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7 Day Healthy Meal Plan (October 11-17)

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A free 7-day, flexible weight loss meal plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner and a shopping list. Recipes include macros and WW Points.

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7-Day Healthy Meal Plan

Fall festivals, fall fun, fall desserts!!! What could be better than that lol!!  I love a good snack and a scrumptious dessert at the end of a meal don’t you? Here are some of my favorites snacksPumpkin Pistachio Energy Balls, Smoky BBQ Spiced Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and I love these Donut-Shaped Apple Snacks for the kids! I also love these fall desserts- Maple Pecan Cheesecake Shooters, Cinnamon Apple Crisp and my Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Cookies.

Why Should Everyone Meal Plan?

Meal planning is a great way to organize your meals for the week ahead. You also save time and money in the supermarket! And of course, planning ahead helps you stick to your goals! Check out my new Skinnytaste Meal Planner which is now out for pre-order!

About The Meal Plan

If you’re new to my meal plans, I’ve been sharing these free, 7-day flexible healthy meal plans (you can see my previous meal plans here) that are meant as a guide, with plenty of wiggle room for you to add more food, coffee, beverages, fruits, snacks, dessert, wine, etc. or swap recipes out for meals you prefer, you can search for recipes by course in the index. You should aim for around 1500 calories* per day.

There’s also a precise, organized grocery list that will make grocery shopping so much easier and much less stressful. Save you money and time. You’ll dine out less often, waste less food and you’ll have everything you need on hand to help keep you on track.

Lastly, if you’re on Facebook join my Skinnytaste Facebook Community where everyone’s sharing photos of recipes they are making, you can join here. I’m loving all the ideas everyone’s sharing! If you wish to get on the email list, you can subscribe here so you never miss a meal plan!


Breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday, are designed to serve 1 while dinners and all meals on Saturday and Sunday are designed to serve a family of 4. Some recipes make enough leftovers for two nights or lunch the next day. While we truly believe there is no one size fits all meal plan, we did our best to come up with something that appeals to a wide range of individuals. Everything is Weight Watchers friendly, I included the updated WW Blue SP for your convenience, feel free to swap out any recipes you wish or just use this for inspiration!

The grocery list is comprehensive and includes everything you need to make all meals on the plan. I’ve even included brand recommendations of products I love and use often. Cross check your cabinets because many condiments you’ll notice I use often, so you may already have a lot of them.

And last, but certainly not least, this meal plan is flexible and realistic. There’s plenty of wiggle room for cocktails, healthy snacks, dessert and dinner out. And if necessary, you can move some things around to make it work with your schedule. Please let me know if you’re using these plans, this will help me decide if I should continue sharing them!

MONDAY (10/11)
B: Banana Nut Protein Oats (6B 6G 3P)
L: Chicken Waldorf Salad (3B 4G 3P)
D: Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese (8B 8G 5P) with Massaged Raw Kale Salad (2B 2G 2P)
Totals: WW Points 19B 20G 13P, Calories 979*

TUESDAY (10/12)
B: 2 scrambled eggs (0B 4G 0P) with 1 ounce avocado (1B 1G 1P), ¼ cup salsa (0B 0G 0P) and 1 piece thin whole
grain toast (2B 2G 2P)
L: Chicken Waldorf Salad (3B 4G 3P)
D: Ground Turkey Skillet with Zucchini, Corn, Black Beans and Tomato (4B 6G 4P) with ¾ cup brown rice (5B 5G 0P)

Totals: WW Points 15B 22G 10P, Calories 943*

B: Banana Nut Protein Oats (6B 6G 3P)
L: Chicken Waldorf Salad (3B 4G 3P)
D: Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy** (5B 5G 5P) with Mashed Cauliflower (2B 2G 2P) and Roasted
Parmesan Green Beans (1B 1G 1P)

Totals: WW Points 17P 18G 14P, Calories 988*

THURSDAY (10/14)
B: 2 scrambled eggs (0B 4G 0P) with 1 ounce avocado (1B 1G 1P), ¼ cup salsa (0B 0G 0P)
L: Turkey Club (7B 8G 7P) and 8 baby carrots (0B 0G 0P)
D: Air Fryer Chicken Milanese with Mediterranean Salad (9B 13G 9P)

Totals: WW Points 17B 26G 17P, Calories 1,148*

FRIDAY (10/15)
B: Banana Nut Protein Oats (6B 6G 3P)
L: Turkey Club (7B 8G 7P) and 8 baby carrots (0B 0G 0P)
D: Seattle Smoked Salmon Chowder (8B 9G 7P)

Totals: WW Points 21B 23G 17P, Calories 1,144*

SATURDAY (10/16)
B: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins (7B 7G 7P) with an orange (0B 0G 0P)
L: Spicy Tuna Poke Bowls (recipe x 2) (6B 9G 5P)

Totals: WW Points 13G 16G 12P, Calories 629*

SUNDAY (10/17)
B: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins (7B 7G 7P) with an orange (0B 0G 0P)
L: Crustless Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche (4B 6G 4P) with a green salad # (1B 1G 1P)
D: Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore (3B 3G 3P) with 1 cup whole wheat penne (4B 4G 0P) and Roasted Broccoli with
Smashed Garlic (2B 2G 2P)

Totals: WW Points 21B 23G 17P, Calories 918*

*This is just a guide, women should aim for around 1500 calories per day. Here’s a helpful calculator to estimate
your calorie needs. I’ve left plenty of wiggle room for you to add more food such as coffee, beverages, fruits,
snacks, dessert, wine, etc.

**Freeze any leftover you/your family won’t eat.
# Green salad includes 6 cups mixed greens, 2 scallions, ½ cup each: tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, chickpeas and ¼ cup light vinaigrette.

*Google doc

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14 comments on “7 Day Healthy Meal Plan (October 11-17)”

  1. Hey, just started your plan this week. I’m really enjoying it. Thanks so much! I don’t plan to get an air fryer or an instant pot, so I need to figure out how to adjust your instructions for more standard equipment.

  2. Just came across your meal plans and already loving them – the recipes have been straightforward and tasty! THANK YOU for sharing and taking the guess work out for us!

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  4. Following the menu this week with a few changes to use up food I have on hand. So excited to eat mac and cheese tonight after a LONG time of not having those kinds of foods. Excited to try the salmon chowder as well.

    1. I started following you because of these meal plans! Please don’t stop making these! They help so much! Makes my adhd brain more calm. 

  5. Thank you for these wonderful meal plans! This week has been pretty amazing! The entire family loved the butternut sqaush mac n cheese for meatless monday. No leftovers. Thank you.

  6. I absolutely LOVE these meal plans! I follow them every week and faithfully put them into my Recipe Keeper app. I am in love! Please don’t stop doing them!

  7. My doctor pointed me to your website. I struggle planning nutritious meals on my own. I am looking forward to being ‘spoon fed’ a weekly meal plan and shopping list!

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