the siracha mayo and salmon is just an AMAZING food combination that I love.

    Thank you Gina for another great recipe.

  7. I made this with all ingredients listed but used  salmon leftover from last night.  (not raw.).  My adult son had turned up his nose at it when I said we were having salmon patties for dinner  but when he tasted it, he Couldn’t get over how delicious it was.   We all loved it.  Thank you, Gina!!

  8. This was SOO Good and I’m not even that big of a fan of Salmon. Only thing I switched out were the breadcrumbs for a Paleo “breadcrumb” mix but it was sooo delicious and good with the sriracha mayo and the creamy avocado. Thank you for making all these fantastic recipes for us Gina!

  9. Avatar photo
    Chris Kordash

    Love these, made them last and they were great. One question, how is it that they are WW blue only 3 points?  It seems low since freestyle points were 7. 

  10. These fishcakes are fabulous and have become a staple in my house.  They even make glorious salmon burgers with fresh baked rolls. 

  11. AMAZING!! I even used the salmon skins as a treat to my dogs (roasted it)! Highly recommend. I even made a side of mushroom farro to go with it! Yummmmmy! 

  12. Avatar photo
    Luzette Socash

    Love this. I tossed the arugula with a touch of evvo and lemon juice. Also used coconut oil to cook the burgers

  13. This is the first recipe from your site I made and WHOA. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of buying fresh salmon for burgers, but talk about elevating your parent’s tired and dry salmon patties! It’s a favorite of mine now and I make them often for guests who are wanting to “eat light.”

  14. I make it with the canned salmon from Costco and think it is delicious. It quick easy & always in my pantry. I’m guessing made with fresh salmon is even better!

  15. Has anyone tried freezing them before cooking? I know there was a question awhile ago but I didn’t see a definitive reply yet from anyone that’s tested it.

    1. I have made a different freshly ground salmon burger (with pico de gallo) for years and they freeze extremely well.  I like to place them on a cookie sheet til frozen, then wrap them individually. So this recipe should also work well for freezing too. 

    2. Yes! Numerous times after cooking then and then we reheat in the air fryer! I freeze them after putting them together just so they don’t fall apart on the grill or in the AF but only for about 25-35 minutes. 

  16. I am a tongue cancer survivor and can’t tolerate anything spicy. Do you have a suggestion to add with mayo that isn’t sriracha or spicy?

  17. This is one of my favorite recipes on your blog! Quick question, would these freeze well? Any suggestions on how to package/save them?

  18. Avatar photo
    Roberta Harris

    Since ordering a salmon burger at Brooklyn Deli in NYC, I have been anxious to try to duplicate it.  This was DELICIOUS!  Thanks for including the points.  I had 2 burgers and I’m right on plan!

  19. My husband goes salmon fishing every year leaving us with a lot of salmon! I get bored with the same recipes but I just found my new favorite salmon burger recipe! THANK YOU!

  20. Delicious! We have made it twice now in a few days. The second time, we put the patty on a English Muffin with the avocado and mayo. Super yummy! Definitely a keeper. 

  21. Made this recipe tonight the only thing I changed was I used 3 large cloves of garlic and doubled the sriracha mayo. This was an amazingly tasty recipe. 

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  23. My boyfriend and I made these the other night for dinner and loved them, but ended up with two leftover patties. I was hesitant about reheating fish for leftovers, but with an empty office opportunity today (so as not to smoke out my coworkers with stinky fish smell), I stuck one of the burgers in the microwave with a slice of Swiss cheese and plain sriracha (no mayo), and it’s delicious! I’d definitely recommend. We love following the Skinny Taste meal plan!

  24. I made these last night and they were really good!. I was kind of skeptical about the bed of arugula, but that peppery contrast worked great with the rest of the flavors. I thought maybe it would need some sort of dressing, but that wasn’t at all necessary. I used frozen salmon from Sam’s Club, which didn’t really have a lot of flavor, but it was still great! Most definitely going on the rotation! Thanks for sharing!

  25. I’m making these tonight. I’ve tried several of your recipes and they were all so delicious and healthy!  Quick question though, is the nutritional info provided for the salmon Patty only or including the arugula & avocado?  Sorry! I’m on a journey to get healthier in a year and I’m tracking all of my food intake. ????

  26. Avatar photo
    Kasey Kessler

    How many carbs would be in one burger if you skipped the mayo and the arugula/avocado? Thanks!

