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Cooking With Yogurt – How To Sub Greek Yogurt In Recipes

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Easy Greek (and plain) yogurt swaps you can use every day in recipes to cut fat and calories with added health benefits!

Easy Greek (and plain) yogurt swaps you can use every day in recipes to cut fat and calories with added health benefits!

Cooking and substituting yogurt in recipes expands yogurt beyond the quick breakfast with added health benefits that Greek yogurt brings to every dish.

When I create new recipes it’s always a priority that they are healthy without skimping on flavor. One of my favorite tricks for maintaining this balance of health and flavor is subbing Greek yogurt. I use Greek yogurt in place of much heavier, higher fat or more calorie dense ingredients – like butter, sour cream, oil, or buttermilk. Using yogurt in your baked goods will make them incredibly moist, while adding yogurt to savory dips and soups gives them creaminess with a touch of tang.

I’ve teamed up with Stonyfield Organic to write this post. My favorite kind of yogurt to use in recipe swaps is Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt. If you look in my fridge, you’ll always find at least one container of this healthy, high quality Greek yogurt just waiting to be added to recipes like bagels, waffles or muffins. I also love adding it to smoothies or using it in yogurt bowls!

How to Sub Yogurt in your meals:

When it comes to Greek or Plain Yogurt, there are so many ways to add it to your favorite recipes. Some recipes you can completely swap out sour cream, mayonnaise or heavy cream for yogurt while others I may partially swap some of it out. Here’s a bunch of ways I’ve used yogurt as a swap or in recipes.

1. Use Greek Yogurt in Tacos and Wraps

Yogurt swaps to make tacos

Tacos are a fan favorite in my home – Taco Tuesday, anyone? Unfortunately, the cheese and sour cream can really start to pile on the calories and fat. I enjoy making healthy taco and wrap options and one way I do that is by swapping the sour cream topping with a yummy Greek yogurt based alternative. These three recipes each use a low cal, low fat, super flavorful Greek yogurt topping:

2. Use Greek Yogurt in Savory Dips

This easy, cheesy, Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip has yogurt to lighten it up.

I’m a big time snacker and dips always make snacks better. You can use yogurt as your base for both sweet and savory snack dips.

These savory dips are great for parties. You can use veggies – raw or roasted – or pita chips:

2. Yogurt in Dressings and Sauces

Halal Food Cart inspired chicken served over a big salad of lettuce and tomatoes drizzled with a yummy white yogurt sauce.

Using yogurt in dressing and sauces is such a tasty way to add a creamy texture with a slight tang.

3. Using Greek Yogurt in Fruit Dips

If you need a quick dessert that doesn't require much work, it doesn't get easier than this! These fresh strawberry, blueberry and angel food cake skewers are perfect for Memorial Day.

4. Greek Yogurt in Baking

These Yogurt Chocolate Chip Muffins are so moist and high in protein thanks to Greek Yogurt!

Muffins, Bagels, Garlic Knots, Pizza Crust, Quick Breads, the Greek yogurt swap makes for fewer calories, less fat, but no loss of flavor!

5. Greek Yogurt in Cheesecakes and Desserts

Sticking with my philosophy of eating smaller portions, I love to make desserts in shot glasses like these Maple Pecan Cheesecake Shooters!

Cheesecake is the ultimate indulgent dessert. Swapping in some yogurt you can gobble these sweet treats up without the guilt.

6. Swap out some mayo for yogurt to lighten

Chicken Waldorf Salad is a classic salad made with apples, grapes, pecans and celery in a light, creamy yogurt dressing.

This recipe adds some yogurt in with mayo to lighten it up, but you can swap all of it for yogurt if you wish.

7. Making Soups with Greek Yogurt

pumpkin soup with yogurt

There’s nothing better than a creamy, hearty, warm soup on a crisp fall night. But, the half-and-half used to make the soup creamy is high in fat and calories. Simply swap that for Greek yogurt and you get the same creamy texture you’re craving. Try it out in my Creamy Pumpkin Ginger Soup.

8. Top Your Chili or Sweet Potatoes with Yogurt

Yogurt as a topping for sweet potatoes.

Greek yogurt makes the perfect creamy topping for sweet potatoes and chili!

9. Use yogurt in your marinades

Smoky yogurt-marinated grilled chicken served over quinoa and Mediterranean-inspired tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives with tzatziki and Feta.

