3-Ingredient Strawberries Romanoff

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Strawberries Romanoff is a quick and easy, no-bake 3-ingredient dessert, delicious and perfect for any night of the week!

3-Ingredient Strawberries Romanoff
Strawberries Romanoff

My Mom made Strawberries Romanoff all the time when we were kids and we just loved it! She learned it in cooking school and since it was so simple to make, as a kid I made it all the time. Some people add orange zest or a splash of Grand Marnier but I think it’s perfect without. It’s easy to whip up and makes a great after dinner dessert. More light desserts you might enjoy are Strawberries and Cream, Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Strawberries as well as these Strawberry Squares.

Strawberries and sour cream

This easy dessert recipe can be whipped up anytime! Chances are, you make have the ingredients on hand. Some recipes call for adding heavy cream, orange zest or a splash of Grand Marnier but I like to keep it simple and make it exactly how my mom made it. Of course, if you wish to play around and make it your own, this is a great base!

Strawberry Romanoff Ingredients:

This easy dessert recipe is made with just three ingredients, so simple but good!

  • fresh strawberries, sliced
  • light sour cream, or you can use full fat plain yogurt
  • brown sugar, or a sugar-free brown sugar substitute

Can Strawberry Romanoff be made ahead?

You can make the sauce at least 1 day ahead, cut and assemble the strawberries the day you are going to eat them.

How To Make

Step 1. Start by making the cream by combining the sour cream and brown sugar. This can be made ahead refrigerated up to 4 days. This also makes a delicious fruit dip!

how to make Strawberry Romanoff

Step 2. Wash and hull the strawberries. It’s best to prep this the day you’re eating them so the strawberries are at their best.

strawberries, sliced

Step 3. When you’re ready to eat, place the strawberries in a small bowl and top with cream.

strawberries and cream

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How To Make Strawberries Romanoff
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Strawberries Romanoff

79 Cals 1 Protein 15 Carbs 3 Fats
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 0 mins
Total Time: 5 mins
Yield: 5 Servings
COURSE: Dessert
CUISINE: American
Strawberries Romanoff – a quick and easy 3-ingredient dessert, delicious and perfect for any night of the week!


  • 16 oz strawberries, washed and cut
  • 4 oz reduced-fat sour cream, full fat yogurt can also be used
  • 2 tbsp light or dark brown sugar


  • Combine sour cream and brown sugar and mix well. Place about five strawberries in each glass and drizzle each with 2 tablespoons of cream sauce.


The cream can be made ahead and be refrigerated for up to 4 days.


Serving: 5strawberries, 2 tbsp cream, Calories: 79kcal, Carbohydrates: 15g, Protein: 1g, Fat: 3g, Saturated Fat: 1.5g, Cholesterol: 9mg, Sodium: 12mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 12g
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  1. We call this german caramel in our home. We love making this. I serve the sour cream or yogurt on a plate and place a small scoop of the brown sugar on top. Kids then dip the berries in.

  2. Way back in the 70’s, I made strawberries romanoff with just a dash of orange extract. It was marvelous! I’m going to try it in this recipe.

    • I was going to say that back in the early 80s we had grape romanoff on a flight and it had brown sugar but I saw another recipe today that they called romanoff but it had orange juice and no brown sugar. I wonder if how it was first made. The grape one was really good we use to make it at home after that but I haven’t made it in years. I might have to make this now.

  3. I can’t wait to try it. Thank you for all your easy healthy recipes. I have SkinnyTaste Meal Planner. I’m so happy with it, but it doesn’t have Weight Wacher Points and I can’t seem to find them on your website either. Please, can you help. I sent you an email. I would love a response. Thank you.

  4. I was able to get this down to ZERO personal points, using fat free greek yogurt, swerve brown sugar, and of course strawberries are always zero on WW. This is delish! WOW! For 80 calories, I was able to eat a cup of strawberries, 1/4 cup of greek yogurt, and swerve is always zero calories.

  5. This seemed odd to me, but I had all of the ingredients so I figured I would try it, and WOW, I’m glad I did! How delicious!

  6. I used Greek yogurt and it was so yummy! Will definitely make it again!

  7. I used nonfat Greek yogurt, swerve brown sugar and a dash of vanilla extract and it was delicious! Thanks for the love point dessert! 

  8. Funny, an eternity ago, I worked in the kitchen at a country club and this was one of their desserts. I didn’t know it had a name. They also used blueberries.