    1. That has been asked many times through this list of comments. A variety of answers given. Look back through them.

  27. Wondering if u use 4oz of salmon per burger or 4 oz for 4 burgers/ WONDERING NUTERIAL VALUE PER BURGER I go to WW WANT TO CHECK SP

  28. I made this last night and O.M.G. they were good. My husband said this is one of the best things I have ever made! My daughter even liked the burger with no sauce or avocado. I served it over fresh spinach because that is all I had and it complimented the burger well! I love Skinnytaste and all of the amazing recipes. Every single one I have ever made has been amazing. Thank you for sharing your gift of healthy cooking!

  29. I’ve made this dish probably 6 times and I am OBSESSED! Thus far this is my FAVORITE SkinnyTaste recipe. I am so addicted to this I could eat it every week. The arugula is perfect with the salmon burgers. And the siracha mayo… OMG. Just OMG. I LOVE THIS DISH!!!!!!

    1. Is there a compliant Whole 30 bread you can use? I use sprouted grain bread to make my own panko by taking the crusts off, putting it in my food chopper to make breadcrumbs, and bake it at 250 for about 20 minutes with no oil or anything on a baking sheet and it works good.

  30. I had to substitute the peppers with shredded zucchini due to what was available. Still came out soo delicious! definitely will keep this recipe as a staple 

  31. Avatar photo
    Debbie Nifong

    Love love love these salmon patties. I make the full recipes then place them into tupperware hamburger freezer containers so I can pop one out and have it for lunch. When I first made them I thought oh this is not going to work they’re going to fall apart!  Follow directions and you will be pleasantly surprised.  Can you please fix this search result? When I copy name into the blogs search bar it always comes up as not a recipe? Thank you I absolutely love your blog and just ordered 2 cookbooks.

  32. Avatar photo
    Debbie Nifong

    I made these last night for dinner and it was great. When I first made the patties I was really worried about if they were gonna fall apart as I cooked them, as so many recipes do. But refrigerated them for 1 hour as recipe directed and they cooked perfectly on my nonstick pan. I actually cooked one and freezing the other four for lunches later this week. I used my old tupperware hamburger pat-tie maker to shape them and freeze them.

  33. Avatar photo
    Debbie Nifong

    What is kosher salt cooking spray? I think I just figured it out that salt and cooking spray is together in one ingredient. Sometimes I’m so crazy. I love, love love your site and all my recipes have come from it the past month.

  34. Just curious about the nutrition information so I can accurately put the smartpoints in to my WW app. Does the 7sp include the tbsp of mayo and avocado? Or is it just for the burger? Thank you!! 

  35. I swear by SkinnyTaste recipes. I have the book but this is BY FAR one of my favorites!! Perfect for summertime and anyone who loves salmon. I’m not particularly fond of arugula so I put my salmon burgers over mixed greens with a light dressing (olive oil, lemon juice and pepper). So delicious I can’t wait to make it again!

  36. Avatar photo
    Maryann Bozzo

    I love your recipe for Naked Salmon Burgers, I am addicted to them. Can I freeze them before cooking and take them out as I need them. Can they be cooked from frozen or need to be completely thawed?

  37. I have these waiting in my fridge for dinner tonight.  When i built them on weight watcher they came up 4 points more than you list on the recipe.  My salmon was slightly bigger at a lb and a quarter but don’t think that would add 4 points.  

  38. Made these tonight and they were delicious. Used fresh salmon and these were much better than when I made them with canned wild salmon. 

  39. These were incredible. 
    It was like eating deconstructed sushi. 
    I did use a bit more panko because I had a hard time forming them into patties (I used four individually wrapped 4 oz. pieces of frozen salmon so I think they were extra wet from defrosting) but did everything else exactly as written and WOW these were really good. 
    I put the avocado on the side because I wasn’t sure how it would on top of the patty with the sauce and lettuce, but the avocado puts an exclamation point on the flavor of this dish.  
    My husband, who isn’t a “fish guy” raved about these. They are now in the regular rotation. 
    Another home run Gina! Thank you so much. 

  40. What other fish would be just as good to use? I have a friend who is a commercial fisherman & I would like to purchase from him. Would yellow jack work?

  41. Avatar photo
    Trindi Collins

    I am wanting to make these, but I do not like any type of bell peppers.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a replacement?

      1. Is there a good replacement or spice to get flavor into the burgers without the bell peppers? I am allergic to bell peppers and onion…

  42. Hi Gina – on your link to these on your weekly meal plan, you have them listed asked naked salad burgers instead of naked salmon burgers. 

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    1. There are several gluten free panko options available now. I just bought the Ian’s brand option and it tastes great! 

  44. If you do not want to use the panko bread crumbs can you substitute them for grounded up walnuts to hold them together. Just curious.