Yogurt marinades make meat perfectly tender! Try these delicious Greek Chicken kebabs.

Smoky yogurt-marinated grilled chicken served over quinoa and Mediterranean-inspired tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives with tzatziki and Feta.

General Cooking With Yogurt Tips

  • How To Cook with Yogurt Without Curdling. To keep yogurt from separating in hot foods, such as soups, stir a few tablespoons of the hot food into the yogurt to warm it gradually. Then stir the warmed yogurt mixture back into the hot food. When adding yogurt, stir or fold it in gently to maintain a thick and creamy texture.
  • Freezing Yogurt. Don’t worry—freezing yogurt has little effect on its beneficial cultures. While heating yogurt above 120° will destroy cultures, the yogurt will still provide valuable nutrients like calcium and protein.
  • How to Thicken. To thicken up a yogurt-based salad dressing or dip, just chill it for an hour.

What are the health benefits to subbing in Greek yogurt?

Swapping out a high fat or high calorie ingredients like oil, butter, Mayonnaise, buttermilk, sour cream, and even cream cheese is an easy way to cut calories and fat out of your meals.

Swapping in Greek yogurt can actually boost the nutritional value of your meal, too. Greek yogurt is packed with protein, which builds bones and muscles, provides energy, and also boosts your immune system.

Greek yogurt is also great for gut health. Stonyfield organic Greek yogurt has 5 live and active cultures and 22 grams of protein per serving.

What makes Stonyfield yogurt the best option?

In addition to the superior flavor and encouraging overall health, one of my favorite things about Stonyfield is their commitment to a healthier planet. All Stonyfield products are organic, free from antibiotics and growth hormones, and non-GMO. Their animals are treated and cared for using the most humane practices. They also support small family farms and only source from farmers whom they know and trust.

Yogurt Will Save You More Than Just Calories

Simply by keeping an extra quart of Stonyfield Greek Yogurt in your fridge you’ll save space and money in addition to cutting down on calories.When you start swapping yogurt for other ingredients you can eliminate multiple products like sour cream, mayonnaise, buttermilk, and cream cheese entirely.

It’s Time to Give Greek Yogurt a Try!

If you haven’t yet tried swapping calorie dense ingredients for Greek yogurt, it’s definitely time to give it a try. I’d love to hear which recipes you’ve tried and where it works best for you. Let me know your favorite ways are to use Greek yogurt in recipes.

Easy Greek (and plain) yogurt swaps you can use every day in recipes to cut fat and calories with added health benefits!

Sponsored by Stonyfield. Thank you for supporting brands I use and love that make Skinnytaste possible.

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  1. Avatar photo
    Debra anne ottway

    can I swap fat free high protein yoghurt for the butters etc or does it have to be full fat?

  2. I’ll have to try this buttermilk sub. I live in Japan and it’s not readily available here, but I really wanna make the spicy chicken sandwiches in your one and done book!

  3. Thank you for this chart. It will end up in my recipe binder and will be so easy to refer to.

    Do you find any difference with your waffles in the iron when you sub for part of the oil? For exaple do they stick more requiring somethinv to grease the iron.

  4. Avatar photo
    Pamela McNeill

    I can’t see all the chart for the substitutions. I have scrolled over and over. Can I get all of them sent to me.? All j can see are 5. Thanks

  5. This is SO informative! Thank you for the swap out proportions. I’ve only used Greek yogurt in place of sour cream in baked goods but had no idea about heavy cream. I think I’ll try a creamy soup today using the yogurt the way you suggested for very hot food.

  6. I love this swapping chart! Is there a way you can make it so it is printer-friendly? THANKS so much!

  7. I’ve stopped using sour cream for topping my tacos, baked potatoes, etc.  We use plain Greek yogurt instead.  I find that I actually like it better and don’t miss the sour cream at all. 

  8. Greek yogurt also makes a great substitute for eggs!  My son has an egg allergy and I use 1/4 cup Greek yogurt for 1 egg in cakes, cookies, muffins, etc.  Greek yogurt really is such an amazing swap for other ingredients- thanks for sharing this post for some other ideas!

  9. I mostly use Greek yogurt in place of milk for certain meals, or in place of sour cream for Mexican meals. I’ll have to try some of your other swaps you mention in your post – specifically, using it in a marinade. Never thought of that! Thanks for sharing.