  9. I use balsamic glaze instead of sugar

  10. I havent tried this recipe yet but as kids my mom would make the same recipe using bananas instead of strawberries. It looks yummy!

  11. Can I use blackberries…….

  12. Can you greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

  13. Can I use Organic Stevia AND do I whisk plain yogurt to make creamy?

  14. This is ridiculously easy and incredibly delicious! I’ve made several variations, including once as written, once subbing Greek yogurt, and once adding a splash of brandy. Thank you Gina!

  15. Delicious and so easy, I would never have thought the combination would work so well together.

  16. I used Swerve brown sugar substitute and it still turned out super delicious. What an easy and great dessert. Thank you!

  17. This is one of my favorite things EVER! I have been making it for years as an after-dinner treat. My secret: add a touch of almond extract.

  18. Is the sour cream 4oz by weight or volume?

  19. So incredibly simple to make. This is such a delicious sweet tooth satisfying dessert! 

  20. My mom used to make this when we were kids. Something she learned from working in the food industry. Delicious

  21. Pingback: Belvita Strawberry Dessert Bruschetta ⋆ Simple Nourished Living

  22. I used plain yogurt tonight, and it was delish!

  23. couls you use Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream?

  24. Can you sub greek yogurt for the sour cream? Will that make a huge flavor difference? I have a picky eater husband who hates sour cream but this looks delish!

  25. Delicious!! Thank you for your recipes. Everything I have made is outstanding!! I am on WW and your recipes are much better!!

  26. I love this! My mom used to serve strawberries from our California garden with a bowl of sour cream and a bowl of brown sugar for dipping –  yum! So many memories!

  27. I make a similar version with chobani plain yogart and a dash of vanilla. Low fat, low cal yumminess.

  28. Huge hit with everyone who tried it. Some people were hesitant, but that may have been because I mixed it in a bowl then stored it in the original sour cream container. ha ha ha.

  29. Your recipe looks wonderful and I hate to mess with anyone's recipe but can I substitute sour cream for Greek non-fat yoghurt and the sugar for maple syrup? Or would that spoil it, I don't want to do that please advise.

  30. I was craving something sweet after feasting on your skinny eggplant parmesan (wow, incredibly delicious!) and this effortless dessert completely satisfied without blowing my points. I had no idea that a few simple ingredients made such a tasty combination. I had mexican style sour cream and it was terrific. Thank you, Gina, your website is full of amazing recipes that I, as a self-proclaimed foodie giving WW a go, completely rely upon and have thoroughly enjoyed.

  31. This was a hit at my house. Easy and delicious. Thanks Gina!
    Your recipes are great!

  32. Would this work just as well with Greek yogurt??

    • Yes! Sour cream and greek yogurt taste so similar that I often substitute it…plus you get the probiotics! Can use coconut sugar in place of Brown sugar too!

  33. You can't beat only 3 ingredients!

  34. Delish! I can't believe how easy this is to make. We added blueberries and my family literally licked the dishes.

  35. I made this as a gluten free dessert for my mother in law's birthday. I quartered the berries into a pie plate, then poured the cream over the top right before serving, so everyone could take a scoop. Yum!

  36. It usually has a brown tint from the sugar, not sure why the photo didn't capture that but you did it right!

  37. This is super Yummy…but mine came out very brown in color..in your pic it looks white did I do something wrong?

  38. Thanks Shonta, I really love this too, and it couldn't be easier to make!

  39. Phenomenol as are all of your recipes i have tried so far…made it tonight for myself and the wife…was skeptical of the combo at first but yum!!and who can argue with 2 points lol!!I wasnt sure how the wife was going to like it as she has this amazing palate to be able to taste every season spice flavor etc in a food (she should have been some sort of food critic I swear) and she loved it!!We have tried the arroz con pollo, cuban black beans, asian glazed drumsticks, the chipotle rice, shrimp quesadillas with tomato avocado salsa and are just in love with the recipes so far as I just discovered the website about a week and a half ago…love the tomato avocado salsa with baked chips…ive had to make it 3 times this week for a snack at the wifes request. I am doing weight watchers and have been sharing your site and recipes with fellow weight watchers and just people in general…i almost feel like im not dieting using your recipes so thank you!!