  45. Loved the taste of these salmon burgers. Unfortunately, I did not have any sriracha sauce, so I substituted Remoulade sauce instead and added no additional mayo. I also used my leftover salmon from another one of your recipes from dinner the previous night and it still cooked up really nice. I will definitely be making these again. Thanks for making meals delicious and fun!!!

  46. LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe! So easy…the hardest part is getting the skin off the salmon…and so delicious! Just made them and put them in the fridge for tonight with just a few oven fries. Is it time for dinner yet??!!

  47. These are good… better with chopped cilantro, a squeeze of lemon over all… and a little sauvignon blanc.

  48. Hi Gina, could you please provide an approximate measurement for the 4 oz. of salmon skin in this recipe? (Ex: 2 inch x 4 inch piece, 3 inch x 5 inch piece, etc.) Many thanks!!

  49. if you want a Great tasting salmon burger try using Zatarain's Blackened seasoning Excellent flavor just sprinkle the amount you wish before pan searing or grilling

  50. I hate mayo so I mixed the sriracha with greek yogurt and it was still awesome. Thank you! I'm so glad I found your site 🙂

  51. Avatar photo
    Jodee Weiland

    These salmon burgers look so delicious and healthy! I love salmon burgers and with your ingredients, they sound beyond delicious…they sound awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  52. I'm wondering what the nutrition stats would be for just the burger patty, minus the avocado, mayo and arugula?

  53. Noticed someone else asked the same thing I was wondering about the instruction to "cut 4oz piece". Do you mean the salmon meat or the skin. I didn't see a reply to this question.

  54. Avatar photo
    Amybeth Hurst

    Anything with Sriracha right in the title piques my interest. I will have to try this recipe. I grew up with salmon patties, my grandma made it from the can. I am not afraid to try it with some fresh salmon as it's always fun to try new things. Other fish may work as well! As long as it flakes nicely. I'll let you know how it turns out! Thank you, Amybeth Hurst, Portland, ME

  55. This was soooo good! Very filling and yummy. Didn't taste like "health or diet" food at all. I used spinach instead of arugula, personal preference. I love your recipes. Use your site multiple times a week.

  56. I was a little hesitant on 'wasting' good salmon into patties, but I decided to give it a try anyway and i'm SO glad I did! It was delicious, even my 1 year old loved it! I did have to add a couple tablespoons of regular whole wheat breadcrumbs to help with the moisture, but these were amazing. Definitely putting this into our regular meal rotation. Thanks Gina!

  57. OMG! These were amazing! I used a cast iron grill pan and had no sticking problems. Had no avocado or arugula, but they were delish on a bed of lettuce (spring mix with romaine). The sriracha mayo was marvelous. They sell it at Walmart, but it's made with regular mayo. I use sriracha for other things, so it's more economical and less fat to mix at home with lite mayo. Thanks again Gina.

  58. I made these last night and they were so yummy! It says to let them sit for an hour in the fridge, but I was in a rush so I maybe let them sit for 20 min and they held together just fine! Can't wait to make them again!

  59. Are the nutrition facts just for the burger, or do they include the mayo, avocado and lettuce? Thanks!

  60. Avatar photo
    Thalia @ butter and brioche

    i am definitely loving that sriracha mayo.. i cant get enough of sriracha at the moment! looks delicious!

  61. Avatar photo
    Kim Bernbaum

    Can this be made using leftover cooked salmon filet instead of raw? Would love to try it and already have a ton of leftover salmon

  62. Sriracha can be bought from Walmart or most supermarkets, usually found in the Asian section with other awesome things 🙂 Or venture into your nearest Asian food store.
    This recipe looks like it would hot the spot for me, can't wait!

  63. Avatar photo

    It is the Sriracha that caught my attention, although we do love salmon, as my family recently discovered this fire-in-your-mouth condiment.

  64. Without the sriracha mayo, the burgers are very, very bland. I don't eat mayo so when I make them in the future, I will add some seasonings. My husband and daughter liked them with the sriracha.

    1. You could mix the Siracha with Greek yogurt. I substitute it for sour cream and mayo in recipes all the time. Healthier and adds some more protein without compromising the taste.

  65. I'm new to this cooking thing and perhaps this is a stupid question. i'm making it tonight for dinner. What do you mean "cut above a 4oz pc" like the fat between the skin and meat, or 4oz of the skin? please help.

    1. Wondering too., and I cook often!   You probably figured out by now but I think she means keep 4 oz  Of the skin to make the “glue”.  I had to read it a few times then guess. 

