Avocado Coconut Popsicles

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These creamy avocado coconut popsicles are made with just 4 ingredients – nutrient dense avocados, coconut-almond milk, raw sugar and coconut flakes. They are dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.

These creamy avocado coconut popsicles are made with just 4 ingredients – nutrient dense avocados, coconut-almond milk, raw sugar and coconut flakes.Avocado Coconut Popsicles

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It’s no secret, I’m pretty avocado obsessed! I grew up eating avocados all my life and I usually incorporate them into a meal just about every day! In fact, I love them so much I created an entire Pinterest Board devoted to avocados. But I usually eat them in some type of savory dish such as guacamole, BLT, egg salad, in my salad dressings, with my soups and more.

But the fact is, in Brazil where my Dad lived for many years, avocados were never eaten with salt; instead they were treated as the fruit that they are and were often sweetened with sugar. My dad used to make a smoothie years ago with avocados, milk and sugar which he called Vitamina. Because I love coconut, I took his smoothie idea and added coconut flakes and loved it! And since avocados are so nutrient dense, you’re also getting a good dose of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals to boot!

These creamy avocado coconut popsicles are made with just 4 ingredients – nutrient dense avocados, coconut-almond milk, raw sugar and coconut flakes.

PS – The popsicle mold I used is from Progressive which I bought on Amazon, click the link if you’re interested.

These creamy avocado coconut popsicles are made with just 4 ingredients – nutrient dense avocados, coconut-almond milk, raw sugar and coconut flakes.

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These creamy avocado coconut popsicles are made with just 4 ingredients – nutrient dense avocados, coconut-almond milk, raw sugar and coconut flakes.
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Avocado Coconut Popsicles

84.5 Cals 1 Protein 11 Carbs 4.5 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 0 mins
Freeze Time: 3 hrs
Total Time: 3 hrs 10 mins
Yield: 10 servings
COURSE: Dessert, Snack
CUISINE: American
These creamy avocado coconut popsicles are made with just 4 ingredients – nutrient dense avocados, coconut-almond milk, raw sugar and coconut flakes.


  • 4 oz haas avocado, from 1 medium
  • 2 1/3 cups unsweetened Almond Breeze Almond Coconut milk
  • 6 tbsp raw sugar, or your favorite sweetener
  • 1/2 cup sweetened shredded coconut flakes, Baker's


  • Combine the avocado, milk and sugar in the blender and mix until smooth.
  • Add the coconut flakes and mix to incorporate.
  • Pour into the popsicle mold and freeze.


Serving: 1popsicle, Calories: 84.5kcal, Carbohydrates: 11g, Protein: 1g, Fat: 4.5g, Saturated Fat: 0.5g, Sodium: 30mg, Fiber: 1.5g, Sugar: 9g
WW Points Plus: 2
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  1. I loved these. Very tasty and easy to make

  2. We love these popsicles.  I’ve even made without the shredded coconut and still good.  These are some of my favorites when my kids have sore throats and aren’t eating very well.  I feel good about getting them some soothing pops and healthy fats.

  3. Thanks SO much for deleting my questions and misleading people. These popsicles are 4 SP’s not 2. 😉

    • Why so rude? All my comments got accidentally deleted from all my posts from the last days by my tech person, so I never saw this. I will calculate these to see if they are correct.

  4. Do they get brown?

  5. I’m Brazilian and I agree with your dad rsrs
    Is very common here we eat avocado witch milk and little sugar. We called Vitamina de abacate.
    Is so sweet and good I love 

  6. Holy moly these were amazing. Even better? Its late September and I needed popsicle molds– Target clearance to the rescue! I made 11 of these from the recipe, and they ended up being 2 points. I used honey instead of sugar because its what I had on hand.. and ohhh my heavens it was a great decision! These were slightly icy- still creamy and delicious, but that could be because I was using an avocado that probably should have ripened another day 🙂 either way- these didn't last a week in my house, and my husband is begging for more! Bravo, Gina!

  7. Being from Honolulu and having an avocado tree in our yard, my mother would mix a bit of sugar then spread a little on Hawaiian bread for us as an after school snack or on crackers. Yummy!

  8. would it be to use coconut sugar?