  40. Also delicious with a sprinkling of cinnamon on top!

  41. Oh my GOSH! WHO KNEW?? Making this for Valentine's dessert tonight but with a little hesitation… sour cream and strawberries???! And then I tasted it! WOW! Now, the problem is that I just want to eat the sauce! Great recipe. Thanks so much! Gloria

  42. I truly love this dessert and love that it's so easy to make with ingredients I always have on hand!

  43. I happened upon your site today and found this recipe. It was exactly what I needed! I am doing WW and have been struggling to find something to fill that sweet creamy craving. I have had strawberries Ramonoff of La Madeline bakery and loved it. As soon as I saw this recipe I popped into the kitchen and made it (so happy that I had all of the ingredients). Delicious! My 8 yr old daughter also took some to school for snack time. THANK YOU!

  44. Made this last night for a quick sweet fix for dessert and I used FF Sour Cream! It was delicious! I was licking the bowl clean 🙂

  45. I made this for dessert the other night, and my 2 year old ate it up and then started licking the cup to get the rest of the cream sauce. So good! Thank you for the great recipies 🙂

  46. Very refreshing!!

  47. Just stumbled across your website the other day….and this recipe intrigued me. So much, in fact, that I have made it 3 times! Love it!

  48. just made this….Delicious!

  49. @Anne- looks so much prettier eating them out of champagne glasses, doesn't it!

  50. I made this with my six year old daughter this weekend. We ate it twice (Friday and Sunday) and enjoyed it so much. We even ate it out of champagne glasses as you showed. So fun and delicious!


  51. Yes! Me too! But there are a lot of variations, most using orange liquor and cream. Love it simply with sour cream and brown sugar.

  52. Morning Gina!! My mother used to make this for us as a child, I never knew it had an actual name. I'd been eating this last week…logged on here last night & saw it and called my sister laughing telling her it has a name!

  53. Thank you for the idea!!! Going to a get together tonight where the theme is "things that go together" (ex: PB & J, mac n cheese). I have been stumped all morning what to bring !! This will be a great version of strawberries and cream!!!!

  54. Oh yum, that was good! Everyone loved it and I made it with fat free sour cream, just out of habit. That's a keeper!


  55. I haven't tried it with fat free sour cream, glad it was good! Even lighter!!

  56. I LOVE this recipe! Thank You! I have made it 2xs already this week!

  57. I've never used Splenda for this, but I'm sure it would taste good if you like Splenda.

    @Pam, nice idea, I'll try that and see if it changes the taste.

  58. another great variation on the theme… fat free cream cheese and brown sugar with apples.

  59. I made this using blackberries instead of strawberries and agave nectar (has a lower glycemic index than sugar) instead of brown sugar and it was delicious.

  60. has anyone tried this with Splenda's blend of brown sugar?

  61. We made this last night using fat free sour cream, and it was amazing. The husband and the baby LOVED it, and so did I. We'll be making it again tonight for sure.

  62. @karen, aren't you glad you tried it!

    @Katie- lol, I got excited when I plugged in the numbers myself!

  63. Just made this for my husband and I and he must've asked me three times, "are you sure this is only one point??" It was THAT good! Thanks!!

  64. I just want to let you know how much I love your site — the recipes and the amazing photos. It is so inspiring in so many ways!

    Keep it up!

  65. I was skeptical of the combination…but I just had to go out to the kitchen and try it…sooooo good!!!!

  66. Yum, nice twist and picture going to give this one a go!

  67. Isn't it!! What's great about this recipe is chances are you have all these ingredients in your home already!!

  68. Thank you so much for sharing this! I tried it last night and both my husband and I were licking our bowls clean. The sour-sweet combo is out of this world.

  69. My mother used to make it with green grapes, sour cream and brown sugar. thank you for reminding me of that one and inspiring me to try this one!

  70. That looks so delicious. Gotta make it!

  71. We made this tonight and it was absolutely delicious! Thank you.

  72. Yum. Can't wait to try this! It is so pretty.

  73. I wish my mom had made this for me when I was a kid. There are so few ingredients but they come out looking and sounding delicious.

  74. @Kaylyn, thank you, yes we must be!
    @Bean- Sweet memories!

  75. My mom prepared strawberries, sour cream and brown sugar for us the "morning" after prom (it was like 3 am). I'll always remember that!

  76. Yum…

  77. You can also dip strawberries in sour cream and then roll them in brown sugar, although harder to control portions this way! This was a special treat at summer camp when I worked there as a counselor.

  78. Love this dessert! We're channeling each other because I just made it for a dinner party last night. Great photo of the finished dish.

  79. Mmm. We do this all spring in my husband's family. Love it served that way – very classy.