      1. I don’t think you would want to eat the skin. I believe she means for us to cut off a piece of the salmon and place it in the food processor. This will act as a glue to help hold the other pieces together. I made these – very good!

  66. Avatar photo
    Kate @ Babaganosh

    This looks delicious! I bet these come out super moist and flavorful because of the bell peppers. What a great idea to skip the bun still end up with something delicious. I'll be making these soon 🙂

  67. Hello: Just checking: The ingredients say a lightly beaten egg, then the recipe refers to combining an egg white with soy sauce, etc. Please clarify. Thanks!

  68. If I should use canned wild alaskan salmon, how much would you recommend?
    I had made The Barefoot Contessa's recipe which was fantasttic, but way too much work. But I did cook them all and flash freezed them. Then put them in a baggie and all I had to do was reheat in a pan. Yours sound lovely and would definitely make them.

  69. The ingredients state large egg, lightly beateng, but the directions state egg white. does it matter?

  70. My husband and I were just talking about eating healthier.. eating more fish, eating less bread and then I spotted your yummy salmon cakes on arugala! I cannot wait to show him tonight.. heck I can't wait to make some!!

  71. Avatar photo
    Lindsey M Miller

    Made this last night…. YUM! I didn't have peppers so I subbed diced onion and yellow squash – delicious!! Also, I didn't have time to put the patties in the fridge for an hour and they still turned out great! (I cooked them in them in a pan on the stove though, not the grill) Oh and I used your cucumber ranch dressing for the greens that was leftover from an earlier skinny taste dinner this week 🙂

  72. Avatar photo
    Jessica Prunell

    Wondering if you could make these with canned salmon? I get wild canned salmon from Trader Joes. How many cans would you swap in for the one pound filet? Or just would you do 1 lb of the canned? Thanks!

    1. Avatar photo
      Skinnytaste Gina

      It would be more like a salmon cake, but since I did not test it, I am not sure how well it will hold together. But, I do have a recipe for salmon cakes that you can use instead!!

    2. Please, where is your salmon cake recipe using canned salmon? Can't find it in the Search box.

  73. Fresh salmon patties + avocado + sriracha looks and sounds delicious! These are going on the menu for this weekend. AND a great pan set give-away! Thanks!

  74. Those salmon burgers look delicious. I would love to win the grill pan for my son who has just started cooking .thanks for the chance to win. I love calphalon cookware.

  75. Would these freeze well? If so, would you freeze them before or after cooking? Thanks. (Sorry if this is a duplicate post.)

      1. So freeze them raw and then defrost and proceed? Has anyone tried this? I’d really like to know as I have family coming for a week and I’m trying to do as much prep before as I can. 

  76. this looks absolutely delicious!!! i'm definitely going to try this.


  77. Avatar photo

    Ahhh theswe look so good! I have made salmon burgers a few times and find that they do really nicely served on potato patties as well 😀 These look heavenly though, loving the looks of the sriracha mayo too, mmm ^ ^

  78. Yum!!! I yet again printed off another recipe! Once I receive your cookbook, I will have to see which print outs I can get rid of! 🙂 Looking forward to trying. @Krista – I would think that you could do this on the grill, but you may want to use a grill pan in case it falls apart a little.

    1. Avatar photo
      Skinnytaste Gina

      Yes, they are a bit delicate, but if you leave them in the fridge overnight before you cook them, they will be just fine.

  79. Yay! Alaskan girl here who just went fishing and now have about 40 sockeye filets in my freezer. Always looking for fun new things to do with them! Most patty recipes call for canned salmon so it's nice to see one with fresh fish. Definitely going to give this a try!

    1. Avatar photo
      Skinnytaste Gina

      Sure! As long as you clean the grates and oil them, they will be fine. Salmon is an oily fish, so that also helps.

  80. Avatar photo
    Amelia Elizabeth

    I'm sad to say I have premade salmon patties and it's my first time buying them and I had no idea what to put on them, but I'll be trying the spicy mayo and avacado on a naked 'burger'

    1. Avatar photo
      Just call me Angel

      If you have a Costco, they sell a herbed fish sprinkle that is delish if you want to go sans the mayo and siracha or as an additional seasoning. My hubby loves siracha, so I will try this.

  81. These look delicious! I just bought a lot of canned wild salmon at Costco – do you think it would work in place of the fresh salmon? Thanks!

    1. You can make it with canned, but I don't think the flavor will be the same. I tried it tonight and was rather disappointed at the bland taste.

    2. I have made "salmon cakes" for years – with canned or fresh salmon. Both work – add some lime zest to the mixture for a little extra citrus punch.