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7 Day Healthy Meal Plan (Oct 12-18)

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A free 7-day, flexible weight loss meal plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner and a shopping list. All recipes include calories and updated WW Smart Points.

7 Day Healthy Meal Plan (Oct 12-18)

7-Day Healthy Meal Plan

Fall means PUMPKIN!!! Who loves pumpkin?? This girl right here! From something warm like Creamy Pumpkin Ginger Soup to a sweeter treat like my Pumpkin Butter, you can check out all my fall recipes here and let me know your favorites! Also, popular this month are recipes made in the air fryer. Let me know if I should add more air fryer recipes to next week’s meal plan.

Why Should Everyone Meal Plan?

Meal planning is a great way to organize your meals for the week ahead. You also save time and money in the supermarket! And of course, planning ahead helps you stick to your goals!

About The Meal Plan

If you’re new to my meal plans, I’ve been sharing these free, 7-day flexible healthy meal plans (you can see my previous meal plans here) that are meant as a guide, with plenty of wiggle room for you to add more food, coffee, beverages, fruits, snacks, dessert, wine, etc or swap recipes out for meals you prefer, you can search for recipes by course in the index. You should aim for around 1500 calories* per day.

There’s also a precise, organized grocery list that will make grocery shopping so much easier and much less stressful. Save you money and time. You’ll dine out less often, waste less food and you’ll have everything you need on hand to help keep you on track.

Lastly, if you’re on Facebook join my Skinnytaste Facebook Community where everyone’s sharing photos of recipes they are making, you can join here. I’m loving all the ideas everyone’s sharing! If you wish to get on the email list, you can subscribe here so you never miss a meal plan!

Also, if you don’t have the Skinnytaste Meal Planner, now would be a great time to get one to get organized for 2020! There was a print error last year, but it’s perfect now! You can order it here!


Breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday, are designed to serve 1 while dinners and all meals on Saturday and Sunday are designed to serve a family of 4. Some recipes make enough leftovers for two nights or lunch the next day. While we truly believe there is no one size fits all meal plan, we did our best to come up with something that appeals to a wide range of individuals. Everything is Weight Watchers friendly, I included the updated WW Blue SP for your convenience, feel free to swap out any recipes you wish or just use this for inspiration!

The grocery list is comprehensive and includes everything you need to make all meals on the plan. I’ve even included brand recommendations of products I love and use often. Cross check your cabinets because many condiments you’ll notice I use often, so you may already have a lot of them.

And last, but certainly not least, this meal plan is flexible and realistic. There’s plenty of wiggle room for cocktails, healthy snacks, dessert and dinner out. And if necessary, you can move some things around to make it work with your schedule. Please let me know if you’re using these plans, this will help me decide if I should continue sharing them!

MONDAY (10/12)
B: Classic Egg Salad (3B 6G 3P) on 1 slice whole grain bread (3B 3G 3P) and an orange (0B 0G 0P)
L: BLT with Avocado (9B 9G 9P) and an apple (0B 0G 0P)
D: Red Lentil Soup with Spinach* (1B 6G 1P) with 1 mini naan (4B 4G 4P)
Totals: WW Points 20B 28G 20P, Calories 1,128**

TUESDAY (10/13)
B: Classic Egg Salad (3B 6G 3P) on 1 slice whole grain bread (3B 3G 3P) and a grapefruit (0B 0G 0P)
L: LEFTOVER Red Lentil Soup with Spinach (1B 6G 1P)
D: Shrimp Fajitas (recipe x 2) (4B 9G 4P) with Quick and Delicioso Cuban Style Black Beans (1B 3G 1P)

Totals: WW Points 12B 27G 12P, Calories 1,036**

B: Classic Egg Salad (3B 6G 3P) on 1 slice whole grain bread (3B 3G 3P) and a grapefruit (0B 0G 0P)
L: LEFTOVER Red Lentil Soup with Spinach (1B 6G 1P)
D: Pork Chops with Dijon Herb Sauce (5B 5G 5P) and Parmesan Crusted Delicata Squash (recipe x 2) (4B 4G 4P)

Totals: WW Points 16B 24G 16P, Calories 1,003**

THURSDAY (10/15)
B: Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowls (½ recipe) (7B 7G 7P)
L: Chickpea Avocado Salad (3B 8G 3P)
D: Baked Chicken Thighs with Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes (11B 11G 8P)
Totals: WW Points 21B 26G 18P, Calories 1,090**

FRIDAY (10/16)
B: Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowls (½ recipe) (7B 7G 7P)
L: Chickpea Avocado Salad (3B 8G 3P)
D: Sweet and Spicy Glazed Salmon (1B 4G 1P) with Asian Edamame Fried Rice (4B 5G 1P)
Totals: WW Points 15B 24G 12P, Calories 907**

SATURDAY (10/17)
B: Healthy Pumpkin Oatmeal Shake (4B 4G 3P)
L: Quick Beef Chili (4B 6G 4P) with 2 tablespoons shredded cheddar (2B 2G 2P) and 1 tablespoon light sour cream
(1B 1G 1P)

Totals: WW Points 11B 13G 10P, Calories 484**

SUNDAY (10/18)
B: 2 sunny side up eggs (0B 4G 0P) with Sheet Pan Home Fries (5B 5G 2P)
L: BLT Salad with Avocado (5B 5G 5P)
D: Chicken Dal Curry (7B 9G 7P)

Totals: WW Points 17B 23G 14P, Calories 1,042**

*Freeze any extra leftover you/your family won’t eat.
**This is just a guide, women should aim for around 1500 calories per day. Here’s a helpful calculator to estimate your calorie needs. I’ve left plenty of wiggle room for you to add more food such as coffee, beverages, fruits, snacks, dessert, wine, etc.

7 Day Healthy Meal Plan (Oct 12-18)

*Google doc

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  1. I use this plan every week!! It has changed the way my whole family eats. We get to sit down for so many more meals together now. My 6year old even ate Brussel sprouts!!! Thank you so much! Please keep posting!

  2. I really appreciate how you curate this meal plan every week for us! Just a small suggestion, could the lunch recipe be less repetitive? I love following your recipes and they all taste great, I just don’t want to eat the same food for consecutive days

  3. I love your site and appreciate all you do from meal plans to recipes to WW points.. And please add my vote for appreciating more air fryer recipes too! Thank You!

  4. Avatar photo
    Patti Fitzgibbons

    I love your recipes!!  You include all the things I enjoy like Naan!!  I have made my own for mini pizzas.  I just made the egg salad! Delish!!!!   Keep doing what your doing!  It helps to meal plan & prep for the week!!!  I look forward to your plan & recipes each week!!!  💕

  5. I so appreciate you putting these together each week. You are a godsend! I am finally in a place where I can actually work on my meal planning skills and your menus are so good and healthy! Please keep it up!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these! I LOVE your weekly meal plans. I have created my own Google Doc and mix and move things as needed. It has been a great help! And the shopping list! Awesome! I edit the list for the things I need, put it into an Aldi pick up order and my shopping is done! Someone does it for you and you just have to pick it up. It is great! Every one of your recipes has been a hit!

  7. I LOVE these plans! This takes all of the guess work out of eating healthy for me (which I struggle with daily). The Google doc with the meals listed out in a chart is perfect. The shopping list – OMG! I go through, order what I need at my local grocery store online, and then have it delivered. That way I have everything I need. THANK YOU! Please keep them coming!

  8. Avatar photo
    Mary Williams

    I look forward to the 7 day meal plan every week. Everything is so well thought out! Gina, you should go work for the government!! But please don’t stop these wonderfull meal plans and recipes. Thanks for doing this.