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How To Hard Boil Eggs (Perfect Everytime)

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If you want to know how to hard boil eggs, this foolproof stove top method will make perfect hard boiled eggs every time.

Having hard boiled eggs on hand for quick breakfast on the go or to add to salads and sandwiches makes busy weekdays so much easier. This foolproof stove top method for boiling eggs every time.
How To Hard Boil Eggs

Having hard boiled eggs on hand for quick breakfast on the go or to add to salads and sandwiches makes busy weekdays so much easier. This is one of the easiest recipes to make ahead for busy weekdays. I whip up a batch and refrigerate them to use in my quick Egg Salad Recipe, for Deviled Eggs, to add to sandwiches like my daughter’s favorite Egg Scallion and Tomato Sandwich and to add to easy salads like this Chickpea Egg Salad. If you have an electric pressure cooker, you can also make them their using this easy Instant Pot Hard Boiled Egg Recipe.

Hard Boiled Eggs

When it comes to boiling eggs, a few problems people have are cracking, which isn’t always pretty or over-cooking them, leading to a dark green color around the yolk which effects the color and taste. Here’s my method for how to cook perfect hard boiled eggs so they don’t get over-cooked.

The method is simple, you cover the eggs with water in a pot and bring it to a boil. Once the water boils you remove it from the heat and let it sit, covered for 20 minutes. The steam cooks the eggs resulting in perfectly cooked eggs with no cracks. Then simply drain, run under cold water and peel.

What are the health benefits of eggs

Egg are low in calories and are low-carb, providing less than one gram of carbohydrate. They are a good source of protein, providing five grams per serving. Eggs provide important vitamins and minerals. They contain vitamin D (important for the absorption of calcium), phosphorus, vitamin A (for healthy vision, skin, and cell growth), and two B-complex vitamins that your body needs to convert food into energy. But even though they’re healthy, as with any food, you should be mindful of portion sizes.

They are a very good source of riboflavin, selenium, and choline and are also high in carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) that help protect our eyes from macular degeneration.

How long do you cook eggs?

Once the water and eggs comes to a boil, you remove them from the flame and let the steam finish cooking them for 20 minutes, covered or less if you prefer your eggs less cooked.

How long do hard boiled eggs last?

Hard boiled eggs will last in the refrigerator at least one week. I find it easier to peel them before refrigerating.

Lentils with hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, avocado, a squeeze of lime juice, cilantro and a few dashes of hot sauce is a really simple meatless lunch I like to make for myself anytime I have cooked lentils (or sometimes I buy them cooked).

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How To Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Every Time

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Having hard boiled eggs on hand for quick breakfast on the go or to add to salads and sandwiches makes busy weekdays so much easier. This foolproof stove top method for boiling eggs every time.
Course: Breakfast, Brunch
Cuisine: American
Having hard boiled eggs on hand for quick breakfast on the go or to add to salads and sandwiches makes busy weekdays so much easier. This foolproof stove top method for boiling eggs every time.
Prep: 5 mins
Cook: 20 mins
Total: 25 mins
Yield: 4 Servings
Serving Size: 1 egg


  • 4 large eggs with no cracks
  • enough water to cover eggs


  • Place the eggs in a medium pan, and cover with about an inch of cold water.
  • Turn heat on to medium and bring the water to a boil. When the water boils, shut the flame off and cover for 20 minutes, the steam will cook them. Run under cold water to let the eggs cool, then peel.

Last Step:

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Serving: 1 egg, Calories: 77 kcal, Carbohydrates: 1 g, Protein: 6 g, Fat: 5 g, Saturated Fat: 2 g, Cholesterol: 212 mg, Sodium: 62 mg, Sugar: 1 g


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69 comments on “How To Hard Boil Eggs (Perfect Everytime)”

  1. I have been cooking hard boiled eggs this way. I purchased the OXO Good Grips Silicone Egg Rack from Bed Bath Beyond. I put it in a pan with the eggs small end down. Put enough water in the pan to come up to the top rim of the Egg Rack. Bring water to almost a boil, cover with lid, turn temp down to a simmer and I let the eggs cook (steam) 13 to 15 minutes depending on size. Watch pan so that the water does not boil dry. Then I use tongs to take eggs out and put in bowl of cold water. Then I put a small amount of water, maybe an inch, in a small glass jar, probably 8 oz jelly jar or similar size with a lid on it and then shake it in all different directions. The peel just comes right off. I like the Eggland Best Organic Eggs also. This method does not seem to make a difference on fresh or old eggs. Best way I have found to get nicely peeled eggs. I don’t have an Instant Pot ect. so this works for me. Plus egg rack on sale and was able to use their coupon.

    1. Yes, I am considering going back to the Blue Plan because they were o SP. lol Oh well, you do get more points to use on the Green Plan. It probably all ends up the same in the end.

  2. When making hard boiled eggs I use older eggs that have been in my fridge for at least a week. I boil them for 8 minutes, cool them in cold water and the peels come off easily.