  9. Thanks for the great idea! I can make this paleo and won't feel guilt letting my kids eat popcicles!

  10. Love the idea, thank you for offering such a great idea.

  11. Love love love it! I made mine in my ice-cream maker. YUM!

  12. Oh emm geee. Avocado + coconut? Two of my favorite things ever. I'm definitely gonna be making these.

  13. OH MY …DONE & DONE! LOVE THESE IDEAS, I FOUND COCOA POWDER ON SWANSON.COM & NO I GET NOTHING FROM THEM FOR THIS TIP…VERY GOOD PRICES, ORGANIC & AMAZING…I'VE HAD MINE FOR 4 MOS. STILL SEMI-FULL, I'M DOING UNSWEETENED ALMOND/COCONUT MILK HOT COCOA, ALL WINTER…UM YA KNOW? I just saw that this is all caps, lol, oh well! The swansons thing is a really good tip cause they have a whole lot of gluten free; um all the stuff people are into these days, and the prices are very good…I'm on disability so duh, I make like nothing…it's the diff between $5.99 bogo or $34.99 elsewhere…HELLO! I love finding these lovely recipes to switch up all the ones I've been doing for a really long time now…I lost 150 lbs, 13 yrs ago, so yep…I know how to get it off & keep it off! NO HELP FROM ANYONE…(those caps were on purpose) no judgement on those who do a procedure/plan…I lost mine 13yrs ago & am 5' 9" weigh 125 lbs I don't think everyone should be skinny, just healthy…I eat very healthy…I am a chef, and have worked very hard to turn gourmet food into delish better options! I've been through a lot, but you pick yourself up put on a smile & be thankful for another day…I love cooking for people, laughter, beaches & tap dancing on the ceiling… oh whoops wrong web page! I'm just kidding, not really, You rock Gina

  14. I would never in a million years have thought to sweeten avocado, but now I want to try these just out of curiosity!

  15. Love these! Just posted these on our facebook page

  16. I love this idea to make avocado sweet and refreshing in a popsicle, soooo yummy and healthy!

  17. How awesome this recipe was just emailed to me! I just found the right kind of mold to make these yesterday and I have all the ingredients on hand! Can't wait to make these today!!!!!����

  18. Can the almond milk be replaced with something else for those with nut allergies?

  19. These popsicles look SOOOOO DROOL -worthy! It's almost like eating a smoothie on a stick! Love it!

  20. These sound great – avocadoes are the best things ever and I love coconut so I can imagine these would go like hot cakes in my house.

  21. Hey Gina,

    The serving size states 10. What type of popcicle former did you use? Depending on the former the size could vary

    • I added the link above for those of you who asked. You can also use small plastic dixie cups.

  22. mmm sounds delish!


  23. I lived in Brazil for a year, and Vitamina was one of my favorite "discoveries", though I always had it thicker than a smoothie–more like a thinner pudding. I also loved the avocado ice cream I found at a beach in Recife. This recipe you've created is the best of both! Can't wait to try it. Quick question: is there a need for an emulsifier or does the creamy avocado help keep it from forming ice chunks or being as hard as an ice cube? Thank you!

    • Love the ice cream idea! This wasn't hard at all, so I think the avocado helps keep it creamy.

    • Thank you! So excited–my popsicle molds should be coming tomorrow (love Amazon Prime), so by Wednesday, I should have Avocado popsicles! Have you ever tried your hand at creating a fudgesicle recipe (I searched your site and didn't see one)? You'd be my hero if you found a healthy way to make one that didn't also have a ton of calories (I found one online that was almost 300 calories–yikes!). Hmmm, maybe avocado would be the key. 🙂

    • Okay. Made them! They are fabulous! I had to make tweaks based on what I had in the pantry so to speak. I also left out the coconut flakes (it's a texture thing). I used a can of lite coconut milk and made up the liquid difference with almond milk (I loved the extra coconut flavor).

      Frozen Vitamina! Otimo! One question: The creamy avocado mixture sank to the bottom of the mold–mostly; therefore, the first few bites were perfect, then as I got to the rest, the milky parts which tasted great were…icier (as in crunchier or iced milk). Is that normal or should it have been smooth and creamy all the way through? Thank you for this wonderful recipe! I'd share a picture, but I'm a novice at removing them from the molds and they melted a bit at the ends. lol

  24. Ah, exotic! Loving the combination of coconut and avocado, so smooth and creamy! I hope you've had a lovely weekend 🙂 x

  25. I lived in Brazil and I used to drink that smoothie all the time except we made it with condensed milk.

  26. I didn't know that some cultures treat avocados as sweet, that's really interesting. I might have to try that avocado in a smoothie idea, and the popsicles too!

  27. Wow, what a unique dessert! Love the avocado + coconut flavors, very summery and tropical! 🙂