  3. I thought this article was abt Hard Boiled Eggs in the Air Fryer. I’ve only seen 1 comment.
    I would like the temp and time for Hard and a nice Soft boiled egg in the Air Fryer. Can someone please give instructions. Thanks

  4. Try the comment about putting your cooked eggs in ice water putting a tight lid on and shaking it up and down for a minute or so. Your eggs will be magically peeled.

  5. Avatar photo
    Michelle Wade

    I follow my moms tips. Poke fat end of the egg with a tac, bring to boil remove from heat. Wait 20 minutes. Rinse and pop the fat end of egg against a hard surface ( !takes air blow thru and peeling is easier) I know she always said not to use fresh eggs.

  6. I have found the best way to get shells to easily peel off is cook add a little salt and or vinegar to the cooking water.

  7. The best way to cooked hard boiled eggs so that they are easy to peel is to bring the water to a boil first and than add the eggs. I use a slotted spoon to put them in the boiling water. I boil for 13 1/2 minutes and remove and put in ice water.  

    The perks will come off so easily even with fresh eggs!  Try it once and you will never start eggs in gold water again. 

  8. This is a great method. The only thing I would add is to bring the eggs to room temperature before placing them in water. This helps the shells to come off easily when you peel them.

  9. I have used this method for years with slight difference. I bring the eggs and water to a boil, turn off the heat (gas stove) and put a lid on and set the timer for 15 minutes. Perfection for LARGE or EXTRA LARGE eggs. I dump the water and shake the pan to crack the eggshells and run very cold water over until they are cool enough to handle. Peel eggs and put in a bowl with a paper towel to absorb any water and keep eggs from getting slimy.
    I have found a brand (may not be available outside California) called “Egglands Best” They feed those chickens better food and they peel easily even when very fresh.
    When at higher elevation (over 5000 feet) I boil the eggs for 2 minutes and let sit for 17 minutes. Water boils at a lower temperature at elevation than at sea level.

  10. I have used my Instant Pot to hard-cook eggs with wonderful success. And even better way with less work is with the air fryer for perfect, easy-to-peel eggs.
    1. Preheat the air fryer set to 270 deg F.
    2. Place eggs in the basket.
    3. Air fry for 15 minutes.
    4. Dunk the eggs in an ice bath to quickly cool them.
    5. Store unshelled eggs in the refrigerator.

    1. Avatar photo
      Corrie Lee Sherwood

      I use my Instant Pot to do mine…I set the pressure for 6 minutes…they recommend 8…too long

  11. Going to try this method. Like others, the peeling is a nightmare! Recently I’ve been buying Egglands Best-they are the worst to peel -not sure why that is but going back to store brand. I tried adding vinegar and that didn’t help.  

    1. How strange! I buy Egglands Best and I have found them to be the ONLY brand that does peel easily when fresh. They do have a tougher membrane that must be pierced to allow peeling….I peel from the small end first which works for me. If you can feel the rough skin of the membrane then that’s your problem with peeling…gotta pinch it sometimes to break through it.

      1. I switched to method you mentioned above (after years of boiling entire time) and used Egglands-maybe they were too fresh? I cracked them as well but still lost most of the egg.  I’m going to try Egglands again as I do like their nutritional value. Thanks for tips!  Love these eggs so it won’t deter me!

      1. Good to know I’m not losing my mind or the only one with this brand. Bought some to try again—nope, lost most of egg when peeling! Back to store brand eggs for me!

    2. Avatar photo
      Teresa Wright

      I recently learned that the key to not losing half the egg while trying to peel them is to do so immediately after cooking. I was letting them cool off for a few minutes before peeling, but had terrible results. My sister gave me her method and it works very well for me: take eggs straight from fridge and bring to boil. Remove from heat, cover and let sit 15 minutes. Drain water, rinse with cold water and peel immediately. I’ve tried this method 3 times now, and it has worked perfectly every time. After watching a show on PBS about the different grades of eggs and what they REALLY mean, I use organic, pasture-raised eggs. Yep, they’re $7 a dozen, but I think they’re worth every penny. Vital Farms is my favorite brand.

      1. Trying to figure out if I’m doing this correctly? I have an electric stove (not gas) and it is taking 45 minutes to boil the water from cold with the eggs in the pot! Does that seem correct?

    3. Avatar photo
      Sherrie Rodda

      The secret to eggs that practically peel themselves is to boil like it says at the beginning of the article except i turn mine off when they start boiling and then let them sit until they cool on their own, then take a little of the water out of the pan, put the lid on, and then shake that pan up and down for about a minute, and surprise, they will be almost all the way peeled. The shaking up and down with the water just magically peels them. It’s a life saver for me because I hate peeling eggs.

  12. Greetings! I’m new to your page and I couldn’t help but admire that simple yet delicious looking lentil ensemble in the picture with the eggs. Is that part of your regular diet? I’ve just never tried lentils on their own and it looks like something id like to try. Thank you!